When Hermione Fights
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 In The Snake's Shadow, chapter 75

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In The Snake's Shadow, chapter 75 Empty
BeitragThema: In The Snake's Shadow, chapter 75   In The Snake's Shadow, chapter 75 EmptyDo Jul 12, 2018 9:26 am

Chapter beta: the darling Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy

I couldn’t remember lying down on the couch when I felt myself getting rudely shaken awake, an overly tired and pale-faced Draco looking down at me.

“I’m sorry, Hermione. It’s five o’clock now; I cannot keep my eyes open any longer.” He rubbed his reddened eyes.

“What? You should have woken me up at four!” I jerked upright and got up, still clad in the far too wide shirt, and began vigorously to roll up my sleeves.

“I couldn’t! You looked so peaceful in your sleep!” he apologised sweetly. We exchanged places and I tucked him in conscientiously.

“Oh, Draco, that's so sweet of you!” I kissed his forehead like he always did with me, and stroked his white hair. He gave me a faint smile and closed his eyes tiredly. Apparently, his night had been filled with work before he went looking for me.

I re-entered the dark bedroom, spotting Snape under the black sheets, which emphasized his unnatural paleness from being injured all the more. I stepped up to him and put a hand on his forehead, inhaling worriedly. He seemed to have a slightly raised temperature and hence I called the next load of potions and climbed back into the bed to administer the vials.

After my work was done, I brushed his long, black hair out of his hot forehead and looked down at him with concern.

“Professor, that has been nothing for you… Don’t cause sorrow for Draco and me, otherwise you’ll have to deal with me, sir!” I whispered encouragingly to him and meant it as well, while I got up and put the empty vials on the bedside table. I pulled the blanket from his chest down to his waist to see how the sutured wounds were healing and crawled back onto the top of the large bed. Why did a single person need such a bed? I felt lost in its vastness! Apparently, he liked to sleep generously.

I fished the jar of essence from the other bedside table - yes, he had two - and now knelt down next to the sleeping Snape and ran my finger along the jagged, uneven suture. Actually, he had a smooth chest, like Draco, I noticed in passing when I examined him closely, only his chest showed that he had already experienced a war. Here and there ran fine, white lines, small scars that documented his active participation! And his new wounds would also leave their marks. Just like with my knife, scars would remain, even with magic.

But the sutures looked good. There were some secretion and a little bit of blood which had leaked, but the healing progressed rather quickly. I generously distributed ointment on them, touching him as intensively and gently as never before. He was really very pale and thanks to his dark hair that was even more apparent than with Draco, but both couldn’t be called hairy. I was so engrossed in my work that I did not register the dark eyes focussed on me, even as I completed my treatment of his chest and stomach.

When I tilted my head back, shaking my hair slightly and arching my back to shake the stooping posture out of my limbs, I first felt the distinct sensation that I was being watched. I quickly turned my gaze to him and stared into his expressive eyes, which had the gift to say all or nothing!

I was really startled. I had not expected him to wake up right at that moment when he was naked to his hips and with me kneeling before him with nothing on but a rolled-up shirt of him, and Draco deep asleep on the couch in the other room.

Wasn’t I just so lucky again? Why the hell couldn’t he open those glittering obsidians when his beloved godson was there? Why did it have to be while I worked on him, applying the ointment to his wounds far too gently, tenderly and sensitively? I was sure that he had closely followed and registered everything, every reaction, every action of mine.

“Pro… Professor?” I asked a bit insecurely while still looking at him firmly.

“Mi… ah, Granger… What are you doing here?” he asked, slightly dazed, struggling because he wanted to straighten up. Immediately, I raised my hands, putting them on his uncovered shoulders, and pushed him back onto the bed with gentle force. I was allowed to witness how fury immediately sparked in his eyes. He snarled:

“Miss Granger, what do you think you are doing?” and then he squeezed his bloodless lips together in pain.

“If you don’t stay put, sir, I'll sit or lie down on you, but you'll stay in bed. Don’t get your hopes up, I would do it without hesitation, so please don’t take a chance!” I said to him pleadingly, still holding him down. I was afraid everything could burst open again and stitching him back together a second time was not something I really needed. Our faces were very close; my hair hung down in wild tangles and the tips caressed his face and the skin of his upper body.

