When Hermione Fights
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 Tears and the Hogs Head Inn, Chapter 46

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Tears and the Hogs Head Inn, Chapter 46 Empty
BeitragThema: Tears and the Hogs Head Inn, Chapter 46   Tears and the Hogs Head Inn, Chapter 46 EmptyDo Nov 30, 2017 12:32 am

Tears and the Hog's Head Inn

After recovering from my shock of having faced a real Death Eater for the first time on my own, I locked the passageway diligently and with routine. Compared to Snape, the unmasked Bole and Derrick had been a joke and even the sad figures at the Quidditch World Cup hadn't seemed threatening to me. Snape on the contrary... I might be brave and quite ruthless, but Snape as a Death Eater was a terrific figure and seemed ready to go over corpses. You could see that he grew into or was even born for this role.

So I started to head back to the common room, deeply in thought, preparing myself to face the questions and accusations of my friends. I didn't plan anything ahead; that would've been pointless. In battles like this you got the best results without much planning and by just reacting spontaneously. Everything always happened in a different way than you thought anyways, I almost gave up already.

Phew, I had no real desire to enter this room, but anyone who could face a Death Eater named Snape should be able to cope with the children behind that door as well, hence I took another deep breath and spoke the password. Go in and win! The common room was rarely so crowded, the tempers had apparently not calmed down yet since the unexpected appearance of Snape. As I entered an imminent silence hit me and I was appraised like prey. Hey, they were just living up to their name of ‘lions’. It was as if they were on the verge of tearing me apart! I felt like I was on display, standing in the middle and all the Gryffindors were crowded together in bigger and smaller groups in corners around the room and had spoken excitedly with each other until I arrived back. There was nothing more beautiful than a scandal and the following gossip. Gossips, the whole lot, I thought contemptuously.

"Hermione!" Harry rose immediately from the couch. "What was that all about? What is going on? What did Snape want here?" he demanded vehemently, indeed very aggressively. Clearly, his temper got the best of him. His body shook visibly with suppressed rage, wonderful.

"Professor Snape, Harry!" I just couldn't leave it alone, some people gasped for air after what I'd said.

"What is going on? That he invades the tower to usher you out of here?" he shouted angrily, and Ron joined him.

"Yeah, and the way you talked to him. How could you?" Ron started to yell as well, and I could see the twins starting at the window, wanting to come to my rescue. But I wanted them to keep their cover and looked at them briefly, shaking my head. They regarded me doubtfully, but then nodded slightly and sank back down again. I took another deep breath. It felt like being on trial, right there in the middle of the room, and really every single Gryffindor was here, but Harry and Ron wouldn't let me talk about anything in private. Not yet, at least, as excited as they were right now.

"Umm, well, he just gave me a very impressive detention, that's all...?" I said brusquely, folding my arms defensively in front of my chest. It wasn't nice to be examined predatorily by the lot of them.

"Well, but you're the first one ever to be taken from the common room just for detention. He could've told you in class. The performance... was..." Harry was missing the words, but you could rely on Colin Creevey, this muggleborn, small, lousy, pompous smart arse.

"Oscar-worthy, Harry, the performance was oscar-worthy!" he said adoringly to Harry and Harry only nodded gratefully to Colin. You had to be blond, I thought very annoyed.

"Exactly, Colin, that's the right word, that does... not explain anything here!" And he invited the entire common room to join our conversation with his gesture. I wanted to hit my head against the wall. Oh, how... wonderful, thank you Snape, thank you! That revenge hit home, he'd done his thing well!

"Harry, there's nothing!" I replied, annoyed. I could hear a derisive snort behind me. When I quickly glanced over my shoulder I saw Lav, looking at me with a scornful expression, giving me a once over from head to toe. This girl and I had never warmed up to each other. I didn't like her shallow-minded and superficial personality. She was only interested in fashion and boys, and she didn't like me because of my intelligence and my honesty. She didn't understand that I prefered books to anything else but she was intellectually so far below me that every conversation had to go slack.

"What are you accusing me of?" I asked persistently, frowning angrily because Snape had never slept with the student Hermione, we had to establish that fact here and now. I had to turn the table and present myself as the poor innocent lamb, which I really wasn't, but nobody knew and that should remain so.

