When Hermione Fights
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 The First School Day, Chapter 36

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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The First School Day, Chapter 36 Empty
BeitragThema: The First School Day, Chapter 36   The First School Day, Chapter 36 EmptyMi Sep 20, 2017 8:44 pm

The first school day

Thanks to several secret passages I made it relatively quickly, but above all, unobserved to the portrait and whispered the password to the loudly snoring fat lady. She slid to the side, giving me access to the round entrance and let me slip into our common room, which looked the same as all the years before. The room was circular and had many windows, which gave a good view of the castle grounds all around. Unlike the snakes, we had many different, non-matching armchairs and tables. Everything felt used and the colors of red and gold dominated. The carpet in front of the open fire had some fire holes, too. Under Draco’s watchful eye it would've been taken care of immediately, I thought, amused. At other times, this room was always filled to bursting with loudly chattering - or rather roaring - lions, but at this hour the room was empty, well almost.

As expected, the twins had been waiting for me and apparently knew how to use their waiting time very pleasantly. I found them on the carpet I described earlier, which they had made into their very own playground. Thus I could once again be a witness to their display of affection. So I accepted my fate and scurried over to my favorite chair by the fire, subsequently having a phenomenal view of the enthusiastically joined bodies of the two.

Fred knelt behind George, holding him firmly by his hips in a doggy position. I pulled my feet under my legs and cuddled into my chair, then conjured a blanket. Both of them just turned their heads towards me and grinned at me mischievously, but didn't seem disturbed. Their bright red hair was tousled in all directions, and thanks to the fire it seemed as if it had caught fire. I was allowed to watch how Fred's cock - glistening between his brothers buttocks - was thrust repeatedly inside his brother’s body and then got faster and faster. George's panting and whimpering was heart-touching, but Fred really took him hard. That I got to watch the lovemaking of the Twins after the night I had had, was absolutely clear! I was really a darling of fortune, so I quickly pulled out my wand and checked if they had thought of the safety ward. However, they had thought of it despite all their fervour, but then they were always very careful.

The moaning and panting became louder and louder, and finally Fred reached forward to put his hand around George’s so far neglected, but more than hard member, and began to rub it violently. George bit his lips hard, though his face showed wild passion. I think since I began to watch them, the two had ran up to top form. I had to giggle softly, as I found it amusing to act as voyeur and was glad that I could live out my own sexual desires no later than tomorrow night.

It wouldn't take much longer now, for George's entire body began to twitch and spasm hard. He produced a loud, freeing scream and poured his seed into Fred's hand, who was thrown over the edge by his brother’s orgasm and came with a guttural cry. He threw his head back and thrust his hips forward forcefully for a last time. Both of them were out of breath, the sweat glistening on their naked bodies, but now Fred flashed me a sly glance.

"And, did you like the show, most beautiful?" he laughed, at ease. I nibbled my lower lip.

"Not bad, but certainly with potential of improving! But I'm glad you're using the first night at school so well," I guffawed.

"Pah, don't listen to her Fred, it was fantastic," George said, breathlessly, from below, while attempting to get up. They both cleaned themselves with spells and dressed into their horribly colourful pajamas.

"You didn't even blush. We won't be able to shock you with anything at all, will we?" Fred said a bit sadly and slumped into the couch.

"Well, why should I blush. I found it rather stimulating. You're a beautiful couple," I smiled slightly. "You haven't really waited that long for me, have you?"

"Yes, we have, and thanks to the map, we know exactly who stopped you! And frankly, the why is a different question and almost lets us die of curiosity! Since when do you fancy snakes?" George asked with disbelief, but cuddled himself calmly into Fred. Neither of them seemed too shocked about their finding.

"Just wait a second. First, give me the map, I want to get us out of it," I said firmly, putting out my hand. George stretched and fished for the piece of parchment, which lay on a side table, and handed it over to Fred, who handed it to me. It was activated and showed the nocturnal people of Hogwarts. I now focused on the spells for myself, George and Fred, and, upon a touch of delusion, for Draco as well. It worked like this: if we were to speak Geminio, the map would only show the exact copy of us and where it was, but we, the real people, could walk around unrecognized, invisible to the map and without being discovered. It was relatively easy and quickly done. Then I turned off the map with a "Mischief managed.”

