When Hermione Fights
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 Christmas, chapter 61

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BeitragThema: Christmas, chapter 61   Christmas, chapter 61 EmptyMi Apr 04, 2018 11:52 pm

Chapter beta: Faykan, Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy, (Sophie)

I opened my eyes and awoke immediately, just as I had trained myself, only to freeze in place. Then, I recognized the smell, Draco’s sandalwood scent, and the warm skin of his arms, which pulled me closer to his chest. I rested on my side, my back to him and tried to recall the events of last night, as I couldn’t remember that I had gone to bed.

Then it began to dawn on me. That’s because I hadn’t, I had been completely done in and fallen asleep on the couch.

Apparently, Draco had carried me upstairs and even put my nightshirt on me, as I was now wearing one. I smiled about his abundant, uncommon solicitousness. Did he feel guilty after all, and was that why he was now mollycoddling me, or, was it an actual character trait of his, which he only showed rarely to anyone?

I was excited too, to experience the real Draco Malfoy, and would wait and watch him attentively, curious to see what was part of his acquired persona and what were his true beliefs and opinions.

His breath tickled my neck; he seemed to be still sleeping soundly. Today was Christmas Eve. I love Christmas, the festive atmosphere springing to life and bringing an all-encompassing peace, and somehow I was in dire need of some peace right now.

Plus, tomorrow would see the arrival of the Twins and then the quiet would be all over.

I tried to free myself carefully from Draco’s vice-like grip and succeeded after a short time without waking him. You wouldn’t guess from his sleeping form, with its angelic face or his platinum blonde hair draped around his head like a halo, that it hid such a complex character.

Though that was what I liked in him, wasn’t it? Who would want it simple? I vanished the long-sleeved, lilac-coloured nightshirt, which was truly not my prettiest, and put my running gear on.

By the time I returned from my run, the scent of coffee filled the whole house, but I sprinted upstairs first and freshened up. As today was a festive day, I put on a white turtleneck, cotton dress and walked down into the kitchen, which was deserted. No Draco?

I was puzzled, but filled my cup first and spotted a note on the pantry.

~ I’ll be back shortly, just getting a little something. I made you coffee! Draco ~

This was written, less than informatively on the piece of paper. What did he want to get? Pondering about this riddle, I sat down in the small kitchen bay, savouring the quiet.

In these days I felt like I was married, and Draco seemed to like the straightforward way of life, as he made the meals, the coffee, and all the other things. I had to say, I could like it too after the eventful time I had gone through.

Only one incident disturbed the idyll. Draco’s brain failure, fueled by possessiveness, which had resulted in him marking me. I would hold that against him forever and ever. He had nobody to blame but himself.

A few minutes passed before I heard the door opening. Draco was back, though he was making an incredible amount of noise. I listened intently. Somebody was fighting arduously with something else.

“Draco?” I said as I stood and headed in his direction, looking at him, eyes wide with incredulity, when I arrived at his side.

“Draco, what’s that?” I asked, sounding slightly overwhelmed at the sight in front of me, which was more than memorable.

“What does it look like? Why is this house so small?” Draco groused venomously, and that together with his totally stressed out expression caused me to burst into heartfelt laughter, which earned me a death glare from storm-grey eyes.

“Where to put it?” he said, rolling his eyes at my silly behaviour, but I couldn’t get a grip on myself. I was nearly rolling on the floor, tears of laughter running down my cheeks, and I was desperately gasping for air.

“Th… Th…. There,” I eventually stuttered, pointing to the living room and was able to observe how he tried to handle the monstrosity of a Christmas tree with both hands and magic.

“Draco, what is that?” I asked again, and indicated the tallest and broadest tree I had ever seen.

“A Christmas tree! A pine tree. What else does it look like? I thought we couldn’t do without one, as you’ve tried to transform the cottage onto a forest since yesterday,” he snapped haughtily.

“That’s very sweet of you and I’m happy. But why the size; the enormity? It would fit a house three times the size of this one!” I giggled breathlessly and shrunk everything on the left side, creating room for the monstrosity.

“What? It looked much smaller in the woods and that would be small in the Manor!” he grumbled indignantly, now glaring at the tree.

“Wait, I’ll trim it,” I declared, casting a Shrinking Charm and the really beautiful pine was reduced to a more appropriate size.

“Beautiful,” I whispered reverently and regarded the lush, green tree with awe. It was the first time a man presented me with a pine tree.

