When Hermione Fights
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 Love Cottage and Snape, Chapter 27

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Love Cottage and Snape, Chapter 27 Empty
BeitragThema: Love Cottage and Snape, Chapter 27   Love Cottage and Snape, Chapter 27 EmptyDo Jun 29, 2017 12:27 am

Love Cottage and Snape

Throughout the day I felt a certain anticipation towards the evening. I hoped Fred and George would like it. And yesterday's passionate meeting with Sirius was another reason for my good mood. Today I still felt slightly sore and bruised, which gave me a wonderfully satisfied feeling.

To the culmination of this morning, a really delightful and amusing article from Rita had appeared in the Daily Prophet, which in overall contained what I had wished for: a critical description of the facts! Fudge would fume after yesterday's humiliation in the Gamot, and now the public malice and worry that he had lost control and the Dementors no longer obeyed to the Ministry, it was too glorious. I could already see the howlers which would now besiege the government building inside my mind and revelled in my subtle revenge.

But let's be honest, the idiot deserves nothing else. To close his eyes in the face of danger, wasn't simply stupid, it was completely nuts. His ignorance played into the hands of the Dark Lord, an action so stupid that it physically hurted me. The latter was thus able to gather his people around him in peace and seclusion, while the Ministry fought against imagined attempts to overthrow them and didn't arm themselves for the actual threat. Well, I wouldn't be able to change anything for now.

I could see at the breakfast table how incredibly excited the twins were. They unleashed their ribald humor and jokes, without regard for their poor siblings who couldn’t hold a candle to them in this regard. It was too funny. But still the mood was good, because Harry changed for the positive and chattered all the time with a all around happy and satisfied Sirius. The rest of my day went as usual, very successful from my point of view, and, as I always had a lot to do, the evening came faster than expected.

Once again I rushed into the house, as I arrived for dinner almost too late nearly every evening and got to sit again in a very crowded kitchen. I remembered the Twins warning too well and therefore sticked to water for the whole evening, which I prefered to the sweet pumpkin juice anyway. The atmosphere in the kitchen changed very quickly when Ginny suddenly pressed a hand to her stomach which made strange, loud noises, and as she was visibly uncomfortable with that, her anxious, embarrassed glance glided to Harry immediately. Suddenly she jumped up as if stung by an adder and shot out of the room with a "Sorry, Mum!"

They all looked at each other as all at once Ron's nose began to bleed, and he frantically pushed a cloth to his nose, and Harry turned green on his face, before he began to gag, that one had to almost feel sick, too. He jumped up as well and quickly ran out of the room. It was just getting very hard not to burst into laughter. The twins' joke items were worth gold, just splendid, they would make a fortune at Hogwarts. Fred and George put on such an oscar-worthy show that even I assumed they had taken one themselves at first, as often as they were their own guinea pigs, but the expression in Fred's eyes, this painfully suppressed amused sparkle, let me revise that opinion. They just played as if they would immediately puke and die, but it was very convincing, so I very nearly took part out of pure sympathy.

"Puh, I'm going, too, I think they infected me," I explained slightly sufferingly, placing my hand demonstratively on my stomach, then I staggered to the door.

"Oh my God, Arthur. What's happening to the children? They're all sick, hopefully it's nothing serious!" cried a deeply concerned Molly, feeling very confused about this rampant disease.

"Calm down, it's nothing bad. Perhaps they infected each other. They're going to bed at once, and then we look after them ... " said Arthur, soothingly, with a deep voice and radiated that serenity, but with his hectic wife he probably needed that inner peace. In our room I quickly put one of the sleeping-sweets and an antidote to stop the effect of the Weasley-Wizard-Sweets in a water glass. I was dissolving them, when Ginny stumbled into the room because she'd been in the bathroom before. She looked horrible, so pale, totally colorless, and her strong, red hair made her look even more sick.

"Ginny, drink here, and you'll be feel better at once," I said encouragingly, handing her the glass considerately.

"Thank you Hermione, man that was really embarrassing in front of Harry, ... aha that's nice," she sighed sufferingly and drank the contents of the glass greedily while I watched appraisingly under the guise of lowered lids. Wonderful! I loved it when a plan worked. Immediately, Ginny sank into the pillows and was sound asleep, and I quickly began to belt up my dagger holsters on my thighs under my black dress and readied my deep-red robe coat. When I heard voices from outside, I quickly leaped under my blanket, and the next moment Mrs. Weasley stuck her head into the room. Ginny was oblivious to it in her drugged state.

"How are you?", the matron asked gently, stepping in softly and placing a hand on her daughter's forehead.

"I think we're alright. Ginny is almost asleep, and I'm going to be fine, too." I showed her a weak smile.

"Oh, dear, I think you've infected each other, nothing dangerous. I've already looked after Harry and Ron and the two are already sound asleep. After a healing sleep you all will be well again tomorrow," she said sorrowfully.

"I think so, too.." I spoke as if I was dead tired and near to exitus.

"Sleep well, that's the best you can do," she agreed, smiling motherly, as she carefully evened out the blanket, then quietly left the room. Thank God she was gone. A Tempus and I saw that we had to hurry. It was quarter past nine, time was running. I jumped out of bed, pulled out my coat and threw it over me. I put my hair together so that it wouldn't get in my way. For a moment I stayed put and wondered if I had everything. Had I forgotten something? Nothing, good, then out into a balmy summer night.