"What happened on Saturday?" Harry asked, clearly suspicious, narrowing his eyes in distrust.

"Nothing special, he caught me in the hallways and I tried to talk myself out of it... Apparently he figured that my explanation might not have been correct and that's why he presented himself like that here. Do I know what's going on in the head of this man?" I defended myself fervently and tried not to invent something, but to remain honest and admit I had no idea.

"Aha, and we're supposed to believe you?" Ron doubted, looking quite red in his face. He should pay more attention to his blood pressure, that was the huge amount of cholesterol at work, obviously!

"Yes, I don't allow him to push me around like he wants. I don't understand what crimes I apparently committed that you doubt me like this. What did I do? Why are you so suspicious of me? Do I deserve that...? Besides, I would be grateful if we could clear this among ourselves, without all these others here!" I threw a furious glance at the much too curious groups.

"Oh, Hermione, I even ask for it! It's not that, but your behaviour earlier was so odd, so absolutely impossible to understand and… And then the question arises, why do you still live after what you said to him?" Harry showed himself incredibly stubborn as always.

"Yes, that would interest me too," Ron said sharply.

"You're acting like he's slaughtering students every day," I said contemptuously, waving my hands around in frustration.

"But he does," Ron stated succinctly and I looked at him skeptically.

"Come on! He's just achieved what he wanted! To unsettle us Gryffindors. He's capable of every dirty trick you can think of! He just wants to cause trouble!" I exclaimed angrily.

"Yes, I think so, too!" Fred helpfully provided.

"I agree, he was always cunning and if he can annoy Harry by doing this... then the dungeon bat will do exactly that," George said schemingly and the two had a really good point and were high up in the ranks of our house, their words did count quite a lot here.

"Besides, the way you lead the bat on was awesome, Hermione. But his phrase with the knife was cool, too. Never heard Snape say anything like this before, it was unique. We laughed our asses off!" Fred laughed nastily, loosening the tense mood slightly. I always said, those two were very, very good, how they turned the tables, helping me in this way. I could see more and more students nodding, which shrunk the weight on my mind minimally. As it turned out, I would get out of this unpleasant situation relatively unscathed without losing my face.

"Come on, let's go upstairs, guys!" I asked Harry and Ron and started to move into the direction of the stairs. When we reached the boys dormitory, I sat down on the bed with Harry. Ron settled down on his own bed. I regarded at them thoughtfully and they also watched me closely until I lifted my head and looked at them resolutely.

"I didn't want to tell you down there. But as you can imagine, Snape and I had the opportunity to talk in the Black Library and sometimes we talked about the books we read. There was nothing more, just that I could talk to him in a more relaxed way. And before you start yelling Ron, Sirius was always there with us and joined the conversation," I defended myself and I could watch how both of them breathed in relief after hearing Sirius’ name.

"But why did he storm into the tower like that?" they pushed me further.

"What do I know? He was angry at me and wanted to avenge himself and drive a wedge between us!" I replied, shrugging my shoulders sadly. "You never know with that guy, you never know when you put your foot in his mouth," I explained, while making big, innocent eyes and playing with the hem of my school skirt in a gesture of shame, twirling the fabric between my fingers.

"This is so Slytherin, this... Oh, if he wasn't a professor," Ron hissed and was killing his pillow in an impressive way as he tried to strangle it.

"You should be careful and stay away from him," they advised me anxiously.

"Do you think I like being close to him?" I hissed, but innocently raised hands were held up in front of me.

"But how else could I have reacted in the common room? Should I have refused to go with him? He's a professor," I continued to defend myself.

"Oh, Hermione, you and your.. ‘professor’ here and ‘professor’ there," Ron groaned loudly, throwing his head back in frustration.

"Very funny, Ron.” I was very cynical. “What else should I have done?"

"No idea!" He looked at me with big, ignorant eyes, but his chin was raised up stubbornly.

"Not hard to believe..," the tone of my voice was very ironic again and I snorted in contempt.

"What kind of detention did he give you?" Harry asked, rather worried.

