When Hermione Fights
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 Her Darkest Night, chapter 81

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Her Darkest Night, chapter 81 Empty
BeitragThema: Her Darkest Night, chapter 81   Her Darkest Night, chapter 81 EmptySo Sep 02, 2018 7:51 am

This is one of the most controversial chapters in WHF.

Warning: dub-con, sexual violence!

Chapter beta: Dani ♥️
Chapter translator: Aivy

Snape’s POV

When I heard a sure knock, my head jerked to the door and I called “Come in!” with a certain tone and there she came.


She had appealed to me from the first moment. That I had snatched her so spontaneously at the Hog's Head back then was not really my style, not at all. I was, for that matter, always very picky and preferred known, changing ladies! But with her... well, with her the urge had overcome me. I took what I wanted, always, and you could not say that she was not willing.

Although you could not say that she was a normal prostitute. She did not act like one. It was rather my guess that she liked what she was doing.

And so she entered, showing a proud bearing, and stared at me out of her blue eyes, sharp and clear. No fear in sight, which actually everyone usually showed whether I paid them or not, but everyone knew who I was and was scared of me. Even those who did not know me perceived my dark, authoritarian aura and thought twice about challenging me as an opponent. She was truly different, she showed no discernible fear, at none of our meetings, which, unfortunately, took place too rarely for my taste. But my varied tasks rarely gave me time for pleasure. A tragic circumstance I was, unfortunately, used to suffer.

She laid down her coat lasciviously while walking. I stood unmoved in the middle of the small room and looked at her steadily. She wore a beautiful, tight-fitting dress that showed off her attributes. The slender waist was emphasised through the bodice. Her chest was lifted even higher by it and the brown and beige of the clothes flattered her complexion. She knew how to sell herself.

“Mr Snape, you have summoned me!” She used the same words as last time and lifted one corner of her mouth. I, however, only raised an eyebrow appraisingly.

“Miss Cale, pleased and so punctual!” I snarled in my usual pitch, abruptly approaching her, greedily clutching her narrow hips. I pulled her over to me with no hesitation, causing her to open her eyes in surprise. I gave her a slightly cynical lift of the corners of my mouth. Did she think I wanted to do small talk?

I lowered my head and kissed her neck. She tasted good. The scent reminded me of something, but I would not think about it now. At that moment, she cocked her head to ease my access to the soft, tender skin on her delicate neck. Good girl. She herself clung to my vest; I had already taken off my cloak and my long frock coat with the high collar on my arrival, so I wore only my black trousers, my white shirt and the tight-fitting vest and was thus unusually lightly clothed for my standards.

I pressed myself firmly and demandingly against her as I let her feel my hard arousal, which was greedily pressing against her stomach. It had been too long ago, and that unbearable minx at Hogwarts had just bothered me too much over the last weeks for me to be patient now. When I thought about it, I had never been a patient and forbearing lover.

I let my hand wander to her chest, caressing her desirable, well-rounded body covetously and pinching her hard nipples not that tenderly through the fabric, making her moan and sigh softly. These low sounds only fueled my desire even more. I now lifted both hands from her body and began impatiently to gather her wide skirt to pull it up, slid one hand around her bottom and grabbed it roughly in a possessive gesture. With an abrupt jerk, I pulled her even closer to my middle, pressing her hard against me, then stroked down and found her bare in front of me. I froze for a moment. Did she do it on purpose? I wondered speechlessly.

“You have renounced something elementary today!” I whispered in her ear hoarsely. Her blond hair tickled me and she purred some.

“Mh-mh… Oh… I thought you would only rip it off again anyway, so I didn’t feel the need to put it on!” she whispered, slightly breathless, and in me spread a diabolical joy. I nibbled on her earlobe and she whimpered.

“Well, in that case…. I still want to rip something off…”

“Wh… no, no!” She pulled away from me and looked at me taken by surprise.

“Oh yes!” I retorted predatorily. I swung my wand over her figure and immediately robbed her of her dress. It was now on the table of the small, dimly lit room. Immediately, I pushed her naked body onto the bed behind her. Completely perplexed, she fell onto the mattress and looked at me with wide eyes. At once, she rolled onto her side, resting her head on her arm and looked up at me with surprise.

