When Hermione Fights
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 Anger and Snape, Chapter 24

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Anger and Snape, Chapter 24 Empty
BeitragThema: Anger and Snape, Chapter 24   Anger and Snape, Chapter 24 EmptyDo Mai 04, 2017 4:30 am

Anger and Snape

I suppose, the fifth school year will start well, I thought sarcastically. Great! Hopefully, Dumbledore would be able to get Harry out of this trial since he couldn't manage to take care of him. I was so pissed off. The so-called adults acted as if they knew it all and then something like this happened. I didn't believe that Dementors were just a rumor. I had a bad feeling in my gut and I mostly trust my instincts. But the information from Rita was amazing. It was interesting that Fudge would take the offensive against Dumbledore so aggressively. I would have liked to tear my hair, but first I apparated into the house of Mum and Dad. I found everything to my satisfaction, which means no potion had decided to ex- or implode, and sensibly spent my time brewing until I had to go to the sports centre. My assortment became quite varied and I enjoyed giving myself to this art of magic.
The way the day developed, I had to fight the urge to run away. If one is already confronted with such happy news at noon, it's somehow logical that the afternoon can only be crappy, too.

On this day the Sensei wanted to advance the weapon training, that meant sharp blades and let me be honest, I was in the right mood to fulfill this task with commitment. To relieve anger by violence is really effective, as the infernal pain distracted me from my fury. This tactic worked quite well. From now on, I can tell you how painful injuries with knifes are. As if to raise my excessively good mood further, the Master also told me that this was only the beginning, so no relevant injuries and pain yet. After convincing himself that my injuries and wounds had always been healed until the next training, as if by magic, he had lost all reserve or even care in his teaching style. He raised his eyebrows every time in wonderment, but he never asked, simply accepted, and since I had now signed the declaration of renouncement and released him of every responsibility, he seemed reassured!

Before I forget, I had enclosed, in true Malfoy-fashion, a small but important money gift for his silence. It is amazing how money could make people develop selective muteness, but should be fine for me. I now healed these injuries rather sloppy, as time ran out and returned a bit bled out, oh how was I ironically inclined today, back to Grimmauld Place. When I entered and wanted to go to the kitchen, I found it locked, so I knocked and was allowed to enter. What was revealed to my eyes was probably an internal order meeting.

Well, every single member stared at me questioningly. When I saw Dumbledore at the head of the table, my expression darkened due to skepticism. I knew why this meeting was taking place tonight. He informed the members about his failure, did he view that my way?

"Hi, I'm disturbing, sorry!" I looked attentively. There was evidently a certain unrest among the members. Apparently he had already begun to inform about the events that I already knew about. In this respect Rita seemed really quick, I praised myself. I had to prevent myself from displaying a nasty, almost mocking grin in realization, as my eyes glided to Sirius and he looked very anxious and unhappy. He was worried about Harry and wanted to have him at his side where for which he would have my full support, but then Dumbledore, in his senile way, prohibited it as the Dursleys were so much safer. Ha, don't make me laugh, my cynicism took over again. Relax, don't get upset, I calmed myself down in thought, because it wouldn't help Harry. But I, too, would worry Sirius if he knew what I looked like under my clothes. He would lose it in his present condition. Just as he was sitting there, he was trying hard to curb his temper, but he didn't really succeed. He actually looked more sour and pissed off from second to second, I wouldn't be surprised if smoke came out of his ears soon.

That's why my scrutinizing look moved on to Snape, who was sitting in his usual seat. In the shortness of time, I gave Snape an intense, penetrating look, saying, "Meet me in the library as soon as possible, please, but best immediately!" At least I hoped that he knew and understood this, at least he frowned indignantly at my demanding manner.

"Hermione, dear, it's just inconvenient, but there's a surprise for you. Harry is here, go to Ron!" Mrs. Weasley tried to get rid of me. With a brief nod I quickly closed the door. I forgot my wounds for a second about this amazing news and sprinted up the stairs. The daily running had to be good for something. Harry, they had finally taken him away from the Dursleys and after what I had learned today, I couldn't get up quickly enough. Harry was here! I already opened the door to the bedroom and there he was, in the middle of the room. In one piece and healthy, with his black, very tangled hair that stood up in all directions, the intense, green eyes behind the round nickel glasses, and much too small and thin, the image touched my heart.