“Should you be performing magic already?” Draco enquired with worry and stepped closer, brushing a strand of my hair behind my ear, and kissed my brow.

“Thanks, I am better now. My reserves have been fully replenished! What happened yesterday after I fell asleep?” I explained, pestering him for details.

“Nothing. You dropped dead on the couch and I carried you upstairs,” he related, pulling me closer, and we kissed softly.

“Merry Christmas, darling!” he said, just as softly.

“To you as well, Draco! … And now come on, we have to decorate the tree!” I shepherded him cheerfully up to the attic. He rolled his eyes dramatically upon my impulsive demeanour. However, he was visibly pleased that his gift was met with my approval. Such a poor man!

In the evening, we sat under the marvellously decorated tree, which glittered and sparkled with gold and silver. It looked fantastic. We drank homemade punch and distributing gifts. The last few years I hadn’t had such a peaceful holiday. Last year had been the ball and the year before I had stayed at Hogwarts. We had decided to exchange our gifts early, on Christmas Eve, in order to make the most of the last quiet day before the inevitable arrival of chaos, in the form of the Devil Twins.

“Hermione, here is what I want to give you…” Draco said and opened a window, through which immediately a small white-grey owl came flying. It had a cute white face, just the sweetest thing I had ever seen. It had a black-rimmed mask around the orange-red eyes that were gleaming with intelligence, its unusual colour standing out from the white face. The feather tufts were speckled in black and grey. It was so cute! The little owl perched on my shoulder, nipping my ear playfully.

“Draco, you are giving me an owl as a Christmas present?” I was positively dumbfounded, beaming at him. The small, droll creature, which couldn’t be taller than 20 centimeter, cooing happily about my delight for having a new animal companion.

“No. You have earnt it… And it’s not an ordinary owl. It’s a White-faced Owl, rare and something special, just like you!” he flattered masterfully, making me a well-meant compliment.

“Uh? How did I earn it…?” I enquired, frowning in bemusement.

“I invested your money in this sweet little girl!” he enlightened me drily and then the Galleon dropped.

“Oh, I understand… Thanks, that was a good idea!” I declared. And that was true, I was beaming still, even when my mind dwelled on Snape for a short while after I had understood Draco’s allusion to where he had gotten the money from. I was petting the beautiful and elegant bird, wondering where he had found it as Diagon Alley didn’t carry this rare breed of owls.

“What do you want to call her?” He asked curiously.

“Orange, because of her eyes?” I answered quickly, but rather questioningly as I wasn’t sure.

“Well, Orange, go hunting!” He adopted the name straightaway and sent the animal off. It obeyed at once, flying out of the window into the Christmas night.

“And now we get to my Christmas present!” he exclaimed proudly, pulling out a square box wrapped in an expensive-looking green paper and holding it out to me with a pompous gesture.

Excited, I opened it - and let the lid fall shut again in shock, as it had revealed a stunningly beautiful set of jewellery, comprised of a white gold necklace with too many brilliants - of course - though finely wrought, and a white gold ring. The pendant and the ring both were each holding a single large, rectangular emerald surrounded by four brilliants, one set into every corner. Additionally, the ring had many tiny brilliants set into it all-around and the Malfoy ‘M’ was projected magically into the ring’s emerald, shimmering amidst the green like a watermark.

“That is much too valuable, Draco, how could I accept that?”

“Well, you are entitled to the ring now, either way, and I am looking forward to seeing you with the necklace!” He beamed at me, pleased that I liked his gift, and I did, though I was torn between different emotions, but then I gave in to the urge to include a reprimanding hint into my thanks.

“Draco, thank you very much. You shouldn’t have, but I am thrilled. I would love nothing better than to present you with a tattoo in return!” I remarked sardonically, as the sight of the ‘M’ on the signet ring had me tasting bile again. I wasn’t nice, I knew, however I was only human, too. He waved it aside carelessly with a majestic gesture and replied:

“You know what? When you finally forgive me, I’ll allow you to! Brand me with an “H” using your blood! That would be fitting, ‘cause whatever is or happens, you’ll always be the one closest to me and to my heart!” he explained himself with pathos and it touched me deeply when I saw sincerity flashing in his eyes.

“You would do that…?” I whispered hoarsely and he simply nodded. I was speechless for a moment and to conceal it I handed over my meager Christmas present.

“Here is my gift. It’s difficult to find something for a boy that has everything already. I don’t know. It isn’t that great…” I admitted doubtfully.

