When Hermione Fights
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 Punishment, Or You Will Never Learn!, chapter 131

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Punishment, Or You Will Never Learn!, chapter 131 Empty
BeitragThema: Punishment, Or You Will Never Learn!, chapter 131   Punishment, Or You Will Never Learn!, chapter 131 EmptySa März 14, 2020 11:50 pm

Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy

Before I could react in any way, she sat on me in the blink of an eye, which I had not planned. With strength, she had purposefully brought my hands together above my head, bent over me, which gave me a wonderful view of her cleavage, and clearly distracted me. But that meant that I noticed only in passing that she was holding her magic wand in her hands, muttering something that I didn't understand, and then it was already too late.

When she straightened up, removing her hands, and I concentrated again, I felt something hard and unyielding around my wrists, cutting uncomfortably into my skin. She had tied me up and to my surprise, the restraints were also attached somewhere, for I could not even lift my arms. They were pinned to the floor; I was defenseless.

Oh crap! I hadn't intended to put myself in this position. With her mood and the way I had provoked her, I had a bad feeling now. I tried again, glaring at her angrily, and while I did, a dangerous, diabolical grin appeared on her face.

"Well, you're not getting free, I made sure of that! You deserve a punishment for your behaviour, Draco, you know that, don't you?" she purred contentedly as she watched me with her head cocked.

"You bitch," I hissed softly, not really angry, but surprised, and she really was a BITCH! That she wanted to punish me for having instrumentalized her again was clear to me, but I didn't react to that at all. She had understood and internalised the rules of the family really quickly, as I unfortunately had to admit.

She laughed heartily and mocked:

"As if you weren't aiming at that very thing. You wanted me to fight back!"

Yes, she had seen through me, that was exactly what I had been aiming for, to make her fight back. Somehow it made me proud of her for having grasped it with so much farsightedness, but I had always known that she was extremely clever.

I nodded, now with a diabolical grin like hers.

"I just wanted to see if you could fight back at all. Now you only have to be as defensive with Father!" I explained roughly, a bit out of breath, because I had become seriously aroused by what had just occurred.

She glared at me viciously, but licked her lips provocatively at the same time.

"He should not be allowed to come so close to me, it is too dangerous," she said ambiguously, which caused me a certain uneasiness. Was it too dangerous because she might like it?

She still held her wand in her hands and I heard her move the furniture around us so that we had room. Then she returned her devilish, eager look back at me and began to circle with her pelvis on my hard center tantalizingly slowly for me. She was a glorious wicked sight, sitting above me with her legs spread wide apart, her hair a bushy curly mane framing her slightly reddened face, the deeply torn dress gaping wide open and her bosom, attractively wrapped by a black lace bra, showing the skin of her neck and décolleté reddened by my bites, and, finally, her eyes, darkened with excitement, glowing out of her face.

I couldn't suppress a pleasure-filled, blissful moan as it felt too good on my hard erection when she pressed herself against me, even though there were several layers of fabric in between. I was at her mercy, something I had never allowed before. Every other time, I was in control, never ceded the position of power and now I lost it even more when she took my wands and threw them on the sofa next to us. Nevertheless, I was really turned on, even though I knew that she would take advantage of this situation before I would eventually get my sweet release.

Now more than ever, I wanted her. She pushed me to my limits, no matter how, where or when. I had never seen her so dominant in bed and I had to admit I was impatient to see what she would do to me now. I almost didn't care what she was going to do, only that she would bring me release; the situation aroused me excessively.

Joyfully expectant, I looked at her but she slowly shook her head. Continuing to move enticingly, she grabbed her own breast with one hand, bending her head backwards and moaning throatily, and then she looked at me, beginning to whisper softly and promisingly with a smirk.

"You like that, don't you? Do you think I'll make it that easy for you now that I've you at my mercy, truly helpless and defenceless?" she asked viciously. Meanwhile, I had to watch how she touched her breasts sensuously, pinching her hardened nub through the delicate lace, and so I just growled hoarsely while watching her with a covetous look.

The blood rushed in my ears as I capitulated, accepting my fate. There was nothing else I could do anyway and I just hoped she would give me what I wanted so desperately and not take revenge too badly. In the meantime, she had ceased her gyrating movements on my pelvis, but she was still sitting seductively on top of me with her legs spread, showing a wolfish grin. She now held her magic wand raised above my chest. What was she going to do? I looked at her questioningly and as she said nothing, I decided that perhaps I had to answer her question, even if it had sounded rather rhetorical.

"What do you want to know?" I asked submissively. Resigned, I let my head sink back onto the carpet and waited to see what she would do, but there was no answer, instead I heard excited, very deep laughter. This caused me to look down again and to my horror I noticed that she was drawing her dagger with a dangerous grin and wielded it aggressively. It ended up pointing at me, at my stomach, while she was impatiently pulling my shirt out of my trousers.

I saw a short, bright flash of the cold, silvery steel in the light of the candles and then the lowest button of my shirt flew away. Slowly, still grinning at me, she continued; button after button went flying. She was simply cutting them off and I was speechless at what she was doing and how she was doing it. All the while, she was bending down further and further, letting her dagger move threateningly upwards, towards my head. The look in her eyes made me gulp nervously, because besides the grin that showed her anticipation and also what fun it was for her to see me at her mercy, her anger from before flared up again and I knew that she had a slightly sadistic streak in her. She was not yet appeased. That promised to get delightful as I came to the realisation that she was not only playing, she would also take revenge here and now for my little games and the way I had paraded her around.

"Who's the toy now?" I asked, still hoarse and increasingly nervous, as she stripped me agonisingly slowly. I felt the coolness of the sharp blade scratching at my skin and could not suppress the rearing goose bumps.

