When Hermione Fights
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 Harry, chapter 71

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Harry, chapter 71 Empty
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Hello beautiful readers,

update next week might be cancelled. Most of my team is occupied by exams and my work life is stressful at the moment, so we aren’t far along with the translation for chapter 72. I’ll look what I can do, but it is a long one and I can’t promise that we will get it done in time.
I hope you enjoy this week’s chapter all the more. You are about to get a bit more Hermione-Harry-interaction, more judgemental Gryffindors and, as a result, a furious little dragon and some smut Wink Have fun!

- Aivy

Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy

“There you are. You needed a lot of time with the old bird!” we were greeted loudly by a bored Ron.

“It took a while. Somehow there were quite a few details!” Harry explained apologetically and twitched. To relive all those events avidly was probably not so nice.

“I’ll accompany you to the dorm, Harry!” I anticipated his request for a talk and we were allowed to witness Ginny’s head swivelling around in shock.

“Why don’t you stay here? What do you want up in the dorm? It isn’t bedtime yet! How did it go with Cho?” she wanted to prevent us from being alone by ourselves and acted very subtle in her attempt to learn how Harry’s date had gone.

“Nah, it’s too noisy for me here, I’m tired!” I declined. I was truly tired and wanted to escape a jealous Ginny quickly.

“And I want to lie down to. Are we allowed to do that, Ginny?” Harry asked cynically with an annoyed undertone, passing over her question regarding Cho. Considering how stupidly he behaved around Cho, he showed himself amazingly eloquent right now.

“Gosh, Ginny, that’s cringy. You’re not Mum!” Fred scolded, which made Ginny blush furiously.

Nobody else bothered us, so we reached the dormitory, divested ourselves of the thick winter cloaks and shoes and sat down on his bed.

“What do you want to know, Harry?” I asked immediately, sitting down cross-legged right opposite him.

“What was that earlier with Skeeter? The way you talked to her, that was a threat. I’ve never seen… no, stop! That isn’t right, I’ve rarely seen you like that!” he declared. That made me laugh.

“Sorry, Harry, what kind of qualifier was that?” I was really curious.

“Well, some time ago in the common room… But what I truly recalled was when you snarled at Remus back then about the fact that he was a werewolf! ” Yes, Harry was right there. Back then, in the shack, I had attacked Remus similarly when I thought that he collaborated with Sirius to get their hands on Harry.

“Oh, yes I remember. And yes, I admit openly, I’m blackmailing Skeeter! Oh, please, Harry, don’t look at me like that. I told you at the time, more or less. But well, maybe you didn’t commit it to memory because of your frame of mind after the tournament. Do you remember that I conjured a jar when we visited you in the hospital wing? You two looked at me as if I wasn’t right in the head!” I tried to bring the incident back to his mind. He took off his glasses, laid them to the side, and rubbed his eyes wearily, contemplating the question. “... you will remember eventually. You were in a bad shape back then, it’s understandable, and that’s why I didn’t say more back then, you were in no capacity to absorb any kind of information.” I explained myself defensively.

He looked up tiredly and focussing on me with his blurred gaze, his green eyes so much more striking without his glasses, while strands of his unruly hair fell over his brow. He looked so cute and so out of his depth.

I skipped over to the head of the bed, pulled Harry’s head down into my lap and ran my hands steadily and soothingly over his hair. It was rare that he permitted actual physical affection. At first, he tensed at my touch, he wasn’t used to it. Only Ron, Sirius and I frequently came close to him and touched him, but even we didn’t have bodily contact that often. He seemed to like it though, and it seemed to do him good, as he relaxed gradually.

“Now, you know everything she had done… the awful lies she has written. I did some research and quickly had a suspicion!” I stated. It cost me actually quite some effort to tell him the story in such an intimate setting and await his judgement. Apparently, the Twins kept the other boys from disturbing us; Ginny wouldn’t like that at all.

“That evening I saw my suspicion confirmed and caught her!” I was still amazed by my deed, looking down into my lap and Harry’s frown.

