When Hermione Fights
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 Sirius and Snape, Chapter 19

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Sirius and Snape, Chapter 19 Empty
BeitragThema: Sirius and Snape, Chapter 19   Sirius and Snape, Chapter 19 EmptyDo März 30, 2017 12:58 am

Sirius and Snape

The kitchen was already crowded. And I mean not only by the presence of the entire Weasley clan, but again there were almost all the people who were here yesterday.

As I entered carefully, everyone looked up, and Molly cried, "There you are, Hermione, we've been worried. What did you think by just leaving without telling us? We turned the whole house upside down looking for you. You can't just walk out like this, sit down, sit down, child", I was greeted with a reproachful flood of words by the resolute matron, Molly Weasley.

So I automatically took the path to the seat next to Sirius. Professor Snape, too, seemed to feel much more comfortable around him, astonishingly. But I asked myself irritated what he was doing here again, and oversaw generously how Ron considerately moved to make way for more space. I sat down quickly, then let the bag slip from my shoulder, which made me shiver slightly because of my ribs. It had been a thoughtless movement, ouch! It wasn't much fun, even with healing, only slightly-broken ribs, how did Muggles survive this without magic? A reaction which was registered once again by my men's circle with eagle eyes. Why did I want to sit here again, I asked myself annoyed. It's my own fault, whoever digs one's own grave...

Just because I didn't want to be bothered by Ron, I let myself be scrutinized by the predators, because that was how the two men seemed through and through.

"Mrs. Weasley, I didn't know that. I didn't want to scare you, excuse me. But I thought you knew I was leaving the house at 2 pm, and didn't think it would be necessary to sign myself off, but if you want it in the future?" I offered politely.

"Oh, not really, but child, you were gone all of a sudden and no one has seen you since breakfast, we were just worried, especially in these times," she groaned heavily and her big breasts swayed under her flowered blouse, when she gave me a sad look, over the heads of those present.

"Again, I'm sorry, but you knew where I was!" I was tired. Today had been more strenuous because of the injury, but luckily enough nothing more was expected from me. She hurriedly guided a filled plate toward me and just nodded, as I seemed visibly exhausted.

"You're in pain?" Sirius suddenly let himself be heard as he leaned towards me after I had begun to eat. I smiled in pain and looked at the men's circle which I appreciated so much. "Have you worried about me?" I pouted provocatively. One easily forgot the pain with this attention. "... and no, I'm just tired!", I lied, without turning red, for the throb of pain took on really dramatic proportions and I felt that I began to sweat at my hairline.

"You lie," Snape told me soberly, also quietly, which was an amazing response on his part and surprised me when I looked up at him from below.

"Maybe? My feet hurt," I replied smugly, and began to eat, as I was to take some food with all the potions in my belly. My posture really was slightly tense and didn't actually looked relaxed. Shit, the effect of the potions subsided more and more, I hadn't expected it to this extent. I wouldn't wish anyone broken ribs, because one feels so vulnerable. I tried to suppress the trembling of my hands as I led the fork to my mouth. Next time I would take better care, this error in the defense wouldn't happen to me again, I analysed in my mind my carelessness in the fight.

"Hermione, shall we all play a card game together then?" Ginny shouted and beamed at me. No, not really, I wanted to go to the library, I wanted to be alone and manage to forget the pain. Besides, I would already start the next round of potions and look for a lighter, but no less interesting reading. Maybe how to heal bones with magic even faster? Yes, that was a good idea and then I would perhaps crawl into bed an hour early, because I would get in a knife fight tomorrow and I had to be receptive and relaxed.

"Sorry guys. No more today, really. Maybe tomorrow. Is that okay?" I apologized and ran with one hand exhausted over my forehead. The Twins looked anxiously at me after my tired gesture, but I just shook my head slightly defensively, what was meant as: Everything is okay.

"Okay, then tomorrow, promise?", it came hopefully from Ginny and I nodded at her blankly. "Promised, Ginny," I breathed softly. It wasn't really possible for me to take a deep breath as the damaged ribs immediately protested painfully. Sirius gave me a slightly worried and thoughtful look at my sluggish words.