A broad, satisfied grin now adorned her face.

"What would you do if I succumbed to Lucius?" she purred viciously and pulled her lower lip through her teeth.

My shirt was now completely open and she stroked slowly, lasciviously with her dagger across my bright, smooth chest, which alternately tickled when she came too close to my arms, aroused me immensely because of the tension that existed between us right now, and also frightened me a little, because I knew how excessively sharp the blades were. One wrong twitch on my part and she would cut my skin.

Bloody hell, what she was doing here was dangerous and yet she seemed to be absolutely calm, which should comfort me, but somehow it also worried me. She had herself absolutely under control and that did not bode well for me. Angry about her impudent question and my situation, I wondered how the situation had slipped away from me. I had really not planned the situation to go this way. She would prolong my release as long as she wanted to and she would play with me. Damn it, I kinda liked it, which was quite schizophrenic, I had to admit. However, I would like it even more if we could swap!

Growling angrily, because I still didn't like the question at all, I kept her in my sights and then replied resignedly:

"I couldn't do anything. I must obey him, just like you!"

She nodded, lasciviously running her tongue across her lips while she kept circling her dagger aimed at me. I felt her guide it along my arms and sensed the cold blade briefly touching my skin repeatedly. Meanwhile, she had leaned forward and gave me another extremely beautiful and exciting insight. It was really agonizing not to be able to touch her, not to be allowed to lay my hands on her. After a moment, she responded reprehendingly:

"But what would you like to do? What would you want to do with Severus or your father if they seduce me? And believe me, I would like what they'd do to me. I'm sure they are both great lovers!" Oh, that bitch! She was really trying to rile me up.

I tried to catch her gaze; at least in that I succeeded. The sparkle in her eyes showed me that she was merely playing. She seemed to have her anger under control for the moment and she was simply enjoying torturing me a little.

"I would want to kill them, damn it! You're mine! Mine alone!" I gave in and grumbled my reply.

Suddenly she laughed triumphantly. Yes, she had finally managed to get me to admit how possessive, yes, jealous I was and that even the family bothered me. Even if I could accept it - I had to - the very thought of it troubled me.

"At last you admit it!" she proclaimed with her head held high, laughing. Oh yes, she was really happy about my defeat and even if I had not wanted to tell her, it was not as bad as I had imagined. I already felt myself at her mercy anyway, so it wasn't that important anymore, but now I would retaliate.

"What do you think Father can offer you that I can't?" I asked her with a grin, while she now began to kiss, lick and lightly bite the pale, flawless skin of my chest. "And Severus, he can't offer you anything I couldn't already do!" I spat the last bit of it arrogantly and she punished my action immediately, biting my nipple hard, digging her teeth deep into this sensitive spot so that it bled, which made me yelp, more out of surprise than pain.

"You bitch are really bitey today, aren't you?" I hissed as she straightened up with a grin. Glaring, she snapped back at me. Oh, her anger resurfaced!

"You have no right to ask questions today! Take a good look at this," she commanded and ran her hands tantalizingly along both sides of her body, then up to her breasts, embracing them obscenely. "Your father would like to be bitten by me, he likes blood! Every time Lucius looks at me, it's as if he wants to undress me and believe me, Draco, that makes me hot! He has charisma... and his looks are not half-bad either," she laughed smugly now, emphasizing especially what effect Father had on her when she saw the disgruntled grimace I made and heard me growling unhappily. "And my dear Draco, you ask what can Severus offer me? You saw it for yourself and as I would like to stress, you said yourself that you liked to watch! What were your words? Yes... You would have liked to join in. You enjoyed watching Severus fuck me across the table," she mercilessly reminded me of the picture she had made back then.

Yes, damn, it had been arousing, especially since Hermione hadn't looked like Hermione. Maybe you should know that it wouldn't have been the first time Severus and I had shared a woman, but Hermione didn't know that, even though I wondered if she didn't suspect it from the calculating look she gave me.

"I knew it! Your expression betrays you: you share women. Severus and Lucius certainly do, that suits them, but you were there too. Have you ever shared a girl with Lucius? Hm, I'd certainly be in for a treat with the two of you...the three of you... Interesting thought," she wanted to know almost excitedly and provoked me even more with her musings. Somehow, I was kind of thankful that we now heard a loud rumbling and talking from the corridor and turned our heads to the noise.

We had been so engrossed in our game that we hadn't noticed how the Twins had opened the door again. This time, they all stood in the opening. The Twins were grinning happily; they probably wanted to see more. Weasley looked even paler and more shocked than the last time they had been kicked out; he obviously seemed to feel nauseous - well, it was his own fault - and he pointed accusingly at us.

"The... That... What does...?! What... did... she... say?" he stuttered in complete disbelief. Of course, he wouldn't understand what was going on. And Potter, yes, he looked rather surprised, shocked, had probably expected that I would do something to Hermione, or that they would have to save her from me, but that wasn't the case. If someone was in need of saving, that would be me, but I didn't want that at all. I liked this erotic, sadistic game very much and it didn't bother me that they saw us like that. Why shouldn't they see what type of person Hermione really was? You could call her terrifying.

I saw her smirking suggestively at our observers, then she turned to me, leaning down to me.

"You are not allowed to move," she whispered into my ear and then licked the shell with relish.

As she straightened up again, getting up on her knees, I felt her pulling my shirt away from under me with a jerk, and now I realized what she had done with the dagger on my arms: she had cut the cloth there! What a bitch. One wrong cut and I would have bled like a pig! She really seemed to enjoy this game extraordinarily, which also showed in her next act.

