When Hermione Fights
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 Preparations and a successful deal 2

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Preparations and a successful deal 2 Empty
BeitragThema: Preparations and a successful deal 2   Preparations and a successful deal 2 EmptyMo Feb 27, 2017 1:11 am

Preparations and a successful deal

Today was the second day of the holidays. I had acted fast, had needed to be fast as the timing of my plans which I had worked on for the last three weeks after the tournament were barely thought through. As soon as the train at Kings Cross Station stopped I hugged Harry and Ron, saying goodbye, and greeted my parents with a bright smile. Yes, a bright smile! I would've never been so stupid as to tell my parents the truth about the magical world. They would've been too shocked to learn about the dark and dangerous world their daughter lived in. For them, the magical world was exciting and fascinatingly colorful, happy, like Diagon Alley. The shopping street was the only thing they knew about my world and they would never see anything else. Thus, we quickly drove home after our brief greeting and I would begin to put my plans into action.

"It is good to be home again. Mum, Dad, I missed you!" I declared cheerfully as we entered our townhouse.

"So did we, sweetheart!" my mum responded as we entered the lobby. She pulled me into a hug again.

"And did you plan anything else for today?" I asked eagerly and smiled at both of them.

"No, nothing significant! We'll have a nice dinner later, and you... you will tell us all about the most exciting news from your last year!" replied my Dad, intrigued.

"Hmm, yeah, sure. But I just need to go pick up some things from the pharmacy... I’ve ran out of some stuff at Hogwarts," I explained.

"Do you want me to come with you, sweetheart?" my Mum asked.

"No, it's okay. I know you're excited for dinner and I don't want to keep you from the preparations," I said with an excited smile.

Meanwhile my dad had pulled out his wallet, gave me £100 with a cheeky smile and said with a soft expression on his face: "Well, enjoy and don't come back too late!"

"Thanks, see you in a bit," I was already turning to the front door, while giving my parents a grateful smile and left. It wasn't too far to the shop and soon I stepped quickly into the store and grabbed a trolley. There was a lot I needed.

I started with standing almost hopeless in front of the huge selection of make-up. I bought everything from powder to concealer, eye shadow and liner, mascara to lipstick, just everything and I continued to the nail polish and... Yes, this was more difficult, I didn't want to, and I couldn't color my hair, but I needed different hair for what I planned to do, period. An inspiration was necessary; a wig was too expensive. Well, what did this shop offer? It took a while and a lot of scanning and then I saw the hairpieces. There was a black band with hair attached, which I could pull over my head. Perfect. If I pulled the strap over my forehead and tied my hair up in a bun, no one would notice that my hair was not dark blond and straight.

The evening after, I stood there with a lot of make-up on my face and my fake hair in place. No one would recognize me as Hermione Granger because I no longer looked like myself. I even looked older, not like the 15 year old I was, but still no more than 19. No one would ask me any stupid questions in this disguise.

I waited until Mum and Dad went to bed and fell asleep. Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long, as I had put some drops of sleeping potion into their glasses of red wine that they had drank with dinner. It was shockingly naughty of me to put my parents to sleep. Just thinking about it made me giggle deviously, but I am what I am, always prepared and always well elaborated. That's why I don't have to worry about my parents figuring out that their daughter had left for the night.

Alright, now we arrive to the main question: What the heck am I doing here? You will see that right now because I just arrived at my destination.

I stood in front of a shop that looked almost like a carbon copy of Borgin & Burkes. Far in the back, I could see a dim light shining through the dingy window. Written on the crooked sign stood: "Dark and Hell Wand." Through my investigation, I was glad to find out that this shop stayed open every Wednesday from 11 pm to 1 am, and not just because this shop had such great deals. It would've been so much harder to do what I planned during the day.

Taking a deep breath I squared my shoulders, opened the door resolutely and stepped confidently into a dark, dirty, shop that smelled quite musty and like old wood. Here and there you could see spider webs. Far in the back, where the lantern provided some light, stood an unappealing looking, older man, around 60 years old, with gray, long and unwashed looking hair. He watched me warily, evaluating me as I approached him.

"How can I help you Mrs..?" his oily voice croaked at me.

I tried to keep my voice cool and answered: "Why do you think I am here?"