I crept unseen to the front door and remained in the shadow, had already pulled the hood over my face as a precaution. At that moment, I was a completely different person again, because I felt more like one of those characters from Knockturn Alley who love the anonymity of the night. It was always a strange feeling how I changed myself and my attitude when I adopted a different identity. I stood motionless and waited quietly, but impatiently, until I saw two people, also wrapped in dark coats, sneaking towards me, finally.They too had covered themselves, lest somebody noticed their characteristic red hair. How far-sighted they were, without anyone telling them to do so. We three nodded to each other under our hoods. So far no one had lost a word.

One of them opened the door and we left Black house. I was about to close the door behind me as I saw dog’s eyes glittering in the dark corridor, watching closely. A wicked smile began to play around the corners of my mouth. Oh, I loved such games. He spied on me again. What did he think why I disappeared with the Twins? For he had certainly sniffed it out and guessed who my secret companions were. So I put my index finger to my lips conspiratorially and instructed Sirius to remain silent, then I gently closed the entrance door, once again without saying a word. The two disguised figures followed me into the side street and put one hand on my shoulder and I apparated to Rose Cottage. Standing under the old oak in front of the house, I knew that they hadn't yet seen it, so I commanded "Follow me!", led them to the front door, and instructed them to put a hand on the door which wasn't visible to them. Then I intoned a little incantation, which added them into the protection of the house.

"Wow, that's so cool, what a pretty little house!", it sounded already. Okay, it had worked as hoped, because they saw it now.

"In with you!" I shooed them inside. "We don't have much time before I have to leave again! Remove the sheets first and have a look around. You can use everything. On the back is a bar ... this is my ‘Rose Cottage’, feel at home!" I explained. "Welcome!" I proceeded with an inviting gesture. "Don't forget, when you're done here, let me know with the coins," I added at last, pointing out that I was in a hurry.

"Tell me, Hermione, do you think we're brain-dead?" Fred asked. "Or completely dumb? Is ‘Crabbe’ or ‘Goyle’ inscribed in our foreheads?", they inquired, slightly offended.

"See you later, I'll be back shortly after nine," I left them alone, hurrying away. Outside, I took a moment to breath a sigh of relief, for I would soon meet Rita. I wondered how she was today after the published article? Yes, I was curious. Since it wouldn't do to appear in a long robe coat, like from another century, at the busy, modern Trafalgar Square, I quickly turned it into a black cardigan and then apparated. Being a witch was truly a pleasure.

I walked confidently and briskly towards the square and could see Rita's bright, blonde, rigged curls besides the big glasses. Discreet as ever, the dear. Next to her was a pretty, young brunette in a short figure-accentuating colorful dress. I almost cracked up over Rita’s sense of humor, because she seemed to have actually based her choice on my looks, because figure, coloring and size of the girl were very similar to me.

"I wish you a pleasant evening, ladies," I greeted the two women affably and jovially.

"As always on time!", Skeeter nodded. Apparently she was of the same opinion that we shouldn't call each other by name, although this shouldn't matter, but the good Rita couldn't know. Confident in her attitude, but still a slightly intimidated look in her eyes, the little one suspected me suspiciously. I nodded to her friendly.

"Well, how may I call you?" I asked kindly, realizing that she didn't know what to think of being in the presence of two women when usually men were her customers.

"Alice, pleased to meet you," a pleasant voice sounded, which tried to appear firm and brisk. She was a nice girl, not a worn out, bitter whore from the street, I was sure, but rather a call girl. Expensive, the way she behaved and the well-groomed look she presented. Exactly what I had imagined. I had always known that the good Rita was good, if she wanted to or couldn't do differently in our case.

"Very well, my pleasure, Alice. You know what this is about?" I asked further with accented politeness.

"Chrchrm, yes, the lady here was so kind as to tell me that you want a threesome!", she replied with a relatively steady voice and a slightly mischievous smile, and swept a strand of her shoulder-length brown hair from her face.

"Good, now let’s talk business, how much?" I inquired resolutely. Rita kept listening, curious, but stayed in the background, something I thought she could do very well.

"I'm not cheap, because extras are required, too, so I'll ask for 250 galleons for the night!", she said very demanding, with a definitely greedy sparkle in her eyes. One shouldn't be deceived by her lovely appearance. I could imagine that such a professional life made one tough. And wow, the price was quite a sum, which is why I heard Rita quietly gasp. I wouldn't haggle, why should I? After all, she got herself into much, she deserved an equal due. Period.

So I nodded in agreement. "As you wish!" I pulled my pouch out of my sweater and fished out 125 golden pieces. "Here, half of it, you get the rest after your job is done."

She took the money in surprise and quickly dispersed it in her little handbag, probably expecting negotiations, and now an all but regretful expression appeared in her eyes that she hadn't asked for a higher price.

"I'll apparate you right away. Afterwards, I'll get you back here, all right?" I said completely indifferently. She nodded at me understandingly. "Good, then go to the side street and wait at its entrance. I have to talk with the lady for a while," I told her coldly, pointing the direction with my finger.

When Rita and I were alone surrounded by a mass of cheerful muggles, I frostily smiled at her. "Wonderful Miss Skeeter, you have accomplished your task perfectly thank you. She's exactly what I wanted," I praised coldly and watched the frowning looking woman in front of me.

"I'm glad that I could get what you apparently needed so badly," it came venomously from her, and she glared at me contemptuously.

