When Hermione Fights
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 Waking Up, chapter 116

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BeitragThema: Waking Up, chapter 116   Waking Up, chapter 116 EmptySa Nov 30, 2019 12:53 am

Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy

I suddenly awoke from a deep unconsciousness. Opening my eyes, I was immediately awake, my heart racing at an unnatural, almost painful pace that made me gasp involuntarily. Then I was frightened again when I first saw Severus's long, dark hair and pale face, somewhat removed.

In the corner of my eye, I spotted long blonde hair and then, closest to me, Draco's grey eyes, which worriedly looked at me. I was surrounded.

Wow, that was a shock! All three who tried to drive me crazy in one place! Those were my still somewhat foggy thoughts, but then my brain started to work slowly and I wondered what was going on.

"Why are there four of us in my... bed?" I asked worriedly, and even if their masks always sat well, I could read their amusement about my question in their eyes.

"Well, dear, unfortunately I have to disagree with you. This is my bed," Lucius visibly enjoyed this statement.

I opened my eyes wide and looked around in surprise in the dark room which was illuminated only by a small light. As a result, I didn't see much, except that the bed was very big, much bigger than Draco's bed, and I let my strangely heavy head fall back into the pillow impassively.

"And how did I come to have the honour, Lucius, of lying in your bed?" I asked with strangely heavy limbs, after I had tried for a moment to process the information.

"A long and rather unpleasant story, Hermione," Severus intervened meticulously.

"Draco?" I breathed then because I lacked the memory, completely. Everything in my head was empty.

I felt him lift my hand and kiss it gently. Yes, those were his lips and so I closed my eyes and nodded. Now I was ready for everything that was to come, for he was there. He would support me if necessary.

They told me about the assassination attempt that Narcissa had unscrupulously committed on me and the more Lucius went into detail, the more my memory came back. Quick pictures flashed up before me, that showed Lucius holding his head in his hands and lying down on me, how he carried me... Yes, I remembered a lot of things that revealed to me a man, a Lucius, whom I had not yet met and I inevitably had to ask myself whether I liked that side of him .

Somehow he reminded me very much of Draco and that on top of him already resembling him so much in appearance. Was that good? Because as I was only too aware that Lucius unfortunately did not leave me unaffected. Whatever. Right now, there were matters more urgent than my questions regarding how I stood with Lucius, and my head was still a little dizzy.

I measured him attentively in the faint glow of the light as he scrutinized me impenetrably with his dark grey eyes, while Severus explained to me how close it had actually been. The poison of the castor oil plant, whose seeds were very toxic and contained the poison lectin, had been administered to me by Narcissa. Severus continued by listing that this poison caused nausea, fever, and arrhythmia, which then led to death if one did not act quickly, as Lucius had done in his all-considering nature. He had kept a cool head and thus the foresight to save me with the bezoar.

I could only look at him with big and grateful eyes. I had to admit to myself that I could have plunged into these smoky grey depths, which were examining me amazingly gently right now and held me captive. He seemed to want to grasp exactly how I was taking in the events and I gave him this brief insight so that he could see my gratitude.

"That was a close one then," I summarized plainly.

I had to digest the fact that Narcissa almost managed to send me to the afterlife. This realization that I had entered this trap too stupidly and good-naturedly did not appeal to me at all. If I did, then I would die spectacularly in a fight, but certainly not so insidiously, profanely and ordinarily by getting poisoned, that was out of the question.

Oh, Narcissa. She would pay for that! An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Now I was furious, really furious! What she probably didn't know was how vengeful I could be. I never forgot my revenge and I always got it!

Over this thought, my eyes slid shut and I drifted back into the dark night of a healing sleep.

Later, when I opened my eyes again blinking in the bright light of the morning sun, I was alone in the stately, golden-green room and I carefully pulled myself up to sit and was grateful to be on my own. After it was as if I had never slept and knew everything that had happened at once, I used the rhythm of my breath to put my thoughts and feelings in order. That Narcissa wanted to poison me awakened a deep desire for revenge in me, but to experience Lucius acting so anxiously, decisively and caringly made me reflect on him with slight confusion.

