When Hermione Fights
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 Truths, chapter 95

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BeitragThema: Truths, chapter 95   Truths, chapter 95 EmptySa Dez 29, 2018 10:41 am

I forgot last week to link to an architectural design inspired to by chapter 54 one of our readers on AO3 shared with us and gave me permission to show you. Thank you, Bea_Ravendor Smile


Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Nik (& Aivy)

“Hermione, where are you going so fast?” Harry panted breathlessly behind me.

“Shush, Harry, please not now”, I demanded brusquely and hurried to the third floor. Thanks to our daily running and training, Harry and I made good progress without getting out of breath too much. Our stamina was really astonishingly good. Since my dress was a little obstructive, I pulled it up over my thighs without any pretence of shyness and hurried on. Harry was truly amazing today. He didn't ask why, just ran along obediently.

Another positive aspect of Umbridge's death and Professor Dumbledore’s return was that Professor Flitwick had bestirred himself to make the Twin’s previously insurmountable swamp disappear in no time, so the passage and crossing of the corridors was again possible without hassle.

As we entered the hallway where the defence classroom was situated, I put my finger to my lips indicating him to be very quiet. We carefully scampered into the classroom and up the spiral staircase, with me skillfully dissolving the few protective enchantments still lying on the office.

All this happened under Harry’s attentive eyes. When I looked over my shoulder and saw his thoughtful gaze, I couldn’t suppress a harsh laugh at the fact that we found ourselves once more at another break-in. A mischievous grin spread on his face as well, which had held a somewhat annoyed expression since the interview... scratch that, interrogation with the aurors.

He winked at me amusedly and I turned around again so that we could finally get into the office. Finally, the door swung open and we entered quickly. It still looked exactly the same as it had last time and the kittens were meowing non-stop. I would have liked to muzzle their mouths, as they were unbearable.

Harry stopped, looking a bit lost, as he closed the door and a glance back told me that he was thinking about his Floo chat with Kreacher. I turned to the tidy desk and left Harry to his sad thoughts.

I now bent over to the right drawer to check it for spells and curses, preferring to be cautious. I was getting properly pedantic and suddenly understood Snape better than ever.

When I noticed that there was nothing left on it, no more curses and spells, I smiled slightly and pulled the drawer open, only to shove it back in with a bang, cursing loudly.

What a bummer. This stupid toad annoyed me even in death; she was unbearable! That stupid, ugly toad! If I had at least elicited a few sounds of pain from her throat, then I would now be able to bear this more easily; she... ahhh... didn’t deserve such a painless end.

Attentively, Harry stepped up to me.

“What is it, what angers you so much?” he inquired calmly, but also curiously.

“Augh... this disgusting toad,” I spat out. “She put a black curse on her papers so that they self-destruct in case of her death. Shit!” I hissed angrily and kicked the desk with my foot. Ouch!

“I'm not sure what surprises me more: that you are railing at a poor, dead woman who has forcibly departed from this life, or that you know exactly where to look,” Harry replied in a frighteningly cold but also thoughtful way, pushing the frame of his glasses back onto his nose with his index finger, his face pensive.

“Oh, stop it. I'm not stupid. You know it or you suspect it, otherwise, you wouldn't have interrupted me during Dawlish’s interrogation and cheerfully told him that I got captured by the root with you,” I snapped. I was positively furious. This was so annoying! Why had she had to put this fucking curse on the files? I would have loved to have all her records - or at least the information she had on Percy - but it appeared she had taken all her secrets to the grave. This was just too frustrating.

“Of course, I suspect something! Do I look like I am stupid? However, it seems as if you're just impressively confirming it,” he shouted angrily and assumed an aggressive stance, putting both clenched fists at his side.

“Harry, what do you want to hear? ... One thing after the other. I once found some documents here when I was interrupted. There was a file about Percy Weasley in here, something she had against him. I wanted to know what... but she managed even in death to prevent me from knowing.” That annoyed me the most.

