When Hermione Fights
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 Past, Chapter 21

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Unbelievable, but I had fucked Sirius, Harry's godfather, and - shame on me -I would do it again in a heartbeat. Sirius knew what he was doing, and from now on he had spoiled me for all time. He had shown me that I liked more mature men, much more mature men, and they could satisfy my needs better than the boys of my age, or only a little older, since my two other lovers were only three to four years older than me. I have to say, with Sirius, they absolutely couldn't keep up, so a wicked but also very satisfied smile appeared on my lips.

I suspect that everyone in Hogwarts assumed I was still the untouched virgin. You know, the good nerdy image, but I was probably one of the first one to collect my experiences, only one word: premature, just because of my intellect. When I was still fully satisfied, I thought about my other two conquests, a sweet, beautiful memory which also made me a bit sad at the same time. I had lost my innocence two months before the end of our third year, and to whom was a well-kept secret from me. It wasn't just a one-night stand. We had met the remaining two months on a regular basis, but after the holidays the whole thing had fizzled out.

What wasn't tragic at all, because I hadn't been in love with him either, and I think I was not a woman who could or didn't want to have heartache, but Hermione Granger was too head-driven. As I said, no one, neither Harry nor Ron, or anyone else, had realized that I had a short but intense relationship with a sixth-grader in our third year, who had introduced me very sympathetically to love. In the end, I had already been afraid that I could break his heart, but then, luckily, it hadn't happened.

His name, yes, today it's hard for me to say his name out loud, because I feel endless sadness in myself when I think of him. Not because I loved him, which I hadn't done at any time, but because his fate was too horrible and I was so grateful to him for those two months. It was a nice time, hopefully he had also enjoyed it in his too short life. His name was Cedric Diggory! So, now you know, I had something with Cedric.

Now, one wonders what the three-year-older Cedric would have wanted from a small third-grader, Hermione, to consider her at all. Well, since my second year we had often been intensely debating in the library and Cedric was amazed by my knowledge, but was also excited. It lured him that I was able to compete with a fifth grader, had impressed him severely. Thanks to the time-turner in this third year, I had developed more quickly than other girls, and I had grown up faster than ever, thanks to the prohibited department, since this robbed any illusions. Cedric had always been very attentive, which is why he had noticed my imperceptible but steady changes and was concerned. We had understood each other really well and I had felt flattered that the really handsome sixth grader gave me, the know-it-all, attention and I had therefore very much enjoyed his advances.

When I had almost collapsed in the library one evening because of the physical exhaustion that this double burden of the time-turner had brought me, Cedric had been there, the knight, my knight in silver armor, and although he had been a Hufflepuff, he had many traits of the other houses as well. He had helped me, but I had struggled with his care. He hadn't dragged me to the hospital wing, which would have been a catastrophe, the teachers hadn't been able to know how much I had misused the time-turner, had been my luck. When, however, he had refused to leave me alone, he had, in order to distract me and to give me a happiness, taken me to the prefect-bathroom on the fifth floor. Since he had been a prefect and quidditch captain of his house from the fifth grade, he had known the bath and the associated password. I had been overwhelmed.

The bathroom was huge and everything was marble in soft natural tones. The tub in the floor was very large, so that even a few swimming strokes were possible. Above the pool was a huge golden construction with countless water taps, from which came different bathing additives. Fluffy white bath towels lay everywhere in the corners. At that point I had decided that I would definitely become a prefect.

Above the basin was a detailed, magnificent picture with a water mermaid, in short, everything was beautiful. In the other corner was a resting oasis, in which one could relax or get dry. It was incredibly beautiful. The perfect place for the first time. I can still remember his pensive smile when he had looked at me and enjoyed my astonishment. He had been an attractive figure and a heartthrob, with his hair hanging over his eyes, his eyes itself, his handsome expression, his well-cut face, and awesome body, thanks to his sport.

I don’t exactly know how it happened, why he pulled me towards him and started to undress me; only that I hadn't been averse and had eagerly participated. I couldn't believe he wanted me and I wanted him. Somehow we had landed naked in the pool. It had been a relaxed atmosphere, no shame or shyness had ever occurred at any time. It had felt just right and we just joked around, of course, all this had an erotic touch, which I hadn't been able to escape and didn't want to escape. When we finished our fling, we had begun to kiss and he had taken me to the resting oasis, and there we continued, there was no second thought or hesitation, although Cedric clearly took the lead. He had known what he was doing and I let him lead me.