With a delighted "Harry!" I flung my arms around his neck.

"Hermione, how great to see you." Harry positively beamed and returned my embrace fiercely. Ouch, that hurt, don’t let it show. I distanced myself from the embrace beaming as well.

"How are you, what happened?" I started pestering.

"Geez Hermione, let him breathe," Ron scolded from his place on his bed.

"No, it's all right, Ron ... I've only been here for five or ten minutes and, to tell you right away, I've done magic. I conjured a Patronus, when Big D and I were attacked by two Dementors. In the late afternoon, in the middle of Little Whinging. It was pretty close!" Harry chattered excitedly. Ron sat with his mouth open and stared at Harry, speechless, but almost awed. I knew almost everything, only the details were unknown to me, Dementors after all, now I had the confirmation, but what were these creatures doing in a Muggle area? Supposedly they were under the supervision of the ministry. Supposedly, mind you!

I have not believed what I get told in a long time. In my opinion, there were two possibilities: First, the Ministry had sent them, which I hoped wasn’t the case, or second, he had already made an agreement with the Dementors, and they were listening to his orders, which I didn't hope either. Both possibilities were worrying and left me concerned and frightened. How would it all develop? Nobody could be trusted. This was truly not a good time. Mistrust from all sides. I hoped Harry had also tried to look a bit behind the scenes, but as I saw him standing here, looking lost and simply glad to be here, I doubted that he was questioning the exact circumstances.

"I ... wonder what ... Dementors were doing there?" a pale Ron stuttered anxiously, for what I couldn't blame him.

"When I think about it ... nothing ... but I can imagine he's on good terms with the Dementors, or what do you think?" I asked in the round and expressed my speculations.

"I think you're right, because I can’t think of anything else since the incident, but the worst is still coming, as I have once again used magic, I now have the ministry on my back. Can you believe that? I just saved our lives, if I wouldn't have in the last moment ... well, you know ..." Harry said uncomfortably, pacing up and down the room. "They'd almost sucked out Dudley!" he exclaimed agitated, his eyes sparkling. Desperately, he ruffled his hair. Oh, I felt so incredibly sorry for him, hadn't enough already happened in the last few months, or even years?

But no, Fudge also had to make life difficult for him and make him look like a fool publicly. Oh yes, he was far up on my list. And you only had to ask Rita, everyone should think twice about making me angry, for I never forgot my anger and the resulting revenge, even if it needed time. But I had time, I refuse to be rushed and in the end Fudge would be mine! Oh, for what he pulled here and did to Harry, he would pay in one way or another, but he would pay, that was out of question for me!

"It'll be okay, Harry. I firmly believe that, and Professor Dumbledore will help you!" I said trying to lift his moral, as his confidence in Dumbledore was unshaken so far. I was rewarded with a reserved smile.

"Thanks Hermione, but something else, where are we here, what are you doing here?" Harry asked curiously, ending the unpleasant topic.

"Well, this is the house of your godfather and it is at the same time the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. The Weasleys try to make it habitable again, since it has been empty for a long time," I told him. Harry opened his mouth to interrupt me, but I didn't let him speak. "... and I've been here for two weeks, since Mum and Dad travelled to southern France and I didn't want to go with them, but I couldn't stay home alone, that's why they brought me here."

"Um, wow, come again, please. One step at a time." Harry requested.

"Then, Ron will explain you everything without hurry, because I have to go get something right now. We'll see each other for dinner," I quickly turned around and in that moment a loud crack sounded, as Fred and George had apparated directly inside the room and now greeted Harry with a loud "Hello". I grimaced, the two would have to work on that, and I didn't like it when it was so loud, the surprise effect was always lost. "One can hear you guys through the whole house!", I therefore declared, reprehensively.

Harry tried to free himself. "But, Hermione ..." he shouted when I was already out of the room. "Eh, buddy, let her be, she's lately been ..." I couldn't hear more, as I was already descending the stairs. I had a reason why I had left so quickly.

My wounds had reopened and I could feel myself bleeding slightly again. I had to leave right away so that no one saw it. I had to go to the library to take care of myself and hope that Snape understood my allusion and would come. Hopefully he didn't wait, because that would mean trouble. But my repertoire of healing spells wasn't satisfactory yet - if anyone could do it, no one would need an education in St. Mungo's. I did well, but I wasn't perfect. If the professor came, I wouldn't have to worry that Sirius would come, since he had never dared to come to me before eleven o'clock. He knew I wouldn't appreciate it.

