When Hermione Fights
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 Draco’s Method, chapter 83

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Chapter beta: Olivia
Chapter translator: Aivy

Draco’s POV

I left Severus’ quarters with my head lifted high and congratulated myself on my ingenious, level-headed behaviour, my calmness, and the fact that I knew Severus now to be completely on my side. But if I was honest with myself, I seethed inside like a volcano. Although I always acted as uninvolved and cool as if I was above anything and everything, when it came to Hermione, I could not remain casual and uninvolved, then I was involved, whether I wanted it or not.

Her self-control was really impressive, even Severus and I could take a leaf out of her book. With a quick and brisk stride, I returned to the common room where a few students still sat together. My bad mood was almost palpable, but they knew it when I was like that and would rather not address me. Good for them, I could not guarantee for anything right then and the next one would probably have gotten my clenched fist into their face. Right now, I did just not feel nice enough for curses and besides, I would have liked to ram it into the face of my dear uncle until his ugly nose turned into mush under my punches.

How good that I had been able to prepare for Severus' arrival, transforming my boiling, fiery rage into icy, cold restraint. It was one thing when my Hermione went to him as a whore, of necessity, as Minna and he took her, but he had recognized her and gone ahead and not only that, he had outright raped her!

My anger at her - that she had sneaked out of the castle without telling me, had resisted my instructions, which no one had to resist, not even she; I was a Malfoy after all - this anger took a back seat right now. Too great was my anger was at Severus, which unfortunately I was not allowed to indulge in.

I knew someone else would have to pay for it…

I quickly crossed the common room, felt the fearful and anxious looks that followed me, and entered my room. I dropped into my chair with little elegance and summoned a glass of firewhiskey with my wand. I urgently needed a drink. Greedy, I drank the amber liquid and felt the alcohol burn in my throat and then warm me from the inside. Glorious. In a slip of self-control, I ran my hand through the hair that already fell into my face, whereas my eyes fell on the sleeping Hermione. She looked incredibly innocent and vulnerable, the way she lay wrapped in my blanket and with her curly hair spread all around her face.

I laughed harshly. Innocent? Who among us was that? But vulnerable, yes... vulnerable. I gave her a sorrowful look.

I groaned heavily, closed my eyes, defeated, and tilted my head back. The way Hermione had faced me this evening had impressed me. Not a tear she had cried. Now that I knew what had happened to her tonight, it impressed me even more. Even though Severus said that he had not broken her, that she had been strong, rigid and confident, that she had even played my father masterfully, I hoped and had an inkling that on the inside she had looked very different.

Hoped it, because it would mean that she was not as dead and jaded as she wanted us to believe. I hoped it for her. She had needed me earlier, I had felt that. Her attitude had expressed her humility and remorse toward me because she knew she had left without permission, but also that she was torn inside and very confused. She had acted like a beaten dog; that had hurt my heart. My proud Hermione!

I listened to the crackling of the fire in the hearth, trying to calm myself, breathing deeply and evenly. Though I couldn’t and wouldn’t risk Severus turning against me, against us, not letting him pay for his act was incredibly hard for me, even if he was a family. If he were anyone else, I would have used the Cruciatus curse on him for a lot less and probably even killed him personally and with relish, slowly, or at least castrated him. However, he was who he was and I wasn’t allowed to harm him, even if my animalistic, male side wanted it badly. Education, pride and my plans really got in my way. I was so angry, so incredibly angry.

I felt sick at the thought of what she had to endure today. I didn’t want to imagine what it was like. It was disgusting enough to be the one who did it, over and over again, but to be the victim, no, I didn’t want to know that. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked, but ignorance wouldn’t have gotten me further. Again, the anger that I had fought so successfully bubbled up in my veins, rushing through them faster and faster. I tried to force it down with a vengeance, hoping that her angelic sight would calm me down. Alas, it didn’t because immediately evil thoughts shot into my head. Hermione would get her punishment for her behaviour tomorrow, she knew that and I would have to do it, even if I didn’t like it - or maybe I would, I had to wait and see how the punishment would turn out.