I stepped slowly towards her and was aware that, for the first time, she was fully naked and also the first time a bed was involved. A very tantalising sight, which I liked very much. In a fluid motion, I sat down next to her on the bed and lasciviously caressed her body. In the dim light, I traced the contours of her frame. Her pale, flawless skin almost glowed and tempted me to take her. She seemed a bit distracted, but soon I would again have all her attention on what I did to her and only that. I could feel her shaking slightly beneath my fingers, and with an imperious snap, I got rid of my clothes too and she gasped.

Because it was true, we had never been completely naked. However, according to the expression in her eyes, it was not as if she did not like what she saw. I thought I saw something daring flash in the depths of her eyes, but I was not sure. Now she raised a hand, put it on my chest and pushed me onto the bed. I let her do as she liked with a devilish grin, giving in to her pressure, and laid back willingly. With me complying with her wishes, she crawled down the bed. I was surprised, but if she wanted to take the time, please, I would not stop her.

I felt and watched from above, as her lips closed over me, whereby only a small growl escaped me. I could also see her little hands, which had embraced me and helped to work on my hard, thick cock. I kept thrusting with my pelvis. She was good and skilful as she had proved more than once already.

She was really talented. If she had been a student, I would have given her an Outstanding for the way she tirelessly worked me with her little mouth. I could feel that if I wanted, I could let myself go so far as to come in her mouth but I wanted more.

So I stopped her quite abruptly and roughly grabbed her short, blond hair - the only thing that bothered me about her appearance - and pulled her off of me with a jerk. My steel-hard arousal slipped out of her warm mouth and between her soft lips and immediately longed to keep pounding into something warm.

As I pulled her up desirously, I looked down at her flushed and swollen mouth and for a second it made me wish it was one I could kiss. Then I rigorously banished that idea from my head and turned us around. I forced her underneath me, spread her legs and slid in-between. When I knelt there, I enjoyed watching the willing woman in front of me, who looked at me with eyes clouded with lust. Something most whores did not do, but I knew every time I fucked her, she too had her fun and orgasmed. Even if I did not strive to do so, it was a good feeling that I could get her there.

Roughly and impatiently, I reached for her welcoming core, pushing a finger inside her to check whether she was ready and she did not disappoint me. The little minx almost seemed to leak after she had given me such a fervent blow-job. She shouted in surprise and shivered slightly, closing her eyes with a sigh as I moved my finger playfully inside of her. She licked her red lips, which made me growl slightly. I could not wait to sink into her.

Something caught my eye on her stomach and I paused. I thought to perceive something that had not been there before. I became alert and attentive as this washed-out shape emerged, gaining in intensity. Suspiciously, with narrowed eyes, I gazed intently at the forming outline. In the meantime, she noticed nothing of my mental absence, as I discerned after giving her a quick, scrutinizing look through lowered eyelids as she still had her eyes closed.

What would that become when it was done?

Immediately I was on guard, but also in wait. In today's times, after Moody's perfectly correct statement, you had to practise ‘constant vigilance’ and that I did! Therefore, I waited and watched as the dark mark gained more and more substance. I had time and left my finger in the small cunt, so as not to alert her. She should not become suspicious and so I lulled her into a sense of ‘security.’

But what I saw then almost stopped my fast beating heart! I was... I was speechless. I’d never expected to ever see this sign on the skin of a human and the more astonished I was to spot it on the young woman lying below me.

The mark of the Malfoys!

The crest of the Malfoys!

I immediately knew the ritual concerned and I knew what it meant.

I also knew instantly, from one second to the next, who lay here below me and a hard, brutal shine entered into my dark eyes. My mouth pinched into a thin, furious line. I thought I could no longer control my exuberant anger because I knew Lucius would not brand this sign to anybody in this world. So only Draco would be able to do that, and he would only do it to one person in the world. I roared loudly in my thoughts.


That person lying beneath me was Hermione ‘I am the proper, innocent Gryffindor princess’ Granger!

An indescribable storm raged inside me, and I felt it turn into a deadly tornado as I glared down at her with my ice-cold gaze and realized that I had the minx’ naked body completely at my mercy underneath me. To have her so fully naked, vulnerable, and willing right here cut the last thread of patience that I still had inside me, and with that, my common sense must have completely vanished.

