When Hermione Fights
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 From Sleazy Joints and Biting Dogs, Chapter 39

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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From Sleazy Joints and Biting Dogs, Chapter 39 Empty
BeitragThema: From Sleazy Joints and Biting Dogs, Chapter 39   From Sleazy Joints and Biting Dogs, Chapter 39 EmptyDo Okt 12, 2017 4:02 am

From Sleazy Joints and Biting Dogs

I retreated into the alley. After the very successful conversation, the high Rita had given me was abating quickly. For the first time today I allowed myself something like heart-throbbing. I mean, what was I doing here or more precisely about to do? The last time had been a totally different affair. He had taken me by surprise with his desire to see a whore in me, but today I would be one for real, as I was going to him with my eyes wide open, after he had… well, yes… after he had summoned me. The uneasy feeling in my stomach surged after this realisation. Could I really do this, like I said earlier to Draco? Could I simply do a thing like that? Could I share the professors bed without emotional attachment? I took a couple deep breaths.

Yes, you can do anything, Hermione!

I still didn’t feel comfortable with doing it, however it was nearly time, just on ten. In the meantime it had become dark, but I had become acquainted with the dark in a way that I welcomed it outright, always finding cover in its shadows. I tried to distract myself from my own nervousness. Swallow it, you have enough courage to do it, in and out, you can do it, and then taking the gold. That already left a nasty taste in my mouth, but I was determined to see it through.

I looked around, not a soul to be seen, and performed my identity spells. Afterwards I removed my scarf and transformed it back into my long, black frock coat. I pulled the hood low into my face, next appearing in Knockturn Alley with a silent plop.

Always again a cosy experience to be here, very encouraging, I thought sardonically. I was not the only hooded figure hurrying this night through the alley that felt familiar to me by now, striding quickly over the well-trodden and dirty cobbled stones, when I was able to spot the sign for the Beheaded Hangman in the moonlight. From the outside it reminded me of the Leaky Cauldron, with its run-down and shabby exterior.

Smoothly, I glided out of the shadows and towards the entrance. Don’t think too much, Hermione, this can only go awry, just act, and yes, always think about a strong, stable wall! It would be fatal, if my mental defences would collapse, though I had everything under control, just a bit of a fluttering heart.

I knocked open the heavy wooden door and entered into the smoke filled room, which was illuminated by the shine of many lights. A pub with dining area was revealed to me, furnished with dark wood. A lot of shady figures were seated here, one more ugly and disfigured than the next. Some women were running around between the rows, their robes slightly ripped, serving drinks and food. It was pretty crowded, the noise level was not to be scoffed at. It seemed as if the return of him was good for business. I strode towards the bald and toothless innkeeper behind the counter and signed him that I had a question.

“A gentleman is waiting for me. Which room? And a firewhiskey,” I demanded frankly. He tried to peek under my hood, unsuccessfully, and floated me the desired drink, grumpy about his failure.

“Yes, I know. Room 13, madam,” he mumbled derisively through his missing teeth and motioned behind him. I nodded my thanks, put down some Sickles on the counter. I picked up the glass and gulped down a large amount of liquid courage before walking up the stairs, still nervous.

The dimly lit first floor was pretty dusty. Unbelievable if you considered what a simple Scourgify could accomplish, but it was what it was. Soon I would be faced with Snape and his demands. Sometimes my ideas were really not the best. When I stopped in front of the door with the brass plate stating ‘13,’ I breathed in deeply multiple times, to dissipate my insecurity. Let me tell you, I did not succeed at all, but as the saying goes, go in and win. So I straightened my whole body and raised my hand to knock.

“Come in,” resounded the familiar, authoritative voice and I tore open the door and entered the low-lit room with confident strides. It didn’t contain much, only a table with two chairs and a bed. Apparently the professor had waved his wand, as my quick assessment yielded no dust could be found in here. And there he was, sitting casually in his chair in front of the table, and looking at me with gleaming eyes. His chin length, smooth black hair draped around his face. He was clad as always, just without his coat. Up until now he had not moved a muscle.

“Mr. Snape, you have summoned me,” I said bravely. Sometimes I had no idea what came over me, truly no idea! Wherever I got the courage, damn Gryffindor, for my voice sounded firm and controlled.

“Miss Cale, pleasant that you are on time,” he hummed oilily. He motioned to the second chair and poured me a glass of firewhiskey. Yes, very good, I could use another sip. “Don’t you want to disrobe?” he asked.

