When Hermione Fights
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 Blow Upon Blow, chapter 85

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Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy & Sophie

Of course, I arrived late after my memorable confrontation with Snape. Our little interlude had lasted longer than I had expected.

I smirked at the thought of his perplexed face when he recoiled in front of me; his mask had clearly slipped. I enjoyed it and knew I couldn’t keep my hands off this man. It excited me to annoy him and my pride didn’t allow me to let him think he could impose himself on me mentally because when he tried my resistance spirit and my will to fight sprang to life. I liked to cross blades with him. I was not afraid and even his hidden threat to repeat what had happened didn’t frighten me. Now I could say: 'So what?' I had endured it once and stood up with my head held high. That would happen the same way every time. Yes, my dear Snape, you’ll have to come up with something else to draw me out.

Slightly rushed, I reached the game and sat next to Harry in the overcrowded stand of Gryffindor. He raised his brow questioningly but I only shook my head and he shrugged. We saw Ron concede Ravenclaw's first goal and Harry tried to keep the disappointment off his face. That moment, something touched our shoulders and we turned around so we could look at Hagrid's face, which had been glowing in all the colours of the rainbow this year.

He looked awful. In his thick, grey, bristly cloak and with his straw-like, brittle, brown hair interspersed with single white strands and the bushy, half-face-covering beard he appeared like something very dangerous and evil. Not like the good-natured, slightly scatterbrained Hagrid we knew he was.

He signalled us to follow him inconspicuously and we threw Ron, who bravely struggled on his broom not to let a Quaffle through his hoops, one last uncertain look and descended the stairs of the high stands.

We walked swiftly and silently towards the Forbidden Forest. Given that the forest was forbidden, I was sojourning pretty often into it I thought deeply amused. We, Harry and I, followed Hagrid along the path, which was stony and made hard to traverse by roots, ever deeper into the forest which seemed very diffuse despite the sun's rays.

After we had left behind the border of the forest and therefore no longer had to be afraid of eavesdroppers, he began to tell us how he saved Firenze from his herd when they had almost trampled him to death, calling him a ‘traitor’.

We were deeply disturbed by the relentless nature of the centaurs and showed it. He continued:

“I need your help, you know. Surely I’ll get fired soon.” This insight, in turn, made us nod resignedly. We were astonished that he had even lasted so long. He said sadly:

“Umbridge is pinning the Nifflers on me. She found some in her office a couple of times and now thinks that's me.”

Nifflers were really amazing animals. They were small, fluffy, black burrowing animals with long muzzles and spade-like forepaws that resembled a mole. Very cute but annoying beasts. They just couldn’t stop digging. And they did it with so much enthusiasm that they could even bring whole houses to collapse. We knew Hagrid had not foisted the Nifflers on her. It had been students of all four houses. One at a time, just every now and then. She represented the perfect prey for these animals with her wealth of glittering knick-knacks and her terrible shrieks were just too delightful as they echoed through the halls of Hogwarts.

“Whatever it is, Hagrid, you can count on our help!” Harry promised rashly and I could hardly believe my ears. Since then, I've seriously considered strangling him and banging his skull against a tree for good measure to bring life to the dead brain cells. Whatever we were going to encounter, as I knew Hagrid it couldn’t be good if it was hidden so far in the magical forest.

We kept walking. Not even I had ventured so far into the forest during my excursions. It became even darker; almost no light made it through the dense canopy of branches. If I was the type to be scared by a heavy atmosphere, now would be the ideal time, but I wasn’t. Instead, I looked around the area with glowing eyes as I did not know this part of the forest yet. I had already discovered some interesting plants as well as small animals that aroused my keen interest.

Now Hagrid started to tell us why it had taken him so long to return to Hogwarts at the beginning of the year and where he had his injuries from. I almost had a stroke when he admitted to having brought a giant with him. A giant who didn’t want to come with him. And as we arrived at a small clearing he introduced him proudly to us as his half-brother. The giant was about sixteen feet tall, or probably rather short for a giant. His appearance was disgusting and even my mouth slid open over Hagrid's narrow-mindedness. Sorry, but this had to be said! The giant clearly hadn’t wanted to come along and you could see the evidence clearly when you looked at Hagrid’s face.