My fingers tightened inside her body and she grimaced in reaction. What then followed happened in seconds.

I would show her what it meant to laugh at Severus Snape, to betray him, to betray his confidence, and to lead me by my too-long nose. This lesson she would never forget in her life! I swore revengefully.

With raging, animalistic and irrational fury, I pounced on her. I pulled my finger roughly and very brutally out of her and laid down on her in a single, fluid motion, pressing her into the mattress with my body and driving the air out of her lungs. She didn’t have time to open her eyes fully before I drove my still rock hard cock into her core with force until I was inside her to the hilt. Now she bit her lower lip with her teeth and gave a gasp of pain, giving me an astonished, furtive look and staring blankly at me, not understanding why I had taken her so brutally. Meanwhile, I stayed inside her without moving.

When she became aware of my hateful gaze, which must have been murderous, I could see cold calculation enter Granger's momentary blue eyes, an expression which she had already shown to me on one or two occasions. Now I wondered how I had ever been so stupid not to recognise that piercing look. I could watch her now lick her red lips and I felt her desirable body very well, caught so relentlessly underneath me. Her breasts pressed against my upper body. I, who stuck between her legs and was deep inside her; I could feel her warm, damp tightness very well. Then, to my surprise, she spoke briskly, considering where I was right now:

“Professor, what tipped you off?” she actually asked and I thought I saw red for real this time. I was so incredibly angry that I had fallen for her, that I realised I would not get a word out. Hence, I only roughly moved my hips and pressed myself a little deeper into her, which she commented with the intake of a deep breath. I wanted to dominate her, control her and show her who was the one on top. I could not believe it, I had had sex with Granger more than once. I had had sex with my student several times! It was unbelievable. I had already possessed her!

“It became visible, didn’t it?” The guess came from her hoarsely after a moment, before she swallowed hard. While I still stayed rock hard inside her, I admired my self-control, that I had not immediately attacked her and wasn’t hammering into her like a berserker.

“Finite Incantatem,” I whispered and witnessed her eyes losing the intense, bright blue colour and taking on the dark, iridescent brown that I knew so well. Her curly, rich brown hair was growing steadily and this visible proof that this was really the little bitch and her calm, deliberate manner on top of that was the last trigger I needed, so now I finally blew the fuses.

I raised my hand and slapped her! The force of my slap threw her head sideways.

“Argh…” A painful sound escaped her as the loud beat of my hand echoed on her skin.

Meanwhile, I started pounding into her in a hard, fast rhythm, and I could feel that nothing was left of her previous arousal. She was now lying pitifully dry beneath me and it was not really pleasant for her since I could hear her whimpering in pain as I rammed into her as deep and hard as possible. Unmoved, I looked down into her swelling face and could admire her bloody split lip, but also the purple-and-pale-blue bruise forming on her cheek.

A thoroughly satisfying sight, I thought confusedly, to my later disgrace, but in fact, I was driven only by the desire for retribution after she had made a mockery of me. I let myself go in a way I rarely did, letting my emotions take over.

It felt too good to slip out of her, then ruthlessly sinking into her again with momentum and force. Roughly I pressed her thighs apart and again and again, I pushed into her, which she commented with desperate moaning, wheezing and whimpering. As it seemed, it hurt her when I fucked her so hard and relentlessly as dry as she was. Good! Thus, mercilessly, I increased the pace and drove into her even harder and more energetic.

As I watched her lips red with blood, I remembered when they had been swollen after the blow-job Granger's mouth had given me and yes, now I wanted to kiss them and not deny myself. What should stop me? And so I leaned on my elbows and gripped her head like a vise. She got big eyes, at first not understanding what I was doing and then, when she apparently realised what I was up to, she wanted to turn her head away. Of course, that was something I did not allow by burying my fingers into her gloriously long hair and pulling hard on it. She screamed in agony and I took the chance and conquered her mouth brutally, kissed her roughly and thrust again and again, up here and down there, into her. She clawed her fingernails painfully into my upper arm, something that made me growl while I kissed her so hard, but I did not let go of her.

I could feel her tightness, her warmth and her moisture. I stuck to the hilt in Granger, my student! It was maddening. And she wore the Malfoy's mark!