"Indeed, I hope it wasn't too difficult to find her?" I requested, smirking, slowly, almost provocatively raising an eyebrow.

"No, you just have to know where to get it, then you'll find it very quickly," she told me snootily and snappily. It was always nice to see how much we liked each other, oh I loved these meetings, they were so ... invigorating and stimulating.

"Another issue, how's Fudge?" I asked curiously.

"He wasn't pleased with my article, but I got a lot of attention, so I'm very happy, thank you for the information, Miss Granger," she explained immediately, but looked as if she were biting into a lemon when she thanked me for the information, for even though it had been very helpful to her, she didn't seem pleased to have received it from me and to have to thank me for them.

"Always again, Miss Skeeter. We'll hear from each other," I finished the stilted conversation and turned to go.

"Stop, here, your requested exposé!", she exclaimed, fiddling for a file in her huge and swanky crocodile leather handbag and handed it to me.

"Oh, one can always rely on you, my love. I wish you a nice evening, see you soon, and take care of yourself, Miss Skeeter," I finally said, shrinked the file and put it in my pocket. I would deal with it within the next few days and I was curious what kind of information it contained. I quickly walked towards the waiting young woman, who was looking at me with interest.

"Come here, take my arm," I demanded without a break. She trustingly put her hand on my forearm and I apparated in front of the "Rose Cottage" already. Since she couldn't see it from the outside and I wouldn't take her into the protection, I held her tightly and led her into the inside of the house.

She looked around with interest. "Cozy," she commented. I went to the living room and waved her to follow me. The Twins had done a good job in this short time. Everything flashed and was clean, so I watched them as they both sat on the comfortable sofa or rather lolled around. They had got rid of their coats and were now wearing terribly colorful T-shirts, which once again clashed with the red of their hair. I knew they were doing this on purpose, because there was never such a bad taste in color. A crackling fire in the chimney, one crystal glass with an amber-colored liquid in front of them, they now looked curiously in my direction. I stepped aside and let Alice enter, presenting her to Fred and George.

"This is Alice. Alice these are Fred and George, your partners," I told her casually. She looked at the two and puckered her eyebrows together and got big, round eyes.

"Twins?", she breathed, surprised.

"Is that a problem?" I asked hard.

"No, no, not at all ... I was just surprised ... just doesn't happen every day," she covered up her astonishment, and began to smile seductively in direction of the sofa. The Twins had watched her, and she probably passed this check well, as both showed a satisfied and delighted expression.

"Hermione, Hermione, if you do something, then you are always doing it right. Wow, what a pretty one. Hello Alice, pleased to get to know you," it came gallantly from George. Fred stood up and walked toward her. "Would you like a glass?"

"Please, that would be nice," she replied immediately, and he went to the bar and handed it to her afterwards. "Thank you," she said, smiling as she took it.

"Do you have any wishes? Otherwise I would withdraw now until you call me to pick up Alice," I asked business-like, because I really didn't need to see them to check out and sweet-talk each other. Watching the Twins at their sex games was enough for me, so I didn't need a repeat with a threesome.

"Um ... I don't know?" George said. "She looks great, and on the whole just like our desires ...", man, I just felt sorry for the poor girl, we talked about her in her presence like she's cattle.

"... but ...?" I enquired.

"... well ..." George didn't get his act together, so Fred took over. "Hell, you know we have a very specific girl in mind ...", he said excitedly. "Could you enchant her so that she would be ... even more like ...?" I rolled my eyes theatrically, because usually the two had a quick tongue. I had to smile a wicked smile, it was too funny, but that was their night, I wouldn't stand in the way of their wishes, and - as I walked through my life with my eyes open - I was once again ready for every eventuality.

"Guys, guys, usually you articulate yourself better, but stop with the stammering. I know what you want, and as I'm good-natured in person and just too smart for this world ..." (Alice looked quite confused about this conversation from one to the other) "I've prepared everything," fished back in my jacket for and produced a vial, which I held up.

"... what ... what ... is that?", both wanted to know, excited.

"What do you think? Polyjuice Potion!", I explained broadly grinning and looked appraisingly around the group. With my right hand I tore out some of my hair, ouch. "As I said, I wasn’t born yesterday. I know you well, and I do what I can!" I grinned at them wickedly and sighed dramatically.

"Do you have a problem with it, Alice, taking this potion? You know it?" I addressed her, now in a more business-like tone.

"Uh, no not really. I mean, I have no problem taking it. So you want me to look like her?", she asked in amazement, pointing with her finger at me, causing Fred and George to nod feverishly with their heads. "Well, why not, it's fine, I’ll do it," she stated with a shrug, reaching out with her hand to take the vial, but I stepped close to her and whispered in her ear so that only she could understand me.

"Thank you for drinking this and, please, do as they wish, they won't ask for anything bad, for that you'll get an extra tip to the agreed sum ..." I stepped back and looked at her intensely. She began to show me a bright smile. "It's nice to see that we understand each other so well, Miss, I like to do what you want." I pulled myself further back and she put the vial to her lips to drink. Since I knew how such a transformation took place, I went to the sofa and looked at the Twins.

"Excited?" I asked, grinning.

"Bah, you really amaze me again and again, that you’ll give us your body ... you make me speechless," they explained together and perplexed, but I said nothing, because it wasn't really me, so I was completely fine with it.