"On Mondays and Fridays I'm supposed to brew potions." I made a suffering grimace, because I wouldn't be allowed to keep them, and my time was actually too precious. "Though, it could be worse," I shrugged, because it really could've been.

"But because of what?" Harry persisted.

"He didn't really give me any reason, just meant that this would be my punishment and then left! He didn't tell me!" I shrugged apologetically and unhappily. "...and I didn't dare to ask!" These questions got on my nerves and I decided to take the easiest way out. I pushed a few tears into my eyes, which was amazingly easy, so my eyes now floated in a sea of water. It was really useful to be able to act, for what boy could resist tears, female tears? And I didn't consider myself too good to use such means to get what I wanted, and sniffed. Pride? Forget it! What was that again?

"I really don't understand either what he wants, so horrible as he was. And I, as a prefect, have gotten detention for not doing anything!" I sobbed heart-meltingly and pushed more tears out of my eyes and these rolled down theatrically over my cheeks. "... and… and the Gryffindors hate me now," I whined. Harry and Ron's faces were hilarious as their expressions changed from distrustful to caring and upset and they looked at each other slightly overwhelmed. That a girl’s tears could easily lead guys to panic was so predictable, but all the better for me. Inwardly I was delighted about my very successful coup.

"But... but Hermione, we didn't mean it like that! Please, don't cry... Dear... it's going to be alright..." Harry looked nervously to his bedside table for a handkerchief, which he then gave me, relieved after he found one.

"Yeah, Hermione, you're the best prefect ever!" Ron tried to awkwardly comfort me by complimenting me. Really, the guys were almost too sweet.

"B... bu... but, I have detention!" I stammered unsettled from crying. "I should be a role model!" I continued to bawl inconsolably at my apparent failure. Ron shrugged despairingly and peered at Harry, who suddenly found his heart and pulled me to his chest, taking me lovingly and caringly into his arms.

"Sssh, all is well... Calm down, relax. We didn't want to offend you or imply anything! We know we can trust you. Snape is an ass who just wants to make us insecure, don't be intimidated by his malice. You're so strong, Hermione," he whispered to me. Of course I was, but it couldn't be any better, so I hid the satisfied smile that started to form on my face in Harry's neck, into which I cuddled myself and let my fake tears run. Perfect.

"Not only Snape, also your accusations... have... hurt me much more!" I whinged. If I did an act like this, I aimed to go all out.

"Please, Hermione! Stop crying. You've never been like this. I know we reacted wrong, we shouldn't trust Snape, I'm so sorry," Harry apologized softly, stroking my hair tenderly.

"Yes, Hermione! I'm sorry too, please calm down. We stay together, no matter what he'll do," Ron now rose bravely and patted my shoulder insecurely. Oh, even better! And I tore myself abruptly off Harry, jumped from the bed and threw myself hard against Ron's chest and was now crying into his shoulder heart-meltingly loud and he stood there like a dork until he carefully, slowly put his arms around me, holding me slightly overwhelmed, swaying me soothingly.

"I'm sorry. I was just so hurt, wondering how I deserved your mistrust," I now distanced myself from Ron with a tearstained face and a whining, strained voice. Harry pulled me back on the bed, which made Ron release his breath in relief, because he was rid of me again. It was only the second time since we knew each other where I had been crying. The first time had been in the girl's toilet, when the troll had found me and Ron and Harry had rushed to my rescue. Only, unlike then, my tears were now as real as snow in summer! Was I ashamed of having to make such a farce in front of my friends? Um, no, it was necessary, they were too suspicious and every way to misdirect them was legit. I fought now with all the means available to me. Without shyness or shame and with the tears of a woman.

"We have to apologize, Hermione. It wasn't right how we behaved towards you! You're our friend, we should always trust you and not get suspicious because of this vicious scumbag," Harry looked at me penitently, holding my hands in his, looking deeply into my eyes.

"Oh, Harry! You don't have to apologize. I can imagine how that all must have looked like, but I didn't want to let him win! To give him the satisfaction of… showing him that he unnerves me...", I explained myself, interrupted by deep sobs still.

"But Hermione, you're dead right! Be proud. I would never show the dark dungeon crawler that he makes me nervous either. We aren't Neville," said Ron now. "And... I need to apologize too, you were amazing, holding your own against Snape."

