When Hermione Fights
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 Rita, Chapter 38

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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I hurried along the narrow and dirty tunnel, careful to stay in the middle of the passageway. Then it occurred to me that I would have to become Hermione again, because Rita didn't need to know me as Minna. Thought - done. And thanks to my rapid pace, I soon reached the end of the winding path, making the huge boulder float away with a Wingardium Leviosa, as it blocked the tunnel exit.

After I had managed to move it, I stepped out of the tunnel into the dawning Forbidden Forest. Once outside, I diligently closed the secret passage with the boulder again. I turned and stood in the dense forest. Around me were the sounds of the forest, indefinable, from the howling of maybe a wolf, to the humming sound of fairy wings. The surroundings were filled with life. The fragrances were almost beguiling. Was I frightened? Was I scared? No, I wasn't, but I was vigilant in this unreal landscape, because not only the animals were dangerous, but also many plants weren't well-disposed towards human beings, and they regarded them as a snack. And so I memorised everything, to later be able to find my way back to Hogwarts in the darkest of night.

So I focused myself and appeared with a very quiet plop near Trafalgar Square. As it would be half past nine in two minutes, I immediately set myself in motion and wasn't mistaken, Rita was standing at our usual meeting place as planned. She was waiting, wearing an individual, dark blue costume. It looked like Vivienne Westwood, but it wasn't. The people around her were giving her funny looks, but she didn’t seem to care.
The hustle and bustle, as always, was very great in this rather mild late summer night. Some of the young men couldn't resist sending me a whistle. I didn’t pay attention to it, nor them. She noticed me already, the corners of her mouth twitching in disgust, but then it changed into a fake smile.

"Miss Granger, I'm pleased that you at least always appear punctually," she snapped, her tone unfriendly.

"Miss Skeeter, I know my manners. It would be absolutely rude to let you wait," I smiled amiably with my mockingly spoken words.

"I suppose! Were you satisfied with the lady from last time?" She blinked at me sweetly behind her terribly large spectacles and bared her teeth contemptuously.

"I still have to thank you for it, Alice was perfect!" I said, praising and showing no shame or shyness on this subject. My lack of reaction made her press her red lips together and in order to save herself an answer, she heaved her heavy crocodile handbag in front of her, and began to dig around until she pulled out a long, narrow box and gave me an unwilling smile.

"What you wished for, Miss Granger, I hope you know how rare they are!"

"Oh, thank you for remembering it. I need it so urgently and of course I know how rare the quick quotes quills are, so I’m very happy that it worked out so fast," I said sweetly, taking the box with respect, something that made her snort furiously.

"If that would be all..." She wanted to turn around abruptly and leave.

"Steady, Rita! We still have something important to talk about. Be patient, as one says, patience is a virtue!" I told her arrogantly, and she turned back with a deep sigh. It looked as if she were praying for patience. Sweet.

"What do you know about Bole and Derrick?" I asked directly. I could watch her eyes flashing eagerly behind her spectacles.

"What do I know? These two lay suddenly in the entrance hall of the ministry. On this day I was a member of the jury in court and so a direct witness. Unfortunately, so far no detailed article appeared, since the ministry says nothing and they have acted quickly! So, where was I.. ah yes, suddenly there was a big pile on the ground near the fountain and as one looked more closely, one realised that it was two people. At first, one of them wasn't recognizable as a person, since his body.. yes a corpse it was, it was terribly mutilated... there was blood everywhere! He must have been as good as bloodless, and his throat was slit open, but when he was dragged away, the most terrible thing happened, his head, he was almost... beheaded! It only hung on a few tendons and skin, a terrible picture, and it seemed that he had buried a second man under him, but he lived! I don't know anymore, as I was pushed away, since screams and shrieks started and the Aurors started to clear the square. There was a lot of chaos and a huge mess, because panic ensued. I try to find out as much as possible all the time, but until now I haven't succeeded in doing this myself even as beetle. The only thing they released is that a certain Bole is dead, which was somehow clear and that a certain Derrick is not approachable, due to the shock," Rita talked herself into a rage. Her cheeks became red and she waved her hands around the air excitedly, all in all she seemed to be wound up to a high pitch. I began to giggle, because not only Rita but also her story was a bit amusing.

"Oh, fantastic! I can see it all in front of me. Hilarious. But let's be serious, if I give you insider info, would the article get published or not?" I asked covetously, and she fell silent abruptly.

"How... yes, the article would be published, my boss wants this story, no matter what Fudge says, but unfortunately the ministry is incredibly secretive!" she said in a suffering, whiny tone, stretching her fingers in the air desperately and accusingly.

