When Hermione Fights
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 The Gift, chapter 144

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The Gift, chapter 144 Empty
BeitragThema: The Gift, chapter 144   The Gift, chapter 144 EmptyDo Jan 05, 2023 12:57 am

Surprise! 1,5 years later, you get a new chapter.

Happy New Year to everyone that follows the Gregorian calendar.

Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy

I thought my idea was good and even if it wasn't unique, it was the only thing I could think of to keep Lucius off my back and pay my debts properly. I didn't want to and couldn't give in to his advances, even if they were sometimes flattering. Going to bed with Lucius would be... mhm, I don't know, too brazen? Yes and also too intimate. That might sound rubbish, but it felt like it! It wouldn't be right, too reprehensible. Not because he wasn't good looking, attractive to me or anything like that, no, he was my boyfriend's father, simply because of that.

I had set off as agreed to arrive at Trafalgar Square on time and had met the beetle. When she saw me, a distorted smile had spread across her face and I had nodded coolly at her. Today the square was immensely busy as it was extremely crowded with tourists, thanks to the holidays, and so I meandered purposefully towards the blonde lady who, in her garish yellow costume, was trying to dazzle those around her.

"Miss Skeeter, how delightful to see you," I greeted her, beaming mockingly.

"Miss Granger, the pleasure is all mine," she said in a saccharine voice, showing me her pearly white teeth. Her disapproving eyes behind her voluminous glasses glared balefully at me.

"Far too infrequently, I think," I teased her shamelessly and she replied sounding tight-lipped and piqued:

"Miss Granger, you do grace me with your wishes by post quite often."

"You're quite right, my dear Miss Skeeter! And you always carry out my wishes so promptly and in such an exemplary manner! Your article on poor Mrs. Malfoy's demise was truly a pleasure to read," I sweetly reminded her of her surrender to my orders.

"I'm extremely pleased that you think so," she retorted blandly, now clutching the straps of her large, leather handbag so that her knuckles turned white. "Oh, here she comes. At last! Do you still need me then? It is not the most beautiful or fulfilling thing for me to have to play madam to your kinky sexual games, Miss Granger," she said indignantly.

"But you show an amazing talent for that too, Miss Skeeter," I teased back. The way she looked crossly at me was very exhilarating.

"Alice, my dear, it's good to see you. You don't remember me, but I'm glad to see you again," I greeted Alice warmly. She hadn't changed and just looked at me openly, slightly surprised that I welcomed her like this. "You may go Miss Skeeter. I'll be in touch if anything comes up," I waved her away with my hand, treating her like the annoying insect that she was. The beetle didn't need to be told twice. Snorting indignantly, it turned swiftly on her high heels and scurried away.

Alice watched all this with a questioning expression and I gently took her by the hand, leading her towards the alley.

"So, Alice, the thing is, I want you to take Polyjuice Potion and be available to a man in my body, would that be all right with you?" I enquired and I saw her tilt her head, thinking.

"No problem, if the price is right," she replied calculatingly and let's be honest, I could deal with that attitude. I liked this girl.

"That shouldn't be the problem. I want you to do your best; let's say five hundred now, five hundred when everything’s over?” I offered her and I saw the greed reflected in her eyes at this sum.

After taking her to the manor, I led her to our suite and she had followed me in amazement, unable to close her mouth, so impressed was she by the splendour of the manor. I had explained to her that she had to address Lucius by his first name and picked out one of my silk negligees for her. She seemed nervous, excited and overwhelmed and, with an uncertain look, asked me if I meant Lucius Malfoy, and I nodded laconically, seeing the undisguised respect she had for him and wondering if all women were so submissive to him? Probably so. It was terrible that everyone always threw themselves at his feet like that! I was annoyed that everyone encouraged him in his tyrannical ways. I was also respectful towards him, but I kept my pride.

Then I gave her the vial and told her that when he came home an elf would appear and tell her that she had to take the potion now. She nodded obediently and listened to everything. When Draco arrived, I introduced Alice and my plan to him and Draco approved it and then brought Alice to Lucius' chambers. Everything was ready, now Lucius just had to arrive.

End of Hermione’s POV

Lucius’ POV

Annoyed from today's appointments, I returned to the Manor. Hopefully I would enjoy Hermione's surprise, which was still pending. It would be her payment of the debt she owed me. I arrived at the entrance hall of the Manor, where one of the respectful house elves was already waiting for me. That was the tradition; when the head of the family returned home, they had to be at the ready. Without paying any attention to her, I threw her my coat and was about to rush into my drawing room to have a drink when the elf addressed me in a squeaky, submissive voice:

"Mr. Malfoy, sir, I am to give you this from Miss Malfoy!"

