When Hermione Fights
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 Snape’s Punishment, chapter 68

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Snape’s Punishment, chapter 68 Empty
BeitragThema: Snape’s Punishment, chapter 68   Snape’s Punishment, chapter 68 EmptyDo Mai 24, 2018 6:56 am

Chapter beta: Deeylla & Dani
Chapter translator: Sophie, Aivy and a new addition, Cara Smile

I couldn't believe it. Draco was so, so… impossible! And now I walked through the school without knickers, thanks to him! How did he even manage to bend his hand like that? He had seemed totally relaxed next to me earlier. Maybe he had used a spell?

Never mind. Now I didn’t even have enough time to get to the Tower as Ron was pulling me to dinner. Let me phrase it this way: Nobody should stand in the way between Ron and a well-filled plate. He’d develop the fantasy, strategy and even skill to overcome any obstacle! Thus he dragged me mercilessly into the hall, all the while contuiniously cursing about Draco. I felt butt naked with every step that I took and my mind was grumbling together with Ron incessantly on the exact same person.

Great! Nevertheless, I still sat down and ate, knowing that the evening was going to be rather exhausting. I was allowed to see Draco's self-satisfied expression and cattish smirk. He knew very well that I had not had the time to fix my underwear. He seemed to enjoy having that knowledge and I gave him an attempt of an indifferent look. It made him laugh smugly. Oh, that arrogance!

"Hermione?" Ginny addressed me and my attention moved to her.

"Yes, Ginny?" I looked up politely.

"Can you tell me what that was supposed to be, yesterday? Where did you go? That was really peculiar," she asked curiously, surrounded by a group of enthusiastic eavesdroppers. I was sitting to the left of Harry, who was leaning more towards Ron, talking to him.

“Um, away? It really is none of your business,” I explained to her in a sugary voice. Man, this girl could be so annoying. I couldn’t understand her, or wait, I actually did, at least partly:

In reality, she never knew where she actually stood with me, and she seemed to continuously ask herself whether I fancied Harry. Or it’s the other way around? And what was going on between me and Ron; did I want something from him? Or he from me? Lots and lots of questions.

Sorry, little Ginny but you won’t ever get an answer from me.

I found her behavior ridiculous. Everyone knew she had set her sight on Harry from first glance and chosen him as her future boyfriend. I don’t know, but I didn’t very much approve of her ways in dealing with her infatuation. She clung to guys who were supposed to be a substitute for Harry, who did not return her interest. However, she hid her intentions just to make Harry jealous, which was a very poor attempt of hers, in my eyes.

She was a funny, feisty girl, but that was all she was. I could not see the genius of the Twins in her; she was a tad wild like Alicia and Angelina, though she also did have something of Lav or Pav. Nothing extraordinary; except for maybe Molly's temper, and a fierce determination to get her hands on Harry, which I didn’t like, not knowing whether she really fancied him for his sake or for his fame and fortune.. Did she see him as ‘The Boy Who Lived’, or just Harry?

I was unsure. I knew best what kind of bitches us women could be! But honestly, contrary to Cho, who was very hesitant to do so, at least I knew that Ginny actually tried to see the person Harry, otherwise she would be much more aggressive in pursuing him, and I knew that he wouldn’t be opposed to a relationship. Nonetheless, they still didn’t fit together, in my opinion.

However, I also knew that if Harry ever gave her the smallest indication that he wanted her, she would fling herself around his neck and spread her legs wide enough that it would probably scare Harry. Which was the reason I didn’t take to her.

“Well, I wouldn’t see it like that. We are from the same House and you took off in the middle of the night,and when you got back you looked worse for wear and… Harry… too. Now, who is giving him a hard time?” she replied, her brown eyes filled with a cunning glitter.

“Ginny, if you don’t know it yet, I won’t tell you either. Ask Harry!” I offered diplomatically.

“But Hermione, you are a Prefect, you must lead by example!” she further replied in agitation, daringly pointing out my designation.

“Ginny, I think that neither my past behaviour, nor the fulfillment of my duties gave any reason to lodge a complaint!” I frostily explained to her. I had always performed my tasks with due diligence!