I didn't want Sirius to see the cuts, because I could do without the howling, and I worried a bit less with Snape there since he wouldn't make a big drama out of it. Obvious glances, yes. Cold, angry glances too, yes, but I could live with it, if not better. Oh, I had underestimated him, he was faster than I expected. In the middle of the room stood an impressive man, in a wide flowing, black robe, who glared at me out of dark obsidian eyes under his chin-long, black hair. Of course he had understood my gaze and correctly reasoned that I needed him. He raised an eyebrow suspiciously as I silently closed the door. I guessed that, like me, our last encounter came to his mind, a thoroughly disturbing thought since we were all alone now. But if he thought I was going to be red or be ashamed under his staring gaze, my dear Snape would soon experience an unpleasant surprise for him.

"You're letting me wait, Miss Granger? Or did I just imagine your request before?" It came out as usual, snarling and disapproving. While he stood proudly in front of me, he occupied the whole room with his dark aura.

"No, no, professor, I have to apologize, but I had to greet Harry and no, you have everything combined correctly as usual. I am very grateful for that!" I gave him a justification and moved to the armchair. "Because I urgently need... your... help," I stammered, having a hard time pronouncing it. But let's go the whole hog, because I knew that the professor didn't appreciate long-winded explanations, I took off the green, now stained shirt over my head while walking.

"Miss Granger!" he hissed, and his eyes flashed dangerously. "What's going on in your non-existent brain, that you... I'm missing the word ... Oh, you crazy woman... lean on the back of the couch!" he ordered coldly, then came to me with a firm step, looking at me really angrily, as I stood there in front of him in my beige bra, bleeding. "You should know how this goes," he said maliciously with a sadistic smile on his face. Haha, professor, we all need some fun. I smiled at him coldly, and as he had commanded me, I laid both hands on the back of the couch. Then I stood there quietly, enduring his mocking comments about me, trying to stand above my pain, which wasn’t really that bad, it was just annoying that it bled steadily.

"What do you think you're doing, Miss Granger? They're cuts, some of them deep, what do you think will happen... when Black sees this?" Snape grumbled to himself as he used alarmingly experienced cleansing and healing spells on me. I had trouble stifling a moan and bit into my cheek, because I wouldn't give Snape the satisfaction of making me scream and moan. I didn't have to satisfy this sadist. That sounds suggestive now, right?

When he wanted to get to a cut on my stomach, he ordered furiously, "Turn around and lean against the couch." I gave up, turned around and pressed my butt to the piece of furniture, while the professor went down on his knees in front of me, and I could look at his black head as he was now looking at my wound. I stared disbelievingly at Snape's parted hair. That he would take such a posture to heal me was unbelievable, but now I felt that something tightened inside me, not just because of the pain.

That was the moment when I could no longer suppress a deep groan, since it was painful when he healed the wound. "Hhhhhhhhhhh." This caused the professor to lasciviously lift his head and look up to my face, since I had lowered mine to his. Our eyes locked with each other, as a slightly lopsided grin appeared on his face. His eyes were like deep, unreadable pools and my heart beat faster, due to the unusual situation. He broke the connection, slowly lowering his gaze back to my stomach, and began to apply a healing ointment extremely sensitively with his hands, so I almost groaned again, but I bit my cheek as hard as I could. I wouldn't really give him that satisfaction, for he seemed to enjoy this, as much time as he took for himself. So think of something else, just not how his hands are very gently wandering and stroking over my body. Harry would never know this, and Sirius, I think he'd be more upset about my injuries than about Snape, at least I hoped that.

"Turn around again," he whispered from below, and I immediately followed his order. He carefully covered the last two bruises with the ointment.

"So, finished!" he announced, sliding back. I instantly turned around and looked directly at him, a little breathless.

"Thank you, professor, sir!" I whispered roughly, still standing unclothed in front of him as he looked at my body disdainfully, and I felt quite naked under this piercing gaze.

"Miss Granger, again, what was that supposed to be? This is dangerous, because these injuries weren't nothing," he said coldly, disapprovingly. His voice sounded hard as steel.