Surprised, I stopped, turned imperiously to the elf and virtually snatched the parchment she held out to me from her small hands. I waved my hand briefly for her to disappear and unrolled the document.

There were only a few lines written on it in her clear, beautiful handwriting, which I read eagerly:

'My dear Lucius,

I hereby pay my debt. Please go to your suite and enjoy what awaits you there, for I know this is something you have long wanted to possess! My body is yours, for one night only.

Have fun,


Surprised by those suggestive yet explicit lines, which I couldn't quite believe, I started to move. They created in my mind the image of Hermione receiving me upstairs, perhaps in joyful anticipation of my person, laying stretched out in a beautiful negligee, or even naked, on my bed, where I knew she would fit so well. These thoughts spurred me on immensely and made my mood improve considerably. I hurried up the stairs as fast as seemed appropriate and rushed into my suite. It was not entirely clear to me, to be honest, why she would give in so easily, apparently wanting to give herself to me. Well, I could think about and enquire about her change of mind later at my leisure, but for now I would enjoy these sensual pleasures.

I pushed open the door to my suite, closed it quickly behind me and crossed my living room to get to the bedroom. As soon as I opened the door, I stopped and was spellbound by the sight. There she was, standing in front of me, her back to me, in a short silky black dressing gown that went down to her calves, giving me a beautiful view of her slim, toned and long legs.

Noticing my entrance now, she turned and looked at me, but something about her look was not right. True, she smiled seductively, but there was something wrong, wasn't what I expected.

"I've been waiting," she distracted me from these thoughts when she spoke softly, enticingly. At the same time she came towards me with swaying hips, opening her dressing gown deliberately, lasciviously, and giving me a beautiful glimpse. Slowly, as she continued to walk towards me, she sensuously slipped the thin silk from her shoulders to the floor, opening up a breathtaking view for my eyes only.

She wore a short black negligee that revealed more than it hid. Thin straps held the delicate lace to her body. It clung to her beautiful curves, but showed so much. Her reddened little buds stood out clearly against the lace, as did her perfectly rounded, beautiful breasts. My gaze slid down further in admiration as she stopped a few steps away in front of me. I took in her flat, beautiful belly, let my gaze wander to her hips, which she had swayed so provocatively, and finally fixed my gaze on the lace thong, which in combination with the lace fabric of the negligee hid quite a bit, but only increased my desire. The sight alone turned me on, increased my desire for her immensely, her body was a pleasure I had missed for too long.

Approaching her courageously, I put my arm around her waist possessively and pulled her firmly against me, growling deeply and burying my face covetously in the crook of her neck. I kissed her there gently at first, then more and more passionately and drew in her wonderful, feminine scent, but it irritated me that she squealed in surprise at my initiative. Had she overestimated herself, was she not so sure what she was doing here after all? Or why did she suddenly act so intimidated and shy, or no, rather insecure, as if she feared me? She knew that none of us were overly affectionate. I didn't let go of her while I got rid of my frock coat and also gruffly stripped off the waistcoat I was wearing underneath. While I let my hands wander greedily over her delicate, feminine body, grasping her small bottom and lifting her slightly, at the same time letting my kisses travel up to her mouth and kiss her energetically, I slowly walked towards my bed. But as much as I enjoyed finally holding her body in my arms and imagined how I would use this night, somehow it didn't feel right. I don't mean the thought of Draco, my son, that didn't really concern me at the moment, this was about the fulfilment of my lust.

I had seen and heard her having sex with Draco, knew she wasn't shy, wasn't self-conscious. When things got heated, it turned her on, too; she gave herself over completely to her lust. Thus, with my well-placed, well-directed kisses on her soft skin, she should have reacted differently. Yes, she wasn't stiff or anything, but I had the feeling something was holding her back, making her hesitate, and she clearly wasn't giving herself passionately to me, she was very submissive and subdued.

Pushing those thoughts away, enjoying what she was offering me, I finally conquered her mouth. I would yet make her give herself to me with as much unreserved vigour and wild passion as she did to Draco. Although I couldn't imagine what was holding her back right now, because I had been devoted, lustful, but not rough or crude so far. Determined, I reached my big, wide bed with her and almost threw her onto it, immediately following her. I knelt over her and impatiently opened my shirt, pulled it out of my trousers while I let my desiring gaze wander over her sensual body, finally letting my hands follow my gaze and lay on top of her. The fact that she made no effort to undress me also surprised me, her restraint unusual.

