When Hermione Fights
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 Nightmare, chapter 130

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Nightmare, chapter 130 Empty
BeitragThema: Nightmare, chapter 130   Nightmare, chapter 130 EmptyMo März 02, 2020 8:14 am

Chapter beta: Livy
Chapter translator: Aivy

There was a dead silence in the room and, after taking a short time to breathe, I turned my attention to Hermione, whose expression did not bode well.

"I could have handled Severus alone, I didn't need your help for that! Especially not like this!" she hissed coldly, glaring fiercely at me.

I nodded agreeably, not wanting to discuss it, even if I knew that she was right, or maybe because of that. After all, I had to admit that when I came in and saw her nestled against his chest, looking deep into his eyes, I had blown a fuse of my own, at least a little.

Lowering my head very briefly and hardly noticeably, I looked at her slightly from below and realized that she understood the apology and her features relaxed. Did she forgive me, though?

I simply hoped and was pleased how nice it was that we understood each other better and better without words and so I quickly moved on to the next, urgent topic she had bestowed upon us.

Pointing at Weasel, I stepped towards her and was already mildly annoyed by what was now inevitably coming towards me, because I could somehow tolerate Potter, but not slow, choleric, quick-tempered and, in my eyes, stupid Weasel.

"What is he doing here?" I asked less than kindly, but even as I was asking this, something occurred to me.

I lifted a hand as I came to a halt in front of her and she looked at me, just about to answer, then I gently put my index finger on her lips, showing her my trust once again.

"Don't say anything... if you think it's necessary and right, then it's okay," I explained and now I turned my gaze away from her, caught Potter's eye. "But make sure he doesn't annoy me," I instructed him from above. Potter nodded calmly, which was enough of an answer for me.

I turned my attention back to Hermione again and took my finger off her lips, instead cupping her face in both my hands, and breathed a kiss on her forehead.

"I missed you!" I whispered against her skin.

Satisfied, I noticed her soft sigh and detached myself from her, knowing that she had missed me too, even if she did not say so.

Weasel sat in her chair. Just as well, then I would make it clear once again that she belonged to me. With no more words, I took her hand. The others in the room still seemed to be in shock because of the argument and even if I would have liked to ask now what had happened at the Order meeting, unfortunately the weasel had higher priority.

He sat stiff as a post and mute in the armchair. Someone had cursed him, I was sure of it, and my bet was on the Red Devils. Meanwhile, I let myself sink into my armchair, pulling Hermione possessively onto my lap and putting my arm around her, which she perceived with a frown.

"Weasley, you will abide by the rules here, as I'm sure Hermione has already instructed you. Well, Red Devils, I suppose it's your achievement that your brother is such good company right now, so... no point in putting it off," I said.

Fred raised his wand and cast Finite Incantatem, whereupon the fool immediately collapsed, put his face in his hands and groaned desperately.

"Well, keep your promise and make sure he doesn't get on my nerves," I turned with my demand to Potter, who rose in surprising obedience. He seemed to learn really fast and I was glad that he subordinated himself to me here, because we didn't need any solo runs or choleric temperamental outbursts here; that could get dangerous for all of us when it mattered.

Planting himself in front of the armchair, Potter looked down on his friend, who was now whining. By Merlin, how weak Weasel was. Sure, he had probably just got the shock of his life, because he had clearly not been prepared for what he had just seen and witnessed - no matter what he had imagined in his birdbrain, this certainly wasn't it - but I didn't care. I would never like Weasel. I could at least respect Potter, but never Weasel! The important thing was that he followed the rules, then I would accept him here for better or worse, because Hermione wanted it that way.

I heard his soft whimpering more clearly now, even understanding his words, which had become louder.

"This is worse than my worst nightmare! Merlin, why?" he moaned and that was nearly amusing, making me almost forget the bad feeling I had about Severus.

Now he raised his head, looked up at the ceiling and I saw the desperation in his eyes, but I did not care much about it. He continued to whimper. What a sissy!

"What did I do to deserve this? I never thought it would be this bad!"

Potter was still standing in front of him and looked pitifully down at his friend, but to my great surprise the redhead seemed to be regaining some of his composure now.

I had already prepared myself inwardly for having to endure an annoying, inappropriate outburst from the weasel, but obviously this would at least turn out smaller than I had feared.