“Of course, nobody says otherwise. But why….are you suddenly getting familiar with my brothers? I haven’t seen you with them very often before,” she kept pushing, certainly disliking my closeness to the Twins.

Quickly, I took a bite so I didn’t have to answer the question immediately. Gosh, the annoying little bitch! Now I could understand Snape a bit better. Were all teenagerssuch a pain in the arse?

“And I worry for Harry. What did he have yesterday?” She pressured me further. Yes, and now we arrived at the subject of her most immediate concern. However, Harry soon noticed that I was badgered by Ginny and he stopped his own conversation with Ron.

“Ginny, leave Hermione alone. All of that doesn’t really concern you, that’s a thing between Ron, Hermione and me!” Harry declared coldly and firmly. Wow, his mood seemed to have reached new depths after today’s occurrences, which I could understand. Why did Dumbledore and the Order make such a racket of the prophecy yet didn’t tell us anything? They treated us like toddlers, unlike supposedly young adults who were capable of listening, thinking for themselves and contributing to the cause.

I doubted the strategy, though hadn’t I already said that I often didn’t understand Dumbledore?

“But Harry… Hermione can’t just act like she owns Gryffindor. The others and I are interested in what you are doing. We can help!” Ginny argued confidently, throwing her straight, long, bright red hair over her shoulder and ignoring Harry's dismissing tone.

“Ginny, I disagree, it’s nobody's business! And thanks for your offer, but we don’t need any help!” he snapped, annoyed. Oh yes, he was in a very good mood today.

“But… But Harry… all of this… Why are you being so dismissive?” She certainly was involved but today Harry was not in the mood to act like the gentle and empathetic guy; that guy wasn’t here today. To know a part of the Dark Lord would be forever ingrained in a part of your mind would make just about everybody grumpy. But I have to say, I approved on the way Harry reminded Ginny of her boundaries clearly; in this regard I was a stereotypical woman after all.

“Ginny, leave it be. We know what we’re doing, and it’s not for little girls!” Ron explained condescendingly. I pressed my lips tightly together to keep myself from laughing out loud. Ron was hilarious. I mean, Ginny blushed a dark red up to her ears, which clashed horrendously with her hair colour. Even Harry’s eyes sparkled suspiciously. I really applauded Ron right now! Just divine! How he had snubbed Ginny in front of everybody because she had tried to become the ringleader of the mutinous Gryffindors and sound us out. And here came Ron and gave her shot across the bow, saying what he thought about her, and Harry didn’t object when she was labeled as a small child. Instead he tried frantically not to laugh and maybe I looked slightly gloating. Sometimes, when you expected it the least, Ron could be brilliant!

I interrupted this embarrassing interplay for Ginny, whom once more was shown quite plainly that Harry harboured no romantic feelings towards her. I rose to my feet, said:

“I’m gone for now…,” leaning between Ron and Harry, I whispered quietly: “Don’t wait for me. After yesterday he won’t let me leave before four in the morning!”

“Yes, I think that isn’t unlikely! He’s a sadist!” Ron chuckled pityingly and Harry nodded sadly. I thought to myself: If only you knew!

“But I’m worried for you. What if something were to happen?” Harry fretted. I rolled my eyes, though I could understand their worry, after all this was Snape we were talking about.

“When something happens, I’ll heat up the Galleon!” I offered.

“Brilliant, Hermione! Just brilliant,” Ron was thrilled and Harry nodded in agreement.

“Yes, that’s good. We’ll do it that way. Have fun!” He laughed nastily, slapping me on the back. It was obvious that he was happy not to be the one having to go to Snape.

Right now, I was standing in front of the wooden door I had blasted in yesterday, staring at it with deep reluctance. I had made a short detour to the Tower, exchanging my bags and replacing my knickers. I was pondering on ways I might approach him. I mean, I had hit home, but I wasn’t sure if the Professor forgave such low blows so easily.

Probably not, I thought. That’s why I could feel my heart was beating forcefully.

Lionhearted, I stepped forward and knocked briefly. We had an appointment and I wouldn’t want it to be rumoured that I was a coward.

“Miss Granger, I didn‘t hear you...“ Snape said sugarly, sitting behind his desk. His whole demeanour was dark and impressive.