“Please don't tell me you did what I suspect you did, please tell me you didn't do it... Please! Hermione,” Harry now pleaded very quietly and scrutinised me sharply.

The air left my lungs in a huff, my anger evaporated and I dropped my head and shook it sadly as I confessed my guilt before Harry. “I can't do that, Harry... I can't do that.”

“Did you actually...?” he echoed so quietly that I barely understood him while I didn't look at him.

“Yes”, my prompt answer didn’t cine loudly but very firmly. I still didn't regret it and would do it again any time, only this time she would scream in pain, I swore to myself.

“Oh God,” I heard him clap his hand over his mouth.

“Not ‘oh God’, thank God! She would have always been a danger to you”, I objected angrily and self-righteously. What could I say? It had always been my concern that my ‘friends’ would judge me self-righteously and arrogantly.

“But... but we shouldn’t do such a thing... that's not good”, he stuttered emotionally. I looked up and fixed him with a hard stare while he paced up and down, ruffling his own hair.

“Oh... but your way is better? You catch the bad guys and the next minute they escape again and slaughter everyone that stands in their way. How many aurors died yesterday in Azkaban? How many, Harry?” I pressed him in a reserved and cold manner, my eyes never leaving him. He stopped abruptly and lifted his eyes towards me with uncertainty.

“Seventeen!” He swallowed visibly and gagged lightly.

“There you have it. Jugson though can't do anything to anyone anymore,” I harshly explained to him what I thought of the Ministry's approach.

“Him too?” His big eyes opened even wider and he shook his head in disbelief.

“Maybe?” I said meekly.

“Hermione, what is happening to us? That's not good. You can't have done that, not my Hermione”, he was aghast and bare horror shone in his green, soulful eyes.

“Harry, I'm still me,” I said fervently, slowly approaching him who eyed me with big, green, totally shocked eyes as if I was a hallucination.

“Yes, you probably are. Isn't that just awful?” he yelled, agitated, but at the same time he pulled me into a surprisingly tight embrace and held onto me resolutely. “What are they turning us into?” he whispered into my hair, sounding defeated, and suppressed his sobs.

“Why?” he asked after a long silence, still pressing himself needily against me as I returned his embrace.

“She wanted to... and did… torture you, ordered the dementor's kiss on you... and most likely much more. What else should I have done?” I explained, convinced that I had done the right thing. He buried his face in my shoulder. Another silence fell until Harry spoke up again:

“I can't approve of what you did...” I felt his hot breath on my neck, his head still resting on my shoulder.

“I'm aware of that. Then it’s over, isn't it?” My words sounded bitter because here all my doubts were brilliantly confirmed.

An endless wave of sadness seemed to roll over me and I withdrew, but he wouldn't let me and pulled me close again.

“...But I also can't say that I'm shedding tears for the old, vicious toad. … I even understand you and have true respect for your courage. I wasn’t even able to take revenge on the murderess responsible for Sirius' death! She was right in front of me. I'm such a pussy...” Harry replied in a trembling voice, deeply moved. That he hadn't caught Bellatrix affected him very much. He groaned quietly and confessed in a whisper and with infinite sadness in his voice, “I am a failure, nothing else. You would have caught Lestrange if you had been there sooner, you would have managed it. You can do all the spells and curses you want. You are so strong and always so sure of yourself... where I am always so insecure.”

I remained silent and listened perplexed.

“You have clearly known for a long time that the distinction between good and evil is not clear ... whether the ministry is good remains to be seen. Just like the question of what Dumbledore is, isn't it? ... Or even my parents - were James’ actions good? Certainly not, and I think the worst thing is that he never realised until his death that it wasn't! Because he would have believed that everything you do unto Slytherins is good! But that is not it, they are people, too, like you and me, with feelings... I see that in Daphne alone... She... she doesn't want that either, but what should we do? We are formed by society and now I have to ask myself, was it good to eliminate such an evil toad? She wasn't finished with us in the forest yet, we both know that,” the words came breathlessly, literally rushed out of him as he poured out his heart to me. He held me by the shoulders, looking firmly into my face.