"Another question, where did you get the potion from?" Fred asked curiously.

"I will answer that later. Will you excuse me? I'm going now and you have your fun with ... me, I'd say!" I laughed merrily and glided toward the door.

"Until later and have a good time!" I said loudly to everyone and turned to leave the house, while in the middle of the room Alice stood up again. She had really bravely suppressed any choking noises during the transformation, this woman knew how to raise the tips, I liked that. And so I looked in my own face. I waved to her and then I disappeared from the cottage. I was already very excited hearing about the twins’ experiences later.

My next goal was a pub. True to the maxim ‘There's no time like the present’, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to move freely and thus I started towards my destination. But before I went there, I had to adjust my appearance, once again taking the look of Minna Cale - dark blond, smooth and chin-length hair, dull blue eyes - and pulled the hood deep into my face. Where I wanted to go, no one showed their faces voluntarily. A much quieter plop sounded, which I could and would already be proud of, when I appeared. I was now standing in a deserted village square under a starlit sky. I was in Hogsmeade and my goal was the Hog's Head Inn.

Swiftly as usual I scurried from shadow to shadow between the houses. Here I wanted to do some research on Rita's book and today I was offered the opportunity to start. After the shocking findings about Harry during the last days, the curiosity urged me to bring light into the dark. I knew the Hog's Head Inn from our weekend visits from Hogwarts, but we students weren't allowed to go there, because it was a more than run down drinking hole, which housed all kinds of riff-raff. I approached the remote, shabby side street, and under a rusty hanger the wooden sign showed a chopped off, bloody boar head. It was inviting through and through, one had to say, no wonder that no student got lost here. They were all scared shitless.

I must say, lately I have become pretty indifferent regarding things like that, because this was a joke compared to Knockturn Alley. Thus I didn't feel even rudimentary anxiety or fear. If anything, I felt the lightest aversion against the filth when I entered the inside of the taproom, the dirty windows, through which no light could shine, even at daytime. The stone floor was swept so often that it appeared to be made of clay thanks to the dirt, I thought ironically and in disgust. Candles on the wooden tables gave the only, dim, light. And to one such table my hooded figure slipped down now. I sniffed abruptly, did it smell like goats in here? No sooner then I had sat, a big, scrawny wizard with a sullen and not very confidence-inspiring expression appeared at my table.

"What do you want?", he snapped out. I looked up under my hood.

"Firewhiskey," I demanded just as gruffly and he nodded, muttering something under his breath, and shuffled away. I had looked at him closely. He had unkempt-looking long, gray hair and an equally gray beard and his bright blue eyes had gleamed suspiciously at me. If you knew what to look for, one couldn't deny the similarity between the two, but otherwise I would never have noticed that this was Aberforth Dumbledore, the brother of our valued Professor Albus Dumbledore. Here I was safe to assume without consulting a family tree at Hogwarts that Rita's records were correct. Nevertheless, I would still look into the family tree, because in this respect I was pedantic. Even so I believed that Rita hadn't lied here and it was a fact that I had his brother in front of me.

Oh my, Dumbledore's brother, the host of a rather shady establishment. As I let my gaze drift through the room, I saw everything that felt at home in Knockturn Alley as well.

Yes, right there, ... that was clearly Dung, clinging to his glass as if he were afraid it might get stolen. All of a sudden a cup got slammed down in front of me on the table.

"Three Sickles and five Knuts," snarled the host. I quickly fished for the requested money and handed it to him. What a pleasant fellow. I didn't thank him at all, you always had to adjust to your surroundings, to not be noticed and courtesy would have been out of place. Suddenly I could feel a hot sensation tingling my neck, as if someone were watching me, so I calmly let my eyes wander and almost choked on the fire whiskey burning in my throat when I saw a raven-black pair of eyes in a dark niche fixed on me. Snape, shit, what was he doing here?

Stay cool, relax. He had seen me in that appearance only once at the magical pharmacy in Knockturn Alley, and I had worn my hood there, too, a little pulled back though, but why should he be interested in me, I calmed myself down. Why the hell was he still staring?

Had he nothing better to do than loitering there? But I didn't want to drink up and leave too quickly, because that would have been too conspicuous, but in principle I was ready to leave again. My plan was finished. As I had seen, Rita had been right with her assertion that the landlord was definitely related to Dumbledore. I could now find the rest in the genealogy books. Oh shit, now the bat was in fact moving and had no better idea than to steer towards my table. Great, absolutely great! What should I do now?

Fortune favours fools, and I apparently had a whole bag full of it. Great, he still walked towards me with purposeful steps, really great. Okay, you can bury any false hope, he's coming towards you really and truly. Come on, build up the walls, show what you have recently taught yourself in Occlumency. You can do it, think of the 1000-year-old walls of the tower, yes, exactly, perfect, these also have withstood every battle, and remain cool, he won't get through them. I lifted my glass to take a sip.

"Is anyone sitting here?", Snape questioned oilily. I said nothing at all, but shook my head briefly and brusquely pointed to a chair.

"I've never seen you here before!" Snape now said in a mistrustful, low voice, and sat down gently with billowing robes in the wooden chair. Why did a man wear so many layers voluntarily in summer? Stay on your task, girl, I called myself hard to order and shrugged noncommittally.

