When Hermione Fights
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 Narcissa, again, chapter 114

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Narcissa, again, chapter 114 Empty
BeitragThema: Narcissa, again, chapter 114   Narcissa, again, chapter 114 EmptySa Nov 02, 2019 11:28 pm

Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy

"Can we apparate from here?" asked Lucius while stroking his thumb over the delicate and sensitive inside of my arm, which made me tremble slightly. He acknowledged this with a cattish but also very satisfied smile.

"Yes, there is no anti-apparition ward on the house, not yet," I grudgingly admitted. I received a benevolent nod over it. The two men communicated without words and then apparated silently. Impressive to experience them this way; they seemed to have an almost telepathic understanding.

When we arrived at Lucius' favourite salon, I showed myself surprised, raising my brow. How could he and Severus apparate directly into the Manor?

"This only works for the two of us, my dear," he leaned over to me in confidence and breathed one of those gentle kisses on my cheek again. This time I couldn't prevent goose bumps from running over my body when he was so close to me and I heard him breathe deeply as he buried his nose in my hair.

"Lucius, if you will allow me, I would like to escort Hermione to her suite. I think your next appointment is already waiting for you," Severus remarked now in a businesslike manner. As it seemed, he was once again seeking to separate me and Lucius.

"All right, Severus, do that and then join me in half an hour at the latest. By then I should have got rid of this ministry employee. You and I have another reception to attend this evening," Lucius explained soberly and straightened up.

When Lucius let me go and stepped back, giving me another sly, arrogant smile, I had a slightly uneasy feeling that I would not get rid of this man so quickly.

Then I heard a sharp cough and began to move, hurrying past Snape, who held the door open for me.

"I should also inform you that Lucius wants all this to remain between us... Draco does not need to know anything," he spoke to me calmly as we hurried along the long corridors of the manor.

I could only give Severus a surprised look. That was intriguing. They didn't want Draco to know what Lucius was willing to do. Interesting!

"Please, you know, I have no secrets from him," I replied dismissively and watched him closely.

"Then it’s time for you to start! As I said, Lucius wishes this and I advise you, listen to me and do not antagonize him further," Severus said coldly to me.

I snorted, because it didn't suit me at all, but I would adhere to it, for the time being. Who said Draco wouldn't find out anyway?

Phew... his pace was murderous for my butt which was hurting at the slightest step. I gritted my teeth together until we finally reached the suite. He opened the door and I moaned. My whole back side hurt so much and I wanted nothing more than to lie down on my bed, ideally on my stomach, as this would be my preferred position after Lucius' action.

How did they figure I could keep this a secret from Draco? I had no idea.

While walking, I took off my shoes, headed towards the bedroom and called over my shoulder in a sarcastic voice: "Thank you Severus, you have led the prisoner safely to her destination!"

I didn't wait for his answer, but crawled into bed and laid down on my stomach, exhausted. I groaned in relief that I was finally lying because my flesh was pounding painfully with every movement.

I couldn't get Severus' last words about Draco out of my head. It was probably better that I shouldn't tell him so that he could sleep in the night. Now Lucius had kissed me for the first time and even though he had been ruthless and brutal, he kissed quite differently from Severus and Draco. How could I describe that?

Severus' punishment back then had felt quite different, rather more, well, punishing. With Lucius, meanwhile, a subliminal danger was present. He was the much more unscrupulous and even more vicious man, yes, meaner than Severus, because the latter still had moral impulses and bouts that Lucius had probably stopped having a long time ago. Alas, I still couldn't work out why he had healed me afterwards. Maybe he didn't know it himself.

Then I flinched in surprise, because the mattress suddenly gave way under me and I felt someone sitting next to me. The herbal scent that wafted around me only allowed the conclusion that this was Severus. I wanted to turn around, groaning heavily, when a hand on my back prevented me from doing so, which caused me to open my previously closed eyes.


He still said nothing and I froze. Forcing myself to stay still, as he wanted me to, I felt him pushing my dress up at the hem and folding it back, exposing me. I threatened to get dangerously hot. Okay, what was he up to, I asked myself a little out of breath.

