When Hermione Fights
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 Trafalgar Square, Chapter 23

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Trafalgar Square, Chapter 23 Empty
BeitragThema: Trafalgar Square, Chapter 23   Trafalgar Square, Chapter 23 EmptyDo Apr 27, 2017 2:39 am

Trafalgar Square

The night was extremely short but very satisfying. Today was the 15th of August and I was already waiting anxiously to see if she would stick to the agreement. I sat in the kitchen at breakfast, as an owl arrived for me, which surprised me, I gave her questioning looks, since I had received no mail so far and the letter from Hogwarts would still come.

I took the parchment from the owl and gave her a few crumbs of bread. Of course I knew from whom the letter was, but wouldn't open it under the curious eyes of those present here.

"Ah, from Victor, thank you again, Ron, for lending me Pig," I said kindly, as I wanted to distract and Ron responded as I had hoped.

He made an angry face and muttered something into his non-existent beard. He and Ginny looked unusually cheerful, no wonder after that deep, restful sleep. I put the letter in my pockets, finished my breakfast and left the room, but was expected in the hallway from two filthy grinning twins, who had as always nonsense in their heads. They accompanied me on my way.

"Say, most beautiful, what went on yesterday?" The two weren't curious at all.

"You don't even get red!" I said, shaking my head.

"Why, you didn't see anything you didn't know already!" One of the red-haired devils grinned.

"Hrr, you're impossible! But to the prototypes, they have worked, but almost too well. The effect starts immediately, but time-delayed and individual per person would be more effective, so that the people can withdraw themselves. I was allowed to dump the two into bed yesterday," I explained in detail, as we continued our way up, after all this I wanted nothing more than to go back to the library.

"Hmm, I think I already know what we have to change on the dosage. We'll get to work soon!" George murmured, lost in thought.

"Oh, and Dung would have to deliver tonight," they announced broadly grinning, and then George immediately wanted to rush with Fred into their room.

"Fred, one more minute!" I held him back, so George left alone.

"About yesterday, I..."

He interrupted me. "Sorry, wasn't meant to be, I don't know exactly what got into me then, fortunately George...", he ran his fingers nervously through his hair.

"Stop, stop, don't continue. It wasn't bad, because I feel really honored that you're giving me such confidence, but I'm talking about, that I want to fulfill your wish!" I said seriously and mustered Fred sternly.

"What ... you ... want ... us ... what?" he looked a proper charlie and stuttered unusually taciturn all over the place.

"Sssh, quiet, yes, I have an idea and am in the phase to implement all of it," I brought him the news conspiratorially close.

"How are you going to manage that, especially since no one is allowed to know?" he asked excitedly, for Fred was hooked from one second to the next. I rolled my eyes.

"Fred, do you really think I'm limited, especially you should know that I leave a secret secret. I arrange everything so that you only have to enjoy. His wish is also your wish, is it not?" I inquired.

"You want to know if I want it or he? ... Mhm, I know he wants and I think we should try it and since we never do something without the other the answer is obvious, I believe. Why not? We've always been experimenting, as you know!" he gleamed at me diabolically. "And you think you'd really manage it?"

I laughed. "This should be one of my easiest practices." Now that this was cleared, I tapped on his shoulder and turned away.

"Thank you ... Hermione ... see you later!" They went serenely into their room, in order to further continue their projects, because the two were quite ambitious.

Sitting on my chair, I took out the letter and opened it. I was very curious what Rita had to say. When I finished reading, I dropped the letter in amazement, threw it into the fireplace, and watched as it slowly burned and fell to ashes.

She hadn't written much, but Rita wanted to meet me at 12 noon at Trafalgar Square. I wouldn't have expected that now, but I was very curious because she already had such a longing for me. I had to make sure that no one would miss me, if I were to leave so early. Molly was a real mother hen in this respect.

I started to smile when I remembered how I wanted to manage that. I slipped quietly into a bedroom on the top floor and made myself comfortable on the large, wide bed. I let my eyes wander around the room and took the environment more intensely inside me than last night. He had fully enjoyed his Gryffindor taste when decorating the room, probably to annoy his parents. In the daylight, it really bit itself more with the wallpaper. Then the door opened and Sirius came in, just like he was and looked at me perplexed, when he saw me on his bed.

"Hi!" I waved.

"Hi, did you have longing, beautiful? I knew last night was too short!" He purred toward me and closed the door.

"You Casanova, get your thoughts out of the gutter, it's all about something else," I said dismissively and turned to him.

"Ahm, I haven't completely taken you inside my bed, but I have to say you look better in the day in it, sure I can't steer your thoughts into the gutter?" I heard roughly, while he came towards the bed smoothly.