Playing, yes, she liked that, running her dagger across my chest. I felt the dangerous, cold, sharp blade and how it lightly touched my skin and scratched me. She pulled the blade in a straight line up the middle of my upper body, leaving a very fine, thin, red line, a weal that burned and bled a little. I raised my head and squinted curiously at my injured skin, breathing a little faster. Grinning devilishly, she blew on this patch. Her warm, moist breath flowed over my skin and the spot burned even more, while goosebumps formed all over my body. With a sly smirk, she stood up, apparently satisfied with the effect her action had on me. From the doorway I only heard a horrified gasp and I thought I could hear a slight choking, which I boldly attributed to the red weasel.

She threw my shirt where the magic wands were lying and rose in her more than desolate half-naked state, but completely unafraid of her nakedness, still holding her dagger pointed at me and declaring again, now loudly:

"Don't move, don't make a sound, or else...," she threatened me, which, considering that she had pulled the dagger across my chest, had quite an effect on me. Although she was playing in a way that was proving perilous for me today, I had understood that, I was very aroused, as the large bulge in my trousers testified.

I dared neither to nod nor to answer in any other way, for I saw the diabolical, joyful gleam in her eyes. If I did, she would punish me, so instead I watched her swaying movements in admiration as she approached the boys.

Her dress was hanging only partly over her shoulders, showing a deep, long tear at the front that went down to her belly button, exposing so much. Raising her dagger, she now walked towards our peeping onlookers, placing herself in front of Potter and Weasel, who couldn't take their eyes off her breasts and were staring at them quite obviously. She addressed them sharply and earnestly.

"Get out! It's better for you and the salvation of your souls. You don't want to watch us..." They left the room hesitantly but only after she had firmly placed a hand on each of their chest and shoved them away.

"That can't be! That's not..." Weasel stuttered. "Where is Hermione...? She... Malfoy, defenseless... She CUT him! She's s-s-s... Snape... So, what...? She slept with the old bat? That's disgusting! She can't be serious! HARRY! Harry, tell me I got it wrong, please please please please," he whined positively pathetically.

Oh yes, he had got it. She had made me defenceless and I put up with it for better or worse - well, okay, I enjoyed it and the spectacle she was now offering me - but I feared that would change in a moment, so I endured the humiliation of the four of them seeing me lying here on the floor quite stoically.

"This is so disgusting! Harry, say it, I misunderstood, right?" Weasley's lamentation faded away as they finally left. Potter had not said a word. Probably the realisation that I had even seen Hermione and Severus doing it had thrown him a bit off his game, as had Hermione's general behaviour. It wasn't easy for him to admit to himself what Hermione was really like.

I saw that she didn't mind Weasel's whining very much at the moment and that she seemed to share her amusement over his horror with the Twins. I also heard that she whispered something to the them upon which they then nodded eagerly, grinning broadly and downright nastily. Then I saw the anticipatory glint in her eyes when she turned back towards me and I got a terribly uneasy feeling. What was the little minx up to now?

She turned around completely, but instead of coming back to me, or kicking the Twins out, she grinned at me diabolically.

"Enjoy the show," she whispered promisingly. Oh, that devious, conniving, evil witch. She was up to something again and I wouldn't like it.

I was slightly shocked and horrified to see the Twins now step behind her, one hand frivolously placed on each of her shoulders.

She wouldn't... Oh, why was I even questioning it, of course she would! Horrified, but too spellbound to turn away, I watched the wicked activities, as they now erotically slowly and very suggestively pulled the last shreds of her dress from her shoulders and she smiled excitedly as the pale hands of the Twins, which stood out from her slightly tanned skin, touched her tenderly like a breath, gently stroking her skin and I saw Hermione shiver slightly. The fabric slid silently to the ground, so that she stood before the three of us in nothing but her underwear. What was she up to? That was the question that shot through my head, because I knew she would never do anything with the Twins! Okay, I gave up! Nothing was clear, but I hoped... And I also boldly ruled out that she was into threesomes or something similar, or rather I was hoping here too. So, what the hell was she doing here? I writhed anxiously on the floor, struggling, although it was pointless, against my tight restraints.

A deep rumble escaped my throat.

"Don't do this, Hermione! Hands off!" I growled threateningly, giving them a murderous look, but none of them let themselves be deterred.

I would not let them touch her, even if she now leaned back in enjoyment, as if she had not heard me. Now I really wanted to intervene, tried even more desperately to get free or get up, but her spell was too strong. Bloody hell, why was she such a gifted witch, I asked myself angrily. In reaction, she just looked at me with an evil sparkle in her eyes, triumphantly holding up her dagger, since she seemed to know exactly what I was thinking, and then she leaned back further, but did not close her eyes, keeping her gaze fixed on me while I surrendered in defeat. Blimey, I could not and would not avert my eyes.

There was nothing I could do about what was happening in front of me, so now I had to watch the Twins bending down at the same time, smirking, while each of them placed their red lips on her shoulders and neck, giving her tender kisses, now also starting to lick her skin. She visibly enjoyed it; she even allowed herself a soft sigh, relaxing in their grip when one hand was placed on her hip and the other twin put one hand on her flat, trained belly and gently rubbed the soft skin with his thumb. Their fingertips stroked and caressed Hermione's skin, even over the thin fabric of her lingerie, which she appreciated once again with a sigh.

I heard her finally whispering something to the Twins and the three of them giggled, which I unfortunately didn't understand, but instantly the two of them broke away from her, turned around and left the room with a grin.

"Always a joy, most beautiful! It was our pleasure." They gave me a final wave of their hands and I was tempted to hex them, the two fiends. If I didn't know they were totally gay, they'd have been in trouble now, but shit, it had looked too sexy when they touched Hermione so seductively.