“I want to see it, give it to me!” He showed himself boisterous and snatched the small package greedigly.

Impatiently, he freed it from the wrapping and revealed a picture of me. A magical, animated photo that the Twins had taken in the Room of Requirement, held by a silver frame adorned with weaving snakes that I had bought and transfigured as well as charmed.

“I thought you could put it on your bedside table, then I could always be with you… Don’t fear, it holds a spell so only you and I can see the real picture, everybody else sees your school owl. The Twins got it for me! I’ve crafted the frame, or rather enchanted…” I rambled, as I felt that my gift to him couldn’t hold a candle against the expensive jewellery.

He just sat there, watching the photo and caressing the finely wrought frame reverentially.

“Hermione, I find it great. This way I can look at you even when you aren’t there in person, which happens way too often. And the frame is awesome; these are vipers. It is the best gift I have gotten in a long time. Thank you!” He declared solemnly and kissed me gently. When we started to get more passionate, we heard a loud bang in front of the house and suddenly a small, bushy owl hurtled into the room, and we jumped apart.

It posed in front of us, looking ridiculous, its eyes twinkling mischievously. Then it extended its tiny leg to call our attention to the slip of paper attached to it. I knew who had sent it; they must have borrowed Ron’s owl. After I had taken the letter, Pig preened his feathers proudly, before flying off, satisfied with the completion of his duty.

“Let us in, it’s freezing cold outside! Oh, and something else: the house is gone!” I read out loud, smirking slightly. When I wanted to get to my feet, Draco held me back, not wanting to let me go.

“Hey, I have to -” I tried to object, when he shook his head and flicked his wand to dispatch the note I had prepared.

“I want to thank you adequately for my present. The two troublemakers can read that by themselves and let themselves in!” he declared and right then two strong arms embraced me and his lips locked with mine.

“Fred, didn’t I tell you that we’ll intrude?! Somebody is about to get laid!” Somebody cackled a moment later and two identical troublemakers peeked in through the door.

“Come on. On Christmas Eve everybody should be welcome, they won’t mind… Look at their faces!” Fred beamed smugly; and I looked up slightly taken by surprise and still somewhat turned on.

“What are you doing here already?” I uttered breathlessly after Draco’s attack. The young man responsible for my state was taking a sip of his drink right now quite smugly.

“There you are! A warm welcome looks a lot different!” George grumbled sorrowfully when I jumped up to my feet to walk towards the twins, beaming.
“What a nonsense; it’s nice to see you! I love surprises and this one is perfect,” I let them know and hugged one after the other, which brought me two very wet kisses on the cheek.

“So why are you here already?” I was curious to learn.

“We’ll tell you in a moment, beautiful. You forget that we are not alone. Don’t you want to introduce us?” George suggested in an overblown manner, holding himself like the Pureblood that he was, alright, but the demeanour was more fit for a Malfoy than a Weasley.

The actual Malfoy was still sitting casually on the ground in front of the tree and looked up with an air of pretend nonchalance, expertly covering up his annoyance about being face to face with two Weasleys so early.

“You are right, how could I be so… Of course. Draco, may I introduce Fred and George to you? The menace of Hogwarts, who you know, in principle, since your first year!” I showed myself slightly tauntingly and thus we were allowed to experience how he caught himself and got to his feet without further hesitation, tidying his hair with a controlled gesture. Hm, I must have had my hands buried in it earlier, I hadn’t even noticed. He held himself upright and regarded them with his polite Malfoy mask in place, before suddenly extending his hand.

“And that is Draco,” I said and was honoured to witness the most world-shaking event since Voldemort’s resurrection. Two Weasleys and a Malfoy were shaking hands! Politely, civilized, and friendly and that was only because of me and for me. I felt rarely so emotional as right now and suppressed a sniff.

“Fred, George, pleased to meet you!” Draco declared businesslike. He could have swallowed a broom, so straight was his back and he would have sounded just as dry if he had spoken to Fudge himself.

“Hi Draco! Please tell, are you constipated?” Fred enquired with concern, looking at him intensely. Draco twitched in consternation at being asked such a direct and personal question, appearing dumbfounded for a moment, and I squeezed my lips shut very, very tightly to stop myself from bursting into tears of laughter.

“You know, if you are, we would have something that could help you. It’s still in trial, but the drops would dissipate the constipation…” At the Twins’ words Draco let his mask slip enough that his mouth stood open and he was looking around a bit doltishly.

