When Hermione Fights
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 Gringotts Again, Chapter 10

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Cate Snape
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BeitragThema: Gringotts Again, Chapter 10   Gringotts Again, Chapter 10 EmptySa März 11, 2017 1:17 am

Gringotts Again

The next day began shortly before seven and just like yesterdays with a one-hour run through the park. Then I waited until my parents went to work. Subsequently, I had a few hours to look after my potions and books and to work on the plan I was going to discuss with Mr. Rangok. Afterwards, I began to turn into my fake identity, Minna Cale. At 1 o'clock I stood before Mr. Rangok's door in Gringotts.

"Ah, Miss Granger! Nice to see you, come and sit," he greeted me kindly after my bow, and I did as I was told.

"First of all I would like to thank you, because your protection group did an excellent job. I am more than satisfied. In the course of this, I wanted to ask you to redirect payment flows from my father’s account to the gardener and his spouse so that they’re coming out of my Gringotts account. That way he won’t notice that the house is now no longer available and at the same time, I would like you to cancel the orders with the companies concerned! " I listed out getting right to the point of the matter. While I was busy, he eagerly recorded the points on a piece parchment, which, after I had finished, once again vanished no doubt by magic.

"Very thoughtful, Miss Granger. I will see to it that everything is done according to your wishes," he replied tentatively, looking at me in a typically goblin-like manner.

"Wonderful, I must say I’m amazed at your speed," I complimented.

"What do I still owe you for the protection of my house?" I asked curiously.

"Because of the information that Mr. Grophok gave me, I think that 5,000 galleons would be appropriate for the one hour, Miss Granger," snarled the little creature.

I nodded and reached for the blood feather quill lying on the table. I would not begin to get lost with Gringotts and begin to act. Rangok already pushed the parchment to be signed towards me.

"I have one more question. You have failed to mention if you want the dungeon that your parents have set up for you to continue to exist or be transferred to your high-security trust. For the moment, your parents have been paying 2,500 galleons a year for the last 5 years. So far, you have not used much, so the credit on the account is 10,000 galleons," he said, I had no doubt that this was accurate as money went above all for the goblins.

"Keep the standard vault and please use the money," I decided.

"Now, onto a more complex problem!" I began. The goblin made himself comfortable in his chair, and when he was ready he made a small gesture with his hand that signified that I should go ahead.

"You know the subject is that he-who-should-not-be-named is back, and no matter what the Daily Prophet or the Ministry says, I believe Harry Potter!" I told him making my view of things to Mr. Rangok very clear. "In light of this, my whole plans are based on this knowledge," I continued.

"That is why, in the coming summer holidays, I am planning to send my parents abroad with a new identity so that they are out of reach of the Death Eaters who will surely be after me. As a so-called Mudblood and as the best friend of Harry Potter, I fear I must prepare for that outcome!" I said.

"I will not expose my parents to this danger and I refuse to be put into a situation where I could be blackmailed with my parents' life," I explained. I took a deep breath, the goblin remained quiet in front of me, absorbing in the serious information I was relaying him.

"As always, I assume that everything will be treated with the utmost discretion, I for hope your support in the implementation of this plan!" I stared Mr. Rangok directly in the eyes as I made this statement and he gave me an attentive but gentle nod.

"I've been thinking about Australia. They would need new papers, such as passports, birth certificates, driving licenses etc., and obviously a new name. The practice here would have to be sold and a new one bought in Australia. In addition, a house would have to be bought. The accounts would need to be rewritten. Also, my remaining accounts, building savings and saving books would have to migrate to Gringotts ", I explained.

Now I had a quite speechless goblin in front of me, which no longer showed the typically diabolical, slightly malicious features, but only amazement. He was apparently already a step further in thought and now only showed speechlessness because of his gained knowledge.

"Um ..." he croaked hoarsely." Am I right in the assumption that your parents are subject to an obliviate? It seemed to me like that might be your best course of action. You excuse my prying of course, Miss Granger?" The goblin asked, rather uncertainly, his eyes large and filled with disbelief.

"Yes, you are right in that assumption, that is my intention!" I said, quite emotionally and with a straight face, because I was fully aware of how emotionally difficult the extent of my future work would be.

"That comes as a surprise, you understand? I do not think that such an extensive forgetting charm can be reversed again," the goblin waved with an excited hand gesture through the air, and I dared to smile at him. Mr. Rangok looked at me insistent.

Apparently, Grophok had informed him about the visible wave of golden magic at the cottage. They did not seem to belong to the ritual, as I had assumed so far, otherwise he would not have emphasized the power. I understood the message behind his words, but I could not explain it to myself either, because I had consciously done nothing.

"Mr. Rangok, I can assure you that I know what I'm doing. I have thoroughly researched everything, so I am fully aware of the consequences, but I appreciate the benefit that all the participants from this action will have, higher than the resulting losses," I said very coldly, knowing that the goblin feared me now to a certain degree.

The goblin seemed to shrink in size as I remained cold-blooded and unflinching in the face of what I was suggesting. Well, you should never be fooled by me. I was capable, and when others were frightened by the consequences, I rushed at them head first.

I think, from today Mr. Rangok was one of the few people who would not underestimate me. Rather in the category of those who trusted me do to everything, who saw someone to be reckoned with and would never try to annoy me. I read some emotions from his sharp-edged face, so I smiled at him, to show him my confidence in him.