"Thank you for the dinner, I'll go then," I said, standing up, taking my bag from the ground, careful not to show anyone my tremendous pain. That worked well, only with the two men I wasn't so sure that it had worked, because their indecipherable glances lay on me. I was fortunately not yet pursued by Ron, as I had gone before the dessert. I put my bag on the couch table and quickly searched for a book. "Dark Magic Spells For Healing". Thus I took my seat carefully, for the tear in the ribs now protested against every movement and throbbed loudly in my ears. Next, I pulled the bag up like an old woman and rummaged in it to get to my potions, but I couldn't do anything against the sweat and the trembling of my hands. So I closed my eyes full of pain and tried to breathe the torment away.

I was just pulling out the two vials when I almost dropped them in shock and opened my eyes as the library door opened, revealing two people I hadn't expected. To see both of them storming the room together in an almost harmonious way, made me open my mouth in surprise. How does one say? Never say never.

Professor Snape and Sirius, one darker in his appearance than the other, and both fixed on me. One of these looks would make you feel small but under both of them I threatened to disappear. What the hell did they want here?

I sat, or lay, in my chair, with the two potions in my hand and bit my lips. Wasn’t that maddening? After all, they had just caught me red-handed. The fact that the professor would recognize the potions because of their color and consistency was as clear to me as it was sure that the sun would rise tomorrow. Already his scorching glance said everything, which now slowly wandered from the potions to me and threatened to pierce me. I swallowed hard once and didn't move from the spot as Snape sneaked around me like a black panther and Sirius also went slowly, almost fluently to the seating corner in front of the fireplace where I was.

Shit, I was so much in the ... sq ...! Grrr, this was a mess. Why were they so united? It shouldn't be like this! Can't they argue again, just like in the shrieking shack? Yes, that would be nice. I just started dreaming and hoping for a miracle. That of course didn't happen and nothing saved me, I was trapped!

I could already see from their serious faces, with the piercing expression in their eyes that I wouldn't get out of this situation so easily. Shit, shit, shit! No word had yet been said, and the strained silence lay heavily on the room filled with books. Sirius threw himself on the sofa opposite me and looked at me almost reprehensively, with his head tilted.

Snape took a threatening position beside my chair and looked at the vials in my hand. Now action was important, quickly down with the stuff. First of all, I would be able to cope much better with this situation if I wouldn't be in tremendous pain, which was fogging my mind, secondly they couldn't take my potions from me. So I tried to uncork both the vials in a fast move and to quickly gulp them down. Well, unfortunately it just stayed at my attempt, which didn't really surprise me. I wasn't even able to see how fast my valued and highly appreciated professor had torn them out of my hands. He was a little rough, not to say violent, for I didn't want to give them up voluntarily. It was only thanks to these unspeakably painful ribs that I let go of my breath, and I sank pale into my chair, as this rash movement had hurt me like a knife in my ribs.

"Snape, what is it?" Sirius asked curiously. Thank you for your assistance, Sirius, I thought rather harshly while I was struggling hard for air. Were they friends now, or what? I was clearly confused, or was my brain so dazzled by the endogenous morphine emitted by the tremendous pain that I was hallucinating?

"Black, you mutt, that you don't recognize them, is very clear to me. But maybe Miss Granger is so friendly and tells us what she needs a medium-strength healing potion and a strengthening potion for?" he whispered, looking at me with his black, genuinely annoying, all-seeing eyes. Phew, still no hallucinations. He was as biting and malicious as ever, but unfortunately my situation didn't change for the better. How I hated my life instantly! Justifications weren't my thing, so I remained stuck in silence and pressed my lips together. It's a tactic, too, isn’t it?

"Hermione, tell us what's going on. What's wrong with you? We can see you're in pain. Why don't you say something? You don't have to hide any injuries, please say something," Sirius begged me now urgently and bent a little towards me. I glanced helplessly at the ceiling. Man, it was so annoying, as if he had to save me.

"Black, I don't think Miss Granger wants to say anything. You can keep your embarrassing and ridiculous begging. Hmm, it is apparently easier to shut her up than I had expected so far. Interesting," he added sardonically, his eyes glinting in the light of the chimney fire. Sirius was shocked silent while Snape continued.

"If she doesn't want to tell us anything, we'll have to look ourselves," Snape threatened with a velvety and mischievous voice, grabbed me without a hitch, and pulled me out of my chair.