But I was driven by both my instincts and my base desires. Of course, I tasted the blood from her burst lip, something that doubled my arousal. But suddenly I tore my mouth from her and stared hard into her now shocked eyes, which reminded of a frightened doe and could hear that I pressed the air mercilessly from her lungs with each rough stroke and then suddenly I shivered and spilled abruptly with a heartfelt, guttural scream inside her. My strength left me for a moment and I slumped down, burying her under me for good.

She had tacitly endured this martyrdom except for the inarticulate sounds, without begging or pleading. A realisation that only slowly penetrated my brain filled with anger but also satisfaction.

That she had found fulfilment this time, I seriously dared to doubt, even though I noticed now that she had not resisted me. The whole time she had lain motionless beneath me and I had taught her too well not to free herself from such precarious situations. She had not stopped me in my remorseless action. So she shocked me again! She had not resisted while I took her in the most bestial, ruth- and merciless way!

But if anyone expected that Miss Know-it-all would burst into desperate tears and shake her shoulders beneath me, they didn’t know the devious bitch at all. At least she did not put on an act in front of me. Most likely, she knew I would not believe her a single hard-pressed, faked tear and that she would only make me madder by a pity trip.

She did absolutely nothing, I could easily forget that I was lying on top of her. As my breathing and heartbeat slowed and normalised, I still felt myself gripped by her tightness.

Granger was my little slut! I had to get over it first. I just had not wanted to see it in my arrogance and preconceived notions because in itself it was obvious and there was no excuse that I had been so blind for even a second. A little student had tricked me and managed to deceive me! A circumstance that I abysmally hated to admit.

Now, after all, she stirred beneath me and my cock felt how her inner muscles contracted. What? This girl was a walking catastrophe. When I thought about all the ways and places where we had fucked - and she had let on absolutely nothing! At those thoughts, I was turning stiff again and I knew she noticed that my erection grew inside her again. On top of it, she actually stimulated me as she rhythmically used her muscles to massage me and... and... What is going on here?

Either she was sick or she liked being fucked by me, which could be taken as a compliment. However, after the number I had done on her, which had really not been gentle, I would not be surprised if she was bleeding and sore. But she was encouraging me to continue? Unbelievable! The gall!

So I growled angrily.

“What are you trying to achieve?” I asked coldly, straightening up and leaning on my arms, making it easier for her to breath, and looked coldly into her heated and swollen face. I saw her eyeing me with passion, stretching her hands out to me, grabbing me around the neck. “Miss Granger!” I spat, reprimanding her effort down there as it did not go unnoticed and now her hips, in fact, began to circle.

“Please, Professor! Only one more time, please. It doesn’t matter anymore!” she begged impudently and licked the fresh blood very lasciviously from her maltreated lip. My eyes darted there very observantly. She tried to convince me by all means and why should I refuse something that she offered so willingly, while I was still snug inside her?

“Why should I do that, Miss Granger?” I asked. At the same time, I could hear her moaning softly and she arched her back, presenting her breasts to me. Although I was not sure if the pain made her moan or the unlikely lust.

“Because I want my fun as well!” she hissed furiously and then I knew she either meant that very seriously, or she played the callous bitch quite splendidly. So I withdrew immediately, then started thrusting violently forward, then paused.

“That… Is that what you want? …” I asked contemptuously. Because she couldn’t hide that she had to suffer, in my view, and so she trembled under me. I was at an absolute loss for words. This woman drove me crazy. I had taken her against her will, had I not? Well, she had voluntarily entered the bed, but then I had almost raped her, from the brutality and relentlessness that I had imposed on her. And now she wanted to be fucked again and made it really hard for me to resist because I was now fully operational again. I did not know how to judge her absolutely inappropriate behaviour.

And so I lowered my head, kissed her like crazy and she returned it with a wildness that surprised and almost startled me as I slowly began to move on her, giving her the opportunity, unlike before, to join in and to hold her own against me and to be able to feel pleasure herself. It was still rough, but not nearly as barbaric and brutal as the first time.

We reached our climax very quickly. Hers, she screamed into my mouth. Her whole body tensed up and she shuddered beneath me for an unusually long time. She dug her fingernails ruthlessly and painfully into my back. It was unbelievable to see Granger, the real Granger, orgasming, and my climax, too, could not withstand for long, so I came inside of her for the second time that day and she took it nicely.

