When Hermione Fights
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 The Trio and Draco’s Revenge, chapter 67

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The Trio and Draco’s Revenge, chapter 67 Empty
BeitragThema: The Trio and Draco’s Revenge, chapter 67   The Trio and Draco’s Revenge, chapter 67 EmptyMi Mai 16, 2018 11:43 pm

Chapter beta: Olivia
Chapter translator: Aivy & Sophie

The next morning I awoke in a bad mood. When I thought back to the day before, the fury resurfaced that Snape had made me lose my composure… But I dearly hoped that Harry was feeling better today and waited with concern for his arrival. I even skipped my daily run.

When he and Ron finally came down, actually quite earlier for them, I hugged Harry tightly. The common room was still deserted; until now, only two lions had snuck out, who had turned tail and run when they caught sight of me.

Ron looked at me funny and Harry’s expression was questioning as well. The two seemed to have talked before they came down and now they wanted answers.

I erected privacy wards with my wand, casting a Muffliato and a Silencio for good measure, as I didn’t want anybody to eavesdrop on us.

“Now, Harry, do you feel better?” I sat down next to him. We three had squashed together on the couch as if we needed the closeness.

“Yes, thank you. The potions were great. Where did you get them from?” he asked shyly. “I’m still a bit out of it, yesterday was way too much strain for my brain!” Harry gripped his head as if it was still hurting.

“Lots of questions, huh? Well, I did brew some potions back in the holidays, I couldn’t help suspecting that we could need them sometime. Lo and behold, we did…” I explained matter-of-factly. He nodded, content with my explanation, that was even true.

“Okay, before I tell you about my experience, I’m curious what happened yesterday in the common room. Ron told me that it continued while I was asleep?” he replied hoarsely, while Ron just sat there looking slightly overwhelmed.

“Yes, Hermione, that was pretty intense. You came across like an avenging angel, so aggressive! I don’t know you like that, talking to Fred and George so… bluntly, totally commanding. But the most wicked of all, they actually did what you wanted?!” He sounded more and more agitated the more he said, in the end looking at me with his mouth open. “Not even Mum gets them to obey!” he added shrilly.

“Ron, I know that you might not understand the fear and worry I was feeling for Harry, but I read everything there is about this topic and I know the dangers, too. Usually, you would protect your mind against invading forces, but in Harry’s case the connection is permanent… Harry, do you understand the difference as well? It doesn’t happen normally!” I tried to make them understand how unique the situation was, but also how volatile. “It’s, like everything involving you, extraordinary! After you arrived yesterday evening, or rather stumbled in, I knew that you would be very vulnerable, which unfortunately proved to be true, as George reported your laughing fit in bed!” I tried to look at them urgently with wide eyes.

“You mean Snape did it on purpose?” Harry breathed mistrustfully, his gaze wary. He was quick to again accuse Snape of being the Dark Lord’s loyal servant.

“No, Harry, not on purpose. Ignorance, yes, he is narrow-minded regarding you, but not on purpose. Nonetheless you were very vulnerable. Without the potions it would have been worse, as your mental defences aren’t ready.” I sighed deeply and unhappily.

“Why are you now defending him, when you lost it so much yesterday?” Ron asked, totally confused.

“Because I can expect from an adult man, professor and teacher that he is aware of that and able to control himself. His behaviour was unacceptable and when he thinks about that he will hopefully realise that as well!” I grumbled darkly, meaning it very harshly. I was starting to get upset again.

“You went to see him yesterday and what? Started a fight? Ron said something about blood and a shelf!” Harry turned his body to face me, catching my eye. Sometimes it seemed as if his ever so green eyes were able to look to the bottom of my soul.

“Do you really want to know that?” I avoided his penetrating gaze.

“Yes, dammit! He isn’t allowed to raise his hand against a student!” Harry’s anger flared already again.