“How dare you, Miss Granger?” he hissed dangerously softly and yet showed a slight astonishment in his otherwise unreadable gaze. I just had to confuse him dramatically that actually let me see that emotion. “What are you doing in my bedroom?”

“Like it's the first time I'm here!” I said sarcastically and remembered when I had to change in here and he growled reluctantly. “Think back to last night. What do you remember?” I reminded him, and I saw his cogs start to turn. He gave up his resistance, which until now had been present in his taut shoulders, and slumped into the mattress.

I just did not trust this man, or in other words, just as far as I could throw him, and let's be honest, that would not be far! And so I did not budge and kept him stubbornly pressed to the bed. Because he did not speak, I just began to voice my assumptions.

“I don’t know, sir, but I think you got called, on short notice as you didn’t leave any instructions for me…” I started to think aloud, as the silence became oppressive.

“Let go of me…” He made his indignation clear. I looked into his demanding eyes and could see the stubbornness in it. The idiot would just get up. But not with me, dear. I hadn’t bothered so much with the bloody sutures to have him manage to rip them open, so I stared at him, lips tightly pressed together, shaking my head determinedly.

“Miss Granger, you are forgetting yourself,” he started in typical Snape manner. I felt him getting restless and trying to get up again despite my constant pressure. He probably thought I would not make good on my threat, but not with me! My hands were still holding onto his shoulders and so I spread my legs in a fluid motion and settled down on his bare stomach. I caught him between my also bare thighs and experienced how he became rigid from one second to the next and I could have beaten myself for my hasty action, too.

How stupid could you be? I could have swung myself directly onto his best part for all the difference it made. The only thing that separated us was the blanket that was still bunched around his hips and the thin fabric of my knickers. I had acted rashly, but that didn’t matter to me now. He was lying under me stiffly and motionlessly, so the mission had been accomplished. What more could I want? It occurred to me that I had been sitting like that on top of Harry just recently, and I didn’t know why, but it felt very differently when I had Snape between my legs!

“Professor, I did tell you what would happen if you didn’t hold still,” I showed myself cold and confident as if the situation we were in wasn’t highly precarious.

“Miss Granger, are you still in your right mind?” he asked very softly while sounding authoritarian. He had clearly recovered well.

“Yes, sir. I would be grateful if you could tell me now what you can remember!” I asked him urgently. Not that more had happened to him and we just didn’t know it yet.

“I don’t know how that would concern you!” he spat out brusquely but apparently he was too weak to lift his arms, making his eyes even darker with anger.

“Very well, then I’ll begin… as I’m a good student…” He interrupted me by making a disparaging sound, which should express his opinion to the contrary. Too kind, Professor. “Just laugh, sir! Ask McGonagall. She will confirm that there is no student more well-behaved than I!”

“If you are so well-behaved, Miss Granger, why are you sitting on top of me in such an uncouth manner?” he replied in a velvety voice. The potions seemed to have taken their effect. Why had I been so stupid and had given him the first painkiller earlier? It fooled him into thinking that he was better than he truly was. That's why I didn’t want to let him get up. I had given him the potion on the condition that he slept a relaxed, painless sleep, not to get on my nerves because of a false assumption.

“Because you force me to, sir,” I whispered unyieldingly. He raised an eyebrow indignantly, glaring at me. “Where was I…? As I’m such a good student, I started to brew even without your instructions and time flew by. When ten o’clock rolled around, you were still not back, sir. But then the door opened and you stumbled in. You didn’t look good.. It has been… a near thing… I… It was close. I think it was a cutting or tearing curse that got you in the front. I even had to sew, as the wounds themselves didn’t close even with black healing magic. Your back must have been hit with a fire curse or an explosion. It didn’t look good either... Sir! You have to be careful. Just before you woke up, I gave you the very first pain potion! You have to take care of the sutures, they could easily break up again... I had to sew zigzag ... very abstract!” I gnawed nervously on my lips.

“Sir, you lost a lot of blood. Until now you got four Blood-replenishing Potions from me… Sir, what happened?” I explained quickly, knowing his lack of patience. Meanwhile, I had been able to follow how the mask of indifference once again sat perfectly on the professor's face after I had described the events from my point of view. That he had fallen unconscious, I didn’t mention. I think I did not have to point out this fact to him; he was smart enough to know it himself and he would not like it either way.

