When Hermione Fights
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 Saturday, Chapter 43

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Saturday, Chapter 43 Empty
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Saturday was relatively quiet.

As the weather was still quite nice, we spent the first part of the day outside on the extensive lands of Hogwarts and enjoyed the last, warm sunrays of the year. Soon it would be cold again, here in the Scottish highlands. In the course of the day I went back to my books, because I could feel an indistinct tingling sensation in my stomach due to my date this evening. It grew and grew with the vanishing hours, and as I became increasingly miserable company I therefore fled to the books, because these couldn’t get hurt from my verbal attacks. Besides, I had my longed-for peace there. Time after time I used a Tempus, so as not to lose sight of the time. I didn't know myself being that nervous at all. When it was time for dinner, I quickly got up to get it over with.

"Hermione, it's a shame that you saw yourself off this early today, that wasn't nice," said Ginny reproachfully, looking at me scoldingly but also faithfully with her brown eyes.

"Sorry, but you know the OWL's are on. You're losing sight of that. I'll set up a plan for you Harry, Ron, so you can learn it properly and goal-oriented," I offered generously and beamed like a Cheshire cat. I knew they'd love to strangle me right now, but they didn't dare to hurt me with their refusal and didn't want to show me their horror with this threatening announcement.

"Uh, thank you, Hermione, very kind of you," it came from Harry very mildly and he stuffed a piece of bread into his mouth, whilst all in all seemingly unhappy.

"Yeah, awesome," Ron said very convincing, he'd have to work on it, I thought. His displeasure was obvious, but I ignored it.

"But you don't have to trouble yourself so much, I mean..." Harry stuttered defensively.

"But Harry, of course not, I'd love to do it for you," I said kindly. I inwardly roared with laughter, but on the outside, I gave a pompous and patronizing expression.

"Thank you, Hermione, you're the best!" The good-natured Harry surrendered. It seemed as if he'd like to bang his head against the table. Why, we wouldn't want to be like that!

"I'll go back to the library and work it out. It might take me some time, but if you want, you can come along and help me," I offered generously, coldly calculating their reactions. I was really very deceitful.

"Uh, you know Hermione, I'd love to, but we have to talk about Quidditch, it's really important, as I'm in trouble with Angelina because of the whole extra homework-story from that bitch and so I don't have the time, sorry!" Harry remembered and used it as a very flimsy excuse, which I gladly accepted with an unhappy sigh, while I prepared to deal out the final blow.

"Alright, and what about you Ron?" I asked maliciously, his food falling from his mouth, in shock, to be asked directly by me. Not nice to look at, but I saved my breath, it wouldn't have any sense to try to teach him some manners and I wasn't his mother.

"I.. I.. don't have time, I have to do my homework and.., and.." he stammered, looking helplessly at Harry, who shrugged quickly. Save yourself, was probably their motto.

"Well, if that's the case, I'll just do it alone," I said dryly. From the outside I acted a bit offended, but inwardly I rejoiced. And so I successfully got rid of those two again and Fred and George would do their best to make them forget me.

A short time later, I set out to go to the dungeons to shock the snakes. I think Draco was very fond of big shows, that was probably the Malfoy heritage showing. I said it already, he was a drama queen that loved, needed and demanded the big show. It was now shortly after eight, the busiest time in the common rooms. I would've liked it to be more inconspicuous, but if Draco desired it, I wouldn't be the party pooper and let him have his performance. So I put on my deep black, long coat and pulled up my hood inside a niche, hidden from stranger’s eyes. I wore my uniform under it, but only the skirt and the white blouse, I didn’t put on any of the garments with the emblem of Gryffindor on it. I wasn't suicidal.

I most likely looked like a Death Eater, without the silver mask.

And unrecognizable like that, I hurried with quick steps through the very dark corridors of the dungeons with the aim of Slytherin's common room. I was curious what would happen this time, but the tingling anticipation in my stomach didn't calm down. I was looking forward to what would happen and I was looking forward to Draco! It looked like I really loved the danger! When I stopped in front of the stone wall, I quickly spoke a Protego Horribilis. As I said, I learned from my mistakes. I would never again enter this room without casting a protective spell in advance.

"Snake pit", I breathed and I could pass the gateway. I quickly walked into the jammed and noisy common room, wearing my dark cloak . All, really all chairs, armchairs and tables were occupied. It was a colorful and loud chaos, no real difference to us in Gryffindor. Little by little the first people noticed me, as I stood near the entrance, waiting quietly, not yet descending the stairs. Bit by bit the talks died down and the noise faded. Most of them didn't know anything about my performance last time. I hadn't heard anything more about Higgs, apparently they pretended it never happened. Obviously, Slytherins handled their problems differently, everything stayed in-house and among them.