"What about the other Gryffindors?" Harry asked hesitantly.

"I don't care, Harry! Only you are important to me and if you show them that you trust me, then it'll be fine, and if not, it doesn't matter! Fred, George, and Ginny will probably be on my side as well," I said, looking like a whipped dog with tearful eyes under my long hair.

"You're so strong, Hermione..." Ron wanted to cheer me up.

"Yes, you've always been. It's going to be fine, we're always there for you! No more mistrust!" Harry embraced me heartily once again.

"Thank you guys, your encouragement helps. Now I just have to survive the detention. He didn't even say how long it will take!" I whined in dismay and sniffed loudly into the handkerchief. "What... but?" both stuttered.

"What am I supposed to do? He... won't get to me that easily...", it came now with an angry hiss from me.

"Exactly, show him...", both patted my back encouragingly. I wiped my burning eyes.

"You're tired, it's late. We should all go to bed. Tomorrow will look much better again." Harry declared softly.

"Harry is right, tomorrow all will be better," Ron said, smirking at me, so I said goodbye to them and went to the girl's dormitory. It was still empty and so I disappeared into the bathroom and when I laid in bed a little while later, I didn't feel so bad as I had been able to speak with Snape about Harry's problem and thanks to the boys feeling guilty I would be able to continue to play my game. I knew I had Harry and Ron well wrapped around my finger. Was I a bitch because I manipulated them so much? Probably, but I couldn't do it differently. And so it went back and forth inside my mind, but I would need to be more careful for the next few days and be more responsive to the guys, since I now would be under permanent observation. I hoped that Sunday and our plans would distract them so much that they would forget about me.

Yes, I set high hopes for Sunday. But until then there was still my martial art training on Friday. I hoped I wouldn't hurt myself again. Not that I had to go to Snape again, that would be suboptimal. And so the rest of the torturous week passed. Its end couldn’t have come sooner. Friday was a challenge, but I survived it. Firstly, thanks to the Twins help and secondly because of my lie that I had detention with Snape and thirdly because I didn't hurt myself and so I quickly hurried into the common room without running into the dear Professor. The Gryffindors had also calmed down again after seeing how close we three were, despite our loud argument in the common room. It was as if we were glued together, it wasn’t easy for me. Not easy, but necessary, unfortunately.

On Thursday we saw Snape again in the classroom, he had made himself scarce the last few days, apparently Harry's scar was a real guarantor to guess in what mood the Dark Lord was. And since Snape looked quite worn out and exhausted, the Dark Lord obviously took his bad mood out on his people and kept them busy. Ha, serves him right! For the trouble and hassle that he had bestowed upon me. Also, I could imagine that because of his activities as a Death Eater, spy of the Order of the Phoenix, as professor and potion master for both sides, he didn't really have much time for himself, the man and human Severus Snape, and so it didn't surprise me that I as Minna still hadn't received any new demands, which maybe did make me feel a little bit sorry for him, but only maybe. On Saturday I was finally able to follow Draco to the school library at noon, without his entourage glued to his side.

"Draco, good that I was finally able to find you alone!" I gave him a wicked smile.

"What is it Mudblood? I missed you!" He embraced my hips with both hands and pulled me into his strong body, so I put my hands on his chest and beamed. I was always glad when he didn't show me his cold, rigid mask.

"I missed you too, Draco. That's why, I miss you so much, but I can't meet you today, unfortunately. The Gryffindors keep me under strict surveillance, you can thank Snape for that!" I riled, disgruntled, for the looks following me around, stalking and appraising my every step really got on my nerves.

"Why?" His eyes looked sad.

"He came into our common room on Tuesday evening and we had a little argument in front of everyone and now they keep staring at me in suspicion, it sucks!" I was completely annoyed once again.

"So the rumors are true? Very funny, him in Gryffindor. That's Severus live, but also very annoying, very annoying for us that you can't meet me. But you should be careful, my Mudblood!" he said ruefully before kissing me quickly on my forehead.

"Oh, I could strangle him!" I hit his chest angrily.

"Eh, I'm not a punching bag... I bet that things will have calmed down next Saturday, but then I won't be put off anymore. Have you already read the books?" he addressed another topic.