"Oah," a groaning scream escaped from my lips when I stood. That wasn't good, not at all. I felt my eyes wet, but I wouldn't give myself the embarrassment to cry. My vision was sharp. Who did this impertinent bat think he was? But Sirius didn't look as if he was rushing to my rescue. As I’ve said before, if I didn't fight for myself, I’d be lost. Snape peered at me with frigid eyes, still holding me, his fingers resting firmly on my upper arm.

"Ah, does it hurt?", he asked maliciously under his breath. "Extend your arms, or I'll hex you, Miss Granger.", he whispered with an undertone laced with anticipation for disobedience. What should I do? I didn't want to attack him openly at the moment, then what should I do other than submit to his demands? That was really cocked up. Therefor I raised my arms, and he let go, satisfied with my capitulation. I stood with my arms extended before the two of them. A dream, yes, exactly. And then something happened which made me believe that I was truly dreaming. I felt, unbelievably, how Snape's hands wandered over my body with competent movements, stroking my sides.

I eyed him dumbstruck, which he reciprocated without any facial expressions. By now I bit my lip and closed my eyes, in order to not endure this humiliation with seeing eyes, because my professor was groping me. As he arrived unerringly at the lower, right ribs, my body automatically flinched slightly at the anticipated touch. As it seemed, this was confirmation enough for Snape. I felt him step back and breathed a sigh of relief, for his closeness was ... suffocating. He had just been too close.

"And, Snape, what is it?" Sirius pried immediately. I opened my eyes and saw him sitting on the edge of the couch, excited, leaning on his knees. "What's wrong with her?", he enquired curiously.

"Always so impatient, Black," Snape snapped contemptuously as he looked over his shoulder to exchange a look with Sirius, which I, unfortunately, couldn't see.

"I guess Miss Granger has problems with her ribs," he said, slightly scornful. He looked at me intensely with a raised eyebrow. "Clinched, I think, if not broken, but they are healing now, which is very painful. Or isn't it, Miss Granger?", he whispered softly into the room, where the fire of the fireplace crackled.

Sirius drew a sharp breath. "What, how?", he shouted, shocked at this revelation. "Injured ribs? How did this happen, Hermione?", he asked stubbornly, throwing around glances. I still said nothing. Man, that was embarrassing, but if I had known how this would progress, I would have most likely died from shame. Instead, I stood before Snape, with my arms hanging down, like a captured delinquent, and waited like a loyal puppy.

"Apparently, Miss Granger is in fact not very talkative today.", my professor turned nasty. Yes, yes, you viper. His talent for vitriol was one of a kind and he was visibly gloating over my misfortune because the corners of his mouth had turned to a dastardy smile.

"Well then, Miss Granger, please take off your dress!", the professor demanded smokily, and with this audacious demand, I was gobsmacked. I opened my eyes wide, doubting my hearing. It left me speechless, again, and I recoiled and would have landed badly in the armchair if Snape hadn't helped me by grabbing my upper arms and saved me from it. Suddenly he was amazingly gentle as he held me.

"Relax, Miss Granger.", he breathed silkily, and much too close to my ear.

"Snape!" Sirius exclaimed indignantly. "... you can't ask this from her!", he burst out and was about to rise from the couch while I was still trapped in my teacher's arms.

"Don't even bother. Sit! And why not, Black? You can attend the show too, but tell me how I should treat an injury I can't see?", he asked very bitingly, giving Sirius a clear impression of what he thought of the others mental abilities. Sirius actually slumped back into the pillows while I remained motionless.

"You're wearing underwear, Miss Granger?" Snape turned to me. I just nodded at this intimate question. He didn't really mean that, did he? I ... I mean ... help, I was tempted to fight slightly against his unyielding grasp.

"Very well! Black, it's like she's wearing a bikini, or do you want to tell me you haven't seen a girl like that?" Snape teased him exceedingly contemptuous and spiteful. But then I managed to throw off my own indignation and found my fighting spirit and consequently my language, which had disappeared before.

"What makes you think I'd take my clothes off in front of you and Sirius, professor?", I replied in a surprisingly firm voice, lengthening the question smugly. Snape let out a sneer. "What makes you think you have a choice, Miss Granger?"

