When Hermione Fights
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 Wizengamot and a Hot Night, Chapter 26

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Wizengamot and a Hot Night, Chapter 26 Empty
BeitragThema: Wizengamot and a Hot Night, Chapter 26   Wizengamot and a Hot Night, Chapter 26 EmptyDo Jun 01, 2017 2:05 am

Wizengamot and a hot night

I woke up and felt the immediate nervousness and anxiety. I didn't want to know how Harry was feeling, but as I said, we had to go through it, a new day started. A big dog was waiting for me at the entrance again. Apparently, yesterday's disgrace still nibbled at his pride. I greeted him lovingly, petted him, and off we went. Later in the kitchen a tangible tension was present. Everybody had gathered at a very early time, when Mr. Weasley was standing up already.

"So, Harry, we should hurry, so that we'll not arrive late, that wouldn't be good, not good at all." Harry stood up as well, as did the rest of us. He wore a black suit jacket and Mrs. Weasley quickly tried to straighten his hair, which was a waste of time, but she had to try.

"Harry, it's going to be alright," Sirius patted him cheerfully, and Ron did the same.

"All the best, my dear," the Weasley women said anxiously.

"Gosh Harry, don't let the nitpickers push you around, you will best them!" The twins crossed their fingers.

"Fred, George, how dare you, such words ..." their mother shrieked in disgust, causing everyone to roll their eyes, but at least the charged atmosphere calmed down. I abruptly ran down the hall and hugged him impetuously. "You remember what we discussed yesterday, the spell?" I asked nervously.

"Sure, I'm not totally stupid yet! Please trust me for once, Prior Incantato! Satisfied, Hermione? See you later!" And breathed a tender kiss on my forehead, which was observed intently by the rest of the assembled team standing in the kitchen doorway, and caused Ginny to rush up the stairs angrily. Harry, however, didn't notice as he sped after Arthur, who was urging him to hurry. I then quickly disappeared into the library and dug myself and my restlessness behind a good book. However, it didn't work. I couldn't concentrate, which was rare enough. I knew what I had to do to irritate Fudge a little bit.

I quickly reached for parchment and quill and wrote a short letter briefing Rita that she was about to publish an article that informed about how Harry had been attacked in a Muggle area by two Dementors. That he had saved his and his cousin’s life, that this was confirmed by a source close to Harry's from his personal environment. Furthermore, she was to represent the Ministry and Fudge as the idiots they were, in a roundabout way, as the question arose, what did Dementors look for outside Azkaban, and to whom did they listen?

If not to the Ministry, to whom then? And as to the Ministry, why had it commanded an attack on a 15-year-old wizard? Yes, I could play such games like that very well.

I was curious to see how the Minister would react to such an article! Why Dumbledore didn't use such sneaky methods escaped my intelligence. Oh yes, that was good and Rita would be happy to hit two birds with one stone, because in a business relationship that should work, one shouldn't only take, but also give. I got up quickly and went to the boys' room, where I found Hedwig and Pig as expected.

"Who of you two has the desire to deliver a letter?" Pig flew around excitedly, like a tennis ball gone wild, but Hedwig sailed elegantly landing on the bed, and I tied the message to her leg immediately. "This goes to Miss Rita Skeeter and only to her, thank you Hedwig," I whispered trustingly and opened the window consequently dismissing the elegant snow owl. I looked at the clock in the room, goddammit, if Harry didn't come back soon, I would miss them and I could hardly suppress my curiosity. Thus for the first time today I appeared inside the kitchen, to say good-bye and tell them that I was out of the house. When I turned to leave, I heard the door reopen, and George stepped up beside me and followed me to the front door.

"I thought about something, if the whole thing shouldn't turn out to Harry's favor, we'll activate the coin. It gets hot and you'll know, and should everything be all right, of which I am firmly convinced, the coin remains normal. What do you think about it?" he whispered in my ear.

"Thanks, you know me well, thank you! Yes, that would help, I'm much calmer now," I said really gratefully and hugged him in parting. This way I was able to go to my workout relatively relieved, after all, you should have your thoughts together when you fought with weapons, concentrating on the present, otherwise it could backfire badly.