Now that he was a tangible presence, I was fairly nervous after all, don’t let him notice, is the name of the game. Err, well, I was still standing kind of lost in the middle of the room. Right, put your butt into motion, come on, I commanded myself and approached him slowly, loosening the clasp of my cloak in the process, taking it of carefully and laying it down on the second chair. I could feel how his gaze burned into my dress, evidently he liked it as much as Draco had.

With that I took the glass and gulped down the content. The burn in my throat felt incredibly good. Now would we bargain again? Shit, I didn’t have the faintest idea. Or was the price from last time still valid? I was torn out of my thoughts when I suddenly felt his fingers on my hips. My eyes opened wide. Oh. Oh! Did it start already?

He took me by surprise with the start of it all, like the first time in the alley, when I had collided with the wall. First with one hand, then with both, he gripped my hips firmly and pressed down, meanwhile beginning to pull me towards him, until he placed me between himself and the table.

I stood before him, his hands on my hips, my butt propped against the table, and looked down upon him. We hadn’t really talked. Right, two words… that’s the way it goes, I guessed. He was not looking at my face, instead examining my body in the dress at length. It felt like the fabric was etching itself into my skin, so intense was his evaluation, and then he breathed in deeply and began to caress me, his hands moving upwards on both sides of my body and in doing so he set me alight.

I couldn’t suppress a slight shiver. Something regarding his manner was just so exciting and it was never predictable what he would do next. With a brash motion he pulled me close and buried his face in my belly, embracing me demandingly and breathed in again. I thought he was trying to capture my smell. Typical for potion masters, they did many things by way of smell. I was so surprised by the unexpected motion, that a short gasp escaped me.

I didn’t know what to do with my hands and because of that I dared to rest them on his head tentatively, and started to ran my fingers through his hair, and wonder of wonders, it was soft, thin and light. It was a nice feeling. It nearly felt like silk, this deep, bluish black, gliding through my light, pale fingers. It was a stark contrast, fascinating, captivating me as well as calming me.

The intimate scene was upended the next moment when he tore himself away and looked up at me, determination clear on his face. His hands ran possessively up my body to my breasts and dragged the fabric down, unexpectedly rough and impatient, making them drop out of my dress like a pair of balls. It conjured a diabolical grin on his face. Thereafter he had a go at my breasts, working them with everything at his disposal. With ungentle fingers and his mouth he sucked, licked and pinched precariously at my sensitive nipples.

My body was increasingly fraught with tension, the way he dedicated himself to my breasts, stimulating them. My lower body contracted suddenly in pleasant anticipation. I wouldn’t have minded if he continued for all eternity. I moaned when his teeth grazed my sensitive nipples and he bit down with little care. He succeeded, though - I got wet, my juices flowing in abundance. He was really devoted to the things he did. I wanted… I had to… do something, anything, as well, to relieve the tension inside me, and so I was able to escape his embrace after a short struggle and retreated a step, which prompted him to cock his head, watching me questioningly.

I could see his slightly swollen lips and the aroused gleam in his eyes. These signs gave me the courage to risk it and so I kneeled down slowly. He observed my move without comment, however, the twinkle in those obsidians increased steadily. When I knelt in front of his legs, I grabbed his knees valiantly and pushed them apart, which he permitted graciously. I wriggled closer and was now seated between his spread legs.

Next I looked into his expectant but also nonchalantly observant face and reached daringly for the clearly visible bulge covered by his black trousers, then caressing it gently which made him tense slightly in his seat. A faint smile played along the corner of my mouth at that. It amused me incredibly that I had him, the unapproachable, ice-cold professor, in my hand - in more ways than one - and that he had himself no longer perfectly in control.

But all this gave me the necessary self-assurance and I quickly opened the first buttons of his trousers. Snape’s breathing accelerated audibly and already my efforts paid off. His taut erection was freed and protruded proudly towards me. And I have to say, it aroused me to see him this way, at my mercy... it was alluring. I licked my lips in anticipation, which was accompanied by him with a deep growl, his fingers clutching the armrests firmly. My hand gripped the stiff, plump shaft possessively and I started to rub him, which he put up with. Then I bowed my head and licked the rosy, big glans full of pleasant anticipation, which was deliciously soft.