“Sir, I knocked on the door and thought I could enter.“ I walked towards him with controlled movements, outwardly displaying coolness.

“You shouldn‘t think so much!“ he proposed venomously..

“Of course not, sir!” I swallowed, thinking that this could all go to hell in a moment.

“Well, come on,” he ordered, standing up with his usual confidence and litheness. He looked unexpectedly calm and mild-tempered when he walked towards his private quarters.

I mean; hello? Was that Snape?! Where was the dressing down? What was he playing at? Was that his way to unsettle me? If it was, it worked well - to my regret. I had anticipated that he would address the happenings of last night first thing. Now, however… this behaviour of his unsettled me quite much.

I followed him to his living room, watching him with anticipation. Where would we be training?

“You can change in there. When you are done, go through this door!” He pointed to the last door in the back. The room had exactly three visible doors, the rest of the walls were covered with book shelves.

“Sir!” was the only thing I dared to utter, walking to the appointed door and through it, only wanting to turn back around on the spot. It was his bedroom!

I was standing in my professor’s bedroom! Okay, now I was sure that it was part of his diabolical plan to throw me a curve. Snape’s revenge had already started, only much more subtle than I had anticipated.

It was a spacious room that contained only the most essential furniture made from precious dark woods, but those were drilled and turned as elaborate as possible. Take his bed for example; a truly gigantic and ostentatious bed, covered in black satin sheets.

Had I ever wanted to know how my dear professor slept? No, I hadn’t! But apparently, my humiliation would be complete today. Were the snakes out to hit me below the belt?

I snorted bitterly. Please... I didn’t care. If he wanted to imagine how I changed in his private area, he damn well could and I just didn’t care at all - I refused to! Quickly, I shed my clothes and put on my training gear; a short shirt and comfortable trousers. I was curious on what he would be wearing. Don’t wonder, just take a look, I promised myself.

I tied my hair into a bun, to keep it out of my face. Last night my open hair had given him too much to pull. Today however, I didn’t believe that I would get another chance to kick him in the groin. I would have to improvise.

Gathering the courage I had in abundance, I stepped swiftly through the door and tried not to look amazed at what magic was capable of. The room was large, surprisingly large and empty. The only thing lying around was a big, black mat and on top of it stood a proud man with his hands clasped behind a straight back, greeting me with a smirk.

“Miss Granger… I assumed you had made yourself comfortable with how long it took you,” he breathed out silkily, nearly making me shiver while I realised the suggestiveness in his words. At the same time I could only stare. Yes, okay, I had seen him in a different light already, or rather I had become intimately acquainted with his most intimate body part. But I had never seen him like this, so I was unable to react to his biting comment.

He stood before me clad in black from head to toe, which wasn’t surprising. His shirt was of medium length, its sleeves ending in the middle of his upper arms. I could see his biceps. Wow, he was no bodybuilder, but hey, that looked good just the same. He looked strong. Though I had known that he was, now I could witness it as well. The most shocking aspect was that he had tied back his hair, and that changed his appearance altogether. I had to keep a tight grip on my control to stop myself from shaking my head in disbelief. I pulled myself together with an enormous effort of will and stepped closer to him.

Just don’t show him that he unsettles you in more than one aspect!

“Your bedroom is fascinating, sir! One must be sleeping well in such a bed,” I provoked him, immediately facepalming myself internally. Why, oh why, did my brain-to-mouth filter fail every single time whenever Snape was concerned? Why did I always have to aggravate him with my cheekiness? I mean, it didn’t attest to my true intelligence that I used the words, ‘bed’, ‘bedroom’ and the likes in his presence.

“Miss Granger, I’m happy that my private chambers passed your muster! If you want to, you may try out the comfortability of it!” he replied smugly, making it clear that my words had yet to faze him.

“I don’t think Draco would approve, sir!” I retaliated..

“Do you always have to hide behind my godson? Afraid?” he grinned wolfishly.

“Of you, sir? No! Never!” I replied indignantly, raising my chin arrogantly.

“Then you are not as brilliant as we believed!” he stated with mockery. .

“But one shouldn’t show one’s fear, Professor. Don’t you agree?”