My eyes were bulging. Did my potions professor just tell me that he wanted to see me in underwear? I mean, oh goddess, I ... that was unexpected. Perhaps it was true after all that my brain produced too many chemical substances that dazed me, at least I hoped that for myself. And Sirius was no real help, for his protest seemed to be silenced already. I was sure he was panting, thinking of what he was hoping to see in a moment, as his gray eyes glinted when I looked at him seeking help.

Such a ..., such a great help. I should have left him in the tower, I thought bitterly. Just then the traitor said, "He is right, Hermione. Somebody has to look at it, or am I supposed to get Molly?", his offer feigning courtesy. If he played down his interest any better, I would suggest him for an Oscar, I thought ironically and snorted. But his threat with Molly was really nasty.

Oh, I'd take revenge, I wouldn't forgive Sirius for that. The only problem was, my potions lost more and more effect, I was dead tired and the pain became worse every second, so what should I do? I took all my courage, don't let yourself be intimidated, grit your teeth and get to it! I actually gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, gripped the hem of my dress with my right hand, and pulled it over my head so that it came to rest on my left arm. Now I stood before my teacher and Harry's godfather in my birthday suit and in white underwear adorned with black lace. Well, I just liked matched clothes, even underneath, nonetheless the humiliation was inevitable. My quick reaction, without further discussion, seemed to have deprived them of their language. They probably hadn't expected such little verbal resistance, but I knew what battles were to be fought, and this didn't qualify to my great regret.

I opened my eyes, blinking cautiously, as nothing was happening, and I didn't really hear anything except for the crackling fire, something that made me feel uneasy. I became aware of two men staring at me. One’s emotions easier to read than the others, which was to be expected. They seemed to be examining me, and for Sirius, I could clearly say he liked what he saw. Even Snape's cool mask allowed a guess that the sight I offered him didn't disgust him. As the examination of my body progressed their lips compressed to narrow lines since they were presented a complete colour palette. Shades of blue, violet, green, and yellow covered on my upper body, abdomen, and thighs.

Ok, I looked like I got beaten, which I did, daily. It looked worse than it was, but Sirius looked upset and angry, and Snape's eyes had an indefinable shine that glittered dangerously. I ducked my head in slightly, because I was not used to presenting myself this frankly. Now I felt naked. Wait a moment, I was almost naked. Oh man, if the boys knew! This episode fell once again under top secret, there is nothing more secret than this. Snape still said nothing, but by now looked sharply into my eyes and slowly lifted his left hand, to stroke over the right side of my ribs, unexpectedly gentle. When his finger touched my skin gently and delicately, I held my breath at once.

Oh man, I think he otherwise worked only with his potions this carefully, as I had been allowed to observe in the classroom a few times. I looked over Snape's shoulder to Sirius, who stared at us with a stiff posture and a straight back, but with a very attentive gaze, following the movements of Snape's hand. For a moment, I thought I could see a glimmer of lust in Sirius' gaze, but then I closed my eyes again and felt only that stroking movement of the professor. I dreamed, at least I told myself this in a mantra again and again.

If I had been told that Professor Snape would touch me so intimately, I would have had sent that person to St. Mungo’s. He approached the last three ribs and stroked over the bones carefully, tentative.

A sharp hiss escaped between my teeth. He knew what he was doing, I could say as much. Beneath my squinting lids, I glanced up at Snape and saw a small, sadistic smile around his mouth. Did he like the pain or did he like to see the pain in others and let me suffer intentionally?

"Yes, there we are. The fracture starts right from here. Does it hurt, Miss Granger?" he asked with pretend gentleness, pressing the fracture at the same time. I yelped and closed my eyes even tighter.

"Yes." My answer short and brief. Definitely a sadist. I gasped for air.

"Well, we will be done shortly," he said contentedly, now reaching into his robe and took out the two potions he had stolen from me and put into his robes earlier. He uncorked them, but he didn't give them to me, to make my humiliation perfect, he told me to put my head back and drink. He quickly held the vials to my mouth, one after the other, and let the contents run down my throat. I must be an absolutely naked, defeated, but sexually unbelievably erotic view, as I stood there only in black-and-white lace underwear and with trustingly tilted head and my throat revealed. When I had finished drinking, I could see Sirius sitting stiffly on the couch. I think he had a definite problem in his pants.