When I stormed back into Grimmauld Place at eight o'clock, I guessed that everything had gone well, since I had received no news from the Twins. And so I swiftly swept into the kitchen, where a jolly, cheerful mood dominated. Immediately I rushed towards Harry and cuddled him thoroughly.

"Everything is well, right?" I wanted the confirmation.

"Yes, Hermione, yes, thank God!" Then he retold the course of the trial. At some point or another, I had to snort, because Dumbledore's relatively harmless and helpless attempts in his defense astonished me. So he told me that Mrs. Figg had been named as a witness by the professor, and had told them about the Dementors, but had been bullied by a nasty little round woman at the Gamot who said that Mrs. Figg was talking nonsense. At that point he could no longer control himself, had jumped up, and had loudly declared that it absolutely had been Dementors, and that the Patronus was the spell which he had used to save and protect himself.

Hereupon, the old toad, Harry's original words, had dismissed his remarks with disparaging laughter because a young child couldn't do such a thing. She had mocked him that such a spell would be too difficult, and Harry had snootily offered them, firstly, to test his wand with the Prior Incantato so they could see that this was the last spell he used, and secondly, that he was ready to perform the Patronus on the spot.

Oh, I was so proud of him, but what would he have done without my instructions and what had old Dumbledore done? I started rattle off my mantra again during the report, that I should be calm and indifferent. It was, as Harry thought, a very close call, and he also talked about the strange behavior of the professor, who had neither looked him in the face nor spoken to him, and had immediately left after the trial, without paying attention to Harry. Everything was strange, very strange. Also, Dumbledore had said nothing to Harry's proposals and his defense, but had only waited. Then Percy Weasley had been asked to perform the Prior Incantato, which, as expected, had caused the stag to appear, whereupon the Gamot's decision had fallen quickly and in Harry's favor. Because of the Patronus, most of the members of the assembly had believed in Harry's innocence, but heaven knows, he couldn’t thank Dumbledore’s miserable defense for this final decision. This, however, was crystal clear to me and also to the doubting Harry who no longer understood the world, but was too blissful about the trial he had mastered to think about it too much.

Gosh, I was once again mad at the headmaster. Since I knew something more about him, I found it hard to stay in control of my emotions - I had never expected it would be so difficult for me to keep my countenance. But I left Harry to his positive thoughts of victory, simply glad for him to have left this unattractive and dangerous story behind him. Therefore everyone had a great time at the party, and we also got butterbeer, which left us in a good mood. Sirius darted unambiguous glances at me time and again, since we hadn’t met last night and the feverish glimmer in his eyes assured me that he intended to let this celebration end in a certain way. So I got up once I’d had enough of the social gathering and retreated to organize my thoughts and wait for Sirius. A few minutes later, I was among my books and continued to study. Almost an hour later, an incoming Sirius broke my concentration. Smiling, I looked up.

"You're late," I said succinctly.

"Professor Dumbledore and Snape came and talked to us about today, you see. Sorry," he smiled apologetically with his own, mischievous charm. I shrugged, as I didn't want to think of Dumbledore, stood up without a word, and walked towards him. He had stopped in the middle of the room. I crept more than walked around the dark green leather couch, leaning against the back of it, and beckoned to him with a lascivious crook of my finger.

Sirius didn’t think twice, he was already standing in front of me and he grabbed my hips passionately and pulled me to his already amazingly big bulge. He rubbed against me and looked me in the eyes with a slightly cloudy gaze. Provocatively, I opened my mouth and licked my lips seductively. His eyelids half-closed as he uttered a growl, and he pressed his mouth to mine and demanded rigorous entry with his tongue, which I immediately gave him willingly. Today he was very demanding. Apparently, he had to let out his pent-up emotions and who presented themselves better suited than me?

He slipped off the sleeves of my dress impatiently and pushed it down to free my breasts, grasped them bluntly with his rough hands, and began to knead them firmly, while he pressed me firmly against the couch with his hips. I moaned ecstatically into his mouth. He distinctly took the initiative, was very determined in his actions and gloriously passionate. Then he pulled himself away from me, grabbed me again roughly by my hips and turned me around determinedly. He put his hand on my back and stroked sensually along my spine up to my neck, caressed my hair, put it on one side, leaned close to me and bit into my neck. I screamed, my muscles pulsed. At this moment I was no longer wet, no, I leaked.