"Can't you or don't you want to talk?", he inquired next in a velvety voice, and that voice was so different to when he mimed the evil professor. It sent a few small shivers down my spine. "I wouldn't have judged you as somebody who wished to talk much." I disguised my voice, making it sound deeper. Well, I wouldn't have assumed that the good professor was this talkative.

"Well well, do we know each other? Have I ever met you?", he jabbered on oddly interested. Hello, this was the decidedly untalkative dungeon dweller, so what's going on here? I lifted my shoulders again without a word and wished that, for example, his dark mark would burn right now, so that he would need to leave quickly. That was not nice, I know, but I didn't really feel like getting unmasked by the esteemed Mr Snape.

"Would you please pull your hood back a bit, so that I can see you better?", he asked, raising his hand, signaling to Aberforth to bring two more drinks. Hey, did he want to make me drunk? That was absolutely out of question. But I probably needed to meet his demand, if I didn't want to rouse too much mistrust, or should I refuse? So I slightly pulled back the fabric so that he could see my face and parts of my light hair, but I didn't pull it back completely because my facial features and my body weren't changed.

"Ah, I thought I knew you, and now I know where from," he mused contentedly, his head cocking to the side. His hair had moved along and hung around his head like a curtain. The dark color absorbed the light of the candles, which made him appear incredibly superior. Hopefully I didn't look too insecure. Chin up and chest out was my slogan, so I dared it and looked deeply into his eyes, with which I would make a legilimency attack possible for him, but I wanted to take the chance.

"And where do you think you know me from...?" I asked sweetly. I had been able to suppress the "Sir," at the very last moment, because that would immediately awake his mistrust. I could now feel a slight plucking on the furthest corners of my mind, barely perceptible if one didn't pay attention to it, that swine, but had I expected something else? No! At the moment I was only thinking of gray, large rocks, which assembled into a wall. I won't make it that easy for you, Snape, my resistance awoke. Suddenly, he raised his face more than irritated. Apparently he had felt my protective shield now and something blazed behind his dark eyes. At that moment, the innkeeper once again banged our order down on the table with indescribable hospitality.

"Here Snape, that makes seven Sickles!", he demanded harshly and charmingly as anything. Snape reached into his waistcoat indifferently, casually handed over the money, then raised his glass and toasted towards me. Hence we chinked glasses and drank, keeping our eyes glued to each other. It felt like stalking prey.

"What did you need the lacewing flies for?", he restated his claim that he knew me. Shit, this man was impossible. Why could he remember such a thing? Damn, that reminded me of myself, cruel, too cruel, that there should be people who resembled me.

"What do you think?", it came not very friendly from me and I was tempted to roll my eyes. "Then you're skilled in the field of potion making? It's very unusual in your profession," he replied cynically, lifting a corner of his mouth contemptuously.

"Mhmm ...", what should I answer to that and how did he come to the assumption that I was following a profession?

"I see, do you like it?", and raised his glass again. He couldn’t be more subtle, I muttered in my thoughts.

"Yes, thank you!", I remained polite, even though I was tempted to chuck the contents of my glass into his face. Oh my, there were once again two possibilities that my brain had worked out in the short time to explain his behavior. Firstly, he was suspicious and curious, or he was hitting on me and thought I was somebody like Alice, as he had only seen me in infamous areas. Damn and what did I do with possibility number two? Oh heaven, that didn't go as planned. I got a hooker for the twins and had not intended to maybe become one myself now.

"How come that you remember to have seen me?", I probed deeper, displaying disbelief in my voice, and took another sip that I needed urgently.

"Ah, I have a good memory, my love and your way to move ... your face ... I don't know. Your robe with that particular cut, I'm good at memorising such things," he pondered in a whisper, meanwhile he didn't let me out of his wary gaze for a second, and I knew, even when he acted like he was deep in thoughts, he was still busy watching my movements. Thereon I drank my glass in one go. Oh, that burned in my throat, but I needed the pain for a bit, because apparently I had only strengthened his interest by my mental wall. I didn't even notice when he reordered immediately, but I observed fairly pleased how the old, gray-haired innkeeper brought two new fire whiskeys to our table.

Oh my goddess, I think I just lost hope of possibility number one and believed to have the confirmation that number two became more and more likely. I mean he was a man, had watched me and Sirius having sex yesterday, which certainly left him its mark on him, and apparently he had not the faintest idea that I was his student Hermione Granger. Which was good, which was very good, that he didn't recognize me and didn't associate me with Minna, because he clearly seemed to fancy her. It looked like I was able to experience the courting behaviour of my grim, surly professor. I was spared absolutely nothing. I actually dared to feel sorry for myself.

"But as I said, I know these establishments quite well, but I've never seen you before. What is your name?" he continued probing me, keeping me in view.

"I think, you can't know everyone, don't you agree? And I'm Minna, Minna Cale," I introduced myself.

"Pleased to meet you, Miss Cale. My name is Severus Snape!", his hand gently touched his chest, his head bowed gingerly, which amazed me because that was the impeccable greeting of Purebloods and it didn't surprise me one bit that even my professor could be polite and know these practices, as the Slytherin's head of house. Well, I wouldn’t be in any way inferior to him, and thus made the same gesture in a flowing, elegant movement.

"The pleasure is mine, Mr. Snape, and thank you for the invitation!" I had always said that the absolutely boring book about the customs of true-bred Purebloods would pay off.

"Where do you live?" he asked abruptly, his expression becoming unreadable, while I interlocked my hands in my lap.