I was allowed to watch how some of them already took out their wands cautiously and threateningly, they resorted to that kind of reaction quite quickly, and in that brief moment, when it became so quiet, one could've even heard a pin fall in this room full of people and then they had caught themselves again, therefore the loud protests began and they began to yell.

"Who is that..?"


"Show yourself..?"

Yes, just like last time, the only difference was that I could make out the platinum-white head, the lord of the snakes, from my higher position, as he held court in the armchair in front of the fireplace, and now rose elegantly and smoothly. He glided through the crowd like Jesus. I know, really cheesy comparison, but how this crowd split up in front of him without him even touching anyone, really impressive and most looked up to him as if he would save them from me, the intruder! Hey guys, I wouldn't even be here if the great Mr. Malfoy wouldn't have asked for it!

"Quiet!" it came determined and with a deep timbre from Draco and they did what he demanded. He shouted it loudly and firmly just once, it was like the expected gong and everyone fell silent instantly! Incredible! One should've tried that with us lions, that person would be hoarse by now and the lions would still roar, I thought to myself and had to genuinely smile about it, well hidden under my hood. Now he calmly and slowly walked majestically up the stairs, in his absolutely straight posture, with his black trousers, his black shirt, and the form-fitting, black cashmere sweater.

"Draco, be careful!" Warrington exclaimed.

"Draco, watch out!" it came in a high voice from Sally-Ann Perks. I could see how his inner circle, who had had the pleasure with me last time, and who were all standing by the fire, were rolling their eyes. These were true Slytherins. They wouldn't warn their pals that Draco didn't see me as a danger. He stretched out his hand towards me and held it to me gallantly. Wow. I imitated his gesture and gave him my left hand slowly, letting the heavy black cloth slide from my hand, revealing my small, pale hand. In the right I held my white wand, hidden in the folds of my cloak, like I said, I would never walk unarmed into the pit of snakes. He took my hand gently, and softly stroked the back with his thumb, then he stood next to me on the stairs. He was way taller than me. Well, we stood before the billowing crowd of suspicious Slytherins. What kind of picture did we offer?

Didn't I say, he was a first-class drama queen.

"I'll just say it once, so listen carefully!" he let his voice thunder firmly through the room.

"This is my guest, who'll always have access when she wants it," he continued commandingly, looking icily and steadily at the speechless crowd. They didn't have that kind of thing every day, but I wondered why Draco just made this exception to the rule for me? Because of Snape, or because of himself?

"If anyone is so absolutely stupid to attack her, they will attack the house of Malfoy!" he breathed velvety and looked threateningly into the disbelieving crowd. I witnessed how almost everyone's, alright, everyone's eyes almost fell out of their heads in disbelieve after this decision, shocked of what Draco had just said, and I was allowed to see how Pansy's hand slapped her own mouth in total shock. Thank goddess, no one saw my face, since I too looked absolutely dumbfounded. What could that mean? House of Malfoy! What did he mean? That was almost as if he saw me as a member!? Nonsense, he said it only to curb his Slytherins, yes, I calmed myself, because I thought it all a bit too daring, but I stayed silent and waited.

"Her identity shouldn’t be of interest to you, only that she has every right in Slytherin!" he continued smugly, his glare was a single invitation to question his words and no one dared to provoke him. Wow, have I just gotten a free ticket? I asked myself absolutely confused, as he completely surprised me, because he brought my hand to his mouth and breathed a kiss on my hand, expertly, without actually touching the back of my hand, a perfect gentleman, just as he had been raised. A Malfoy!

"Darling, come I want to show you my rooms!" he said to me in a velvety voice, so I slid down the steps, guided by him, who was still holding me by my hand, he didn't let go. I could hear their incomprehension in their quiet murmurs, whispers and gossips, as we moved very self-confidently through the crowd of students. It was a really cool performance. Had he imagined such things in his dreams before? We left the shocked crowd behind us and then soon stopped at the first door after the passage. When he opened it, I could see a relatively large bedroom, with a canopy bed in, guess what, exactly, green and silver. The room didn’t have a window with a view of the forest, as we had above, but his window showed the lake, just like a large aquarium. I could see the green, swaying water plants and the colorful fish swimming in front of his window. Impressive, one could live with such a view as well.