The bad thing was, I could understand Severus to a degree. He was a Death Eater, for over twenty years. They, and Severus too, did bad, unbelievably bad things! Something like that had to leave its mark, deep marks, and then came Hermione, who had been aggravating Severus for a long time and made him forget the tight control he had always maintained in all circumstances. Again, I threw her an appraising look.

Man, here was a woman who had probably lived through one of the hardest nights of her life and at the sight of her I thought about her punishment. That was not right!

But necessary, that was all ...!

Forcefully, I threw my half-filled glass into the fireplace, where the whiskey hissed in the flames and the glass shattered into tiny pieces.

“Bloody crap!” I yelled. I didn’t fear that she could wake up because the sleeping potion was too strong and was certainly still fully effective. My outbreak was out of character for a Malfoy, but that affected me only peripherally. No one saw it; it did me good. In what kind of situation had I just gotten myself into? I should never have got involved in this game, but that's how my life had always been. Essentially, I never had a choice. We all did what needed to be done to survive, including Severus. But most of all, Hermione. My strong, cold-blooded, unscrupulous-yet-affectionate, empathetic Hermione, risking her life for... Yeah, for what, actually? For Potter?

“Pha, not for that one…” I spat, my face twisted in disgust, and got up from my chair. Thus, I would not calm down, I knew that.

I hoped for Severus that his statement that he hadn’t broken Hermione would prove true because otherwise, I wouldn’t know what I would do, even if it endangered my plans. Besides, a broken, less tough Hermione would make my plans much more difficult.

I stepped carefully to my bed, looked at the pile of misery that lay there and that I so much desired and that had become so important to me - something I could show no one to the full extent - and stroked her cheek affectionately. Then I stripped down to my shorts and crawled under the covers, placing myself against her back, and pulled her possessively into my arms. This girl was mine and only mine. I lay awake for a long time, trying to regain control of my senses, but her calm, steady breathing at least calmed me down a bit, if not entirely.

End of Draco’s POV

Hermione’s POV

When I opened my eyes abruptly, all the humiliating memories rushed down on me like a waterfall. I had accepted yesterday without resistance to taking Dreamless Sleep to physically regenerate. Today, with a heavy heart, it was time to make an inventory.

In principle, all potions and ointments had worked flawlessly and I was actually restored as far as you could possibly be. However, not even magic could do nothing against the feeling of having been beaten black and blue, so my lower region felt like it had been used as a punching ball.

Even my core down there felt like it had been treated with a boxing glove and thus I could not simply suppress and forget what had happened. Instead of frightening me, it made me mad in the light of day. The dear Professor would find out that he had not stuffed my mouth with his violent behaviour. He would get a nasty surprise! A diabolical grin formed on my face.

I no longer experienced the panic-inducing feeling of losing myself or my mind. I was amazingly clear and present.

Yes, thank the goddess, I was back. I felt free to think; I just hoped that I was not fooling myself and I realised carefully that the horrors of the night had disappeared. I still didn’t feel ‘normal’ again, but I hadn’t done that for quite some time. Once again, I realised that I would have to learn to live with it and put it off as an unpleasant experience. The coldness with which I regarded my own fate made me shiver slightly, but I also knew: What else could I do? Indulge in my pain? Please, that didn’t suit me and my pragmatic attitude towards life and its imponderables.

I would despise any girl who did that. It had happened and was now, maybe not forgotten but processed by me, I gave myself a pep talk. Also, I should keep in mind that, as I knew Snape, he would probably look dumbstruck if I met him with particular callousness, and so I would enjoy shocking him rather than reveal anything else to him.