“What do you mean?” he asked for clarification.

“Wait… So, the only way she could have obtained that many very intimate, in part even highly sensitive details is that she had a way to spy without getting recognised. Only one plausible explanation came to mind: she has to be an animagus. The question remained though: which form does she take then ?” I smiled mildly at him while elaborating on my thought process.

This revelation made Harry start and he wanted to jerk upright, but I held him down and calmed him by continuing to stroke his hair.

“Shsh… Harry, stay relaxed. Yes… Where was I? Right. In the hospital wing I saw a green beetle with an ugly pattern around the eyes and at this moment the puzzle pieces snapped into place. That had to be Skeeter’s animagus form. And that was how I caught her!” I explained to him, slightly proud of myself.

“What… She’s a beetle? That is so gross! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” He stayed put but gave vent to his feelings quite loudly.

“When should I have told you? From the end of the tournament until the time that we left the train you were barely recognizable in your mournfulness. Isn’t it enough that I’ve told you now?” I looked at him expectantly through the curtain of my curls that had fallen into my face the second I had tilted my head to look down at him.

“You could have told me a bit sooner. I believe I don’t even want to know everything that I haven't been made aware of yet.” Ouch. I became abruptly aware that, I wouldn’t be able to keep all my secrets for much longer. In a loving gesture, he brushed one side of curls behind my ear on one side, so that he could see more of my face.

“Oh, Harry… Where was I? … Yes, I kept her in the jar for nearly a month as punishment,” I admitted to my crime, waiting for his reaction with an apologetic expression.

“What…? You kept her captive?” he yelled in agitation, sitting up straight after all.

“Don’t get all worked up with your moralities, she deserved it,” I declared vehemently, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

“Hm-mh… I didn’t say anything!” He worked his lower lip less than gently. “... but the things you get up to are kinda crass!” All of a sudden a small, subtle smile appeared on his face.

“Yes. But thanks to that we will have a well-written article published soon, which will work in our interest. I find it difficult to feel guilty for that.” Tentatively, I returned his grin.

“Do I say anything? When I remember… how difficult she made my life with her defamatory stories, I would deliver her myself to you in a jar. And now that I imagine it, I find it very funny to picture her in captivity. Don’t tell anybody, but you have my blessing!” he said, nodding at me with darkening eyes, surprising me very much.

“Harry, you shock me. You give me your blessing for - how do you call it? - really, for something like deprivation of liberty?” I asked positively aghast. For the first time since I’ve known him, Harry showed a totally different side of himself, a side I hadn’t expected to ever see in him! But it pleased me all the more. I said it repeatedly, we were the ideal surrogate family for each other. He was my brother, we fit perfectly in this regard. “What happened to Harry? Where is he? I don’t even know you!” I teased him.

He laughed out loud and ran a hand through his hair. “You are hilarious, Hermione, when you look so surprised. What should I say? I’m so disappointed with everything here, and I don’t even mean Cho! No. At first, I have this shitty life at the Dursleys and now that. Everybody is eying me strangely all the time and don’t believe a thing I say… Nothing! I’m so sick of it, of the looks and the way they follow me. The lies, Skeeter’s included. Believe me, I’m honestly happy and grateful that you took revenge in my name and taught her a lesson!” Harry spoke earnestly and very disillusioned. “... and on top of it is Dumbledore’s strange behaviour and that of the Ministry. If you must know… I’ve had enough! More than enough!” He punched his pillow. Maybe it had been a bit too much today.

Oh yes, he would be ready for the truth soon. Very good. I wouldn’t have thought that Harry would change his stance upon his environment so soon. I was happy though that I had underestimated him. I’d have to make sure to get my evidence quickly.