He seemed to remember that lions shouldn't whine like that, but be brave. In any case, there was now a grimace on his face, distorted with pain, when he asked, trying to sound restrained:

"Harry, can you explain this?" He waved his hand in my direction.

His gaze rested firmly on his friend, almost as if he wanted to exclude the rest of us and make himself believe that none of this was true, but that would not help him; he would have to face it eventually. And if I was honest, I was happy to see this stupid fool so devastated. Here, I demonstrated sadistic traits similar to those of my father, I had to admit to myself, but all right.

"You'll stick to what we discussed?” Potter began to reassure his friend with an amazingly gentle voice. “No fits, no freaking out and accepting what you see and hear? There's nothing you can do about it, you have to know that!"

Weasel looked at him with big eyes, finally nodding with a defeated expression.

"Things can't get any worse," he said with a hollow laugh.

I only laughed coldly, for I didn't suppose he had grasped even half of what had just been revealed to an attentive observer like the Twins, me or Hermione, or even Potter during the quarrel with Severus.

Potter, however, didn't react to that, he just replied calmly.

"Well, Ron, we'd best start by you simply asking, since you've just learned quite a lot."

Visibly striving for a calm voice, Weasel began to ask. He had clenched his hands into fists that trembled alarmingly, but he pulled himself together. At least he kept his promises. He looked questioningly at Potter, who was still standing in front of him.

"So you and Green... Daphne and Hermione and... and Malfoy?!" he pressed out. I could clearly see that it disgusted him to think about it, or to say it, but Potter just nodded and answered succinctly:

"Yup, that's right!" Potter now crossed his arms in front of his chest, still looking at the other with concern and scepticism. His friend appeared to be slow to process everything.

"How long?" he breathed softly.

"Hermione and Malfoy probably since the beginning of the last school year; Daphne and I since the thing at the Ministry, though we only got serious after I arrived here," he continued calmly, and I was really glad that Potter followed my instructions.

"Why do you jump when Malfoy orders something?" he asked contemptuously and showed clear displeasure.

Harry sighed theatrically and then replied, to my great surprise, very arrogantly.

"Malfoy is not the boss here, but when it comes down to it, he can make good decisions and give good orders, because, just like Hermione, he keeps a calm, clear head! He's cold as ice!" Wow, Potter admitted that I made good decisions, I had to remember that! I was only just keeping a smug grin off my face.

"Besides," he continued loudly, "we agreed that we would respect each other here and not go at each other's throats. Acceptance! We all have our own goals, but we also have common ones, and so we work hard here. We learn, we train and we do magic and brew. We don't just sit around or run around headless like the Order, which wants to forbid us to be useful as minors. Dumbledore is so blinded!" he spat out with real contempt. He really didn't like Dumbledore, which was understandable considering his childhood.

"What was that about Snape?" That question was spat out in disgust by Weasel, and I saw that Potter, too, made a distressed face.

I hoped that he had realized that the Weasel didn't need to know anything about Minna and that he would explain the other thing to him plausibly. If not, I would intervene.

"It's a longer story," he began to explain calmly. "To make a long story short, she's a Malfoy and he, Snape, is too, somehow! Really complicated," he waved his hands desperately and rolled his eyes.

Now the redhead's face fell completely, probably out of disbelief at first, but shortly afterwards also painfully. I couldn't suppress a nasty grin, but I hid it skilfully behind Hermione's open hair, because I didn't want to make the situation worse. It would only make Weasley become even more annoying. Once again, he let his face sink into his hands and mumbled as he hung so slumped in his armchair.

"Explain, or my skull will explode. Tell me it doesn't mean what I think it means; she didn't m-" Weasel looked up again and his friend shook his head reassuringly. Potter stepped up to the other Gryffindor and crouched down in front of him, catching his gaze, which was quite hopeless.

I didn't believe that the weasel knew what kind of ritual I had performed. I rather assumed he thought we were married or something. That was a nice thought that shot through my head for a second.

"It's okay, Ron. He protects her better than we or the Order could, believe me," Potter explained quietly. "She is my best friend and a Muggleborn; no one can give her more protection than the Malfoys. Draco has branded her with the mark of the family, making her a member of his family and now she has their protection, but she has to and wants to live in the Manor. It's kind of good for her that way, believe me," Potter spoke to his friend in an imploring voice. I clearly saw the disbelieving look from the weasel, which he first gave to Potter and now to Hermione, who was keeping a close eye on him.