“Hagrid, how could you? What's the meaning of this?” I snapped at him angrily.

Hagrid explained himself in his familiar simple-minded way: “Oh, Hermione. The other giants teased Grawp because of his size. He's a giant and yet so small, you know. They bullied him. And he's just my brother, you have to understand that.”

Hagrid looked at us sadly, pleadingly. That was Hagrid's earth-shattering reason for bringing an uncontrollable giant into the Forbidden Forest? Was Hagrid thinking at all or was his big head just ornamental, useless accessory?

Grawp was just ugly, shockingly ugly and had a disproportionately large, round head which was adorned with green curls and a single ear. Help, giants were really not nice-looking. His muddy eyes were extremely small and he heaved pitifully heavy and loud breaths through his flat and shapeless nose. His mouth was crooked and when he opened it to utter incomprehensible sounds you could see his few teeth, which were just disgusting. They were yellowish and simply grotesque, huge and crooked in his mouth.

I, we, could only stare at him in shock. How did Hagrid come up with such absurd ideas? And Harry, that idiot, had already agreed. I glared at him angrily and he scratched his head in embarrassment, shrugging his shoulders apologetically. He must have recognised his rash action.

"Hagrid!" I called outraged. "You can’t settle a giant in the forest!"

He just replied apologetically and also proudly: "The little one is already trying to settle in. He can even say a few words and his manners have improved!"

I waved my arms angrily in front of my face and shouted, "And what do you think he'll do with us? Shall we let ourselves be crushed to pulp, just as your face is?” We still had freshly in mind his lacerations, bruises, and other injuries which he had described as harmless.

Then he beckoned his brother over, drawing attention to us and introducing us as Harry and ‘Hermy.’ I was about to jump in a circle and noticed out of the corner of my eye that Harry was biting back a laugh and trembling slightly. Very funny! His name was not the one getting disparaged.

When Grawp noticed us, these tiny visitors, he suddenly started to move and it was like rolling a steamroller on us. So we took to our heels and hid behind the trunk of a particularly thick and large tree while Hagrid tried to dampen his brother's exuberant joy.

When he was sitting on the floor, we were introduced to him again and the threads of drool flowed from his half-closed mouth. I grimaced disgustedly. Goddess, I felt sorry for myself. So we left after a few minutes of staring and, completely stunned, started on our way home. We could only shake our heads over Hagrid's request. How should we ever control this giant? And I wanted to thank Harry with a slap to the face. Hasty, much too hasty!

We were still walking through the forest when we heard loud hoofbeats behind us. The forest floor vibrated slightly under our feet. Then we realized that all of a sudden we were surrounded by a large group of centaurs and even Hagrid was getting a bit worried. They held their weapons threateningly at the ready and aimed at us. With their bows and arrows, they gave a wild, untamed impression.

I stayed calm, because I always found these half-horses impressive. Watching them in their natural environment was exciting. A brunette, long-haired man with a chestnut horse's body emerged from the row and began to face Hagrid calmly, his whole posture demanding respect.

“Hagrid, you know that after you interfered in our affairs you are no longer welcome in our forest. From now on, we will attack all humans who invade here! We will make another exception today, as you have foals with you, but remember, this is only for today!” he announced in a grandiose tone of voice.

“Magorian, I ask you…” Hagrid said soothingly, but was angrily interrupted by a wild-looking, black centaur with a sable's body who apparently found it hard to suppress his heated temperament as he kept rearing on his hind legs and pawing the ground with his hooves, spitting angrily:

“You have nothing to ask for, Hagrid! Didn’t you foist this huge intruder on us? By law, we would have to take much tougher measures -”

“Be quiet, Bane. I am still the herd leader ... And now I say, go and do not come back!” Magorian announced firmly, turned resolutely and trotted away. Meanwhile, Bane snorted like the furious horse he was, to then fall into a swift gallop, so that the earth whirled up under his angry hoof steps and flew high into the air.