“Harry, please, let it go. I could get into great trouble if you told McGonagall, because not he started to get physical, but me. He only defended himself… The situation escalated somewhat. However, it was still my fault!” I appealed urgently to him, seeing that it wasn’t finished yet. But more and more Gryffindors crossed the room, shooting the three of us disconcerting looks. Harry was eyed suspiciously, however, the stares I secured broke every record. Wow, they appeared to absolutely love me as of now.

“They all look funny,” Harry already provided, upset and returning the glares furiously. “Why are they gawking?” he clamoured indignantly.

“You have no idea, Harry, what happened here yesterday. All hell broke loose as soon as Hermione had left!” Ron said fervently. It appeared he had to listen to a lot.

“That isn’t important now. What happened to you?” I now asked Harry, wanting to divert. What did I care about my housemates?

“You can remember that Ron’s dad was attacked at the Ministry? Yes… Well, I know now what he was guarding, or rather where he was! He was at the door to the Department of Mysteries!” Upon Harry’s revelation I nearly choked on my spit. What… what did he say? What were the Order members guarding in there? What did the Dark Lord want from there and furthermore: hey, if someone wanted to get in there, they could! A short recall of my detour at Christmas came to my mind. The hurdles were rather small.

“Wicked, man. What are they protecting?” Ron looked at him curiously and questioningly.

“No idea. But now we know more! Though I haven’t got a clue about what Voldemort was so happy about. It was simply terrifying that I was feeling so different! The emotions were so intense, as if it were actually mine. It was scary!” Harry exclaimed, stricken, his whole body shuddering. “Another question, Hermione: George rescued you from Snape’s clutches?” he tried to distract himself.

“Well, that’s not how I would describe it. It’s more like he separated us,” I objected, discreetly omitting Draco’s involvement.

“That was very brave of him! You’re not afraid? After all Snape is our teacher! Hold on, what do you mean, ‘separated’?” He showed his surprise.

“Yes, the Twins are brilliant! And no, I am not. Though I’m not proud of it, I kinda lost it. I think the professor would prefer silence just as much as I!” I replied quietly.

“What did you do, that you think like that?” The enquiry came immediately. How could they be so damn curious? Harry and Ron nearly slipped of the couch in there urge to not miss a single detail. We ignored the other gawking students expertly.

“I blasted the office door and kicked him! Are you satisfied now?” I huffed angrily, crossing my arms in front of my chest in annoyance.

“You did what?” they yelled in unison. Were they certain that they weren’t Twins as well? I thought venomously.

“Whoa, that reminds me of you punching Malfoy in third year! Too bad that I wasn’t there!” Ron was commiserating as could be expected with a dreamy, wistful expression. He seemed to picture it in colourful details for himself.

“Hermione, since when are you doing things like that? You of all people! I can’t imagine him putting up with that. What reason should he have not to go directly to Dumbledore?” Harry asked with concern, looking at me skeptically.

“Harry, just because of you. I went mad with worry! You know Snape, he won’t let it rest. Wonder, oh wonder, I have detention with him today. However, it isn’t finished with this one session. I’ll have the honour Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, for attacking a teacher, and he said should I complain, he will tell the headmaster what I have done. That wouldn’t end good for me…” I explained my lie, smiling shyly. “I’ll try to reason with him after apologizing, though, and ask him whether it would be alright with him when I try to help you mastering Occlumency!” As always, I tried to make the best of a messy situation, seizing the opportunity and reconstructing my many training sessions with Snape into my alleged punishment. I didn’t need much imagination to be sure that he would shape the future meetings into a form of punishment.

“Whoa, you have to go to him so many days of the week?” Ron echoed with disbelief, a sorrowful expression appearing on his face, which made me nod dejectedly.

“I think you got off lightly. But you shouldn’t have taken on Snape on my behalf. All of us know that he is a scumbag!” Harry stated, looking at me sadly. “But what did you say? Can you actually do that Occlumency shit?” A hopeful shimmer came to life in his eyes.

“Well, to some degree. I taught myself, but Snape mastered it many years ago and utilised it successfully against the Dark Lord! I might give you some support, nonetheless you won’t escape him fully!” I tried to rein in Harry’s temperamental enthusiasm.