I then bedded my head in my pillow as I felt it completely free me from the silk fabric. Now my, probably bright red and aching, buttocks had to glow in front of him. The danger that I would glow in the dark was very great.

Only seconds later, I could feel his hands on me. Oooooo... that felt very good.

I moaned with pleasure under his amazingly tender, stroking motions. Oh, it was embarrassing, but also too good how he was spoiling me now. He rubbed me with some ointment that cooled wonderfully and the more he rubbed it in, the less painful the region that he worked on became.

He just should never stop! As it seemed, he was not afraid to touch me so intimately.

When, after almost endless minutes, he finished his work and let his hands rest on me, all I could hear was his heavy breath as the only sound. It didn't seem to have left him indifferent how I was lying there nervously waiting for him to come up with something to punish me. Because there was no question that Severus, too, was angry.

The application of the cream had been good for something: I was no longer in pain; the ointment had worked wonders. I could move freely, so I turned around slowly, wanting to thank him sincerely.

Yet I didn't get that far, because I was immediately pressed down completely onto the bed, as something black had descended on me at a rapid speed.

I hadn't even been able to blink before he buried me under his body. Once more, I had only raised my hands and pressed them in time against the male chest. What else could I do?

Sensually slowly, he began to stroke my lips with his tongue. He had saved me from Lucius and had now given me relief. It was as if he also tried to heal my mouth after Lucius had bitten me brutally here, so my lips opened all by themselves. I let him in and responded tentatively and carefully to the passionate kiss that Severus demanded of me.

My mind went blank for a moment. I just let it happen, let it captivate me and relaxed. I forgot everything that had happened.

This fact made him growl approvingly whilst he pushed me into the mattress, so that it was not left to my imagination how affected he was by the last actions. Our duel became more and more passionate as he pressed himself so covetously against me and I felt his hard excitement against my stomach.

Abruptly, something snapped into place in my mind. His smell registered in my consciousness, let me find my way back to myself and realize that I didn't want it after all.

On top of that, we were lying here in Draco's and my bed! Also, I had experienced more than enough today and I certainly didn't want to sleep with Severus!

Even if I had briefly threatened to forget, but I couldn't... It was all too much... Draco, Lucius... Severus... No. And I was sure, as I knew Severus, he didn't want that either, at least not in the bed that Draco and I shared.

That was not who he was. If he thought about it, he wouldn't want it, I was sure of that; it was disrespectful. So I withdrew breathlessly from the kiss and put more pressure on his chest, pushing more firmly against it.

As soon as I managed to free my mouth, I whispered roughly and hoarsely: "No, Severus, don't... please!"

He did not stop immediately, pressing his mouth again demandingly to mine and then breathing little kisses on my lips. But it was different, more controlled. He gradually restrained himself more and more, as if he was slowly but surely building up his self-control again, only to retreat after one last hard kiss. With his fiery, dark gaze he stared firmly into my eyes and into my heated face.

"You should be careful not to let the situation slip out of your control," his voice came out of his chest dark and rumbling, making me swallow hard. Meanwhile, he withdrew for good.

This man was impressive. His self-control and discipline in so many things was constantly amazing me. Immediately, I shivered when I was robbed of his warm body.

"Thank you, Severus," I said sincerely, moving with him and sitting up.

"You do not need to thank me. I think you have been punished enough... Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to expect you in the library and there you will explain to me what came to your mind because of the curse," he ordered rigorously now, straightening out his robes, whereupon I got up from the bed and walked towards him.

"As you wish," I immediately gave him my assent.

"Will you tell me whether your parents are truly resting in those coffins? Did you actually do it?" he asked quietly, with great solemnity in his voice.

Immediately, I walked past him into the living room and quickly moved to the window to look outside, wrapping my arms around me.

I wanted to turn around when I had caught myself emotionally because he wouldn't give up - which had been clear - but I didn't succeed because he had stood close to my back. Therefore, I just had to talk to him like that, which might also be better and easier for me. Nevertheless, I hated it when he sneaked up on me like a panther!

At that moment, I felt his big hands on my shoulder, felt the support he wanted to give me, so I accepted it, leaning against his wide chest, feeling relatively sheltered.

"Yes, my parents are in there," I explained coldly and calmly.

"You are lying," he replied confidently, but also with an even temper.