“Wow, Hagrid, they are really out of sorts with you!” Harry said dryly. He had remained surprisingly calm during the threat by the herd. I, too, because I knew from my beloved books that we both had been in no real danger. All the while, I had left my wand sheathed as a precaution because I prefered not irritating the herd.

These hybrid beings were quite impressive; I could spend hours looking at the beauty of their bodies. The transition of the human upper body into the sturdy lower body of the horse was fascinating.

We witnessed Hagrid following the disappearing herd with a sad and wistful look, and then sighing and turning away, mumbling that it were tough times, so completely without Dumbledore, which made me press my lips together in disgruntlement about Hagrid’s blind obedience to the old man.

At the edge of the forest, where we parted and from where Hagrid shuffled depressed to his hut, we could already discern that the Quidditch match was over and expected the worst. But as we approached, we heard that we, the Gryffindors, were singing and that they had re-written the lyrics of the song that the Slytherins had come up with to mock Ron, celebrating frenetically. That brought a beaming smile to Harry's face despite the deep concern in his eyes.

When we finally went to dinner very hungry after the long walk and the Gryffindors lay blissfully in triumphant arms, Harry and I were asked by some of them where we had been. We took refuge in our lie that we had to take advantage of the hour for some intimate time together and that this was therefore private.

What liars we were! But better than admitting that we had been in the woods and had encountered a too small, but still far too big giant and an angry centaur herd and thus had once again broken the school rules. Harry impressed me more from day to day. I was so proud of how he now lied without blushing. That was the right way to go.

Just before we retired, Harry whispered to me that tomorrow he would tell Ron in peace about Grawp - he pronounced the name very despondently - and I nodded thankfully.

As we walked along the corridors that still looked like bogs over the next day, and this became more and more a slalom run, Harry whispered to me that he hadn’t told Ron yet, as he was still stunned by his success and Harry hadn’t wanted to spoil his mood with this shocking revelation.

Yes, ignorance could be so beautiful and desirable!

“Well, then I hope that he finds himself again before the career counselling talks take place, otherwise the toad will have something to complain about!” Only Harry was listening to me because Ron indeed showed a truly not-there expression and appeared very misty-eyed.

I turned around and noticed that Daphne was struggling alone with a swamp in the back of the corridor, as she had sunk in with her foot at the edge and desperately tried to get free. She had apparently stumbled and lost her bag which probably contained her wand and it had skidded away from her.

Guys, how could one be so careless with your weapons of defence, I wondered desperately. However, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity for Harry. The Twins would lynch me if they found out that I hadn’t taken advantage of such an event. She was alone, without any attachment. It was the perfect moment and so I tugged on Harry’s robe.

“Psst!” I said quietly, pointing the other way to the end of the long corridor, and saw that he quickly understood who was in trouble. Just as I expected, the knight awoke in him wanting to come to the aid of the fair maiden. I looked at him encouragingly, but he gave Ron's back a doubtful look. I nodded understandingly, stepped next to Ron, linked my arm with our Quidditch hero and requested:

“Ron, could you tell me on the way once more in detail how the penny dropped and you parried that first Quaffle so successfully?” Already the mission was accomplished and I made a shooing gesture in Ron's back at our saviour. As Ron and I climbed down the stairs, he had already hurried to Daphne and helped her chivalrously, which made me smile with satisfaction. I was curious how this would develop. He gallantly gave her a hand and she looked at him with an overwhelmed and very surprised face from the ground and then... then, unfortunately, the stupid wall was in the way.

Ron had fervently started into his tale and explained the game to me in great detail. I was just thinking about the punishment Harry would have to suffer as a result of what I was enduring for him. He would pay as soon as he showed up again. Gosh, I would rather hop into bed with Snape again even with the pain attached, at least that wouldn’t be boring.