"No sorry. I will give them the attention they deserve. I think it's going to calm down from Sunday on, but I'm crazily busy right now," I explained, stressed out, shaking my head so hard that my hair flew around everywhere. Then, after a quick glance around, he grabbed me even more firmly and pulled me to his chest and held me tight. I sank against him and found comfort in his willing and firm embrace. He gently raised my chin with one hand, the other one at my waist, and looked deeply into my eyes, slowly and carefully laid his lips on to mine and kissed me very gently, very emotionally and I fervently returned this tender kiss, then he distanced himself from me and gave me an intense look.

"It'll be fine, my Mudblood, take care of yourself," he said, taking my hand and bringing it to his lips, kissing it, giving me a mischievous grin, and then he quietly disappeared from the library. Draco had an incredible way of standing above things, but we'd kissed again, though I didn't know where it would lead to. Especially with his knowledge of the situation between his godfather and me, whereupon I felt the beginning of a stinging heachache. All this was so very complicated and tricky and so I pushed these unwanted thoughts far away from me.

And then came the highly anticipated Sunday. Harry and Ron had been on pins and needles for days. We headed well wrapped, as the cold autumn air blew vigorously and thus swept around the very colorful leaves from the trees, towards our meeting that I had prepared diligently.

We took the path leading to Hogsmeade and approached the destination mentioned by the Twins, the Hog's Head Inn. Yes, many memories came back to me, but I pushed them gently away. I wouldn't think about it, because right now he was in my bad books. When I walked purposefully with the others towards the Hog's Head and we went inside the dirty taproom, I had to admit, that it didn't look as eerily as in the night, just filthy and grubby. I could see four hooded figures in the tavern and I immediately stared at a very badly disguised witch, which clearly seemed to be male. He was hidden under a thick, black veil, and caddishly sat at the counter. It was definitely Dung, I had never seen such a bad disguise. Maybe I should offer him lessons in the art of disguise.

Now, however, I understood why the Twins wanted to meet everyone here. I guessed strongly that they would receive their new supply of ingredients from Dung today. The other three guests were normal rabble, which preferred to be around places like this.

"Wow, this is fucked up here. Yuck! I don't even want to sit down," Ron grimaced as we sat down at one of the tables in the back. Well, Ron, just you wait until you see the Beheaded Hangman, I thought cynically. The boy was really living in a dream world.

"It’s indeed not the Three Broomsticks," I said, shrugging and sitting down indifferently, something Harry copied, when Aberforth Dumbledore arrived at our table.

"What do you want..?" he grumbled, albeit in a friendly way as always.

"Three butterbeers," I ordered soberly and he left us again grumpily.

"And there's no Madame Rosmerta for you, Ron, so pretty blonde and blue-eyed," I teased, chuckling and Harry grinned wickedly.

"That's right, Ron...!" Harry laughed as well over Ron's embarrassed expression. And all of a sudden everything happened quickly and more and more students arrived from Hogwarts. To our astonishment and joy, there were no less than twenty-five interested people from the three different houses. The fourth house, that of the snakes, was left out from the very beginning unfortunately.

Nearby were Cho Chang and her extremely unlikeable friend Marietta Edgecombe. A Hufflepuff idiot named Zacharias Smith, our Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff prefect colleagues, as well as Ginny's friend Michael Corner, who appeared with two of his Ravenclaw buddies, and Luna Lovegood, and we unexpectedly got the absolute majority with eleven Gryffindors. We wanted to begin, when we were all gathered around and Aberforth had supplied us with more bottles of Butterbeer, but at the beginning it didn't work as I planned it to be.

"Well, tell us Harry, what happened in the maze back then?" Someone wanted to know curiously.

"Yes, no one knows anything! Tell us already!" It came from the other side, pestering intrigued.

"Exactly! What exactly happened to Diggory back then? Tell us?" And so it went back and forth.

"Hey guys, that's not what it was meant to be here, I'm not here to satisfy your sensationalism!" Oh, Harry just made me so proud, he might actually grow up, the way he was talking and presenting himself here just now. I was bursting with pride. "And I won't tell you anything about Cedric, that would be an insult to his memory." He looked determined, disapproving and relentlessly at everyone with his deep, dark green eyes.