"Ah, Mr. Snape, I think no decent girl should answer this question to a man she has known for ten minutes!" I replied coquettishly, smiling cynically at his mask-like face.

"Quite true, I'm just wondering if you're really decent?" he doubted my words with a velvety voice.

"What makes you think otherwise?", I acted affectedly shocked and raised my hand indignantly to my chest.

"I don't think a decent girl would be here," he pointed out coolly. He was right, damn! So I gave a scoffing laugh, which also made the corners of his mouth twitch a little.

"Very good Mr. Snape, what could I possibly answer now without digging my own grave?" I declared sardonically, and mockingly raised my glass.

"Did your potion succeed? It isn't easy!", he suddenly changed the subject, as if to lead me up the garden path.

"Why do you ask?" I replied motionless.

"I apologize, I forgot, but you don't seem to know me, I'm a potion master and teach this subject at Hogwarts," he said incredulously, pretending it's surprising that I wouldn't know him.

"Thank you for your concern, it's all going to my satisfaction," I nodded to him and drank the rest in one go, so that it burned painfully in my throat, but I needed the pain again to find my courage. "It was a pleasure to meet you Mr. Snape, excuse me, but I have to go and thank you for the invitation," I tried to say good-bye and raised myself determinedly. Unfortunately, before I knew it, he had gotten up as well. He was like a gum on a shoe sole.

"Wait, Miss Cale. I'll accompany you, because the times are dangerous, especially here!" He objected with feigned solicitousness, stepping up to me. I didn't believe him one word.

"Very kind Mr. Snape, but do you think I would be here if I were afraid?" I soberly refused his offer and moved toward the exit, which he left uncommented and stubbornly followed me.

"What are you doing professionally?" he asked instead. Oh Shit, what did a woman do who was everywhere where he had seen me, most of them were of course prostitutes, shit.

"What do you think Mr. Snape?" I always had to suppress calling him sir or professor, and asked a daring counterquestion. We went into another side street, which was less dingy but even more deserted. He gently held me by my arm, steering me and I didn't find it in me to wrest my upper arm from him. Oh, what should I do? I had to play my role, what else should I do? I wouldn't allow my cover to be blown! Because I didn't want to know what he would do to me, if he found out! The motto was, grit your teeth and go through with it.

"You know what I think, but do I think correctly?" he snarled deeply, asking an ambivalent question. Unbelievable but true, I was always right with my estimations. That was really not fair. Did I want to fuck with my professor? To be a whore for him here in a dark, dirty alley? Or better, could I do something like that? Was I able to pull this through to the bitter end?

I mean, he would never know he had made advances to Hermione Granger, his student, in an immoral way. The other question was, could I still make a run for it? Would I still have a chance to escape without blowing my cover?

"Do you ever misestimate, Mr. Snape?" I asked sardonically. Did I just do this? Wouldn't the Twins have been a better alternative? No, I don't mean it that way, only the two didn't really turn me on, since red was so not my colour. But didn’t this apply to Snape too?

"Most of the time never. How much?", he then got straight to the essentials and I was perplexed by his direct nature. Oh goddess, my professor had just asked me how much I wanted for sex, that I should spread my legs for him, but the worst was, instead of getting sick, a warm, tingling feeling pooled dangerously and forbiddenly in my stomach. Was I really so corrupted that I was ready to fuck with my teacher in an alley, for money? Shame on me.

"I'm not a street whore," I remarked coldly.

"Of course, I didn't think anything else. But I don't want to go to your establishment - this works well enough. I'm still willing to pay the full price," he explained boldly. Oh, shit! It had been worth an attempt, but that presented another problem: I had no idea what was an appropriate price for a whore. One second, did I, Hermione Granger, just really think about a price for sex? Where would this end? Help! It wouldn't be appropriate to ask for 250 galleons like Alice, because she makes a special job for the whole night with extra wishes. That wasn't comparable with a quick fuck. What to do?

"How much would I be worth for you?" I flirted. Brilliant, pass it back to him. Although I doubted that real whores were acting like this and would give something as elementary as their pay out of their hands. Hence he questioningly raised his eyebrow. He seemed to know this stuff. Should I worry about that? Yes, absolutely, just not now... later, when I had done all this. On the other hand, I didn't think that Snape was looking for a solid partnership or even a relationship when it was so easy for him to satisfy his desires.

"...You know, I like you and I don't want to be greedy, so let me hear what I'm worth to you," I wooed him and stroked lasciviously over his cloaked chest with my finger. Man, I was good, but I tried to overplay my faux pas, and it seemed that even with a cold man like Snape, the possibility of brain activity in case of acute blood deficiency in the brain decreased.

"...If that is so, fifty galleons!" he offered quickly. Was bargaining appropriate now? Yes, I think so.

"Pah, seventy-five!" I cried deprecatingly, scandalized, but I didn't get any further. For then, he grabbed my upper arms tightly and immediately pressed me to the wall behind me. Apparently, we had come to an agreement, in his view, as he pinned me to the wall. The clasp of my coat was already open and I hadn't even blinked.

He let it slide to the ground impatiently and tore my dress violently from my shoulders, pulling it down to free my breasts. I mean, I didn't even get to clear my head and assess the situation -because I was standing in an alley as my professor worked at my breasts with his mouth, not only using his tongue very cleverly, no, he nibbled and bit me not very gently repeatedly.