He remained silent. I was still sitting on top of him, more than aware of his bare skin and warmth, and also that Draco slept the sleep of the exhausted in the living room next door. I still held Snape captured under me. His skin began to glow more and more where it touched mine and I thought, please, dear Goddess, don’t let me get wet now. A thought that could make people panic and some would probably blush. It occurred to me that I didn’t even wear a bra as it was lying on the floor of the bath and considering the posture in which I leaned in front of him, he was able to catch a perfect view of my exposed breasts, as two or three of the front buttons of the shirt were open; I had not buttoned it up to my neck. That I always had to bring myself into such unpleasant situations... I had to be careful, he was not allowed to see Draco's mark. Then he interrupted my forbidden train of thought and started to speak:

“Miss Granger, how did you manage to remove my mask? I remember having made it to the bedroom with your help, then…” he fell silent with a grim expression. Wow, that had to be hard for him. I looked into his face and licked my dry lips.

“Sir, I took the liberty to smear your blood on my hands and then spoke the Velare and it worked!” I tried to put as much innocence as possible into my gaze.

“It's amazing that you were so circumspect. How do you know this spell? Forget it …” he broke off brusquely and reminded me of what Draco had said to me recently, about the Legilimens.

“Would you tell me what happened, sir?” I dared to ask and could see how he slowly lowered his eyes, frowning when he got the insights I had previously mentioned. But, as always, his self-control and discipline were astounding, and he showed neither surprise nor astonishment. Just amazing, I always get a little jealous. Even further down nothing stirred, he had full control over himself.

“I will tell you when you get off of me!” he offered grimly, looking straight into my eyes.

“Okay, sir, but only under the condition that you stay in bed, at first!” I asked threateningly because I did not give up and he nodded thoughtfully and very lightly. After his confirmation, I took my clenched hands from his muscular shoulders and slowly sat up, pulling my bare leg over his body. All that happened under his eagle eyes; he did not miss a single twitch of my muscles.

Now I crawled from his stomach and slid down beside him on his left side. I watched him examine himself, taking a close look at his injuries. His gaze darted quickly across his chest to his stomach, inspecting the sutured wounds and tracing them with his hand. Then, after realising that he was really completely naked under the covers, he pulled them up to cover his chest. I wouldn’t have believed Snape capable of so much prudery.

“So close…” he whispered more to himself before clearing his throat. “You did a good job!” he said awkwardly. It was one of his rare, praising statements even if he didn’t sound really grateful.

“Thank you, sir, it was a matter of course,” I played it down quickly, knowing it was uncomfortable for him. Although I was as well, knowing what it was like to endure something like that.

“If you say so!” he replied, lost in thought.

“You wanted to tell me how it happened…?” I did not give in.

“Well, the Dark Lord called, as you correctly deduced, Miss Granger! Thanks to your schemes, Lucius almost sleeps in the Ministry to calm Fudge down. The mass of howlers must be incredible. Enjoy your success!” He nodded gleefully in my direction. “Consequently, as second in the hierarchy, I had to take on the upcoming mission. The Dark Lord wanted to distract the public from his return and make it appear as if there are only isolated, stupid idiots who want to revive the Death Eaters. A poorly staged attack on Diagon Alley had to be executed. Something in the way of graffiti on the walls, ‘He's finally back again,’ and childish vandalism to blame Potter for nutcases like that crawling out of their holes.” He wheezed heavily. I swallowed hard and was annoyed with the cunning of the Dark Lord. He was to put the blame back on us, insinuating that we were giving nutjobs the idea to gather now. Such an open and provocative appearance of Death Eaters hadn’t happened for nearly fifteen years, only the article had brought them back! I already saw the headline, wonderful!

Then I remembered the Quidditch World Cup, but also that it had been closely tied to Harry and would not throw a better light on us.

In the meantime, I conjured water for Snape, handed it to him and helped him to drink, something he commented with a sour look, but that didn’t touch me. I said nothing because I thought he would continue to speak on his own, and if I pushed him, he would stop and tell me nothing more.

“... I led the idiots into the Alley and it went well, as expected. But then the Order appeared. I have no idea who tipped them off. It was not me, that's for sure, and I only know that if I find the rat, it was the last thing they did!” His voice was dangerously quiet with venom and left no doubt about his serious intentions to make good on the threat should he find the spy. I pitied the person. In his place, I would bail out as soon as possible. Snape managed, despite his weakened condition, to gather a wave of magic around himself that reflected all his anger. What was this unreasonable man doing? He was supposed to focus all his energies on healing his injuries, not his anger, so I put my hand to his pale cheek and forced him to look at me.