"What kind of spells were you mumbling?" Fred asked curiously.

"In the future, all you have to do is create a Geminio and then you'll be invisible to the map because it shows your copy only. Awesome isn't it?" I beamed at them.

"Wow! Awesome idea. But you're the best in things like that anyway. And you included us in the spell, thank you!" George piped sweetly.

"You’re welcome. Should I blush now?" I giggled, amused. In the company of the Twins, I always felt oddly at ease.

"Yes please, we love it when you blush, you look so girly then," they teased me and I grimaced. "Yuck! Me and girly," I waved the notion aside, disgusted by the very thought.

"And now, what do you think where I have been?"

"Well, first you were with the dungeon bat, but since Sirius had summoned him so nicely after the appearance of your magpie, we roughly assume that it had something to do with it still, right? But directly into his private rooms, that was surprising. Hats off, the places you manage to get into. Did he want to shag you?" they inquired provocatively. How right they were, were the two channeling Trelawney?

"Correct, I was lightly injured and therefore Sirius had fetched him and today he did a re-examination and afterwards had a nice chat and some red wine with me… Shag!? Why would you think that?" I asked curiously.

"Unbelievable, our most beautiful can even crack the hard shell of the bat! Well, he's a man and you're attractive," this compliment came easily over their lips.

"Red wine, I thought he was drinking blood," Fred said spitefully.

"Haha exactly. No, the wine was very good and it was nice. He kissed me!" I whispered in the end.

"Whaa.. Wha.. Whaaaat.. he has what, he is a professor!" George yelled indignantly and opened his eyes wide.

"I wouldn't have expected him to have the balls to do so! Wicked!", it came very drily from Fred, though also very enlightening. He clearly was the more evil twin.

"Yeah, right, and Fred is your brother and you're doing quite different things with him. As I was allowed to witness personally only five minutes ago," I reminded them discreetly.

"But, but still, and you haven't cursed him?", George seemed a little shocked, while Fred was just grinning dreamily.

"And.. and how is he? I mean, I can imagine that under all that layers is a very handsome chest," said the latter, he also wagged around with his hands in the air and licked over his rosy lips. So curious? Fred then got a hard jab in the side. "Ouch, it was only a question, man!", he defended himself, whining and lamenting wimpishly as he rubbed his aching side.

"Mh-mh.. he kisses really good. Why should I have cursed him? I owe this man my life, the injury wasn't small, and he is a very good kisser!" I grinned at Fred sardonically, who answered the smile understandingly.

"Oh, well, then you go on kissing the dungeon bat, it's your business! But something else, what about Sirius? I think he wouldn't be pleased to learn that he is being swapped for a snake, especially the professor," George remarked thoughtfully and hit a sore spot, piercing me with his big, round eyes. Fred and I rolled our eyes at the same time. Fred groaned.

"George, sometimes I'm ashamed of you! What he doesn't know, won't hurt him!" he said contemptuously, slapping his thighs, laughing when George glared at him in shock. I, too, had to stifle my laughter, because George tried to act moral. "Really?" George echoed, shocked.

"Yes really! This thing with Sirius and me was always just temporary! It came with an expiration date," I said unimpressed and giggled, because I really saw it that way. I liked Sirius very much, but I didn't love him.

"Okay, ahaha, then on to the next topic! What the hell were you doing in the snakes’ common room? We almost had a heart attack when we saw your change of place and then in this company as well! I had to keep hold of Fred so he wouldn't go to your rescue!" George snapped, waiting anxiously for my reply.

"Right and with all that shock you had to start banging?" I asked sarcastically and looked at both of them, amused.

"Yeah, stress and shock, one has to work it off somehow..." Fred grinned like the little devil he was.

"Draco had..", here I got rudely interrupted by both of them, as they loudly exclaimed animal sounds, these chaos-twins.