"Why do you think that, Severus?" I asked gently as I was amazed at his urgency. I wanted to turn around, but he wouldn't let me.

"I just know!... But let's say it like this: you usually get short and concise when you want to conceal the truth," he then kindly explained his assessment of my person to me.

Oh, what a good observer he was. You had to give him that.

"Are they alive?" he breathed close to my ear after he had lasciviously brushed my hair aside, which gave me another round of goosebumps.

"Do I have to answer that?" I whispered cryptically.

"Does Draco know?"

"No," I shook my head. "... He didn't ask and for that I am very grateful! He trusts me," I spat out bitterly. I hated that he and Lucius wanted me to expose myself to them and justify everything.

And I had made it clear in my reproach that I knew Severus did not trust me. Obviously it hit its mark, because his hand on my shoulder clenched briefly.

"All right," his deep voice flooded my senses, "There... Then I will not ask any further. You will have certainly done the right thing and as it seems, as always, with all the consequences well thought out. I did not expect anything else," he said firmly.

I was tense when I felt his hair on my skin, because suddenly he kissed my exposed neck. I closed my eyes in surprise as I now felt his hot lips on this more sensitive and tender spot.

Damn it, they all drove me crazy.

All of a sudden, he detached himself from me and walked quietly towards the exit.

I did not turn around, instead looking out at the magnificent, spacious park and the forest behind it, leaning my heated forehead against the cool glass in exhaustion.

I felt sorry for myself. This was a dangerous game and I had to be very careful not to burn myself, as I clearly realized to my regret.

After I was finally alone, thank the goddess, I made sure that I got into the warm water of the bathtub. I wanted to submerge myself and not think about the outside world. I hated nothing more than when my plans failed as spectacularly as they had today. That was more than annoying, that was simply crap!

Would I be allowed to have a normal relationship with Draco?

Alas, I already knew the answer to this question and so I immersed myself completely in the water and disappeared in the floods, the bubbles of the bath water uniting to a smooth surface over my head. I held my breath, trying to repress the fact that the answer would be a resounding NO in one way or another.

I wanted my relationship with Draco to work out. We fit too well together and he was too good for me to let it go to waste, not to mention my feelings for him.

Soon the revels would start, at the latest in four weeks, when Draco got his Dark Mark. Then, I'm sure, one of the other members of the Inner Circle would hold a celebration for him. Then he would have to 'have a go' for once before he could leave and as I knew him, Draco would hate himself because he had to produce himself so publicly. So I could safely say that we certainly didn't have a normal relationship, but we weren't a normal family either... Nothing was normal here!

The only trouble was that I wasn't normal either, because neither Severus nor Lucius left me unaffected. Damn it, I thought bitterly... Spluttering and gasping for breath, I resurfaced, making the water splash against the edge of the tub.

While fooling around in the water, I had to chuckle or laugh from time to time. It was too marvellous how everything was developing. I shouldn't take that too seriously, otherwise I would sink into depression and that was certainly not what I wanted. I looked at it from the flattering side and congratulated myself on being able to captivate three very different men in such a way, even though I did not understand what they really wanted from me. I wanted to see this as a compliment to myself, as I was sure they all saw something different in me, but what that was, was not apparent to me.

Severus was probably attracted by my intellect, my knowledge and my body. Lucius by my body, quite clearly my youthfulness and the secrets that surrounded me and also the fact that I did not surrender to him immediately. Draco, on the other hand, liked everything about me.

And I? Yes, that was the question... I also liked everything about Draco. Since he grew more and more into his role and combined the best of the other two, he was an incredibly important partner to me.

Severus attracted me for the same reasons that made me interesting to him and he could kiss... damn it, but if he wanted to, you could forget everything over it!

My hand hit the water, splashing it everywhere.

And Lucius... Wow. I say it only reluctantly, but on a purely sexual and physical level, I had to control myself in order to not jump him and I admitted that grudgingly because I hated to lie to myself in my thoughts.

Yes, Lucius spoke to something inside me. His menace, his dangerous presence... From his immaculate, stately appearance, his confident demeanour, I could fall for him and I didn't like this insight at all. But for what did I have a cool head? Hopefully, I would always kept it!