"Tonight, my dear, I'm in your hands," I promised sensually, licking my lips with pleasure. I was always interested in Sirius. "Now I have no time, but I need your help, so I wanted to ask you," I told him straight.

"What are you planning again?" Sirius groaned. "Does it have to do with the letter from before... then it wasn't from Krum?" he asked, suspicious, and let himself fall defeated flat on the bed.

"Yes, it has. I have to leave the house today, just before twelve. I have to meet someone and it didn't exactly come from Victor," I lifted my hand to cut off his objection. "I won't tell you from whom, but you don't have to worry, it's nothing dangerous. Promise, Sirius!" I said earnestly.

He nodded unhappily. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to cover for me. Nobody can notice that I was going two hours earlier, that would be all. Would you do that, my Casanova?" I purred seductively, looking up at him from the below.

"You know, Hermione, I trust you and know you can take care of yourself. So, yes, I'll cover for you. I hope you know you can trust me. You know that you can tell me everything, really everything," he said emphatically, sliding next to me and put his hand on my leg with a serious expression. "Please don't put yourself in unnecessary danger, it's dangerous out there."

I leaned my upper body against his chest and groaned. "I know all this, and I'm so happy and grateful that you trust me and you really know a lot, but I can't tell you any more, please forgive me," I said sadly, but also determinedly. Now he placed his other hand on my chin and lifted it, so I had to face him, then slowly, but firmly, put his lips on mine and so began a slow, sensual kiss, which soon became more and our tongues began to deliver a duel.

I distanced myself by force, because I had to prepare myself. Although my spell was on Rita, I would never commit the mistake to underestimate her, and I assumed that she had done research. It would actually disappoint me if she'd yield herself so simple to her fate. I stood resolutely away up from the bed and grinned at Sirius.

"Thanks a lot and look forward to tonight," I said lasciviously, leaving the room shaking my butt, and Sirius with a small, visible problem. So I sneaked out of the house shortly before twelve and apparated near Trafalgar Square. Meanwhile I had managed to reduce my noise level. This was actually achieved through a lot of practice, but above all made successful by concentration, and here, the exercises with Occlumency had helped very much. I was wearing my jeans today and a tight, half-length, green shirt, and my bag over my shoulder. I moved toward the crowded Square under the bright blue summer sky into the crowd of tourists. I was already curious in which inconspicuous outfit Miss Skeeter would appear, here, among all the Muggles.

At the back I saw her already. She wore a rather discreet summer dress with poppy print, but her large curved glasses were the same as always, and so quite noticeable. She had already discovered me, and faced me with an unreadable expression.

"Hello, Miss Skeeter!" I greeted her politely. "How are you?" and nodded.

"Miss Granger, thank you, good and you?" Oh, we were all polite, but her voice sounded quite frosty.

"Same. You wanted to see me?" I came immediately to the point.

"Certainly, Miss Granger. I have information for you, as requested," she grimaced. Around us the loud hubbub of the tourists dominated the background noise.

"I must say, you surprise me, Miss Skeeter, in a positive way. I have expected more resistance, another necessary visit or two..." I trailed off threateningly.

"Well, what can I say, Miss Granger? You were indeed very thorough. Your leave application for me was also surprising and your spells... well, I thought about your offer and I think I can get involved with it," she said generously, but she still didn't like it, her grimace demonstrating this clearly.

"I'm really happy because, as I promised you, I don't ask for anything bad or impossible, even my spells don't harm you!" I slanted my head. "How's the work and the second book?"

"Thanks to you, the work is going well, as always. The Ministry wants Potter to be portrayed as a paranoid madman who lies and claims that You-Know-Who's back. I'm trying my best not to write any articles on the subject or to keep them extremely neutral," she said, slightly angry, but I just nodded. "The second book," she cleared her throat. "I'm doing my best, but I haven't got any relevant information for almost a month," she said, looking at me poisonously and pressed her lips together tightly.

"That sounds okay, we continue as usual, thank you Rita," I told her kindly. "But I still have a question - the information about Dumbledore, in your book, is it really true?" I asked, doubtful and leaning my head to the side.

"Haha, are you so amazed at this info that the dear, old professor has a not so pure vest as you thought?" She asked maliciously, grinning meanly.

"Not surprised, but is it really the truth?" I asked calmly again, but it really interested me, while I didn't allow her to make my serene expression falter, something that made her angry.

"I wasn't finished with my research on the subject of Albus Dumbledore, but what's written in the book is correct," she said brusquely.

"Not even with the help of the quick-quotes quill, Rita?", It came from me viciously. Rita's face darkened and she squinted her eyes angrily.

"Miss Granger, nothing is glossed over, these are the facts!" She replied, feeling well attacked in her reporter's honor, as if she had such a thing.

"Well, then it's fine, then I thank a lot for the info and good work," I replied jovially. Now she threw back her head and slightly stretched her chest. Pride glittered in her mischievous eyes.