I would have died if Lucius hadn't tried so hard to save me; and I wouldn't be feeling as well as I was, without Severus' help. That was great that they all took care of me and worried about me. Severus' accomplishments should not be forgotten, even though I certainly didn't lose sight of the fact that Lucius was the one who saved my life and not Severus.

Nevertheless, I was deeply indebted to the men who put me under constant physical pressure. Great, I was always very lucky, unbelievable, but unfortunately true.

When I energetically hoisted my legs out of bed because everything hurt me and stood up, I realized that I was dressed in a fine white cotton shirt, which looked almost ridiculous on me, as long as it hung down on me. It looked as if a toddler was wearing their father's shirt. Gosh, I just felt tiny.

Anyway, I felt good, which was amazing, but thanks to magic seemingly possible. In fact, I felt on top of the world, although my feelings were probably deceiving since not even magic could work miracles. But no matter, because I immediately turned my vengeful thoughts to Narcissa.

No one, absolutely no one, tried to send me to the afterlife with impunity. Only recently, the not yet atoned for Avada of hers, now the poison. It was enough and if Lucius wouldn't let me, I knew how to get my revenge even without his consent. I gritted my teeth angrily and clenched my hands to fists on my sides as I tried to channel my anger over what had happened to start working on my approach with cold calculation, as I could not overlook the fact that I had been too careless.

Suddenly, the door opened and all three men pushed in, which took me by surprise and I looked at them quite astonished but so did they when they saw me skipping around dressed so revealingly and the shirt must have looked ridiculous on me.

"You're up, Hermione. Is that a good idea?" Draco hurried towards me openly worried.

I accepted his gesture and leaned against him, grateful that I could still do that. Meanwhile, I fixed my sights on Lucius and nodded approvingly at him when I caught him watching us attentively. The sincere gratitude that was flooding me right now was directed at him. Severus stood a few steps behind Lucius and looked grumpy. Fine, then not, but actually my gratitude was due to him as well, even though he seemed not to be very accessible.

"Draco, I'm not dead and I don't know what Severus gave me, but I feel ready to take on anything," I grinned at all three in turn.

Severus continued to look as gloomy and bad-tempered as ever, and Lucius was back to being as unapproachable and arrogant as ever. It was always nice when everyone found their way back to their masks, I thought strangely amused.

"That is wonderful, dear! Then you should like to know that I am expecting you all at ten o'clock on the dot for brunch in the dining room. You will have the honour of punishing Narcissa! And put on something more fitting," he announced loftily and tossed back his long hair.

That left me shellshocked. Until a minute ago, I had been working on a plan for revenge and now Lucius delivered her to me on a silver platter!

There were always surprises in this family, it really didn't get boring. I was very happy that I could now develop my plans freely. But one thing was certain, my revenge would be terrible.

End of Hermione’s POV

Draco’s POV

I was surprised by my father's permission and decree that Hermione was allowed to punish Narcissa even though he had told me the night before. Was it really because he took my words about Hermione seriously?

In any case, I was curious to see what would happen and worried a bit, because Father normally didn't go mad like that. But I deliberately kept myself emotionless and looked coldly at Hermione.

I was so happy that Hermione seemed to be well again. With Father's request that we should attend breakfast, we didn't have much time left. She was still leaning against my side; I now put my arm around her in a protective gesture.

"Come on, darling, we will go into our rooms. There you can take a shower and get ready so that we are down on time," I said gently and caringly. As I offered her this, Father and Severus were leaving the room quietly whispering and we followed them slowly.

My little Hermione let me lead her through the corridors, holding on to me obediently. She was apparently not quite sure on her feet yet, but after the night it was no wonder, or as I knew her, she was just happy to still be on her feet. It had been too close; much too close for my taste. The fact that this blonde poisoner called herself my mother was an annoyance to me.

I let my worried look wander over her. She did indeed look enticing in this far too big for her shirt, falling far down on her naked thighs and with her hair tangled from sleep. I had noticed the glances of Severus and Father in his bedroom and I could understand them so well; she looked lovely. But the point was, she belonged to me, there was no discussion about it and Father would also have to understand that and as I interpreted Severus' looks, he would have to as well.

