When Hermione Fights
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 Just Sirius, Chapter 20

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Just Sirius, Chapter 20 Empty
BeitragThema: Just Sirius, Chapter 20   Just Sirius, Chapter 20 EmptyDo Apr 06, 2017 12:18 am

Just Sirius

Oh goodness, I laid awake in bed since five o'clock whilst with terrifying clarity the embarrassing pictures of last night came to mind. I had been naked, almost naked, in front of Professor Snape and Sirius, and he, he had healed me, and so tenderly and attentively, as I was not even to myself. Unbelievable, I really couldn't believe it and it really robbed me of my sleep. Okay, how would I behave towards Sirius today?

I could mentally briefly neglect Snape, since I strongly suspected that he wouldn't be here tonight. Well, I also had to be lucky. I rolled back and forth, restless, and then I let my hands glide softly over my ribs, which had been injured yesterday, and now felt nothing. Everything was all right again. I was completely healthy, thanks to Snape.

As restless as I was, I really couldn't sleep anymore. I wanted to move forward with my running training, but I thought about Sirius all the time. In Snape’s face, you could as usual, almost not read anything. He had always been emotionally cold and poor, which had made it very difficult to judge him, but Sirius had been the exact opposite, and in his face I had been able to read every emotion yesterday. The question was now, how should I deal with it?

At seven sharp, I stood all ready in a yellow-and-white summer dress in front of the closed kitchen door and spoke myself courage, then pushed it open resolutely, rushed self-confidently with a loud "hello" into the kitchen and went straight towards my usual seat. Sirius could not quite conceal his astonishment at seeing me appear so brave. He stared at me like a fish in the dry.

Only now I noticed that Molly wasn't in the kitchen, so we were alone. Well, well, I hadn't imagined the first reunion like this, but that was usually the case. So far he hadn't said anything, but had given me unreadable looks from his gray eyes. Since Molly wasn’t here, I wanted to annoy the guy, after he had fallen into my back so uncooperatively yesterday and only had agreed with Snape. I mean, that wasn't nice at all, so I had a small issue with him. I just winked at Sirius flirtatiously and showed him a mischievous, almost wicked grin on my face, slipping back into my chair, slowly pulling up my dress hem on my thigh, and finally lasciviously fished for my wand, which I pulled out of the holster on my thigh.

Sirius eyes were stuck to my hands and he stared at me open-mouthed as I swung my wand and let a cup float towards me. Then I put my left pointing finger on my grinning lips, seductively, to say that this was our secret and let the wand slip back into the halter.

"... you ... you're really incredible, Hermione," Sirius stuttered hoarsely, while I poured coffee into my cup.

"What do you mean, my dear?" I looked up innocently and batted my eyelashes.

"I mean, you little beast, that you know very well what you are doing here! I ... I didn't really expect this scene today ... are you flirting with me?" He asked, stuttering and rough, brushing his undulating long hair behind his ears.

"Would you want that? I surprise you with my performance? Is it good or are you just bored?" I resumed our previous flirt, and smiled gently at him. Meanwhile, I lifted the cup to drink and then licked myself extra slowly over my damp lips.

"You ... ah, I don't know, no, of course, I'm not bored, but how am I supposed to judge you, you ... if I had seen Ginny yesterday in this presentation, she would die of shame, she would now be red as a tomato and wouldn't even look into my eyes, you ... you're so different," he was still confused and torn.

"That I'm different, I thought, you'd know for a long time, Sirius!" I said, piqued, "Yes, but not like this!", He sounded slightly desperate and it wasn't clear to me at that moment if I should understand it as a compliment or not.

"What did you think? That I'm good-natured and naive? Please, I would never have been able to get you out of the North Tower, you should realize that," I said calmly and please, I could have guessed that much that I was anything but good when I helped a criminal escape.

"Yes, but Harry ...?" Sirius asked perplexed.

"What, but Harry? He was there and saved you and himself from the Dementors with his Patronus, that's right! But you still wouldn't be sitting here today, because without me, we wouldn't have had a time-turner!", I said very certain and raised my cup with a mocking grin.

"Why do you tell me this now and not before?" Sirius asked, irritated.

"Because I don't need praise or recognition. I was glad that Harry was happy and you were free," I shrugged my shoulders, for that was the truth.

"You're really amazing, but why do you face the events of yesterday evening so coldly, or does it not really matter to you?" He asked curiously and looked with wide eyes at me.

I shrugged. "Something of both, I think!"

"It doesn't matter to you that Snivellus has seen you like this, he, he ... has touched you, please really, you really don't care?", He got visibly angry now and I found it to be too late so I raised an eyebrow sarcastically.

