When Hermione Fights
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 Life at the Manor, chapter 102

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Life at the Manor, chapter 102 Empty
BeitragThema: Life at the Manor, chapter 102   Life at the Manor, chapter 102 EmptySa Aug 03, 2019 4:25 am

Chapter beta: Olivia
Chapter translator: Aivy

Back at the manor, he showed me all the rooms on the ground floor. Among them was the ballroom in the middle of the huge manor, which surpassed everything I had ever seen in splendour and opulence.

Forget the Ministry. It was really pathetic compared to this. What I saw now was simply deeply impressive. A bright high-gloss parquet with dark inlays, which formed ornaments on the floor, made the dance hall very noble. The walls were white and there was a showy, luxuriant, shiny, golden stucco in a massive, baroque style, which was simply overwhelming. The pompously overloaded walls were interrupted only by rounded, floor-to-ceiling mullioned windows, which allowed plenty of light into the wide hall.

Only the gallery seemed to have survived from the Middle Ages. In the rear part of the hall it protruded high up from the rear wall. At the same time there was an estrade in the middle, in front of a window. This was a podium on which a white, noble grand piano stood, waiting for someone to play its keys and elicit a full melody from them. Next to the grand piano stood a golden harp, which rounded off the picturesque image. I could vividly imagine the Malfoy family celebrating a ball here. It was an exhilarating vision.

A huge, allegorical, colourfully painted ceiling showed Merlin and Morgana and told their story, which I found very captivating, as the painted people also moved here. I enjoyed the magic that surrounded me to the full.

I stood in the middle of the room, looking fascinated at the ceiling with my head tilted back. Suddenly, I felt Lucius approaching me from the front and bringing his lower body close to mine. His hand grabbed my hip at lightning speed, which immediately made my head swivel around. Now I could stare at his male chest. He was physically much too close to me. Out of instinct, I had put my hands up against his chest and now I felt a tingling sensation in them when I touched him so intimately and he was so clearly too close to me.

Very slowly, I looked up at him with my mouth slightly dry to see his smug, smiling face. Then I could watch him flick his fingers casually and the harp and the piano began playing as if magically guided. A gentle waltz melody in soft tones suddenly floated through the hall and in the acoustically balanced room they were able to unfold their full timbre.

My eyes got really big when he released my hip to grab my hand immediately. He pulled it from his chest; it now lay in his hand, which seemed so much larger than mine as he began to sway me to the beat of the melody.

While he was still making the first slow dance steps with me, he placed my other hand gallantly on his shoulder and put his hand lightly on my shoulder blade. He had brought me into a perfect dance posture with just a few movements. Only the proper dance distance was not maintained; he held me much too close.

I was too taken by surprise by his noblesse and participated obediently, let him lead me and couldn't really react. Swaying, in the slow up and down of the three-four time of the waltz, we floated across the floor. Gallantly, he pushed me in front of him, setting every step without haste, exactly in time. He deliberately danced his steps forward with his right foot between my feet and the closer he pulled me, the closer his leg came to me when he stepped towards me. He intended to get close to me in a very lascivious and and not quite respectable way. I found it difficult to swallow. The atmosphere slowly but surely became more and more charged. It was almost sparking when we approached each other united in the dance.

He was a perfect dancer and skillfully whirled me across the dance floor like a master. Thank the goddess, I had once had dance lessons - though my repertoire was limited to the waltz and a few other dances - otherwise this would have been embarrassing. After the course had ended at that time, I had fled back to karate training, as that was definitely more to my liking! But now it helped me not to look completely ridiculous.

While I was exposed to his unreadable glances, being led and pushed across the parquet floor by him, I felt his strong arms snaking around me, holding me possessively, feeling his hand lying so firmly in my back, and that made me actually feel hot.

However, I tried to suppress every visible reaction. I played along, simply enjoying having a huge hall all to ourselves and listening to the beautiful melody, and letting myself get spun in circles. I noticed how the distance between us was getting less and less, how he was drawing me closer and closer to himself. I was getting hotter and hotter and that was exactly what he was trying to do with his provocative demeanor.

When we were finally only a hair's width apart, I could feel his muscles loosening and tightening under the layers of fabric. He steered me, held me, so that now I, too, had to put my foot between his feet in perfect sequence. Thus, my naked leg came to stand briefly between his again and again.