I was moved and closed my eyes with emotion before I started:

“Oh no, Harry... there's nothing good about that. I'm often afraid of being bad, but I see no other choice... Who helps me, us? And you're right about your question about good and evil. The Ministry headed by Fudge who would like to put us in Azkaban? Dumbledore, whom I always only see when everything is over? Who, Harry? What should I have done?! Because she wouldn't have let us go, she was fanatical,” I justified my actions insistently.

“I know what you mean... We're alone, and it's live or die, regardless”, he acknowledged, disillusioned. Harry's green irises flashed in such a way that a chill ran down my back. What had been happening to this boy in the last days?

“I have to... Will you excuse me, Hermione? I have to think. I must think about everything intensively, about everything! But I will tell you one thing: I love you! Always! No matter what you do! ...”, he said so convincingly earnestly, so completely honestly, that a wave of happiness almost knocked me over. Yet then my bad conscience immediately set in for Harry still didn't know all I had to tell him, not even close.

“Don't say something like that until you know everything,” I requested desperately.

“Good, but that won't change my attitude! You are and remain my sister and I will always love you! ... Everything remains as we have discussed it, okay? But all this... it makes my stomach churn. To suspect something and to know it is two different kettles of fish... I must...! I need rest to process all this! The last days were just too much for me. I know I should discuss everything with you now, but I can't! I have too much on my mind: Sirius, Daphne, you, Fudge, Dumbledore… This is all too much...” he said and he was right, this was all a bit much at once.

“Harry, go to the Hospital Wing, inform the others that they are going to be questioned and tell them to speak the truth, that will distract you. You will have enough time to think until the day I pick you up,” I offered him. We hugged again and I stepped back, giving him the space he asked for. He still seemed to be a little unsteady.

“Yes, you're right. I'll go then. See you later,” he gave me a despondent smile. He took his shrunken invisibility cloak out of his robes and put it on, leaving me alone in this feline infested room.

After Harry's departure, I rubbed my face violently and moaned in suffering. He knew!

In the end, I should be more happy than sad about his reaction. Although, to know that Harry now knew, partly knew what I was doing, didn’t make me proud. Rather it showed once again what I had become and whether I was proud of that was another matter altogether.

I would never have thought Harry would be able to pick things up like that. Well, he was still shocked and I think if he slept over it one night, he would be repulsed. That he had stayed so relatively calm I probably owed to the earth-shattering last few days which seemed to have turned Harry's views and principles all upside down.

I would be the last one to complain about it, though, as I benefited by not losing my best friend. I kept my motto in mind again - take things as they come!

Yes, exactly, now pull yourself together, you have to get out of here... But wait! A little browsing wouldn’t hurt anyone and the headmaster seemed too busy with the visit of the aurors, so I had time. I turned around in circles and took a look at the room.

I systematically walked down the room, as in Rita's apartment, but it seemed as if she had cast this idiotic spell on everything incriminating. Either she had promised confidentiality to her blackmail victims or she wanted to die a hypocrite, only to be mourned all the more. With her, anything was possible. But well, I had the file copies for Fudge and Scrimgeour and I knew that Percy had skeletons in his closet, so that was something... I hesitated in my considerations. What was that?

By the pink récamière, on the small, round side table, was a jewellery box that was not completely closed and the glint from within attracted my attention.

I quickly stepped towards it and knocked the silver lid all the way back, seeing something inside the jewellery box lined with pink velvet. Mhmh... somehow the locket I saw seemed familiar to me and when I lifted it by its delicate silver chain to look at it closely, I recognised it immediately.

But how could Umbridge have come to own it? I knew that I had seen the good piece in a showcase of the salon harbouring the Black family tree. I had thought it would fit in well with the House of Black as there were many snake emblems engraved. I had spent some time in that salon from time to time because the family tree and the branches of the magical families had interested me immensely, the display case having caught my eye. With a tortured sigh, I had felt sorry for the Black family's magical artefacts that would probably fall victim to Molly's cleaning mania. It had been incomprehensible to me but at that time it didn't matter much. These were Sirius' possessions, not mine.