“Fred, stop it! Hermione will kill you when something happens to Draco, and at present you can’t stop shitting… have the same problem as with the Nosebleed Nougat. Nearly bled out…” George declared deadly seriously. Draco looked alternatingly at the three of us, his expression quite stunned at the performance taking place in front of him. I believe he thought himself to be in the wrong movie, or rather in the wrong play.

“If you have the opposing problem, we could assist you with our completed product which is already in production: U-No-Poo! Then you would get severely constipated, accompanied by a very strained expression. That’s what you reminded me of, thus my assumption,” Fred explained in an absolutely sincere tone of voice, and Draco stared at him still slightly put out.

“But I think George is right, we should try the shit on someone else,” the older boy said happily and looked through the room with a devilish grin.

“Yes, and I already know on whom!” George added venomously, rubbing his hands gleefully. I feared for the one that had made their list.

“Say it,” Fred demanded curiously.

“Ron!” George smirked diabolically, wiggling his red eyebrows threateningly when Fred nodded approvingly.

I couldn’t prevent it any longer, I had to laugh, nearly roar, in the face of so much malice.

“Do you have to scare Draco off so much? You scare most people, the normal ones at least!” I informed them, giggling, before looking at Draco apologetically.

“Sorry, Draco!” I emphasised my words with a gesture towards my temple that implied that the Twins were off their rockers.

“Oh, are you scared, Draco?” Fred asked immediately with pitiful puppy-dog eyes that were pretty much unequalled. Thereupon, Draco bestirred himself to answer him.

“Yeeeess!” he declared prudently, drawing out the word, making the three of us laugh even more.

George was the first to recover himself.

“Sorry, mate, we don’t want to laugh at you, but the way she greeted us we feared that had entered a castle and would have to mind manners we’ve never had,” George explained generously and clapped Draco on the shoulder friendly but firmly, which caught him unprepared and made him stagger.

“Wow… Cool, punch, can I have some?” Fred had chased down the beverage like a truffle pig.

“Sure, I’ll get you some. Draco, you too?” I showed myself polite and attentive.

“Hm? Oh, yes, please!” he answered distractedly.

“Well, now show us what you got for our most beautiful. We hope you weren’t cheap and are appreciating her sufficiently…!” George threatened, his finger raised in pretended accusation.

Rolling my eyes, I escaped into the kitchen, filling three glasses from the brimful punch bowl. When I returned to the living room I levitated them in front of me.

“Well, you two, why are you already here? I thought Christmas should be celebrated with the family?” I asked curiously after I had handed them their glasses, sitting down again. By now we all sat and lay on the big, conjured pillows in front of the fireplace next to the decorated Christmas tree.

“Alas, you know, Dad hasn’t been released yet and we visited him this morning. He and Mum had a row about the proper treatment of his bite, because he wants to try Muggle methods…no idea. And the atmosphere became unbearable, so we left. We could convince Mum that she was better off without us and our experiments around,” George explained with rare seriousness, which didn’t last long as his counterpart took it much more lightly and downed his full glass in one go.

“Excellently, Hermione, really deliciously,” Fred praised the punch exuberantly and outright summoned the whole bowl to the living room. It seemed like Fred had plans for the day.

“Draco made it!” I passed on Fred’s compliment.

“For real? Hey, mate, well done. One can actually taste something. You have good taste,” Fred informed him with a friendly but ambiguous grin.

“He has to have good taste, after all he has chosen Hermione!” George flattered me, which made me actually blush a bit and Draco wrapped his arm around me possessively.

“Oi, say, are you jealous?” Fred enquired with wide eyes and quickly took the next sip. If he continued like this he would be pissed shortly, the punch was strong.

I rolled my eyes once again. Wrong question, very wrong!

“Malfoys are never jealous!” What did I say? Draco sounded quite frigid.

“Oh, well then! Alright, if you say so!” The Twins were hilarious, the way they high-fived now, they didn’t believe a word he said.

“Then you won’t care that we are playing for the other team!” George’s grin was nasty. He offered me his empty glass, the demand clear. Hey! Did I look like a waitress?

“For me, too, please, darling,” Draco asked me quietly. Apparently, yes, I did, as I refilled the glasses for everybody.

“How can you be so sure of that?” Draco requested to know with much more intrigue while I distributed the glasses.

“Well, the only girl we ever fancied is your little one here…” Fred slapped my butt when I handed him his punch.

“Fred, cease the impudence or you will go to bed!” I hissed at this audaciousness, reclaiming my place next to Draco.