Suddenly, the door opened, a blond head of hair peered in and looked at me.

"Here you are... I just wanted to tell you that Potter is still alive! I managed not to kill him; you can be proud of me, darling, but you really owe me for that!... Oh wait, there's an owl coming," he exclaimed and was already outside again and I laughed. Well, obviously, no snake did something for free.

I shook my head in amusement and finished washing. Besides, he had really done me a big favour and deserved a reward; after all, he had done it for me alone. I had to honour that.

I wrapped myself in my dusky pink, silky lace nightgown combined with a dressing gown that flowed playfully around my body and entered the living room. Draco was sitting at his little bureau and writing a quick reply. So I first went to his hidden bar and brought him a drink. He would need it, having endured Harry for quite a while. I came to stand behind him, playing with the hair in his neck, which made him growl softly.

He tied the letter back to the brown owl and I leaned down, kissed his neck with my mark, pressed my lips to my 'H' I had burned into his skin and mentally already apologized to him that I would comply with the wish of the two patriarchs and would keep silent about Lucius's slip this afternoon.

However, I knew that if he did find out at any time, he would understand, for he too obeyed his father's instructions, always.

"What...?" he laughed and moaned throatily. Then I withdrew and presented him with his glass.

"Here, my dear. I am so glad that you kept your promise. How did it go?" I was very curious. I leaned with my healed back against the wide windowsill behind me and pointed to the drink I had put on the table.

"It was exhausting because he babbled so much, but otherwise acceptable. First of all: it took forever! He almost wrecked the whole store, even I got scared!" I snickered at Draco's disbelieving, horrified face.

"Yes, there were such problems with his first wand as well," I admitted and laughed loudly as he rolled his eyes.

"How nice that my experiences cheer you up. Couldn't you have warned me? Thank Merlin, he finally found one. Yew, very poisonous - I wouldn't have thought Potter would have it in him - and with Veela hair, which is very stubborn in its own right. What did the old man say...? The wand is highly poisonous, very headstrong, sturdy and at the same time flexible... Right! Only suitable for very strong-willed people," he explained soberly and scrutinized me questioningly.

"I've always told you that you underestimate Harry tremendously. There you can be very similar to your father." Oops, the sentence was spoken thoughtlessly. To really hide something from Draco that I wanted to tell him wouldn't be that easy.

"What are you trying to say Hermione?" he asked me sceptically.

"That you really resemble each other in that regard. He constantly underestimates me and you underestimate Harry," I elaborated reluctantly. A circumstance that made Draco grumble bitterly because he knew I was not wrong. "But now please tell me more!

"Oh what? Well. He took the wand and the totally demolished shop reassembled itself; very impressive and that's really not easy for me to say in connection with Potter. But that was pretty wicked, without any words, just - as I suppose - thanks to his bad conscience. Not everyone would be able to do that! But after what you told us about yourself, I'd really like to know what happened when you chose your wands. Was that similarly spectacular?"

I nodded to the last question, but answered the first one.

"Well, he's quite capable... Yew? That's great. Harry is becoming more mature... Yew. That's a really black wand he's got there... Believe me Draco, we will see great deeds from Harry. Remember my words," I prophesied with a cryptic smile.

"I don't doubt it, if he survives until then," he commented angrily and I only raised an eyebrow in question.

"How life goes, Bella came our way... What do you expect? Don't look so scared. Where do you think my heart disappeared to shortly at that moment? Because Potter is and remains the idiot I think he is! Yes exactly, you've grasped it, Hermione, he really wanted to charge at her. He, well, the two of us, alone in the black magic alley and Bella in a crowd of maybe six Death Eaters," he snorted and took a big, calming gulp "... But I managed to get the idiot away! Really, his temperament is his biggest enemy.

"How did you manage to keep him alive over the years? You will have to tell me more about that in the next few days," he grumbled gloomily, before he gave me a long look. "... What an unrestrained hothead. I took us to safety at the Twins and then to the cottage. that's it! But now tell me, Hermione, how was your day?" He shook his head at the memories of Harry's lack of restraint and then asked empathetically for my unpleasant day.