Snape, however, reached into his deep black robes and pulled out a small pot, unscrewed the lid, and dipped his long, slender fingers into the ointment. Next, with an incredibly gentle touch, he spread it smoothly over my now less hurting ribs. I heard Sirius take a sharp breath. At this moment it sizzled not only in the fireplace. When Snape had finished, he closed the pot and put it on the table.

His self-control and discipline were amazing and unbelievable. He was unreadable, displaying no emotion, no shame, no excitement, no rage, or anything else, although he was here and had now provided medical care to his almost naked student. He was cold and indifferent as always and his mask fitting perfectly.

"Because this is now done, Miss Granger, what the hell is that?" he burst out now, pointing to me accusingly, getting louder from word to word. Okay, he was angry, not as cold as I had thought, but I doubt that this was good for me.

"He's right Hermione, what the hell happened to you?" Sirius sounded shaken for more than one reason. I was still half naked in front of them and felt their demanding looks on me. I just wanted to put my dress on again, when Snape shook his head and stopped me with one of his hands, then pulled his wand out of his vest and pointed it towards me. He quietly began to recite some incomprehensible formulas. He trailed with his wand along my discolored skin, and on it goose bumps started to form on my skin with this unexpected treatment.

"Turn around," he whispered softly, but recognizably commanding. I paused. Turn around? Oh Goddess, it was already embarrassing enough, but I slowly did as he commanded, turning my back to them.

There was a slight growling sound from Sirius, either because he liked my string, or what I suspected, because of the splendor of the colors, which were shown on my skin, because I often fell on my valued butt. Oh, man, I think my face just now glowed in deepest Weasley red. I felt the professor's movement behind my back, and he pulled back slightly. I turned around again and looked questioningly. "Chrmmm, may I get dressed again, Professor?" I asked cautiously. He barely nodded. I quickly pulled my dress over and immediately sank into the chair, because my legs threatened to give way under me. Did this just happen? Oh, I couldn't believe it, but humiliation to or fro, I was painless. I didn't know what Snape had done with me, but it had helped me a lot.

This man had a clear idea of what he was doing, which was admirable, but I took no notice of him, but looked at the table before me with due diligence.

"Hermione, I hope you don't think that this is done now?" it came already from Sirius. Snape sat directly into the chair next to mine and looked at me with interest.

"I also want an explanation, just like Black, Miss Granger! Such injuries must be caused deliberately, I'm waiting!" he demanded harshly, crossing his legs casually. His robes billowed like black wings around him, an imposing picture. He knew how to present himself, unfortunately.

"Well, what can I say, I got into a fight?" It was worth a try.

"Hermione, I can fool myself!" Sirius pouted and looked at me accusingly. Snape just looked angry and his eyebrow wandered upwards skeptically, I just strained his patience dangerously.

"Ok, what do you want to hear? It's not bad, it's nothing!" I replied vehemently and shrugged.

"First of all, you could tell me how you got the potions!" Snape demanded with caution, as he turned to me.

"Homemade," I replied confidently.

"You lie," Snape said coldly, glancing at me.

"Why do you think so?" I retorted, daring him.

"The vials are of the same kind I use for the Hogwarts hospital wing. A small sign is pressed into the glass. How did you get the potions, Miss Granger?" he showed the impatience in his voice, while he drummed on the chair with his finger. Ok, whatever you want. I put aside the hitherto maintained shame and restraint, and straightened a little, looked up, with a raised head, to the two men, and answered with an emotionless expression.

"If you already know it, Professor, why do you ask? I seem to have a kleptomaniac disposition." My voice was heavy with irony, and for the first time I showed myself more honestly in my appearance than the whole previous time.

"I knew that one of the Golden Trio is a thieving magpie!" Snape oozed oily, sounding very satisfied. "Even if I didn't think it was you, Miss Granger. Did you break into my room in your second year?" he asked targeting me, but still calm and I nodded. "You've really amazed me the last few days." From Sirius I only heard a shocked gasp during our conversation, while Snape seemed distracted as if he were thinking.