“Shshsh… Sir, calm yourself… You need all your strength!” I requested quietly, bringing him back to the here and now.

His restless look landed and focused on me and he growled reluctantly, but one could recognise and feel his magical presence withdraw.

“So the Order appeared. What happened next?” I said reassuringly. However, I was surprised, very surprised, that it seemed to work.

“The idiots immediately opened fire. I had trouble summoning my people to an orderly retreat; they are not yet as trained as they were fifteen years ago when missions went smoothly and quickly. Though when the Lestranges are finally done with the recruits, I think the word retreat might be known to all of them!” he hissed indignantly but remained put.

“I was one of the last to retreat and that drunken Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt were advancing on me from two sides. Alone, they would be no opponents for me, if my people were not such impertinent, slow bunglers. They simply did not get into gear. Then Black's stupid clod of a cousin came along, and at the same, time an idiotic jerk from my own ranks caught me with a curse, which caused my shields to collapse. That distracted me so much that I could not avoid Moody’s malicious cutting and tearing curse! Not a totally legal spell, that one. Then Shacklebolt followed with another explosion and the little clod actually caught me with her fire spell, really great! I have never before experienced anything like that, but even idiots have to be lucky at some point; think of your friend Potter! I flattened two of the three bunglers and finally managed to bring the stupid rest of my team to apparate and also got myself to safety,” he breathed in horror at so much incompetence as he put his misfortune into words.

“Wow, sir, that means the Order almost had you on their conscience? That's... hard!” I was really surprised. That the Order members acted so ruthless surprised me! If I had not helped Snape, he would have died.

“Yes, it warms my soul that they have fought me so vehemently!” he bared his teeth and aggressively pulled back his upper lip, his grimace awe-inspiring.

“Just one question, sir: Why didn't you inform the Order yourself ...?” I cocked my head and brushed my hair back.

“I cannot reveal everything, or would soon no longer have a head on my shoulders. In addition, the mission was a trivial matter that did not justify such an action in my opinion! I think someone wanted to throw their weight around!” He tried to straighten up a bit and I helped him.

“And the Order members had no idea with whom they had the honour to cross wands?” I enquired.

“No. Wherefrom would they know? Nobody knows my mask and those who could recognise it could not describe it. Nobody can, it is a spell of the Dark Lord himself that he devised a long time ago!” he once again explained to me how things went at the Lord’s.

“Mh-mh. How are you, sir?” I was curious.

“Very well, considering the amount of damage I took! I think you had a lot of work with me, Miss Granger!” His words were slightly sardonic.

“I think you should sleep the two, two-and-a-half hours until seven, sir,” I decided and pulled him back into a position where he lay flat.

“And what are you planning to do?” He raised his eyebrow calculatingly while not putting up any resistance.

“Watching over you, sir!”

“What do you allow yourself? I am not a toddler!” He got angry again. Clearly, the man was on the mend.

“Yes, you aren’t. However, you are an invalid!” I enjoyed being spiteful and I could see him furiously pressing his lips into a line. I bet every bet that if he had a glass now, it would fly at me and I gave him a sugary smile.

“Shshsh… and now it’s time to sleep, sir!” I had closed his mouth with my finger and prevented the snappy comment. He had to be very exhausted because he obediently closed his eyes after a long, intense look from deep black gemstones, and his breathing became even almost instantaneously.

I also laid back and pulled the second pillow comfortably into position and then jerked up again shortly after.


With my school wand, I swiftly summoned my otter, which Harry knew, and sent it with the instruction that, unfortunately, I had to skip the run today. An explanation would follow later, he should trust me, please. With that done, I sank back exhausted. Phew ... if that had not occurred to me, Harry would have questioned the map and if he could not find me since there was no magical twin in my bed, but knowing that I had had detention, I worried that he would have found me in the dungeons. He would have woken the whole castle in his quest to free me from Snape's claws - which he might still do. I got up and went to Draco.

“Draco, sorry, you have to wake up!” I shook his shoulder, well over two hours after he had gone to sleep.

“Mh-hm. Just a little bit longer, please!” he asked, his hair ruffled, but he raised his head.