Now, as I slipped out of her, exhausted and limp, and immediately rose up this time, I saw the blood that flowed from her after our merciless, pitiless and cruel fuck, mixed with my seed, and turned away. I did not like the proof of how much I had let myself go. I had certainly torn her up dangerously and she would not be able to sit without pain, but my pity for her injuries was limited and she deserved the pain.

I quickly spelled on my clothes. She was still lying beaten on the bed, gently fingering her stomach below her navel, as I watched from the corner of my eye. Most likely, she still thought to feel me inside. The mark was now visible sharply, stark black on her white skin. I would never have thought that one day I would see any of my students naked, and Granger to boot.

But she was a good fuck, I could understand Draco here. At the thought of my godson, I gritted my teeth dangerously. Damn, she was more than a good fuck! He had made her one of us! This boy would be the death of me…

When she felt my assessing look, she wanted to pull the blanket over her naked form, but I was quickly at her side, ripping it roughly from her hand and sat down again to the bedside. She immediately propped herself up on her forearms and looked at me coolly. She was very controlled but she was also wary of me. Admirable! Was she just acting? Was she affected so little by what had happened? I wondered doubtfully. I was annoyed that I could not read her; she seemed so uninvolved... As if she did not care and that could not be true! That was not allowed to be true!

Abruptly, I put my hand over her flat, well-toned stomach, a gesture that made her flinch slightly. However, she did not stop me, so I carefully and playfully traced the sign that marked her with my forefinger. I wanted to humiliate her and I would not let her cover herself. I wanted a reaction at all costs.

“When… When did Draco do this? Or rather: when did he commit that crime?” I asked neutrally, but very coldly and she slowly raised an eyebrow after she turned her eyes to me that had followed the movements of my finger as if spellbound beforehand.

“On the evening of the ball, after Lucius bit me!” Her reply came quietly, with a hoarse voice from her and she again licked the blood from her lip.

“Do you know what it means?” I snarled coldly.

“Of course, Uncle!” She positively spat her answer acidicly at me. Okay, it did not happen often, but it just happened: I was speechless. This bitch dared to talk to me like that, after what I had just done to her?! I had to keep a check on myself so I didn’t hit her again, but I was in control of my actions, finally. So I just took a deep breath before I once again forgot who I was.

“How dare you?” I hissed aggressively with heavily suppressed anger, narrowing my eyes to vicious slits. I would never show her that, but unfortunately, she was right with her statement. I wanted to throw up.

“Professor, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, but one of my hobbies, both in the non-magical and in the magical world, is studying family trees, and so I know about the connection between the Prince and Malfoy families. I thought I was... funny!” she defended herself stridently and shrugged nonchalantly with a bare shoulder. There was nothing to suggest that she had experienced violence in this bed just a few minutes ago!

“Rest assured, you are not! Does Draco know about this? And do you really know what that means?” My hand was still on her body and I looked at her firmly, pressing my flat hand forcefully against the mark.

“About us? Sure, all the time. Only today I didn’t tell him since he has preferred to keep quiet about it lately and didn’t want to think about the possibility of you calling me. Why bother him?” she admitted quietly and very indifferently.

“Bother?” I echoed in disbelief. “That you fuck me?” I added with a nasty hiss and could not understand how she could be and appear so cold and unconcerned about it.

“Well, how does Draco always say: family is different! And yes, I know, with all the duties, rights, advantages and disadvantages, what it means to belong to the Malfoy family!” Her answer came very matter-of-factly from her and she let, even if she did not know, my heart bled. What happened to the youth of today? So corrupted, so grown up, so indifferent to everything!

“Then you know that the mark saved you earlier? That I would have killed you otherwise? And rest assured, Miss Granger, I'm serious! It was the only thing saving you from death!” I threatened her with an icy voice. But should I now expect her to be astonished at my statement, she again disappointed me by giving me a light, somehow wistful smile.