It seemed very mystical and was atmospheric. Had he ever seen the squid from up close? But the most amazing thing was, he didn’t just have a one-bed room for himself, no, he had a small cozy fireplace with two armchairs that were close together! Wow. And as it seemed to me, the second door in this room led to a private bath. I was just speechless and stared with my mouth open. And a desk, his own desk, could one complain to the hat? Fortunately, he couldn't see my absolutely dumbstruck face under my hood, that would've been too embarrassing. I certainly didn't look more intelligent than the other Slytherins down in the common room. Why, I asked myself in pity, did we need to suffer in Gryffindor? What had the founders thought by this? It was so mean! I turned around the room in circles fascinated about the luxury, while Draco locked the door in routine and cast the warding and anti-eavesdropping spells on it, whereas I believed, that he had one or the other wards on his rooms by default.

"Take off your coat," he demanded casually, then I felt his hands on my shoulders and how his hands released the clasp. He took it off me, threw it aside, turned me around so I would face me in a smooth motion, and did something I hadn’t anticipated, he kissed me! Yes, he really kissed me for the first time, not on my forehead. His lips laid softly on mine. I was a little surprised, but his lips felt good on mine and so I returned the kiss gently and carefully, then we broke the kiss and grinned at each other in understanding, for he seemed also very pleased, and I licked over my lips under his piercing gaze, for I hadn't expected that.

"And did you like the show?" he asked deviously. He looked at me in honesty and openly, without that blank mask he usually wore.

"Well, I'd call you a drama queen," I said smugly, turning around slightly, grinning at him mischievously.

"There aren't many that would dare to say that to my face," he said cheerfully, a second later he was next to me and smacked me playfully on my butt.

"But I'm not afraid, Draco," I said flirtatiously, tapping him on his chest.

"I'm aware of that, Mudblood!" it came mockingly from him, then he grabbed my hand from his chest and gently pressed his mouth to my fingers and as his lips touched my skin, a shudder ran through my body, unexpectedly but not unpleasant.

"Take a seat, have a butterbeer," he offered politely. When I had let myself fall into the beautiful green velvet chair, he handed me the beer.

"Thank you. To your successful performance. Do you think they'll stick to it?" I asked, interested and raised my glass to him appraisingly.

"Yes, don't worry, they're too afraid of me," he said succinctly with a silly gesture and raised his glass to mine.

"You can be scary, in your way," I almost purred when I complimented him, something that made him smile cynically.

"I've been learning it for years, and I'm a good student," he said, as he elegantly slipped into his chair and watched me with sultry eyes.

"I can totally believe that."

"And were you afraid of the mob?" he suddenly asked with a sly expression in his otherwise emotionless face.

"No, should I have been?" I replied perplexed, for no, I had built up my shields and my wand was readily in my hand. I wouldn't have known what I should've been afraid of?

"Let's just say, I don't know a lot of people who aren't afraid to go into a full common room of one's enemy house," he said very dryly, but with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Scared? I wasn't, but I'm not stupid either! I cast a Protego Horribilis and pulled my wand before I entered the enemy land," I admitted.

"I knew you weren't starry-eyed in such a situation!" it came relieved from him, whereupon he raised his glass in a lewd way, giving me a mischievous wink, as I had never seen from a Malfoy that unbiased, but I wondered if this was a test? Snape accused me of playing games with Draco! But I wasn't sure if he wasn't the one playing a game with me!

"Now begin, what do I need to know about you?" he asked sharply.

I sardonically pointed at me at this statement. "I'm starting, or what..?" he just gave me a nod.

"Mhm, where do I start.." I murmured helplessly to myself and let my teeth slip over my lower lip.

"My name is Hermione Jean Granger, I was born in London. I'm a Mudblood, as it's called here so beautifully! My parents are doctors, dentists, and absolutely non-magical, who won't survive the next summer holidays and I..", I was abruptly and rudely interrupted.

"Stop, stop.. what did you just say?" he exclaimed, agitated, and moved forward.

"You mean that with my parents?" I giggled, amused, his shocked infuriation was funny.

"Yes, what do you mean by that? You won't kill your parents.. will you?" he whispered at the end, but apparently he thought I was capable of doing almost everything, which was interesting because he wasn't even wrong!

"Really, Draco, do you think I'm that ruthless?" I asked bitterly, he just shrugged, apparently not wanting to give me an opinion. Should I see that as positive, or negative?

"I know you're capable of doing many things, so explain it to me? What is going on up there?" he said genuinely, but tapped his own temple.