“Draco, you have to go. Either you lie down in your bed, or you use the Geminio and come back, but Harry will look at the map soon!” I urged vigorously.

“What map?” He blinked sleepily and his otherwise attentive, bright eyes reminded me of grey mud.

“Later. Hurry!” I cajoled, pulling him upright and pushing him to the door.

“How is Severus?” he asked worriedly.

“He’s well. He was awake and told me a little about what happened to him, but he is doing very well. Go now!” I said my final goodbye to him and went on tiptoe to kiss him quickly. Then, I went back to Snape, laying down next to him as I was so K. O. that I actually fell asleep right away in a sleep so deep that it could be almost called a coma.

Abruptly, I was awake again. Although I kept my eyes closed and breathed on evenly, my mind was awake. I perceived my surroundings, feeling a finger slowly tracing the contours of my face. He almost didn’t touch me at all, it was a feather-light touch. My heart stopped short, then resumed beating a little faster, and I unexpectedly remembered the incident in the training room when he thought I had lost consciousness and smelled my hair.

Only this time, I lay on my side, facing him, a hand under my face, and my knees pulled up to my chest. He seemed to have turned to me and was also lying on his side. I felt the mattress give way more and more as he slowly approached me. I could hear him inhaling deeply, then sighing softly but heavily.

Then I was almost struck dumb, but I remained in the role of the Sleeping Beauty, amazed by myself, at what a good actress I was, when I felt him put his lips on mine. I could have believed I was dreaming the whole thing if I weren’t so very much awake. It gave me an incredible tingling sensation all over my body and I did not know what to do, except to keep breathing in and out. Really, sometimes I was impressed with myself and the stoic calm I could take things with.

Professor Snape kissed me gently, tenderly, almost chastely for the first time. Well, he thought I was asleep but he did it anyway. Just bad luck that I was always awake during all his slip-ups. However, he wouldn’t allow himself to do that if he thought I would notice. The incident during the Occlumency lesson had been more of an accident and had happened in the heat of the moment. Up until now, he had only kissed me to punish. Sometimes rough, sometimes brutal, sometimes barbaric as during combat training back then, but never like what was happening now, with feeling. Maybe it was his way to thank me?

Then, I could feel him pulling his head back and he was probably looking at me. What did he saw in me, I asked myself. Why did he always do things like that? I knew that I appealed to him in more ways than one, physically and mentally, and I had long since accepted that fact

But what did he want? Did he want to shag me like he did Minna, or did he want to fuck me like Lucius? Did he want to take me away from Draco? Or did he not know what he wanted from me himself? Since I was his student and Draco's lover and he was struggling hard in that respect, it seemed.

If he knew I'd been marked by Draco in the meantime and Draco was also wearing my mark... No, no thinking of what would happen then. That would happen soon enough, and with my luck, sooner rather than later. It was early enough to deal with the reactions then.

And now, I opened my eyes with exaggerated slowness, fluttering my eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly. Gee, I should throw the wizarding world and go to Hollywood. With my talent, I would be able to earn millions.

I now saw him lying directly in front of me, not letting me out of the sight of his very black eyes, and thus I blinked at him in confusion and noticed that he was emulating my embryonic posture.

“Professor?” I whispered quietly.

“Miss Granger!” he said, with a stronger voice than before. I straightened up and ran my hands through my tangled hair. He too was a truly impressive actor, pretending that nothing had happened.

“How are you now?”

“It works. The effect of the Pain-Killing Potion is waning! What did you do with my things?” he asked coolly. I pointed to the corner of the bedchamber now bathed in shimmering green by the morning light of the brightening lake.

“Unfortunately, your clothes are nothing but scraps, sir!”

I got up and stretched, standing with my back to him and could hear him suddenly growling softly. I remembered abruptly that I was still wearing his big shirt and maybe I had done it purposely to irritate him because the shirt almost slid up over my buttocks.

Was I evil? Was I mean? Did I ever say I was not a bitch? I walked to one corner of the bedroom and bent down provocatively to pick up his mask, which was very dirty and blood-stained thanks to my bloody hands. With the mask in hand, I stepped closer to the bed without hesitation.

“And here is your mask, sir. It’s unblemished. I thought they are all silver?” I asked. When he took it from me, I noticed that he was surprised that I touched this sign of evil so easily.