After countless tender kisses and long gentle strokes, he slowly laid down between my legs and looked deeply, questioningly into my eyes. I had passionately replied his glance, and almost impatiently pulled him towards me, which was certainly a demand for him, and so he had entered me cautiously and affectionately, as it had been Cedric's manner. We had loved each other in a gentle, swinging rhythm until we had both reached our climax. After the love game, we had lain in our arms and indulged in our thoughts.

He, the Hufflepuffs idol, the prefect, and I the younger Gryffindor, some classes under him. This story between us, that was something. And no one should've known, which was clear to him and me. No one would have approved it, he was too popular and coveted, and I had been too much in the middle of everything, Harry Potter's best friend. But we had a lot of fun, and during that time we felt strongly drawn towards each other. For us it had been right and after that first time, he and I had quickly realized that even more times would follow, for that I was too keen on him and he had been on me.

He liked to let himself into this, as he had known I could be silent like a grave and I didn't want to adorn myself with him, unlike the other girls who would have loved him as a trophy. This loving liaison had then gone until the beginning of the holidays and we had taken advantage of this time and enjoyed it. He was so attentive, empathetic, and not inexperienced, and was infinitely kind to me.

But now the most terrible came, Cedric was no more.

This knowledge hurt me infinitely, but that wasn't to be changed. I had accepted this early, but I would always keep him and my memories in honor. Oh yes, Cedric was a beautiful, but also a sad memory, my second conquest was already a different caliber.

When the fourth year began, my relationship with Cedric had gone downhill as I said, even though we were still friends, this year had promised early on to be exciting as the exchange students from Beauxbaton and Durmstrang had arrived. That I would get a new admirer so fast, I hadn't expected, but I felt very flattered at the end.

It had begun with a very intense exchange of views, when he had thrown his name into the goblet for the tournament selection. From then on we had often seen each other and also started to talk to each other. He had even stalked me and I had acted very reluctant when he had begun to get closer to me. But all of this had happened unobserved by the others, for we had done it so cleverly that absolutely no one had noticed. He was amazingly an interesting conversation partner and not just the famous seeker for the Bulgarian Quidditch team. I had understood why he was so in the center of interest of the other girls, as he had a truly self-confident and impressive appearance, and then that somber, but attractive, radiance, which had been underlined by his dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. Since nobody had noticed what had developed between me and him, although he had mostly been haunted by a horde of wild, puberty girls, we could have been proud of this achievement.

When he had asked me to accompany him to the Yule Ball, I had accepted the invitation. I had wanted to show the others that I was very well a woman, who had quite a chance with the guys. Oh, how I had been annoyed with Ron at that time, this pubescent boy who thought I was a similar late starter as he was. I will never forget the envious, jealous and surprised, as well as disbelieving looks of others.

I, the gray nerd, with the Quidditch star and participant of the tournament, Viktor Krum, incredible and then also so completely unexpected. Why was he coming onto me, Hermione Granger, did probably think many others. What I could offer him, not only mentally but also physically, would have everyone given the goosebumps. In their wildest dreams, they couldn't have imagined that the innocent Hermione wasn't as good as they thought.

Cedric had spoken to me during a dance, when the partners had been exchanged at the opening dance, and smilingly meant that he was amazed to see me with Viktor, but he wasn't really surprised, that I was always good for a surprise and I probably liked older men. Then he had still noticed, laughing, that I was connected with all the male participants of the tournament or had something in the past.
"You're unbelievable," he whispered, teasingly into my ear and giving me a wink, wished me and Viktor a pleasurable evening. Viktor had been a wonderful ball partner, and when I had sent the two idiots Harry and Ron to their room because they had once again appeared as the little children they were, the relationship with Viktor had gone to the next round.

We had been very discreet. He had brought - or rather smuggled - me to the ship of Durmstrang into his cabin. Everything had been held in the warm dark brown of the ship's beams, and with the porthole with a view of Hogwarts it had all been very romantic and harmonious. Kissing we stumbled into his room. Viktor was very passionate and much more determined than Cedric and had impatiently taken what he wanted.