"Come on, Sirius, it's really bad now, don't say anything more, and no, I don't think the professor saw me like that, because he helped me, he was very friendly" I told him. "Besides, what if I tell you that it wasn't unpleasant for me when you saw me like that? Didn't you like what you saw? I mean, don't you want to see it again?" I whispered now, holding his gaze.

"You ... you're really unbelievable, I ... we have to ...", Sirius stopped abruptly, as Molly swept into the kitchen at that moment, the Twins on her heels.

"Hermione, already awake, what do you want to eat?" Came her question.

"Morning," it sounded cheerfully from the twins, Sirius and I replied to the greeting.

"Toast, please!", And to Sirius, "Tonight, after dinner, back in the library?" I looked at him questioningly.

"Absolutely!" He nodded gravely. "We're not finished yet," he whispered darkly, giving me a piercing look, getting up and walking out of the kitchen. Fred and George, who sat next to me, looked at me provocatively and smiled really filthy.

"What?" I hissed annoyed.

"Nothing, what should it be, a new admirer?" They whispered. "His gaze says everything, he's totally into you, no wonder, look at you, you're really a hot girl," they said in turns, throwing insistent looks at me and wiggling with their red eyebrows.

"Oh, please, I'll puke, what do you want? If you come to me like this, you need me or something from me, so get on with it!" I demanded and already saw through them, these two fun-heads.

Fred held his hand dramatically to his heart "Help, help, how can anyone be so crude, who has just received a serious compliment?" Fred whined drawlingly. I rolled my eyes and looked to Molly, who put bacon and eggs in her pan, humming around, and didn't notice anything.

"If George had said I was hot, I would have believed it," I replied dryly.

"Do you always have to keep on about it?" Fred got annoyed.

"Yes, please don't, you know Fred is allergic to it!" George said, miffed.

"Allergic, probably jealous. What do you need now?" I knocked impatiently on the table with my fingertips.

"There you want to help and gets still dissed, is that the thanks for it?", George meant now musty, but already a devilish grin lay on Fred's face.

"I know you're fucking with me, but I'm sorry. I didn't want to damage Fred's sensitive mind!", I bowed my head and admitted defeat.

"Ah, I love it when I know how to get around you," George laughed now, filthy.

"But you don't need to be upset, we have turned on our alarmingly genius brains, and thought about on how we can help you, and there are two good ideas."

Fred waved as if it were nothing "Don't ask when you get the finished product, give us time!"

"What do you want from me now?" I accepted his words.

"We know how you like to send people to sleep," two pairs of eyes mischievously winked at me.

"So we know you're the right source to ask for a couple of vials of sleeping potions?", came the amiable admission of Fred "Three or five?", He still said with a gesture.

"Oh, just like that?" I leaned back with my arms crossed, while the song, which sounded from the radio, was sang loudly and wrongly by Molly, which made this conversation possible.

"Please, please, it's for you ...", both were begging heart-meltingly, and two identical faces looked at me with a hopeful look.

"And then you annoy me like this ... but I'm totally used to it... I suppose you want one or two vials for your own needs? Poor Lee ..." I said sympathetically.

"Eh, now you're insulting, we've put Lee to sleep just once, thanks to you!" The Twins replied instantly, and then we looked at each other conspiratorially and giggled.

"Come back later into the library, then I'll deliver," I offered then, afterwards, both of them goofed around with exaggerated bows and other stuff. I raised myself laughing, took leave of Molly and took my toast with me, before Ron and Ginny came and got the opportunity to commandeer me. So the day went like the previous, only the weapon training was new, but still not worth mentioning.

The potions were boiling and I was in my schedule. I had the dinner in the loud kitchen behind me and now found myself induced in a thick old tome, when just before 11 pm Sirius appeared in the large room in front of me. He was wearing black, tight-cut leather pants, and a large, wide-cut, white cotton shirt, which was negligently buttoned, so I could see, as usual, the tattoos on his chest. He slowly came towards me and stopped behind the chair.

"Did Remus have much to tell?" I greeted him indifferently. "What do you want now, why are you here?" Sirius was silent for a long time, a certain tension arose in the silence, in which only the crackling of the burning logs could be heard from the fireplace. Suddenly I felt him gently stroke his fingers across my arm to the strap of my dress.

"Sorry, yes he did," he whispered in a low, hoarse voice, and lowered the strap of my dress. "... and why am I here?" His voice faded, leaving an ambiguous meaning connected with his deed. I shuddered, I hadn't expected that. I knew I had irritated him, but that he was going to do it right now came unexpectedly. On the other hand, he was an adult man, what had I expected? I knew where that could lead, I could still stop him, but did I want that? When did the game change, from flirtation to more? But as I said, I was always good at pretending.

