When Hermione Fights
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 Slytherin Chiefs, Chapter 51 by me. :P

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Slytherin Chiefs, Chapter 51 by me. :P  Empty
BeitragThema: Slytherin Chiefs, Chapter 51 by me. :P    Slytherin Chiefs, Chapter 51 by me. :P  EmptyDo Jan 11, 2018 3:21 am

Slytherin Chiefs

As expected, I saw Draco on Sunday morning in the Great Hall. He gave me a friendly, but covert nod, which meant that the Twins had been able to tell him yesterday that he didn't have to wait for me. I quickly finished my coffee and rose again, signalling him that I wanted to speak to him now and tried to make him understand that I would be waiting for him. A brief, barely perceptible tilt of the fair head told me he had understood. So I waited near the portico, from where the large gull-winged doors of the Great Hall were in sight and only minutes later Draco headed towards me in a rapid pace.

"What are you doing here, Mudblood? Out of my way!" he hissed and in passing he pointed to the end of the corridor. He strode purposefully towards one of the classrooms which was unused on Sundays and I followed with some distance. Today I wore a green, simple college dress with a high collar and long sleeves. A winter dress made of a warm, woolen fabric, because today, on a Sunday, we didn't have to squeeze ourselves into school robes. When I closed the open door behind me, I found myself in an embrace so fast, I couldn't even blink. Arms pulled me tightly to a male chest covered by a form-fitting black pullover made of the finest material, topped with a longer cut jacket. It fit him very well and fortified his noble appearance.

We stood in the classroom and held each other tightly until he pushed me away slightly and let go, just to cup and hold my face with both of his pale, well-groomed hands, whereupon he leaned towards me and laid his lips over mine with infinite gentleness and tenderness. That sent an incredible tingly feeling into my stomach, as if thousands of bees were buzzing inside me. The kiss started slow, so that at first only our lips touched each other chastely but then pressed against each other more and more passionately, which caused an indescribable feeling of happiness inside me! When his tongue began to caress my lips with passion, I forgot where I was and opened my lips with a pleased, throaty sound. I could feel the small smile on his lips when I welcomed him. Our tongues began to dance with each other. We started out slowly and quickly build up to a passionate finale in which our tongues fought a hot, fierce duel. When we parted, overwhelmed from the kiss, my legs were as soft as pudding. Draco had to hold me with one arm around my waist, otherwise I would've lost my footing. Additionally I pulled myself close to his body.

"Draco, you’re so passionate today!" I tried to regain my balance.

"You didn't turn up yesterday, Malfoys can't handle that well!" he whispered into my hair, caressing my neck with his hand.

"How did they inform you?" I asked curiously and eagerly.

"They stopped us in front of the stairs to the dungeons and offered us their products, saying that they were generous enough to allow Slytherins to participate in their ingenuity, because money is money, no matter where it comes from and that it wouldn't stink! Then they started talking about themselves in third person, very confusing! But the next thing they did was to complain that they were very tired and that the earliest one would be able to see them again would be the next morning, and that we should quickly grab their products now, before they were gone, since one shouldn't be hopeful of seeing them before tomorrow and they were staring at me intensely the whole time. I would have to have been brain dead not to understand with that amount of emphasis that you wouldn't be able to come that night!" Draco explained extravagantly and made me giggle because of the mental picture I got. His description was really hilarious.

"Draco, you should become a comedian, seriously! I'm sorry, but I was too exhausted! First the martial arts training in London, my Sensei..."

"I told you, I want to know when you leave the castle...!" he hissed downright angry and kept me at a distance to scowl at me.

"You know that I always have martial arts on Fridays!" I said perplexed.

"I want you to let me know with the coin, that you're leaving Hogwarts whenever you do, and when you arrive well, inform me as well, is that too much to ask?" he growled, his fingers now buried in my shoulders, shaking me with slight annoyance.

"Oh, of course I can do it that way if you want me to," I tried to reassure him with my cooperation, raising my hand to his smooth cheek and looking at him apologetically. "Won't happen again, I promise," I promised solemnly and pulled out of his grip. I went to a desk and sat down on the top. "Where was I? Um... He taught me a new discipline. I still feel sore today. And then we formed a secret defense club with some students here, in which Harry teaches us offensive spells. Yesterday we had a really tough duel! I think most of our classmates are terrified of me now!" I told him with a certain mischievous satisfaction, forgetting the brief, slight disappointment of yesterday.

"Good!" it came indifferently from him.

"Uh, what do you mean?" I was confused.

"It's good that they're afraid of you! One has to be afraid of you. Most of them are also afraid of me, one is naturally scared of Malfoys!" he said quite arrogantly, as ever, standing proudly in front of me.