“There you see what I mean, you have to get horny right away! Such a temper…” His eyes gleamed dangerously and Draco pressed his lips together angrily.

“Oh, where were I… Ah, yes, did she never tell you? In the holidays she got us a prostitute,” the no longer sober Fred giggled like a girl.

Draco snorted his sip of punch in such a dismal, unacceptable manner into the fireplace that it crackled and sizzled dangerously as the liquid struck the fire, making the Twins laugh mockingly, though you didn’t see a spitting Malfoy every day.

“What…what… what… a… you… she got you a prostitute. What? Why?” He stared at me with a stunned expression, pressing his hand against his forehead as if he had a headache.

“Yes, well, where were I? So, George and I, we weren’t totally sure yet, whether we only fancy boys, or rather ourselves, or girls too. George was having the most doubts, and beautiful here knew that and wanted to help us finding out our real preferences… Yeeeess, so she got us a woman to check it out! She’s great, isn’t she?” Fred became fever-bright eyes and his cheeks a red shimmer when he talked about his experience.

“What… ‘ourselves’... what do you mean by that?” Draco looked at me rather clueless.

“You haven’t told him?” George asked, surprised.

“A secret stays a secret where I am concerned! Yes, he doesn’t know yet!” I held my hands in front of me. It was important to me that everybody here understood that I was no blabbermouth.

“What do I not know?” he sounded more like our blasé Draco again.

“Well, she trusts you and we want to show you that we trust you as well. We are a couple!” Determinedly, George pulled Fred towards himself and kissed him passionately in front of our eyes.

“Oh, aren’t they a beautiful couple?” I breathed and beamed at Draco, who made very big eyes on this revelation.

“You, you two are, I mean, brothers…” He stuttered in horror, evidently we asked too much of him right now. However, he was not above expecting people to put up with a lot, hence my sympathy ran low. I only say: ‘M’.

Since the two were still caught in a wild and fierce kiss, for the first time in front of another one than just me, I took over the answering.

“So what? Can you imagine anyone else at their sides?” I asked disparagingly and waved to them, my brow furrowing.

“Wow, I hadn’t expected that, not even from Weasleys. That’s difficult to process… And no, I know what you are saying, even if I am sorry to confirm it, but the two redheads really fit together… Man, that would stir up quite a fuss if it came out!” Draco said very distantly, a dreamy glow in his eyes.

“You wouldn’t dare,” I threatened him urgently. "They told you this in confidence and I expect ..." He interrupted me quickly. “Darling, I said ‘if’, not that I would. I only imagined some people’s faces when they find out, especially that of the weasel,” he smirked so gleefully and deviously that he reminded me of a human viper.

“You don’t mind or find it… unnatural?” I asked carefully.

“It’ll take some getting used to, sure, but no. If they were brother and sister, I might react different, however, this way they harm noone and nobody get’s hurt!” he summarized matter-of-factly, shrugging unconcernedly.

“And I don’t care that they are gay… To each their own!” he stated generously.

"Thank you, Draco, for your tolerance!" I was glad for the Twins, but in the end he had probably already seen too much, like me, and took the strangest things with his head held high. There it was again, this spiritual kinship between me and Draco. He was like me, finding the most comfortable position in every situation and acting mostly indifferently.

“Not for this. I have always been very broad-minded,” he confirmed my assumption.

The Twins had ended their kissing game and now grinned at us happy about the new-found acceptance.

“Don’t you want to know what happened after?” Fred teased Draco.

“Happened where?” Draco’s attention returned to the Twins.

“With the prostitute,” Fred said, rolling his eyes, and I groaned. However, it was their concern what they wanted to tell. After all, I was accountable to none.

“Uh, there’s a next?” my boyfriend asked incredulously.

“Is that really necessary?” I tried to deflect. Not even a Malfoy had to know everything, though with the devils in the room I had no chance and thus my question was more of a rhetorical nature.

“Would you get us a few snacks, please? I’ll top up everyone’s glasses,” Draco requested already and I acknowledged defeat. They would talk about everything they wanted to either way and that was clearly Draco’s way to take me off the playing field.

“The punch’s very strong, boys,” I warned once more.

“We are men, not boys!” The protest came sulkily and unanimously from all three. A magnificent picture, I had to get the camera. They were in agreement about something; I should have bet money, I would be rich right now.

Not even a few hours had gone by and they were as thick as thieves. When I returned they sat close together, the Twins relating their deeds and misdeeds with Alice, the poor girl I had later Obliviated, and Draco was listening with rapt attention.