"Oh Sirius, you're so... ahah harder..." I begged hoarsely. His hands now pinched my nipples, twitching and twirling them gently, while his hard arousal pressed against my butt. I was overwhelmed by my emotions, so many sensations. His hands now glided down to my knees and lifted my dress up to my panties, which he tore off me. Meanwhile he licked and nibbled at my neck, which drove me crazy. My pleasure grew so much that I began to pleasure myself on my nipples, which aroused me enormously.

"Hermione, you're so dirty... so hot..." Sirius groaned coarsely when he noticed my actions. He growled deeply next to my ear and licked it lasciviously, which made me shudder. Sirius then propped me over the back of the couch and brushed my dress above my butt, so that I laid exposed in front of him. He began to knead my butt cheeks and I could hear his gasping breath at my back. At that moment, I felt gorgeously used. Today there was no time for games - it got straight to the point, which suited me fine. Next I could feel him pulling down his trousers and positioning himself behind me. His hot tip touched me at my entrance, which draw a sigh of pleasure from me, and I trembled expectantly with the prospect of finally feeling it all inside me filling this intolerable emptiness.

"Take me... get in now, I have to feel you... grrrrr..." my ability to use language got lost in a scream, as Sirius seized my hair roughly and pulled my head back, then he let go again. Oh my goddess, his dominant behavior excited me tremendously. His hands were once again placed on my buttocks, his fingers digging into my skin. I bit my lip tightly, as he plunged his whole length into me in a single stroke, not being gentle, but the feeling was unbelievable when he finally filled me so completely. With this thrust he pushed the air out of my lungs. I yelped, choked, as his hard, pulsing arousal was so deep inside me that it literally took away the air I needed to breath.

"You feel so good..." Sirius moved slightly inside me. "Do you like that... Hermione?" he asked, gasping, as at this moment my muscles were rhythmically closing around him and massaging him.

I growled, "Fuck me... Sirius..." bracing myself against the seat of the couch.

"So impatient, but I think I know how you like it...", he withdrew from me with these words and then slowly inserting his length into me again. I began to writhe under this treatment, because it was unbearable. It was like a torture, as he pulled his cock rhythmically very slowly out and pushed in again.

"Rhrr Sirius..." I begged. "Please... fuck me hard... hard... please!" I plead breathlessly. I heard an evil growl, and then I could feel him throwing his self-control overboard, banging into me with an incredibly fast pace. The room filled with our whimpering and groaning. Sirius fucked me through sun and moon. I could hear the smacking of skin on skin as he kept penetrating me, and with every deep thrust we came closer to our goal. At last he had stopped playing and fucked me as I wished. We had never had sex that passionate and fiercely. Soon I couldn't hold it any further and bit my lips tightly when my orgasm hit me and my innermost muscles clasped his cock like a vice. Moments later I could feel him climaxing as well, and he let loose a completely uncontrolled howl. I sank down, exhausted and gasping. "That was such a randy fuck, Sirius!" I whispered.

He was still leaning behind me, still inside me, but now pulling back.

"Always willing to repeat, dear." He cheerfully patted my butt. "I wasn’t too rough?" he asked, still struggling for breath.

"Eh, you're impossible! No, not at all! I loved it," I laughed contentedly as I raised myself. We dressed again and used the cleaning spells. He pulled me towards him and kissed me.

"Can I know now what you have done and why you were so creatively trying to avoid telling me?" he asked as soon as we interrupted the kiss.

"Do you really want to know? You know, so far, you didn't really like my truths," I said, resting my hands on his beautiful, masculine chest, which was scantily covered by his half-closed shirt.

"I can bear it, I promise," he said seriously, looking deeply into my eyes.

"Sent them to sleep the other night," I said succinctly, shrugging defensively.

"You did what? How am I supposed to take that?" he echoed, horrified.

"As I said, they wouldn't let me go, and I still had a bit to study, not just you, and thus I've helped a bit, so they would have nice dreams," I grinned at him, stroking a curly strand behind my ear

"Did I just understand that correctly? You drugged your friends so they wouldn't bother you?" he asked, shocked and wide-eyed.