If it progressed like this, we wouldn't leave the room without being intimate, so much I could read from his gesture and to be honest, it had long been a dirty secret of me that I was no longer untouched. Yes, I had such secrets too. I liked him as a friend, enjoyed his company and his wit and his flirtation just brought me pleasure. Why should I say no to fun? A mischievous smile spread out on my lips, when I had a very wicked idea that let my inner muscles pulsing. The whole situation was just charged by erotic tension and he was still waiting.

I shook my head and stood up resolutely, distanced myself from him slightly, but took him by the hand and put him in my chair, then looked at him and began to laugh softly, seductively. So I stood before him, in my yellowish flower dress, the right strap lay seductively from my shoulder, and I glanced lasciviously down at Sirius, who was anxious. "I thought you wanted to talk. We've known each other for over two years now," Sirius whispered, looking at me torn. I slanted my head in a provocative way and looked at him, frowning.

"I've been able to learn a lot about you since we met, and I think I know you quite well," I leaned to him seductively, whispering in his ear, "I'm not a silly girl, with a stupid puppy-love, Sirius, you know that, at least since yesterday!"

Sirius lowered his head. "You're right, I'm sorry. It was stupid of me, I don't know what I wanted to get with this gesture, what made me think like this since yesterday ... and this morning, I know I'm way too old, just because of the little flirts. I ... you're too young, too ... innocent!" He stuttered uncertainly, not looking at me. I began to laugh mockingly and even more when I saw his shocked face, which he now turned towards me.

"Oh man, why do you say that, I thought you'd know at least since yesterday that I'm not the naive, innocent, inexperienced girl who everyone thinks I am. If it relaxes you, I haven't been a virgin for a long time, if you're afraid about that!", I cleared up, and only reawakened a surprised look. !!!

And with these words, I feistily grabbed at his shoulders, and sat myself on his lap, with my legs spread, my face toward him. Sirius froze in surprise and stopped breathing, frightened, and I enjoyed the feeling of being the one with the reins in my hand. Slowly I leaned towards him, pulled my mouth towards Sirius's ear and whispered in a dark, deep voice: "How about this: You say, I need good hard sex, Hermione! And then you let me do the rest?" I offered cheekily, and pressed my quivering center against the wonderfully hard bump in his leather pants and slowly rotated my hips. I was so naughty, where I took the courage from at the moment, no idea, but something had to happen, otherwise I would burst and I hoped very much that Sirius would very soon stop being shy.

"Hermione ... what-what ... I can't believe it!" He stuttered panting and his rough breath made me tremble with pleasure, and my already wet sex tensed with desire, to be filled by him. I wanted sex, Sirius was the only adequate specimen in this house and I certainly didn't want to talk now!

"Schsch ... enjoy, not talk!", I whispered. Apparently, Sirius also found his Gryffindor bravery again, for his hands began to move up my thighs, stroked slowly upwards, and pushed my knee-length dress higher and higher until he found my white-yellow lace panties.

Next, I heard his throaty groan as he felt how hot, moist, and completely ready I was for him, as his fingertips had begun to cheekily discover me, and I began to nibble at his neck and earlobe, and groan as he stroked me very experienced and skillfully.

"Hermione, I ..." he started again, but I didn't let him talk anymore, so I pressed my mouth hot and demanding on his and pushed my tongue deeply inside his mouth to taste him and I liked what we were doing here, it was like a reward for my troubles of the last few weeks. Then I leaned back again and grinned wickedly into his glassy, demanding eyes.

"Don't say one more word with your naughty mouth, Sirius! You open now those ridiculously tight trousers and then, ... " I leaned forward promisingly and licked greedily over his earlobe and blew gently over it, "... can you tell me how unbelievable it feels in my hot, tight ... ", I couldn't speak any further, since he became active, my words had to have hit him hard in his self-control. With a loud mixture of moaning, growling and whimpering, he had abruptly grabbed my hair and pushed me passionately back to his mouth, while his other hand quickly opened his pants and then tore my panties with his hands impatiently. How handy he was, I thought, smiling, within our stormy tongue kiss. I already felt the tip of his big hard shaft demanding at my opening and took over the leadership, began to take him slowly and without shyness, let him briefly feel how hot and moist I already was for him, but pulled right back, whereupon he raised his waist. I teased him. I haven't been thinking anymore for a long time, I just felt.

"Oh, Sirius ..." I groaned, before I let myself fall and banged hard and fast on his hardness. I screamed smothered. He growled deeply. I felt so full that it was almost painful, and while I was grimacing, my body pulsed around his hard arousal. His loud, stifled moaning was the only thing I needed. Slowly I moved upwards, stretched my inner muscles and enjoyed his fingers digging painfully into my hips as he tried to control himself. We moved in a hard, fast rhythm. Damn, that was fantastic, the best sex I've ever had.