It wouldn’t be a good point in time for a wholehearted reveal on my part, however, I resolved to take it into serious consideration. With the way Harry had explained himself just now, the chance wasn’t so bad that he would understand my reasoning. Not now, but soon…

“You know what? Even Sirius annoys me. He said I could live with him. And where do I live? You can’t trust anyone here but you, Hermione. You can forget about everybody else!” Harry declared harshly, looking thoroughly unhappy.

“Harry, don’t say something like that. What about the Weasleys and…?” I tried to build him up.

“Yes… You see, Ron is my best mate, but he is always so impulsive… I would trust you with my life, but Ron? Not so much… Yes, the Twins, I like them very much, but they will be gone soon. Who else is there?” He waved his hand in a dismissive gesture.

“Ginny. That down there earlier… She is jealous of Cho, of me. She is very interested in you!” I tried to continue my list.

“Believe it or not, Hermione… I’m not a complete idiot. Who doesn’t know that Ginny has a crush on me since she was ten years old? And that makes it difficult for me. I don’t think I was so attractive with eleven that I caused a girl sleepless nights!” Harry’s words were delivered very dryly, positively sarcastic, and I stifled a laugh.

Something that Harry showed only to a few rare people was that he possessed a biting kind of humour; he only tried most of the time to act the role of saint, kind and courageous hero of the wizarding world that was expected of him. However, it looked like he really had enough. His act hadn’t helped him; nobody liked him more or less because of it.

“And now as well. She might be jealous, but she has a boyfriend. That’s not very sporting, I don’t like behaviour like that!” he worked himself into a state.

“I know what you mean… Does she like you or does she like the hero?” I nodded in understanding.

“Not only that, Hermione, feelings like those don’t come on demand! She’s Ron’s little sister for me, a bit annoying! Cho? For her, I had feelings, even if I have to admit that they lessened some after Cedric’s death, and after the argument earlier… No, I haven’t been in love. It was a crush, nothing more! Do you think I will ever fall in love?” He looked at me very sadly and unhappily. I pushed myself away from the head of the bed and pulled him into a heartfelt hug.

“Yes, Harry, every Jack will find his Jill!” I assured him, playfully poking him. In answer, he let himself fall backwards and as we were still entwined, I fell with him, landing on his chest. Now we were really lying in bed together and laughing.

“The thing with Skeeter was a good idea, as all your ideas. Although the way she looked at you… Be wary of her, she hates you!” he warned me with concern. I got comfortable in his arms, snuggling into his side.

“I know, Harry, I will never make the mistake to underestimate the beetle. I have her firmly in my hold, however, and, well, I know how to protect myself. Don’t worry,” I asked him imploringly, and he started to yawn. “You are tired, no wonder. I’m sorry you had to relive all of that,” I said sympathetically. He just groaned and pulled me tightly against his side.

“Yes, I’m tired, but you sound exhausted, too,” he stated. I had my eyes closed and my head was resting on his shoulder.

“It was a trying day,” I agreed; my words recalled the memories of the night before and left me with a queasy feeling in my stomach.

“Do we want to shock the others? I offer you my bed!” he proposed out of nowhere. I opened my eyes to look into the moss green ones that were fixed on me, glowing with mischief.

“Sure, let us get under the covers!” I accepted gratefully, feeling mischievous myself and getting the impression that he not only wanted to annoy the others, but also sought bodily contact, a person’s warmth after the horror of his memories, and so I offered him solace, and even if he didn’t know it, I, too, was scared to sleep on my own this night.

Every time I closed my eyes, Pansy performed her horrible, macabre dance in my mind and I could hear her screams; knowing that I was the one responsible would deprive me of my sleep. I knew it was unforgivable to torture someone. My conscience was protesting as well, as I knew that the pug-faced girl was no opponent for me; I would have made her cry with words alone, I didn’t need a curse for that. Hence I gladly accepted Harry’s offer to find oblivion in his arms.

When he transfigured our clothes into comfortable pyjamas, I showed myself surprised but didn’t say a word. He covered us with the duvet, pulled me back into his arms and we cuddled close together. I could hear his steady heartbeat and feel the rise and fall of his chest. Just before I fell asleep, he whispered into the room:

“I love you, Hermione.” He was the only person who had ever said that to me up until now.

