When Hermione Fights
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 A Long Night, Chapter 22

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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A Long Night, Chapter 22 Empty
BeitragThema: A Long Night, Chapter 22   A Long Night, Chapter 22 EmptyDo Apr 20, 2017 4:40 am

A Long Night

I was still lying in my bed, leaving the past being past as my thoughts returned to Sirius. My new lover was Sirius Black, incomparable with Cedric and Victor. He was a 36-year-old man, his appearance marked by his past fate. A marauder, a Casanova, a man who had lost his best friends, a man who had been betrayed by a friend, a man who had spent twelve years innocently in prison, a man still alive today and still on the run. Us separated a little more than 21 years, but since yesterday, I had to say, I didn't give a shit. I wouldn't want to change it, to exchange him. When I called Victor a Bad Boy, that was hasty, because he was the harmless version of a real Bad Guy à la Sirius.

Just saying, I was already corrupted/disspated, where would that end? I was aware that our affair was temporary, unfortunately, but I wouldn't enjoy it any less. I just hoped that he wouldn't suddenly feel his morals or find them after all, and would feel horrible to have seduced me, but I just hoped he was too selfish and didn't lie to himself. For that is how I didn't judge him. Though sometimes rash and somewhat ill-advised in his deeds, once he had decided, he stuck to his decision and held on to his fun.
I kept my daily routine as well, but today there was no Sirius in the kitchen when I arrived, apparently our gymnastics had exhausted him so profoundly last night, I thought wickedly, that he still needed rest.

My day went like the previous, very successful but also very tiring. When I arrived for supper, I was very excited and cheerful. Sirius, too, who looked at me with a gleam in his grey eyes. He had obviously no second thoughts or gotten a guilty conscience. He was just a bad boy. When I sat down, I put my leg so that I touched his knee as if by accident. He raised an eyebrow, calculatingly, and looked at me with glittering eyes. It was funny and invigorating to sit in the full kitchen and know that everyone else was ignorant of what was going on between us.

"And Hermione, do you have time for us tonight?" Ron suddenly groused.

"Of course, right after the meal." I took the wind out of his sails, the way he looked at me.

"No, first you come to us, we have to show you something, sorry Ron, doesn't last long either!", Fred and George now said very weightily and rose to leave the room.

"Yeah, well, it's okay. I'll eat quickly, then I'll come right away!" I said to the twins and to Ron: "I will hurry, promise!" and began eating quickly. If they announced it so publicly, they wanted something important from me.

Sirius leaned towards me. "Really?" he whispered very quietly, though that would have been almost unnecessary, thanks to the noisy assembled Weasleys. "No, let me surprise you. At 11 pm I'll tell you more, wait in your room!" He nodded at once. I left soon and quickly scurried to the twins' room. I opened the door, slipped in, and stopped for a second. Fred and George lay together on a bed. George had already lost the top of his mustard yellow pajamas, and Fred's bilious green top was all unbuttoned, revealing his white chest. The colors bit themselves strongly with the rich orange-red of their hair. They didn’t mind my arrival and carried on with their activities.
!!! I was just allowed to see Fred biting tenderly into the aroused nipple of his brother, the latter groaning with pleasure, and went to the other bed and sat down on it.

"Chchchrmmmm ..." I coughed drawlingly. "Guys, you wanted something from me. Or do you need someone to watch you?", I asked boldly.

"Oawa, sorry didn't even notice you...", George groaned dreamily as Fred didn't really cease from teasing him.

"You are really hot, playing with each other, but your brother is waiting. What do you want from me?" I rolled my eyes at their absorbed love-play.

"Ahahahh...", because of this outcry I desperately rolled my eyes. Oh man, what a show. The two were impossible, always had been. They loved to shock, they achieved to shock most people and with me they tried it again and again.

Fred raised his head and gave me a laugh. "Join in," he offered. Now I let myself fall to the bed, laughing: "You wish!"

"Then just watch, wouldn't be the first time," he lasciviously insinuated how I had caught them.