After the door had fallen shut behind them, she approached me slowly, her hips lasciviously swaying, and stopped beside me, dressed only in her black lace underwear. She looked down at me and I had to swallow hard at the sight of her amazon-like appearance. Now she lifted her foot, spread her legs and then stood wide-legged above me. My mouth was very dry, her feet on both sides of my hips and she sat down on me again very, very slowly, but more on my belly than on my aching, hard boner, as I noticed in annoyance while she placed her hands on my chest. But when I felt her wetness, which could be felt on my skin even through her thin knickers, my anger evaporated and my arousal increased ten-fold. I knew that to say something now without being asked would not be good at all, so I kept silent and rammed my teeth ruthlessly into my lip, which had been already mauled by her.

"Did you like that?" she asked demandingly, gruffly, while she frivolously tilted her head and pouted.

Slowly, not letting her out of my sight, I nodded. As it seemed, my admission had been right and thus she slid her lower body down, which made me growl. When she began to rub against me I could not suppress an ecstatic groan. While she alternately rubbed against me or moved her pelvis in circles and thereby successfully tried to drive me crazy, I moaned in suffering. She got off my cock again, but when I realized what she was doing, I surrendered and let my head sink onto the carpet. She started unbuttoning my trousers, getting closer to freeing me. Finally! I could only think as I breathed out loud. She smiled with satisfaction when she elicited this sound from me.

"So, will you ever use me again for your games without my consent?" she asked in a playfully threatening manner and pulled her dagger once more. I felt the same treatment she had given my arms earlier, now bestowed on my legs. Now that I knew what she was doing, I closed my eyes in torment and tried to breathe calmly and shallowly.

Even now I could only shake my head when she was obviously finished cutting up my trousers, nervously swallowing. Hopefully she would finally get to the point, because my erection, which she still hadn't released, was pressing against the fabric almost painfully. She took her time with what she was doing, putting my discipline to a difficult test. Not begging in this situation was difficult even for me. I wanted her, now, right here. I wanted to possess her, show her that she couldn't just do something like that with me, so I clenched my bound hands to angry fists in frustration and gritted my teeth so hard that you could hear them grinding.

"Good boy," she praised me like a little child. "But you won't get away from me that easily. Promise me! Say it out loud that you will never treat me like a sex toy again," was her demand before she would continue, for she had put away the sharp dagger, although I feared that was only temporary.

"Yes, Hermione, I promise I will never use you as my sex toy again," I said, followed by a sigh, and looked almost desperately into her eyes.

She nodded with a satisfied grin as she slowly opened her bra in her back and freed her beautiful, small, round breasts, then presenting me with her reddened, excitedly protruding nipples, bending down towards me.

"Be nice," she whispered roughly. She had bent over far enough that her firm curves were right in front of my face, tempting me to do more.

I knew what she wanted and I was only too happy to comply. Tenderly, I embraced one of her nubs with my lips and began to suck on it intimately, clamping it lovingly between my teeth and biting on it lightly and affectionately. Obviously, I did it exactly as she wanted, for she moaned loudly and enjoyed it, letting me continue. When I released the first one and moved on to pleasure her other nub, which she held out to me so lustfully, I could clearly perceive her excitement and lust through her quiet panting.

Eventually she slowly detached herself from me, removing her breasts, which I reluctantly let out of my mouth, but a little later I felt her soft, this time loving and tender lips on mine. She kissed me demandingly, passionately, which I gladly reciprocated, but it also increased my desire to touch her, to hold her, to show her that she was mine. It drove me almost to the edge of my self-control not to be able to touch her.

But after a long, passionate, hot kiss she separated from me again and sat up on top of me. She looked so desirable; it excited me so much to see her small, hard nubs, her lips swollen and reddened by our kiss and her glowing cheeks. Her wild hair that fell on her bare shoulders, her décolleté reddened by my bites, all this I wanted to touch and not just look at with longing, so I bucked up against my shackles.

I had hoped that her game was over and that she would finally give me, and also herself, some relief, let me possess her, but I saw by her look that I had hoped in vain.

She began to circle her hips again and let her hands slowly and lasciviously slide over her upper body, caressing herself, causing me to lick desperately over my dry lips.

"Tell me, can you offer me what Lucius has? Can you offer me power?" The questions came from her in a very calculating way and she leaned to the side, finally reaching for her dagger again. As I had suspected, this too had been part of the game.

Oh that bitch! So that was what she wanted, what attracted her to him, maybe even made him more desirable for her than me. However, I was able to offer her that, had more up my sleeve and planned bigger things than she could imagine, but I didn't want to reveal everything.

Grudgingly, playing at resentment, I spat out:

"So that's what you want: Power? Is that why you made me a peace offering in the Hogwarts Express?"

"Who knows?" she replied with a shrug. Grinning broadly, swinging the dagger threateningly between two fingers, playing dangerously with it and scrutinizing me, she straightened up. "Maybe I just thought a Malfoy that belongs to me could be useful. Who could have guessed that I would get you all? Come to think of it, it was a great bonus that you branded me with the mark, giving me access to your family!" Laughing menacingly, she placed one hand on my sign on her belly, circled it with her fingertips and her eyes held a possessive glint. "It could not have gone better! All the Malfoy men have fallen for me!" Oh yes, she was mocking me just now and I knew she was playing and enjoying it.

Pah, now she started to rub my nose in it again, that she could have us all! She wanted to provoke me so that I would tell her what I was planning. But I was not yet ready to tell her everything, to admit to her what I had been preparing for months, for years and how much power I already had. With a broad grin, responding only slightly to her provocation, I answered cautiously.