The gem that flashed in the light of the sun's rays falling through the windows had a warm, golden, deep, rich, brown shimmer. It could be a citrine. The stone, cut into octagons and edged in white gold, captured me because of its translucent beauty.

In the middle, a writhing snake had been created with small emerald fragments in the style of the Slytherin symbol. It had been embedded magically. The locket should have been able to be opened, but it didn't wouldn’t budge, as I found out after some unsuccessful attempts. I could feel that it wasn't just a piece of jewellery. The magic that flowed through this jewel was palpable.

You could see that it was ancient since the fine decorations in the white gold belonged to a time long gone and the sign was also clearly the same that Slytherin had used for his coat of arms. I was sure that I was holding the locket from Grimmauld Place in my hands. How had it gotten here? I could only imagine, nibbling on my lip, that it had sprouted wings and flown away. The only one I thought capable of this was Dung, and with this realisation in place, I decided I would send off another letter today. I let the locket slide into my pocket. I would take it with me.

My eyes slid back to the meowing cat plates. I wish they would crumble to ashes, I thought venomously and left the office and the classroom. What a pity, it could have gone so well!
Should I also go to the infirmary?

I didn't know if I really wanted to step back under Harry's eyes now after his insights into what I was doing and who I was. But where should I go instead?

Eventually, I decided to write the letters first and then ask Orange to transport them.

I had to give Harry the space he needed and I had deliberately sent him to his friends because I wanted him to feel their warmth, closeness, and friendship so that he saw that there were adequate alternatives to me.

Under no circumstances, I wanted to force myself on him because, if we are honest, I'm not nice. When people chose me, they didn't necessarily choose the sweet, good and nice side. If anything it was the dangerous and mostly not-nice one. The Twins knew what they were getting into, the snakes in any case, but Harry?

Harry probably knew it too, I admitted to myself on my slow way to the tower, absorbed in my thoughts. Yes, Harry was no longer a stupid little boy. No, Harry had matured into a man under my eyes lately and I had to get used to it and see him as an equal partner, like Draco. ... Well, maybe not quite there yet but on the right way. Yes, he was on the way there.

Like Draco, Harry was a person who could lead. Other than Draco, he didn’t want it or demanded it as vehemently but people followed Harry all the same.

Where they followed Draco because he showed power, strength and cruelty and they sought protection and success in his shadow, people followed Harry because he apparently also had and showed power, but also compassion and willingness to make sacrifices. In Harry's shadow one also sought protection, but one also found a feeling of security.

Hence, I had to give Harry time and space so that he would consciously make the decisions that would determine his life. In any case, he had to replenish his strength for my next revelations concerning the Malfoy family. That would be something, I thought ironically.

I felt sorry for myself and also for Harry. I had never wanted to put him before such a choice. I stepped through our portrait, sighing and groaning deeply.

Quickly, I ran up to my dorm and fetched parchment and ink when I remembered that I should stow the locket away safely in my trunk. I was sure that it was very valuable when I looked at it again, lost in thought, as it had only been made of the finest materials. I put it in my jewellery box which I had protected with some less than friendly magic. When I rose to leave the dorm, was it just me, or did I feel much lighter again and not as melancholic?

Which was odd, I had to admit to myself! I wondered if the magic of the locket had anything to do with it.

Well, I would keep it in mind but I guess I wouldn't solve the mystery so quickly. I ran into the common room and sat down at one of the tables. Unlike the Slytherins, who had their own desks in their rooms, we had to make do with the tables in the common room. Wasn't that discrimination?

More and more chatting Gryffindors came in and gave me doubtful looks. I felt sorry for these curious children who apparently didn't have a life story of their own, choosing to obsess over mine instead.