"Let's just say, I was a regular guest in Gringotts! Rangok, do you recognize that name?", it came mysteriously from me.

"Sure... is an important goblin in the bank, although we Malfoys have Mr. Rundok, the director of Gringotts," Draco told me before he drank a sip.

"Of course, where else, but I must say I love the goblins, they're great. Thanks to them, I've been able to implement my plans so far. I plan to remove my parents! They are an element of uncertainty that I want to remove," I summed up the fact very concisely, and seemed like I wasn't really involved.

"You want to kill them!" he breathed horrified.

"No, Draco, what do you think of me? I just wanted to make it look like they're dead, then no one would look for them. I asked Rangok to create new identities for them. I will be a poor, lonely orphan from the second day of the holidays," I tried to reveal my motives to him, making a pout and sniffing slightly.

"But what do your parents say to that?" he whispered as he rolled his beautiful eyes slightly at my performance.

"Nothing! They don't know anything about it! In order to prevent your next question, they'll get a full Obliviate and then a new past without a daughter," I whispered the last word quietly, since it didn't leave me completely cold, even if I tried to be pragmatic. While Draco stared at me with wide-open eyes and seemed absolutely shocked.

"Yes, but that won’t be reversible!" he exclaimed outraged, so I was allowed to experience a dumbstruck Malfoy. Okay, where did I have my camera? I tried to see the whole thing with a certain sarcasm, because the topic was simply too sad and didn't leave me completely unaffected.

"Well, that's just what it is," I said, emphasizing my indifference, tapping my lip with my forefinger.

"It is surprising that you're ready to go that far. I'm just completely speechless, it's so cold!" he nodded thoughtfully.

"One doesn't experience that every day, but believe me, I've thoroughly thought about it and I will do it. I have to do it to protect them! Also I didn't have such a close bond to my parents, unfortunately never had. So it's not that bad!" I said, pointedly emotionless, looking at him indifferently.

"Why not? I thought everyone always loved each other being Gryffindors?" Draco asked perplexed.

"Well, I didn't have it easy as a muggle witch, thanks to my wild magic as a child. It came too early, too strong! We just knew what it all was when I was already eleven, the years before weren't easy for my family! We were never really close to each other!" I tried to explain and support this fact with hand gestures.

"I've never thought about it until now, but I can understand! Then you probably never had it easy! I think I can save myself the ‘I'm sorry’?" he spoke slowly and considerately, but sounded quite sensible.

"Please!" I agreed, I didn't want any sympathy, or worse, pity.

"What will you do then? I mean, what then...?" he asked curiously, and his interest also showed in his eyes, which pleased me that he was so open.

"What then? Nothing, I'll be of age!" I explained, grinning happily.

"I beg you pardon?" he asked incredulously, almost choking on his beer as he couldn't quite follow me, but I only grinned arrogantly and continued emotionless.

"I was born in 19.09.70. And what do you know about our third year?" I probed, because if he already knew something, I wouldn't have to explain too much.

"Nothing that has anything to do with your age," he said dismissively, looking uncomprehendingly around the room.

"I had a time-turner in that year..." I confided, and he blinked at this unexpected revelation.

"What?" he said, very un-malfoy-ish. Now I wished to have a video camera.

"Yes, I had too many subjects, and since I used it the whole year, I'm now a year older, you see," I smirked at his facial expression and was glad to be able to baffle him.

"Wow, you're good for a lot of surprises, did someone tell you that before, you’re very unpredictable," he said, impressed as he shook his head and his longer hair played around his beautiful, noble face. "Time-turner, you saved Black and that stupid hippogriff, didn't you?" he said now drawn out, but he was quick to recognize the facts.

"No one said that you're not good at combining, Draco!" I complimented, grinning.

"I think you should've left Black to the dementors!" he spat out disdainfully, while I squinted at him slightly annoyed, for he would probably not get rid of his antipathy to Sirius.

"Didn't we talk about this..", I exclaimed, annoyed, but he just shrugged and grinned at me sardonically and didn't reply, so I continued.

"Exactly, well, as from next year, I'll be of age..."

"Wait, how will you be able to survive? I mean you're not working yet. You're a student, right?" he asked, looking at me questioningly.

"Malfoys and the filthy lucre. Money is the only thing that interests you. Don't you worry, I'm looked after," I objected slightly arrogantly.

"Tell me," he demanded, curiosity flashing in his grey eyes again.

"I plan on owning a house in London and one in the country and I have enough galleons! You happen to be talking to a millionaire!" I said with a sneer, stretching out my chest.