Desirously, I began to kiss her further, letting my tongue worm its way into her mouth, which she allowed, but did not return nearly as passionately as I would have expected; she had been more accommodating when I hit her. Still she seemed - I couldn't quite put it into words - perhaps intimidated was the right word.

It frustrated me that, although I was currently acting simply passionate and almost gentle by my standards, she was holding back so much, even though I was sure she liked it. I broke off the kiss. This was not how I had imagined our moment to be. She was usually spirited, not at all afraid or timid. On the contrary, she was confident, devoted and very spirited in bed, but now she was extremely willing but also very reserved. She wasn't like that, it didn't fit!

Even Severus had been amazed that while in disguise she had managed to feel pleasure with him and had clearly climaxed under him, holding nothing back during sex, so why did she do so with me?

I caught her eye firmly, angrily, and asked gruffly:

"What are you doing? You give me this night and still refuse me? I know you like it passionate, my kisses certainly don't leave you cold. So why don't you get involved, don't let yourself fall? If you don't really want this, then leave, I don't want you like that!" She looked at me slightly confused, which I didn't understand, because I had made myself clear after all. I didn't want a woman who only gave herself to me half-heartedly out of guilt, certainly not with her, because it took away all the desirable, devoted, rousing self I wanted to see from her.

"But - Mr..." she answered softly, almost stammering, her lips reddened from kissing opening only slightly, "Lucius... I-"

In that moment, something dawned on me. She had written I could possess her body... She hadn't really done that, had she?! NO!

Hurriedly, I pulled away from her. This stuttering was enough to give me the last indication that I needed, along with everything else I had noticed previously. She had just hesitated to call me Lucius, she never had a problem with that. This couldn't be her, she wasn't Hermione; it clicked for me. Silently, briefly, for a moment, I admired her brilliant idea. She had sent me a hooker wearing her body. A brilliant plan of hers to get me off her back and pay off her debt. This should be enough, she was right, but this wasn't enough for me. She was a bitch! A calculating minx!

Anger rose up inside me. She had taken me for a ride, and I wasn't going to take it! The fake Hermione was still lying in front of me on my bed, on the golden silky sheets, now propped up on her elbows. This was clearly the body I desired, but it was not the body I wanted.

This was clearly the body I desired, but the look in her eyes... She stared at me in confusion, but I had had enough. If anything, I wanted Hermione, the real Hermione, her passion, her body and everything that went with it. I wanted HER, all of her, only HER! Furious, I turned, grabbed the dress the girl had put down on an armchair in my bedroom and threw it at her, then thundered loudly, pointing at the door:

"GET OUT, get out! You better move quickly, before I forget myself!"

She reacted in panic, but promptly. She fled as fast as she could, clutching her clothes to her body, picking up the dressing gown she had dropped on the floor while still moving, and ran out of my suite. Her fleeing was exactly what I had wanted. Of course, she would run to Hermione now, she should, at least then I would have the real Hermione in my rooms right away. I growled angrily and headed for my bar. Why, I asked myself now, why was what she offered me not enough? Why was her body not enough for me? I was bemused, my mind was racing.

End of Lucius’ POV

Hermione’s POV

I was sitting with Draco in our suite and he was congratulating me on the brilliant idea, which would get his father's advances off our backs and relieve him a little of the fear that Lucius might woo me too strongly and I would succumb to him. He had poured us both a drink and we were toasting each other, in high spirits, while Draco was grinning and imagining what his father would do to Alice and how Lucius's thanks for this gift would turn out, because he thought I had paid my debt sufficiently and well. I had only let him in on what I was going to do at the time I entered the Manor and our suite with Alice, and Draco had been immediately enthusiastic about it.

I had risen from my chair and was about to sit on Draco's lap. It was my plan to enjoy my last evening and night here at the Manor, where I didn't have to sneak into his rooms to lie in his arms and make love to him, when suddenly the door behind me slammed open loudly.

Astonished, I looked around to see my panicked face. Alice was standing in front of us in a black, see-through lace negligee, holding her clothes against her, completely out of breath. Surprised and questioning, I eyed her, by which time she was already trying to say something, breathing heavily.

"Recognized me... kicked me out... very pissed," she stammered fearfully, looking back and forth in panic.