I first wrote the letter asking the Twins to corner Dung in the most loving way and to ask him if he had stolen the snake amulet from the family tree room at Grimmauld Place. I formulated it as a very urgent request. Let's see how quickly they got and delivered the information. I was intrigued.

To Rita, I had delivered a long, detailed report about the fight in the Ministry, about our attackers and about Dumbledore's fight against the Dark Lord.

I briefly described Umbridge's death and the circumstances that led us to go into the woods and the current investigation into her death, which Harry had been the focus of, though I discreetly failed to mention my doings. After all, I was nothing to the general public and that was a good thing. With that thought, I sealed this letter and leaned back with a delightful smile.

Already, I could see tomorrow's headlines in front of me!

I got up and blinked perplexed when I noticed that the whole room looked at me very excitedly. I returned their rebellious staring. I was not intimidated by this open display of curiosity and walked self-confidently to the exit but Lavender dared to approach me bravely and stood in my way.

“Hey, Hermione, tell us, what's going on lately?” She was nauseatingly curious but also terribly courageous.

“What do you mean?” I asked indifferently.

“All this, this Ministry thing and now the... that there are aurors investigating,” she pried further and revealed a slightly stubborn expression.

“Well, you mustn't ask me, ask Fudge,” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Oh, and what was that yesterday with Dumbledore? We should be glad that he's back!” She defended our oh-so-highly acclaimed headmaster fiercely.

“Did I say something? He's better than Umbridge,” I explained, only because he truly was better than the toad.

“No, no! You mustn’t say the name of a recently deceased person so disrespectfully,” she reprimanded me anxiously, showing what kind of dishonest person she was.

“What, why? What could the toad possibly do to me now? In the worst case, I would probably encounter her as a ghost, however, it looks like she preferred to leave the earth forever,” I thanked the goddess very much.

“Oh, you are so disrespectful, Hermione, I don't know you like this,” she cried out. Really, gossip-mongering and ranting every day and now pretending that Umbridge had been a nice person. How stupid.

“That's all right. If you'll excuse me?” I really had no desire to have such daft, time-wasting conversations.

“No, wait! So what was that about challenging Dumbledore?” I guess she wouldn't let it go. I rolled my eyes, slightly annoyed.

“No comment, I can't say anything about that, sorry,” I replied coldly.

Good luck with that, girl, I won't tell you anything. If even the aurors couldn't get anything out of me, you certainly won't manage it, I thought scornfully.

“Oh, because, as you say, you know so much. Aren’t you making yourself out to be a bit too important? That isn’t good for our reputation,” she explained crudely. Ah, so now she was putting forward the reputation of our House. Ridiculous. A disparaging sound escaped me.

“Mhm, that may be,” I let her believe what she wanted.

I left the tower behind me and hurried to the owlery.

What a stupid bitch! I couldn’t understand what Ron saw in her... I rushed to the west tower where the owlery was and entered the round stone building. It had countless glassless windows so that the owls could hunt at any time. I looked around for Orange; she spotted me with her unique eyes and rose into the air to land on one of the wooden beams in front of me, stretching her little foot invitingly as I tied both letters.

“Hello, Orange, the first letter goes to the beetle, but only to her, understand? Then, fly to the Twins in the cottage; there you’ll wait until they come home in the evening and then stay with them. I'll come to the cottage during the holidays, too, understand, sweetie?” I asked her and she nipped my finger tenderly, rose elegantly into the air and fluttered through one of the windows into the open, quickly getting smaller in the fading light of dusk.

On the way back, I walked slower and gazed at the sight of Hogwarts. I wouldn't see this beautiful castle for almost three months. The sight of a big figure tore me out of my thoughts and I saw Hagrid stomping towards the main entrance and I went to intercept him.

“Hagrid, you are back again? How so? Harry will be happy,” I beamed up to the half-giant and was glad to see him intact and he was also outright glowing. I realised that he didn't look as battered as he did last time. “Where have you been hiding?”

Hagrid beamed broadly at me with his bearded face and laid his finger on his mouth, miming silence, and whispered:

“Don’t tell anyone, but I stayed in the mountain cave Sirius used as a hide-out!”