"Granger, Granger, I've already told you that you're always full of surprises.. I would never have thought so," he said flatteringly.

"Money plays a big role in my plans, too. Did you really think I thought one can only live off air?" I scoffed. Had he really thought I wouldn't consider such a thing?

"No, but how about love?" he asked.

"I beg your pardon, we're realists and not romantics! Tell that to the Weasleys, they would believe your argument. But it wouldn't work with all their children. There are a few that have a different view!" I explained, thinking of my devils.

"What amazes me is that you have been making digs against the weasel lately. Why? That doesn't quite fit," he asked, intrigued and curious.

"Argh, he thinks, because we both are prefects, we must also be a couple. I mean, that's ridiculous! As if I would, with him! I don't even fancy red!" I sighed frustratedly and shivered visibly.

"A disgusting thought, the weasel and you! Let's talk about something different! Who do you like then?" he went on to a completely different subject.

"You want me to tell you with whom I once had a thing?" I echoed, piqued.

"Of course," he said deadly serious, looking deeply and unyieldingly into my eyes.

"Draco, it's none of your business," I said resolutely.

"I'll be annoying you until I know, Mudblood! Although I already know about Black, and I'm going to try a shot in the dark and say... Krum!" he purred provocatively and grinned.

"If you're so sure, why are you asking?" I tried to distract him.

"I wanted you to confirm it!" he breathed.

"Yes, I had an affair with him after the ball," I admitted, but please, he should already know it, and most people ought to know it from Viktor.

"I heard it. However... he wasn't the first. Who was it?" he demanded vehemently and now I played coy, since I had never told anyone about Cedric before. He was my secret, not even the Twins knew. But he used his trick again and gave me a look with his stormy grey eyes and I couldn't resist.

"Cedric," I whispered tonelessly.

"Diggory? You must be kidding... When? Not during the tournament?" Draco exclaimed, for he didn't seem to have expected that.

"That's right, the last two months of my third year," I still said quite tonelessly and somewhat sad, as the memories came back when I spoke about him.

"Oh, someone is a sly dog here! If the lions knew what kind of snake was living in their den, they wouldn't sleep well. I'd have expected a lot, but Diggory..." his face showed how affected he was, shaking his head in amazement, before he sobered up. "Then you really had something with all the participants. Hot... but it suits you, the Hermione I've gotten to know!"

"You sound just like Cedric at the ball..." I mused. Then I shook my head. I didn't want to think about that, it didn't help.

"But enough about me, now I want to know the same about you. Who had the honor with you?" I demanded resolutely and relentlessly.

"And you expect me to tell you, Mudblood? But I feel generous, so I will. The first time, I was just thirteen and had the honor of lying with an elegant, beautiful, noble prostitute in Paris during the holidays. Father had taken me along on a business trip. Well, and then there has always been one woman or another, who thought I was worth a night. Four, six, or eight, I don't know!" he told me this with absolute indifference. His face showed no emotion as well. It seemed like that this topic didn't touch him particularly. I just looked at him in silence and waited, then made an inviting gesture telling him to continue.

"Yes, it wasn't just a few, that's true! But it were a lot of different, changing and often older girls and women with whom I've had fun with!" he finished his monologue as I skeptically tilted my head to show him my disbelief that this has been everything. Taking in my expression, he snorted from amusement and continued.

"And here in Hogwarts, I unfortunately had a one-off with Pansy after the ball, had a bit too much to drink, a mistake, really! Didn't get rid of her for almost the whole last year. And then two girls from Slytherin, nothing special. Then I also had something with three Ravenclaws, two Hufflepuffs and two of the French girls in Fourth Year. Just don't ask for the names, no idea. But otherwise I find the girls here not very appealing, they are so childlike, have no clue what’s going on. Which isn't the case with you, is it, Mudblood?" he whispered provocatively at the end, and he tilted his head appraisingly, as well as deliberately.

"You're right and your father has sent you to prostitutes, real nice! One has to be a pureblood. Oh, I remember, you've forgotten your two victims which you came close to!" I said mockingly and maliciously, as I listened to these revelations.

"Do you always have to remind me so kindly?" he said accusingly, his features distorting contemptuously. "So sensitive?" I mocked. "Minx!" he laughed hoarsely and drank a sip. "Did I ever say I was nice?" I teased.

"Oh, why did the hat sort you in Gryffindor? You really don't belong there, even Pansy would fit into Gryffindor better than you," he grinned.

"Thank you, that's a great compliment coming out of your mouth!" I replied contentedly, grinning and happy about it, because it was a really big compliment coming from him. The boss of the snakes was really protective over his house, after all.