"Did you like it, Fred?" I raised my eyebrows questioningly and studied the infamous sibling couple.

"Mh Mh Mh ...", it came very informative from him and his hands stroked the body of George gently up and down.

"Either way, I don't have time, your brother is waiting ..." I tried to force them to answer me.

Now I saw how the action started, as Fred began to stroke the bump in George's pajama bottoms. Ok, I had to get out of here, that was really toooo hot for me to handle. I really didn't want to see that now, because it was enough for me the last time.

"...He...Her...Here...", George found it hard to find his voice, he unsurely grabbed towards the bedside table, fished from the top two candies of different colors, and held them with a shaking hand "...prototypes...for the two...give it to them ...", he stuttered breathlessly, as Fred again bit in his nipple.

"Oh, you're really impossible, isn't it embarrassing in front of me?" I scolded amused and took the sleeping candies.

"Never in front of you! As I said, you'd really do George a favor if you'd join. He always wanted a threesome and you know he thinks he's a bit bi and he still wants to test it!" Fred said, grinning, wiggling his red eyebrows mischievously.

"Yes, but please, not with me!" I pointed with eyes wide in horror and surprised at myself.
"Why not? I wouldn't have a problem with you," Fred said, as his hands slipped into George's pants and indulged his brother who didn’t notice anything from our conversation.

"No thanks, we're friends, so sex is out of question," I declined. "But if you want something like that, give me time till tomorrow, let me think of something ... wouldn't be too difficult ...” I nibbled at my lips, as it rattled inside my brain how I could fulfill their wish. Fred jerked me out of my thoughts.

"You should go now, if you really don't want to participate," he threatened, already pulling down George's pants, and revealing a proper erection, which now stood freed and hard in the air. I squeaked indignantly and jumped off the bed, escaped to the door, but of course I risked a look back during my flight and witnessed how Fred held George's cock with his hand, lunged over the shaft and licked the glans. And soon his lips were around George's cock and he took it eagerly into his mouth... ‘Oh Merlin, I have to get out of here’... these were my harried thoughts. As quickly as possible, because even I didn't have to know everything. !!!

As I took a deep breath in the hallway and tried to cool my heated face, I quickly spoke some protective spells on the door, because if anyone saw them like that, then good luck! Not everyone was as tough and tolerant as I was. Slowly but surely a plan was formed in my head and I would begin to realize it tonight, because since the ball with Alicia and Angelina there was a big kink in the relationship of the twins and it was called Angelina. George’s, but above all Fred's jealousy always came up again. The Twins were only to be seen as a team, so I would try to give them what they desired to recognize that they were all they needed.

My eyes now fell on the two candies I held in my hand, so I would keep my drugged butterbeers and try these one. I anxiously made my way to my room.

"There you are, finally, what did the two jesters want from you?" Ginny asked curiously from the bed.

"Nothing special, actually just nonsense... but I got something here, a surprise for you, as an excuse that I had so little time in the last few days," I opened the closet and took out three unprepared bottles of butterbeer.

"That's really decent of you, Hermione," Ron praised generously and Ginny cheered happily. I pressed a beer into each of their hands and said cheers, we all drank. We made ourselves comfortable on one of the beds and I put the two sweets on the bedspread, acting casually.

"What are these?" Ron questioned at once.

"Oh, I've found them before, muggle sweets!" I explained indifferently.

"What, cool and what do they taste like?" Ron’s reply was pointedly neutral.

"Delicious, it's really something different than the magical stuff," I said luringly and was rewarded with two interested faces.

"Do you to want to try?" I questioned quietly.

"But these are your last ones," said Ginny kindly and refused bravely.

"Yes, but I can always get new ones and I know how they taste," I continued.