“You can do it and didn’t say a thing? Why?” he now asked me reproachfully and seriously affected.

“What should I have said? I can only support you a bit. I can’t teach you, honestly, I only learned it some months ago,” I qualified. It was true; I was glad to have managed it on my own.

“She’s right, mate!” Ron sided with me for once. Harry fell into sullen silence, before looking up and nodding resignedly.

“What I worry more about since yesterday is the standing of our Hermione in Gryffindor!” Ron provided unusually seriously and thoughtfully, looking concerned. I couldn’t believe it! Where did Ron go? What happened here? Did the events around Christmas, including his father’s injury, let Ron grow up into an adult or at least take away some of his childlike naivety?

When considered from this perspective, one had to admit that we were living in bloody awful times. Everyone around us were losing their childhoods much too quickly or never had had one from the beginning. It was an indicator for a society that was approaching turbulent, warlike times, the children grew up too fast and were confronted with the harsh reality of life much too soon.

I wanted to concede to Ron that the attack on his father hadn’t left him cold, the way he had sat in the kitchen back then and expressed his gratitude to Harry. Yes, I believed he had partially left behind his childhood and that pleased me immensely. It was good for them both, as now they could give each other even more support.

“Do you see their looks, how they keep an eye on Hermione and us? Everything went crazy after you left. Nobody knew where Harry had been and everyone was wired and said they should call McGonagall! They believe you think of yourself as far too important!!” Ron told us. “Ginny was extremely unhappy, she called you a drama queen!” His expression was very disapproving and Harry turned, outraged, to Ron, although he remained silent.

“Oh Ron, they don’t know anything, not even a half of it… Well, actually, they know nothing. What do you want us to do? They don’t even believe he’s back! Most of them think Harry’s a liar, don’t forget about that!” I tried to refer to our situation.

“She is right again, Ron! They don’t believe a thing I say, too, and without Hermione it would have ended badly for me yesterday. I’m still not feeling fully fit again! Let them think whatever they want. As long as the three of us hold together everything is alright. Let’s show the lions that the three of us will always stick together! On top of this, you, Hermione, have always, always, always stuck by me, whatever happened! You covered my back in every situation and you can forever expect the same from me! You are the sister I always wanted! We will always keep together!” Harry gave the command with firm determination. It was very sweet, though he would have to work on his speech making skills.

I beamed at them. Wasn’t it nice to have such good friends? I nearly sobbed with emotion! It did so good and I hoped one day they would be able to understand and that Harry could forgive the secrets I kept from him. However, at this point in time they wouldn’t condone many of the things I did. Only slowly they freed themselves from the embrace of peace and accepted the laws of war that permitted everything; they weren’t ready yet.

Even though I had never planned to do this, it felt like I would train them all how to prepare themselves. It had started with the DA, which I founded, and continued with my help for Harry to learn how to close up his mind.

“Solidarity!” Ron roared touched with emotion, then grinned and winked at us. In reply, I said quietly, almost imploringly:


United, we stood up as a trio that had never parted and left together for breakfast.

The lions’ table greeted us with a lot of silence and sceptical views. Even the professors and the other tables noticed that something must have happened yesterday involving the three of us! And I believed we gave a very impressive picture, the House of Gryffindor against the Trio. Harry had pulled me close and put his arm around my waist while Ron on the other side had linked his arm with mine. I guess we must have made quite silly sight, but nobody in the Great Hall looked at us like this, more as if were a very rare and exotic plant.

In the midst of the lions I spotted the Twin’s faces who were beaming at me with relief over the fact that the two boys at my side still seemed to trust me. We sat down under the suspicious and assessing gazes of my house mates. Harry and Ron didn’t let themselves be bothered by the attention, we had experienced it often enough in the past few years. Without a word Fred served me a cup of black and highly coveted coffee, which was received by those around us with special attention. With practiced indifference I picked up the Prophet.