"Hermione, you're stealing from Poppy?" Sirius shouted, his eyes threatened to jump out of his head. I only nodded, for what should I say, I had stolen the potions without scruples.

"Since we have clarified this, when we're back at Hogwarts, you will be visiting me for detention and brew the potions you stole. Do we understand each other, Miss Granger?" It was very final from Snape, but still surprisingly affable. I grimaced annoyed, but nodded again. This happened when you weren't careful enough and got caught, but I learned from mistakes, that wouldn't happen again. On the other hand, I was glad the professor was so calm. What caused that, perhaps, should make me more concerned. I thought for a moment when Sirius said something and called for my attention.

"But Hermione, what interests me a lot more: who hurt you so much, please tell me! Nothing is gonna happen, no detention, you just have to tell me," Sirius asked anxiously, looking angry at Snape, fearing that his punishment might seal my lips.

"This is very nice of you, Sirius, but what can I say, that was myself!" I waved my hand and gave him an apologetic smile.

"Yes, you broke your own ribs and turned your body into an abstract painting. I'm surprised that you can even move around with all the injuries! You must be in terrible pain!" Sirius yelled, very angered.

"Even if I usually never agree with Black, I must agree with him now, unfortunately. I also wonder how you could remain so indifferent, despite the injuries, because you were in pain, that's out of the question," Snape asked, pondering and showing me a emotionless face, while I was desperately thinking about how I could get out of this precarious situation.

"I won't tell you, even if I am grateful for your help, never mind that I didn't need you, and didn't ask for it," I said scathingly, cursing in my thoughts heaven and hell.

"Miss Granger, you will be talking and if I have to get Veritaserum, is that clear?" Snape threatened me with the most sweet-spoken voice and I believed him. After a quick look into his hard eyes, I believed him to do everything he could to get it out of me.

"Well shit, what do you want to hear? I've been training! Damn, that happened while practicing, with my Se... Master..." I quickly broke off and Sirius saved me.

"What kind of teacher hurts his students? This is abuse, something that even Snape doesn’t do!" Sirius gave the professor an unexpected compliment, but this got Sirius a murderous look from Snape...

"A good teacher does. I don't let anybody bad-mouth my master in this respect, is that clear? He just does what I want!" I said coldly, glancing between the two men.

"And you want that?" Snape asked incredulously and gave me a wry look.

"Yes, that's what I want!" I replied with a hard look.

"And this happens while dancing? Don't take me for a fool, Hermione." Sirius said contemptuously, giving me a sad look, as if he was disappointed that I didn't think he was right in his head. I groaned and straightened up a bit higher.

"No, not whilst dancing, because I don't dance. I never thought that someone believed me capable of that nonsense. I'm getting taught by a sensei and taking fighting lessons, self-defense." So now it's out. Sirius' face was too hilarious. Snape had expected something like this, or he had suspected that because of the injuries. However, he stayed, as usual, emotionless and motionless.

"...That... Why did you lie... I don't know you like this at all," Sirius echoed, taken aback, and looked at me, bewildered.

"Why? Why, look at yourself. Molly would have rehearsed the rebellion, Dumbledore would have said no. Really, my parents have allowed it! I didn't want a discussion, why else?" I stated casually.

"I'm sure your parents haven't allowed you to do this, Hermione," Sirius declared confidently, looking at me very seriously.

"I've had this training since the beginning of the holiday, do you think if it was that bad they wouldn't have stopped it?" I asked quietly, staring into his eyes, which he also didn't turn away from me. Snape stroked his chin with his hand and took his time before he spoke.

"I think they've noticed that you're hurt just as little as the Weasleys and the others. You're really good at hiding; amazing… " he said softly and deliberately. I think this was a concealed compliment. Should I be happy now?

"Exactly!" Sirius agreed quite quickly with Snape.

It was too funny that the two had the same opinion, and that's when they realized it too. They looked disgusted at each other, simultaneously distorting their mouths contemptuously, as if they had tasted something acidic.

"You won't stop and start listening to us, will you, Miss Granger?"

"How well you know me professor. Besides, you know that it’s good to be able to defend yourself," I explained myself with a smile.

"But Snape..." Sirius interjected indignantly.