Gallantly, I opened the door to our rooms for her, which we entered silently. I didn't want to urge her to talk, suspected that she was still processing what had happened yesterday or was already planning how she could take her revenge on my loathsome mother. I couldn't imagine that she would just put up with Narcissa's actions, as vindictive as I had gotten to know Hermione. She let go of my arm and smiled at me again, then she disappeared wordlessly into the bathroom.

"While you shower, I'll find the right outfit for you so we'll be down on time. You'll be fine on your own, won't you?" I asked with some concern, because yesterday's events had shown me that I didn't want to lose her under any circumstances.

She answered as she pulled Father's shirt, whose top buttons were open, over her head without a second thought, easily stripped off her knickers and got under the steaming shower.

"Yes, it's all right, but please something light and summery. I think it's going to get really warm today."

She was fine if she could give me instructions again, I smirked merrily.

"Sure," I replied, slightly distracted because I couldn't prevent my gaze from following her movements as if spellbound when she took off the shirt.

Her muscles were well defined thanks to the physically hard training. Fascinated, I watched them move in her back as she stretched her arms over her head to take off the shirt, which she then discarded carelessly, as well as the play of her muscles as she stretched out her sweet, small and firm buttocks towards me as she rid herself of her knickers with her hips swinging.

Urg... too good. I had to get out of here fast before I got carried away. Possessing her now would be exactly what I wanted to do, but we really didn't have time for that at the moment, which I admitted with great regret. After the panic-stricken fear I had felt for her yesterday, I now wanted to feel her closest to me, hear her heart beating and her crying out her life and lust. There was enough time for that later; unfortunately that had to wait.

Before that, there were other things to think about. I still wondered what influence she had on Father. I found it truly unpleasant to be in a person's debt. Father was someone who was always collecting his debts, even if you might no longer remember them yourself, so I wanted to settle them as quickly as possible. But how?

It was enough in my opinion that I generously overlooked his slip, that he had so blatantly disregarded my request and also the trust that I had had in his word, since it had not happened on a voluntary basis... I could perhaps use this to my advantage and claim that we were even, that would be good... It was certainly too unpleasant for him to be confronted by me with his loss of control over Hermione anyway.

As I pondered, I walked down her side of the closet. I already had a gown in my head that would fit exactly for the occasion. She wanted something very summery, airy and I wanted something elegant, chic, something that at least partly made her look like a lady.

Ah, there it hung. I pulled the hanger off the rack and looked at it. Yes, that was just the thing. An almost knee-length, cream-coloured dress that would cling very nicely to her feminine body and the thin straps were exactly what she wanted.

Due to the exquisite lace fabric and the thin silk, which was layered underneath and then replaced the lace in a narrow volant, it was very ladylike. The lace and the volant parts alternated several times until it finally ended with the fine lace. On the chest, the dress had two small darts in the lace, so that it would sit nicely tight there as well. So, now only the matching shoes were missing.

Father's and Severus' eyes would fall out if they saw her like this. I hung the dress crosswise in front of the other clothes on the rack and went to the shoe cabinet, where I quickly decided on elegant, simple, cream-coloured, pointed satin pumps with stiletto heels. They were as classy as the dress. Very beautiful. My taste in fashion had always been excellent.

Soon after I had chosen, Hermione entered the room, covered only by a towel that she had wrapped around herself. She had already dried her hair and the brown curls fell over her shoulders in gentle waves. Even if the exhaustion was still easy to see, she looked radiantly alive when compared to the picture she had offered yesterday when I had entered Father's bedroom and she had resembled a pale corpse on the golden silk sheets. That was a horrifying memory.

"You should put this on. It's perfect for the occasion and it's also nicely airy... I've already picked out shoes."

She just nodded and opened one of the large drawers to grab the matching underwear. She decided on cream-coloured lace knickers. What a sin and now knowing all day that she was wearing this under the dress was going to be cruel.

She took off the towel un-bashfully and put on her underwear. I could see my mark on her, the 'M' on her lower abdomen and it filled me with pride. Then she took the dress off the hanger and stepped inside. Smiling, she approached me almost lasciviously as she pushed the straps over her shoulders.