"Yeah, well, sir, I've started the weapon training with my daggers, and that's just the result ... and I had it so far that I would certainly not have bled to death, as I had already used a few spells ... and I took potions," I told him proudly.

"Why didn't you want Black to be with you, ... you're sharing everything else with him?" he said, venomous, his eyes almost burning into my skin as he insinuated me being in a relationship with Sirius. How did he know that? How, where, oh, damn, that was clearly an indication that he knew or suspected that there was more between Sirius and me. My thoughts were racing, just stay cool, Hermione, surprise him, I advised myself and blinked at him.

"Very funny, sir, you know what hell Sirius would've raised, if he had seen the cuts, he would have competed with Molly. I prefer you, professor," I replied calmly, and as a cherry on top, I purred like a kitten. Ha, the good man apparently hadn't expected this, because his face, as usual, didn't show anything, but he needed two seconds to reply.

"True words, Miss Granger. I'm just wondering all the time when you've become like this, you're presenting me a riddle. If you have to pursue such an activity, take better care of yourself, do we understand each other, Miss Granger? "

"Yes, professor, thank you again," I replied perceptively and dutyfully. He turned away. "Would you like to join me, sir?" I asked impudently. He gave me an icy look over his shoulder. "I think you should go to dinner. Good evening," he said curtly.

"Just a moment, sir!" I once again drew my wand and called with an accio for the documents I promised him from my bag. After all, I didn't know where I was going to see him the next time, so I always had it ready to go, because I didn't want to be told that I wouldn't stick to my agreements.

"Here, the documents for the spell, sir!" I held out the empty parchment to him. "There is an Aparecium on it." This spell made the writing on the paper invisible. He took the paper and put it quickly into his coat, piercing me with his gaze, so that it gave me the chills. Man, he had really practiced, this one look expressed so much disapproval. After all, I stood still quite naked in front of him. How would it be when the lessons started again, I dared to ask timidly. When he was gone, I bent down to my shirt and cleaned it first of blood, which you could see by now. Snape was good at what he was doing, only a pity that he could never be lured out of his reserve. The professor was once again right, I was the last one to arrive for dinner, as the meeting had apparently passed quickly, which again brought me the undivided attention of everyone.

"There you are, didn't you just want to get something for a minute?" Harry asked, sitting in the seat where Snape usually sits. I settled down on my seat opposite Harry, next to Sirius.

"I did, I've just been reading for a second," I replied apologetically, but realized that Sirius didn't believe me. He would certainly ask later, because he knew me well by now and Snape's departure certainly hadn't been hidden from him. It became a convivial round, Harry felt visibly at ease and enjoyed being back with his godfather. Slowly it became later and I really found no way to skive off and so it happened that we all went to bed at midnight.

Sirius whispered to me, "Come to my room as soon as you can." I nodded, confirming. At this moment, I was very glad that Snape had helped me earlier to look after my wounds, because once again the wounds had disappeared as if by magic, only red lines had stayed behind and the question arose, what pain? I could see that Dung had also stayed for dinner. The Twins kept up close to him, but I could also see Harry picking up the transaction of the forbidden ingredients, which unfortunately was due to an unfortunate circumstance as everything happened on the rise. So I got up quickly and bent down behind Fred's sitting back, pretending to tie my shoe.

"Harry saw it!" I whispered to his back.

"What ... shit ... I'll take care of it," he said quietly, without turning to me. One had to give them their due, they always responded incredibly fast and were quick. So I could see the two on their way out, taking Harry amicably in their midst and telling him something to dispel the doubts I had recognized in Harry's eyes. Ginny was asleep quickly- thanks to the excitement that Harry was finally here, something she had fervently longed for - and with my quieting spells she should be able to sleep undisturbed. So I quickly created a magically accurate copy of me with the Geminio and sneaked to Sirius. He was already expecting me in his bed. I slipped under the covers. I knew he wanted to talk, but from my day with Rita, Sensei and now Snape too I couldn't and I wouldn't tell him anything. But I also knew how to deter him, and I crawled down and didn't let him stop me. Apparently this day had knackered Sirius too.

After my intensive treatment and a quick ride, he was soon asleep, which made me laugh almost mockingly. As it was quite late already, I quickly disappeared back to Ginny.

Yes, you could avoid a conversation like this too.
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Anger and Snape, Chapter 24
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