I felt the fabric of his trousers scraping roughly against my skin. He seemed to enjoy having pulled me so close to him. He indulged in the fact that he could come even closer to me by provocatively placing his leg between mine again and again in time with the waltz, albeit only for a very short time. I was feeling increasingly warmer. This calculating snake knew exactly what he was doing!

I felt his thigh dangerously high on mine. Since he was a good bit taller than me and made elegant, long dance steps, I felt not only some fabric of his trousers on the naked skin of my leg, but also his firm, muscular thigh almost provocatively close to the center between my legs.

He smirked when he noticed my reaction as I couldn't prevent looking astonished for a brief moment. His hand now slowly slipped off my shoulder blade, abandoning the proper dance posture here as well. He moved it to my hip, staying above my bottom, thereby almost turning this social dance into a Spanish tango by making sure that not only was my chest very close to his, but with the position of his hand he also gained control over the rest of my upper body.

He led me unimaginably erotically, wickedly and seductively. It was just as well that I wasn’t so easy to impress. He locked his gaze with mine and tried to captivate me with his presence.

When the last tones had faded away, we, and especially I, stopped a little breathlessly and he detached himself from me with lascivious deliberation. Smiling, I looked at him when he breathed a kiss on my hand again in perfect form.

"Thank you for the dance, my Lord!” I gave him a flirtatious flick of my lashes and sank into a slight curtsey. I breathed a little deeper, not because I had no more breath, but because Lucius was damn good at what he did and how he did it. The manipulator was just too imaginative!

This dance had not passed me without leaving a trace.

"I am happy that you liked it! You are good," he purred and passion shone in his dark grey eyes; they looked like liquid silver. It seemed that the dance hadn't left him cold either. I laughed easily.

It probably confused him that I managed to interact with him relatively casually, but I wasn't afraid. I liked him, just as I liked Snape. It was confusing.

"I hope we will have the chance to have fun more often," he said ambiguously and quietly. I said it, from this mouth everything sounded dangerous. In addition, there was this intense look from those illegible grey eyes. I shuddered lightly to push back the goose bumps that wanted to spread over my skin.

"Well, Lucius, what else do you have to offer in your home?" I hurriedly distracted him and he generously allowed it.

"Hermione, this is now your home too, never forget that!" - What did I say? Again this mysteriousness, this threat from him, as if I could never escape again - "And now come, it is already late, you must see another room that should impress you!" He beckoned me to follow him.

Obediently and intrigued, I walked beside him along the long, endless corridors. At the rear end, on the ground floor on the left side, he magically opened both wings of a double door thanks to the casual movement of his hand and revealed paradise on earth to me:

The Malfoys' library, which extended over two huge floors.

Wow, was it gorgeous! All of the walls were furnished with noble shelves made of cherry wood polished to a high gloss and elaborately decorated with gold on the sides. In the middle, everything was open, enabling you to look up to the second floor with its elaborate railings, and the ceiling ending further up which, like the ceiling in the Great Hall in Hogwarts, reflected the sky from outside.

The old, valuable folios stood seductively on their place in rows and columns and unmistakably called me by name. I felt that I could hardly suppress my desire to freely roam here and turned to Lucius with an honest smile.

However, he once again stood extremely close to me and I flinched slightly.

"You are outright beaming, my dear," he whispered quietly, while I felt his finger grazing my cheek. I forced myself not to retreat any further at this touch.

Finally, he put his whole palm to my cheek. I skillfully tried to subdue the heat that overflowed me at the skin-to-skin contact. He was a seducer and the complacent line of his mouth revealed that he knew about his effect.

"Do you like it?" he asked silkily.

Speechless, I just nodded, unconsciously leaning into his hand.

"I hope, should I leave you here alone, that you will be able to cope with the books about dark magic, won't you?" he wanted to hear, sounding rather rhetorical, so that I began to smile back with an almost cynical grin. That made him frown. But I didn't say anything else, because those were the books I really wanted to read in order to close the fulminant gaps in my knowledge.

He apparently reconsidered and didn't ask why or what I was so happy about. Abruptly, he leaned forward and brought his face close to mine.

Surprised, I held my breath as he slowly put his soft lips on my cheek again and kissed me sensually. How could Lucius breathe so much lascivious eroticism and seductive tension into such a superficial act of courtesy?