He rewarded me with a hoarse groan. His cock twitched in my hand. Then I stopped the teasing and took him willingly into my mouth as far as I could. As I wanted to taste him at last I fervently took on the task to satisfy him with my mouth, momentarily not knowing shame and becoming absorbed in my task, feeling only his engorged cock in my mouth. My tongue lapped at the sides again and again, when suddenly his hands roughly grabbed my short, blonde hair, taking control. Now he set the pace and I relaxed my throat so that I was able to take him in all the way. I could hear his rhythmic moaning, as it seemed to stimulate him a lot and aroused me, too.

Oh the knowledge that it was me who satisfied him orally. If he only knew who really had her lips closed around his length; an abstract thought I forbade myself immediately. Then he stopped adamantly any movement by me and yanked me upwards brutally by my hair - ow, that hurt - and stared intently into my blue eyes. I thought solely about a wall and he sneered at me. He hoisted me up swiftly, to push me back, so that I nearly laid on the table. Ow… that hurt as well. Was he parading his Death Eater side?

However, before I could think further, he pulled me closer again with a single, elegant motion and flipped me around determinedly, resulting in me lying belly-down on the table. I see, he wanted to take me from behind today. And I was ready, so much was sure.

He pushed my dress hastily up over my butt and tore my soaked knickers in half. I heard it rip. Just as well that I didn’t really like it, I thought drily. Meanwhile, he kneaded my butt cheeks firmly. This lasted maybe a few seconds, before he positioned himself impatiently behind me, spread my cheeks to get better access and plunged his more than impressive member unceremoniously into me in a single, ruthless stroke. I gasped when he pushed into me so vehemently, as he hadn’t cared for my needs just like last time. Hermione, I called myself to order mentally, he pays for this, he doesn’t owe you any consideration. Be happy, that you got pretty wet by yourself, it would have hurt much more otherwise.

“Ahh, ow,” I couldn’t stop myself from uttering. One shouldn’t, I shouldn’t forget, I was the whore here and she didn’t need any further recognition! Who needed kisses, caresses, I get paid for this, damn it, I thought cynically, while I could feel him deep inside me firm and thick. Damn, the bloody bastard felt much too good. The muscles in my lower body clenched rhythmically, as I was aroused, too. Yes, that he had shoved himself this roughly and ruthlessly had excited me very much, I was deeply ashamed to admit.

He seemed to enjoy my tight and wet cunt immensely. It took some time, until he collected himself and started to hammer into me from behind with wild thrusts. It clanged loudly when the decanter dropped, which didn’t bother us. He pressed me down into the hard wooden tabletop, my bare breasts chafing against the rough surface, which drew a snarl from me. I propped myself up on my arms a bit, trying to brace myself against his unrelenting push forward.

Suddenly he seized my hair and bent my head back mercilessly. I nearly bent over backwards and cried out, which seemed to please him, as he showed me a sadistic grin that I could see from my twisted position. Gosh, did that hurt at my scalp when he held my hair so relentlessly in his fist. Meanwhile, the dear Mr. Professor still pounded into me from behind as if there were no tomorrow. I could hear the slapping noise when our bodies met. The room was filled with loud, moaning noises. I was filled by this glorious firm thrusts. This, our, uninhibited passion dazed me, as Snape succeeded in making me forget everything around me so that I could only think about the cock inside me. One hand digging into my hip, the other buried in my hair, he nearly fucked out my brain, incredible but true.

When I felt the wave pooling in my womb, flowing out from my belly into my whole body, I tensed all over and released a guttural cry, as my orgasm rolled over me abruptly and hotly. I bent my back and raised my upper body. While my body was still jarred by shivers of desire I could feel how Snape stilled behind me and spent his seed deep inside me with a low moan. He thrust two times before abruptly withdrawing. The sudden void inside me felt wrong!

Then he performed two cleaning charms on us and sat down completely redressed. He looked like always, with a blank, cold mask on his face. This man had an iron control, enviable. I was still gasping for air. Having risen from the table, the dress had slid down over my butt, only my breasts, my red, swollen breasts, were still bared and this all he observed emotionlessly. In this moment I knew that he saw singularly the paid whore in me and nothing more. A sobering thought. Why was I such a slut and had to orgasm under him in such circumstances?

My vagina was still throbbing from this tough but very satisfying encounter. Thus I set out to make myself presentable again, all under his attentive gaze, and settled down slightly out of breath in the second chair. Wow, my lady parts did really hurt while sitting. He had really rode me hard. I had refrained from spells, though, as he really shouldn’t see my wand.