"Draco.. Draco.. Draco.. you don't call that ferret Draco, do you?" They looked nauseated and were choking disgustingly.

"Draco and I have created a, a base on which we want to build, and for that reason he ambushed me at Snape’s and then took me to the common room. It was a very interesting and nice conversation," I said solemnly, both of them goggling at me, while they were unusually quiet and attentive. "Are you serious?" George responded breathlessly.

"But.. Hermione, he calls you Mudblood," Fred said cautiously with a question behind his statement, as if he were doubting my mind.

"So what? I call him Pureblood, it's become our inside joke," I shrugged nonchalantly.

"You and your callousness. Can you really trust him, Hermione?" they enquired carefully, proceeding very cautiously.

"Believe it or not, but yes, I trust him to a certain extent!", I declared with surprising conviction and so I told them of the warning about the dog, which surprised the Twins very much. But I didn't tell them that I always felt a deep understanding and sense of belonging when I looked into his eyes.

"Wow, I would've never expected that from Malfoy, maybe you're right. That you're getting on so well the snakes though, incredible! Say, how was their pit?", and he hissed, flickering with his tongue, such a slob.

"I'll give you something to hiss about, silly! However, I must say, it's really beautiful. The room is big and grand, I like it. And besides, I'm always right, and now I say, off to bed, two, three hours of sleep are little enough," I said, exhausted, and cautiously stretched my back. I was already looking forward to the new batch of potions, which I would be able to take soon.

"What, it's so late? Oh man, I'm gonna be so dead tomorrow," they moaned and joked as they moved to their dormitories. "Or our eyes will be so red ...", I rolled my eyes over this nonsense. As I went to bed, I collapsed into it. Gosh, I was exhausted and I wouldn't even be able to run tomorrow morning, that made me grumpy once again. However, I just emptied my mind and fell asleep like a stone. It seemed like merely seconds had passed by when I opened my eyes again. I was awake at seven o'clock sharp. I would've given myself one more hour, one should be generous with oneself, but my mind saw it differently. So I would still be one of the - or rather the - first, who would be sitting at our table in the Great Hall half an hour later, because even at Hogwarts, a full timetable would welcome me and I wasn’t just talking about the school’s timetable. Here, too, my own timetable continued stringently. Although I had a full schedule again - with eleven subjects it was really crammed full - like every year it wasn't enough for me.

And so I sat prim and proper at half past eight in front of my vital cup of coffee and ate my little piece of toast. I hated eating much in the morning. The hall was still almost empty, but a blond head of hair and light-grey eyes stood out at the Slytherin table. It seemed like he hadn't slept much, too, or he just got by with little sleep. We gave each other a hidden smile and covertly wished each other a good morning. Oh, that was too funny. Gradually, more and more pupils, arrived in the hall, some of them looking more like corpses as they had stayed up too late, and the noise level continued to increase. The Daily Prophet arrived, and so did my copy. I grumbled angrily into my third cup, because again there was such a slanderous article, just not from Rita, and I knew I had to live with my annoyance about that fact. I could hear some other students whispering about Harry, bitching about the ‘pigheaded nonsense’, which he had been ‘sprouting’ since the end of the tournament. It seemed this year wouldn't be easy for him either.

Draco gave me a penetrating look, which told me what he thought about it; that they were blind ignorant morons to close their eyes against the facts that the Dark Lord was back. I just shrugged, showing my depreciatory opinion that one couldn't help the blind. An action that made him snort mildly into his cup. Such a nonverbal conversation was really fun. His eyes gleamed mischievously. I probably looked similar, but it was too exciting. Just before eight, McGonagall handed me my timetable. First of all Binns, oh goddess, did they do this on purpose? They would send Ron and Harry into a coma, but well, I had to go to the library to do some research, I would still have another hour. The moment I got up, my classmates stormed into the Great Hall, all more or less approachable.

"Hermione, you're already here. We didn't know where you were. Where are you going?" Ginny cackled like a agitated chicken. Her red hair clashed terribly with the blue eyeshadow she had applied. After escaping from her mother's clutches, she seemed to be experimenting.