Slowly, he detached himself from me. He had continued to embrace my cheek with his hand on the other side, which he now pulled back just as slowly, gently stroking his fingertips over my skin until the end and then stepped away from me. When no part of Lucius touched me any longer, I suddenly longed for closeness, which I forbade myself to do. I should not make his manipulation succeed so easily.

"You're leaving me, Lucius?" I asked with mild disappointment that I tried to quash.

"Unfortunately, my dear, but I have an appointment to keep. Minister Fudge wishes to have tea with me," he explained gallantly, showing regret. I grimaced slightly when hearing the name.

"You don't like him?" he enquired appraisingly and one of his elegant eyebrows lifted fractionally.

"Yes. I don't like this man" I confirmed with brutal honesty.

"Well, believe me, Hermione, he is an important man. Even if he is misplaced in the position he occupies," he explained, unexpectedly friendly.

"I agree with you, Lucius," I relented quickly. It was also my opinion, after all. I would just never announce it out loud.

"Darling, I hope you will not be bored. If you need anything, call the elves! They will always serve you," he said, bowing his head gracefully and lightly to say goodbye. I reciprocated. Then, he turned around briskly and walked stately out of the room with a straight back.

I looked after him obliviously and shook my head. If I weren't careful around him, he could really turn my head with his charming, seductive manner. He radiated an incredible presence of which I became doubly conscious as he left the room for he left an unfillable void behind.

He was simply impossible to overlook when he was there. But actually, I was more interested in what was behind that artificial mask. Who was Lucius? The real Lucius, not this beguiling Casanova he had played for me so far.

Because are we honest, who ever had seen such a watered-down version of Lucius? Did he really think I had forgotten how he had behaved at the ball or in the DoM when he had demanded to hold me in pledge? Please, I would never forget that! I found it exciting how many faces he could wield so perfectly. Wasn't he losing himself over it?

He had been a completely different man in those moments. Just as he wanted to be. His performance today was an unbelievable achievement because he had behaved convincingly from start to finish. The only problem for him was that I wouldn't fall for it.

He underestimated me, must have thought me a stupid, easy to manipulate child who played with fire. He was supposed to. If he did, he would burn himself, but I would not. I mean, I had a tiny problem thanks to Lucius' dance routine - for example that I urgently needed a very cold shower, as I said, the man knew what he was doing, he was a Malfoy - but still I wouldn't let him push me to do anything I didn't want to do!

Eventually, I turned my mind to the library that was a work of art in its own right, even without the impressive books it contained. Many of them were also art and that always managed to cool my thoughts. They immediately became icy cold.

The magnificent volumes were bound in leather, decorated with gold and enamel, or, in the case of the dark books, covered with human skin and written with blood. When I took out such a skin-covered book, I felt the smooth material under my fingers and I knew that many girls would now throw the book into a corner in disgust.

But I only thought of how I had pawed the Inferi and could only give it a tired smile. Living dead were another category than dead skin. It reminded me more of leather anyway, only the pallor didn't fit into the picture. Well, can you guess what the highly interesting book that hadn't been in the Black Library was about? Exactly, about necromancy! It was exciting, because from the moment I had dipped my toe in the subject, it seemed to fascinate me and never let go.

I was simply overwhelmed. So let's be honest, I had been well-off before, but now I was really living like a princess in the greatest luxury possible. It was just difficult to believe. Nevertheless, I was aware that I had to be careful that the three men didn't lock me in a golden cage. Because one thing was clear: I had never experienced such possessive, jealous and suspicious men as these three Slytherins. They were all consuming, demanding, each in his own way, and the time ahead would be a real test for my ability to stand my ground.

In the late afternoon, an elf appeared and served me a tray with a small snack on it. He didn't say anything, but I thanked him nicely, which quickly made the little being flee. Lucius seemed to have given explicit instructions, but I wouldn't argue about something like that.

I explored the upper floors of the library and there I found something very interesting at the top, in the back corner of a shelf. It was a real treasure of a special kind. I discovered a book with the floor plans of the Manor.

It was a gem. As hidden as it had been, nobody had probably paid attention to it for decades, but I immediately recognized its value and found it more than exciting. I carried the square, gigantic book to a table like a relic and began to carefully unfold the yellowed, interfolded pages and looked at everything carefully.

