When Hermione Fights
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 Potions, Chapter 7

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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BeitragThema: Potions, Chapter 7   Potions, Chapter 7 EmptyDi März 07, 2017 3:17 am


I still had a lot to do. As I closed the door of my room behind me, I cast a silencing spell so no one would hear anything coming from my room. I wanted to make it my point of operation, because it was clearly less conspicuous than our garden, but the apparatus brought with it a loud bang and in order to not call my parents attention to the plan, the Silencio had to be done. I had read in a book that a few highly skilled wizards were able to suppress the background noise, for example, Dumbledore or Voldemort, and I had also watched it with Snape and Malfoy. I had intended to learn to do it, and when I thought about how well the learning of the apparatus was done without help, I hoped to master this hurdle with sufficient time and effort too.

I was still doing a muggle defense spell that would warn me if someone wanted to enter my room, although this was no longer possible due to the closure charm I threw at my door at last. It would not have been a good thing, if for example, my parents would have heard of what would happen in the next few weeks. When I had done everything, I let my eyes wander through the room. The night would be long. I walked up to my desk and picked up the ingredients, then I took them to my bathroom, which was very plainly decorated in beige tiles. So I turned my attention to the double sink, aimed at it with my wand and turned it. The basin wandered to the left, into the rearmost corner, diminishing and the rest of the table grew significantly in length and width.

A perfect shelf to brew potions, with enough space to prepare the ingredients. The porcelain was a very suitable underlay. It was always nice to see what a gifted witch I was. I got my cauldron and started to build up everything, then I took a look at my reference book and read it again, even though I had already dared to brew this not so easy potion in my second year, great concentration and attention was necessary to perfect the polyjuice potion.

Lacewing flies, Leeches, Knotgrass, Fluxweed, Horn of a Bicorn, Boomslang skin, and a piece of the person to be turned into (e.g., hair). All the ingredients were to be added to the brew in predetermined order and at certain intervals. The required boomslang skin, as well as the horn of the bicorn were not available in the public trade, blah, blah, I knew that too, it had to be acquired illegally. The preparation of the potion lasted for several weeks, with certain phases of the moon being observed before the last ingredient was added by the person whose appearance was to be obtained. In the end, the potion looks like dark, sluggish bubbling mucus, when the last ingredient is added to the potion, it takes individually different colors as their personal essence.

Now I began to rub, cut, chop and crush individual pieces. I proceeded very carefully. I filled the pot with a little water and ignited the fire. Gradually, I added the ingredients to it, stirring once counterclockwise, sometimes in the other direction, and thus set the basis for the potion. I reduced the heat or increased it as indicated. I was careful to follow all the steps carefully.

Just before 11 pm the base was as far as could be. I removed the cauldron from the fire in order to cool slowly. I levitated the cauldron into my bathtub, because there it would stay for the next days until the next brewing stage.

I was satisfied, for I progressed well.

Now I prepared everything for the next potion. At the end of the holidays, I hoped to have a supply of skeletal wax, different strengthening potions, health potions of different strengths, sleeping-potions and healing-ointment against wounds or fire-curses and blood-forming potions. This would be a good basis on which to build, because for what I was planning, it would be necessary to be prepared for many possibilities.

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Potions, Chapter 7
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