"Quite well. I was able to leave and then it went as expected... The lawyer Rangok recommended to me was good. He did everything satisfactorily and now this stage of my life is behind me. It's in the past," and by that I meant not only my so-called buried 'parents', but also the unpleasant events in my childhood home or what happened with Snape in our bed.

Oh, how I despised myself! And so I raised my glass to Draco and he reciprocated, looking at me with a worried look over my harsh, slightly bitter words.

But honestly, if you thought about it properly, Severus had acted with cold calculation after all. He was a rather reserved manipulator, unlike Lucius. Most likely he had only wanted to put himself in a better light than Lucius. As I knew the two in the meantime, that was just another power play of the two.

It made me feel like a puppet, the two despots tugging the strings at will. Alas, I didn't have to make it easy for them, I thought angrily when I took a closer look at this angle. It put a different, more calculating complexion on Severus' willingness to retreat, which made me gasp in annoyance.

"What are you going to do tomorrow?" I asked, changing the subject, and tried to distract myself from my sad thoughts.

"Tomorrow? THE meeting will take place. It will take the whole day and it will be very exciting," he said mysteriously.

"Oho! Then I can only wish you a lot of fun. ... And now, I still have a few calculations to make. What about you?" I considered myself satisfied with his answer. I knew what he was planning was not yet final. He would tell me when it was time.

"Thanks to Potter, I couldn't do my work right away. I have some catching up to do. Do you mind?" he asked apologetically.

"No, not at all. I'll leave you alone and work in the bedroom; I'm a little tired anyway," I replied. I leaned down and he gave me a loving kiss on the forehead and I fondly tousled his soft hair. Something he would never allow in public, but permitted me here in the privacy of our rooms.

Thus, I slipped into bed, brooding over a book and the calculations for the spell. The fact that I could work here alone, where I could really concentrate and distract myself, was very good for me, because then I didn't have to think. Thinking was bad and when my eyes drooped after two hours - it had been a long, extremely exhausting day - I just fell asleep, not even putting the book away.

The next morning, I was surprised with breakfast in bed by Draco, who told me that when he came to me in the evening, I had looked too cute and I had used my book as a pillow. He explained to me that it was still a mystery to him how the book had ended up under my head. Whether I had the hope that the knowledge would perhaps pass over to me without reading the book, he teased me good-naturedly.

Hahaha, hilarious. I understood why he got along so well with the Twins and grumbled into my coffee. A few minutes later, he left full of energy, of course not without a goodbye kiss that made me want more!

After Draco had left, I made ample use of the bathroom, doing my hair and applying a light make-up. Then I entered the big wardrobe and picked out a light, flowery summer dress for this day. Wow, there was something so casual in here?

After all, I had no big plans today. I would use the morning to finish my calculations, so I was prepared for Severus, and this afternoon I would meet him and explain his mistakes, which made me snicker with anticipation. I was already looking forward to the intellectual exchange with him, I had to admit that openly. While I was still walking down the shoe cupboard looking for the right shoes to go along with the dress, it quietly plopped and an elf appeared in front of me.

I watched her expectantly and she slowly, very carefully stepped towards me, holding out a parchment roll, and explained in a squeaky voice:

"Miss, a message for you. Mrs. Malfoy expects me to wait here and take your answer with me!

That surprised me a lot! Narcissa? What would she want from me besides trying to kill me?

So I curiously broke the seal and unrolled the parchment, reading the few words that stood there in a beautifully curved, elegant script.

~ In two hours I await you in my reception room. Let the elf explain to you how to get there! ~

No greeting, no request, thank you or anything, just great. But what did she want from me?

Well, I would only learn that if I went there, so I quickly wrote a brief confirmation on a parchment, in a similar style she had bestowed on me, had the elf explain the way to me and she was gone again.

I wanted to turn to my calculations, but I could now forget that, as I had to realize, because again and again my thoughts drifted to Narcissa's ominous invitation. What did she want from me?

An indeterminable, uneasy feeling spread within me, but also the impression that I had to face it if we wanted to find a basis. After all, from now on I would live here and so would she.

So I set off quite early and took my time to take a closer look at her part of the manor. But I didn't like what I saw here. I felt it was even darker, almost overwhelming compared to the part I was living in with Draco. Had she worked on her rooms with a female hand and only the corridors were so dark? Well, I'd find out right away.