“I love you too, Harry,” I replied and it was the truth; I loved this boy like a brother. Thus we huddled together and fell into a restful sleep.

In the morning, when I opened my eyes, I saw the dust motes dance in the dim light of the rising sun. I could feel Harry’s arm hugging me still. The snores of his dorm mates sounded wretched but showed me that they had to have come in sometime in the night and must have seen us sleeping together in this intimate embrace, but they had left us alone. Who did we have to thank for that? Ron? I was curious.

On the other side, we did have a restful night and for that, I was extremely thankful, as I knew I would have to face Snape today with a clear mind and with all the razor-sharp wit I could manage. I was playing with fire after all. IF he saw something about my plans, Dumbledore or mutual experiences in my times as Minna. Oh… I shouldn’t think about it, it would only give me stomach pains.

Determinedly, I sat up. It was just before six and I was already feeling bad about skipping my run yesterday. Despite my careful movement, Harry woke up, his eyes opening slowly, and when he recognised me as Hermione, he beamed, grinning at me lovingly and very sleepily.

“Morning, he whispered hoarsely. “How late is it?”

“Quite early, close to six!”

“Why do you want to get up already? It’s Sunday,” he asked with confusion.

“Why not?” I returned the question.

“Well, the guys here have seen us sleep together already. When you leave now, I won’t be able to fall asleep again! I could get used to it…” he mumbled grumpily, rubbing the grit from his eyes.

“Harry, I liked it too; I slept very well. But I’ll go for my run now, just like every morning. Don’t you know that?” We continued to whisper to not wake the others. He shook his head, nonplussed.

“What else do I have to discover? You run? Since when do I live under a rock?” He ran a hand through his wild hair, that was standing away from his head in several directions.

“Oh, Harry. I think there is so much going on in your head, that nobody can fault you for that!” I excused him.

“Hermione, I call you my best friend and don’t know what you are doing. We’ve been back at Hogwarts for nearly half a year and I’m astonished that you tell me you go for a run every morning. It doesn’t work that way!” he declared firmly and resolutely. I looked at him dumbfounded upon this declaration.

“What…? You don’t want me to run?” I asked for clarification with no small amount of reluctance and a frown.

“No, I don’t mean it like that. It doesn’t work that I’m so clueless about your activities. We’ll meet in the common room in five minutes and go for a run together, and we will do that every morning from now on. Together it will be much more fun, and I would be happy to share something with only you. Let’s be honest, I don’t think Ron would be ready to get up at such an early hour!” he grinned conspiratorially and I nodded happily, darting out of the room with a spring in my step as Harry’s commitment pleased me greatly.

Since yesterday Harry tried with all his might to overwhelm me with wonder. What was happening here? I was delighted that I would have company from now on, remembering fondly the time at Grimmauld Place when Sirius and I were still on good terms and were doing our laps together in the park. I knew, with Harry, it would be even more fun.

Thus Harry and I went for a run around the Quidditch field and he even kept up well with me.

“Wow, Hermione, I didn’t know that you are in such a good form. With that kind of stamina, you could join the Quidditch team!” he made me a big compliment. He himself stood there with his hands braced against his knees, wheezing like a walrus.

“Thanks for the compliment, Harry, but I think I’ll leave that sport to you!” I patted his back encouragingly, not showing any signs of exertion myself.

“That was fun. If you let me, I’d truly want to do that every day with you! I can’t allow for you to stand there like nothing while I’m on my last legs!” he quipped.

“You don’t have to ask. I would be happy to have you!” I exclaimed with amusement.

After the hour-long run, we returned to the tower and curled up together in our usual places. I continued my studies, including black magic, and Harry did his homework with surprising zeal and studied for his lessons even though it was Sunday. Should I get afraid of him? It was very peaceful and, thanks to the early hour, most of the lions were still asleep. The house would only come fully alive in around an hour.