"What, flea-bag? We can't forbid it to her and she is right to learn self-defense - it's never a bad thing to learn. But I insist that you tell me or Black if you're hurt - that is, whenever I'm here, I'll examine you," Snape declared determined, but also in an unexpectedly empathetic way. I felt as if I'd get away with a black eye, but I would only agree to it on my terms. That he reacted like this surprised me, but I wouldn't question it.

"Fine. As you wish. But I must ask you both to swear secrecy and not to tell it to anyone," I begged. Both looked at each other briefly and nodded hesitantly. Now I grabbed under my dress, stroking over my thigh, and watched the eyes of Sirius and Snape grow bigger and bigger. I don't know what they were expecting or hoping for, but I pulled my wand out of my holster.

"...Wh... what...?" I heard from Sirius, who looked stunned while Snape seemed amazed.

"You said everything is kept between us, didn't you?" I asked. I got another careful nod from both of them. "Well, I just wanted to throw a little charm on you. Trust me, it's nothing bad, really." My words came out lascivious, though.

"You can't use magic! The Ministry, Hermione," Sirius reminded me with a whisper, looking a bit scandalized.

"Isn't your school wand dark?" Snape asked thoughtfully, showing what a good observer he was. As always, impressive.

I giggled softly. "Professor, you're amazing, but yes, my school wand is dark. To answer your question, Sirius, I can still use magic, this wand here isn't registered." I smiled a wicked smile. I could see that both now had open mouths. It was unexpected to see the professor like that, but this gave me great pleasure. After my humiliating strip and the prospect of further embarrassment, this was a nice little compensation.

"But from where? How?" Sirius asked, shocked.

"You don't want to know. It doesn't matter, I've got it and I'm not going to give it back. "

"And what are you going to do now, if the question is permissible?" Snape asked in a neutral, uninvolved tone, but his eyes didn't leave me for a second.

"I only wanted to assure myself of your oath of secrecy about me by speaking a small but fine charm over you and Sirius. Trust me, it isn't dangerous," I appealed to them, hoping the professor would agree, too, because I was quite sure Sirius would do it.

"What's the name?" Snape wanted to know, now less dismissive and much more interested.

"Cedere tacientiae," I replied at once, expecting what came then.

"There's no such thing! Don't joke, Miss Granger," the professor burst out indignantly.

"I am aware that you can't recognize it, sir. This is because I've developed it. Please let me show it, because it only makes you to keep me - that is, my person and associated information, confidential," I said.

"You... you... develop spells? How? This is unbelievable!" which came from a perplexed yet excited Sirius.

"You flatter me, but yes, that is a hobby of mine," I proudly confessed and smiled blissfully.

"I'll do it. I trust you, you’re the wisest witch I know." Sirius faith touched my heart.

"Thank you!" I whispered, holding my wand towards him and said, "Cedere tacientiae, Hermione." I beamed at him. "That's it!"

"Nothing's changed! Everything’s okay." He recapitulated seriously. I looked up at the professor.

"If it means so much to you and as you seem to need permission from the person to speak the spell... Am I right, Miss Granger?", he asked, and I could tell he was curious. I nodded in agreement. "Well, I knew it, but, well, I have one condition." I prompted him with my hand to continue, "I want your records on this secrecy-spell," he asserted. I looked at Snape appraisingly.

"Of course, how like a Slytherin! You can get it, but this too should be confidential!" And I pointed the wand at the professor and pronounced, "Cedere tacientiae, ‘Hermione and records of the secrecy spell’.”

"I thank you," I said, and rose. "I think I'll go to bed now. It's almost midnight and the day was long. Good night sir, Sirius," I bid them goodbye and left via the door, now feeling painless, thanks to the treatment. Behind the closed door, I waited for a moment to eavesdrop.

"Well, Snivellus, you just agreed to this, so you can see Hermione like this almost every evening. Admit it, you greasy git." Sirius started not very friendly.
"Look who's talking, you mutt, your saliva almost drooled out of your mouth and the way you stared at her!" Snape snapped sardonically. "I was afraid that you would jump her in front of me."

"At least I admit it. She looked great, except for these shocking injuries. Why does she do that? However I wouldn't have expected the underwear." I could hear the mischief in Sirius’ voice.