With our refusal to pay our house mates any attention, the conversations started up again and I dared to glance fleetingly at Draco and Blaise, who both smiled at me encouragingly. With a careful look at the teachers’ dais I established that my nemesis wasn’t present, the goddess be thanked.

Thus I busied myself with reading the newspaper. A second later, I froze with my cup raised halfway to my lips and put it back on the table with a clang, again bringing me frowns all around.

Here was written that Broderick Bode, a patient on the closed ward in the Department for Spell Damage, got strangled by a Devil’s Snare. The murderous plant hadn’t been recognized for what it was and had been given to him as a Christmas present and put on the nightstand. The Ministry was now in grief over the loss of a longtime and faithful member of staff, an “Unspeakable” who had landed in St. Mungos after an unfortunate accident with a curse in his department had made him mad.

It was as if a computer had come to life inside me, information flashing from one corner of my mind to the next. All irritating noises had faded to the background. It was buzzing inside me. In situations like this my instincts took over, I retreated back into my mind and let them guide me. I had realised that I had gotten the crucial puzzle piece that allowed me to unravel a riddle a little bit. My brain cells flooded the single synapses with information and when all parts fitted together, cold, loud laughter spilled from my mouth. I couldn’t believe what happened right in front of our eyes without anyone catching on. It was quite dramatic.

I didn’t notice that I reduced the Gryffindor table once more to total silence again. Even Harry and Ron looked at me questioningly. Slowly, I resurfaced from my immersion with a very clear view and an active mind.

“What is it, Hermione?” Harry asked with a lot of curiosity.

“I know why you were in such a good mood last night, Harry!” I warbled almost jauntily, alluding to his experiencing the Dark Lord’s emotions, and he stared at me with his mouth wide open.

“You mean you know why he… I… well, he was so happy?” he quickly corrected himself, running his hands through his dark hair.

“Yes, exactly!” I looked at him with a satisfied expression. Everybody had eavesdropped on our conversation with rapt attention. I didn’t care; I was sure they hadn’t understood a single word. “And I know even more. I know now what the Order is guarding!” I now whispered quietly and conspiratorially after all into Harry’s ear.

“We’re going!” Harry stood up jerkily, leaving his plate untouched, and grabbed my arm roughly. From what I could glimpse from the corner of my eye, that move made Draco twitch slightly; it seemed like he didn’t like this very much. Many others also looked skeptically at us due to Harry’s bubbling impatience.

“Wow, Harry, did you have to seize me like that?” I laughed boisterously, still blissful about my conclusion.

“Hermione, hurry up. I’m bursting with impatience!” he proclaimed in a not very quiet voice. Ginny glared at me like a venomous snake, angrily brushing the long, red hair out of her slightly reddened face.

“Do you need me to come with you or are you able to handle it without me? I am so hungry, you can tell me about it later!” Oh well, there it faded again, my little hope for a grown-up Ron. But well, what had I expected? A miracle?

“Sure, Ron. Until later! Hermione, if you don’t hurry up, I’ll carry you!” Harry threatened with unfamiliar wildness, which made fury spark in Draco’s storm grey eyes. I couldn’t understand why he made such a fuss. At that moment I didn’t know yet how he would take revenge for that scene, and yes, he would!

“No need to rush,” I climbed over the bench in a civilized manner. Already, he grabbed my hand and dragged my out of the hall. We hadn’t fully left the room, when we could hear the beginning hum of the rumour mill about what our departure implied.

We went to our first lessons, as we would find an empty classroom there. Harry was very nervous.

“Spill,” he pressed me impatiently.

“Very well. Read this!” I handed him the newspaper article that had explained everything to me.

“I don’t understand, what does that have to do with me?” He raised his head with visible confusion, shaking it because of his lack of understanding.

“First of all, you told me about this plant yourself, don’t you remember? It was quiet vivid in your memory because of its ugliness!” I explained to him. He pulled a thoughtful face and then suddenly looked at me.

“Yes, the ugly plant and Lockhart,” he recalled eventually, cocking his head, intrigued.