While Ron gushed about his exploit, I thought back to yesterday and my riling up Snape. I grinned slightly as I remembered his collapsed figure. I was giving the good man a hard time and the only thing I felt was satisfaction.

Harry arrived at lunch with slightly red ears.

“And, how did it go? Did you save her?” I asked affably and in good humour but very quietly.

“Yes. And I wasn’t as stupid as usual; I could speak!” A big smile graced his face and his eyes sparkled radiantly.

“Harry, you have always been able to speak our language!” I said soberly, taking a spoonful of soup.

“No, that’s not how I meant it, Hermione. She really needed help and it was quite easy and natural for me to help her and talk to her. If I had tried to speak to her as I did with Cho back then, I would have screwed that up again!” he clearly and correctly recognised his deficits. Respect, Mr. Potter, I silently congratulated him on his self-assessment.

“You are just the typical saviour, it’s definitely a syndrome!” I pulled his leg and laughed loudly.

“Um, what are you talking about? … Oh, no matter ... Harry, Dean wanted me to show him the falling manoeuver again. Do you think we can go to the field tonight? How long do you think the talks will go,” an important and excited Ron wanted to know.

“Eh, I think not that long. I'll have it now, Hermione too and you’re right after me, as far as I remember the schedule you showed me this morning!” Harry looked at him, thinking sharply.

“Everything was right, Harry!” I said to him, took a sip of water and another bite of my soup, while everything developed wonderfully.

Not much later, a big group of students, us included, went to the rooms that had been prepared for the interviews and I interrogated Harry further:

“Since we were so nicely interrupted by Ron earlier: How was the little girl? Why was she alone? The snakes usually have such a group drive,” I linked arms with him on his left side.

“Oh, she had looked up something in the library and the others didn’t want to wait. Typically Slytherin. But she's nice and shy, but not as shy as Cho and not nearly as aggressive as Ginny. At first, she was totally surprised that I wanted to help her, but then she took my hand without any reservations and gave me a nice smile. I mean, I'm Potter, Harry Potter! They all hate me and she smiles and touches me! She said she would be happy …” he breathed, bewildered, and turned his right helping hand in the light.

“So you liked the first contact?” I enquired.

“Yes, incredible but true. She is sweet and even more pretty from up close!”

I laughed loudly and patted his heart.

“Well, is that beating faster? And what about here?” I put my hand on his stomach.

“Don’t tell anyone but I believe it’s both!” He smiled shyly. I didn’t notice the deep-black eyes that were watching us from the darkness of a hidden corridor, and also not how they narrowed angrily as I touched Harry's body so intimately.

Then it was time and we entered our cabins and I met Flitwick and pretended to think about a career in the ministry or as a healer. Thanks to Snape, I felt able to sell the lie convincingly. To my astonishment, Flitwick advised me not to pursue a career as a healer as he thought that my analytical, strategic mind was better off in politics and that I wouldn’t be able to maintain the necessary patience and compassion for my patients for a longer time. I thought I would crack up. I mean, the little professor was good and so smart and had probably seen a bit behind my facade. Hats off, even McGonagall hadn’t managed that yet.

Thus I left the job preparation interview amused and joined Ron, who was waiting to change places with Harry, whos talk apparently took longer. Lav was shooting him languishing looks, fixed on Ron's lips, which he enjoyed to the fullest.

When Draco came out of his cabin with a sullen expression - apparently he hadn’t had his conversation with Snape, otherwise that would have been a short ‘Uncle’, ‘Yes, my godson’ story that would have ended quickly - he looked absolutely annoyed. When I winked at him, amused, he snapped at me rudely:

“What’s so funny, Mudblood?” He towered aggressively over me. Something that made me bite my tongue so as not to laugh loudly, because Draco's eyes as well showed a spark of amusement, but it made sure that Ron immediately turned to us and came to my unnecessary rescue.