"Uh, I couldn't sleep that well, I thought I'd get up already," I said sweetly and felt sorry for myself that I had to justify myself again.

"Morning, Hermione!" Harry whispered tiredly, as he approached me and breathed a chaste kiss on my cheek, which irritated Draco enough to watch us with slightly widened eyes, from what I could observe. What, he didn't like that? Interesting! That Harry was allowed to touch me like that, hey, he was my best friend and since our conversation in the Black Library, our relationship had strengthened. Harry often touched me and often sought out physical closeness, something that seemed very important to me, and I hoped it would drive away his trauma from these damned Dursleys!

"Harry, dear, we have to talk, the Prophet is lying again, that's why so many people look at us weirdly!" I whispered to him intimately and informatively, but Harry astonished me, he only raised his cup gruffly to drink with a cynical snort.

"I know. We had a quarrel with Seamus yesterday in the dormitory. His mother and he believe what the newspaper says," he said, miserably, and put his arm around my waist in the middle of the Great Hall, looking for closeness on his own for the first time. It was as if he needed support and I gave him this gladly, for that I was strong enough. However, that made the hall buzz again like an excited beehive. Even Ron frowned at us, while he was already starting - not very flatteringly - to slaughter his breakfast at a dizzying speed.

"No, it is bad! I'm so sorry Harry, but they're all idiots. They'll see it when it's too late," I summed up pragmatically and hugged him tightly, causing many whispers in the hall. Ginny glared at us murderously. I didn't give a shit at that moment. Harry needed support now.

"Harry, enjoy your breakfast. I'm already finished and will go to the library! See you at Binns," turning around slowly. He gave me a sincere, sweet smile as his hands slid of me. "But Hermione, learning isn't everything," Ron muttered, munching, and my lips moved into a disapproving line.

"You have a wonderful morning as well, and please don't talk whilst chewing on your food, Ron, it's unattractive," I told him whilst passing him. The Twins laughed at my sermon, and even Malfoy seemed amused. It was nice when you could make so many people happy.

The day passed relatively quickly. The hours came blow by blow and brought some work with them. I tried to work on quite some homework assignments during each individual class so that I could use the free time for something more important and meaningful.

Potions was the last class of the day and I looked forward to it with excitement because I was sure he wouldn't let anyone see that he had kissed me and so crossed a line as a teacher. Not that I would blame him, because our relationship had changed exorbitantly, and his 'misdemeanor' was safe with me. But I didn't know what I had to expect from him after he had let himself go, so I was very interested in how he would act. I hadn't seen him all day. He hadn't appeared at any meal, I had only heard from other classes that his mood was extremely bad, abysmal even. After last night I wouldn’t be surprised. He certainly had to go to bed with a small or perhaps a very big problem. That's a sure way to ruin a man’s mood. And Minna would be at his disposal earliest tomorrow. The poor students, at the mercy of an unsatisfied man.

When, as one of the last, I entered the rather dark classroom, he looked at me attentively but stoically. Then I realized, that he had the same questions about my reaction when we first saw each other again and that he couldn't be sure of how I would behave. I didn't let myself get worked up, looked calmly around the room, and slowly took my seat near the door, remaining on my own. Harry and Ron had entrenched themselves in the far back, together with Neville, trying to hide from our professor. The walls were furnished with shelves, which housed pickled creatures and objects, some of which looked creepy, but were nothing in comparison to the pharmacy in the Knockturn Alley.

These dark eyes managed to captivate me anew in their absolute, calm serenity. The way he stood there at the front and dominated everything was impressive, which was enhanced by the big blackboard behind him! I looked to the other students as we were together with the Slytherins and could see Draco sitting on the other side, just opposite me, and not letting Snape and me out of his sight. I knew he was trying to figure out what was going on with Snape, because I didn't know. Very well, maybe Draco would notice more than me. And seconds later the lesson began and Snape excelled in being his usual self. He was, as always, unbearable towards us Gryffindors. At the end, he gave us a much too long treatise on Moonstone.