I stepped towards her, sighing, and put my hands on her shoulders, or my shoulders - you could see it however you wanted - and looked at her urgently, while Draco also rose and joined us.

"Take a breath and then start over from the beginning," I said kindly but also impatiently, "Did Lucius figure you out? And why are you here, bursting in like this?"

"Please forgive me, I didn't mean to burst in here like this!" she replied, looking slightly anxious. Still sounding rushed and breathless, she slowly calmed down, explaining further now that I had nodded and smiled briefly, accepting her apology. "Mr. Malfoy kicked me out. I must have done something wrong; anyway, I think he realised I wasn't you and got mad about it," she said uncertainly and I thought I had misheard.

Anger rose in me. He had rejected me, my body, rejected my gift, that was not on at all. I detached myself from her.

"Get dressed and wait until I return," I instructed her, pointing commandingly to the sitting area.

Leaving the suite in an uproar, I noticed, heard Draco following me, but he said nothing. I stormed down the corridors towards Lucius' rooms, extremely displeased. Actually, I shouldn't have been so quick-tempered and taken the liberty of invading his chambers in such a mood, but the fact that he rejected my gift, and therefore also me, made me angry and probably also that it meant that my beautiful plan had gone wrong. I didn't quite understand why I reacted so indignantly, but I felt insulted and snubbed. Perhaps my men were just rubbing off on me far too much, because I was sure Lucius would react similarly if his gift of thanks was refused.

Without knocking, I violently pushed open the door to his chambers, where I found him pacing back and forth in front of his large fireplace. He looked surprisingly dishevelled. He seemed to have taken off his frock coat and waistcoat, as well as his plastron, and was now dressed only in black trousers and a light grey long-sleeved shirt that hung loosely and completely open over his trousers. A few strands had come loose from his tight neck braid and were dangling messily. Somehow I liked him in this outfit. For the first time I saw his well-defined naked torso, the smooth chest that really resembled Draco's, and had to admit he looked very good, even if there were some pale scars stretching across his body. They were very small white lines that probably told an exciting story.

However, I was far too upset to indulge in that any longer and stormed towards him while he looked at me in surprise and also slight irritation.

"How dare you dis-" he thundered.

I was just as angry. When I finally reached him, I waved a hand imperiously in front of his face and snapped at him as much as he snapped at me. I interrupted him with my anger before he could even finish his sentence. I didn't care just then that this disrespectful behaviour would probably result in punishment.

"How dare you refuse my gift, refuse me? LUCIUS!" I let my hands slide accusingly over my body at these words. His gaze followed my hands but eventually returned to my eyes. My hands ultimately came to rest on my hips, where they remained while I stubbornly and defiantly stood before him.

Draco was watching us, he had followed me, and exhaled in a hiss when I snapped at his father so disrespectfully. I merely raised my hand to ward him off, keeping my gaze fixed steadfastly on Lucius, who was glaring at me angrily, but also somehow, if I didn't know better, thoughtfully or confusedly.

"Stay out of this Draco!" I snapped coldly at my boyfriend without looking at him. He said nothing, seeming to sense that he really had better not get involved, while Lucius and I were still fighting a silent battle.

Neither of us was ready to give up. Lucius' gaze showed me a surprising amount of conflicting and rapidly changing emotions, which honestly surprised me, but my anger didn't fade. Nor did his emotions seem to calm down. The storm that was raging inside him was very unusual and truly extraordinary for him, who was usually so cold and in control. Draco was obviously getting restless and stepped towards us. I had almost forgotten he was still there when Lucius suddenly thundered abruptly, without taking his eyes off me:

"Out, Draco, NOW!"

I heard Draco take another step towards us, but Lucius and I continued our silent fight. He didn't seem to want to leave and now, with clear confusion in his voice, started to speak. Before the first word was fully out of his mouth, Lucius interrupted him, raised his arm and pointed in the direction of the door.


The latter still seemed reluctant to leave, at which Lucius suddenly hissed softly, dangerously:

"I'm warning you, son!"

Draco responded in the only way he could and left Lucius' suite with quick steps, but I heard him hiss something else, which I didn't understand. The door slammed loudly and with finality into the lock. Obviously Draco was angry, which was understandable in a way, but Lucius apparently wanted to sort this out with me alone. No sooner had Draco closed the door noisily behind him than life came into Lucius' previously frozen expression. Now not only his eyes showed his shifting emotions, but also his features.

Somehow the tension seemed to fall away from him. He ran his hand over and through his long pale hair, which was an astonishingly indecorous gesture for him. Commandingly, but with comparatively little emphasis, he said:

"Sit down, we need to talk. It does not work this way!"