“Shut your mouth, Malfoy, otherwise someone should wash it out with soap!” Lav looked at him anxiously, but also quite misty-eyed by Ron's courage.

“Ron, it was nothing. Calm down; I don’t feel insulted… It would have only interested me to hear whatever career advice he got... The way he looked, maybe Auror!” I shrugged and then chuckled sardonically, as he, like myself, could then imprison himself immediately in Azkaban, and savoured my amusement at Draco's expense.

“Very funny, Mudblood. Be careful what you say! And just for your information: What this fat herbal shrew said is so much below my dignity; as if I needed to do that as Malfoy ... Unlike you, weasel, I can do what I want!” Draco said very nastily, baring his teeth. He skilfully provided me with the desired information. Sprout, then. Well, she was not my favourite teacher either. I'm just saying plants and death inevitably belong together in my world. So I twisted my mouth with dislike.

“Now I’m curious. What was… the suggestion?” I asked with real honest interest and hoped he would give me more information just as generously.

“She said I should become a professional Quidditch player. Where was she thinking?” he spat angrily. Ron looked completely steamrollered and now Blaise, giving me a delicate smile, casually approached Draco and asked with interest:

“And what is so bad about that?” He showed his outrageously attractive grin.

“Please, Malfoys don’t do that for money. If, I would buy a Quidditch team. Everyone in the wizarding world knows that I am the heir of my father and will take over his business!” Draco looked around haughtily and you could tell that Ron didn’t understand what was wrong with living the dream he had. And I? Well, I was still laughing and trying as best as I could to mask it as a coughing fit. Blaise gave me a look that said something along the line of ‘You're just failing a bit in your quest, my dear.’

But it was too funny. I mean, I knew Draco had never liked Sprout and he liked Quidditch, but only for fun. Since Harry had beat him year after year, his passion for it had cooled significantly. Malfoys only deigned to stay faithful to and indulge in things in which they were on top. Everything else they liked to shirk and Quidditch was such a thing. I think without Harry it would have been different, but so Sprout's proposal was a slap in the face for Draco as he had never won against Harry!

My poor duped Draco.

“And what about you, Mudblood. What advice did you get?” He showed me a mocking grin, but he too was curious. I loved playing with him. It was very stimulating to talk like this, under the eyes of our friends. “Although, when I think about it - people like you can only follow one profession,” he added provocatively, grinning at me nastily and arrogantly as his eyes wandered suggestively over my body. It seemed he wanted to work off his anger with me. I didn’t mind, knowing that the story with Flitwick, the healing and the Ministry would amuse him and he would tell me again that it showed that the smallest were not the dumbest.

“Take that back at once!” Ron roared with a bright red head and immediately wanted to rush Draco who just smiled a haughty grin, his arms crossed over his chest, and Blaise grimaced. Before Ron reached Draco, the Slytherin’s two shadows joined them as well, and I stepped forward, grabbing Ron's arm roughly and suddenly stopped his attack, causing Ron to stumble slightly. I shook my head decidedly as his fiery look came to rest on me.

“What did I say, Blaise? I think the weasel’s imagination run wild here. What do you want to imply I said?” Draco continued to provocate masterfully.

“You… you!” Ron cried outraged and wanted to break away from me but he didn’t manage to escape my iron grip.

“I, what? Why am I responsible if you have your mind in the gutter? Why am I responsible if you insinuate such a thing regarding the Mudblood?” Draco hissed maliciously, and then Snape appeared, unexpectedly as usual.

“What is going on here?” Snape asked silken as usual, eying the gathered group haughtily with his captivatingly sharp look.

“Nothing, Professor Snape! We just disagreed about what profession Granger could follow. I had a suggestion, but it didn’t seem to agree with Weasley, only I didn’t even get to articulate it, sir!” He shrugged his shoulders coolly. Snape actually looked questioningly at me and I rolled my eyes slightly. Unblinkingly, Draco finished sneaking to the teacher. “He wanted to attack me because of an assumption!”