"We accept mutual silence! And if you want power, I can give you that, oh yes. It's not just Slytherins at Hogwarts who obey me. You don't need to know any more than that now!" I offered her very daringly, for I knew I was walking on a narrow ridge, but I also reckoned with her lust, for I was sure that she also wanted me at this moment.

"For once, I'll let you get away with it; you've been so well-behaved before, haven't you? Just remember, keep your promise!" she purred. She held the dagger up threateningly, wagging it admonishingly as one usually wagged a finger, which made me swallow nervously.

"Of course!" I replied and nodded.

Then she stretched her arm straight to the side, grinned broadly and devilishly and dropped the dagger from her hand on the floor, where it hit the ground with a soft thud. She bent forward and I hoped again that she would finally get down to business. During our conversation, she had firmly settled on my excitement, had repeatedly moved on it in a circular motion, and now that she came so close to me, bent down, my lust increased immeasurably.

Finally, I felt her bare breasts on my skin, felt her little nubs that were so wonderfully hard, then I felt her hot breath on my ear and wanted to relax when she bit me again. She bit hard into my earlobe, which really hurt and made me cry out once more.

She clearly had a sadistic streak. By Merlin, hopefully she and Father had not sought and found each other. I had a bad feeling, and the pain and the sticky wetness, which I now felt running down my ear, made my lust decrease again. No, I really did not want to be bitten until blood flowed, especially not so many bites. If I was the one who would bite into her tender, soft skin, that would be something different.

"Misdeeds must be punished!" I could hear her whispering into my ear. She sounded satisfied.

Before I could protest courageously, however, as she had put away the dagger, I felt her lips on mine as she passionately conquered my mouth. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, began to play fiercely with mine and although I tasted my own metallic blood on her lips, I was not deterred. At last, she seemed to leave behind the phase in which she wanted to punish me and now she wanted to savour her desire, which I liked only too well.

Her hands wandered quickly and erratically, greedily across my arms, chest and belly, while she continued to kiss me, and I was very frustrated that I was still tied up, not able to touch her, or - which was what I really wanted - to simply push her off me, throw her on her back, rip off this bothersome fabric and then take her hard and fast. I wanted to take the lead again and dominate her, but I knew she wouldn't let me and I was ready to surrender to this new experience, to enjoy what she would do to me, to submit to her, which I had never done for anyone else.

Now she leaned forward and licked the blood from my belly and chest, following the cut that she had made earlier with the tip of her tongue. It burned terribly but it excited me immensely. She hit the fine line between the kind of pain that was arousing in this situation and the kind that made my lust go away.

Then she finally stood up and knelt beside me and freed me from my cut-up trousers. She also made my shorts disappear and I growled in relief when my steel-hard, erect cock was finally freed from its prison and now stood steep and expectant.

"Ahhh," I couldn't wait, which made her chuckle meanly.

"Is someone unable to wait?" she teased me, but her gaze, which swept over my body, continued to incite me. I saw the lust and her desire light up.

"You're as randy as me! Please, Hermione, I want you... EVERYTHING," I gasped breathlessly and very shakily.

"So impatient! Draco, where's your self-control?" she said cynically and to my surprise, grabbed my aroused cock firmly, gripping it roughly and not very gently. I flinched instinctively, hissing in discomfort.

"What, was I too rough?" she asked, pretending to be naive.

"What makes you think I won't take revenge, my darling?" I knew that I wasn't in a position to threaten at the moment, because she had a very firm hold on me, and that literally, but I just couldn't resist asking the question.

"Mhmh, let me think... I don't know," she whispered to me lustfully and I looked into her eyes darkened with feelings as she stroked my glans with her thumb, which almost made me whimper and so I gritted my teeth firmly. Her hand now embraced my hard shaft and began to move up and down in a leisurely rhythm. I could see her licking her rosy lips, which I only noticed for a short time, because I was tossing my head from side to side in lustful despair over my helplessness while she was touching me so excitingly. She stimulated my testicles less than gently and in the meantime also continued to massage my shaft continuously. Here too she managed amazingly well to strike the sweet line between pain and lust.

My breath accelerated, as she also increased her speed, her hand moving up and down faster and faster, the pressure of her fingers around me intensifying. She jerked me harder and harder and I was about to see stars and clenched my hands together, making my short nails dig into the palms of my hands. Yes, yes, in a moment... in a moment I would... I groaned deeply. Wanting to join in, I lifted my pelvis and pushed firmly, eagerly upwards into her hand, trying to increase the pressure - which had the opposite effect. She suddenly let go and I opened my eyes in shock.

"WHAT... What?" I asked, confused, and saw her disapproving look.

"Draco, Draco, this is not going to work. You are not supposed to move," she rebuked me and looked at me crossly, then clicked her tongue, stood up and went for a drink.

"You too...?" she asked with faked kindness and the blood was still rushing in my ears; I was honestly puzzled about what was happening right now. Damn, I could see how I was slightly slackening after she had stopped her efforts so close to my climax.

When she saw that, she came over. With her glass in her hand, she was now standing over me. I saw her grinning at me and looked up at her uncomprehendingly. My breath had calmed down and then I cried out loudly, frustrated. She was crazy, clearly!

"Bloody hell, Hermione," I yelled out and I heard her laughing. Then, when she poured the liquor on my chest and the alcohol, which really burned on the cut, made me see stars, I bit my cheek until I tasted blood and rammed my heels into the carpet. That hurt! She was mad for sure, a ruthless bitch.

I took a hissing breath and closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I saw she was now completely naked. Hermione came over me again and started to lick the alcohol lasciviously from my chest and after a short time her effort to stimulate me showed effect. I was ready for her again. Shit, damn, that was intense. This sweet pain, all this was something I liked, even if I would prefer to switch roles.