"Draco, I'm sorry to tell you that, but the Gryffindors aren't as scared of you as your Slytherins are!" I said cynically, trying to put him down to earth.

"Oh, you're mistaken, my Mudblood! They are scared! Everyone in your tower! Only you, the weasel and Potter are not! But everyone else, even the Twins have the decency to not joke in front of me, ask them!" he offered nonchalantly and I frowned thoughtfully, my legs swinging back and forth. He was right, I thought. Draco had never been a victim of their sometimes very gross jokes, even though otherwise Slytherins certainly were among their favorite targets. Did the lions really fear and respect Draco? I started pondering, I knew that all the girls, from all the houses, fancied him and the boys saw him as a constant threat and competition! But scared, of him directly? Um, maybe? Or was it because of his constant group of followers, I asked myself. I would have to observe that in order to be able to judge!

"But you know that such groups have been banned by Umbridge?" he interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh, that Bitch...!" I started to rant with contempt, but was harshly interrupted by him with a sweeping gesture.

"Hermione,... don't say that...!" he stated sharply, looking at me chidingly and showing a certain disapproval about my statement on his noble features.

"What do you mean Draco?" I frowned, perplexed about his words.

"That word, don't say that, that's beneath you. Did you read the books?" he asked indignantly and only answered my question in an evasive way.

"I was just about to tell you about that. We've discovered a room, it’s something really awesome, but I’ll have to show you to truly do it justice. When do you have time? It's on the seventh floor! Oh, there are so many books in there, you can't imagine. And yes, I've already read your first book, but not the second, why?" The enthusiastic flow of my words ended with confusion.

"Good, then internalize what you've read. When I'm at yours for Christmas, you need to have internalized the books!" he ordered quite harshly and I only nodded.

"And regarding your room, it's going to be difficult the next few days. I'd say we ought to do that after Christmas. It won't be long until we can get out of here," he said, rather annoyed, but then grinned mischievously causing me to reach out for him. I was still sitting on top of the table, so my face was the same height as his chest and he stepped closer, looking down at me with a tender look in his eyes whilst his hair fell in front of his face. I reached out to ruffle through his gorgeous hair, which made him grin.

"That's how we'll do it then. I'll have my first detention with Snape tomorrow... after dinner..." I groaned in suffering, because I was so looking forward to tomorrow.

"Afraid of Severus?" he asked, grinning viciously.

"Oh yes! His moods can be devastating!" I replied, being realistic, but was also sorry for myself.

"I’d have to agree with you, since Aunt Bella is out of prison, his mood has gotten even worse than it was before!" Now Draco pitied himself very much.

"Why, what is she doing?" I asked curiously.

"Annoying him with her shrill voice and her crazed behaviour, as he says and and I quote verbatim... this woman has nothing but ‘stirred dementor breath’ in her brain!" he cited scathingly while stroking my side with gentle up and down movements, which made me purr pleasantly.

"Poor Snape!" I breathed sympathetically, as I continued to enjoy Draco’s touches.

"Not just Snape, it gets even worse! Father has written that he has given them access to Lestrange Manor. He's the secret keeper and he did that very quickly, as he couldn't have suffered them in our home any second longer without using an Avada, or so he said. He only wasn't sure if he’d turn his wand on himself or on Bella!" He shook his head sadly, thinking about his relatives. It perfectly personified the saying: you can’t control who your family is.

"This woman seems to be pretty good at making both their lives miserable!" I bravely suppressed my malicious joy at this realization.

"Yes, and my fear of going home isn't lessened in the slightest by that!" he grumbled sadly.

"If I hear it that way, I can understand it," I said sympathetically, before his hand went into my hair and he pulled my head back so that my throat was exposed and I stared at the ceiling.

"Draco, what..?" I asked, irritated and swallowing visibly. I could feel by the stretching of my skin that my throat moved. Immediately I placed my hands on the tabletop, as I had to support myself so that I could keep my balance in this very uncomfortable position. He dominated me and wanted me to submit to him, but why? I could hear him take a deep breath, and I was a little confused about what had caused his abrupt change of mood.

"What's going on with you and Potter, that he's allowed to touch you like this...?" His voice was stern and menacing. I couldn't see him anymore in my rather uncomfortable position, let alone being able to move.

"Draco stop, what do you mean? Harry just touched me, he often does!" I reacted defensively. He pulled on my hair a bit more so that I could feel the pull on my scalp and the pain made me hiss quietly.

"Ouch, Draco, that hurts.." I complained about his rude treatment.

"I've never seen him touching you like this. Does he want you? Is something going on between you two?" he hissed, his voice dangerously soft.