"Then be happy that you have me, Rita, I hope you like my info," I grinned. "Bole’s throat was cut with a single cut. He also has a shallow stab wound at the liver! He wore the Dark Mark, which was visible as his sleeve was cut from his shirt. Derrick lives without many injuries, but was tied with ropes and became a full obliviate. He has no memories of his previous life. He got new memories, that he is a muggle. He also wears the Dark Mark and his sleeve was also cut off. Both appeared through an unregistered portkey, a coke can! So this should be a wonderful article," I beamed deviously at her, and had my arms crossed in front of my chest. Rita's hand had gone to her mouth to stop herself from crying out loud, her eyes moved nervously back and forth.

"You.. you.. no.. or.. you?" Rita stuttered nervously, I said nothing, but just looked at her. "You, you did this, or..?" she breathed fearfully.

"If I were to say yes? What then, Rita?" I looked intensely into her eyes. I, the murderess Hermione! I could see how the frightening realization seeped deeper and deeper into her consciousness.

"You.. that was so cruel! That.. this picture.. that couldn't have been you! You couldn't have murdered Bole?" she echoed, horrified, and I rolled my eyes about her reaction. Honestly, why did she always have to tell me that this couldn't have been me?

"You're acting like I purposely went hunting for the two, but what I'm going to tell you right now will not be released in the article, understood? You could have the other information I gave you from any other person from the ministry, but the other thing now, had better not be in the newspaper, understood? I was lucky enough to encounter these two Death Eaters in a pure Muggle area. They recognized me and followed me into an alley! Now you know the result.. you shouldn't underestimate me," I bared my teeth, showing her a nasty shark like grin, which made her tremble with fear.

"You're so cold-blooded, that isn't good, you murdered a young man," she whispered hoarsely, her eyes full with fear darting back and forth behind her big glasses.

"In self-defense!" I replied coldly.

"But you're not sorry!" she breathed, horrified. Her eyes were huge behind her glasses. She just had an amazing, but not flattering, resemblance to Trelawney.

"Oh Rita, don't play the upholder of moral standards here, please! That role doesn't fit you," I told her contemptuously.

"But.. I never thought you'd be able to do that," she replied hoarsely.

"Particular situations, particular actions. And you too are ready to go over corpses, look at the facts," I told her coldly. She shook her head incredulously and took off her glasses to rub her eyes.

"You're scary, Miss Granger," she summed up hoarsely, putting her glasses back on again.

"Shall I take that as a compliment now, Miss Skeeter?" I asked ironically.

"I think I know you don't care what I think of you! Isn't that right, Miss Granger?"

"Oh, it’s not like you being so negative," I mocked her, but of course I didn't care what the beetle thought, but one had to always motivate one’s team members.

"Just think of the article that you can write with the one-hundred-percent correct information, then the positive feelings will come all by themselves. Where does the Dark Mark come from? With people just having graduated from school? Did the Dark Lord return? Why does the ministry do nothing but keep silent? And, of course, you must make assumptions about the perpetrator, be inventive, though nothing can lead to me." I saw that I had her! Her greed, in this respect, was so easy to see.

"Mmmhhhh, yes, yes! I see the article in front of me, Miss Granger, but I'm still allowed to be horrified," she almost snapped.

"You may, as long as it doesn't hinder your work and view. Then you may be as horrified as you want. And I hope I don't have to point out that you can't hurt me. My spells protect me, so don't forget that, Rita. But you aren't that stupid, right?" I asked with a smirk, cocking my head expectantly.

"No, Miss Granger," she replied instantly, and pursed her lips unwillingly.

"That's good, because now you know what I'm capable of, don't you?" I threatened gently and looked at her angrily. She could no longer conceal her sudden trembling, which was too funny.

"No Miss Granger, everything will be as you wish. I will write the article today, it will be in the newspaper tomorrow. Also, I will state that it was the same informant as the one I use when I am a beetle. Are you satisfied then, Miss Granger?" she asked astonishingly obedient. It seemed as if she was really afraid of me.

"Wonderful, I love to work with you, Miss Skeeter." I think she thought I was mad in moments like this. However, she was too afraid to do anything against me and it was impossible for her as well. Good that I always acted deliberately. Was I evil for enjoying it so much, and loving to bask in her fear of me? Yes I think so, but who'd blame me?

"Then go to work, I look forward to tomorrow's edition and take care of you, Miss Skeeter," I said quickly, because time was running out.

"Miss Granger," she replied, and I saw her walk away from me with trembling knees and unsteady feet. She didn't look particularly self-assured at that moment, but I was sure that tomorrow, when she, the great revelatory journalist, received applause for her article, she would cope much better with her new knowledge. Since the good lady was a very good actress and an ice cold bitch herself, who would go over corpses and already had, her scruples would vanish.
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Rita, Chapter 38
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