Only now, did I feel - did I consciously notice - that I was held by strong arms, which embraced me tightly. Also, I could feel a tingling sensation on my neck that told me I was being watched. I showed a grateful smile that he was with me, that he had been with me yesterday, without questions, without words. But I knew him, now he would want answers and he wouldn’t be happy; I had done a lot wrong.

“Morning!” I heard Draco's clear voice and froze completely. I felt him pulling me closer and he pressed himself against me as if he too needed comfort.

“Shhh, my darling, calm down!” he said gently, caressing me reassuringly. It caused me to find the courage to resolutely turn around to face him for up until then I had laid with my back to him. I buried my nose in the hollow below his neck, sniffing for his soothing sandalwood scent. After a long time enjoying Draco’s caresses, I said against his soft, white skin:

“You know everything, don’t you?” My tone was resigned.

“Yes, but still not enough. Your punishment will be to tell me everything in detail!” His voice was so indifferent and monotonous that I knew that in his eyes I would see the storm raging inside him, which he severely repressed for my sake.

“No, please no! You cannot be serious; you don’t want that!” I pleaded quickly. I wanted to break away from him, but he grabbed me by the back of my head and held me close. Promptly, I gave up my resistance. It seemed like I wasn’t back on track yet and just enjoyed the closeness he gave me, with all the consequences.

“That, my darling, is still for me to decide!” he whispered softly but decidedly. Horrified, I weakly asked for clarification.

“You would force me?”

“Yes, discipline is necessary. What were you thinking, not telling me?! You broke our agreement!” He sounded disappointed and frustrated and it intensified my guilty conscience towards him, whereby I wasn’t quite myself.

“Nothing! I thought you didn’t want to know and… I told the Twins!” I tried feebly, though it was noticeable that I hadn’t really regained my old strength yet.

“But you know you should come to me. Just because I didn’t mention it doesn’t mean it’s off the table. You're so smart otherwise! And believe me, we would always have found ways. Trust me; you don’t have to do everything on your own and even if you had still gone, I should have known. Don’t do something so stupid again; you're scaring me!” Now there was clearly reproach, but also concern and sadness in his voice. That's what I thought I heard, at least. You didn’t hear that tone that often from him. I whimpered, slightly ashamed, and snuggled closer to Draco.

“How are you? How do you feel after yesterday?” he whispered quietly.

“You know, Draco, I'm just more shocked at myself than at Snape. Honestly, you really don’t want to hear everything!” I still hoped he didn’t really want it. “You know, I suppose he can’t do anything more to me in this regard that I haven’t already lived through now. Most likely, I should be grateful for the experience.” I could hear him start chuckling derogatorily and I pushed my face up to face him for the first time that morning, and he seemed genuinely amused.

“Oh, you know, Hermione, after yesterday I was truly worried that you might be broken, you seemed so lost. But now - you're really tough. Do you know that?” he asked when he saw my questioning look.

“Please, Draco. I cannot open my mouth and say that you can’t do anything against your fate and have to accept it and then bawl, really not. You have to be consistent through and through, otherwise, you lose your credibility!” I put my point of view in a nutshell, very pragmatically and felt how this statement firmly manifested in my mind and I tried to implement the attitude par for par. I was truly too head-driven and straightforward to become a headless chicken now.

“I’m relieved…!” breathed a grinning Draco, seeming very happy to see me like this. I returned his smile. “And now, start talking…” The order sounded very demanding and he became serious. Abruptly, he rolled on top of me. The suddenness pressed the air from my lungs and it surprised me when I found myself captive.

“Draco… What…?” The words didn’t escape as firm as I hoped, rather a smidgen too uncertain, which annoyed me downright.

“Shhh… Don’t forget your punishment and get started. You went to Severus and then ...? I want every dirty detail!” he probed mercilessly and I stared at him in shock and stunned surprise. I should relive my humiliation? Had he lost his mind?

“Draco…” I breathed, speechless.