"See, I told you, you won't like it. I can reassure you it's nothing dire, just a light sleep amplifier, but you know how annoying they can be with their questions. And we both, you and I, could do without too many questions, or do you see that differently, my dear Casanova?" I asked very sweetly and pulled away from his hands, then looked at him sternly.

"I ... I ... no, you're right, but if you deal with your friends like this, I don't want to be your enemy ... but honestly, do you think, that's alright ... well. Did you do that to Harry?" Sirius asked uncertainly, looking at me doubtfully.

"No, of course it's not right. I don't cherish any illusions, it's wrong, but it's the simplest way for me and thus I justify it for myself. Don't worry too much, let that be my concern, because I have to live with it, and no, I haven't done that to Harry yet," I explained, but kept it as a secret, that Harry would be sent to sleep tomorrow, but not from me directly.

"You mean, you can deal with it, and what do you mean, not yet?" he inquired skeptically, but I interrupted him by pointing at him and then at me.

"Please, Sirius, we are doing quite different things that they wouldn't understand, and before I listen to their screech, I'd better sent them to sleep. But it's not at all about our fucking, because I want to work here in the library and they don't understand that and disturb me," I explained resolutely and my face showed a motionless mask. Sirius ran his left hand through his shoulder-length hair and sighed theatrically.

"I just don't want you to get hurt," he explained, then grimaced.

"From whom? From you? Or what do you mean?" I said slightly perplexed, settled down on the couch and reached for the glass of water.

"Yes, not just from me. I've never had a lucky hand in anything like this, but I neither want you to have too many secrets and lose your friends," Sirius said gravely, sitting down in an armchair, his legs crossed.

"You're sweet, but as I told you on our first time, I don't have a crush on you or love you, believe me. I like you very much, just like you like me. You weren't my first partner and when he and I separated or my other relationship, no hearts were broken and that on both sides. When you need to hear it I say it brutally honestly ... it was only sex, no more, but believe me, everyone was satisfied!" I explained very sparingly and with hard words.

"But Hermione ... how, you're too young ... how is that ... even with me in my school days, it wasn't like this ... the girls always wanted more ... love ... tears ... kisses ... you understand!" he stammered stupidly and very confused.

"Yes, Sirius, I understand, but I'm not like these girls. No love, no tears, no heartache, I promise!" I said quite heartless, leaving behind a rather dumbfounded Sirius.

"And your other question, the one with the secrets, there are too many, and that's the end of the story," I said. "I'm going to bed now and I hope our dates will continue. I don't want to quit what we have here, because it is very ... satisfying," I gave him a malicious grin and ended the conversation, stood up and left a disapproving Sirius behind.

As I closed the door behind me, I suddenly felt the black shadows of the corridor watching me and therefore examined my surroundings very carefully and suspiciously . Ah, now I knew who was watching me out of the darkness and a sly smile spread across my face. Had he seen us? Did he watch us? A truly unusual thought, one that I'd need to get used to, but why not. Hopefully, I could help him with good material for his dreams. I had already climbed the first stairs to the second floor, when I turned around slightly and looked over my shoulder back into the depths of the hall.

"I wish you a very nice evening, Professor Snape!" I greeted him cheekily, and then went on, undeterred. "I hope you liked the performance!" Without waiting for a reaction, I disappeared upstairs and went to bed.

End of Hermiones POV

Snapes POV

Albus had apparated with me to Grimmauld Place late at night, since he still had to discuss some matters concerning the Order of the Phoenix. As always, I kept myself in the background, sat, listened, and watched the enervating and eternally unchanging bustle. It was interesting that Black was starting to get restless at 11 pm, and he had had strangely very little to say today. Even though this day his dearly beloved godson had been in court, and had scarcely escaped a punishment, he hardly took part in the discussion, which was not at all like him, for he usually had nonsensical and useless comments for everything, that no human soul wanted to hear.