"Then gladly!" both said, and the sweets already disappeared in their mouths. The effect occurred almost instantly, both of them got glassy eyes and swayed alarmingly. This wasn't as planned. I thought the two Red Devils would still have to do a bit of fine tuning, because the effect should've been delayed, but tonight I wouldn't enter their room voluntarily, that was for sure. Now I drew my wand with a sigh, dared to do my first 'obliviate', to make them forget this, gave them the memory of a playful evening, and left Ron and Ginny in their beds before their eyes finally closed and they dived into their dreams. I rubbed my hands, that had gone better than expected, I silently congratulated myself. Was I evil, if I handled my friends like this?

Yes, I thought I was. I tried to be as honest as I could to myself, even if I didn't like this summary. Actually, my books would've been waiting for me now, since one or two pieces of research still had to be done, but first I had to go to Sirius. Because of our second night I generously neglected my schedule. I needed some fun, too, and the Twins had fired me up dangerously. I sneaked up the last few steps to Sirius's room, anxious to avoid unnecessary noise.

The door was hard to miss, as a name plate was attached to it. At the opposite door was the name of his deceased brother Regulus. I didn't knock, why should I, he was waiting for me. I wore nothing but my short lilac summer nightshirt. I slipped inside quickly. Sirius lied on his broad, carved, wooden bed and read a Quidditch book. The faded silver-gray silk wallpaper and the heavy velvet curtains beside the windows would have given the whole room, in spite of the neglect, a noble atmosphere, were there not the flags in Gryffindor red-gold and the muggle images of naked women and motorcycles, glued on the walls with permanent sticking charms.

Well, Sirius couldn't deny his Black ancestry. Apparently this family loved to hex things to walls for eternity. I almost broke into laughter because it was too funny. Maybe the old Mrs. Black stole the idea for her painting from Sirius?

"Finally, I thought you weren't going to come anymore," he exclaimed happily, but also very impatiently, and threw away the book into a corner. "Impatient?" I moved on into the room.

!!! ”...fancy licking something?" I whispered seductively, as I could still see in my mind Fred's mouth as it had closed around George's member and this occupied my thoughts the whole time. I could hear Sirius growling. He showed his astonishment when I immediately came to him. Then an anticipatory, almost devilish grin spread on his face and he sat back on his knees. Since he was wearing nothing but his shorts, I could see his well-defined chest and I liked what I saw. I licked greedily over my dry lips. I moved closer and he grabbed me already and threw me on the bed with amazing power. "You come too late and then make demands?" he growled deeply. I looked at him with innocent eyes, and slowly stroked my lips with my fingertips, like a silent promise to indulge him. "Proposal?" I muttered roughly.

He groaned, trying to suppress it but no succeeding completely. "You're a beast, you know exactly what buttons you have to push, right?" he replied, aroused. Then he kissed me firmly and longingly on my mouth. We were apparently not the slow, enjoy-it type of people, because there was a boiling heat between us, which had to be extinguished quickly. While he kissed me, demandingly, he pushed my short shirt up to my hip and then distanced himself from me. He looked at me with glowing eyes, then went down, so that he came to lie between my spread legs. At once I could feel his fingertips brushing over the fabric of my perfectly soaked panties, making me tremble. It felt wonderful.

Now I growled furiously, "Sirius… quicker… please..." I wasn't able to say more, because at this moment I heard fabric ripping. This aroused impatience of his increased my pleasure enormously. And soon I could feel his breath where I needed him most urgently, everything inside me contracted with pure pleasure. I pushed myself up my elbows and looked down, watching as Sirius began to ravish me, letting my head sink into my neck, and surrendering myself to the pleasant feeling of his licking tongue and the sucking of his mouth at my most sensitive part. My senses started to fade.

What he was doing made me go crazy. I uttered small, suffocated sounds that seemed to edge him on even more. As his tongue tirelessly licked over me, it threatened to burn me from the inside, and since he was still using his fingers to pleasure me and insert them inside me again and again, my orgasm came like a quick, big wave over me.