“Ah... well done, Hagrid,” I praised.

“Thank you, but now that Professor Dumbledore is back, everything is back to normal,” he hummed contentedly.

“But say, Hagrid, what about Grawp? The centaurs had a disagreement with him,” I pointed out and had to rush to keep up with his pace.

“Oh, yes, I know, but they've both calmed down and now, they get along! Since I was away and am now here again, Grawp has become quite sociable. He is happy that I am back!” I doubted this point of view, but if this made Hagrid happy, please, I wouldn't stand in his way. After all, Grawp had saved us from the angry horsies.

“Will you come with me to the Hall for dinner, Hermione?” he asked and I nodded. Since breakfast, this would be the first time I got something to eat today. I really wondered where the day had gone.

Together, we stepped through the double doors. Since this was Hagrid's first appearance after his spectacular escape from Umbridge and the Aurors, it was not a stretch to say that I was back in the limelight. Again. On the inside, I grimaced as if I were chewing on a lemon. Gee, if things went on like this I'd have to skip all my meals. However, Hagrid seemed to benefit from my support as he knew that his escape had made the rounds.

When I noticed that our friends had been discharged and were under siege by the lions - the same seemed to happen to Luna at the Ravenclaw table, who would usually be off to the side - I registered Harry's annoyed glare in the distance under the strands of hair falling into his face. He looked peeved.

When he looked up and saw both of us, joy seeped into his bad-tempered gaze.

He rose up after drawing Ron's attention to Hagrid and approached us to greet the half-giant with relief.

“Hagrid, how nice to see you,” Harry said happily.

“Likewise, likewise and thank you for taking care”, he said affably and ambiguously because of Grawp. He went waving towards the professor’s table and left behind a dumb-looking Harry, who hadn’t understood the statement.

“He's apparently more sociable since the centaurs and because of the happiness that Hagrid is back,” I explained the cryptic statement quickly in a whisper. When Harry still blinked doubtfully at me,I shrugged my shoulders.

“Ron, how nice that you're all really out here! How are you?” As we sat down, he pulled me into an honest hug, which pleased very few, especially Lav.

“Thank you, quite well. The others too. You see how Ginny has been taken over by Dean and her classmates and Neville couldn't save himself from Seamus, Lavender and Parvati, but they're all back to health. Only Neville limps a little bit because of his nerves, but it will get better, Pomfrey said,” he explained readily and I nodded.

“And you?” I asked worriedly.

“Thank you. I’m good, but this will remain!” He pulled the sleeves of his shirt up and looked sadly at his arms because from now on he too would be a marked man forever. He revealed long, still reddened scars where the tentacles had cut themselves firmly into his skin. It really didn't look nice, but he could be happy. I let him know that the one Death Eater who had gotten them on his head and whom no one had helped, looked quite different.

“You know, Hermione, sometimes your understanding of humour can be really cruel,” Ron said listlessly as he hid his arms under the fabric again in reply to my attempt to put a positive spin on the situation.

Harry, who spoke little and glanced only here and there the whole time, chuckled at that statement and I was tempted to give him a sharp look.

“How did the interrogations go?” I asked, but since Ron was busy scooping mashed potatoes into his mouth with a spoon in a rather less than sophisticated way, Harry replied for him.

“Well, everything went fine. Our friends made their statements and told the truth about Umbridge's threat and her confession regarding the dementors. Then Dawlish took off with his cloak billowing and looked really angry. Tonks gave us all a happy wink and nothing more. As to what the Slytherins said, I don't know, but look at them, they're sitting there as always,” Harry explained and nodded to them and his gaze landed on a very specific person just as my coin began to glow. At once, I let my gaze wander to Draco who just lifted his eyebrow slightly. I got up almost immediately.

“If you'll excuse me, we'll see each other in the tower. l have to go somewhere for a moment,” l informed them and both nodded. I left the hall behind me and dashed towards the alcove in the dungeons that Draco and I used most of the time and waited.