"Draco, Harry doesn't want anything from me, I can promise you that," I said urgently, because this was ridiculous and his threats were unnecessary.

"You may be sure of your feelings, but can you put your hand in the fire for him, too?" He growled angrily. That made me think, no, Harry didn't want anything from me, I was very sure.

"Let go of my hair now, otherwise I'll get very angry!" I said provocatively, but he didn't let me go, which made me groan in annoyance. "Even if you don't like it, Harry is like my brother and I'm ninety percent sure that Harry sees it that way too!" I informed him regarding my relationship with Harry rather gruffly and brusquely. I could hear a deep growl in response.

"Never forget that he is your brother, Mudblood!" And now he put his mouth abruptly to my bared throat, I could feel his lips against my skin and how he started kissing along it. He also used his teeth and nibbled and bit my bared, exposed throat, which made me moan even in this uncomfortable position. His caresses on this sensitive and now unprotected spot caused goosebumps over my entire body! Eventually, he blew gentle kisses onto my jaw and lifted my head slightly. He finally released it from the uncomfortable position and kissed me at once passionately on my mouth. I wrapped my arms around him and we started kissing each other fervidly again. My and his arousal grew enormously. I briefly saw stars, it was like we had lost our inhibitions.

When I pulled back and saw his red-swollen lips, I could see in his eyes that I looked the same! His thumb stroked my slightly bruised lips. His eyes were filled with lust.

"You look like you've been thoroughly kissed, Mudblood," he already confirmed to me very satisfied.

"You too, Pureblood. Unfortunately I have to go before the boys start a search party!" I replied and shrugged regretfully. He too sighed heavily.

"I, what?" I squeaked as he grabbed my hand and pulled me from the table recklessly, and only stopped at the door to kiss my forehead again as always, sending a comforting shiver down my back.

"You don't have to be jealous of Harry, honestly," I explained again, conciliatory.

"Malfoys are never jealous. I just don't like it when another touches you like that!" he replied irreconcilable.

"I see... Take care!" I said cynically and opened the door, peering outside and around me. What a scandal and outcry of indignation it would be if we got caught together, I didn't even want to think about it!

"I rather think, you should be the careful one. I am not getting constantly injured!" he retorted and I couldn't really decide if he made fun of me or was worried. I looked at him appraisingly and disappeared.

For the rest of the day, I was hanging out with Harry and Ron. Ron hadn't managed to calm down about the duel, but Harry and I both did our best to make it clear that the only thing he could do about it was to improve his own fighting abilities and that we weren't to blame that we were so good at it and he wasn't. I was painfully aware of the looks we got from the members of the DA when they were watching us, the trio, eating, and noticed as well the anxious glances they gave me. And I could see Draco, who took all this in again attentively. I think he would have been able to uncover all our comrades only by their overt glances. He gave me a cheeky, reassuring look at the end of dinner and then immediately put on an indifferent, icy mask, telling me with this that I should wear one too. It made me smile, because it was his way of reminding me that I shouldn't care about their opinion.

Now, on this Monday evening, I stood in front of Snape's door to his private office, as he hadn't been in the potions classroom. Did I feel uneasy? Probably not. After all, I had shared the most intimate interactions possible with him; but I didn't really feel well either, because I knew he thought we had a score that had to be settled. At the same time, I didn't bear any grudges against him anymore about what he had done in the tower. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose! One shouldn’t take anything too seriously. Otherwise you would always run around with a grumpy face. I forgot, did one ever see him with a different expression?

So I worked up my courage and knocked because I didn't want to give him the chance to say I was late. My knocking echoed from the door and a very friendly "Come in" answered in the usual amiable tone. Yes, he was good at it. You knew right away that you were very ‘welcome’ and that he was looking forward to seeing you. I tore the door open and briskly entered the room.

"Professor, sir!" I said respectfully, nodding politely to him and walked to his desk, behind which he sat like an egomaniac judge and looked at me from behind his mask.

"Miss Granger, on time!" he snarled coldly.

"Sir?" Sentences as short as possible, then he couldn't use them against me. But he just stared at me disdainfully with his arms crossed in front of his black clothed chest. That these Slytherins knew no colors. Like Draco, he always wore black. It was difficult to find fitting labels for them: black, night black, jet black, ink black, dark black. Well, I couldn't think of any more shades of black that nicely described the colorful appearance of the snakes.

"Shall I start, sir?" I dared to ask the cheeky question.

"Did I say anything, Miss Granger?" He hissed sarcastically as usual.

"No, sir!" I said abashed. One could only lose, he seemed to be ill-tempered.