"Sirius..." I cried, not quietly. Everything inside me cramped and I fell like a stone on the bed. I had completely surrendered to my pleasure. After the veils over my eyes lifted again, my breathing had normalized and I could see again, I saw a beaming Sirius, who grinned mischievously between my legs. I began to laugh and he crawled up to me quickly. We sank into a ravishing, passionate kiss. Since I believe in ‘pay like with like’, I now continued my slow, sensual path on his body kissing and licking down. I pulled down his shorts impatiently, his impressive, hard cock was already waiting for me, trembling in front of my eyes as I began to indulge the good piece.

My hands embraced his rock-hard cock. I stroked again and again and I came closer with my mouth, until I licked the tip of his glans. His little scream gave me goose bumps and aroused my lust, so I did it again and licked, this time, a pleasure drop of him and then stroked his shaft with my tongue slowly. I could hear his whimpering and growling. That was what I wanted to hear. His body twisted under me. He was wax in my hands and I had a lot in my hand. And I took him greedily as far as I could in my mouth. A stifled cry sounded and Sirius touched my hair very gently and stipulated a fast pace. When I started to use my hands too to treat his testicles, I could tell from his reactions that he wouldn't last long.

I increased my efforts and he surrendered himself to me in his total lust as he came inside my mouth with a loud "H... mione..." I took all he gave me and sucked him empty. Sirius lay blissful, but like dead on the bed, his chest moving up and down heavily.

"That was wonderful, the last time something like that happened was years ago..." he supplied, hoarse and breathless.

"I also found it very satisfying," I breathed, indeed very satisfied, and lay down beside him. I looked at him from the side, and I felt completely well. My right hand lay on his belly and stroked playfully up to his chest to caress his tattoos dreamily.

"Are you going to tell me now what you’ve done beforehand?" he asked curious, turning his face to me. "What did the twins want from you and how did you escape the others?"

"The twins, well, they wanted to give me something. They're friends," I explained as I stroked him.

"Better than Harry and Ron?" he shot back at once.

"Yes and no - not better than Harry, different, but better than Ron, yes. Let's say Harry is closer to my heart, but the twins are closer to my secrets," I tried to explain sincerely the different friendships.

"You trust them more than Harry?" His grey eyes grew wide, disbelieving.


"Why... I don't understand, I thought Harry was your best friend?" he asked, completely bewildered and looking at me suspicious. I looked up at him, too.

"And he's my best friend, but he would..." and I pointed to our bed, "not approve of the things I do," I said seriously.

"But the twins, as you call them, do? Approve of this, here?" He asked skeptically, repeating my gesture between us.

"Yes!" I wouldn't say more, as that didn't concern him.

"You won't tell me more, will you?" he asked.

"You know me too well, Casanova!" I whispered softly and kissed him lightly on his closed lips.

"I have to go, sleep well!" I sat up and stretched myself, satisfied.

"Already? Why? I thought that was the first round ...", he pouted immediately, as only guys could and I laughed out loud.

“I’m not putting off my work just because we're fucking now and you're insatiable. I have almost an hour and a half before I have to go to bed," I explained strictly, but I meant everything I said. Now he showed me his teeth: "I know a way to use this time differently ...", it came from him auspiciously.

"I can tell, but I'll stick to it!" I decided. I rose, cleansed myself, smoothed my nightshirt, and tied my hair together. After a last look at my destroyed panties, I blew him a kiss and disappeared. In my nightshirt, I crept through the sleeping house.

Standing in front of my books, I thought about what I needed to realize my idea, as it wasn't just about the desire of the twins. No, I would be able to connect it perfectly to one of my plans, because I loved it when everything was so intertwined. Ah, I already had the desired information.

Now I knew how it would work, but on what or where could I use the curse to be able to use it again and again? Hmm ... I had to think and slouched into my chair in front of the cozy fire, a feather thoughtful in my mouth. What did I have to do and take into account in my plan? I worked on it through the night... the next time I spoke the Tempus, I was shocked, three o'clock! That would be a short night, but I could be satisfied because everything stood. I just had to implement it and I would approach that tomorrow.
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A Long Night, Chapter 22
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