"I don't know, you tell me?" he answered skillfully, putting the question back on me.

He analyzed me warily and tried to see under my hood. The fear that I could be an Auror could be seen on his face. It was the reason I took off my hood. I didn't care if he saw me because I knew my disguise was good. My heart pounded loudly because I didn't have any defense yet, just my wand which lay in my gown. But I wasn't willing to get into trouble with the ministry because of this stupid underage law; I was not allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts as I still was underage.

He stared at me after I had pulled my hood back, greedily absorbing my appearance. One could almost see the saliva drooling out of his mouth; I needed to act quickly! My face turned into a cold and nasty expression, but never showed any other emotion. I held my head a little higher to show him some more of that confidence. Don't appear nervous. I thought to myself, repeating it like a mantra. Even though my heart pounded faster with every second because of the anxiety I felt, my mantra gave me the reason to hold my head even higher. I wanted to seem as arrogant as possible.

"I don't have forever; my time is precious!", I sneered in best Malfoy manner. After four years, Draco Malfoy had proved to be good for something, even if it was just to teach me how to act like a pureblood.

"Now, can you help me or do you not want my money?" I asked sharply and bent over the counter in a slightly provocative manner, my voice carrying the hint of a threat.

"I, I... Certainly, Madam. What are you looking for?" he stuttered and crouched; it seemed like my act was working which left me feeling relieved.

"In times like this..., I want... a second...," I said allusively and looked at the man with narrowed eyes. The rules were to not say too much. Luckily I had figured out the tone to imply what I wanted and even luckier, I was a fast learner.

"Oh. I understand, certainly Mrs..? But of course, I can help you. If I could quickly...?" he asked submissively. He raised his eyebrows.

I realized that he had started to think that I was too young to be an Auror. He opened his hand and released a measuring tape, which hovered in the air and fully unfurled itself. Immediately it started to measure me, particularly my right hand and up my arm, just like Ollivander had done. Afterwards he shuffled, in his shabby dark blue gown, into the back chamber and came back with five boxes. We began to test and search. Back when I was eleven it had taken us almost half an hour to find my first wand, vine with dragon heartstring. Today, though, I found it after the third try.

I was dumbfounded, everything worked so fast here. I tried to hide my surprise, though. My face was like a motionless mask as I swung the wand. I immediately felt an intense, magical tingle in my fingertips and soon after, a bunch of black roses emerged which fell onto the counter. Yes, I had found my new wand! A smile slid over the expression of the old vendor which exposed stubby, yellow teeth. Cold shivers ran over my spine. I was the daughter of dentists after all.

"My lady, apparently the search has already come to an end. A good wand has chosen you. Hawthorn birch with the tail hair of a thestral. An exquisite piece, but rare. Not many wands were made of bright, white wood!", he flattered, looking quite pleased with himself.

"How do you mean that...?" I asked in a suspicious tone. I was curious, but I didn't want him to think it was too important to me.

"Well, wood like this is very peculiar, very powerful. Very few can handle wands like this. They are no good commercially; that's why you will never see something like that at Ollivander's, even the substance of this wood is often said to be dark!" A nasty grin lay on his lips as he said this: "It does not harmonize with light materials such as unicorn hair. Never, do you understand?" Now he muttered into his nonexistent beard: "Really fascinating, that this rare piece would react in the hand of such a young woman." He gave me a strange look. Now was the moment, I thought, to leave before he could ask me any more questions.

"How much do I owe you?" I asked quickly, wanting to escape fast.

"Alas, what, how? Well, oh yes... It's 30 Galleons for you!" The fat man said with an implied bow and a naughty smile. A cynical snort escaped from my lips, but okay, I wouldn't haggle. To do something like that would be below my proposed dignity. Therefore I pulled out a pouch from the deep pockets of my gown and fished out the necessary money, which I put on the dirty counter, and put my new wand into my inner gown pocket. Now I had an operational wand, which wasn't registered. I was no longer defenseless.

Now I could defend myself without being scared of being caught. Marvelous. I loved it when everything went to plan. No words were exchanged afterwards, no small talk: The deal was finished It was a different way of doing business than in Diagon Alley. With a brief nod and with the gown trailing behind me I left the shop, pulled up my hood and quickly disappeared into the darkness.
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Preparations and a successful deal 2
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