“So that’s what you are doing every morning when Ron and I come down!” Harry said, looking up from his parchment and I laughed at him scoffingly.

“What do you mean? Learning?” I asked disbelievingly, closing my book with a loud thud.

“Mh-mh, first running, then learning, and it really goes smoothly. I don’t know why. Is it the quietness, because everybody is still sleeping? Or is it because you have started the day with exercise and fresh air?” he mused and I looked at him questioningly.

“Oh, Hermione. I think I like it; I could get used to it!” He sounded truly genuine to my ears.

“If you could become to like it, I’m happy for you!” I replied and meant it as well, and we returned to our books.

While we had been outside for our run, I had given it some thought. Apparently, Harry had come to the conclusion that he had paid me to little attention as of late and he wasn’t wrong with that. I approved of his plans to spend more time with me, but I was aware that Ron wouldn’t like it, as my schedule and Ron’s didn’t agree with one another, starting with my early rising and ending with the time we went to bed.

“Morning, Harry, Hermione,” we were greeted by Ginny, who took a seat next to ours. “Up so early, Harry? We expect that from Hermione, but you?” she said intrusively, seemingly having an incredible amount of self-confidence.

“Good morning, Ginny!” we greeted in unison and I continued: “Why? It’s just before eight. Ron should be down soon!” She shot me a calculating, not very nice glance.

“Did it get late for you to yesterday? I haven’t seen you when I went to bed, Hermione.” She got to the point that truly interested her: Where I slept last night. It must have been truly preying on her mind.

“Well, not that late. I fell asleep relatively early!” I phrased it in a way that omitted that I had slept at Harry’s side. Harry’s shoulders trembled suspiciously when I circumnavigated the question like that, his eyes fastened resolutely on his homework assignment.

Goddess be thanked, the conversation was interrupted by a noisy group made up of four students that made a racket coming down the stairs and into the room that had become crowded in the last minutes. When I noticed Ron among them, I packed my things away and Harry his as well.

Unfortunately, the boys couldn’t keep their traps shut and I already felt sorry for myself, as it would find its way into the grapevine and this way to the ears of one snake or the other, where it had no business to be.

“Wow, where is the cutest cuddling couple I have ever seen? And then we get up and think we might see them one more time and only find an abandoned bed. Not nice, guys!” Dean blared at the top of his voice through the whole room.

“What? Did I understand that right, Dean? Hermione, our Hermione, slept in the boys’ dorm last night?” Lavender enquired loudly. “We already wondered why her bed was untouched!”

If they thought that I would blush now that the lions knew that I had slept among the boys, I would divest them of the illusion quickly. There was nearly nothing left that could make me blush. Thus I still reclined in my armchair, relaxed, and looked indifferently into the faces of those watching us. Ginny looked like she had been run over by a train, her gaze flicking back and forth between Harry and me while the boys continued to give way private details.

“Pity we had no camera, they looked so cute, cuddled close together and deep under!” Seamus reported. If you had friends like these you didn’t need any enemies, I realised once again. When Draco got wind of that, he would flip out, justified or not. I’d have to think of a way to appease him, and quickly.

“What… you slept… together…?” a very pale Ginny stuttered. Harry couldn’t help himself and rolled his eyes. I, too, felt sorry for myself. Didn’t I say that already? Up until now, neither of us had said a word, we prefered to stay silent.

“Gee, guys. Stop it. The two talked and then dozed off. Stop making up things that didn’t happen. They were wearing pyjamas and simply sleeping!” Ron intervened resolutely, his temper flaring up for the first time, giving the jabbering lions a thorough dressing down.

If Ron wanted to, he could be pretty convincing and I was delighted that he took our side, especially because he was right, and I could see that Harry felt the same, as something flashed in his eyes and he looked quite content.

“Yes, I agree. Leave Harry and Hermione alone. Nothing happened, don’t make a big deal out of it!” the usually shy Neville declared with annoyance and walked in the direction of the exit, and we got up as well to follow him out.