“Miss Cale, a pleasure as always. Unfortunately, I have to move on. Please expect my owl,” he stated sparingly, while rising smoothly and sated, stepping behind me and letting a small, well-filled pouch fall into my lap, and next I heard the door close with a soft click. Thereupon I let my head fall into my hands, humiliated, and slumped slightly.

The tension fell off me at the next second. Phew, he hadn’t recognized me. I fetched my wand to repair the decanter of whiskey and after conjuring fresh alcohol I poured myself a new drink. I felt that I needed that right now. Afterwards I cleaned myself of our mixed juices. Today I truly could call myself a whore. I had done it knowingly... I was a whore... great, really great! Hermione Granger, the whore! I toasted to myself mockingly, and shook my head over my antics. We had talked so much, it could have been a silent picture. But well, I had gotten through it successfully.

The man could fuck, though. That fact made becoming a whore nearly worthwhile. As Hermione he would never take me, which was a pity. A wistful smile appeared on my face and for a short while I doubted my own sanity. It wasn’t that the professor was now a beautiful man in my eyes, but he was interesting and alluring in a forbidden way. He had distinctive features, entirely different from Sirius, who was charming and beautiful, or Draco, who was attractive and handsome. Snape was simply charismatic and by no means had an unsightly appearance.

It was done, as embarrassing as it seemed to me now. The professor would no doubt agree that I had done a good job. I would have definitely gotten an Outstanding for it, I thought nastily. I looked at the bare wooden table, the fresh memories of what had just occurred brought on a picturesque red on my cheeks. It was just as well that nobody else was present. I drank another glass empty right after as I had not only fucked him, I had given him a blow job as well, oh… Stop it, I ordered myself resolutely, turning to my last problem in this long night.

Sirius! I sat up, petrified, in my chair. Gulp!

How would I face him now? Should I still sleep with him? After all this? As I said to Draco, will I share his bed for the last time today? Could I really do this now? After the experience with Snape here? Wouldn’t it be completely dirty, wrong and dishonest? Didn’t Sirius deserve someone better than a slut like me? Argh, this was…

I pulled at my hair, taken aback by how short it was. Oops, I had forgotten that Minna’s hair was short, and that I didn’t have my long mane of hair. I laughed hoarsely. It wasn’t funny, but I laughed madly nonetheless. It was no wonder after this mental stress. I couldn’t forget who I was. Sirius would get a stroke if he had to look into Minna’s face instead of my own.

I performed another extra intensive cleaning spell and tried to fix my knickers with a Reparo, however the tiny piece of fabric wouldn’t mend, so I would have to say farewell to Sirius going commando.

I stood up with laboured movements and donned my cloak. I didn’t really want to face reality again! No, truly not, but how did the saying go? Nothing is free in life. The thought of confronting Sirius left an uneasy feeling in my stomach, but I couldn’t escape it. It was his due to get informed about my decision face to face. It was the decent thing to do, at least that was the way I saw it, so I braced myself when I reentered the public parlour and looked around.

What was that? It couldn’t, or could it? Was I hallucinating? No, I was right! Sitting in the back was really Lucius Malfoy!

Wow, who was that next to him? A woman and two men. He looked good, so grand yet so very out of place as well in this sleazy joint, with his well-groomed, long, ash-blonde hair and the velvet cloak. Suddenly he raised his eyes in irritation and looked at me straight in the eyes which were, goddess be blessed, not visible under my hood, pinning me down with his dark grey gaze. And with that I realized that he combined Draco’s good looks with Snape’s imposing, distinctive features. He was very impressive and appealing in his appearance. Fascinating. It wasn’t easy for me, but I had to hurry up. It was nearly midnight and Draco would kill me if I attracted his father’s attention, or I would kill myself from the additional stress. Or maybe Draco wouldn’t mind so much, as it was family… to cite his own words!

So I hurried out of the pub with the Malfoy patriarch’s grey eyes on my back, blending once again skilfully with the environment. I darted into a quiet corner and apparated. In my backstreet, near the Black House, I reappeared. I did it! Now I only had to don my true appearance again.

A second later I already was scurrying towards the main door, still hidden under my robes. Opening the door quietly, I slipped into the house, which hadn’t changed at all in the last few days. I glided to the astoundingly quiet kitchen, my movements not breaking the silence at all. There I found Sirius, as I had hoped for, who raised his head at the sound of the creaking door and frowned at me upon my entry. Ah, I remembered, he couldn’t recognize me under my hood. I brushed it back quickly and shed the cloak. An instant, honest smile spread over his features as soon as he saw my face.