When it was over and most of the students left the dungeons directly in their usual fast speed, I deliberately took my time and gave the professor a cheeky smile, which he couldn't resist to reply to. The corners of his mouth twitched a little as I turned to the door and was amazed that this was all of it. Although I realized that this was perhaps more than I could ever have expected. Suddenly a light-skinned hand shot out of nowhere in the dark, now very deserted corridor and pulled me quickly into a niche. I felt a body pressing close to mine. I felt no fear, for the scent I knew, sandalwood.

"You really can't stay away from me for long," I whispered amused.

"What the hell are you doing to him, he smiled!" he enquired insistently.

"You saw that?" I asked perplexed, but I could hardly make him out in the dim light.

"Yes, I was the last one and stood hidden from the door. He never smiles, never, damn!" he growled agitatedly.

"What do your observations tell you?" I wanted to know, now interested about his unusual behaviour.

"Nothing, that's what scares me, I don't know him like that. Be careful! He's hard to judge when he's like this, and he's like my father, not a nice man!" Draco warned me, unfamiliarly empathetic, but also very serious.

"I know that! Of course, thanks for the warning! But you're a nice man?" I asked, with a good dose of skepticism in my voice.

"Don't be fooled, I was raised by those two. I don't think I'm nice," he whispered close to my ear, causing me goosebumps.

"Oh, that's good, nice men aren't my type! I’ll have to tell you the whole story, but I have no time today and tomorrow," I said, both flirtatiously and apologetically.

"Bugger! Wednesday and Thursday looks bad for me," he declared, annoyed. "I'm never free on Friday," I added, because that's when I had my appointments with the Sensei.

"I'd say, we meet every Saturday after dinner in the dungeons, and talk as long as it takes, what do you think?" he decided, but still asking.

"Mh-mh, of course, it's a good idea", I agreed. "I have only good ideas!" he breathed smugly.

"Sorry, I forgot, I'm talking to a Malfoy!" I said sarcastically, but my sarcasm bounced off of him.

"As I said, you're capable of learning, Mudblood," he stated arrogantly.

"And I have to go now before Harry and Ron come looking for me. The dungeons are so dangerous for helpless, little girls, like me!" I giggled snidely and he joined in.

"Exactly, you and helpless, I should be more afraid of you! But this morning with Weasley was glorious... what about Potter, though? You haven't let him snog and touch you like that before. Are you two a thing?" he asked quickly and seemed affected.

"Jealous? No, stop, Malfoys are never jealous, I know sorry!" I mocked cheerfully.

"Exactly, I knew you're able to learn, so?" he demanded and didn't sound like he'd give in if I didn't answer.

"No, there's nothing going on between me and Harry and will never be, it was only affection between siblings," I told him seriously.

"Oh, that's what you call it. Then don't forget that!", he warned me astonishingly seriously.

"We're absolutely not possessive, are we?" I scoffed.

"I just don't like Potter," he replied placatingly.

"Yes, yes, as if, I must go now...", I wanted to have the last word and leave him standing.

"Yes, yes, take care of yourself, my Mudblood!" And he kissed my forehead again. This was a gesture, so unfamiliar and yet so beautiful, though quite different from Harry's kiss this morning.

"That reminds me, I'm gonna sneak out of Hogwarts tomorrow night! For that I'll come down here, we can talk briefly. Let's meet at quarter to eight, same niche. Until then, my Pureblood," I said, and wanted to disengage myself from him for good, but he didn't release me and he seemed to have really trained a lot during the holidays because he was very strong.

"Not so fast, you think you command and I'm running, Mudblood? Think again! I'm the Malfoy here not you, 19:30!" he demanded arrogantly. I was just about to start laughing aloud, but bit my tongue hard, because I didn't want to offend Draco or his Malfoy-Pride.

"As you wish, Draco!" Now I twisted myself free from his arms, amused, as he had the last word as he had wished, and left to finally appear for dinner.
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The First School Day, Chapter 36
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