I was surprised. What's going on? I didn't understand any of this and as he turned away, walking towards his bar, I took a few steps back and sank onto the sofa, sighing. Lucius half turned with a glass in his hand and, brandishing it, asked:

"You too?"

I nodded and he poured a second glass of whiskey and came over to me, handing it to me politely. I nodded my thanks and took a sip of the burning liquid. Yes, it did feel good.

None of this was normal. Lucius wasn't behaving normally, far too emotional, and the fact that he had thrown Draco out so vehemently surprised me beyond measure. So what was going on here? I was unsettled and looked up at him, for he still hadn't sat down, was now pacing back and forth in front of the fireplace with the glass in his hand.

I could deal with a domineering, controlled Lucius, he was reasonably predictable to me, but this, this gave me a headache and worried me. I wanted to know what was going on. My anger had given way to confusion, because something must have happened to make Lucius act so out of character and that interested me more right now. Especially since I was sure that if I found out what it was, I would know why he had refused my gift so unkindly.

"Lucius, what-" I asked quietly, or rather I tried to ask, but he measured me briefly, insistently, bidding me to be silent with an imperious wave, which I did. I hoped he would begin to speak of his own accord now. Still in a strange state, he paced up and down like a trapped cat of prey, but I tried not to ask any more questions. Not only was his whole posture and expression unusual for him, no, his movements were too. They seemed restless, the way he kept running his hands through his hair, drinking erratically from his glass and brooding. Finally, as he continued to walk, he began to speak.

"What were you thinking?" Realising his question was rhetorical, I didn't answer. "You send me a whore to satisfy my lust for you? I beg you, Hermione, that is beneath you. You think she, a professional, can show me real passion? I can tell when someone is faking it. She barely managed to say my name without freezing up in fear. They have always been afraid of me, are always far too timid, no one meets me like you do. Even haughty and oh-so-proud Narcissa has always almost succumbed to fearful inhibitions in bed.

"Did you think I would not notice that it is not you, or did you think your ambiguous letter was clear enough for me to know I am just in for a copy and then just have my fun? Pah! Good approach, but not thought through, my dear, not when I am involved," he spoke threateningly and I realised she must have been frozen in awe when he had confronted her, the same awe I had seen in her back in our suite when I explained who was expecting her. Too bad, though, that any idiot knew Lucius Malfoy.

He had stood up in front of me with his arms folded and was looking down at me, gauging me sternly and yet I sensed he was still agitated, had not collected himself as much as he pretended he had.

Again I wanted to answer, but he forbade me, turned away and paced restlessly up and down in front of the fireplace again.

"Do you not think you could have warned me that it is not you yourself, who is expecting me? After all, I do not pay my bills with fake Galleons either!"

By now I didn't even try to answer, knowing he didn't want answers, just to vent his anger. I didn't really understand what was bothering him, because he had always said he wanted my body and probably only once. So why did he get so upset? What was it that threw him off track?

Suddenly, he gave up his pacing. With quick steps he approached the sofa where I was sitting, put his glass down on the table in front of me and then sank into the cushions beside me. He was far too close to me, causing me to move a little away, I just couldn't suppress that. Lucius was brimming with anger, frustration and was so emotionally charged that he really spooked me. The cold calculation and control, as I said, I could handle. He always played his games when he was in that frame of mind, but I didn't usually fall for them. I didn't know how to assess the person he was presenting to me now, which is why I was more cautious than usual, because I still couldn't guess what he was going to do now.

End of Hermione’s POV

Lucius’ POV

When I moved closer to her, she was already backing away again. Briefly, almost resignedly, I closed my eyes and took a fleeting breath. Being controlled by my feelings like this was really not good and very unusual for me, but I could not help it right now. I had been trying since that whore had fled my rooms, but I realised how little I had succeeded when I had thrown Draco out yelling, at the end of my patience. To snap at him like that was not in character for me.

I had been able to voice the reproaches that had been running through my mind all the time. At the same time, I had tried to fathom why I reacted so violently and I did not like the conclusions I had drawn, but I had to make it clear to her why I disapproved of her actions. She needed to know what to expect, because I would not let her go. Slowly, I opened my eyes again, looked at her calmly and realised she was eyeing me curiously, appraisingly. I put a gentle smile on my lips, unusual for me.