I leaned against the cool dungeon wall and felt how I began to freeze in my thin dress but before I could cast a Warming Spell, I heard footsteps clattering on the floor and noticed how the light was covered by a tall man.

“Draco,” I breathed delightedly. In no time, he was on me and pressed me even more against the wall.

“Hello, my Mudblood,” he greedily kissed my lips and ended it reluctantly, but still pressed his body against mine.

“How was your interrogation?” I asked huskily, put my arms around his neck and played with the tips of his hair.

“Well, we told the truth about what we witnessed in the office. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? The truth?”

“Yes, exactly, wonderful! And what did Dawlish do?” I was very curious.

“Oh, he couldn't believe it and asked us if we knew that we were helping Gryffindors! And I replied for us that he had demanded the truth before and that he now got it and that we are not lying!” Now he chuckled very meanly, “You should have seen the face of that Dawlish. He turned red like a howler and struggled to breathe, he could hardly hold onto his composure. The fact that Umbridge did all this - which she did - really seemed to shock him. Also, the other two lackeys barely keep their calm. All amateurs! If I were their boss, I would have fired them long ago,” it came contemptuously from him.

“Yes, idiots... Anyhow... Harry knows, Draco!” I changed the subject for it still bothered me.

“What does he know?”

“That I killed Umbridge...” I explained briefly.

“Really...? That's... not good,” he echoed in disbelief and stroked my cheek reassuringly.

“He... he shocked me. He gave me an alibi. He lied on purpose, Draco! He suspected it and lied. He spoke over me and said that we had both been held by a root,” I described the shocking events to him in a rush.

“Hats off to him. I wouldn't have believed that the hypocritical lion had it in him. Most likely, he only did it for you; for that, he deserves my respect, for standing by you. It must have shocked him very much what you did, my ice-cold darling,” he looked at me with pride.

“Yes, I was also amazed and he remained relatively controlled when I confirmed his suspicion... I was... I was afraid to lose him because of it,” I quietly admitted, licking my dry lips.

“If he was such a complete fool to give you up, he wouldn’t deserve it any other way but I can assure you that won’t happen. The fool loves you, as hard as it is for me to admit it. When you came through the door with the oaf of a giant his face lit up and believe me, he only looks like that at you or Daphne. He isn’t good at wearing masks,” he told me his observations which were very accurate again and gave me hope.

“And you are the master of looking behind them,” I teased him a little.

“Didn’t I tell you? You are very adaptive and clever,” he now grinned slyly.

“I think it will be very exciting when I get Harry out of his prison,” I quietly confessed.

“I hope that when he sees me, he has a stroke,” Draco proclaimed meanly. I saw his white teeth flashing in the weak light of the alcove.

When he pressed close to me with a groan and I could feel his excitement all too well against my stomach, a wicked smile escaped me.

“Were you afraid or worried about the interrogation?” I wanted to know because the way he behaved I rarely experienced him.

“I am constantly worried about you! Show me a student who in the last fifty years has managed to be interrogated by aurors in their school days?” Where he was right he was right, and so I hungrily locked my lips with his and pulled him close to me, moaning wantonly into the demanding kiss as I heard footsteps again and Draco froze. We stayed like that until he or she continued on their way without bothering us.

“Where were we, Mudblood?” he looked at me lustfully and I laughed at him as his hands already pawed my chest.

“I think you wanted to taste me, but we have a problem. I can't, my Pureblood, no time. So I shall see you tomorrow on the train,” I said my goodbyes and gave the surprised Draco a big smack on the mouth.

I had him totally stunned. I wriggled like a snake through his arms, ran to the secret passageway and as I turned back towards him, I saw his frightening grin which let me understand that I would probably regret that I had just... yes, abandoned him with a clearly visible tent in his trousers.

But I only gave him a cheerful chuckle, disappeared behind the portrait and ran to the Tower. One should never make it too easy for a Malfoy.
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