“Hermione, don’t make me hurt you. You get off lightly. Get going!” he threatened and demanded unyieldingly. What is more, I registered a relentless shine in his slate-grey eyes and realised that he wouldn’t let me get away without it, so I would have to face the memory, whether I wanted to or not. I looked deeply into the eyes of the face hovering above me.

“Why…? It's so... not pretty to retell that. Why put it into words? It will hurt me, but you too, right?” I whispered hectically, as I truly didn’t want to do that.

“Let that be my concern. Punishment should hurt, so get started. You're just dragging it out, my darling!” he breathed softly and rolled off of me, giving me some place to breathe and freedom to move, no longer pressuring me with his physicality. Finally, I gave in and fulfilled his wish. I had to force every word past my lips, which I now anxiously maltreated with my teeth.

“Well, I entered the room… He walked up to me and kissed my neck…” I stopped as I felt Draco leaning on his arms, scattering tender, small kisses on my neck. Because of the memory and the feelings that his touch triggered, I closed my eyes and moaned in rapture as goosebumps ran down my spine. That was mind-boggling. I should tell him everything and then...? I asked myself very worried. What was he planning?

Draco stopped what he was doing, so I opened my eyelids and looked up at him questioningly.

“And further, what did Severus do next?” he asked with his head cocked and his white hair surrounded the little devil like a halo. I grimaced and swallowed hard.

“Then... then he spelled me naked and pushed me on top of the bed...!” I huffed, caught in the memory. Abruptly, Draco snapped his fingers and I lost the T-shirt here as well, so that I was now lying naked under the blanket, which made me flinch even more. Next to me, Draco stayed calm and gave me the time I needed to catch myself as I licked my dry lips and started talking again.

“Then... then he was naked…” I gasped out breathlessly. Draco reacted immediately, throwing his boxer shorts out of the bed in a fluid motion. I must have looked at him very frightened, also my breathing accelerated, was choppy and hectic, because he gently stroked my cheek, caressing me gently and giving me a lovely smile that told me I should calm down. My fast breathing actually slowed down after some time again and became more even.

His placating ‘shhh’ helped me and eventually, I closed my eyes again so I didn’t have to see him.

“I… Draco, I don’t want to say it!” I shook my head on the pillows and pressed my lips together.

“What did you do, Hermione?” he proved himself relentless. When he asked softly, I wanted to hit his stubborn skull against the wall.

“I gave…” I couldn’t say it. “I gave him a…” I gave up and pressed my lips tightly together.

“Ah, you gave him a blowjob with that gorgeous mouth and seductive lips. What's so hard to say about that?” he whispered and I thought I had to sink into the ground. But suddenly I felt him take my hand, which was lying under the blanket on my stomach. I froze, eyes wide open, staring at him in panic, what was Draco up to? As I suddenly felt his half-erect penis in my hand, I immediately began to breathe more hectically.

“Stay calm, Hermione, stay calm. Come on, touch me ... Nothing will happen to you!” he assured me and kissed my neck again, waiting for my reaction. Otherwise, he did nothing.

He didn’t pursue his request to touch him and I lay there staring at the green canopy. Then I did it, gripped him tightly and felt Draco pause for a moment in his doings as I squeezed him so spontaneously, then felt him growing, slowly but steadily, in my grip. Slowly, I moved my hand over his soft and tender skin, back and forth. It was a rhythm that almost sent me into a sort of trance when I felt him taking hold of my hand and gently easing my fingers away from his now-firm excitement.

“And then?” The words came choppy, hoarsely and I squinted at him briefly, befogged, to then squeeze my eyelids tightly together and called myself back to concentration with a shudder.

“Then he grabbed me and put me beneath him and inserted a finger inside me!” I spoke quickly, freezing froze uncomfortably when I felt Draco’s slender fingers of Draco lightly dancing over my thigh. He playfully touched my thigh and stroked it gently. They also slid gently over my mound. My fear that he would now insert one of his fingers into my battered vagina was unfounded; he didn’t do it. Unperturbed, he calmly caressed every part of me, just staying clear of my core, and so I loosened my cramped muscles after some time and slowly found the strength to continue speaking breathlessly.