“Also true!” He agreed with me to my great surprise. Before I could react, he beckoned me closer.

“Come closer. You now have the great pleasure to be taught by me… You should expect no mercy!” He informed me coldly, eying me deprecatingly.

“I never expected anything different, Sir!” I showed myself unaffected, giving him a short nod.

“Good. As long as you don’t put your hopes up,” he shrugged nonchalantly.

“Anything goes, everyone can do whatever they want to do! I need to get an overview of your skills and capabilities!” he explained very businesslike.

“Aye, aye, Sir!” I confirmed, straightening my shoulders.

“Well then, let’s start!” he gave the signal.

And so we stood facing each other with determination, both calm, both relaxed. To keep your calm is the most important rule. Someone who was hectic had lost the fight before it even started. Quick, fluid motions were perfect, whenever they became uncertain and nervous it would be disadvantageous for me; I was really not that stupid to believe he would lose control in a fight.

He stood casually but with the presence of a predator in front of me, only his dark eyes scurrying back and forth, otherwise he remained motionless. Wow, he was very intimidating! His half-length shirt exposed his Dark Mark, displaying it quite uninhibited as he stood still and at ease. When he saw where my gaze had wandered, he only mockingly raised his eyebrow.

And then he lunged at me, fast as lightning and quiet as a shadow, aiming to kick the shin of my right leg as I had placed it in front of me. However, I had become fast as well in the last few months of continuous training and so I narrowly avoided getting hit through a courageous jump.

He then tried and succeeded to catch the front of my shirt, pulling me closer while I aimed a karate chop at his carotid artery, which found its target. However, he was not impressed by that. In retaliation, he dragged me down mercilessly, throwing himself backwards, unbalancing me in the process and causing me to fall forward, towards him. In a fluid motion, he set his foot on my pubis bone - I realised in this moment that I had been caught in his trap - forcing me to roll over him!

I seemed to hover in the air for what seemed like an eternity while I flipped head-over-heel. Then, both our backs hit the mat, though I landed a lot heavier due to the leverage and momentum of the rollover in comparison to his simple fall and the air was forced painfully out of my lungs on impact. Thanks to my valiant resistance, he had not been able to complete the backward roll and land on me, otherwise this would have been a very short fight

I immediately got up and we began to circle each other like a pair of predators, at the slightest twitch the other would attack. It was admirable how calm he was, his face showed nothing.

As he was physically stronger than me, I resorted to Taekwondo kicks. A kick was three times as strong as a punch, and my legs were longer than my arms, so I used a foot combination against him in the near distance, a quickly but well executed kick. After yanking up my bent knee, I quickly extended my leg and rammed my fist powerfully in the direction of his face, but as expected, he dodged smoothly and my punch found nothing.

He aimed an offensive attack at my neck and although I tried to dodge, I still got hit by the edge of his hand, which made me briefly black out. But thanks to our close proximity, I caught his shirt and could retaliate by ramming my knee into his chest with all my might, and was rewarded when the air left his lungs causing him to hiss.

Lightning-swift, he jumped away, trying to normalise his breathing. The pace was murderous, blows flying in quick succession. I didn't even get to think, I just reacted. It got bloody and dirty very quickly. We switched between all types of fighting and styles in a wild rhythm. Kicks alternated with foot sweeps, punches with elbows strikes.

Krav Maga, Judo, Lutra Livre, freestyle fighting, Karate, Sambo and so on; I could happily keep enumerating. We did not stop when the first blood flowed, spilling freely from both our mouths and noses. He didn’t pull any punches and neither did I, and so we pummeled each other mercilessly.

Although I had to admit that I was very defensive; he was the one who determined the pace, but I defended myself to the best of my abilities. I could downright feel how he used the anger he had nursed last night and let it out of his system by battering me and my body with his wild kicks and punches. I could vividly imagine that my body wouldn’t have a spot left that wasn’t sore after this workout. However, I was doing quite well and I couldn’t be more proud of my achievement of being able to stand up to him. I guess I could claim with a clear conscience that he wasn’t holding himself back.