Then it went really fast! She positioned herself on me, directed my now stiff member to her entrance and quickly lowered herself onto me. Both of us held our breath as soon as I was deep inside her and I closed my eyes, enjoying it. To feel her like this was both liberating and exciting.

She rode me slowly and pleasurably and it was incredibly difficult for me not to lift my pelvis again, to push into her impetuously, because the sight of her moving on me and savouring it was just too good. Focusing completely on her lust, she let her hips gyrate, which I liked too, but she only did it because it gave her pleasure. It turned me on like crazy to see her reddened cheeks, her look of bliss when she briefly opened her eyes, to hear her soft moans and see her little breasts swaying up and down through her heavy breathing and her sweet, hard nubs pointing up into the air. With relish, she ran her hands over her breasts, kneading them, and giving herself over to it with her eyes closed, while I could not take my eyes off her.

What she did here was so incredibly stimulating. My gaze glided down, between her legs, onto her so moist, warm centre, where again and again my hard erection slowly disappeared into her. I wanted to grab her by the hips, delegate her up and down quickly and violently and force my rhythm on her, but still I fought against the shackles on my hands.

She noticed this and smirked viciously.

"Today, you must be patient!" she whispered hoarsely. "I will now take what I want at my pace! YOU BELONG TO ME and after today you will never forget it again!"

Oh yes, I would never be able to forget this, it was too exciting, too extraordinary and also too unique. She was unique, how she continued to ride me slowly, enjoying it, and I felt how I too was slowly but inexorably heading for an orgasm, but at this pace it would still take a while.

Yet she didn't even seem to think about increasing the speed for me or even for herself. She seemed to like it that way and I somehow knew that I could expect everything today, but not at all that she would take care of me or do anything because I would like it. I had the feeling she was on a trip of revenge and ego, but somehow I liked this deviousness and malice in her. I just tried to enjoy the fact that she took me so slowly and I didn't have to do anything to get my climax, could just lean back and relax, but she was already straining my nerves. Longingly, my gaze clung to her body and followed the movements of her hands as they stroked, massaged and caressed her body. Again and again, she moved her fingertips towards her centre, her soft, wet pussy in which she was taking me so deeply, fondling and playing with her clitoris.

She sighed with pleasure and moaned excitedly and I too was very aroused, which made me groan desperately, whereupon she opened her eyes abruptly at the sound of suffering. Her gaze went down to me and even though her eyes were clouded with desire, a joyful but also devilish sparkle appeared in them, which intensified even more when she now began to smile so wickedly.

Only slowly she increased the tempo now, which made me hope that she would bring us both to the climax. Her small, dexterous fingers played on her clitoris incessantly, stroking and massaging it faster and faster, impetuously, while she kept her eyes on me, but obviously enjoyed what she was doing to the fullest.

She moaned softly and I clearly felt her orgasm coming while she continued to move so slowly. My self-control was on the verge of being completely lost; I could barely hold myself, so deeply aroused by this rapturous sight and her movements on me.

I let myself go for a moment, just wanting to enjoy the fact that she increased my lust to such heights, but that also meant that I raised my pelvis demandingly towards her, tried to impose my rhythm on her, which she immediately punished by stopping her movements. She took her hand off herself and placed it firmly on my stomach.

"You do not move, or have I allowed you to do otherwise? You will be punished for this, you know that!" she reprimanded me emphatically with an evil smirk. I could only nod in deference to her demand. Yes, I had got carried away and of course I knew that in the mood she was in she would punish me.

She smiled contentedly and nodded, then devoted herself completely to her game again and I clearly felt that she would come soon, felt the muscles in her abdomen moving and closing tightly around me. Oh yes, she came, but I was far from ready. She had brought herself, through her own touches, to the peak of her lust so early that I was not even close to that point.

Devoting herself to her climax, she bowed her head back. Her hair brushed across my thighs when she bent over backwards, her breasts reaching high up, and she moaned loudly. I could not take my eyes off this impressive spectacle. By Merlin, she was beautiful and when you saw her as she was here indulging in her lust, squirming on top of me with her eyes closed, biting her lip with her teeth, I could hardly believe what kind of game she was playing. It seemed so real and I knew her lust and joy were not played. She loved all this and yet I felt very unsatisfied, considering that I was still hard and throbbing inside her.

Exhausted and satisfied, she now slowly sank onto my chest. Still I could not touch her, which annoyed me extremely. She had briefly opened her eyes while bending down and I had seen the deep satisfaction she must feel. Then she lay on top of me, kissing my chest that had been bruised by her bite and cut by her dagger. She was still holding me hard and big inside her body, but she did not move and I did not dare as I was not willing to risk that she would deny my climax, although I was afraid that I had already lost the privilege. The punishment for my previous loss of control was still pending.

Just now I tried to perceive with every fibre of my being that she was lying on top of me, to feel her hot breath on my skin and her tender curves, but unfortunately she also deprived me of this pleasure much too soon. She straightened back up with a diabolical grin, while she weighed up her questions and slowly started to circle her pelvis again.

"Well, do you think it's your turn now? That you deserve it?" Her question was clearly far too threatening, but I could see clearly that she wanted me to answer.

"Oh yes, please," I whispered harshly. She nodded thoughtfully, biting her lips slowly as she kept looking at me. Her behaviour just now was dangerous. She measured me with such cold-bloodedness that it made all my hair stand on end and gave me goosebumps again. These feelings almost drowned out that she was now moving on me again in a very stimulating way. In the end, I saw it in her eyes before she acted.