"You are welcome. But tell me, what did you mean yesterday with 'Beetle'?" he continued to ask, but I was still sure, he wasn't as ignorant as he pretended to be, he knew something.

"Oh, I'm very proud of this stroke of genius, I've figured out that Rita Skeeter is an unregistered animagus, and guess what her form is?" I asked deviously, for I knew and guessed strongly that Draco also knew what she was, since he behaved very suspiciously on the train in our fourth year.

"Beetle!" he confirmed, just as I had suspected.

"Correct, but you knew that already!" I stated soberly and he only nodded when I continued.

"She was my prisoner over the holidays, as a punishment for these insolent, untrue articles, and after that I released her and put a few spells on her. Now, she's mine! Yes, I'm really proud of that!" I couldn't keep the self-satisfaction out of my voice, while Draco restlessly shifted back and forth in his seat.

"You... Wow, I think I'm really hot right now! I wouldn't have expected such wickedness from you. You really had captured her. And if it weren't beneath my dignity as a Malfoy, I would freak out right now, but as it is, I give you my congratulations. But don't you have to be afraid for her revenge? I mean Skeeter isn't known for being an innocent lamb," he told me very excitedly for his personality, but also sounded immediately worried again.

"Cute that you're worried, but useless. I have more than just one spell in my repertoire and it's impossible for Rita to hurt me! If she's so stupid as to try it, she'll fall into a coma that only I can save her from," I explained smugly, crossing my legs and comfortably leaning back into the soft chair.

"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! But scary, don't forget to warn me should I have annoyed you, my Mudblood. My respect!" He brought his hand to his chest in a gesture that expressed his respect and bowed his head slightly. I seemed to have seriously impressed him, which brought a slight, red glow to my cheeks.

"Yes, this action was one of my more brilliant ideas!" I admitted, pretending to be shy by looking at my hands folded in my lap.

"What would Saint Potter and Weasley say to that?" he said spitefully and looked thoughtful.

"Mh-hm, they wouldn't be happy. No idea," I said absently, while I shook my head. "Not important, anyway! Now tell me what your childhood looked like. I'm curious, you too have changed."

"Should I start a soul striptease for you? Because it’s not really my thing," he replied, grimacing.

"I know that of course, that wasn't what I meant and to get me to pity you won't be so easy! So swallow the pill!" I didn't give in. After all, I had also told him a lot.

"You know how the Purebloods think?" he began slowly, to which I nodded affirmatively.

"The marriage of Lucius and Narcissa was arranged! Mother, if you can call her that, has done her duty and gave birth to me. I didn't particularly like her, but apparently all Blacks are like that. With this, Father and she have withdrawn themselves to their respective floors, which perfectly describes the marriage of my parents. I think they both hate each other fervently! My education was hard; Father and Severus demand a lot. I am the heir! After you, I'm the number two at Hogwarts. I still don't understand how you can beat me," he grumbled, really offended at the end, but before that his words were cold and cruel. Then I looked at him with wide yes, while his hand went through his silky hair.

"Really, that's pretty depressing. I've been learning since I can think and you're a Mudblood!" he added contritely.

"Well, I'm simply too intelligent for this world!" I declared arrogantly with a honeyed voice.

"That doesn't make Father any happier... But where was I. For about two years now they've been intensively tutoring me in dark magic, not just learning but also applying it. I'm good, very good even, and they teach me the dueling and also to melee fight. Yes that's very important for the two of them. The pure blooded don't care so much about it, but Severus and Father, they insist on it! It's probably because he's only a Halfblood," Draco explained now and I listened intently, because that was really interesting. One couldn't accuse Snape and his father to be stupid, but one thing surprised me, what he said about Snape.

"Halfblood, how?" I asked perplexed.

"Oh, something Miss-Know-It-All doesn't know? Yes, Severus Snape had a Muggle father! He only descends from the noble blood of the Prince of his mother's side!" Draco told me pompously.

"Prince, wow, I've read about them many times. They have produced some luminaries, especially in potions," I explained surprised, but now it wasn't surprising anymore that the professor had become such an expert in his field.

"As always correct and amazingly informed. It's a pleasure to talk to you, my Mudblood!" he gave me flattering praise, while he stroked my bare knee, which astonishingly pleased me very much. I liked it very much to be touched by him.

"Maybe we can compete against each other one day, would be funny to see if I'm really better at everything and also better informed?" I challenged him playfully.