He did not turn away but continued to look at her questioningly and, after a while, she nodded.

"Yes, Ron, he's right. I'm happy with the way things are. I belong with the Malfoys. We have searched and found each other and if you know more of what I am really like, you will see that too," she now explained calmly and avowed herself to my family, which made me very happy.

Monotonously, quietly, he asked the next question, this time addressed to Hermione.

"But why? Why did you become like this and when? Did I ever really know you?"

Okay, what came next would take longer. I leaned back in the armchair, pulling Hermione with me as she began to speak. Wordlessly, I drew Blaise's attention to me and indicated that he should bring me and her something to drink, which he understood immediately. He nodded affirmatively and then rose to bring us each a glass of whiskey.

Hermione had by now begun to tell how she had felt as a child, what had happened when she went to Hogwarts, what the relationship with her parents had been like, that she did not understand the Ministry and Dumbledore and how they could allow Muggleborns to live like this until they came to Hogwarts and finally came to the point where she had decided to leave nothing to others and to fend for herself. I did not listen all the time, drifting into my thoughts in the meantime.

I didn't like the fact that Severus had been so angry with Hermione again, had almost forgotten himself, had at least grabbed her hard. And I didn't like that she had felt forced to make amends to him, to woo him.

I really hated that and with everything that was going on, it didn't add to my mood.

Yes, I was somehow glad that she had wrapped both Severus and Father around her finger in such a way that they stood up for her without discussion, but it also worried me, because it meant that if one day, for whatever reason, she wanted to, she would always be welcome in the arms of these two men.

Alas, I knew what interested her in Severus and also why she was never able to resist Father. Even if she said it was only because he was the patriarch, I knew, or at least I suspected, it was his charm as well. On the one hand, I wished that she would finally understand how cruel he could be, how sadistic he enjoyed the suffering of others and was therefore in a completely different league to me, but on the other hand I also wished that she would never have to experience how he tormented people with great delight and slowly tortured them to death.

I feared, however, that she wouldn't be spared this for much longer, now that she would be presented to the Dark Lord soon and dive even deeper into our circles, the Death Eaters. Obviously, she had finished her report, because now Potter was talking again. I had not heard Weasel's question, but I could guess what he had asked.

"Dumbledore's always let me down. You know that, Ron. You know how I had to live with the Dursleys and he let it happen, let a lot more happen because he's so self-righteous to think he knows what's good for all of us," he raised his voice, got back up and paced furiously around the room. "But I will not put up with this anymore, I will not let him dictate what I have to do and how I have to live! That is for me to decide!"

I understood quite well why Potter got angry when he thought about what Dumbledore had done to him.

The weasel's gaze became thoughtful again, wandered around the room and finally got stuck on his brothers, who were sitting on the floor on large cushions, with a modest distance between them.

"Since when have you known? When did you join?" he now asked them accusingly.

They examined their brother carefully. After a few moments, they sat up straight, visibly proud, and declared together:

"We were the first. Hermione and the two of us. Our group was here long before Draco joined us or Harry, our two sisters here or our quiet drill-sergeant!" They pointed one after the other at the people they had named and it was clear to see how much pride they took in being the first to recognize her talent, but also that Hermione had recognized theirs. I saw Weasley frowning and finally addressing Hermione.

"Why Fred and George? You had Harry and me, didn't you?" he asked without understanding.

I could feel her shifting slightly restlessly on my lap, but then she straightened up and fixed her gaze firmly on him.

"They're brilliant, Ron! I could always compete with them, we could exchange ideas and they always appreciated my intellect. You could never have matched my thirst for knowledge in black magic at that time. Or do you think, Ron, that the extremely elaborate joke articles could have been created without this branch of magic?" She said all this very calmly and coldly.

I knew what an insult to her best friends this was, but Potter looked at her with knowledge and understanding, while Weasel seemed shocked when he realised the true nature of not only Hermione but also his brothers, how many rules they had broken. He didn't recover for a long time and that was it for me.

This was going way too slow for me. I didn't come here tonight to deal with the dim-witted weasel, but because I wanted to hear what the Order was planning and then relax from the stress of the past days with Hermione.