I was still too early and so I sneaked past the portraits near her parlour. I was still wondering if I should go to her or not.

I was about to turn around and stand her up, but then Lucius aristocratically and nobly, as ever, came out of one of the small side doors and looked at me in astonishment.

The question of what I was doing here in front of Narcissa's wing was written all over his face.

Yet as I saw him like this, this blond, tall, threatening man who was dressed in silver-grey silk again, with his long frock coat, the pictures from yesterday came to my mind when he spanked my ass and his physical presence as he kissed me and my gaze involuntarily slipped to his lips.

"My dear, what are you doing here?" he asked, hurrying towards me. His blond hair fluttered behind him and already he grabbed my hand, breathing a kiss on the back of it, like a gentleman. I forbade myself any reaction to his closeness.

"Narcissa sent me this," I answered and waved the missive in my hands.

"What is that?" he took it from me with curiosity and examined it, read the note that she ordered me into her rooms at 1 pm and frowned reluctantly.

"It seems strange to me that she wants to receive me in her rooms... That doesn't add up," I clearly showed him that I felt uncomfortable, but also that I didn't trust her and that I could see through her to the extent that I wouldn't put anything past her.

"I agree with you, it does not suit her," he agreed and glanced past me when a rather confident smile bloomed on his features, "I have an idea! Well, then we will honour her summons. May I, my dear?" he asked gallantly, politely offering me his arm and I grasped it with composure, even though it sent a small shiver down my spine to be so close to him, but he only gave me an ironic and very arrogant smile.

"What are you up to?"

"Let yourself be surprised," he whispered conspiratorially.

Now he led me unerringly, but still quite slowly along the long corridor and seemed to be lost in thought. He clearly didn't like it and neither did I; I didn't like this walk at all. This woman was dangerous and I would have bet everything I had that she could not be trusted. I was sure she was out to get me, that she wanted me dead!

When we arrived, he knocked and opened the door full of verve. So together we entered, arm in arm, and watched as Narcissa turned to us, this time in a narrow-cut, cream-coloured silk dress that flattered her and her slender figure.

When she saw us together, she blanched. She pulled herself together only with difficulty, struggling for her mask not to slip completely. She had clearly not counted on that.

Even though I had not been happy to see Lucius again today, I was now glad that he was at my side.

"Lucius... you... you are also here? Why...?" she visibly wrestled down her astonishment and fought for composure, while he gave her an indecipherable look, which worried even me.

With effort, she pulled herself together and then continued to speak.

"Well, no matter... It is my pleasure... and above all that you, Miss Granger, followed my invitation," she now tried to act as the Lady of the House and politely indicated to us to take a seat.

"Narcissa, what are you doing here? What do you really want from Hermione?" Lucius now enquired coldly and very patronisingly. He didn't really like her, his wife, and that could be read from every fibre of his behaviour. "Follow us... if you want, into the medium-sized salon on the ground floor," he humiliated her and she stood speechless in front of us when he pulled me out of the door again and slammed it behind him.

"How? What?" I asked, still holding onto his arm, but he gently shook his head.

"Come dear, I think you do not know the salon yet," he stated decidedly, so we walked into the salon together and surprisingly we hadn't even taken a seat yet when Narcissa arrived a little out of breath.

She seemed piqued at his rebuke, but despite everything she sat down with us when a house-elf appeared and submissively asked for our wishes.

"Coffee," I said simply, Lucius refused and Narcissa asked for tea and the little elf was gone. I still looked at her and tried to figure out what she was up to.

"Well, as I said, I am glad that you complied with my request... I think I must understand what brought you here," she began bravely and sat stiffly in front of us, while Lucius did not let her out of his sight. "... I personally am concerned about Draco. As much as I have learned... you are his plaything," she measured me with a contemptuous look from head to toe, as if she could not comprehend what her son saw in me.

"And?" I asked hesitantly, showing that this insult in itself was meaningless to me.

Meanwhile, Lucius stayed elegantly out of the conversation. He had leaned back with his legs crossed and watched us closely with eagle eyes. Pridefully, she continued talking while our drinks appeared and I grabbed my coffee cup and enclosed it with my hands.