“Professor, have I ever disappointed you? Of course, I know that you would have loved to kill me and you expressed your anger very impressively... by... by taking it out on me. But it was also clear to me that, now that you know the ‘secret’, you were no ‘real’ danger to my life!” she explained calmly and perfectly correct. She made me speechless. Did she just tell me that she had not resisted because she had known that it was imminent anyway if I found out eventually and that she had expected it? What was going on in this sick brain of hers that she was planning so far ahead? Her cold-headedness and callousness made my heart falter.

“You are very aloof. Why did you agree that first time?” I kept my condescending expression intact outwardly, asking what still bothered me.

“What should I have said in that alley? No, I don’t want to? I'm too expensive? Or: Professor, please don’t; I'm Miss Granger? What would you have done then?... I didn’t have that here back then!” She declared with accusation in her tone, put her hand on mine and squeezed. I shook my head in confusion about her provocative manner.

What would I have done? Good question! Well, I definitely would not have fucked her against the wall, that was out of the question! But I had to say, while musing, amazing how she had not let herself get distracted. This minx was really unscrupulous. At that time, she had completely surrendered herself to the situation and played her role perfectly.

“What was Draco thinking?” I shook my head in incomprehension and felt my chin-long hair, as it went with the movement.

“He wanted to protect me, from everything and everybody!” she acknowledged, to my astonishment, quite ungraciously.

“Was he the only one to want that? Does that boy think at all?” I hissed, frustrated with my godson. “Get dressed!” I ordered harshly, jerking my hand out from under hers. She rose obediently and went naked as she had been created to her cloak. She fetched her wand and cleaned herself quickly. I was still sitting on the soiled bed, looking ruminatively at her back with that small, firm ass. She did not seem to be bashful.

I repeated in my thoughts the past experiences. Suddenly, I stopped and froze. Abruptly, I jumped to my feet and severely restrained my once more flaring anger. She was just reaching for her dress, which was lying on the table, when I silently approached her and immediately pushed her from behind harshly and onto the table, capturing her mercilessly underneath me. Her astonished exclamation was again pressed from her lungs, the side of her face squished against the table top. I had brutally buried my fist in her hair again and pulled tight, something that made her scream shrilly.

“Argh, sir, what… What did you remember now that you are so enraged again? Professor?” She mumbled, her mouth slightly distorted. Her small, bare butt pressed against me.

“You dared to fuck Black and me at the same time!” I hissed furiously into her ear.

“No, no, no!” she stuttered immediately and I growled viciously. “Please, honest. Only when that happened in the alley, then never again! You were the reason he beat me up in the kitchen. He smelled our sex the second time. I wanted to send him packing forever that evening like I had agreed with Draco!” She rattled down breathlessly and I listened to it and could not resist a certain amount of satisfaction.

“You like it hard, don’t you, Granger?” I whispered maliciously.

“At the moment, I would be happy if I were allowed to get dressed!” she confessed sheepishly.

“Never forget that other men are taboo for you. Should I see that you should cast another covetous eye on Black - or Potter for what I hear - then you will get to know me and I can assure you, you do not yet know what pain means! What pain can amount to!” I spat spitefully and threatened her very forcibly. This wench drove me unusually hard to my limits!

“Professor, do you think I’m an actual whore?” she asked with a deeply hurt undertone. I straightened suddenly but still held her down on the table top with hands. One buried in her hair, the other pressed onto her bare shoulder blades.

“Yes. What else should I think?” I snarled with an oily voice.

“I assure you I am not, I was only yours! There's only Draco for me, no one else. And Harry? Draco permits it because it’s only an act. One we have to play thanks to you, no less! ... and before you ask, it was because of the night Harry and I were with you. After that, we had problems in Gryffindor and salvaged the situation with this lie. Harry is my brother, not my lover... May I get up now?” she hissed in exasperation, for I still pushed her down onto the wood with my outstretched hand. I looked at her narrow back and then stopped in my examination.

“Where is your scar?” I run my fingers over the spot where the knife had stuck.

“Have a cream. I didn’t want you to recognise me!” she explained simply and as I spontaneously pulled her up by her hair, her hands shot to my hand.

“Owwww, Professor!” she wailed in torment, though she recovered fast and then began to dress quickly as I let go of her.

Incredible. What kind of ointment was that? Or rather: how did she get her hands on unicorn blood? But should I really wonder how she did that? Probably not, this minx did not appear to be afraid of anything, not even to fuck me! That should mean something.