"I would destroy you," he replied harshly, while throwing his head back and glaring at me with his stormy grey eyes.

"Sure. Be careful, otherwise you’ll end up like Bole!" I threatened him with a finger.

"You can be pretty cold-hearted."

"That's life."

"I absolutely agree!" Were we already that callous? Seems like it. But nice, that he was like me!

"Here, I remember. I have something for you. A talisman. You have to wear it, it serves as communication," I pulled the galleon out of my pocket and got up, stepped behind him and put it around his neck. I locked the black ribbon, which he accepted without a question.

"You can type in the time and place with the numbers and characters, in an abbreviated form of course, and it will get warm when someone sends any information. An invention of mine," I explained, seizing the moment and slightly kissing him on the neck, which he clearly enjoyed. This soft, light skin had attracted me irresistibly, and his strong, peculiar scent of sandalwood wafted into my nose.

"The Twins also have one each," I tried to distract myself. "They want to get to know you, soon," and bit myself restlessly on my lip.

"Thank you! Then you trust me that much? Well, of course I'll have a look at these clowns!" he said, surprisingly kind and looked at me over his shoulder, his gaze intense.

"Thank you, that means a lot to me. You'll like them. I will think about something," I promised in a velvety voice, while my fingers stroked his shoulders seductively before I sat down again.

"I should also tell you that my Patronus is a magpie. Should I ever to send it to you," I told him, then he threw his head back and laughed so loudly that tears ran down his cheeks.

"You surprise me again and again! The bringer of ill luck of the goddess of death, Hel. That's hilarious! A magpie..," he wiped his tears away with his hands and shook his head.

"I'm glad I can provide your amusement," I replied, slightly offended, for I liked my bird and let's be honest, she had already done me some good service.

"Don't look like that.. Mine's a viper!" he explained, grinning.

"Well, that’s a perfect match," I said soberly.

"Yes, thank you, I find her beautiful! Come to the bed, I have something for you," he demanded, and I stood up again and walked confidently to his large, beautiful canopy bed.

"Is it normal for you to have a single room?" I asked now interested into the silence, because he had turned his back on me and got something.

"It's normal here in Slytherin to have twin rooms, the leader of the snakes always gets the single room. I own it since Christmas in our first year. The predecessor was weak, a wimp!" he told me contemptuously over his shoulder.

"That reminds me, what did your education actually involve? What kind of curses?" I continued to delve.

"Just say it out loud, so shy, that doesn't suit you, Mudblood!" he said snootily, then continued to speak. "Until now all the unforgivable curses, thanks to the holidays, I can now also write the torture of people with curses on my list! But still no Avada!" It came very indifferent and cold from him, as he still had his back towards me.

"Wow, I've practiced all unforgivable curses in the Library of the Blacks," I said proudly, smiling ashamed.

"But only on mice and doxies," I immediately qualified, for doxies were so-called "Bite-Fairies", that were like little fairies, but their small, dollish body was covered in black hair and their wings beetle-like shiny and not transparent, like the ones of the fairies. They were poisonous, very poisonous, so it wasn't a pity for these small, biting shits.

"What, you finished off doxies and mice with the Cruciatus and the Avada?" he echoed shocked. I just nodded.

"You're the funniest thing that I've come across in ages. And, did it work?" he asked with a smile, one could even hear that in his voice, but now he turned to me and looked at me.

"Yes, wasn't really difficult," I shrugged indifferently.

"You're my girl, perfect. So imaginative!" he said very seriously to my surprise, gave me a abysmally wicked smile and I asked myself what it was that was developing between us slowly but surely. I wanted to let myself get surprised.

"Was it harder for you? I mean with humans?" I asked really interested.

"I'm glad that I didn't need to do the Avada, but the other two curses didn't bother me. Father and Severus had let me practice them the last two years on animals... Disgusting... However, we can't change it and believe me, the two can be really hard on you!" he acted like he suffered.

"Should I feel sorry for you now?" It came smugly from me and blinked at him faking sympathy.

"Oh, please, leave it! I can still sleep well," he replied grinning grimly.

"So and now come here..." he ordered sharply, reaching behind himself to the bedside table, and took what he had previously looked for.

"Here for you," he quickly explained, holding out two small books.

"What is that?" I asked curiously, taking what he held towards me.

"Tomes of course... ancient tomes. I want you to read and learn it," he demanded gravely.

"Why?" I asked curiously, for it wasn't quite clear to me why he gave me books.

"Don't you devour every book that comes across your path?" he answered my question with another question, which annoyed me.