“Hermione, you managed to come, brilliant,” he said, honestly delighted and grinning at me merrily.

“Hello Sirius, as always... I did say I would come,” I replied nicely and settled into a chair carefully, somewhat out of breath. I was still feeling sore thanks to Snape, but forbade myself from thinking of it further in Sirius’ presence.

“How are you?” I asked him with interest and he gauged me with his head cocked, clearly surprised by my rather reserved greeting.

“Quite well, if not bored. It is lonely here, since everybody left! I hate this house,” he declared fervently. I took his hand that was resting on the table and squeezed it firmly.

“I feel sorry for you, but at Christmas everybody will beat a path to your door,” I tried to cheer him up, so the pain of the next blow I would deal him in a moment would be dulled. I already had a guilty conscience...

“What do I smell here?” he enquired suddenly, alert and suspicious. He fixed on me an expression that was calculating and wild at the same time. I flinched back, startled, when I was struck by the agitation in his unique, grey eyes.

“What… what do you mean, Sirius?” I asked carefully. Did he mean me? Could he smell Snape explicitly or just the sex? This question shot through my head. A deep growl resounded from his chest, which expanded immensely and stretched his rough, white, cotton shirt nearly beyond capacity. The cup in his hand flew in a wide arc against the back wall and shattered with a loud clamour into a thousand pieces.

“What I mean?! You had sex… do you think I can’t smell that?!” he yelled, angrily, at an incredible volume. He glared at me, his face distorted into an ugly grimace by his fury, and stood up abruptly, smacking both hands onto the table so hard that it trembled below him. He stood bent over it, breathing heavily, shivering from head to toe. His whole posture screamed aggressiveness.

“I-I... I… that’s what I wanted...” I was slightly unsettled and on edge, remembering our meeting in the library some time prior, when he had shown me his possessiveness in an all-consuming way and I didn’t deny his claim. I couldn’t reminisce further, as he suddenly pushed himself off the table and rushed towards me, gripping my upper arm roughly, yanking me from my seat and slapping me across the face with enough force that my head was flung sidewards.

Tangles of hair flew around my face. It felt like a gong rang loudly in my ears, but thanks to my training this slap was more like a caress for me. Regardless, I was left speechless and deeply infuriated by his assault. Did Sirius beat me just now? Really? When I looked again into his face, distorted by anger and hate, he raised his hand to give me another slap, but this time I flinched back. Not with me, my dear... Did the idiot forget what I had done to Bole?

“Sirius, have you lost your marbles?!” I yelled, angered by his treatment of me. He struck me again and this hit left me tasting blood. My lip must have split. Okay... if he wanted to have it that way, he would get it. My hands balled into fists and I shoved him away from me, crouched into a fighting position and punched him straight in the face, hitting his eye. His head was flung back with the brutal force of the punch. He growled furiously, shaking his head through the pain and went right back to attacking me. Shit, I didn’t want to hurt him, didn’t want to knock him out! not Sirius!

“Sirius, wake up from this madness. What is this about?” I cried desperately. Of course, I knew that he had the right to be mad at me, but I had told him again and again that this was just a short fling and not an actual relationship. So why was he acting this way?

“What is this is about?! You’re cheating on me!” he roared rampantly and raised his arm, wanting to beat me again, but I ducked out of the way quickly. Spinning quickly, I struck cleanly at him again and this time I hit his chin.

Now he was bleeding from his mouth as well, the blood dripping down over his chin. He spat out a glob on the floor.

“You are not wearing any knickers. Yes, I can smell that, you slut!” he shouted very nastily, grabbing my wrist as I was reeling from the insult. He used the momentum to smack me into the wall face first.

“Oh yes, you are smelling like that one time in the library, only it’s much stronger. It’s obvious... you have had sex. It was the same back then, too... You lying whore!” he roared through the kitchen, positively losing it. I gasped in pain when colliding with the stone wall and the word whore cut into my heart.

Okay, that was enough. Sirius or not, if he continued this way, I would show him what I had learned! He was widely inferior to me in real combat, but I didn’t want to injure him! It was enough that I was hurting him emotionally, after all I was a slut and had had sex with Snape, two times as Sirius had discerned correctly. Ow, the wall was really hard. I had caught myself with my other hand and braced myself against it, before I was grabbed violently and yanked around roughly. He ripped one sleeve in the process, which was now hanging from my shoulder. My head banged backwards into the hard, unyielding stone and he once again hit me in the face.