Half an hour later everything had been said, and the dog, I mean Black, jumped up and said good-bye. I raised an eyebrow questioningly, for what could make the mutt that nervous and restless? I would watch this closer, the typical curiosity that a spy should have, always hidden, but one had to have it and I relented to it gladly, as it dispelled the terrible boredom after this very unproductive session effectively. And thus I sneaked as softly and inconspicuously as possible behind Black. I was sure to spot him in the library. As I approached the door, I felt the spells that Miss Granger had already used the last time at the door, but she hadn't secured them against Black and me, because apparently we were always welcome, I thought cynically. So I smiled as I opened the door soundlessly and froze, because what was offered to me, I never, but absolutely never really expected to see. I, a man who had already seen a lot and was more than trained in assessing a situation and people, after all I depended on that more than once in my life, was almost flabbergasted by the image I had in front of me.

I could see Miss Granger's naked breasts, and the way Black pushed her into the back of the couch and worked at her back while I watched as Miss Granger began to pleasure her breasts. Perplexed, I thought I didn't see clearly anymore, because this was a 15-year-old girl. The scene that was presented to me, what I just heard and saw, I would never have thought her capable of doing so.

What the hell, she was a Gryffindor saint, not a Slytherin slut. Black, yes, but Miss Perfect, never! Now Black had thrust into her violently, I had heard her stifled outcry. But the conversation between Black and her would have driven the blood into my pale cheeks, if I hadn't seen too much in my life already, I would've lost faith.

But what faith? For this reason, I stood motionless, watching the inspiring play of the two protagonists. But these filthy obscenities almost shocked me. Had I really judged Granger that wrong? When had she become like this? When had she started to act?

My thoughts wandered as I watched the sexual union between this passionate couple. It was exhilarating how Black was again and again thrusting roughly into this woman who stood bent down in front of him. The bobbing of her breasts, the sounds that both uttered, all this was a more than arousing sight.

Much to my chagrin I could feel that the sight of the copulating couple didn't leave me cold. Because I was only a man and above all, Granger looked really good. She had become very attractive and very feminine. So I couldn't and didn't want to turn away and satisfied my curiosity, since I didn't know any real morality for something like this. When they were finished and sated and sat down to talk, I listened unseen. The way Granger behaved shocked me utterly, so cold and calculating. How could I’ve fooled myself this much? Otherwise my instincts never let me down, but with her I seemed to have overlooked quite a bit or hadn't want to see it. What she said about her friends - that she was giving them narcotics - was outrageous. When she started to leave, I merged silently and unseen by the both of them with the darkness of the hallway.

When she wished me a nice evening, unperturbed, she threw me for a loop. She had noticed me, but how she showed that, amazed me very much. At the end she also voiced the suspicion that I had watched the "performance". That she seemed to shrug it off, left me speechless. At first I was just stunned and actually shocked, what a minx this girl was. This experience would continue to concern me. I had just watched a student of mine sleep with a man my age. No, they hadn't slept together, the whole thing was too passionate for this, too rough. Granger's words fit well. I had watched them fuck, which probably shocked and surprised me even more.

A child, a girl, a student like her, should make love with boys her age, but not have fast and hard sex with a man more than twice her age. But it didn't look as if she cared, I concluded from her callous behavior towards Black. As well from the way she had met me in the hallway and had shown me that she knew I had watched her while she was having sex with Black. She didn't seem upset, nor ashamed that she had been observed at all, and especially from me, her professor, no, she had reacted rather cheekily and unabashed, this girl ... no, this woman would keep me occupied, I could feel it. I would never have thought her capable of this unemotional behaviour towards her friends, too. I got a headache, damn.

Now I took care that I arrived at my dungeons. This Granger meant problems, more than ever before, but no one would believe me, in case I would imply something, because, thanks to her admittedly truly brilliant spell, I couldn't talk about anything intimate regarding her. Yes, she also occupied me in this respect. On the evening when I had patched her together, she had given me the documentation of her invented spell without further request. She had once again managed to surprise me. That she was so circumspect to put a spell on the paper which made the script invisible was clever, very clever. But the magic and the elaboration were masterly. I had known for a long time that our Miss-Know-It-All was good, but so good?

Stop now, I wanted to go home to my firewhiskey and didn't want to think about her or what happened here, after all, it wasn't my business anyway. Exactly. And seconds later I was gone, rushed out with flowing robes, but my thoughts remained with a naked Granger.

End of Snape’s POV
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Wizengamot and a Hot Night, Chapter 26
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