“Well then, Mister Weasley. What did Mister Malfoy say would suit Miss Granger?” Snape now smugly pulled up his dark eyebrow and gave me a once-over from top to bottom. It was very reminiscent of the look Draco had given me. He had already realised what Ron had concluded from Draco's statement, and with his calculating look he tried to degrade me. But please, I really have thicker skin than that, sir! Hence, I returned his insulting stare steadfastly and stoically.

In contrast to the others, I knew that Snape could actually see the whore in me!

I could see Ron's face lose colour and his ears flushed pink. Oh, the poor guy. He was getting crushed here between us three, just because we were all somehow on the outs with each other and the two snakes could appreciate the insider joke of the whore.

“Maybe you know your friends better than expected!” The words came viciously out of Snape's mouth and I looked at him in surprise. Draco also fought to maintain his indifferent mask and Blaise closed his eyes resignedly. Crabbe and Goyle laughed stupidly and Ron turned his eyes abruptly to me. Lav squeaked in alarm, clapping her hand over her mouth.

At Snape's insinuation, which he served as his vicious vengeance - but well, everyone had their turn during a game and that was his, making me impossible and spreading rumours about me - I gave him a cold grin. I would have liked to answer him with a stupid retort, but better not. I hadn’t flinched or anything because I knew that's the way to tease Snape's ego the most.

Goddess be thanked, the door of Harry's cabin opened at that moment and he also came out with a heated face. He stared in astonishment at our group and I immediately snatched the reins.

“Ron, it's your turn. You cannot keep her waiting! Sorry, sir, that was a misunderstanding...!” I said, getting astonished looks and a stinging cold one from Snape, who, it seemed, had not yet got over the shame of yesterday and didn’t like my current reaction.

“Hem hem.” We all jerked around when we heard a characteristic hawking and witnessed Umbridge stepping out the door I had just pushed Ron through. “What?” She raised her voice and couldn’t even blink before our group had dispersed.

Apparently, even the Slytherins agreed to escape immediately. Snape made the most impressive exit by swiftly turning on his heel, his robes billowing like big bat wings. Harry and I legged it and ran up the stairs, and even the members of the Inquisitorial Squad headed by Draco sought salvation in flight because not even Draco could stand the croaking toad.

We laughed together as I told Harry about the situation before he came out of the room.

“Do you think Ron will eventually learn to control his temperament? That was deliberate by Malfoy that he led Ron so badly up the garden path,” Harry shook his head sympathetically.

“Of course it was and Ron took a running jump. It was provocative, nothing more,” I shrugged indifferently.

“Well, that’s Ron. As long as you don’t mind. Do you?” Harry said very perceptively for his formerly so exuberant temperament. “How did your talk go?” I shook my head at the first question and then answered the other.

“Mine? Well. Flitwick said I should start a career in politics and thus at the Ministry!” I explained neutrally, smoothing down my ugly pleated school skirt.

“Mh-mh, and would you like to?” Harry asked doubtfully, because he didn’t think much of the Ministry.

“Let’s see… What was it like for you? Why was the toad in your cabin?” I distracted him quickly.

“Well, I don’t know why, but I think because of me. So I just said that I want to be an Auror which the bitch immediately tried to nip in the bud saying that would not be the right job for me and that I was too bad in the subjects. Then McGonagall said she was the one leading the conversation and I would be an excellent Auror and would get better in potions over time... I should just work well for the exams. Then the two just quarreled and that's about it!” he reported and grimaced.

“Gee. I wouldn’t have thought that McGonagall had it in her to flip her lid like that!” The thought amused me immensely. “Oh, say, are you going to tell Ron about Grawp anytime soon?”

“Nope. If it is alright with you, Hermione, then I won‘t. He now had that altercation with the Slytherins pulling him out of seventh heaven. He should rather be happy about his success in Quidditch and not worry about a giant and tomorrow the O.W.L.s start. Or what is your opinion on this?” he replied with uncertainty.