The fact that I had seen Severus getting close to her again and now having her on my lap did not make me feel any calmer, and the fact that she had spoken of Cedric, Krum and Sirius distinctly incited my possessive instinct. At last, I simply wanted to have her, as always.

Impatiently, I interrupted Potter in his pacing, which annoyed me anyway.

"Potter, stop that! I've had enough; this question-and-answer game is taking too long. Continue that when I'm gone. My time here is short anyway, and so is my time with Hermione, so let's get down to business. What happened at the Order meeting, Devils?" I focused my attention on them and the two began their report.

They began with relating that the Order was still poking around in the dark because of Harry and Hermione, but that it had been decided that since they now knew that they were hiding together, the Order would stop its activities to seek them. Dumbledore was looking for something and didn't tell anyone what it was. Then they reported that Hermione's appearance had caused quite a stir.

Finally, Fred recounted with a big grin how Hermione had told Remus to his face that Sirius had been a good fuck, which I disliked greatly. I couldn't suppress a deep grumble and that I instinctively pulled her closer to me, whereupon she eyed me disapprovingly over her shoulder and then turned back to the others. As it seemed, her mood was not the best either.

Lastly, their retelling reached Hermione's exit and how she had kept Dumbledore at bay.

"What did you threaten him with, Hermione?" the Twins enquired curiously.

I saw the cunning grin that appeared on her face and then she answered:

"That's what Harry must tell you if he wants to. Just believe me, Dumbledore's record is much less clean than we all think and he always keeps his knowledge well hidden. You already know about his inclinations and Harry will have to tell you what he told us during the conversation. But not now! Draco is right, we don't have that much time today and everything Ron doesn't know yet, he'll find out in the next few days anyway. It's not gonna be easy for you, Ron." She looked at him briefly, mustered him and my gaze also went briefly to him. He seemed to have caught himself a bit, after all the Twins had only reported things he already knew.

"Well, after you left, the commotion really started," George continued their tale. "Dumbledore tried to calm everyone down; emotions were running high. Mother howled her head off and lamented that now all her children were abandoning her; Father had a hard time with her. Ginny just stared around sullenly and was probably angry because she wasn't allowed to come and muttered something about you stealing Harry away from her, most beautiful. The good McGonagall was quite upset, asking how you could have become so cold and calculating. She said that wasn't at all how she knew you. I think you've really altered her world view..." The Twins nodded contentedly with matching nasty grins.

"Yes, and Snape, the good chap, sat silently in his corner and watched everything with amusement, although, of course, he kept a straight face, but we know him well enough by now," Fred picked up where George had left off.

They winked at us conspiratorially and I had to grin wickedly. Yes, they knew my uncle well enough by now, but I wanted them to keep talking.

"Go on," I impatiently instructed. They nodded and Fred placed a hand on his heart.

"Poor Remus, Hermione, you've really done him in. He slumped down on his chair and muttered all the time, "This can't be, he didn't love someone like that!' Obviously, it really hurt him to find out all this only after his, Sirius', death. Well, at some point they had calmed down and when Bill announced that he was going to Gringotts to check your claims, tonight, we quickly joined in and left. Our good professor also took the opportunity to slip away and then forced us to take him into the house. He had planned all this," he explained confidently.

"Good, good, so the Order is still in the dark and organizes uncoordinated actions... that's fine with me," I explained thoughtfully, because what the Twins had reported in the end was somewhat funny and amusing, but not important, didn't contain any important information.

My gaze now wandered around.

Daphne was sitting alone on the sofa; Harry had sat with her before and was now leaning against the fireplace, arms crossed, watching us all. On the other sofa sat Blaise with Astoria, who snuggled into his arms, or he pulled her against his body, I don't know. Anyway, that was an intriguing development; I would keep an eye on that and have to ask Hermione what she knew.

My gaze remained fixed on Blaise, who looked at me questioningly and now also asked in his calm, thoughtful manner:

"How are things with you, Draco? The last few days must have been exhausting. When's the funeral?"

I heard a hissing sound next to me. Weasel seemed a bit surprised again and I turned to him directly for the first time that evening, but no less snide than I had always been at Hogwarts.

"Weasel, ask away!"

He looked at me disparagingly and I could see exactly that he still loathed me, which was self-evident and mutual.