He drove me to an arousal of undreamt of heights through these absolutely debauched and forbidden things we did here and that for many reasons. It let my mind fade away completely. We were far from morals and social constraints, although he didn't know how many he had just trespassed. The professor was truly good with his impetuous, demanding manner. I wouldn't have expected this. I could already feel how he pushed up my dress over my hips and arrived at the waistband of my panties, which he pulled down without much ado, and then, with one of his long slender fingers, he touched my labia and gently stroked it, which, to my shame, made me moan aloud. While my head sank against the cold wall behind me, his finger slipped into me and pleasured me with gentle in-and-out motions that just made me absolutely randy. I couldn't believe it - that my surly potion professor was currently sinking his finger inside me. It would be inconceivable what would be said about us, if they knew.

In all this time, he never let go of my breasts, which were now more than sensitive, thanks to his tireless work. Apparently, the professor liked what I or rather what my body offered him. Don't think, don't think about the embarrassment to whom I granted this intimate contact. Now he pulled his finger away and fiddled impatiently with his robes. He had straightened in the process, and spoiled my neck with impetuous kisses. Apparently, there were no real kisses in such arrangements. When he had freed himself, he looked up and directly into my face and in spite of all arousal, I immediately thought only of my wall as I looked into those black gemstones. He firmly grabbed me with both of his hands by my butt, lifted me up resolutely and stood between my open legs.

Oh my... I couldn't believe it... Professor Snape would soon enter me. He would have sex with me, his student. Lucky that he had no idea with whom he was this intimate! But I must confess that to my disgrace, I was even more aroused by this knowledge and my thoughts about others had been banished from my mind by his lips and fingers.

"Put your legs and arms around me," he commanded firmly, voice rough. I followed his instructions dutifully and wrapped my legs around his hips, causing me to feel his hard, hot arousal on my flesh, and put my arms around his neck. What was I doing here, so obedient? And then I was screaming already, as he had driven into me in a single, firm thrust. Thus I was now completely united with Severus Snape. He was stuck inside me and completely filled me with his amazing size and hardness. Now, I would truly not have anticipated this, I thought dryly after I could breathe again. He pressed me hard against the wall and held my hips captured in his hands, looked deeply into my eyes and began to slowly withdraw from me, and my legs, too, held him tightly enclosed.

"Aaaaaaaah!..." I yelled, biting my lip with the same breath with which I wanted to scream “Professor!” I had to be careful, damn, but that was difficult in the current situation - very difficult. I could see how the always controlled Snape bit his lips hard to not allow expression of any emotion. No moaning, whimpering, or gasping escaped him. As he pulled his cock out of me again and again and thrust inside me at an accelerating pace, I groaned. This penetration of Snape’s was making me insane. I was just that randy. Anyone could see us. This was so unreal and he was so impetuous. I surrendered myself to it, as it seemed that today an orgasm would be bestowed upon me by my teacher, only it was not because of an Outstanding, but because he fiercely and vehemently fucked me against a public wall.

The talisman dangling between my breasts, started to get hot, which was invisible for him but noticeable for me. Ah, it worked, that means the Twins had finished their fucking. Great, really, but I was still fucking, I thought sarcastically and clinging even more firmly to the man in front of me. And every desperate thrust of his hard cock forced me to float higher and higher until I could no longer bear it and my muscles started to pulse around him and began to milk him relentlessly, and that was the moment when he lost his control with a hoarse moan and came deep inside me. His hands fell exhausted from my butt, and he put them up on the wall on each side of my head and released a shaky breath. I left my arms tight around his shoulders to stabilise myself while I carefully loosened my trembling legs from his hips, his limp cock slipping out of me. At once I could feel his and my juices run down my legs, sticky and wet. Still wedged between him and the wall, I was bare-breasted in front of him, and he stood there bent still, his head lowered, his smooth hair hanging like a curtain around his face. I couldn't see what he was thinking, if he was thinking?

I only knew that I indeed had come, something I didn't understand and what shocked me, too! That my professor had managed to drive me this far... but I also knew that I had never fucked that slutty. No kisses, in a public place and the humiliation of money transfer would come soon.

Now, after a deep breath, he straightened up and began to adjust his robes. I did the same and pulled my dress back over my breasts. I left my destroyed panties on the floor of the alley and put my coat around my shoulders. At the last moment I was able to stop myself from pulling out my whitethorn wand, as I suddenly remembered that Snape would recognize it immediately because of its rarity and identify me as Hermione Granger. So I wouldn't speak a cleaning spell, it doesn't matter. He was finished and had watched me, completely rigid and cold. Now he seemed as cold as ice. It was unnoticeable that he had been deep inside me a few seconds ago, as close as humanly possible. Therefore I proudly raised my chin and looked into his eyes. I could do this, too, even though it wasn't easy to ignore what I had just done.

I reached out a hand. "My money!" I demanded hard, because if I do something, then I'll definitely do it right.

"Miss Cale," he said in a flattering tone, handing me the coins I took from him.

"Mr. Snape! ", I said goodbye, turned my back to him, and wanted to quickly leave the alley.

"Miss Cale, how do I reach you?" he snarled coldly, making me stop walking abruptly. I beg your pardon? Did I just succumb to a deception? He wanted what... fuck me again? I mean, I admit, it had been good under the special circumstances, but hell, I was no whore, but he seemed to have enjoyed it as well, and this flattered my vanity.