“Precisely, Harry, and I don’t think that was a mistake. It was a well-planned and cunningly executed, ice-cold murder,” I summed up my realisation in an attention-seeking way.

“Are you saying somebody wanted to kill this poor man, who was just able to start to speak a little bit again...? Why?” An expression of horror spread on Harry’s face.

“You just answered it yourself! He could speak again!” I pointed out the, in my opinion, very obvious fact.

“Yes, but why would Voldemort be happy about that? I really don’t understand!” He was still visibly confused.

“Quite simple. Read where he had been working,” I requested, trying to set him onto the right track, and he lowered his head obediently and resumed reading.

“It says here he had worked for the Department of Mysteries in the Ministry!”

“Exactly, Harry, and what is the place the Order is guarding in the Ministry?” I was grinning diabolically right now.

“Sorry, but I still can’t see the connection!” He gave up and I took a deep breath. Oh my, he definitely needed stronger glasses, I thought in frustration.

“Okay, Harry, then let’s do it differently. I have looked into this department quite intensively and there is very little to no knowledge out there what the Unspeakables are researching. However, I found out that there is an archive, amongst other things! And an especially well protected room whose contents are secured with a curse that causes insanity. That is the room the Dark Lord is targeting. I’m just asking myself why he was so stupid to force an employee to try and steal it. This Bode must have known that the objects are guarded by a curse… I think poor Bode was acting under the Imperius,” I reasoned. I was gnawing on my lip, lost in thoughts, when Harry said doubtfully:

“But when you know this, why does not Voldemort know about the cast?”

“Well, I guess he didn’t attend Divination!” I chuckled deviously and remembered with slight terror my short but very memorable interlude during my third school year. It had ended quickly but still had made me read some books about the topic.

“I’m sorry to point it out, but you aren’t attending since third year as well!” Harry already reminded me matter-of-factly.

“Harry, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t looked into the matter. I mean, Trelawney is incompetent, the subject rather nebulous and not right up my alley, but I am looking into it regardless.” I shook my head, scandalised at his opinion about me.

“You hate it and learn it anyways?” he gawked in disbelief.

“Of course!” I looked at him indignantly “But back to the topic, I found a book in the library about Divination, and there it was written just as a little cross-reference that there’s a Room of Prophecies in the Department of Mysteries. There they record and store every prophecy ever made by a true and genuine seer. However, only the people the prophecy is about may touch it. Everyone else will be driven to insanity!” I quickly told him my knowledge.

“Oh god, that’s wicked. And you think… Yes, why should an senior employee who knows about the dangers, pick something up all of a sudden? Sure, now I see it. It took too long for Voldemort’s linking and somebody had the idea to try it that way. And now that Bode began to speak again and fought against the Imperius Curse, they had to eliminate him. When he died it ‘cheered up’ Voldemort immensely. Oh, but what were they after?” Harry had summarised quite well what I had realised earlier.

“If I only knew. Though we can be sure that it’s a prophecy,” I declared thoughtfully, it was the only sensible explanation.

“More than before! Hermione, you do know that your brilliant mind can be very frightening?” He smiled at me mischievously.

“Come now, Harry, as long as I only use it for good reasons!” I played it down resolutely.

“Yes, but the connections you always make… Although… Hermione, I think you weren’t truly honest with me earlier. I’m not so sure anymore that the thing with Snape is sorted out… What aren’t you telling me? I understand if you don’t tell Ron everything. Me, however… Please!” he begged in a whisper. Nevertheless he took his seat, as more and more students were entering McGonagall’s classroom, including Ron, and thus this particular conversation was finished for the moment. I knew that Harry was a bright spark and that I hadn’t answered all his questions in the previous conversation. Now, I had a breathing pause, and I allowed myself to relish it.

The rest of the day was exhausting, but luckily it went by fast, although the Gryffindors never let me out of their sight. I felt downright traced and monitored by them; they were awfully suspicious and Ginny seemed to be their leader, as she was a very temperamental young girl. It was annoying as hell.