"Are you not angry at all, Draco, that your father was so close to me?" she asked curiously, albeit very relaxed. Meanwhile, she eyed me attentively, standing just an arm's length away from me. I, however, wanted to be close to her and so I pulled her into my arms, held her tight.

"While spanking your ass? Or because he saved you?


"I am not angry about it, but it worries me, because normally Father is not like that. I am glad that he was able to save you... The only other thing that troubles me is that I hope that he will not claim your debts soon. As much as I trust you there, I don't trust him entirely to really keep his promise and not find a way around it," I explained my worries and needs to her.
She moved a bit away from me, freed herself from the embrace and I saw the pride in her eyes:

"We should be happy that Lucius was there! It was bad luck; and I continue to trust in my fortune. And trust me, I can very well keep Lucius away from me... don't worry," she sounded very serene and held a hint of irony in her voice and I shrugged my shoulders in response.

"Well, don't make the same mistake he makes with you and underestimate my father! I think it's just a pity that you didn't tell me that they ambushed you... That there would be a punishment if your escape was discovered was clear to both of us. The only good thing about this is that Severus was there... ALthough, was it bad?"

"Lucius holds quite a blow," she said cynically, "I couldn't tell you that..."

"Embarrassing? I believe you, that is not pretty. So far, it was unavoidable, but maybe in the future. I think Father will soon give you more freedom, because I have spoken to him at great length - at least that is what he should do! And now, turn around and let me close the zipper, we have to go in a moment," he said.

She turned around and presented her beautiful shoulders and back to me. She was not wearing a bra under the dress. It's a pity we didn't have time because I had to wrestle with my lust. With the thought in my mind how she would be walking around today, it would certainly get hot tonight. In the meantime, I brushed her hair forward slowly, lasciviously and gently over her shoulders.

"You've given him something to think about, something he can't ignore. That's great. I'm glad you're not angry because I didn't tell you what your father did," she recognized, as so often, the essentials and I found her cool, hardened nature simply exciting.

I shrugged my shoulders again, while slowly leaning forward, possessively laying my hands on her narrow hips. When I reached her ear with my lips, I whispered very roughly: "Why should I be angry? It was his instruction not to tell me, I suppose, and you have to adhere to it, just as I do.

She sighed contentedly as I began to distribute small, tender kisses in her neck and on her shoulders, savouring her wonderful fragrance, which was a mixture of her shower gel, her perfume and her own, delicious scent. I enjoyed it that she wanted to lean against me, basking in the sensations, but I let my hands slide down to the zipper and slowly closed it while I used the time to kiss her some more and lick her skin with my tongue.

She had meanwhile tilted her head forward to make it easier for me to bestow affection upon her neck. I knew it was a very erogenous zone for her; she loved to be touched there by me, which I did tenderly again now and elicited a pleasing moan from her. But unfortunately the zipper was now closed and time was running out, but I didn't doubt that she would be ready and wet for me now if we had the time and this thought aroused me even more.

I had a slightly diabolical idea, after all we loved to play small games of dominance. Teasing Severus and my father a little, showing them how little they had themselves under control, would also please me. I laid my hands on her shoulders, grinned with anticipation, while I now allowed her to lean against me.

Possessively, I moved my hands forward from her shoulders, gliding over her breasts, which rewarded me with a soft moan when I kneaded them lightly for a moment.

My hands glided further down, over her waist, her flat stomach, her hips, down to her thighs, as far as I could get without actually bending over. Slowly, very slowly I began to gather up the fabric of the dress and pull it up.

"What is this about? We don't have time," she whispered raspily.

With a deep, lustful rumble in my voice, I explained: "Don't be so impatient. Just wait and see."

She surrendered to me and waited to see what would happen. In deep, joyous anticipation of the game, I let my other hand pass over her lap, purposefully heading for the thin lace slip that I had uncovered in the meantime and now skilfully pushed aside. I felt that she was becoming restless and heard a slight moan as I circled the outer regions of her pleasure centre with one finger. Quickly and suddenly, with a devilish smirk on my lips.

"Moan for me, my Mudblood," I breathed into her ear and let a finger slide through her wet cleft. Oh yes, she was so ready for me, but I would savour that later.