I spent a lot of time on this and worked my way through it thoroughly, while I my smile continued to widen with each passing minute. It was extremely fascinating, because thanks to the repeated subsequent structural changes, almost all the walls seemed to be hollow walls that had been used as secret passages in earlier times, just like in old castles. The wallpaper doors here were again magical secret entrances that gave you access to the corridors. How incredibly exciting and interesting. Did Draco know about all these winding corridors?

How good that I had felt at home in such old libraries for years and found a worm in the ground like a bird with blind certainty, because what I held in my hands was particularly valuable to me.

And since I was honest with myself, it was already clear to me: I did not intend to indulge in Lucius' tyranny. It had to be well planned so that I could disappear when I wanted and not as Lucius ordered. The plans that now lay before me offered me the perfect opportunity to work out escape routes.

What I learned showed me that an unnoticed escape from within the walls of the Manor was no impossibility. Good Lucius probably underestimated me too much. He just made it very easy for me, because he probably only thought with his cock. But well, had anyone said that I couldn't exploit it for myself and my purposes? Had I ever claimed I was nice?

The fact that the three of them were beating their heads in over me could even be quite convenient for me. It would be exhausting, but it was worth considering to play the game that way because there were no rules here, fouls had to be taken into account! It wouldn't change my feelings.

These oh-so interesting documents would help me to gather a piece of information or two. Conscientiously, I copied everything, shrinking the resulting documents and then carried everything back. After that, I made my way to Draco's room. It was already late and I wanted to rest a bit. Running through the park for hours had been nice, but now I wanted to relax a bit, because somehow I felt tired and exhausted. The last days really seemed to have eaten away at my condition. But too much had happened in a very short time.

I was lying in bed in Draco's suite reading a harmless book when he opened the door and came in. I had left the door between the two rooms open and Draco hadn't looked into the bedroom yet, so I could observe him start unbuttoning his jacket, standing in front of his secretary, shaking his head. I put my book on the bedside table and watched my boyfriend as the setting sunset bathed him in a romantic light.

Before I could rise, he stood in the door and looked at me in astonishment. Apparently, he hadn't expected to find me here and a slightly bitter expression appeared on his face alongside a frown.

"Draco?" I asked uncertainly and put my feet on the carpet.

"You’re here!" he proclaimed coldly, his face an impenetrable mask. It showed nothing, no feeling, no emotion, absolutely nothing; it could have been made out of marble.

"Where else would I be?" I asked at first, slightly perplexed, only to feel the bubbling of an ascending geyser inside me the next moment, as I drew my conclusions about his behaviour. Therefore, with painstakingly suppressed anger, I added: "You think I would be sharing Lucius' bed?"

"I would never think that!" he hissed mockingly and bitterly.

"Liar, that was exactly what you thought. Why, Draco? Why don't you trust me anymore?" I roared furiously, while he somehow slumped in on himself.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe because you never listen to me? First you question my decision yesterday regarding the way I informed Father, then you still want to go to the will reading although I said no and then you have a nice day with Father and I can vividly imagine everything he did!" Draco spat out. Well, I never...! He was almost red-eyed with jealousy. Can you believe that?

For the first time, he let me see just how much I meant to him and that also meant a lot to me. But that didn't give him the right to decide for me and Draco had to learn that.

Hence, I walked resolutely towards the raging Draco.

"Draco, we have a relationship, all well and good, but I won't let you stick your oar in, understood? Never! Because what I have to do is too important. Don't get all puffed up. Bury your aversion towards Sirius, because he is dead, damn it, and I say that for the last time. And concerning your father: settle that with him and not with me..." I explained to him rigorously and angrily. It really interested me what frightened him so much, therefore I asked at the end: "What about Lucius makes you so afraid?"

Did he trust me so little?

"Pah... I am not afraid of Father!" he spat out disparagingly and I didn't believe a word he said, which showed clearly on my face.

"Then why don't you trust me and don't expect me to be here in your bed, instead insinuating with a mortuary expression that I had landed in Lucius'?" My temper flared up. His distrust hurt me, I had to admit.

"I... I... Oh... He always gets what he wants, that's just the way it is!" he threw out spitefully, but he didn't seem so sure anymore and struggled for words. What a change of mood.

"Oh Draco... The only thing I can promise you is that I won't voluntarily end up where you already see me!" I made it unmistakably clear and underlined this with a final gesture.

"That would also be better for you!" he hissed angrily. "What did he do then? Did he feel you up?" he enquired agitatedly.