Behind us, I could hear excited whispering, from Lav, Pav and many more. What would Hogwarts be without its gossips?

“Then there’s nothing?”

“I don’t believe it.”

“We all know that she’s always had the hots for him…”

The theories continued to come.

“Thanks, Ron, mate, that was very decent of you!” Harry said to Ron.

“Sure. But there really is nothing between the two of you, is there?” the other boy asked doubtfully, watching us curiously from blue eyes.

“No, Ron, nothing. It was nice to hold my sister in my arms, it calmed and comforted me!” Harry admitted and I was happy to hear that he had felt similar to me. Ron also looked at him with understanding. What was nice was that he had taken our side first and had asked the questions after.

“Then the conversation with the old bird yesterday was probably very exhausting,” Ron guessed. I wouldn’t have thought him capable of so much empathy.

“Unfortunately, Ron, unfortunately… but it was necessary!”

The later the day, the bigger the gossip! Hogwarts rumour mill shone in all its splendour, even worse than after Rita’s articles in our fourth year. It was unbelievable how well the grapevine worked and across all houses, too. Draco stared at me repeatedly, with Blaise talking to him insistently. He could have saved his breath, it wouldn’t work, Draco looked positively berserk.

As all of us would have to attend the meeting at Snape’s tonight, I wanted to clear the air between Draco and myself as soon as possible, so I adjusted the Galleon to tell him that I wanted to meet him at the Astronomy tower at one o’clock while everyone else would be having lunch.

As we had no lessons today, I stood atop the tower in a dark red winter dress, wrapped in my thick cloak. I had just spoken a warming charm when I heard him approaching.

“Mudblood,” he barked darkly. Oh oh, he was in a very good temper.

“Draco!” I couldn’t even turn fast enough before he pressed himself against my back and me roughly into the parapet. “Draco, you know precisely that nothing is going on with Harry! I swear!” I justified myself.

“But you don’t deny that you were in his bed and slept with him!” he hissed aggressively into my ear, pressing himself even harder against me.

“Wrong wording. Not with him, next to him,” I defended myself, stiffening under his rough treatment.

“Does it make it any better?” he asked venomously.

“Yes, I needed the comfort and he did too!”

“Then come to me!” his anger flared. When I wanted to turn around he prevented it again with pure force.

“It isn’t always possible and you know that! Please let me turn around!” I purred at him softly.

“Never forget that Potter isn’t allowed to touch you,” he demanded sternly, caressing my shoulders.

“When will you believe me that Harry is like a brother to me? He called me his sister to Ron’s face today!” I exclaimed forcefully. Upon that he buried his face in my neck and after a short time, he started to breath small kisses onto my skin, that was bared to him as I had put my hair up into a bun today.

Fervently, his hands roved over my upper body, kneading my breasts through the fabric of my dress. I couldn’t suppress a lust-filled moan; I loved it when he touched my neck and right now he was noticeably impatient.

“You know, Hermione, I actually believe you in regards to Potter. Even if it irks me; I don’t like to see you in any bed but mine!” he whispered hoarsely next to my ear, his hands running down my body, over my hips and thighs. Suddenly, he yanked the fabric upwards. He licked the shell of my freshly healed ear that had been injured by Snape, while his hands grabbed my now exposed butt, before single-mindedly slipping between my legs, and he growled in satisfaction.

“Do you realise how very wet you are for me, Hermione?” He teased me with small, affectionate bites along the sensitive skin of my neck, right where he had kissed me before, increasing my arousal. I could feel his fingers stroking the wet silk of my knickers and mewled longingly, pushing my body back against his, wanting him to speed up.

“Always so impatient, aren’t we?” he purred, smirking.

“Draco… stop… teasing me… You know, we don’t have… much time!” it came in a clipped tone from me, urging him on.

“Always those stolen minutes,” he fumed, pulling my knickers down roughly with one finger and it fell to the floor at my feet.