And yes, she fulfilled my wish. She moaned so beautifully as she leaned against me enjoying herself, closing her eyes and then grumbling briefly as I quickly removed my hand again. I was still holding her dress in one hand and raised the other one, saw the moisture on my finger and with a grin I whispered into her ear. The earlobe was slightly reddened from the tender bites I lavished on it from time to time.

"Open your mouth, but keep your eyes closed."

She did as I instructed her and I slowly brought my wet finger to her lips and she proved her trust in me, almost instantly closing her lips around my finger, then began to suck on it with pleasure.

"Do you taste yourself? Do you like it?"

I withdrew my finger and she sighed softly, but even if we had no time, there was time for that. Quickly and firmly I grabbed her by the shoulders again and turned her around to face me.

She looked at me lustfully and sighed hoarsely: "We have no time," but licked her lips longingly.

Fast and demandingly, I pulled her to me and forced her into a fierce, yearning kiss, which she replied quite passionately. Our tongues fought and played ferociously with each other and at least a little bit this satisfied my urge to feel that she was alive, so I growled lustfully. Faintly, I could still taste her sweet taste she had licked from my finger, which spurred me on even more. She was just too hot.

Hectically searching, my hands glided to her chest where I embraced her small, firm breasts, which I could feel only too well through the thin dress, especially since she was not wearing a bra. I felt her fast heartbeat, which pleased me very much. But her breasts, the kiss and her small, sweet nubs, hard with lust, which pebbled more and more under my touch, distinctly boosted my irrepressible lust, which was not good right now. She groaned heartily into my mouth.

Panting, I slowly stepped away from her although I didn't want to. When I noticed that her small, hard, pointed nubs could be easily seen through the fabric of the dress, I couldn't hide my dirty grin. Too good! Let's see how long that lasted... Would she have calmed down again by the time we arrived at the salon? If not, oh, the two would get even bigger eyes, I thought gloatingly.

I gently pushed her hair back over her shoulders onto her back, leaning forward again and whispering in a deep voice as my hands glided to her nubs.

"I think they should stay that way," it came hoarsely from me and she only reacted with a short outcry when I gently but suddenly pinched her hardened nubs, which made me smile contentedly. Then I put the last part of my diabolical plan into action.

My hands glided slowly down the sides of her body, over her hips and waist, and she probably assumed that I was only going to straighten her dress. Therefore, her gaze was all the more shocked when my hands found her lace slip and tore it with a loud, distinct ripping sound. I grinned lewdly as I moved a little bit away from her and held the torn lace slip which was wet with her juice before her eyes.

"You won't need it today."

"But-" she wanted to protest, but I gently put my raised index finger on her lips. I bent forward again, while I placed my other hand on her belly, on the 'M', my mark.

"You are forgetting something! And trust me... Think about what I will have to think about all day long," I whispered promisingly, and here I had to rein myself in quite heavily, because I would know that she was completely naked all the time when we arrived at the parlour.

I retreated from her now for good, the lace slip still in one hand and saw that she was grinning at me just as joyfully as I was and that her eyes were sparkling dangerously. Oh yes, she also had fun playing this game. While she was finally fixing her dress, I pulled my wand, repaired her lace slip and let it disappear into my robe, which irritated her after all.

"Who knows, maybe you'll get it back before tonight."

I was in the best of moods after this little, very exciting intermezzo that had shown us both that we were alive and we still understood each other wordlessly. Yes, the day had begun really well, considering that the last one had ended so terribly.

She shook herself briefly, as if she had to shake off the arousal. I held my arm out to her. She clung to it while she climbed into the pumps, and then rested her hand properly in the crook of my arm afterwards so that we could leave our rooms together to arrive on time for breakfast.

I was excited to see their faces when they spotted Hermione's appearance. Even if it was warm outside by now, it was still cold in the stone corridors of the manor, so I could hope that my little game would be a complete success. After all, you could still see her excitement clearly, as I could tell from her still reddened cheeks and a glance at her breasts. That would be fun.

In addition, my plan had taken on larger forms by now. I would clearly put Father and Severus in their place, show them that they could not and were not allowed to have Hermione. And finally, I would perhaps get rid of my debts to Father if I could only show him clearly enough that he had broken his promise.

End of Draco’s POV
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Waking Up, chapter 116
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