At the grand finale, Ron and I entered the Prefect Room in the North Tower. Today was a meeting of all Prefects under the supervision of the Head students. It would be so enervating to listen to the lecture and I was sure I already knew what it would be about. Namely that we should have a closer look on the first-grade students after the Christmas break. They could get homesick easier and additionally we would have to take care that everyone knew the new passwords. And of course the observance of house rules.

As we were some of the last to arrive, we only just now realised that there was a seating arrangement for today. I asked myself: Had he bribed somebody to arrange that? My name was written on the place card right next to Draco, who groaned in annoyment over the fact, that I, the Mudblood, sat next to him. Pansy, five seats further away, looked quite miffed as well. Ron’s place was to my left.

We sat in the back, at the lowest end of the table. Draco looked gorgeous. His hair was a bit longer and from time to time he brushed it out of his face with a casual gesture, smiling dreamily. He appeared so relaxed and content, it was strange and after yesterday it made me anxious.

“Well, my dears, as you can see we already assigned you partners, with whom you will work with together, so you’ll get better acquainted with the other houses.” Rodger Davies beamed complacently into our group. Most people answered him with murderous and disbelieving expressions. But he stood above it… at least, it looked like he did.

Draco to my right suddenly drew his wand, well-hidden under the table and I frowned with irritation. What did he want with it? Whatever, I bent my head over my parchment and took notes dutifully, as was expected of me. I had left my hair open for today and it fell into my face. To my alarm I could feel how Draco bent forward as well and his hand suddenly descended firmly on my bare knee, making me twitch slightly at the unexpected contact.


What was that? We were here in a room full of people and he pawed at me?! I tried resolutely to push him away from my knee without anyone noticing and moved it reluctantly. A tactical mistake, a very great mistake. Of course he took advantage of this opportunity my opened thighs presented and went up quickly, sliding swiftly under my skirt and stroking over my naked thigh with his palms. And I had foolishly made it possible.

I pressed my lips together. He only wanted to aggravate me and had chosen the short side of the table so that we were relatively well protected as we had no direct seatmates and nobody saw what happened under the tabletop.

All of a sudden I recalled his expression when he had observed me and Harry in the Great Hall this morning. Was this the revenge he had concocted for Harry’s and my behaviour?

I threw him a surly glare, hidden by my tresses and got a terribly smug smirk in return, while his fingers caressed the sensitive and tender skin on the inside of thigh. An arousing but very inappropriate feeling for the place we were in spread in my belly

I could feel how he snapped his fingers. Why did Draco snap his fingers? Uhh, he had vanished my knickers. What was this devil planning? Now I was sitting in the Prefect Room with all the Prefects, that is twenty-four people plus the Head students, butt naked, without knickers. I choked on my spit for a moment, shaking my head dizzily.

And even if I didn’t want to, I started to feel an unwelcome tickling sensation at this thought. I knew that Draco’s finger was only inches away from my exposed private parts. I looked up, horrified, and discovered a smug pepsodent smile. Immediately, I hid my reddened face under my hair and stared stubbornly at my parchment, smudging over it with unusual sloppiness, while I tried to press my legs together. But try to hinder a Malfoy from doing something he had set his conceited mind to; you can’t.

And so he drilled, yes I guess it fits well, he drilled deeper and now reached his target, whilst I was close to groan in frustration, such a sly bastard.

He now stroked with a featherlight touch over my hot, already wet, velvety folds, making me shiver slightly. I tried to suppress it, I mean there were our classmates all around us, I couldn’t afford this kind of exposure. Although imagining how everyone would look like if they knew where Malfoy had his fingers was very amusing.

Without any detour, he gained access to my clit. I hoped he wouldn’t go through with it, but the way I knew him, it would be his greatest pleasure to ‘tickle’ me. A second later he flicked my clit and I nearly choked at the determined, firm manner with which he brushed and rubbed over this particularly sensitive spot of mine.