Then he suddenly stepped towards me, embraced my upper arms and forced me to look at him.

"Draco!" I rebuked. I actually found him quite loveable in his jealousy. "Don't pretend you haven't slept with other women in your life! You knew I was no longer a virgin, so don't try to make me into one," I stated bluntly. "And I know, even if you don't tell me, that whenever you are away from Hogwarts you've... well, you know... a woman or two! Don't deny it!"

I didn't want to say it out loud because thanks to Snape I knew how a woman felt in a situation like that. However, I had hid the mark and thereby sidetracked the conversation away from Lucius. Didn't I know it? He had fucked once or twice on these evening meetings. What did I feel?

Well, no jealousy, because I knew he hated it and didn't want it. After all, as a non-Death Eater, he didn't have any rights. Also, he would have to ascend to the inner circle before he could decide anything. Thus, I actually felt more sorry for him. He also visibly had a guilty conscience, as the storm in his light grey eyes conveyed to me.

"Draco, you know we both do what has to be done. That doesn't change anything in our relationship!" I pointed out. But he was probably still thinking about his previous statement, or didn't want to say anything about what I had stated and now deflected gallantly. Oh well, I had also diverted his attention before.

"What has Lucius done with you?" he demanded to know again and thus came back to the subject and I let him, conceding with a groan.

"Nothing... he was charming and surprisingly reserved... We danced in the ballroom!" I confessed quietly, while understating shamelessly.

"Danced. Oh, so he was quite charming and reserved then? He didn't get too close to you? Am I supposed to believe that? If so, then it's all just tactics! All just tactics!" he fervently explained to me as if I didn't know that myself.

But it was a good question. Had Lucius come close to me? Well, his leg had clearly been too close between mine, but I quickly deflected.

"And what should I have done? You are the one who always says: 'Whatever you wish'," I parroted Draco angrily.

It flashed dangerously in Draco's eyes. Oh, Draco was dangerous, no question, but I wasn't defenseless.

"Why should I behave differently towards Father when I get what I want sooner like that? That he lets you go to Gringotts is only because he was able to get one over on me and he hopes to get you faster that way," he continued, accusingly, but also contritely and looked at me insistently.

"And you think I am so cheap? Or do you think I am intellectually challenged and blind? He tries to play us off against each other," I showed him with a wolfish grin that I had seen through the game, and also that I was above it.

"No, damn it! But I know how irresistible he can be! And if we want to get through that... together, then we mustn't argue, we must stick together!" he shouted desperately and I laughed out loud.

Draco was really afraid that I would fall for Lucius, because they resembled each other, externally as well as internally. But I wasn't that superficial!

"Shall I show you what I find irresistible?" I went right up to him and grabbed his shirt with the high collar, roughly ripping it in two. The buttons went flying when I ripped the shirt open and revealed his pale, smooth chest. I licked my lips joyfully, stroking his chest with my nails, noticing how the anticipation was reflected in his eyes.

I grasped his neck possessively, put my hand firmly on the 'H' that I had burned into the skin and didn't avert my eyes from his during that time. I increased the pressure on his neck so that he had to lower his head, which he did willingly, until we were so close that our noses touched, then I whispered forcefully, while the eye contact with him never broke off:

"Don't forget, you are also marked!" I kept stroking my fingers over the slightly raised 'H'. "I certainly didn't do it just for revenge because you marked me. It has a meaning and you know that!"

He understood it, I recognized it in his eyes, that were sparking. Because our marks connected us forever, someway!

All of a sudden, he reacted, freeing himself from our stupor. He now grabbed my hair with little tenderness and pulled me into a possessive kiss. We were very passionate as we kissed so demandingly. I wove my hands into his silky hair, pulled it rudely. We ripped our clothes off in a hurry, for it couldn't go fast enough for us.

I heard the tearing of fabric as we crudely disposed of the disturbing textiles. We still had this pent-up anger in us, but we released it in our passion and lust. We weren't gentle now, neither of us. We scratched and bit and when I landed naked on the bed, he grabbed my knees and pushed my legs up to my shoulders. His hands remained there, pressing my knees firmly against my chest. How good that I was nimble.

I could only grin wickedly as he towered over me and his white-blonde hair framed his face in tangles. He also gave me a diabolical grin, before he sank deeply into me in a single push to the base.