While I was distracted by this small, cocky review of my abilities, he caught me, getting hold of my shirt again, and dragged me with the use of a spectacular technique to the ground alongside him, applying the Maki-Komi-Waza. This was a wraparound technique and he buried me almost completely under him. I was lying with my back pressed ruthlessly against his hard chest and he had thus the advantage to keep me on the ground. Hence, I was in a very precarious position, nearly unable to act and he took advantage of that when he captured me in a submission hold, where we lay intertwined, arms and legs entangled, our bodies pressed tightly together. He had his legs wrapped around my waist and his right arm around my neck, the other clutching my left wrist in a vice like grip. I felt like I was wrapped in a tight cocoon.

If anyone could see the professor and me like this, sweaty, bleeding, breathing heavily, they would think we were trying to kill each other quite successfully. He had managed to make me immobile, leaving me with only one choice: to give up or - as if we were in a real fight - pass out. Still, I squirmed and fought vehemently against his grip and his rigid body pushing me steadfastly into the hard mat. I could feel his heavy breath on my ear. I tried to get his arm off my neck to stop him from choking me. Unfortunately, I was exhausted and almost unable to move, so I did not succeed in fighting against his constant and steady pressure. His legs squeezed my middle harder, so that I had almost no air left; he had overwhelmed me and now was showing me his full strength.

And thus I gave up, went limp in his arms still fully conscious and played dead. He did not seem to realise my surrender right away, because I noticed how he kept pushing, only that my muscles no longer provided resistance and yielded, so he could crush me even more.

Suddenly, he halted and after a millisecond he also loosened his tense, cramped muscles and although he still kept me embraced in the position I had given up in, he no longer tried to break me. And thus I could feel him pressed so close to me as I had done so far only as Minna, except this time he held me, Hermione, like this in his arms.

"Miss Granger?" he whispered breathlessly into my ear and I could do nothing against the goose bumps that spread from my ear over my body. And since I did not answer immediately or otherwise gave a sign of wakefulness, after a moment I felt him burying his nose into my tied back hair and inhaling deeply. I could not believe it! Aghast, my eyes flew open - they had been closed until then. He apparently thought I had lost consciousness and I could feel to my excessive horror something hard beginning to press against my back all of a sudden... Help! I mean, I was his pupil, not Minna. I placed importance on that, his actions went too far!

Consequently, I went back to my existing acting talent and awoke theatrically with a groan. Immediately, he jerked his head back and untangled our bodies.

"Sir?" I asked breathlessly and sat up, displaying confusion, and wiped my face to then look at a bloody hand. Great, yesterday blood, today blood! Hopefully my body produced enough of it...

"Miss Granger, how are you feeling?" it thundered behind me and I looked over my shoulder into a no less demolished face. As great as he looked, I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

"Good sir, thank you. And you?" I was in a really good mood, although I felt how everything started to ache slowly but surely. He, on the other hand, did not look as if everything hurt him, he was really tough.

"I don’t know why that would be any of your business. But let me tell you, you still have a lot to learn!" he spoke his scathing judgment about me . Alright, sir, if you say so! For the short time I had actually been training, though very intensely, he looked very battered... But please, this was Snape!

"I know that, sir. Do you think you can teach me something?" I asked cheekily while he summoned his wand and cleaned the both of us magically, most likely to even be able to see what wounds we had.

“At least you’re not such a hopeless case like Potter is in Occlumency !” he snarled. A few strands of his smooth hair had loosened from his short ponytail and framed his face.

Now we were back at the topic from last night. We still sat on the mat, me with my back towards him, only my head turned to face him. We only had one problem, I would never ever in my life apologise, neither for the kick nor for the punch, he had deserved them both.

"Thanks for the compliment, sir. Since we're on the subject ... " I licked nervously over my split, still slightly bleeding lip and tasted the fresh blood in my mouth. "... after talking to you yesterday, I ... talked to Harry and offered him, after this disaster, to teach and help him in Occlumency every Tuesday, complementing your lessons, sir, if you agree with that?" I now asked the floor, as I had averted my face. However, you should never turn your back on a snake, that much I should have learned by now, shouldn't I? But mistakes come again and again and so did this one!