“I was prepared and had my eyes closed. Then he must have discovered it. The salve had probably lost its effect - wouldn’t you know it - then...” I said, then bit my lip hard. I could save myself the begging to be spared to have to tell what had happened next. He would not let me escape. “Then, I couldn’t even react... He was there, in one thrust. That was painful, although I was prepared. He got... I opened my eyes and his eyes were so clearly full of murder that I can say definitely he saw the real me... It was scary and I kept completely still. He hit me... He gave me back my own looks and then he started!” I fell silent, speechless, burying my face sideways in the pillow and gasping in shock as I felt Draco's hand squeeze between my legs. He would not... Oh, what was I thinking, of course he would... He was a Malfoy!

Then, he penetrated me, very gently and slowly. Only I wasn’t wet but completely dry, although that didn’t stop him. It hurt, even if he was careful. I tensed and clenched up more by the second and clawed at the sheets, unable to suppress a slight whimper. That was so mortifying, so deliberately humiliating. I didn’t want that! I tore my teary eyes open and glared at him angrily. He just shot me an uninvolved, indifferent look.

“Stop that, Draco!” I finally hissed, upset now, and gave him an impromptu clip round the ear. I didn’t have the necessary momentum to achieve a resounding success, but it still hissed quite nicely, before he swung his hair back out of his face with a jerk of his head in the other direction. I saw him smilingly and it grew into a mischievous grin. Then he finally removed his finger and laid down next to me again. I didn’t understand what was happening.

“About time. I’ve been waiting for your temperament to come back, my darling.” He planted a firm but short kiss on my lips and seemed pleased because I had resisted him when he had gone too far. I was baffled. What guided him? I just couldn’t follow and propped myself up on my forearms, looking at him perplexed.

“What kind of game is that going to be when it's done?” I voiced my perplexity and he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

“No game, my darling, your punishment. And now go on. Tell me, how did he fuck you?” he wanted to know without emotion.

“Well, what do you think? Mean, vicious, brutal... How do you fuck the women during your revels?” I spat angrily at him and was sure my face turned red with anger.

“Aha. Was it very bad?” He showed his typical, expressionless mask.

“Somewhat. I've been thinking all the time ‘that can not happen to you’ but it happened to me and I kept quiet. He had a crazy, murderous look in his eyes, I've never seen him so out of control and furious. It only became bad for me when he kissed me too!” I let myself fall back into the pillows.

“Aha. Severus, Severus, old boy. Just try to persuade yourself…” Draco shook his blond head, visibly amused.

“What do you mean?” I asked with curiosity but also lacking understanding. This family would be the death of me.

“One thing you can believe, Severus never kisses anyone, no matter how! But he wants to persuade himself that he feels absolutely nothing for you!” He spoke very sarcastically and derogatorily, his tone also underlining what he thought.

“If that’s so, I wish he didn’t feel anything for me because I can really do without these kisses!” I touched my lips and remembered the cruel, cold kisses.

Everything went incredibly fast again. In a heartbeat, Draco was almost on top of me, again burying me underneath his body, and let claim to my mouth with his own. He licked his tongue playfully softly over my slightly rough lips and I followed his request and opened myself up carefully. When his tongue teased me, asking me to play with him, I accepted the duel in which our tongues engaged in short time and he kissed me passionately out of my mind. I forgot almost everything when I lost myself in the intense play of tongues and just enjoyed.

He broke away with a final kiss on my lips and we both breathed hard and looked deeply into each other’s eyes. I put my hand to his cheek, slightly flushed from my slap, and he leaned on his arms, brushing my curly hair out of my face with his hands.

“And then? How did it continue?” he brought me out of the clouds and pushed me back into reality, which I just had abjured so nicely.

