When Hermione Fights
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 "Rose Cottage", Chapter 9

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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"Rose Cottage", Chapter 9 Empty
BeitragThema: "Rose Cottage", Chapter 9   "Rose Cottage", Chapter 9 EmptyDo März 09, 2017 10:56 pm

"Rose Cottage"

As soon as I got home, I changed into an airy summer dress. I think everyone can imagine why. With this heat, jeans would rub on my skin. After changing, I had around two hours to spare before meeting with someone from Gringotts at a place I had recently acquired called Rose Cottage.
So I lay down on my bed, summoned a glass of water, and reached for one of my newly acquired books. A book about healing magic, useful for many known curses, whether it be black or white magic. Very interesting.

I apparated to Rose Cottage. I was a little proud of myself, as this time of apparating was also the most extensive so far. I was whole, and had no splinching. This is great. It means I could try to control the problem of the loud pop hopefully be able to lessen the sound.
I took a look around. I have not been here for at least five years. Since the death of my Grandmother and Aunt. My dad had no reason to come here, so he shut down the house to preserve it for me.

What I had learned from my conversation with Mr. Ragnok rang in my head. I knew that my parents were well off, sending me to the best schools and giving me the best clothes. The idea that I had my own fortune was still foreign to me.
I was an extremely lucky girl. Even if I had not received any real warmth and affection from my parents, I always got everything that I needed and wanted to buy.

Since they were both dentists and owned their own practice, they were often too busy to mind their own child. So they tried to compensate for the lack of real warmth and affection for their child.
Now I couldn't believe my wealth! I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I am rich in both muggle and wizard wealth.
I stood in front of Rose Cottage. Even with five years uninhabited, it was still in pretty good condition. The garden was a little bit untended but its nothing a few spells won't be able to fix.
I made a mental note to talk to Mr. Ragnok to ensure that my father won't notice the property suddenly disappearing from the face of the Earth. Which would happen when the wards settle.

As a kid, I liked to stay in the Rose Cottage. With it's stone walls and idyllic thatched roof, it was beautiful. It had this romantic feel around the cottage, which is where it bore the name Rose. Especially with the roses everywhere.
I heard a distinct pop announcing someone's arrival. The Gringotts protection group are here. I turned expectantly and saw five goblins standing under a large oak tree on the side of the road, looking as skeptical and sullen as usual. I greeted the goblins promptly.

"Good Evening, its nice to see you."

A goblin stepped forward to greet me. He had the most black stripes on his uniform and bowed stiffly.
"Miss Granger!" snarled the goblin. "I am Grophok and this is my troop"

"Hi, Mr. Grophok, What is the plan?"

"First, we will inspect around the property for any wayward spells then begin the first protective charms and rituals." Explained Grophok in his own friendly way. His smile still rather dangerous and sharp. "Only after we finish adding the protective rituals will we need you to add the blood wards."

"Well, would it be alright if I went into the house. I would like to cast some spells inside. To see what needs to be done for maintenance purposes. Would it interfere with the spells for the wards?"

Grophok shook his head.
"It would not interfere since we are working on the outer wards of the house." He studied surroundings of the property. "I believe that we can start the blood ritual in half an hour."

I nodded to him gratefully then proceeded towards the house. I opened the gate with a wave of my wand and went for the door. The goblins were whispering amongst themselves.
I sighed when I opened the door. Not much has changed from when my Aunt and Grandmother lived here. Although here were white sheets covering most of the furniture leaving only the wooden floors exposed. I went straight to work on the first floor. Waving my wand to get rid of years of dust and grime left behind on the décor and furniture in seconds.
I truly love magic with all my heart! There is no muggle contraption that is comparable to the protection that magic could give to grandma's old antiques.

I could feel nostalgia hit as soon as I was finishing the last of my spellwork. I never met my mother's family, they had all died before I was born. My grandma and aunt were the last of my father's family. I am forever grateful to them for my inheritance. Without it, I wouldn't not have the chance to implement my plans. When I finally finished with the cellar, I left the house to check on the goblins. I suspected they were ready for my last spell. And my assumptions were confirmed when Grophok approached me as soon as I reached the back garden.

"We will begin the blood ritual, Miss Granger." said Grophok
"Of course, what do I have to do? I know nothing on goblin magic." I confessed hiding my disappointment. I hate being in the dark especially about unusual magics.

"Accompany me to the front door." Instructed Grophok as he walked away not checking whether or not I was following.

I turned and noticed the other goblins closed in a circle and began to chanting rhythmically, creating an eerie atmosphere.

"Please, place your hand on the door knob." He instructed succinctly. I held on the doorknob without hesitation.

Grophok then placed his hand over mine and started chanting into his non-existent beard. I couldn't stifle a gasp as I felt a sharp pain in my hand. I almost recoiled my hand from the doorknob as a reflex, but my hand was restrained by not only Grophook's crooked hand but on the handle by magic. I took a deep breath and concentrated instead on the waves of magic that surrounded us. I could feel the magic settle on the property and I could feel it tingle on my skin connecting itself to my own magic. It was an impressive display of magic and an amazing new experience!

A golden shield manifested itself in front of my eyes, flashing brightly, before it dimmed into a dull glow and disappeared. Grophok removed his claw from mine and my hand was free again. The clenched wave of magic ebbed slowly but surely. I stared at the wound that had surfaced at the palm of my hand casted a healing spell.

Turning to the goblins I bowed respectfully. "Thank you for your help today. I wish you all a pleasant evening."

I quickly apparated home to make dinner, going back to my usual routine.
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"Rose Cottage", Chapter 9
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