"Yes, but what are they about?" I asked again, more demanding.

"How a pureblood has to behave! I want you to be immaculate in your manners! Don't get me wrong, you're fine already, but I want you to be perfect all around!" he smugly told me, waving his hand over me.

"Wow, you see me speechless, but of course, as you wish.. thank you, but I've already read such books," I explained somewhat perplexed.

"I see that, or you would know much less, but believe me there is almost nothing that can rival the Malfoy library. Read it, you won't know them already! Believe me," he insisted that I read these books, even if he praised me, which didn't escape me and pleased me. I went to my cloak, and put them in my coat pocket. I tried not to show him that I was very happy, because I really knew how to appreciate such treasures like these ancient books. He approached me again, slowly, and so we stood in front of the fireplace and looked passionately at each other. It was an intimate moment. We had talked long and in detail but still didn't tell each other everything, but now we knew each other better. We had shared many secrets and the night was still long. Draco just opened his mouth to say something, when there was a loud knock the door. His expression got cold again, his lips pressed together angrily, and his eyes looked absolutely furious at this unwanted disturbance, and with one wipe of his wand he ended a spell, so he could ask what was going on, and raised his voice angrily.

"Yes, who dares to disturb me now, didn't I express myself clearly before?" His voice sounded so frigid that it ran coldly even over my back. Poor messenger, I thought compassionately. I ran to the chair next to the door to put on my cloak, one never knew.

"Excuse me, Draco! The professor is downstairs and wants to control the whole house and asks for you and I thought that you might not want him to come up!" I could hear the defensive voice of Zabini.

"Damn!" Draco hissed quietly, very un-malfoy-ish, looking at me thoughtfully. He knew how Snape always acted in relation to us. I feverishly thought about a solution too.

"I'll be right there," he exclaimed imperiously, and we could hear Zabini quickly leave again.

"What now? It wouldn't be ideal if Severus found you here! He expects all Slytherins to be in the common room and unfortunately he always controls the rooms with a spell, which means you can't stay here," he said grimly, and I began to show a smile on my face as an idea popped into my head. I loved playing and Snape was always good for a game, let's see how fast he'd see through me.

"On the other hand, it could be fun and I make it clear to Snape that he can't forbid me to see you!" he seemed to think about it feverishly. I liked to see what direction his thoughts went. As I already said, we thought alike.

"Why are you laughing, Granger?” Draco enquired now. “That's not good."

"Trust me Draco, we.. I have everything under control," I asked him determinedly.

"Oh, and how?" it came from him.

"Let me surprise you," I said smugly, and now had a plan. I pulled my wand and began to transfigure myself and was allowed to see Draco looking at me, with a deep frown on his forehead, and his eyebrows wandering closer and closer to his hairline, the more spells I used. Had I ever said how much I loved magic? So here again for the record: I loved magic! It took longer than the transformation into Minna and cost me more energy. It was very exhausting as I changed into something completely different! But it was good, I could see the amazement on the mask that Draco's face had become. At the end, I turned my robe into a school cloak with the Slytherin green emblem on it.

"Wow, Mudblood! You really are powerful and you react quickly. Do you know that you radiate an eerie calm? Impressive!" he breathed, impressed, while he caught himself again quickly and looked smug.

"Thanks for the compliment, Draco. And it doesn't help anything to freak out in unpleasant situations, that just leads to mistakes," I stated coldly before I stepped in front of the mirror, which was at the wardrobe door. I looked at my completely changed appearance.

"I always keep a cool head, you know, otherwise I would've pulled out Bole's knife that was inside me... That wouldn't have gone well for me..." I said pragmatically, playing around with my hair, draping it around a face that was unknown to me. I had changed my appearance, my hair now shoulder length, smooth white-blond hair, I had lengthened my face with a pointy chin and narrow cheekbones, also my eyes were now grey. I looked like a Malfoy, more like Draco's twin sister, though much more delicate and fragile, nothing that reminded one of the feminine and well-trained Hermione.

"You left it inside you? I think you still have to tell me a lot, Mudblood," he said again slightly impressed, but also shaking his head in disbelief.

"Oh, I think you as well, you haven't told me about the Lord yet, and that would be especially interesting. And what you meant by your statement about the house of Malfoy!" I countered. He didn't let me talk anymore, determinedly turned me around to him, kissed my forehead again and took my hand resolutely into his.

"Well, next week. Now into the fight with Severus!" he explained, holding the door open gallantly for me, giving me a real, haughty Malfoy smile.

End of Hermione’s POV
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