"Then, why do you think you could start, Miss Granger?" he replied cynically. Oh no, did he have to play his psycho-games with me now? I couldn’t stand it.

"Excuse me, sir?" I said neutrally, but I thought: why else was I here?

"Are we unapproachable and tight-lipped today, Miss Granger?" he snarled sarcastically, one of his black brows raised calculatingly.

"Never, sir!" I tried to stay calm, because I stood above his nature. Just don't react to his insults and scorn, that's how you’ll irritate him a lot more, I told myself.

"Good that you agree that you aren't unapproachable, because if you were as unapproachable as you are just now, how could it be that I saw you leaving the Slytherin's common room just a few days ago, a little before six in the morning?" He spoke openly and full of irony, making fun of me, his dark eyebrow staying in place. "What were you doing there?" he asked predatorily.

"I had lost a book and was looking for it. It's not forbidden to be out shortly before six, sir!" I sounded amiable but irritated. Why did he have to sneak through the dungeons exactly when I, a lone girl, was sneaking around as well? I think that's where my unfailable luck came in!

"Are you sure you didn't get lost and mistook the snakes pit for the lions’ den?" he asked dryly, and I wondered if he didn't have a sense of humor. Argh, why did this man always aggravate me so? Don't listen to what he says, go deaf, I advised myself and gave him a mild smile.

"If you say so, sir, then it must be right." I watched as his chin shot up, giving his nose a special emphasis. I mean, he had a hooked nose, aquiline nose or as high-bred people said, a Roman, aristocratic nose. The busts of the ancient Romans had all such a conk. Exactly! Distract yourself with his physical attributes. No, wait, stop! Definitely wrong direction. When I thought about the size of his nose… - ! Just don't think about it!
I was here to re-brew the potions I'd stolen and nothing else.

"Miss Granger, how come you think that you can talk to me like this?" He still sounded calm and controlled.

"Not at all, sir. Of course, never, sir!" And then I realized that I was still standing in front of him. Gosh, wasn’t he finished soon?

"Did you do it with Draco? Have you gone too far?" he asked, astonishingly unemotional. I could only just prevent my mouth from opening in indignation. Professor Snape asked me, his student, such a personal question: whether I had landed in bed with Draco. What was going on here? I was speechless for a moment and eyed him in bewilderment before I found my voice again.

"Sir, I do believe that's none of your business!" it came harshly from me.

"I see that differently, Miss Granger." He now banged his hand down on his desk, so that the objects on top of it shook. Um... pretty sharp blow, I thought to myself. Was his hand hurting now? I hoped it was; my spite got the better of me. But everything he could do, I could do, too. I didn't simply put up with such questions.

"Oh, stop this neverending 'Miss Granger', it's annoying!" I shouted now into his pale face, my temper going a bit overboard, but this everlasting, disapproving ‘Miss Granger’ got on my nerves.

"Miss Granger, how dare you...?" He hissed furiously, staring me into the ground.

"This is all a stupid game. Should I brew now or not, sir?" I exclaimed angrily, not backing away, for he didn't scare me. I was going to stand my ground.

"If it's really so important to you, please!" He took all emotions out of his voice and talked now quite nonchalantly and very quiet. He really wanted to annoy me. He shooed me, like a troublesome fly, to the only workspace the room offered. This man suffered from mood swings, from 180 to 0 in one second.

"I think you know best what you have stolen," he breathed silkily. Vicious git. How he said it like that, from above, quite the master!

"Of course, sir!" I graciously expressed through my clenched teeth. What he could muster of self-control, I could muster too, and better. And so I stayed friendly, stood a little taller and went to work, setting up a healing potion skillfully and with routine.

"Oh, I wanted to let you know about Potter. I could drop the hint at an appropriate moment, and Professor Dumbledore wants Potter to get Occlumency lessons after the holidays," he suddenly said out of the blue and I jerked my head up.

"But...," I looked up from the slowly bubbling brew inside the cauldron, because this would be far too late. Why did the old man want to waste so much time before teaching Harry?

"Don't interrupt me, Miss Granger!" he snarled and I answered with a devoted roll of my eyes.

"Did you just roll your eyes?" he asked predatorily, looking at me like a dangerous feline seeing its prey, sitting behind his desk, watching me.

"No, of course not, sir!" It was wonderful, this exchange. If I didn't have to endure it, I would laugh about it. However, like this, I just felt sorry for myself.

"Miss Granger, you forget who you are talking to. I'm neither the mutt, as I thought I had already made clear to you, nor my immature little godson!" he said softly with a threatening undertone.