"I will not cross any line, I promise." My voice was a rough whisper. She nodded hesitantly, yet did not back away now as I placed a hand on her hip still clad in the fancy knee-length dress she had worn to Diagon Alley today. "I do not want just this," I began to explain insistently.

My hand moved over her narrow waist, stayed there for a moment while I looked deep into her brown, expressive eyes, not those empty, frightened brown ones that the little whore had shown me. I briefly enjoyed being able to touch her like this now, her, the real Hermione. As soon as she could be sure that I would not try to seduce her or worse just take her, she looked at me as assuredly and confidently as I expected her to. I took a deep breath and mastered my temper, as it would be fatal to lose my composure now, although I could only suppress the images that showed me a half-naked Hermione with difficulty and with the greatest effort.

"And not this!" My hand slid higher, briefly grazing her firm, round, small breast whereupon she tried to pull back again. I could see it clearly in her eyes and I felt her breathing quicken, but I quickly let my hand move on before she responded and whispered: "Please wait!" She nodded hesitantly, eyeing me questioningly and tensely, meanwhile I let my fingertips slide along the edge of her V-neck that showed off her beautiful cleavage and felt her hold her breath now. She did not act scared, but she was attentive and high-strung.

"All this, the beautiful, soft, but without your spirit incomplete fleshly shell, it is not enough for me," I proclaimed with fervour and almost breathed this realisation.

My hand slid further up, lingering briefly on her neck where I placed my thumb on her jawbone, stroking it, while the other fingers slipped into the hair at the nape of her neck and scratched her there, then I let my hand slide to her cheek and, to my amazement, she nuzzled her face, probably unconsciously, against it. Softly I declared, totally surprised by my own feelings, still unable to contain myself:

"I want it all, want your mind, your intellect, everything that makes you you, because you are unique!"

Slowly, catching her gaze, I leaned forward, still holding her face in my hand, steadily sliding it back down her neck under her hair, trying to slowly pull her to me now and she allowed that too. Gently, very tenderly, I finally placed my lips on her forehead, planting a kiss on her like Draco always did and had to admit, it was surprisingly satisfying to do so. I wanted to possess her, completely, not just her body, but her mind, her emotions, I realised more and more, and that she was giving herself to me willingly, as she did for Draco. Just owning her body would not be enough to satisfy my desire for her. She should be mine.

"Only you and all of you," I whispered huskily and my hot breath blew over her smooth, pristine skin, leaving her with slight goose bumps and erratic breathing at the same time.

She did not retreat, but I disengaged from her, leaning forward further though, stroking her hair behind her ear so I could reach it with my lips, whisper something to her. I would possess her, sooner or later, and I already knew how to do it. Softly but firmly, I whispered in her ear:

"You will not, when you return for Christmas, be sharing a suite with Draco!"

Now she was backing away. I could not react that quickly as she shrank back from me, staring at me with widened eyes.

"What are you up to, Lucius?" she finally asked tonelessly. I realised I was slowly regaining my control, becoming more and more myself again.

"Well, my dear, you are the Lady of the Manor now," I announced with a grin, "so you are entitled to your own rooms. You will occupy Narcissa's former rooms. Of course, I will have them completely renovated and redesigned for you beforehand. If you have any wishes, you should let me know soon and I will be only too happy to implement them for you! After all, you have to live in a manner befitting your position." I was back again, had caught myself. It was as if I had everything under control again since I had revealed to her what was bothering me.

She seemed speechless, at least she did not reply.

I had been planning to give her her rooms for a long time, ever since I caught Draco nailing her to the door. After today, I was going to give her Narcissa's rooms, which - was I not mean? - were closer to my rooms than Draco's.

Leaving her to her surprise, I took her glass and mine, rose lithely and, still dressed so casually, walked to the bar to get a refill.

"Why, Lucius, why the sudden change?" She asked the question quietly.

Thinking how much I should tell her, letting her stew a little, I walked back to her, handed her her glass, which she accepted, and settled on the coffee table opposite her. How good that I always preferred sturdy furniture because the narrow table supported my weight without any problems.

I caught her questioning look, did not avoid it, and allowed myself to be captured to some extent, because now that I was slowly getting myself under control again, I was actually beginning to enjoy her effect on me. I took a sip of the golden-yellow fiery liquid and then replied deliberately:

"You deserve your own rooms, I realised that a long time ago. Well, I wanted to wait, present it to you as a surprise at Christmas, but this way you can prepare and enjoy the anticipation. And if you mean why do I want you completely, well, I never settle for half measures, you must know that by now!"