I waited silently, trying to sort out my thoughts. I had had sex with a student and not the tender, soft kind of sex! Which in addition was the girlfriend - no, paramour of Draco... She belonged to him, to us. That was so unbelievable. As if everything was not complicated enough already.

I would never admit it, but I owed her my life, as she did hers to me. I owed her. Even if I did not show her that, she had been haunting my mind for a long time. A woman like her did not exist often. Who would be surprised that I could hardly take my mind off her? Though I still would never have touched her... But now I was just horrified at how coldly she had pulled it off and the whole time had faced me as calmly as if nothing had ever happened between us. She had never let on the slightest about our forbidden intimacies.

And then I stopped again and paused in thought. I had seen absolutely nothing about us during the Legilimens. This minx was even better in Occlumency than I had thought. That meant, after I had burst through the first wall, she had directed almost everything, otherwise I would have seen something about us. Oh-oh-oh, if I could just wring her petite neck with impunity.

If I were not so terribly angry and upset, I could be amazed by her performance and congratulate her. But... Let's leave that be!

I eyed her now and how she looked in the dress with her true appearance and to my shame - I despised myself for that - I liked it even better. I would have loved to take it off of her immediately. Severus, pull yourself together now, really, you are not a teenager anymore. But already I felt how I began to long for her, which I did not allow myself. How would I manage to keep my hands off her, after all?

She glanced cautiously at me as she wrapped her cloak around her body, and I took in the split lip and her swollen right cheek, and quickly moved toward her. I cupped her chin relatively gently, which she accepted without protest, and spoke an Episkey on the wound, which closed immediately, which she commented it with a curt nod of her head. She seemed completely and absolutely in control. She would have to put salve on her cheek, but we had no time for that, just as her maltreated body was covered only by the fabric of her clothes. I guessed that she hurt everywhere, even if she did not show it.

“Reapply your illusion and then we will go!” I ordered soberly with mean intent because I did not want to give her the time to heal herself. I wanted her to feel pain and watched intently as she changed again. She was a gifted witch, as easily as she made those changes to herself, I remarked, annoyed, with some respect for her ability.

I resolutely opened the door and went ahead. I could feel her following me like a shadow and joining me in the taproom. And as always, Granger's luck came to fruition because there sat none other than Lucius, who dominated the room alone through his aristocratic aura. When he saw me, he immediately rose elegantly and left his acquaintances behind unheeded.

“Severus, nice to see you!” A jovial Lucius came up to me and grabbed my right forearm, which I held out to him. I grabbed his and so we greeted each other amicably. I sensed Granger in my back and saw that Lucius became aware of the veiled figure behind me. Should that surprise me? But my emotionless mask fit perfectly.

“Lucius, what are you doing here? I thought you hate this environment that is so very unsuitable for your person,” I growled, cursing that damn fate.

“My friend, what should I do? Fudge ties up my attention and a bit of fun must be in there for me as well.” He showed his perfect, white teeth. “Who is that in your back? As far as I'm informed, you have no mission today,” he asked in his usual nasal voice and I wondered briefly what I had done to deserve this.

“Correct, I had an appointment with a friend!”

“Oh, introduce us. Please come to my table!” he insisted, as always the born gentleman and charmer. Lucius pointed in a sweeping gesture to the private corner that was well-screened from outside view, but when you sat in it, you had everything in sight, as I knew. Only the best for a Malfoy!

“I'm sorry, Lucius, we have to go!” I harshly declined and got a derogatory click of Lucius' tongue in return.

“Tsk, tsk… Severus, do not offend a friend. You will have the few minutes to spare for a drink!” I heard again this whining Malfoy tone in his voice that only sounded like that to me. All the others would think he spoke commandingly, from above, but that was not how it was. He would never order me around! But I knew that tone and when he talked to me like that, something had gone wrong again and I would have to hold his hand and pat and coddle him. That was enormously important to his ego, otherwise, sooner or later, it would become unpleasant. So I gave in and surrendered to my fate. Trying to escape a Malfoy was lost effort and I saw it from the ironic side:

I would introduce his new family member to an ignorant Malfoy!