Tormented, I closed my eyes and fervently wished to be in a bedroom instead, where I would be able to let myself go. This way, though… though… I shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t show what our Pureblood did to me under the tabletop, biting my lips hard. How clever of me to wear my hair open today. If Malfoys were proficient in one thing, it was savouring their revenge, demonstrated by the way Draco was behaving, outwardly totally indifferent and aloof, he enjoyed tormenting me to the fullest.

Now he used two fingers, circling my entrance slowly, lasciviously. I thought I would burst into flames, throwing my head back and glaring at him full of emotion, as I was feeling so terribly hot at the moment.

“Why are you looking at me, Mudblood?” The cheeky question came from Draco, loudly in front of everybody, while he continued to caress my soft, hot and wet flesh! Oh, this, this… Didn’t he know any shame? Naturally, we attracted everyone’s undivided attention.

“Eh…” Very intelligent, Hermione, I complimented myself for my reaction to his insult.

“Don’t call her that!” Ron roared furiously, the anger colouring his face red. “Stop your vile actions against her immediately!” Yes, Ron, that’s right, tell him to stop before I can no longer prevent myself from moaning loudly. Give it to him good!

Hence, I only gave a jerky nod. Draco stopped to touch me, his hand pausing on the spot, and he looked at me with a surprised expression in his storm grey eyes.

“Really, Mudblood? Should I stop it?” He taunted me. I knew, my voice wouldn’t obey me and so I simply nodded again, which made him smirk nastily, his eyes sparkling jauntily, and it frightened me.

“No, I don’t think I’ll stop with it!” he murmured darkly, sounding very suggestively to my ears. And then it happened, he pushed his middle finger inside me in a single, fluid motion, which made me whimper slightly. Ron took it for a sign of despair about Malfoy’s pigheaded demeanour and his promise to continue his insults. If only he knew…

“Malfoy, get it into your thick head. You can’t provoke Hermione, she’s standing high above it!” Ron declared. Oh, Ron, shut your trap! Said Malfoy has his finger stuck deep inside me right now! Draco just looked at Ron with contempt.

Thus I gathered my willpower to put an end to it.

“Ron, let him be. It’s the way he is. Let…” I cut off, out of breath, bracing my arms against the table with sudden weakness and hiding my blushing face in my hands so that my hair covered it like a curtain. I fought with myself to suppress every twitch and tremble. He wouldn’t release me from this affair without an orgasm; it was so cruel.

He was deep inside me and now he added a second finger. I asked myself why nobody paid attention to his left hand, but then I remembered the spell he cast in the beginning. It had been non-verbal, probably some kind of concealment spell.

Well, never mind, now I wanted to be in on the fun. I skidded to the edge of my chair and obediently spread my legs wide to ease his access. Draco immediately understood it as it was meant, a demand to better not stop! Thus he ruthlessly fucked me with his fingers in a steady rhythm that drove me mad.

Anxiously, I pulled my lips between my teeth and tried not to pant while I mauled them. I stifled every noise, feeling him pistoning his fingers inside me harder and faster, and finally the wave swept over me, double the strength as usual because of the forbiddenness of the situation and the fear of discovery. I screwed up my eyes and tensed, biting my lips until I tasted blood to stop myself from screaming before eventually releasing a shaky breath.

I heard a very raunchy, stifled chuckle that was positively vicious and glared at him with hazy eyes. He had retracted his hands and was raising a finger to his nose, inhaling my scent and closing his eyes appreciatively.

“What, Mudblood? I didn’t do anything, don’t complain!” he grinned like the monster that he was.

“Come, Hermione, let’s go. We are done here. Don’t listen to the ferret!” Ron stood up determinedly. I bent down to grab my bag and Draco used the opportunity to whisper into my ear:

“After your visit to Snape, come to me. You’ll have to repay me the favour,” he said, licking his lips suggestively. The audacity was jaw-dropping and I hurried out the door accompanied by his loud laughter.

Slytherins! What did I expect?
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The Trio and Draco’s Revenge, chapter 67
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