I did not want to tell her that I myself had only realised today how much I wanted her and that I had to possess her. I had never felt this urge to claim a woman just for myself, to take her completely for myself, before. Even Narcissa I had never wanted like this, none... until now!

She seemed to have to think about it, at least she did not answer. Meanwhile, I put my glass down on the table beside me, raised my hands to the back of my neck, stroked my hair and straightened my plait. I did not have to walk around quite so dishevelled, I thought, it did not suit me and I was well aware that Hermione had already eyed me intently when she entered my rooms.

She had never seen me so naked, so little dressed, and even now I could not help noticing that her eyes followed my movements and lingered on my chest. Yes, I had truly regained my composure, for I was already beginning to play games with her again.

"Well, do you like what you see?" I asked with a smug smile as her gaze returned to my face. "Want to make good on that fulsome wish you wrote me after all and make sure I have fun tonight?"

Meanwhile, I had leaned forward slightly, reaching out a hand and gently grabbing a curl that hung cheekily in her face. She did not flinch, but she seemed to be weighing up what I wanted now and I wanted her to really understand, I would do nothing against her will and thus I let the strand slip from my hand, remaining in the slightly bent over position, propping myself up with an elbow on my knee.

"Hermione, do not be shy with me, please!" Okay, I was not quite back up to par yet, because I did not usually say things like that, I usually did not care and even if I did, I would not have said anything.

She looked at me with wide eyes and I thought that was enough for today. I had been very stressed by all this, more than I would admit, because being overrun and ruled by my emotions like this was not normal for me. I rose and held out my hand to Hermione, which, after a moment's hesitation, she took securely and firmly, but looked at me in confusion.

Somehow I was smiling too much today, but I was doing it again, pulling her behind me, away from the seating area as she asked in amazement:

"Lucius, what are you doing?"

I was sure she still had yet to digest my frank words, was confused because I was expressing feelings towards her, perhaps shocked because I wanted to possess her more than she must have thought, and she was certainly upset too because her plan had gone awry.

Gallantly, I turned to her and looked deeply into her eyes for a moment, then I took half a step back and made an elegant bow, continuing to hold her hand and breathe a gentle kiss on her delicate fingers, keeping my gaze steadily on her face and seeing quite clearly that my behaviour confused her. I slowly straightened up again, looked into her eyes, caught her gaze, held it and did not let her out of my sight for a second. The Lady of the Manor deserved the respect of a kiss on the hand, I wonder if she understood that. Since she had absorbed the rules of etiquette like a sponge absorbs water, she probably was well aware of what my kiss on the hand meant and the bow especially.

I think we were both surprised by everything that had happened today. Finally, I let go of her hand and said softly:

"Good night, Hermione," dismissing her that way, and she understood. Slowly she took a step back, then turned.

"Good night, Lucius." She looked surprisingly absent-minded, obviously my behaviour was giving her a lot to think about! When she finally did drop into a slight, implied curtsy, I was deeply astonished. That she still managed to remember to pay her respects to me in her agitated state after I had been so attentive was gratifying all round, what an extraordinary young woman.

She was about to leave the suite when another devilish thought occurred to me and I stopped her, a knowing smile on my lips, this woman was just so suitable for me.

"Hermione, wait!" She turned to me and eyed me questioningly. With a few quick steps I was with her and pinned her between me and the door, catching her gaze and again gently placing my hand against her cheek, for she seemed to like that. With a smirk, but dangerously softly, I explained to her:

"Remember Hermione, you covet in Draco his penchant for power, his demeanour, his strength. You can not deny that when you look at me, you see an older, already more successful version of him who, if you are honest with yourself, embodies even more all that you crave. With me, you could have everything Draco gives you and more. Imagine the possibilities that will open up for you at my side! I can give you things Draco cannot even imagine. Why do you want to wait for him to acquire something that you can have with me right now? Think about it, my dear! Think of how you could benefit from my experience. He wants power, I already have it. Remember what I have created!"

I saw her swallow nervously as I moved closer to her this time, finally breaking eye contact and meanwhile releasing my other hand from the door and placing it against her cheek, holding her head and breathing another kiss on her forehead. Slowly, I stepped away from her and once again declared in a quite but firm voice while catching her gaze and gently holding her beautiful face between my hands:

"I am what you want and more than you can dream of!"

End of Lucius’ POV

Hermione’s POV

I left Lucius' suite confused, a little off track and angry. He had totally thrown me for a loop and so I rushed off, trying to regain my composure, because the fact that Lucius was now obviously much more interested in me than before was not good at all.