Shit, I hate this, I thought when my cheek began to throb painfully, though now I was truly pissed and I replied in kind by throwing an equally forceful punch, holding nothing back. I could feel my fist strike his cheek-bone, swinging his head around and leaving a cut across his cheek when the skin split under my blow. His long hair was whipped through the air as he yowled in pain, but he didn’t let me go, instead turning his battered, bloodied face to glare at me aggressively.

That did it.

I drew my right dagger before he could notice, positive that he wouldn’t come to his senses on his own, and aimed at a region of high importance to him.

“Sirius, if you do not calm down this instant and cease beating me, I will castrate you! And I mean every word of it!” I warned insistently, my voice freezing cold as I looked firmly into his eyes. This seemed to finally pierce through the haze of fury that had encompassed his mind.

“W… what… what?” he enquired bewildered. He had grabbed my throat with one hand, reminiscent of Bole, and I couldn’t stand it and I began to develop tunnel vision. He should be glad I didn’t kill him outright. Blood was rushing in my ears, and I took deep breaths to get air into my lungs in fear of suffocation. Very slowly he shifted his gaze from my face down to my hand, almost like he was moving in slow motion, until he noticed the Horus dagger pointed at his manhood. As soon as the sight registered he twitched, his eyes shooting back up. He stared at me in shock, a look I countered with determination.

“Ah, I see we have an understanding, Sirius. Release me… step back and sit down again, or you will be lucky to get away with just castration! If you want to end up like Bole, by all means, try me!” I threatened coldly, my tone vicious yet controlled. My cheek was burning like it was on fire, my split lip was throbbing, and my whole body sore through the collision with the wall. Thanks a lot, Sirius.

Abruptly, he broke away from me for good and stalked stiffly to his knocked over chair, setting it up straight before flopping onto it. Our fight had left us both pretty battered. I breathed a sigh of relief when he finally let me go and swept my hair out of my face with my left hand with emphasized nonchalance. I lifted my damaged dress slightly and sheathed my dagger with a practiced motion before I went over to the table as well.

“That didn’t go how I had imagined, Sirius,” I stated sorrowfully after a while.

“Hmpf, I could say the same! How dare you?! Who are you shagging?!” he spat aggressively. He had crossed his arms in front of his chest and jutted out his chin irreconcilably, making it obvious how mortally offended he was. Blood was dripping slowly down from his chin still. Goddess, sometimes he could be such a child. Did I deserve that? No! I mean, we didn’t swear that we were in love, nor did we pledge fidelity! Why was he acting like this?

“I don’t understand you. You knew that our fling was temporary... Why are you this upset now?” I asked at a loss, as I truly didn’t understand it.

“How can you ask that? Who gives you the right to decide when it is over?” he spluttered.

“I... I have every right!” I asserted firmly.

“I disagree!” he retorted petulantly.

“I wanted to visit you and keep you company and what do you do? You attack me! You beat me! Have you gone mad? You grabbed my throat like you wanted to choke me!” I wanted to know what was going on in his mind, once again furious.

“Oh please! Had you planned to tell me that you are cheating on me or did you want to shag me as usual, pretending not to have tumbled out of another’s bed just a few minutes earlier?” he hissed venomously and glared at me unforgivingly.

“You are thinking only the best of me, aren’t you? Why, no, I wanted to say goodbye in a civilized manner. Believe it or not, I hadn’t planned to sleep with you, sorry! Not today, and after your behaviour just now, I won’t ever again!” I spat at him contemptuously.

“I had and have every right to act like that!” he rebuted, disdain contorting his features.

“Well, good for you, but I think we have nothing left to say. Farewell, Sirius!” I stated with finality and waved my hand in an disappointed gesture while standing up determinedly and throwing on my robe. He didn’t try to stop me and I didn’t look back either.

I rushed out of the front door and apparated quickly into the Forbidden Forest. I wanted to get to Draco, feeling too overwhelmed.

I had been beaten by my boyfriend- make that ex-boyfriend. Not that I was not used to getting beaten, but I hadn’t expected that he could do that to me.

I sobbed, the words ‘Such an ass…’ echoing through my head.
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From Sleazy Joints and Biting Dogs, Chapter 39
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