"Just to reiterate, my parents’ house in Chelsea is not to be sold. This is to be secured as soon as they is moved, just like the "Rose Cottage", as I intend to keep it," I explained, going back to the essentials.

The old house was from my mother’s side of the family, and I had too much of a sentimental attachment to it to let it go. It was a typical London townhouse, bright and friendly. Made of light brown bricks with white sprout windows, a small white staircase leading to the red front door, flanked by two white pillars, ending in a white balcony brim. Behind the house there was our small garden with an ancient oak tree. It was a treasure which I just could not give away.

"Can you help me, can Gringotts help me with all of this?" I asked politely now.

The goblin frowned. "Of course, this should not be a problem. At the same time, you must give us enough time. With what you’re asking it may take up to a year to get everything done to your satisfaction," He nodded again, while he spoke and wrote along with it. This goblin was really multi-tasking, I grinned into myself happy that he had managed to overcome his shock quickly.

"Yes, then I agree to your terms."

I fell silent. Meanwhile, Rangok gave me a few isolated sheets of paper, which I read carefully, while he continued on diligently planning out how he would do as I asked. I signed every single one with my blood. After we finished, I continued:

"Unfortunately, we are not finished yet. I will become an adult in the magical world in a few weeks’ time, and at that point I become parentless. My question is: could Gringotts take over my guardianship for these two months, pro forma? In addition, a one-year time trip would have to be counted to my age, because of which I would have reached the premature age already for a long time. Specifically, in two months, when I would be 16, but with this one year time travel, actually already 17. "

Rangok could only stare at me in shock, his eyes so wide I thought his eyeballs might fall out of his head.

"Oh, it’s not what you think, Mr. Rangok. In my third year of school, I got a time turner, with the minister's approval, as my schedule was so full that I could not manage it without going back in time," I said casually.

He swallowed visibly.

"If that's the case, Miss Granger, that's no problem. I can take your age with a simple identification spell and pass it on to the Ministry, so that the year is calculated for your lifetime."

He fetched a document from his drawer and murmured some spells, pushed it over to sign it and put the quill in front of me. The paper was so enchanted that when my blood touched it, my life-years were counted, and as the document revealed, I was magically indeed a year older. Smiling, I looked up at Rangok, for it confirmed my theory. He nodded, and took the document and stored it in a file.

"I have already prepared the guardianship document, I only need the signature of your parents. I'd suggest that you sign it shortly before the Obliviate next year, "Rangok said, sounding surprisingly indifferent, and the nature of this magical race was evident.

"Yes, I like that idea. That's how we’ll do it. Then the two documents will go to the Ministry next year! "I decided.

Rangok nodded, picked up the file and put it in a file cabinet.

"Now the last problem. Although I am of age in the magical world, I still remain considered a child in the world of Muggles. Now my question is: can you change the muggle supplies as well so that I would be already 18 years in their eyes as well? " I spoke in excited rush, maybe a bit too fast but Rangok still understood.

"Fakes, as such, not nearly as big of a problem as the business of finding new identities for your parents. I'll get everything done and will hand it over to you next year, "he finished.

"Still some plans to see too, Miss Granger?" It was because of this sarcastic statement of Rangoks that I allowed a small and honest laugh to escape me.
"How well you know me now, Mr. Rangok!" I said with a clearly amused timbre in my voice.

"I am full of ideas and plans, but unfortunately I almost always seem to be running out of time. To my regret, I have my next appointment at three o'clock so I must be going," I said apologetically to the goblin.

"When would you like to schedule your next appointment with me?" he asked.

"Would two days before the end of the holidays, at 1 pm work for you? By then I will have worked out my ideas and know exactly what I want from you," I suggested, and this time would fit perfectly into my plans.

"Is recorded, Miss Granger. I am looking forward to seeing you again. Oh, there's another thing I need to manage and increase your money in your dungeon: at what time frame do you want to be regularly informed? " He sounded very important.

"The first and the 15th of a month, starting at the beginning of the school year," I said without thinking.

A nod and then it was already noted. I stood up and politely took leave of Rangok. I hurriedly rushed to the next apparating point in Diagon Alley, just to appear again in a small side street, near the school, with a clear popping. So, I still have to work on it, I thought of myself slightly annoyed, it was too loud, like an exploding exhaust.

Immediately I directed my steps to the school, for I had still ten minutes to appear ready before my sensei. An inkling made me suspect that, with a delay on my part, the sensei could compete with Professor Snape, so I did not want to test it.

When I was finally in the kitchen at 7 pm, my aching arms and legs reminded me very clearly of the beatings and kicks I had received today. I was not sure if I would get used to the daily running and fighting, because I would have liked to stop it already. Of course my uncanny cleverness did not leave me a real choice. He said to me: keep going, it's getting better, but dreaming was probably still allowed. Who loved it to hurt at every movement!? Late at night in bed I reviewed the day and planned the following days.

So the first two weeks passed very quickly. Jogging, reading, learning, practicing spells and curses, checking potions and continuing the brewing, fighting, cooking food! And then read again, learn, say spells and curses, also to master apparating without noises, but this could be practiced better in the protection of the darkness, again check potions and continue brewing!

And sometimes sleep!

This was my daily routine when there were no other important points and I progressed well. Because of this pace, I could now devote myself to the next challenge.
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Gringotts Again, Chapter 10
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