At that moment, I just screamed and enjoyed feeling him so deeply. He picked up a fast rhythm, hammering into me faster and faster until both of us couldn't take it anymore and loudly proclaimed our completion.

I could only hear him mumbling "Mine" over and over again until we fell asleep, intertwined.

That had been what I needed because the emotional tension had had to find an outlet. I hoped to be able to fully relax tomorrow. Thanks to Lucius' schedule, I knew that our training would start on Thursday and it would get late again on Wednesday.

In the morning of the next day, I asked Draco to tell Lucius that I wasn't feeling well and that I would spend the rest of the day in the suite. This caused Draco to worry right away, but I was able to calm him down. Less worried, he left me to keep his appointment. Around noon, he wanted to return and mother me, as I acknowledged with amusement.

But I hadn't lied because I was really tired and allowed myself time out. I slept for a long time and took the time to process everything I had lost and everything I had won. I no superman, only very strong-willed. I also had to be able to reflect once and I took that time today.

When I got up and brushed my teeth, took a shower and ate a light breakfast, I wore only my silky negligee with very thin spaghetti straps. It was a lush green adorned with cream-coloured, elaborate lace. All in all, it was beautiful. Today, I actually intended to hide, to take a day off, because admittedly, I felt comfortable here and enjoyed being alone.

I had made myself comfortable in the armchair in front of the fireplace and was reading the copies of the floor plans, memorizing the different paths and entrances when I heard the door opening quietly. I reacted reflexively quickly, throwing the papers into the flickering fireplace in a high arc. The flames engulfed them and devoured them hungrily. Within seconds, the sheets of paper curled and crumbled to ashes. Just in time!

I looked up with an emphatically friendly look and saw Lucius standing at the door. While he was stepping into the middle of the room, I got up from the armchair. That's what you do when the boss enters. I felt minimally sorry for myself, because all these rules were annoying. I felt his appreciative look on my nightgown and I knew he knew very well that I was not wearing anything under it.

"You're not coming down today?" he asked then somehow roughly and I bit my tongue lightly to look serious while brushing a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"No, I'm in need of a day just for me. I want to relax because tomorrow will be exciting and you want us to start training on Thursday. I thought I could rest for a day," I explained calmly, trying not to get restless under his gaze as he slowly approached me, but then stopped again.

"Do you feel sick?" he enquired. Meanwhile, he eyed me openly from top to bottom, his sceptical gaze resting a little longer on my décolleté which was framed by the creamy lace.

"No, Lucius, not sick. Tired, very tired," I confessed calmly.

"What made you so tired? My son?” he asked amusedly.

"He contributed," I replied provocatively, feeling his eyes fixating on me. His hold on the walking stick tightened until bluish veins protruded strongly from the pale skin. He was struggling hard with himself to keep control.

"But if you like, Lucius, I would be happy to keep you company," I offered gallantly and hoped he would refuse.

"No, no, dear, that will not be necessary. But when you are so tired, shouldn't you be in bed?" he asked slyly. He didn't let up. The man was really exhausting.

"Yes, I was. I did only leave briefly to eat the small breakf-" I started to say, pointing to the tray.

"Come, I'll walk you back," he interrupted me and crept towards me like a snake. I had to force myself not to take a step back.

Once again, he got much too close to me. I had just thought if he now stretches out his arm..., when I noticed from the corner of my eye that he slowly snaked out a hand and, after seconds that felt like an eternity, stroked very lasciviously over the thin strap of my negligee with his index finger.

His gaze was spellbound to my face and he seemed to look right inside of me. Very slowly, very delicately, almost as if he wasn't touching me at all, his index finger continued to glide over the strap. I tried not to let anything show, not even that the situation didn't leave me unaffected, that I got hot and cold respectively and that I would have loved to knock his hand away. But he was the patriarch, I had to keep my composure. This latent sexual tension he created was really agonizing.

"Thank you, Lucius, but I think I can do it-" I tried to fend him off, while his hand continued to slide provocatively downwards.

In a moment, he would reach the end of the strap. I suppressed the impulse to swallow hard and to physically knock him off. Too well, I still had his words in my ear that he only made an exception once. However, surprisingly, when he reached the edge of the lace, he slowly pulled his hand away and then smirked. His gaze hadn't departed from my face for a second, his eyes had held mine captive and ensnared me.