Sirius's hot, irregular breath, which always swept over my skin as he filled me, so much more than I ever thought possible. The flashes that came through me when his scratchy hair tickled my sensitive point, his wheezing and animal growling, so deep and masculine, and how he showed me how much he liked what I was doing.

"Hermione, ... Hermione ... damn, you're so hot ... so damn tight ..." he gasped. I watched him, his face distorted with pleasure as I moved up and down. His fingers made bruises on my body as he lowered me harder and faster. He eccentrically called my name and emitted unarticulated sounds as I moved above him. I rode him fiercely and wildly. We experienced hard and rampant action, and with each stroke I flew higher. His movements became uneven and twitching, and I could feel his fingers dig deeper and deeper into my skin. My body too began to contract and I too would come soon. My body trembled and I knew, I was close. Sirius' groaning moaning, his big, big hands, and his big, bumping cock hurled us over the edge and my muscles tensed and massaged him.

At that moment, a fist grabbed my hair and pulled me to his mouth just in time to dampen my loud exclamation and cry as my sex cramped around him and swallowed. He rode out our orgasm. Phew, ... very exhausting but also very satisfying, oh gooddness, that was hot.!!!

We smiled at each other and put our clothes back on properly. I spoke a cleaning spell and brushed my tangled hair back from my sweaty face. Whilst, we both tried to get our breath back. I looked at Sirius, who leaned with his eyes closed in the chair and still gasped. He looked very satisfied and beautiful. His long, black, silky shining hair fell over his shoulders and a smile laid on his full lips.

"I can now confirm that you were no longer a virgin," he grinned now, nasty, with eyes still closed.

"Oh come on, this isn't really shocking, besides you know that I always do the extra tasks, hard work!" I grinned just as badly and sprawled myself into the chair next to him, pulling my legs towards me.

"Damn Hermione, what happened to the dear, little witch that I knew?" He asked, shocked, then his eyes opened angrily.

"Perhaps she never existed or she grew up. Oh, and when you met me, I was no longer innocent," I told him, grinning. "Well, we've fucked now and it was fantastic if you ask me!" I licked my lips.

"When you're talking like this, you're a really wicked, wild bitch, full of Slytherin, ... oh, I can't imagine anything better, you're driving me mad, but wait ... that would mean ... that means you were, I can't believe it ... you're making me speechless ... but then you were only 13, weren't you?", He stammered at his realization, he seemed slightly confused, grabbed his hair and pulled once in despair.

"Well, I can return the compliment. Thanks for the ride, Casanova, and for your last interjection, I was almost 15 when it makes you happy, but you'll never know more!" I said, smiling mysteriously. Now he buried his face in his hands. "What do you think the others would say if they knew about us? Harry, the Weasleys?" Sirius muttered. I let my lower lip slip through my teeth. "They'd say I'm too young, but we both know this isn't true, I most likely have already experienced more than Molly in her whole life, except for the having children!", With this statement I twisted my face to a repellent grimace.

"... you don't want any, ... you don't like children, ... but doesn't every young girl want them?" Sirius asked, already amply confused.

"Never say never, I know that despite my young years, but if you ask ... Yes, I don't need children and want? Well, in the next few decades definitely no, and it should never be, I couldn't say now that I would be sad. I'm aware that I fall out of the scheme again, but I'm not a Ginny or Lavender, I'm not like these girls, Sirius. I'm in the frontline in war, not in the reserve or waiting at home. I'm me! A selfish bitch, if I'm honest. Can you deal with this knowledge?", I looked at him seriously and could see how he listened attentively and didn't interrupt me.

"I'm not in love with you, either. I like you Sirius, but we both know that you don't love me, this is fucking, horny fucking, but nothing else and goddess forbid, no flower sex. I wouldn't care what the others say, but I want it to stay between us, it's better for all our souls, you agree with me?" I asked frankly. He nodded, speechless, wide-eyed. "And we could continue to fuck!" I said cheekily and ran my finger lasciviously along his arm just as he did at the beginning with me.

"You'll be the death of me, oh Merlin, what a question, of course we'll continue. I don't think I have the self-control to forego you!" He said, shaken, and dropped his head back and stared at the ceiling. "You fall out of the scheme, but you're very special, Hermione, unique! Even if your attitude and your statements shock me," he said confidently. "But I'll probably have to live with that if I still want you, right?"

I rose and bent back towards him to kiss him. We sank in a brief duel.

"You're absolutely right, it's late. Sleep well my Casanova, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and to what we can try then!" I purred at his mouth, then I straightened up and left the library with swaying hips.
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Just Sirius, Chapter 20
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