"Who died?" he asked bluntly without much inflection.

I looked at him hard. I knew what he wanted to know and just shrugged my shoulders, then answered coldly:

"Don't you read the papers, weasel? My mother was poisoned in Diagon Alley! Now we are finally rid of her," I thanked Morgana.

He got big eyes; they seemed to almost fall out of his face.

"I'm sorry for your loss," he replied softly.

Wow, what was that? Weasel and kind words?! It was a miracle, but all I could do was scoff.

"Don't be. I'm glad my most beautiful witch here got her off our backs so effectively. Better mother than Hermione, don't you think?" I said confidently.

My gaze was hard, unyielding, and I did not release him, staring him down, while he looked back and forth between me and Hermione in disbelief, finally stuttering:

"Hermione... is... is he serious? You, uh... You killed... his mother... What...?" he put his hand to his heart again. He seemed to be about to have a stroke, as red as his face was within seconds; that didn't look healthy.

She nodded curtly and then answered coldly:

"She was a danger, was to blame for Kreacher giving Harry false information and she tried to kill me twice; she deserved it. Had it not been for Lucius, I would be dead now. He saved my life and allowed me to deal with Narcissa as I pleased. You see, my family cares for me!"

He sucked the air in hard. I had to sneer and I couldn't help it, I had to say it:

"You see, Weasley, she is the perfect match for me and my family. And you had a choice, now you must go through with it!"

He just nodded weakly. Looking around in disbelief, he seemed completely overwhelmed and I turned back to the real issue.

"Well, the funeral is tomorrow, hopefully everyone will leave afterwards. The Dark Lord was already there and then Hermione can finally come back to me at the Manor. We miss her already," I breathed covetously.

For the first time in a long while, Potter intervened, still leaning against the fireplace and watching everything calmly and carefully.

"Were you serious earlier, Malfoy, about Voldemort wanting her and your father protecting her from him, like, for real?" he asked surprisingly coldly. "I know you've told us before, but can we be sure that it's safe... okay, reasonably safe for Hermione?"

I nodded thoughtfully, absolutely surprised at how calm and calculating Potter seemed to have become. He really grew up and maybe there was still a chance for him; at least he had got his temperament under control.

"Yes, that's both true, Potter," I replied honestly and calmly. "He wants the murderer of Narcissa, but Father and Severus were able to obtain a reprieve until my initiation. Father really shielded her, even though he walks a very fine line. You must know the Dark Lord is not to be denied or contradicted. Not even Severus or Father should do that, but for her he did, and fortunately it worked out well. And for the record, I meant what I said about not letting anything happen to her. I will sacrifice myself first!"

I saw his eyebrows shoot up in surprise. Well, he knew that Hermione meant a lot to me, but that I would go that far seemed to surprise him after all.

I was a little surprised myself, but the more I thought about it, the more I became aware that I would really do it when it came down to it. I wasn't ruling out a fight to the death for her.

Potter nodded thoughtfully, although he didn't ask any further, but the Twins now entered the conversation, grinning quite broadly. What were they up to?

"You want to go so far for her, man, but do you get so out of control when Snape gets too close to her? Perhaps you should prioritize, Draco. We all know what Hermione's stance is!"
I looked at her from the side because she was still sitting on my lap. Blaise also spoke up now:

"Yeah, you need to loosen up, man, seriously!"

What was that all about? Were they trying to annoy me?

Hasn't that been enough today? First that again with Sirius, then hearing once more that she had something with babyface Cedric, with that idiot Krum, and now this. What the hell was their problem?

I tensed up under Blaise's knowing grin, which Hermione noticed, of course, and made her snicker coyly. Great, now she laughed at me, too. Great.

"Draco, this is a space of openness and honesty, and if you're honest, you must admit that you also have a problem with jealousy. You pulled off a first-class jealousy scene with our dear Potions Master," Fred interjected amusedly. The weasel had meanwhile covered his ears and squeezed his eyes closed, which looked rather funny.

I saw from the corner of my eye that Hermione now put her hand over her mouth and was chuckling even more. I felt her tremble and also saw Astoria nodding enthusiastically. But what she said then so cheekily made the barrel overflow.

"Must be wonderful to be held by arms as strong as Snape's, right, Hermione?" she sighed dreamily.