“Is that necessary? You're impossible, Draco. But fine… it was over quickly. In, out, nothing spectacular, just quite painful for me!” I told quickly. He rose a bit more and I lowered my gaze, ashamed at the memory of the unimaginable I had done then. “Well, then I riled him, asking him to fuck me again!” I revealed surprisingly coldly and looked at Draco briskly. He returned the look with astonishment. He seemingly hadn’t expected that.

“You manage to surprise me again and again, my darling. And what did he do following your demand?” he enquired hoarsely.

“What do you think? I made it hard for him to... resist, it was... satisfying!” I declared, my voice full of acid and ice.

“Just say you came?! My depraved little slut!” He chuckled uncontrollably now, while I examined him coldly and nodded curtly. “Ouch! You minx. That must have shocked Severus deeply!” He laughed harshly now and I snickered coolly too.

“Then he pulled out and looked at the mark again. When I wanted to get dressed, he pushed me down on the table furiously because he was struck by the realisation that I had sex with him and Sirius at the same time! He threatened... that no other man should ever be by my side!” I now summarised with much more steady voice.

“Where he is right, he is right!” Draco was quite unimpressed.

“That's it then. So we went down and there was Lucius, how he lives and breathes. Luckily I escaped quickly. It was enough for me, I wanted to go home, I wanted to see - “

“Me?” he clarified and I nodded. “At least that you did right!” he hissed angrily.

I blinked questioningly at him because of his sudden change of mood, but could not react at all, as he grabbed me less than gently and moved me into a reclined position, with him ending up between my legs. I struggled and fought with my hands, feet and legs with the blanket constricting me, in which I finally tangled completely.

“Hold still, stop struggling...!” he snarled and caught a favourable moment. He lay down on me again, capturing me again beneath his body. He sought my mouth, which he tried to conquer again. I stared into his grey eyes and closed my mouth stubbornly. And so he breathed on my clenched lips:

“Hermione, I have to and I want to feel you, everything, please and you know yourself punishment must be after you betrayed me like this...!” he whispered to my lips and I prepared to retort but he took advantage of my opening mouth and conquered it with a passionate kiss. I heard the words, "Must feel you, want to feel you... please..." echoing in my ears and desperately returned the kiss, as I didn’t know if I could give him more.

But there I didn’t give Draco enough credit. His hands wandered all over my body. He was gentle, he was affectionate, he was tender. He caressed my breasts, and when he started to make his way down over my neck with a trail of hot kisses, I just sighed and could only take note of the rising heat between my legs with amazement.

As he devoted himself intensely and fervently to my nipples, biting them tenderly and sucking on them, I whimpered. His hands meanwhile conquered the regions Snape had maltreated. He stroked tenderly over my, to my own amazement, slightly moist labia and stimulated me persistently. I tried not to tense and think about anything, just to feel the tender touch. He distributed more kisses, slowly let go of my breasts, caressed and kissed my stomach and my abused nether regions.

Demandingly and without accepting opposition, he spread my legs and I screwed up my eyes very tightly, but he immediately became gentle and tender again. Many small kisses, leaving a tingling trail, he distributed on the inside of my thighs, kissed up to my pelvic bone, where he teasingly licked the thin skin stretched over the bone.

My breathing went very fast, faster and faster, and to my astonishment, pleasant shivers ran down my spine. I tried to suppress a groan, bit my lip desperately. I felt that he smiled contentedly at my skin, felt him smirk as my body shuddered. Finally, he gently kissed my mound and ran his fingers between my now really wet labia. I was deeply surprised by how strongly and positively I reacted to him.

I felt him break away to return to my mouth.

Then, I could not help when I felt him, his glans at my entrance, but press my hands defensively against his chest and also try to close my legs but he was in between them. I suddenly wanted to stop him, from one second to the next, and tore my eyes open abruptly, though I didn’t find any indulgence in his eyes, and before anything more passed between us, he slipped slowly and bit by bit into me. To penetrate so carefully and so slowly had to cost him an enormous amount of self restraint. I experienced how his arms trembled and he pinched his mouth; he seemed highly concentrated and I gasped in shock.

