When Hermione Fights
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 Pain and Diagon Alley, Chapter 18

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Pain and Diagon Alley, Chapter 18 Empty
BeitragThema: Pain and Diagon Alley, Chapter 18   Pain and Diagon Alley, Chapter 18 EmptyDo März 23, 2017 1:16 am

Pain and Diagon Alley

I Apparated into the backyard of the school, and quickly entered since I still had to change my clothes. Our training went on as usual: satisfying for the Sensei, I could see from his expression, but painful for me, my body said. Man, my ribs hurt. I had been too slow while turning and had received the blow from a particularly nasty side-kick; a very painful stroke of the foot which should hit the target on a horizontal path, in the rump region. Since I had turned at that moment and hadn't blocked it, my lower rib, slightly below my chest, had taken the brunt of the kick. I flew off the mat and landed ungently on the ground, the air slamming out of my lungs. Shit, that hurt! At first, I thought they were broken. I couldn't get any air, frantically trying to catch my breath. Phew, what an awful pain.

I blinked, seeing almost nothing, and tried to breathe more slowly. I gently pushed myself to my legs. I broke out in sweat and gasped, but there was nothing broken — just hurt. I noticed that when I pressed my hand carefully to my injured side. What would you do in such a case in the real struggle between life and death? Well, deal with it, bite your tongue if you must, and attack again — otherwise you'd be dead.

I ignored the pounding, constant pain, stepped resolutely back to the mat and took my position, feeling the adrenaline rushing wildly through my veins. I managed to ignore the protesting ribs and accepted the pain. I tried to focus my thoughts, breathing calmly, as I prayed to myself: where the body is weak, the will can move mountains. The Sensei nodded to me. "I appreciate your fighting spirit, Miss Granger! Like a true warrior, shall we continue? Or shall we finish today's workout?" he asked, worried.

"Continue," I snarled, swallowing the pain with my teeth clenched. We attacked each other again. Did I mention that I have stupid ideas and am super stubborn?

Crap! This was the worst pain I'd ever had, and lately I've suffered so many injuries like never before. Hey, I mean, I daily fought until my body was a pile of mush, and this didn't fly without any traces. But this was the most terrible pain in my life. Where the ribs had just been clinched before, they were now definitely broken. Another foot stroke had cracked the rib, and I heard it crunch deep inside me and felt it, like someone had stepped on a rotten branch, and it broke through, a disgusting sound that almost made me faint.

A cruel sound! And the piercing pain that shot through my body was nothing like the one before. I had thought I could never get up again! But had I wanted it otherwise? No! At least I wasn't defeated without a fight. I was impressed by myself how well I could defend myself, despite such an injury. I would have stretched my chest out of pride if it had been possible. Now I was glad that I could at least stand in such a bent posture. When I thought about it and wanted to drag myself into the changing room, the Sensei stopped me. "Miss Granger, you are impressive in your will, even if I find you can overdo it, if I may say so. I don't want to hurt you that much, we should have finished the workout. Don't you want to tell me what you are doing, to ... how can I say ... to ... don't you find that you overdo it, Miss Granger?" He frantically ran with his fingers through his short hair.

"Sensei, I'm not paranoid. This is about life and death. I don't just imagine that there are some people who are looking for me and I'm not ready to give them easy game. Please, don't feel guilty. My ribs are just bruised, that's gone tomorrow. If you want, write a letter by tomorrow, in which I can relieve you of the responsibility, should something happen to me in the training and I suffer a serious injury. Besides this, I'm freeing you from any guilt since I had instructed you to do so, would you feel any better then?" I asked sympathetically and with an admirably firm voice, considering that my ribs were just killing me. I was good, but I was amazed that I could still think so much, even though starlets were dancing before my eyes thanks to the steadily throbbing pain of my broken and bruised ribs.

"All right, Miss Granger, if you see it like this, I'll give you the letter tomorrow for your signature. I think we should start with the weapon training tomorrow. You're ready for it, provided you will be well then. Since we are dealing intensively with the weapon with which you want to defend yourself, it will all be a bit easier." He still looked at me worried, but seemed to be reassured by my offer. For him too it was all about protecting himself and his dear money. Human beings were too self-calculable. I was delighted and showed this too, despite my pain. "This is wonderful, Sensei. I'm glad. I'll bring my daggers tomorrow and don't worry, that ..." I gestured casually at my body. "This will be all right tomorrow again, you'll see, Sensei!" I bowed, more than stiff, and shortly limped under the showers.

Fortunately, I had the changing room to myself so I could heal myself quickly. I spoke a Ferula to magically brace my almost broken limbs. The crunch when the bones ruthlessly repositioned themselves into the correct position made me almost scream in pain, but I bit my lips until I tasted blood, quivering, and sank, almost unconscious from pain, to the floor of the dressing room. Why was I doing this again? The Dark Lord had returned. Exactly, that was it! I pulled myself to the bench and took care of my wounded body, using one episkey after another to heal the minor injuries. I was still lying on the bench more than I was sitting.