“You want it fast, you will get it fast,” he growled more than he spoke and I could surmise that he freed himself and then it went so quick that I couldn’t muffle the small cry that escaped me. I hoped nobody would look up while outside on this cold, bleak day and spot us on the top of the tower, though the possibility only made it more erotic and enhanced my lust. And while I missed the slow, savouring love-play that we engaged in most of the time, I was happy nonetheless to get this.

So my passage tightened around the large adamantine erection that Draco had plunged inside me and surrendered to the wonderful feeling of being filled. He worked me with a rapid, passionate pace, pushing inside me faster and deeper with every thrust and I answered every shove with mounting desire.

His hands gripped my hips so that he could drive into me at a good angle. From time to time, he released a desperate, restrained groan. With a growl, he brought a hand to my front and touched me at the spot where the entirety of my desperate desire accumulated, rubbing it alternatingly gently and more firmly, making me dig my fingers forcefully into the porous stone, my eyes clamped shut, and eliciting restrained sounds of unstilled lust.

He worked me relentlessly, increasing his pace even more. I felt his hips slapping against my butt and then, suddenly, I reached my climax and craned my head, only remembering in the last second that I couldn’t cry out my release, here out in the open. Again and again, he managed to satisfy our sexual drive in the most amazing ways. Out of breath, I panted quietly.

Thanks to my muscles contracting around him, it didn’t seem Draco could control himself much longer. He withdrew his hand and pinned me down with both hands again, hammering into me with raw force, only to unload himself into me with a muffled animalistic cry. He shot his seed into me, his member pulsing deep inside. I enjoyed it immensely to be able to make him lose his usually cool head. I downright purred when we paused, in between gasping for air while we gathered our senses.

We were still connected when he slapped my ass in a playfully praising gesture. “Time and again a pleasure to enjoy you, my love.” He pulled out and spelled us clean. I wanted to step back from the parapet when his hand on my back stopped me.

“Wait,” he said and I felt more than saw how he bent his knee and pulled up my knickers, adjusting them carefully once they were in place.

“Thank you,” I chuckled lightly. He pulled me away from the parapet and into a passionate, wonderful kiss.

“No, thank you. I thought I would go mad with desire if I couldn’t have you soon; and when I heard the thing with Potter today…”

“Draco, I have been with no one but you since Christmas. What do you want?” I parried resolutely.

“Nothing. Just don’t forget it!” He still held me in his arms.

“How could I? That will always remind me of the fact,” I slipped with my hand under the magnificent blonde hair and caressed my ‘H’ that adorned the skin of his neck.

He growled lowly and fixed me with a hungry stare. “Your talk with the reporter was very intriguing!” He didn’t let me go.

“Did you enjoy it?” I gave him a vicious smile.

“Yes. Do the two of you always fight for dominance like that?” he asked, smirking.

“You call that a fight? She didn’t have any chance!” I acted arrogantly.

“Who said that she was fit to hold a candle to you? She didn’t like it. It was glorious to see you in action. Was Potter curious?” He was still caressing my back.

“Yes, but he is in line. He’s joining my morning runs from now on!” I told him readily.

“Finally you have found a fool to go along with you!” he laughed freely.

“Oi! You are mean!” I pouted a bit.

“No, just thankful that Potter has such a soft heart and takes pity on you! Now I’ll never have to listen to that again!” he grinned slyly and released me.

“Draco, that’s not nice!” He grabbed my hand and kissed it once more.

“Regrettably, we have to go, or our friends will come searching for us. But I have to say, I’m looking forward to tonight with Severus. Are you excited?” Together we started the trek downstairs.

“Very much. The boys are thrilled as well! Until later!” I let go of his hand with regret. Those stolen sexual encounters were just too short to savour them fully; I missed the passionate, but also affectionate nights in the cottage.

“Until later, darling!” he said, no less regretfully, before vanishing down the secret passageway that would bring him closer to his destination.
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Harry, chapter 71
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