Today I would experience Granger in action. Let's see how she acquits herself against Lucius. I was really and truly excited. Did I play a dangerous game? Yes! But had I not done this for years? I really wanted to see how she would manoeuvre herself out of the situation.

“As you wish. We will follow you!” I told him coldly and beckoned her to follow me, which she did without hesitation. She had courage but then she was a lioness, I thought sarcastically.

“Take a seat! You, move it!” Lucius said incredibly arrogantly with a blasé attitude and signified the plump, red-haired waitress to serve us something to drink while telling the three men who had been sitting with him before that they should vanish quickly. They retreated so quickly and swiftly at his authoritative command that it was almost embarrassing.

Lucius as a lustrous nobleman managed, as always, to upgrade this dingy bar. In his dark blue, high-quality frock coat, which was buttoned up, and the silky-grey, bound plastron around his neck, which was very becoming to him as always, he seemed completely out of place. Also, his beautiful, long, blond hair fell open today around his attractive face. I thought, completely detached from envy, that many women would envy him for this splendour. In my mind, I had to smile. He was so wonderfully arrogant and overbearing, in more ways than one.

“Please, cast off your cloak, my dear,” he requested curiously with his contrived style, which was usually no request. I noticed her hesitating for a moment before her small, petite hands fumbled with her buckle and she slowly took it off. When he saw her, Lucius raised his white eyebrow in appreciation.

“Pretty, truly, Severus. And, did you have a good time?” Lucius asked me incredibly presumptuously and his eyes glittered with hunger. Apparently, Granger had an effect on him even in her disguised form. She remained surprisingly calm, keeping her eyes down modestly. Right now she showed her true ability, for she kept her nerves, although Lucius' interest should not have escaped her notice. If she was nervous, she knew how to hide it. Then came the waitress with the order and the three of us toasted and drank, so I did not have to answer immediately.

“I don’t know what you mean, Lucius!” I gave him a cold look from my black eyes. He once again rolled his annoying walking stick with the ugly snake provocatively in his greedy fingers.

“Ah, always the gentleman. What's your name, my dear?” he did not respond to my accusatory look. He turned his head provocatively to Granger and examined her with his haughty gaze. He eyed at her like a piece of cattle.

“I do not think you have to know that!” I preempted her answer.

“And why not?” Surprise showed in his very grey eyes and he brushed back a long, smooth strand of his hair lasciviously.

“Because you will not see her again!” I declared decidedly.

“I won’t? But I think she would not be averse to keeping me company today, the night is still young!” Now there was a sly grin on the noble face of my old friend. Before I could reply, Granger spoke up.

“I am honoured, but unfortunately, to my regret, I’ll have to disappoint you. I cannot stay tonight; I have to go. I should be gone already, I'm way too late!” she answered very politely, and I could witness a storm raging in Lucius' grey eyes after this rebuff from Granger. She also seemed to notice that she was moving on thin ice and added quickly:

“Please understand, sir! My babysitter can only stay until half past and it is now half past. I must get to my child, please understand me, sir!” she pleaded with a pathetic tremor in her voice. Her blue eyes were suddenly swimming with tears. If I did not know that there was no child, I would have bought it. The worried, young, single mother - she had the act down to a fine art. What a bitch. I would never believe anything she said ever again, for she did everything with cold calculation, I decided brusquely!

“You will excuse me?” She rose bravely and looked submissively at both of us. I could see Lucius struggling with himself, but then he just nodded and I stared hard into her eyes and nodded too. I would stay and distract Lucius as she disappeared on the quickest way to Hogwarts. She understood my urgent message very well, made a submissive curtsey and disappeared quickly. Smart girl. Not many duped Lucius, but then she had snubbed me too, I thought sourly, grimacing as I took a sip of the burning alcohol into my mouth.

It turned out to be a fun and entertaining night, as always with Lucius, who had coped well with the rejection and was content with me for company.

If he'd known who he'd let slip away so easily, he'd be in a very bad mood now, I thought nastily. But so he dumped all his frustration over Fudge and all the other idiots who surrounded us on me. As I stumbled out of the secret passage at midnight, I purposefully aimed for Slytherin House. I had an urgent conversation to make. For the second time tonight, a Malfoy was waiting for me, only he didn't know about that… just yet!

End of Snape’s POV
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