"But I also want to talk about a few things, so you know what you would get involved in, should you want to join us." At which he ran his hand through his dishevelled hair, due to the following disquieting memories. We flanked Harry, me sitting on his right, Ron on his left side, and I knew that the now following memories weren't easy to describe for Harry. Firstly, because he didn't want any attention, nor fame, and second, because it wasn't all that great when it happened. He and we each had to run and fear for our lives, it always sounded great what we had experienced, but at that time it was never certain if we would come out of it alive or not. There really wasn't anything great about it, so I grabbed his right hand supportively, and squeezed it, which made him turn his head towards me, his messy hair falling into his face, and he smiled wryly but gratefully at me, to which I smiled back encouragingly.

When we both turned back to the other students after my efforts at encouraging him, they all looked weirdly at us, as if they had caught us doing something we shouldn’t. They probably thought something was going on between us, which made my eyes roll, visibly for everyone. Ginny scowled and clung herself to Michael Corner and Cho got even more slit-eyed, she narrowed her eyes so much, if that was even possible.

"I ask you to not interrupt me," he cleared his throat determinedly and bravely began to speak:

"Just to make it clear to you, that there are things I can teach you. Yes, I have fought a basilisk in my second year and won, otherwise I wouldn't be here," Harry said very disdainfully, because many in front of us just had the resemblance of a fish. I smirked slightly and continued to hold his hand, but it was true, what twelve-year-old could claim to have taken up a fight against a poisonous green monster of fifteen metres and would still sit here alive? The probability was extremely low. As more specific questions appeared about the how and why, Harry just raised his hand and stopped the questions until the storm abated, as he wasn't ready to reveal more.

"I'm able to summon a corporeal patronus, since the end of our third year," he now gulped visibly, pausing, as I was sure he was thinking of the two of us when we saw how the dementors tried to kiss him and Sirius, not a beautiful sight and not a nice memory. The pain Harry had suffered as he lay there, almost losing his soul, had been profound and one he couldn't easily forget. This was another piece of information that left some people speechless, as casting a corporeal patronus at the age of thirteen was almost impossible! But even here Harry wasn't ready to elaborate on it, so I took over:

"Umbridge won't teach us defensive spells, to the people that are in their NEWT year and to us who are in our OWL year. Regardless of whether you believe Harry that He came back or not, we are going to need them though. For the past thousand years, every witch and wizard has been taught active spells, not just theory from a book. Why would something else apply to us? With what reason?" I got really agitated.

"I can understand your arguments and I also feel disadvantaged by the Ministry, as far as I know, the exams remain the same!" several attendants said and a murmur of approval rose.

"Well, I think it's a good idea and I want Harry to teach us defensive spells! After all, he also won the tournament last year, he's good!" Ginny argued, leading to a nod of agreement.

"Awesome! I would find it useful to have weekly meetings. We'll let you know where and when," I said determinedly and rubbed my hands expectantly, it went well. There was movement in the group, but I couldn't let them go yet.

"Everyone, please. I have to ask you to sign this document, for our as well as for your protection. You write your name on it, and it's better if you don't tell anyone about our little group," I said, smiling sweetly, because that wouldn't be good for the person concerned. Everyone lined up in a row. First, Fred and George signed energetically to take the reluctance away from the others, so everyone found the courage to sign after some hesitation. Then I packed away the document, pleased, and made my way back to the castle with Harry and Ron, glad that the group was fixed now.

"Thank you, Hermione, for your support, that wasn't easy," Harry turned to me, showing me that a heavy weight was lifted from his heart.

"My pleasure! It went well," I replied satisfied.

"You did a great job, buddy!" Ron said, grinning as he seemed to think of something. "Now we just have to find a suitable room, right?"

"Yes, unfortunately! But we still have some time. Did you see how Cho adored Harry?" I asked, causing Harry's skin colour to change very much like Ron's hair, despite the cold wind. We all had a good laugh at that and happily arrived at Hogwarts, shoving away the thought of finding a suitable room. We'd eventually find something.
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Tears and the Hogs Head Inn, Chapter 46
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