“Really, Hermione, you gave your hair for that? Wicked,” Draco babbled, his speech slurred.

“Really, Draco, I did!” I felt quite sorry for myself.

“That was very decent of you!” he declared to my amazement, taking his glass from my hand and drinking greedily.

“Are you sure you should continue drinking?” I doubted openly. A Draco that was fine with the Twins knowing my body intimately, regardless of whether it had been actually me or not, wasn’t normal.

“Naturally, I’m goooodd,” he stated with incredible self-conception in a drunken slur.

“Riiiight, most beautiful, don't beeee liiike that! Drink something, tooooo.” Fred wasn’t any more sober than Draco and I decided to stick to water. Someone should remain fully functional.

“Sure!” I simply said.

“... what were we talking about…?” Draco asked with uncertainty.

“No idea,” Fred replied.

“Hermione, darling, what were we talking about…?” Draco enquired vinously, his gaze not quite focussed on me.

“Something about wands!” I answered cynically and somewhat suggestively, though my mockery was wasted on those alcohol-addled brains.

“Yes, wands, we have an idea, but are having a hard time getting it to work…” George said. What a wonderful implication that remained unnoticed by the boys. “Here, look at that.” The second twin sounded much more steady, or simply had better control of himself, rummaging in his pockets. Next he handed Draco a wooden stick that looked like a wand.

“A wand?” Draco already declared with disappointment.

“No, not a real one! We want to make it a trick wand, though we don’t have a clue yet what the trick will be!” a crestfallen George explained deeply saddened, scratching his head.

Draco swished and flicked the stick up and down, chewing his lip absorbed in thoughts, strands of his hair falling into his reddened face. Suddenly he started to giggle and drew his real wand and pointed it at the fake one, mumbling a spell.

“Here, darling, cast something with it,” he requested, handing me the trick wand. Alright, if they wanted me to...

“Incendio,” I incanted, aiming at the fireplace, and in that moment the wand transformed into a screeching rubber cockroach. I looked down at it with a grimace and dropped it calmly.

“How disgusting,” I declared then. However, I hadn’t been reduced to a shrieking female creature.

“That’s ingenious!” and “Draco, that’s brilliant!” the Twins commented with glowing enthusiasm.

“Uh, why? That wasn’t much?” Draco downplayed his achievement.

“Oh no, that was brilliant. Hermione is the wrong person, every other ‘normal’ girl would have broken down crying and yelling. She’s just a killjoy,” George appeased him, shrugging his shoulders in apology that I hadn’t reacted ‘normally’.

“You are right, my Hermione isn’t like other girls who scream when confronted with bugs,” Draco uttered. “I don’t believe that as well." I found the conversation more than absurd.

“What makes them scream?” The question hung in the air.

“The girls? Mice, rats, cockroaches, snakes… Mhm?” Draco mused and took the next thirsty gulp.

“Rats… Or… Hermione?” Fred asked with emphasis, ambiguously, and I curled my lips.

“I don’t know. Whenever I see a rat, my hand twitches towards my knifes and I want to kill it!” I retorted viciously. When I heard the word ‘rat’, a very particular man appeared before my mind’s eye and every time he triggered homicidal thoughts.

“You see what I mean, she doesn’t run away from a rat, she runs after it! Hahahaha…” George shook with excessive amusement, roaring like a bull.

“She’s special..” Draco mumbled, overly emotional.

“Will you get some more…?” he actually asked, because they had in fact managed to empty the giant bowl of punch. Dutifully, I stood. If they wanted to get smashed, I would let them. When I returned they were still brainstorming.

“I’ve got it! Chicken…?” Fred muttered, lying in the pillows.

“Chicken… yes, that would be funny. Draco, you’ve given the trick wands a face… You’re awesome!” George declared.

A while later, one Twin was lying atop of the other, and Draco looked at me with glazed eyes.

“They’ve fallen asleep!” he whined, gripping his glass, “... and they’re snoring, too!” His lament was better suited for a small child.

“That’s mean,” I agreed, patting his head.

A second later, I could hear a thunk and all three were lying at my feet. I groaned. Now I only had to get them into their beds.

Should I bring back my issues with Lady Fortuna? Because I was indeed lucky to have found three such people who, in spite of everything, were starting to like each other. We had made a big step into the right direction.

I was curious what would happen tomorrow.
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Christmas, chapter 61
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