No, these were not romantic feelings he was showing me, that wouldn't have suited him, but I was sure his possessiveness was now aroused and went far beyond a one-time sexual desire.

My luck had run out again, my plan had backfired, but no matter. I still had to get the end over with, subject Alice to the Obliviate and bring her back, then I could forget about this messed up evening and tomorrow it would be back to school and I would escape Lucius clutches for a few months. Unfortunately, however, I would be much closer to him by Christmas. I would cross that bridge when the time came, but now I had other things to deal with.

Quickly I ran up the stairs, hurried along the corridor that would take me to our suite, which would probably be our shared suite for the last night. As I had just been told, I would be living in my own rooms by Christmas, which didn't suit me at all. I had enjoyed sharing rooms with Draco and now I wasn't going to be allowed to? I resented Lucius for using his position of power like that, even though I had to admit that his appearance and manner today had rattled me, but I also kind of liked it.

Reluctantly, I had to admit that I had liked this side of him and found it quite attractive. Yes, Lucius had qualities that turned me on, that attracted me, and to see his almost naked upper body, to be so close to him, to feel his warmth, his scent, when he was so close to me on the sofa. And later at the door, again his hands on my skin while he was so ardent with me, that had not left me cold, I had to admit. But now, all I wanted was Draco.

I wanted to go back into his arms, to continue what we had started when Alice disturbed us and give myself to him and forget Lucius' wishes.

Briskly, I opened the door to our suite and rushed in, but stopped rooted to the spot before I had closed the door again. I still had the handle in my hand, which I now clutched painfully, and then I took a deep breath.

What I saw there pulled the rug out from under me in my already confused, somewhat desolate state. This was not allowed, this simply could not be, no... not Draco, not after all we had been through together lately! I bit my lips painfully.

He was sitting in his armchair, where he always sat when we had spent our evenings together here in front of the fireplace, his eyes fixed on Alice, who still looked like ME, who was still ME, kneeling between his legs, about to undo his trousers, grinning at him seductively, covetously. In his gaze I could see anticipation of what was to come.

"My... Her...mi..o...ne," I heard him mumble loudly. WHAT?!? Without much thought, I drew my wand and at that moment Draco looked up. Horror was reflected in his eyes as he breathed raspily:

"Oh God, Hermione. No... I... you?... Didn't mean..." He slurred his words. He jumped up, by then I'd seen red, fired a Stupefy at the girl, who shrieked painfully when hit, slammed hard into Draco and then collapsed, unconscious. He went down with her, unable to hold himself up with the sudden weight crashing against him.

He slowly scrambled up while I was still furiously looking at the picture presented before me, seeing the empty whisky bottle on the table next to his armchair which had been full when we left the suite. His bloody jealousy of Lucius! He couldn't be serious! The idiot had downed the whole bottle... I actually saw him staggering. Yep, obviously, what an idiot! He really had to get that under control, I thought with shocking coldness. Again I raised my wand, took aim and Draco raised his hands defensively, slurring:

"Don't... Hermi... one!"

I paid no attention to him, cast the Obliviate on Alice and then angrily summoned a house elf, ordering him to get her out of my sight and take her stuff. I then walked up to Draco, who was still looking at me with wide eyes and now started to speak again:

"You're not with Father? He didn't?...Hermione, that...! Oh, shit! She looked like YOU, was so seductive and you with Father... I thought..." Then his voice turned cold, "I didn't do anything forbidden, you can't do anything to me!" He glared at me with arrogance in his eyes. Yes, he had regained his composure, how great. I reared up in front of him, put my hands on my hips and glared back viciously.

"You think I'd curse you when you're defenceless?" I hissed. "When you're a drunken, slurring idiot? Do you know me so little? Always assuming the worst of me when it comes to your father, Draco. It's annoying, it has to stop. Do you understand? You can't imagine how disappointed and angry I am with you!"

I didn't let him get another word in edgewise, but rushed off before I, before we said things that couldn't be taken back. With a loud, final slam of the door, our rooms were quickly left behind me and even though I wasn't aware of it at first, I purposefully returned to HIM, standing in front of his door minutes later! I knocked, quite politely, and, a moment later, he opened the door. He was still in grey silk pyjama trousers and nothing else. Now his impressive upper body was completely naked and his silky, long, light blond hair fell openly over his broad, alabaster-coloured shoulders. Thus he stood before me and regarded me with surprise!
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