"Yes, I have to say, I have surpassed myself, but as I said, I'm not yet ready to make it available for printing," and the pride was clearly evident from her tone.

"I always say you can't be underestimated. You can dig like a dung beetle in the biggest shit and still find gold!", I acknowledged to her maliciously and she shrank from my nasty expression. "But I set the time for the printing ... just so that this is clear to you!", We really liked each other very much. She moved her lips once more to a thin, disapproving line, but nodded briefly. She caught herself relatively quickly.

"But the reason, why I wanted to speak to you, Miss Granger. It's about Potter, the info is brand-new, came this morning very early, so I sent you an owl at once", it came now almost excited by her and she seemed very sedulous. I looked at her attentively, that was important, because it was about Harry.

"According to my information Potter used a strong spell last night, but he will be put to justice in two days, on the 17th. Fudge couldn't believe his luck. What exactly and why wasn't yet discovered, only a rumor but unconfirmed, that he defended himself against dementors. But as I said, one or I don't know anything specific?" Rita said, with an impulse and elan, you could see how she was enthusiastic about the whole thing while she made an unaware hand gesture. I was more than shocked at this news because I was afraid, feared for Harry. Didn't Dumbledore always tell how secure Harry was with his unpleasant relatives and therefore had to go back to them, whether he wanted to or not, and that it was really important for Harry.

It was just incredible, just good, that my faith in Dumbledore was already shaken. Thanks to Rita's revelation book, I knew things about Dumbledore, which I would never ever have thought of. She had just assured their correctness, but I confided him a period of grace, since I first had to check Rita's information. For this, I wanted to use the Hogwarts library, among other things, and only then I wanted to benefit from my knowledge. If it were true, what was indicated in the book ... arhrrrr, ok, relax, I would deal with it later, if the accusations proved themselves as facts.

But as I said, all these insights into the professor’s personality had already shaken my confidence. An earthquake could have triggered a tsunami, but I remained relatively indifferently calm. Harry lived and seemed to get away with no more than a fright. Once again it showed how clever and deliberate I had acted. I got prompt and first-class information, apparently faster than the other members of the Order, for Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, as well as Sirius, had not yet known about it. Even if none of them had said anything to me, I would have felt it, if something wouldn't have been quite right.

"These are amazing info, Rita, thanks for the fast delivery, I had imagined it like this! Please contact me always immediately," I praised her generously.

"How do you imagine managing it when you're at Hogwarts?", she asked, very curious.

"This won't be a problem, send me an owl no matter what time, after that we will always meet at 10pm at Trafalgar Square, this should be, if the information are so volatile that they cannot be transmitted in writing or if you aren't sure how to proceed," I clearly pointed out what to do.

"But ... but how will you manage to do this, Miss Granger, you can't just leave Hogwarts at night, that's impossible!" Rita was shocked.

I smiled visibly. "Don't worry about that, for I promise you I'll be here, and believe me, there is no 'impossible' for me, you should know by now, Miss Skeeter."

"I ... You always amaze me again. One shouldn't underestimate you, Miss Granger," she said, soberly, and she turned and looked over her shoulder. "I have a small, unconfirmed rumor that the ministry, Fudge, wants to interfere with Hogwarts' concerns. The point is that he wants to send his confidant, Dolores Umbridge, to the school. I guess, as a teacher for defense against the Dark Arts, that's it, I think. I'll be back. Goodbye!", she grinned at me scornfully, as I looked at her with wide eyes.

"Stop, get me more detailed information about this person, just send me an exposé, that should be enough, good work. Now I would need a favor from you, what do I have to do if I need a lady ... for a night, for payment ... who is ready to go beyond certain boundaries as well?" I asked quietly and emotionlessly.

She frowned in disbelief. "You need what ... a prostitute, Miss Granger?", Rita croaked high and piqued.

"Yes," I replied briefly.

"Why ... What for?", she stammered visibly overwhelmed.

"What do you think? But not for me, I want to do somebody a favor," I told her, even if it wasn't really her business.

She was still speechless. "Yes ... when ... where ... how?", the reporter stuttered now.

"On the 18th, at 9 pm, here is the meeting place, I would then apparate with her from here," I recited.

"Chrm, special wishes?", she asked, cold again, obviously she had caught herself.

"Pretty, not older than 18. She's ordered for a threesome and should be open for everything!", I listed calmly and grinned nastily.

"Of course!", she grit her teeth and turned to go. I wondered what she thought of me now, but I wouldn't have to worry about it, since I couldn't sink any deeper in Miss Skeeter's respect than before so I didn't have to care what she thought.

"Take care, Miss Skeeter, see you in three days!" I called after her.
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Trafalgar Square, Chapter 23
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