"Then you have something to dream about," Snape interjected maliciously. "But Miss Granger's intentions for doing this to herself are a mystery to me as well. I have always judged her differently: honest, open, acting by the rules, when your oh-so-great godson and his redheaded friend don’t seduce her again to do some nonsense. But not like this!"

"Mhm, you're right," Sirius summed up.

"I have to go, goodnight and ‘sweet dreams’, Black," Snape hissed mockingly.

"Snape," Sirius dismissed him with even less words, but they hadn't gone at each other’s throats, which was quite a miracle. I took care not to be caught and disappeared into my room.

End of Hermione’s POV

Snape’s POV

When I finally arrived in my private appartment in Hogwarts, my thoughts still lingered at Grimmauld Place. What the hell had happened today?

I poured myself a generous glass of firewhiskey and sank onto the couch in front of the fireplace. As I looked into the flames, I reviewed the evening. Although I would never openly admit it, I was shocked, and very amazed, about Miss Granger. I would have never thought she'd act like this. Well, she was unusual, unlike other teenagers, and much more intelligent and powerful than normal students, whether pure blood or muggle-born, that much was true. What happened today I hadn't expected. I would never, of course, admit these thoughts openly, an intelligent Gryffindor, these annoying lions would only become more insubordinate than they were already.

I realised a long time ago that she didn't only recite her book knowledge, but rather that she was able to use it in a variety of ways, even if she always sounded like a record that repeated the textbook. Why remained incomprehensible to me, but I didn't care. I had always guessed that the golden trio had stolen from me back then, even though I had never been able to explain how second graders and nitwits like Potter, and especially Weasley could break my wards. It had been revealed to me today, however, that this little Gryffindor had dared to do it alone at the age of twelve, was simply astounding. The courage to act alone and then have the necessary knowledge to accomplish this at the age of twelve surprised and astonished me, especially since I doubted that the more than mediocre seventh-graders were able to open my door at that time.

What secrets harboured the girl? This wasn't normal, especially not for a student. And now this! The way she had presented herself the last few days and the clou tonight, when she had taken off her dress with surprisingly little resistance just like that and then had shown herself to me and Black as proud as vulnerable. The highlight, however, was that she had then so slowly, not to say lasciviously tilted her head back and I had watched the slow swallowing movements of her throat up close. To my regret I had to brace myself not to savage her. Luckily, I had a better control than the mutt. I had wanted to humiliate her then, being the Death Eater I still was.

Her youthful body, green and blue, stained by beatings, which she so willingly demanded and endured, had been a pitiful sight, and had me more than shaken. I still shuddered to think of it. She had undergone a radical change. She looked very attractive and her mind was perhaps even more beautiful. She invented spells, something I always liked to do, and I too had started to create my own curses at school.

That the little know-it-all had the courage and the talent to invent such complex spells as the one she had used today astonished me, but also aroused my suspicion because of the need of tremendous knowledge on both sides. When had the small, brave and aspiring Miss Granger begun to study dark magic? Questions upon questions, this just created headaches and I hated nothing more.

Something I realized but wasn't clear to dimwitted Black, but I knew what was needed. I had to acknowledge her brilliancy, for such a spell was something, yes, it was valuable! Especially for a spy like me such a curse could be life-saving. I was very curious about her notes. It really occupied my thoughts. Why? And then to top it of the wand, a white one. They were rare, since you needed to be extremely powerful to be chosen by the wand. The most shocking thing was they didn't usually choose light wizards, which in turn confirmed my thoughts towards dark magic.

Hell, since when was a virtuous Miss Granger able to use dark magic? She had refused to say it, but I already had an exact idea of where she had it from. This girl was really crazy. She really had to have ventured into Knockturn Alley. Did she have a clue what could have happened? Now that the Dark Lord was back, it had become even more unsafe and dangerous in the alleys, so that everyone would think thrice if one wanted to go there. Oh dear, now I thought about this annoying miss-know-it-all and was even slightly worried. I didn't understand what she had in mind, what she wanted to achieve with all this. Actually, I should lean back and be content to enjoy the drama that was going on. I'd keep watching and see ... Granger ... Granger, something attracted me, making me anxious to watch everything.

End of Snape’s POV

Danke an Nadine/Aivy, meine Rechte Hand. ♥
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