"Send me an owl," I said without emotion, because an owl would be able to reach me even in my disguise, then I apparated immediately and left my professor behind. When I appeared under the old oak, slightly out of breath, I leaned against if for some time, cleaning myself, letting Minna Cale’s look disappear, thinking about the events. Since this night, I didn't only sleep with Sirius, but now with Snape too. I still couldn't believe how I had allowed him to take me, but had even strengthened him in his assumption that I was what he was thinking. Unconsciously!? Could I still look in the mirror, and the professor in the classroom and Sirius, as he was no longer exclusively the one who had sex with me, because I dared to guess that I wouldn't need to wait long for Snape's next owl. Would I respond? I didn't know ... maybe ... I couldn't change the whole fiasco anymore anyway, so learn to live with it, I finally told myself.

But the knowledge and the realisation that I hadn't thought about Sirius at any moment and I just remembered him now confused me! What was that supposed to mean? That I didn't feel any commitment towards Sirius? I felt bewildered, no wonder after this experience, thus I pushed it out of my mind for now and continued to clean myself thoroughly. At least the trip had paid off and the time for the Twins was out as well, it was almost midnight, so I entered the house in a brisk pace.

In the living-room a cheerful, slightly drunk, and barely clothed bunch awaited me. Thanks to the goddess, I could handle more than them, otherwise Snape would have made me drunk in the Hog's Head Inn.

"Hermione, nice to see you!" George warbled blissfully.

"Hello!" Alice giggled sillily and began to dress herself. Meanwhile, I slumped into a chair, as I still felt the hard, rough sex in so many places. Yes, thanks to Sirius I was already sore and bruised, but thanks to Snape I wouldn't be able to sit for a while. While the three got dressed playfully, I sorted myself, because I had to be concentrated for the things to come, so that nothing went wrong.

"Finished? Come here Alice, sit down here," I demanded calmly and patted invitingly beside me. I could imagine just how she was feeling, because when I got handed the money earlier, I had been able to experience firsthand how humiliating that felt. She did as I asked and I began with the 125 galleons and as a tip I gave her my hard-earned money from Snape. I really didn't want to keep it. She beamed at me and I smiled back and quickly pulled out my white wand and knocked her out with an Obliviate. Her eyes glazed over instantly. At the same moment the twins abruptly stopped their whispering, but contrary to their usual habit they said nothing, accepting my decision. That's why you have to love them. Harry and especially Ron would have discussed this loudly for a start. I concentrated on taking away her memory of tonight.

I let her forget Rita, the Twins, myself and Rose Cottage, but at the same time I changed her memories to a handsome young man who had taken her for an intoxicating night to a Muggle hotel and rewarded her royally for it. Afterwards I took her and led her out of the house and dropped her off at Trafalgar Square, only then taking the spell from her. It looked like I had applied the spell properly.

Back in the house curious twins were waiting.

"Well, tell me. How was it?" I did not want to think about what I had done earlier.

"Awesome ... I think it was brilliant ... never thought it could be like this with three people!" Fred sputtered.

"I liked it a lot, especially thanks to your little surprise, it was very cool!", George winked at me mischievously.

"I was happy to be your fuck-template, no problem at all," I meant casually, after all, I had been exactly that in person for somebody else tonight.

"But I've also realised, actually I only need Fred, you're absolutely enough for me, sweetie!", he declared his love for Fred and that was what I had wanted to hear. Fred’s eyes shimmered emotionally. "Me, too, George, it was always you ... but what I had never anticipated, it was still fun!" By now we all laughed and amused ourselves about their extraordinary experience.

"Alice was really great, thank you for this lovely woman, but what about the Obliviate at the end?" Fred asked curiously some time later.

"Well, as I said your wish fit nicely into one of my plans, the Obliviate was a part of that and I thought I should practice it whenever I can. I want everything to go well and I can only achieve that by practicing," I said openly.

"Does that mean something could've gone wrong with Alice?" Fred sounded a bit horrified.

"Yes," I admitted indifferently, as it was true, I had factored in that it could have gone awry.

"Gosh! … And what would you have done then?" George asked now, who seemed quite perplexed, just like Fred.

"Sent her to St Mungos," I replied, shrugging and sounding unaffected.

"Aha, don't you find that a bit ...harsh?" Fred said.

"Depends on the point of view. The people for whom I need this spell are closer to me than Alice, but it’s pointless to discuss it. Firstly, I always would have needed to do it, for you alone, and secondly my spells succeeded flawlessly," I pushed their objections away from me rigorously.

"In fact, how did she react to your love?" I wanted to know, instead, curiously.

"Very cool, I think she liked us and getting pleasured by both of us was certainly not the worst thing she'd ever experienced, even though we are obviously brothers. She was really nice," Fred explained, grinning and nodding and one could see that he was briefly reminiscing the events of that evening.

"I'm glad! Cheers to a successful night!" We chinked glasses. Luckily, they were so satisfied that they didn't ask what I had done in the meantime, so I didn't have to invent lies, because I wouldn't be able to tell them what had happened tonight.

Thus we reached our beds at 1 o'clock and after so many things had gone wrong, well, actually everything which could've gone wrong, I apparently was entitled to a bit of luck, as Sirius thankfully hadn't waited for us to come home, and hence I could process what happened with Snape tonight at first, before I dared to face Sirius. This way an eventful night came to an end.
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Love Cottage and Snape, Chapter 27
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