I bit my tongue so hard I tasted blood and felt him entering me big and hard to the hilt. I also felt the pain that came from the intrusion of the foreign body after being so heavily strained by Snape yesterday, and when he sunk into me so completely, I whimpered. Then he laid himself heavily on top of me, groaning, and took my head in his hands, looking at me with a sweet, sad and apologetic smile.

“Shhh, darling!” He kissed me empathetically and I him. When he began to move gently inside me, very softly, very tenderly and carefully, I whimpered, not only in pain or because of the memory, but also with arousal. Mesmerized, I stared into Draco's beautiful face.

I didn’t move. It was a miracle that I was breathing.

“Come, show me what you feel!” he squeezed out, grumbling. Then, for the first time, he thrust with some momentum and I cried out in agony. It was a piercing pain that shot right into my brain, filling me at that moment as he hit my inner bruising and the tears that I had never allowed to come flowed from my eyes and ran over my face, drawing their salty tracks over my temples, into my hair. I sobbed, tormented, with each of the thrusts which were far less brutal by far, more like a cautious rocking.

Draco sped up but was still amazingly cautious. I wrapped my arms around him in a fit of helplessness. He immediately held me tightly and pressed himself as close to me as possible and when he came almost silently in me, he buried me under him and kissed the tears off my face, stroking my arms and whispering small, caressing words. Only the intent reached me though, the sense behind them was lost to me.

I was crying, something that I hadn’t been able to do before, and I didn’t understand why. Stammering, I relayed that to Draco as well, causing him to turn around with me and pull me along so that I lay on top of him, where he wrapped his arms around me possessively.

“That's good, then you process it. Let it out and put it behind you, my little darling!” He kissed my forehead. Those were the last words I heard before I succumbed to my exhaustion and fell asleep on top of him, well-guarded and protected…

“Hey, awake again, sleepyhead?” I heard all of a sudden and stretched carefully. I assessed every part of my well-rested body and I felt good.

“Yes. Incredible, but true, I feel fine. What did you do to me, Draco?” I looked over to him and saw him sitting casually at his desk, as if he were directing the destinies of the world from there.

“That's how I am, I know what you need! ... There on the bedside table, take something, you'll be hungry! Blaise got it!” He instructed me and I saw the tray with the sandwiches and a pot of coffee. I tucked in and enjoyed it. I had an amazing appetite and we both kept each other company in a comfortable silence.

Words had only disturbed, it was all said and we knew, I had really and truly completed, thanks to Draco. Although his methods might be unusual they had helped me.

After a while, I got up without a word, went into the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth. I got ready and was amazed at how well I felt when I rubbed lotion into my body. I felt ready to take on anything! For the first time, my thoughts wandered again to the important and essential things and away from the trifle that was Snape to the world-moving revelations.


Marvellous, now I had to concern myself with Grindelwald, too... But alright, I loved research. Thus, I walked into the bedroom elated and with renewed spirits, stepped to Draco, and sat down on his lap gleefully, smiling happily.

“And will you tell me where you went?” he skated around the topic. I brushed a blond strand of hair behind his ear. We were obviously agreed to consider the events as past in every respect. Such a deep understanding of each other's needs was wonderful.

“Mh-mh, sure. In Godric's Hollow. But I will not tell you more. And thanks for your help, but I have to go; I didn’t show up all day!” I hugged him gratefully.

“That’s true. I'm really curious about the story though! It's about time for dinner. You'll have to be inventive, but I think you'll manage it alright!” He pulled me to a possessive kiss, which I returned passionately and then broke away laughing. I put on my cloak and disappeared.

If I was good at one thing, it was at inventing lies.
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Draco’s Method, chapter 83
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