“No. The Inner Circle can wear custom and personalized masks so the lower Death Eaters know who to turn to. This is mine. I do not really want to hide my face behind silver or gold!” he said dismissively and put the black mask on the bedside table.

“I agree with you that this fits like a fist on the eye. I think we should get ready, I ... should I help you into the bathroom?” I enquired, looking at him questioningly.

“Granger, if you do not immediately move your... butt out of the bedroom, you'll see how well you healed me…!” He threatened me somehow ambiguously, as I found, and I watched that I moved into the living room, where I sat down on the couch and waited for my turn in the bathroom. Then I remembered that he would see my dirty clothes, above all, he would be able to inspect my beautiful pink bra, as it was on top. Maybe it would bring him inspiration in the shower, I thought, smiling nastily.

Suddenly, the door swung open and a professor as impressively dressed as always stood on the threshold and glared at me darkly. I got up and motioned for him to sit down, after all, he should be back in bed.

“Sir, how are you feeling? Don’t you think you should stay in bed?” I asked with concern, as he looked very pale and was sitting down very carefully.

“You unbearable know-it-all! You also took the train to Hogwarts the next day, even though the night before, a knife stuck out of your side. I think you should withhold advice. And would you be so good as to finally get dressed?” he groaned in exasperation, even confessing in a way that I was obviously tempting him.

“Yes, if I can use your bathroom, sir?” I requested provocatively.

“Go!” he exclaimed impatiently.

“Thank you! Here's the next load, decide yourself which potions you want to take!” I set the five vials in front of him and turned around, feeling his eyes on me as they burned holes into my back.

Inside the bathroom, I found my things lying clean on a stool. Mh-hm, I would trust him to have had his nose in my bra. But no, I didn’t mean to be so despiteful. I quickly freshened up, then went back to the living room, where I found him and Draco having a heated discussion.

“Ah, Miss Granger, back already? You didn’t tell me that Draco was involved. And saw me like this,” he growled with bitter fury. I didn’t even get a chance to react to the violently hissed words before Draco interjected:

“I was not ‘involved’, I arrived at the conclusion, at one o'clock when everything was already done and she was almost collapsing from fatigue and overstrain! You stubborn, grouchy man can do nothing but complain! I can imagine how you are going to thank her for taking care of you!” Draco yelled angrily and I experienced him as emotional as never before and I dared to wonder what Draco would say if I told him that Snape had thanked me with a very gentle kiss. I didn’t want to imagine it, so I decided to intervene:

“Draco, let it be. The Professor has been very friendly so be quiet! Who likes to be injured? Don’t get so worked up, Professor, you should rest!” I explained forcefully, bringing an end to the bickering. I mean, Snape had kissed me tenderly, I think that was thanks enough. You could not expect a grateful word from this man and I did not need it either.

“But Hermione, he’s acting all…” Draco stuttered indignantly.

“Which is his right. It's bad enough that I or you saw him like this. But I promise you, sir, that no one else will know. And now we should all go to the Hall; we all need food, after yesterday,” I decided resolutely and I could witness that both termagants calmed down and obeyed me. Okay, where is the calendar? Where!? Only the venomous glances, which both exchanged, I couldn’t forbid them.

“Oh, Draco. Would you be so kind and pack my things that I left in the office?” I asked sweetly, holding Snape back by his arm, which earned me calculating, icy look from him.

“Sir, you should know that he was very worried about you. He ... he feels a lot for you. This outbreak just shows how much he needs you, sir,” it came urgently from me.

“And you think, Miss Granger, that I need you to understand the emotions of my godson?” he snarled at me maliciously as usual. Did I feel snubbed by his repellent nature, after everything I had done for him? No, I hadn’t expected anything else.

“No, I don’t, sir. However, I don’t think you know how he looked at you as you were lying deep asleep at the time and your injuries looked a little less beautiful back then. Don’t take your bad mood out on Draco, understood?” I hissed viciously at him and he stared at me indignantly and wrinkled his nose.

“Here, Hermione, darling, your things. I think we should go. It is already after eight. We are quite late by our standards. I heard from Blaise that Potter is pacing at the entrance to the dungeons like a lion!” He handed me my robe and my school bag.

With that our mismatched trio rushed towards the Great Hall.
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In The Snake's Shadow, chapter 75
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