He had undressed me quickly and started with a fast, hard pace. He had given me the most intense orgasm I ever had until that point. He had been so different from Cedric, who had always been so caring and sensitive towards me. Viktor had been much more passionate and less attentive. I believe at that moment I had realized that I felt more attracted to Bad Boys, than to the Good Guys, also I had liked the rough handling of Viktor. Since then I was able to say that the "flower sex" with Cedric had been beautiful, but I had found more fulfillment in the harsh, passionate sex with Viktor.

The following months had confirmed me in my assumption. We hadn't always been tender to each other, though our sexual unions were wild. There had never been a lot of tension since we had agreed not to make public how intimate we were with each other. Often I had been secretly on the ship during the night, and had met Viktor's closest friends, Boris Poliakoff and Ivan Jarosch. They had helped us where they could. I also had the honor to take a look at the library of the sailing ship, which I had extensively used during my night excursions. Viktor was very amazed at that time, when he had noticed that I had an extensive knowledge of dark magic.

Today, I know, thanks to my wand, that Viktor is probably not so different from me, because his wand is made of white beech with a dragon heart string as a core, also a very bright white wand similar to my hawthorn wand but with the contents of my school magic wand. At that time I had also figured out the probably biggest secret of the Twins, when I wanted to sneak into the castle one night, I had passed the greenhouses and I had heard obvious noises. Curiosity had driven me, something I had always had enough, so I had to look. So I had sneaked up, took a look, and after I broke the one or the other protective charm, I jumped back, shocked. What had been revealed to me had made my face red of shame. It was the first time that I had seen sex between two men and that it were also identical-looking people, had made the whole thing ... more wicked?

But I couldn't turn away from this passionate event, it had fascinated me too much. I had known since my third year that the Twins weren't just the jokers, as they appeared to everyone. Many of their jokes and products couldn't be made without dark magic or prohibited substances, they had no scruples in this respect either.

And thanks to the Marauder's Map, they had often found me in the Forbidden section, and lent my knowledge as they said so beautifully. At the same time, they had helped hide my sudden disappearance, after all, one hand washes the other. We trusted about each other's discretion, even today. I had guessed, but didn't know that Fred and George had a very close relationship to each other, but now it was so clear in front of my eyes, it had thrown me a little bit out of concept.

And so I had stared at the events in front of me with big eyes, and when the two had finished, I didn't leave, no, we had already had a too good relationship then, that I of course told them that I knew about them. I had begun to clap affectionately, whilst both of them turned around, shocked. The relief that it was me, that had caught them in flagranti, had been clearly written in their faces, and also the confusion of how I was able to break their protective shields, but I had always been good at that. Their concern that I couldn't understand them, I could take from them, since I had generously offered them my help to make their secret to mine. The gratitude for my acceptance towards them and that I didn't condemn them for their feelings for each other could be seen in their faces and had brought us closer to each other. To show them that I was serious and as they didn't have the map anymore, since they had given it to Harry, I had told them about Viktor, which didn't really surprise them. Dryly they had said that they could trust me to do almost anything and had promised to help me to sneak out at night. We had gradually become a really good team.

Yes, even then I had had secrets. Secrets before my friends. Was I a good friend? I don't know, just because I didn't tell them everything I did? I really didn't know. I was always loyal to Harry! Nothing would separate me from him, for I loved him as a part of my family as I would have loved a brother if I had had one.

I was standing behind Harry for the entire time of the Triwizard Tournament, and Viktor had been aware of this. He had known and accepted that I loved Harry, but I only coveted him. The rest of the year had been very exciting. Viktor had taught me a lot, and with him I had fully matured to a woman. He had never thought about our age difference because he said I was a woman, the most desirable woman he had ever met, and so different from the girls who clung to him, which I had never done. The return of Lord Voldemort and Cedric's death had almost brought my desire to a standstill as my first boyfriend's death had affected me deeply, and now the darkness had had come which promised no good for the future.

When the farewell came, both of us had realized that we had come to the end of our relationship. There had been no tears which had surprised Viktor, I don't know, maybe! Perhaps he would have liked it if I had shed a few tears for him. We had agreed to remain in contact by letters, which we have maintained until today.

I saw the past in front of my eyes and smiled slightly in thought at this beautiful, but sometimes sad, but unforgettable time.
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Past, Chapter 21
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