Blaise suddenly looked upset and pulled her closer very possessively, grumbling something that sounded like:

"I'll show you how that feels..." The rest was lost in her startled squeal, but I also noted Hermione nodding lightly at Astoria's remark.

Now I finally had enough. Determined, I grabbed her knees, turned her on my lap so that she was now sitting sideways over me. She acknowledged this action with an astonished, quiet scream, but I didn't care about that, nor about the surprised looks of the others.

She still seemed surprised by my sudden action, when I pressed my lips to her mouth, laid my hands on her breasts and wanted to kiss her passionately. But she caught herself quickly and I just had the feeling she would return the kiss now, invite me in, as her lips opened, yet when I let my tongue slide sensually along her lips, flicked into her mouth, she bit down really hard, without shyness, striking not only my lips, which immediately began to bleed, but also my tongue. She maliciously dug her teeth into my flesh and showed no pity when she too had to taste blood.

"Ouch!" I withdrew surprised and slightly angry. "What's wrong with you? Are you mental?" I snapped at her, tasting my blood and certainly having it on my lips. My eyebrows narrowed in annoyance.

I swiped the back of my hand over my lips and saw the red blood on my pale skin. She just glared at me viciously, which showed me that this had to be resolved now. The surprised, shocked and curious looks of the others left me totally unaffected.

She wanted to wriggle off my lap, but I grabbed her under the knees and put my arm around her, got to my feet and lifted her up, carrying her in my arms, but she started to kick and cuss wildly.

"Let me down, damn it! I am not your toy," she hissed furiously.

Okay, if that was the way she wanted it, she could have it.

I let go of her abruptly, whereupon she fell to the ground with a thud. She acknowledged this only with a scornful huff, coming to lie at my feet and started to rant the second she picked herself up. I did not care about the whispering of the others.

"Get out, all of you! Pronto!" I thundered, indignant.

Blaise and Astoria moved quickly and left the living room, followed just as swiftly by Daphne. The Twins, however, took their time and were grinning, which caused me to flare up once again, now really mad.

"Move it!" I commanded menacingly. The weasel sat frozen, petrified in the armchair, but Potter stepped up to him, grabbed him by the upper arm and pulled him up.

"Come on, Ron, let's go!" As if in a trance, he let himself be led away, while the Twins left the living room last after the other two Gryffindors.

I noticed that they didn't close the door properly, stopping in the hallway to have a discussion, but Hermione apparently didn't notice that. She had climbed back to her feet and planted herself in front of me with her hands on her hips and was angrily glaring at me. On her cheek was a little of my blood.

As soon as she thought the air was clear, she came at me threateningly with eyes that blazed with rage.

"What is this Draco? I thought we settled that. I'm not your plaything, not to offend Severus or Lucius, or that you can prove how great you are here. I will not let you use me," she now pointed threateningly with her index finger at my chest.

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when she said that.

"Now be honest. Our little game at breakfast really turned you on when I almost took you in front of their eyes and you didn't care what my goals were. And yes, damn it, I am bloody jealous! Is that what you wanted to hear? You've been thinking that for a long time anyway, right?" I acted very arrogant and blasé.

She was still angry when she answered snidely: "What I think doesn't matter here. You pretend to be so indifferent in front of me, making your big speeches that you don't mind as long as it stays in the family and in reality you are only lying to yourself. If Severus so much as hugs me, you go ballistic. And, yes, he was rough with me earlier, but I had everything under control!"

Slowly, bit by bit I now walked threateningly towards her and she actually retreated, whereby I assumed that she only did it because she knew that physically she was inferior to me even though she was a truly skilled fighter. I saw from the corner of my eye that the door to the hallway was still not closed, the Twins were still peeking in, Potter quietly tried to dissuade them and Weasel watched us with a chalky white face and a shocked expression, but I still didn't care.

Quietly, threateningly, now standing very close in front of her because she didn't step back anymore, I offered angrily:

"Well, it looked quite different to me, Hermione. And you think I'm lying to myself, do you? Fine, then I'll tell you what I know for myself!" I took a deep breath to find the right words. "I'm worried as hell that you'll succumb to Father, yes. Not only that he might hurt you, but also that you might develop genuine feelings for him. He is so much like me, but he is so much more cruel than I am, just never forget that," I hissed harshly and sharply in a voice which was becoming noticeably colder.