"I think differently. Now you will feel what it is like to be used," she said bitterly.

With these words, she rose from me without remorse or pity. I slipped out of her and immediately felt the frustration that it would probably not be worth it for me as I slipped out of her tightness and warmth. She looked down at me once more with a mocking grin and then turned around. My gaze followed her small, beautifully trained and round butt, while she swung her hips in an exhilarating way as she walked towards the small bar cabinet.

I could see her pouring herself another drink, taking a large gulp of it and then I heard her deep sigh.

She still had her back turned on me.

"So, how do you like being used? How does it feel?" The words came harshly from her.

I couldn't answer. A huge lump had formed in my throat when I heard the suppressed rage in her voice, but now she turned around at lightning speed, showing me the angry sparkle in her eyes unveiled. Now I could really see the fury that she must have previously hidden really well.

"Answer!" she boomed imperiously.

"It feels like shit, damn it," I admitted sullenly and resignedly. I hated that I had to lie here like this and she had power over me. How could I have gotten myself into such a situation? Only a few minutes ago, I had enjoyed sex with her and now, now I felt more exposed than ever before. Nobody, really nobody had ever managed to blindside me like that, but she had. Me, lying here on the floor, naked, with a huge boner, condemned to immobility in front of her; how absolutely and abysmally humiliating. I had to admit to myself that I had made the same mistake as Severus and Father: I had underestimated her.

With swinging movements, she now slowly returned, moving like a predator. She placed herself at my side above me and looked down on me, then let herself sink gallantly onto the sofa next to my clothes and the wands, crossed her legs in a casual manner and leaned back, keeping a constant eye on me. She wore her nakedness in a perfectly natural way.

Calmly, without anger in her voice she began to speak, but her coldness made me shiver again, because her voice sounded so emotionless:

"It serves you right! I know you've never deprived me of pleasure in your games, but if I give you a climax now, you'll never learn, because, admit it, you have enjoyed this game up until now. Even the Twins have appealed to your sometimes masochistic streak, haven't they? We had an agreement; you know that I hate it when you show me off sexually like that and today you did it again anyway. In front of Severus, you had to make it clear that I belonged to you and you wanted to do it again in front of my and your friends. You only learn through harsh measures that you won't forget, sorry as I am!" She wasn't expecting an answer. Her questioning gaze quickly changed back into a satisfied grin. I knew she wasn't really that sorry and her grin didn't bode well.

She had an idea.

"Don't answer me, I know it anyway. Draco, you've become so easy for me to read. Do you really think I care about power? I appreciate that you never ask what I'm planning and that you trust me, but I hate that you keep trying to use me! You will learn here and now that I won't let you do that and I will make this unforgettable for you," she said arrogantly. Then she got back to her feet and emptied her glass in one go, placed it on the sofa, all the while staring at me. Eventually, she stated unmoved and very icy: "You won't get your climax today. Not from me."

She reached for her underwear, now ignoring me, and nimbly slipped into her knickers, put her bra back on and then turned back to me. I had the feeling my brain was wrapped in cotton wool. My lust was still there, my erection was painfully big and she would leave now? She couldn't do that! But I would never allow myself to beg or plead; I was a Malfoy, we didn't do that! Yet, to my shame, I had to admit that we never got into such situations either. That bitch.

She now reached for her tattered dress, looked at it briefly and then pulled it on with a shrug. Finally, she reached for our wands. She wouldn't leave me lying here like this, would she? The thought flashed through my mind in a slight panic. That would be a mortifying insult.

I watched in disbelief as she stepped over me, not paying any attention to me anymore.

She bent down and reached for her dagger that had been lying on the ground next to me. Slowly, keeping her eyes on me attentively, she came towards me and stopped at my feet, eyed me coldly and raised her wand. I was worried. What came now? I didn't hear an incantation, I only saw the short flash of the spell that was released from her wand and rushed towards my hands. Joyfully and astonished, I noticed that I could move, that my hands were free. Well, just one, to be precise, which confused me very much, but I enjoyed feeling life returning to it, felt how the blood was now circulating unhindered and there was an unpleasant tingling in my wrist. The restraints had cut deeply into my skin and a bloodshot welt had formed.

"What-" I began to ask, but she raised her hands imperiously, holding her dagger in one, her wand in the other, and pure evil sparkled in her eyes.

"Silence! You won't get your climax from me, but I'm not so cruel as to deny it to you completely. So, your hand is free, go ahead," she sneered at me coldly.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and measured me hard, while I hesitated and was speechless. No, I couldn't and she wasn't serious! I was supposed to satisfy myself here, lying so exposed in front of her, while she was in control? NO, never! This humiliation clearly went too far. I had had enough and I did not move, which slowly but surely seemed to enrage her.

I saw the anger on her face as she hissed:

"Obey, damn you!" She moved so fast that I almost didn't notice it and then I heard a hissing sound next to my ear and a soft bang at face level, next to the arm that was still pinned to the floor.

"Get it through your head, I'm not playing here! Obey! Jerk off!" Curious, but also frightened, my gaze went next to me, where I saw her dagger stuck in the carpet, only a few centimetres from my face and only millimetres from my arm. Oh damn, she was really upset! I had to admit, my heart suddenly went much faster, throbbing painfully against my chest from the adrenaline rush that this sight and the realisation that she had thrown one of her bloody sharp, deadly daggers at me. What a pity, I would love to change places and show her what I was capable of!

It was stuck with its tip in the ground and was still vibrating slightly from the great energy she had put into her throw. I was sure she hadn't wanted to hit me, but just the fact that she went that far was both impressive and frightening. Nervously swallowing, I gave in.