“I think so too. All right, let's keep quiet!” We sealed our agreement with a handshake.

The next morning it was time. Almost all of our classmates were on the verge of a nervous breakdown and everyone was still leafing through their documents quickly and agitatedly. I didn’t think much of such behaviour since I had prepared for it a long, long time ago. Not everyone was as structured as me, I thought scornfully.

In recent days, a black market has flourished with magical stimulants and brain stimulants. I suffered a tantrum in our common room that made the walls shake dangerously. I really imitated the behaviour of the snakes too much. Dominating a house like this usually happened only in Slytherin, but as I said, I suffered a temper tantrum when I found out that these substances were traded at horrendously extortionate prices, and most of these inferior drugs contained ineffective or even toxic, dangerous ingredients.

I rounded up the whole tower with no regard that it was the middle of the night when I came to the bottom of it and gave them a piece of my mind! Some people wanted to protest, going:

“Why are you making such a spectacle of yourself?”

“You are not our boss!”

“Do you think just because you’re involved with Potter you can play the big shot?”

“Exactly! She is just trying to show off.”

“Your holier-than-thou attitude is unbearable!”

I almost saw red. If I didn’t always have myself under control so well, I would have cast some less than nice curses now.

I positioned myself on the landing where the two staircases leading to the dormitories converged so that I had a good view of the whole pack that I had herded into the big room below me. As angry as I was, I didn’t allow their stupid objections. Draco really rubbed off on me and right now I just wanted to have a similarly strong position in my House, but unfortunately there was no such thing in Gryffindor. Too bad, some brain would have done many a world of good. I explained to them in no uncertain terms:

“Even if you don’t like it, you dunderheads, I'm a Prefect and so I have the right, basta! If you don’t want me to go to McGonagall you should now shut up and listen closely!” I acted so resolutely that it shut most of them right up!

If they didn’t respect me, I had to use the power of the office that Dumbledore had kindly awarded me with. And what did they want anyway? After all, my intervention was for their best! I reached into the bag that I had confiscated pulled out the drugs and looked into the rebellious round.

“Do you have any idea what you are taking here?” I exclaimed, getting very worked up. I looked at stupid staring faces that had low intelligence written onto them, I thought viciously and very spitefully.

With some spells, I broke them down into their components and got so horrifying results on most of the ingredients that they made even me stagger while the other students exchanged incomprehensible looks. How stupid and intellectually challenged could one actually be?

I should have let them die in their ignorance, they really didn’t deserve my help, but then I still had a bit of compassion for them somewhere. So I took the most well-known ingredient and bluntly told them what they were consuming here so naively:

“Do you have an idea what doxy dung is. Do you all know?” They all nodded in confirmation and I realised that not all hope was lost because one or two were grimacing in disgust. I rubbed my knowledge with pleasure in their stupid faces.

“The feces are poisonous and therefore dangerous and you take this voluntarily and pay exaggerated prices. The stuff doesn’t just make you sick, it doesn’t even work! I hope you realise that you are voluntarily consuming shit. You eat the digested excrements of little magical critters! Soooo, who still thinks that I want to throw my weight around is welcome to take this stuff. Bon appétit!” I explained furiously. At least everyone was really disgusted with the realisation of what kind of stuff they were consuming. I mean, who likes to swallow shit?

All who were blessed with the intellect of a worm. Some were beginning to choke, others were vomiting and others were breaking out in cold sweat.

So I sat in the midst of the shocked, headless crowd onto whom I had imposed my will and was dwelling on my thoughts. How I would be able to still carry out all my plans and, and, and... I enjoyed it almost spitefully that so many were sick. When I curbed my malice; I always had to consider so many aspects and then these idiots came and ate something like that!

It was annoying that every time I had to teach them to respect me when something had to be done. I saw it coming, at the next scene with Harry or if something happened again, everybody would be whispering again. The Gryffindors really forgot too quickly who they should respect.
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Blow Upon Blow, chapter 85
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