"Do you think so? What makes you think so?" he hissed menacingly in my ear. I flinched. I hadn’t noticed that he had snug up to me so quickly, so silently, that he could now whisper directly into my ear. "What makes you think I'll just forget about yesterday?" His arms closed around my chest from behind, mercilessly pressing my arms against my upper body, his chest against my back. Oh, he is still angry, I thought in astonishment. I could see his bare arms, which were at other times always hidden under clothing.

"I don’t know, sir." I swallowed with difficulty, feeling his warm breath on my skin again and suddenly a pain that shot through me. I could stifle the outcry, but not the startled and unexpected gasp.

"Owaarrgg ..." He had bitten my earlobe! Hopefully it was still in one piece. Why were those annoying Slytherins always biting me? Did they have problems?

"Pro ... Professor!" I let myself be heard, out of breath, but I would not apologize.

"And you think you can teach Potter better, in this difficult area, than I?" he breathed silkily.

"No, sir. But I could do it differently and you know that your relationship is not the best. Hence I think it would not hurt, so that something like yesterday does not happen again! Trust, he trusts me and that's important in this art!" I tried to say as normal as possible from my unfavorable position.

"Alas, do you think so? Well, then I should examine you on Sunday. If you can withstand me, you may practice with Potter, if not ..." he threatened to pull all my secrets out of my head. Wasn’t he nice? But alright, it was an offer, the only one I would get. And it was kind to give me time until Sunday.

"As you wish, Professor!" I immediately responded affirmatively to the offer, not daring to move a muscle. He did not let go and still had his mouth against my neck, as if he would kiss me at any time or the like. The tension between us was palpable.

"What shall I do with you? How can I punish you for your impossible behavior last night? You are aware that this can not go unpunished, aren’t you?" He asked with his velvety voice, his breath brushing lasciviously over my heated skin.

"Yes, sir, but I do not apologize!" I blurted out, thinking immediately: Fucking pride! Goddess, was I stubborn.

"That's what I thought!" he just said, summing it up. He pulled one arm away from my chest, grabbing my hair instead, and brutally bent my head back so that my throat was overstretched and I stared at the ceiling and into his threatening, grim face.

And then he kissed me suddenly, though this was a punishing kiss, not gentle at all; so brutal and raw that it could be nothing else but a punishment. He bit ruthlessly into my already bruised lips, which made me whimper into his mouth. That seemed to please him even more, as I felt his hand in my hair tighten its grip, painfully pulling on my scalp. His tongue now forcibly seized my mouth and slid in, exploring me with little affection.

He still roughly pressed me against his chest with his other hand. I was able to free my left hand, which I purposefully lifted to grab something from him. I found his tied-back hair, grabbing it brutally in my fist. It caused him to growl, but he didn’t release me and so we descended into the next duel, only in a different area.

Then he bit my tongue as a sign of who was in charge and when I shied away, he abruptly let go of me and stood up. I had immediately detangled my hand from his hair and was still sitting there, confused, and touched my wounded mouth in disbelief. Terrified by how he knew how to punish me!

He had announced his opinion and his punishment. From now on he would always punish me this way, because he was aware that I took any other reprisals indifferently. If he knew what I had already taken from him… However, no matter how he had behaved towards Minna, that kiss here had been so cold and cruel that it left me very cold inside.

He had already left the practice room and now it was my time to get up, in a clumsy way, under his watchful eyes, and stride to his room to change, which I did routinely, not wasting a thought for my surroundings.

"Professor, should I leave then?" I framed it as a question, cautiously stepping up to him wearing my black cloak. He looked critically at my figure, raising his eyebrow thoughtfully.

"Oh, are you going to seek comfort with my godson?" The sarcasm dripped from his voice.

"At least I have somebody who does that for me, right, sir?" I had to show him that he could not break me with a mere kiss. I found it much more degrading to get money from him. Sometimes, I would love to scream in this arrogant guys face.

I could make out how his jaw clenched and began to work, and then he shot his glass at me like a cannonball. I escaped it narrowly by a dive, hearing it clank loudly as it shattered. Quickly, I got to my feet and ran away from him as fast as I could, before he could devise even more drastic punishments.
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Snape’s Punishment, chapter 68
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