Slowly, I raised my hand, which, now that blood was finally flowing in again, was still tingling very much, guided it to my still half-erect cock and gripped it firmly.

Oh yes, I just couldn't suppress a relieved groan when I put my hand around it and I saw, before I closed my eyes in pleasure, that she was grinning contentedly and went back to the sofa. I started to slowly move my hand up and down the shaft, then increased the speed.

It was really a relief after she had tormented me for so long, increased my lust but delayed my orgasm. I couldn't believe it, I jerked myself off! I, Draco Malfoy! How humiliating and embarrassing. I frantically tried to repress this realisation, pressing my eyelids tightly together.

I was just indulging in the idea that it wasn't me who was touching me there and that I wasn't lying on the ground tied up when I heard her demanding voice. It would have been too good if she had left me this illusion.

"Open your eyes and look at me!"

Obediently, I opened my eyes, turned my head in her direction, because I didn't want to risk another dagger throw as she still had one left. I had real respect for the weapons in her hands, especially with the mood she was in, and I had already experienced that she was not afraid of hurting me.

"Good boy," she praised my behaviour patronisingly. In the meantime, she had re-settled on the sofa with her arms and legs crossed, looking at me condescendingly. She really didn't miss any opportunity to humiliate me today.

I continued my efforts to reach my climax. Better to get through it quickly and finish it, then this was over. On the other hand, I had to admit to myself that the latent danger and the adrenaline that her threats elicited in me turned me on very much and I also liked the fact that she was so cold and calculating. She was an equal partner.

I increased my pace, let myself go, or at least tried to, and enjoyed the fast, hard stimulation I had been longing for so much. Tormented, I tried to forget that I was doing it myself, and to some extent I was successful. I pushed myself further and further, quickly reaching the point where I simply gave in to my lust. I felt my orgasm coming quickly and violently, let myself be carried away completely, closed my eyes again and moaned loudly. Oh yes, it was good to finally find release. I succumbed to my climax without remorse and without thinking about where I was, my body arched. I uttered a loud, hoarse scream and my semen splashed hot on my belly and made me wet, pumped everything out of me until I was exhausted and flaccid after these efforts, but I didn't care; finally I was allowed to come.

My surprise at myself that I managed to come here, even though I was in such a humiliating position, showed me only too clearly how much Hermione's cold, calculating and angry behaviour, her absolute desire for revenge, turned me on.

Gradually, I tried to calm my raging, violently pounding heart and to get my breath back, which came in fits and starts. Only little by little, I calmed myself down again, let my hand sink to the floor next to me and let my head lie relaxed on the floor, but I opened my eyes again, caught her look, which seemed satisfied.

She stood up, looked down at me, brushing her hair back behind her shoulders.

"There you go," she said coldly, then she stepped over me again. I did not dare to reach for her, even though I now had one hand free, for she still held a dagger in her hands and her wand. She also had my wands and I had seen the threatening glint in her eyes that was still present.

Even now it was still dangerous to provoke her, but when I saw her heading for the living room door, taking my wands with her and thus, even though she had loosened one hand, depriving me of the possibility of freeing myself, I felt very uncomfortable. Her game was not over yet, I realised resignedly.

"What, are you not going to untie me?" I dared and tried hard to hold on to my voice, but I simply had to ask this.

She turned around and glared fiercely at me, then she put her hand on the door handle, but paused, and turned to me once more.

"Do you know what Severus could give me that you cannot? He would never show me off sexually the way you always do; these games are beneath his dignity," she hissed angrily at me.

I swallowed with difficulty. This probably meant that she would really leave me lying like this and that she had also taken my wands with her, that did not bode well for me. Finally, when she had already opened the door, she turned to me again.

"Don't you dare touch me tonight," she threatened venomously. She raised her wand just before she turned around and closed the door behind her, and to my relief I felt that my hands were free again. I could move.

She did not need to worry, I would do her that favour. I was sure that her anger and vengefulness had been satisfied, but if I irritated her now it would make her blood boil again and what she was ready to do to me in that state I had just experienced first hand.

I slowly rose, stretched my stiff limbs, felt the blood run back into my other hand, closed and opened it into a fist, moved my fallen asleep fingers and felt them tingle sharply.

The situation had totally escaped my control. This had never happened to me before and I had to admit that my ego had got a big crack because I too had underestimated her in my arrogance, but that also impressed me. I sat here naked on the floor, bloody, sweaty and soiled by my seed and looked at the door. She was right, she was fitting right in with us, not just with the family. No, my concern that she would not be able to assert herself among the Death Eaters vanished from one second to the next. This witch would make it, I knew she would.

Our relationship developed more and more into a power play between the two of us, in which it was still absolutely uncertain who would triumph. I put my shorts back on, the only piece of clothing that was still usable, I noticed, but never mind.

What I needed now was a drink. While I poured myself a big glass and thought about the evening again, I wondered if in the end she would be the one to say which way to go. She had the potential to outdo even me and Father.

But let's face it, this was the woman I wanted, right? A little, sweet, well-mannered wife, as Daphne would be, would have bored me after only a few days. I needed these struggles for power and domination and I guess I needed that in my partnership too.

I couldn't have done better, but I knew now that in the future I would have to watch out for her too and, if we had an agreement, I would never again carelessly disregard it.

I knew that her remarks about Father and Severus during our foreplay had simply been meant to hurt me. She wanted to provoke. However, she had been nothing but earnest with what she had said about Severus when she left, I was sure of that. And that meant I would really have to be careful not to drive her into his arms myself.

I let myself drop onto the sofa, exhausted, and pondered while I enjoyed the peaty Muggle whiskey. I would never forget this evening for the rest of my life.

End of Draco’s POV
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