"No, no, I will do it gladly!" he protested affably. Sod it! Why was I wearing a nightgown again? Great, I didn't think it would end well if I laid in a bed in front of him. No, not well at all!

But he was much too fast, grabbing my naked arm and pulling me towards the open bedroom door. His hand, which once again touched me, made me feel as if little ants were crawling over my skin. It tingled everywhere.

"Lucius, no. I mean, that-" I tried to stop him, stumbling after him.

"Careful, my dear Hermione. Are you too weak to walk? Shall I carry you?" He totally ignored my opposition, slipping his hand down from my upper arm and holding on to the elbow. Oh, that bastard. How he turned everything around until it suited him! Finally, I tore myself away from him with a jerk.

"Um, no, thanks. I can stand, barely!" I resisted rigorously, whereupon he raised his eyebrows indignantly.

Again, he stepped closer to me. The bed was not far and I forced myself to back down under no circumstances because I knew, if I did, I could wave the white flag right away. Any weakness would have meant my surrender and he wouldn’t get it that fast. I wondered how I should get out of the situation when we heard footsteps approaching and then Draco appeared in the open doorway, looking coldly at the scene in front of him. I stood with folded arms in front of my chest, in the negligee, and Lucius had both hands outstretched to grab me by the upper arms.

I pointedly turned my back on Lucius and watched Draco, which certainly didn’t suit Lucius. But maybe he would appreciate the look at my backside because the back of the negligee was only see-through lace that merged into the green, smooth silk just above my buttocks. I also thought I heard him suck the air through his nose when he noticed that.

"Draco, you're already back, how beautiful!" I simpered affectedly and hurried over to him.

"Hermione. Father. Yes, the appointment was over sooner than I expected!" he greeted us politely, looking at me, catching my eye. I hoped that he would stick to his own words that we had to stand together.

"That's good, I'm tired and your dad was so friendly to offer to put me to bed. But now you can take over!" I asked indirectly and ambiguously, while I looked him in the eye.

"Of course, I know that you feel less than sterling today! Father, will you apologize?” he attempted to kick out his father gallantly.

"Hem ... But of course. I have another meeting and just wanted to help. Take care, dear. And you, take good care of the Mudblood!” The tyrant insulted and pampered me both in a single sentence and then he rushed away.

"Puhhh ... that was close!" I admitted honestly relieved, went to the bed and fell into it.

"What was that?" Draco asked, slightly mistrustfully.

"What did it look like? He wanted to put me to bed because he found me in the living room. I had just finished breakfast and he said if I couldn’t come down today, I should be in bed!” I explained resignedly.

"He really doesn’t let up," he sighed, annoyed, and then suddenly demanded something that made me blink. "Turn around!"

"Why?" I asked irritated.

"Just because ... Please," he asked very friendly and I did what he wanted and rolled on my stomach.

"Now I understand!" he proclaimed still in that resigned tone.

"I don’t, but I would be glad if you told me!" I was still confused.

"Although Father always has himself so well under control, his eyes almost fell out of his head when you turned towards me. Now I know why! Your backside in this thing is packaged just as nice if not nicer than the front. I hope his cock hurts because he had to rush off so quickly!" he hissed with vicious glee, grinning nastily.

"Wow, you're pretty venomous, Draco!" I stated with a chuckle, then turned back around to look at my blond devil who seemed surprisingly calm and collected today.

"Well, it's true. If I hadn’t arrived when I did, he would have truly tried to lay you in my own bed!" he said calmly and without emotion which was really surprising. Where did his present serenity come from?

"Well, believe me, if he'd tried that, he'd have met my knee, like Snape did before. I wouldn’t have yielded without a fight!" I retorted agitatedly only to hear to my surprise how Draco began to laugh.

"Great. I even believe you and the image of Father writhing like Severus at that time, that's wonderful. I won’t forget that anytime soon!" Draco exclaimed, and then a sensual, happy smile played on my face as I thought of the satisfying feeling when I had inflicted such pain on Snape.

Wow, a real feeling of happiness flowed through me and life came into my limbs. Now I knew what I was missing. I would enjoy the hour on Thursday when I would finally be able to speak with my fists again. I missed getting into fights and physically reducing my stress. It was good to know that my brutal streak demanded satisfaction and so I laid back and let Draco spoil me. Today I would do nothing else.
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