"Do you know he will soon receive the highest honour?" she asked arrogantly, and I crooked my head.

"Of course and I am happy for him," I professed diligently.

That got me a thin smile from Narcissa. Lucius, on the other hand, had thoughtfully raised the elegantly curved eyebrow during my announcement. I wondered to myself how weird and stilted all this was, lifting the cup. I raised it to my lips and sipped it carefully.

Uah, is that bitter, I thought immediately, spitting out the unknown liquid at the same moment, while the cup slipped out of my ice-cold finger. It collided with the stone floor and shattered into thousands of pieces.

"WHAT WAS IN THERE?" Lucius roared at Narcissa furiously as he had jumped up at the same time.

Abruptly, his magical power gathered around him, almost visible due to his rage as he leaned over Narcissa. I, on the other hand, was busy gasping for breath and laid my cold hand on my throat.

"Poison," I recognised in that second, my voice barely more than a whisper. Then I turned my gaze to a broadly grinning, very satisfied looking Narcissa.

Incarcerous,” Lucius snapped frostily. Immediately, magical restraints wrapped themselves around Narcissa who looked surprised and squealed in fright.

"Lucius, what are you thinking? Free me this instant!" she demanded, but he ignored her. "I have always accepted whatever you conceived... but that goes too far!"

"Dixie," he called the elf imperiously, "take this person to the dungeon and seal it! She has no rights anymore, she can order what she wants, you will not obey her! Understood?" he hissed angrily, and seemed infuriated to a frightening degree.

The elf wanted to carry out the orders immediately and very obediently, with hugely widened eyes. Lucius had now rushed to my side. His face had lost the blasé and always unaffected mask. I clearly recognized concern in his storm-clouded gaze. Interesting, I was able to think.

"Why are you bothering, Lucius? She is nothing... an unworthy Mudblood! Why are you so worried?" Narcissa screamed angrily and seemed crazy as she desperately resisted the bonds that roughly cut her skin. Slowly but surely I sank back powerlessly as I was overcome with dizziness; flickering stars danced before my eyes. "Someone like her in the halls of Malfoy Manor is a disgrace and unacceptable!"

"What poison did you use?" His voice was ringing dangerously quiet in the large room.

"One which is fast, unfortunately much too fast for such a scum and the antidote takes a long time to brew... Oh no, am I robbing you of your toy as well?" it came spitefully from the blonde and gorgeous woman, abysmally nastily.

He turned to her again and snarled thunderously:

"Which poison Narcissa? The name, immediately! You know what I can do to you..."

"I know that. You've been doing that for years and you never broke me..."

"Do you really think that was even the beginning of what I am capable of? You have not experienced even the tiniest bit of my manifold intricacies," he purred absolutely coldly and even Narcissa trembled under his voice, "... You know, I have studied the human mind, but also the body, and I can do things to you that make you hope that I finally want to kill you and set you free... and believe me, everything you have experienced so far was nothing compared to what awaits you if you do not talk now," he threatened so silkily that I became even colder, but Narcissa also seemed unsettled to the core.

She was still tied up in her armchair, while he looked down at her angrily. Oh, if looks could have killed, she would have died instantly. At first she had looked defiantly at him, but in the course of his speech she had become pale and now she looked anxiously at his now drawn wand, which he held threateningly in front of her face. She probably recognized the uncompromising nature of his gaze.

"The... the poison from the seeds of Ricinus Communis, Lectin. First she will feel nauseous, then she will get feverish and finally her heart will no longer be able to pump her impure blood through her body. Appropriate, isn't it? For such a dirty mudblood," she found her courage after all. "She will die, your little plaything, Lucius, and there is nothing you can do about it!"

She almost spat out these sentences and Lucius turned away brusquely.

"Get her out of my sight," he yelled at the elf.

Then he bent over me and stroked my sweaty hair from my forehead with sorrow. My mouth was completely dry, I could swallow only with difficulty and I gave him a despondent smile, when he swept me into his strong arms as if I weighed no more than a feather and quickly headed for the exit.

The last thing I noticed was the open concern in his gaze before I finally lost consciousness!
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