From the door there was now a loud scramble. Apparently Potter wanted to get the upper hand at all costs and now Hermione noticed our spectators too.

"HE SAID: GET OUT!" she roared coldly, loudly and astonishingly commanding. Wow, she learned from us really quickly and this time the Twins obeyed immediately, or Potter prevailed. Anyway, the door closed with a bang.

She continued to look at me challengingly.

"Moving on, then. What are you thinking when you pretend to me that you don't mind as long as it stays in the family, with Severus?" she snarled angrily.

Annoyed, I ran one hand through my hair. I didn't really want to be so honest or argue here, but rather tear off this ugly, veiled dress from her body and show her that she belonged to me.

"I know what you think of him and I believe that I won't be able to prevent you from ending up in bed with him sometime, somewhere, especially since he has feelings for you, which is extraordinary," I admitted resignedly, still standing very close to her, making an all-encompassing gesture. Then I added coldly: "Just do me a favour and don't tell me when it happens."

She did not contradict me, which I registered; she just nodded calmly. The mood seemed to calm down a bit, but there was something else that worried me and even if she was appeased again, I wasn't yet. I stepped further towards her and she retreated, probably because of my serious expression and my hard look.

"What have you got now?" she asked in confusion. "You were honest, that pleases me, even if I can reassure you: I don't intend to go to bed with your father," she said, folding her arms defensively in front of her chest.

"Then resist him! You never do and don't try to justify it with the fact that he's the patriarch. You know you have him wrapped around your little finger; stand up to him. He must not force himself on you," I accused her angrily and looked at her crossly. She retreated further back, bumping into the coffee table, but since I didn't give way, she finally fell unceremoniously on her bottom and landed on the table.

I had pushed her back so far that she had no other chance. As quick as lightning, before she could react, I was above her and pressed her down onto the table, holding her there with all my weight and pushed her completely on top of it. She fought back again, bucking and trying to push me away, but only half-heartedly, as I clearly felt.

"You know very well, I don't want that right now! Not now," she spat angrily and her hair fell wildly into her face. Feeling her graceful, well-trained body under me stirred up my excitement and lust tremendously, but still I didn't let my desire run free, instead continuing to provoke her with my physical superiority.

I was not to be put off. Pressing my bloody lips angrily, harshly and also hungrily on hers, I smothered her protests and began to run my hands erratically down her body.

She fidgeted and wriggled like an eel, trying to press her hands against my chest, kicking and shoving me off, but I did not give in, not yet. This was no resistance, not from her, as half-heartedly as it was.

Passionately, I conquered her lips, however, I also took care. I didn't want to let the bitch she was also towards me today bite my sore lips again. I knew she was in a bad mood and my actions would only turn her against me even more, but as so often, this too was a fight for dominance in our relationship.

She did not want to return my kiss, tried to bite me again, as I discovered. All right, I would try it another way. I began to kiss her cheekbones eagerly, which was not so easy thanks to her fidgeting, while I did not let myself be distracted by the fact that she tried to push me away and that she was still struggling, her breath going faster and faster.

Tenderly, I directed her head to bend back, which she didn't really want, but allowed me to do. I began to kiss her neck, sucking on her soft skin and distributing small bites on her tender flesh, leaving my marks everywhere. Again and again, I sucked firmly and purred with pleasure, bit affectionately into her soft skin and kissed her, but she still did not react as violently as I expected.

Determinedly, I lifted myself up, bringing a little distance between us. I was now leaning on my elbows and purposefully grabbed the collar of her relatively high-necked dark dress. Without hesitation, I tore the silk fabric apart, growling contentedly as it ripped from the neck down to her bra and even further with a loud sound. I looked at her with a diabolical grin, while confusion and fury flashed in her eyes as her head shot up.

Demandingly, without paying attention to her resistance, I set out again to conquer her neck and décolleté with my kisses and bites, put my hands on her breasts and now, finally, she showed the reaction I had expected from her. She fought back fiercely, breathing and panting heavily and I let her win, allowed her to push me away from her powerfully and painfully and tumbled hard onto the floor between the sofa and the coffee table.

This time I had felt that she was actually using her strength and therefore gave in. Which I would regret immediately and very much!
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