I could feel my ribs straightening, but they were still not quite healed. So, I hobbled to my locker with a tormented grimace, rummaged for a stronger healing potion and an energizing potion, and swallowed them both greedily. Afterwards I sat again on the bench, exhausted, waiting for the magic of the potions and spells to begin to work. I could feel the ribs healing, still not completely, but enough to make the pain easier to bear, and the trembling of my limbs ceased. Timidly, I began to look forward to tomorrow's weapon training. I still had an hour to regenerate before I had to go back to Grimmauld Place. I had to go to Diagon Alley, so I'd have to dare my plan, although I hadn't expected to be this handicapped.

After my treatment, I could walk upright again. I put on my black-and-white dress, transformed myself back into Minna Cale in a side street and Apparated to Diagon Alley. My first goal was Ollivanders. I knew I still needed a robe, but where to get one, if not steal?

I was already standing in front of the shop door, which proudly proclaimed in a peeling golden letter that Ollivander-produced wands had been sold since 382 BC. In the dusty shop window, a dark wand lay on a red pillow, just like it had when I had bought my wand here. Nothing had changed since then, when, at the age of eleven, thanks to Mr. Ollivander's wand, I became a real witch.

I entered and was greeted by a bell ringing. The rather dark interior seemed old, narrow, and barren. The only things inside the shop were a stork-legged chair, a counter, and dozens of shelves on the walls filled with boxes from floor to ceiling. I knew there was a magic wand resting on a colorful fabric bed in each of these boxes. Here was where a witch or wizard received their first magic tool.

"What can I do for you, miss?" said a gentle voice from the back of the workshop.

"Mr. Ollivander, I need a wand holder like the Aurors have," I yelled frankly and honestly. A lively, older wizard with large, pale-silver eyes came to see me, looking at me rather stiffly and searchingly, not seeming to blink.

"Mhh, yes, yes. Of course, one moment please. I wonder… I can remember every magic wand I've sold, but I believe I've never met you," he muttered mutely, tapping his lip with his forefinger.

"That's right, I'm not from here." I wouldn't say any more, because that wasn't his business.

"Oh, that's right. I always say, I know the magic wand for every wizard." He emerged again behind a shelf. "What kind of material would you like for the holder?"

"Well, the best you have ... leather, dragon leather, no idea, what do you recommend, Mr. Ollivander?" I put this into his knowing hands.

"The standard equipment of the Aurors is a holder made of ebony leather, without much equipment, but an invisibility charm lies on all of them. You can wear it on the arm or thigh, it's self-adjusting, but… there is also a better one… but the cost is accordingly more. These are made of light dragon leather and they have an automatic accio integrated. If you drop your wand inadvertently, it is automatically recalled. It's an invention of the family of Ollivander, family secrets. The invisibility charm is standard, exactly, that would be it," he finished dreamily, seemingly in his element.

"Then the expensive variant. How much do I owe you?" I replied scarcely, as my ribs still tormented me, and I wanted nothing but to snuggle into my bed.

"Wait a second," it sounded muffled as the older man submerged behind his sales bar and was digging around. "Here we have the good piece!" Now he cautiously held the magic wand holder made of dark dragon leather in his hand towards me.

"A beautiful piece," I praised the exquisite piece.

"True, a masterpiece, but also not cheap. That'll be 80 galleons!" he said, then looked at me expectantly.

I once again pulled out my blood-pouch and fished out 80 golden galleons. "Thank you!" I said, reaching for the holder, turning my back to Ollivander, and lifting my dress unshyly. I put the wand holder around my thigh and watched as the invisibility charm started to work. I dropped my dress and looked over my shoulder at Ollivander, who was watching me, a little speechless.

"Sits like a second skin and holds what you promised, thanks again," I smiled at his perplexed look cynically and walked out of the store. I still had to buy a crate of butter-beer at the Leaky Cauldron, because that would be the way to send the Weasley siblings to sleep. I shrunk the box, put it in my sports bag, and apparated. I would make it on time for dinner, at 8 pm. When I arrived at the parallel side street near Grimmauld Place, I breathed a sigh of relief. Everything had once again turned to my full satisfaction, even if breathing seemed to be very difficult for me now. I had become painfully aware of my ribs again and I wavered slightly, but I bit my tongue and forced myself to go on and continue. The effect of the potions had been diminished, but I would only take the next dose when I went to bed.

I put my illegal whitethorn wand in my newly-acquired holder on my thigh. It was a good feeling. Even the magic that lay on this holster was incredible — it was undoubtedly a good deal for 80 galleons. Thinking about this, I walked quickly and happily into the house and immediately into the kitchen.

♥ ♥ ♥

PS: Ab dieser Woche werden Englische Kapitel nur noch jeden Donnerstag hochgeladen.
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Pain and Diagon Alley, Chapter 18
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