"Of course, I never forget who you are, sir. But you underestimate your godson. You should take him seriously, sir," I advised quietly, stirring in the cauldron like mad, being rather angry.

"I don't think you're in the position to advise me!" he declared now quite snobbily.

"Of course not, sir!" My mockery went crazy.

"Stop with this 'of course'!" he snapped at me loudly, apparently I had exhausted his patience or at least had strained it heavily.

"Then you stop with your endless 'Miss Granger', sir!" I actually dared to tell him. Sometimes I was exceptionally brave and exceptionally stupid, but I couldn't help it. He aggravated me incredibly, so I talked back. It was like a compulsion, a dangerous, idiotic compulsion, but still it was there!

"You're an unbearable woman. What Draco finds in you is beyond me!" he told me unflatteringly and threw up his hands in a helpless, uncontrolled gesture, which made me frown. Unusual for Snape. He was otherwise very sparing with his movements.

"Umm, ask him?" I merely replied, looking at him ill-humoured. "So, it’s finished. The base is completed. It has to simmer." Then I threw the ladle moodily onto the shelf. He cocked his head and looked at me very appraisingly.

"And what are you trying to tell me, Miss Granger?" he asked with consternation.

"I'm done!" I said curtly.

"Well, that's still my decision to make, don't you think, Miss Granger?" It came from him very maliciously and a desperate... "Ahhrrr," escaped my lips, while I slapped my hands onto the countertop. I was allowed to see a mischievous lifting of the corner of his mouth when he saw my frustrated reaction to his stubbornness; it seemed like he enjoyed annoying me and that I was helpless about it.

"What are you trying to articulate, Miss Granger?" His voice dripped with conceit. I was close to go for his jugular. Wait, he may have had similar thoughts since our last conversation, most likely! Was this insight reassuring me? Not at all, it only fueled my temper more.

"That was an almost orgasmic exclamation, because of the joy that I have succeeded with the base!" It came ironically from me and I grimaced a smile. His brow furrowed at my cheeky answer, unfortunately inappropriate because he was my teacher.

"What did you say? Where is your respect, Miss Granger?" he hissed softly, threateningly.

"I have the greatest respect for you, Professor!" I emphasized very clearly and seriously.

"Then show it and leave your cynicism at home. It's not yours to use!" he informed me brusquely.

"But you're, of course, allowed to use it, sir! It suits you so much better!" Couldn't I shut up just once?

"There. You do it, again, Miss Granger. That's unacceptable. If you go on like this, you won't get out of here, ever!" he said venomously, his voice greasy, grinning at me nastily.

"Oh, Professor, is that a promise or a threat?" I answered provocatively, but also with a lascivious tone. I seldom knew anybody who shoveled his own grave as eagerly as I was doing just then.

"Miss Granger, is this the famous Gryffindor bravery, or your own abysmal stupidity, trying to goad me?" he whispered softly through his clenched lips, so that I could barely hear him. His face was a shade paler and looked even unhealthier than usual. I think I was just claiming all of the self-restraint that he could muster to avoid approaching me like Sirius did. Why did I always have to enrage the men in my environment? Stupid, just very stupid, he was an opponent I would still be inferior to.

"No idea, sir, but your statements almost scream at me to answer you, sorry, sir!" I chickened out, as I had noticed his inner struggle to maintain his composure. I couldn't help but grin. My statement and amusement didn't seem to trigger any reaction except that he didn't move. He sat there, as if he had swallowed a broomstick. I didn't dare to move from behind my counter either. But then he got up with a jolt and strode with his robes billowing to the door of his shelf.

"Come along, Miss Granger!" he ordered abruptly and opened the passage, leaving me behind speechless now. Okay, I once again would go to his private rooms. Why? What did he want now? But well, I had the courage, so...

He was already sitting in his chair and had his red wine in front of him and in front of my seat, on the small table, there was also one for me, as I noticed in amazement. I sat down and carefully picked it up to gently raising my glass towards him, what he replied appraisingly and so we drank silently and kept our eyes on each other. He had beautiful eyes, in his pale face, they were like black gems and the most attractive thing about this man. The atmosphere was relaxed and tense at the same time.

"How am I supposed to punish you? If I know that nothing means anything to you, I couldn't hurt you with anything?" He suddenly raised his voice and I could hear slight resignation about this fact, in his otherwise neutral statement.

"I could chastise and beat you, and I think, no, I know you'd endure and accept it! You wouldn't even complain to the other professors, so it wouldn't be a punishment. I can make you brew all the potions in the world, but you already do. That is an exercise for you, a voluntary extra task, not a punishment. I could subtract you so many house points that no one could ever make it to black numbers. I know they haven't mattered to you for a long time, as well as the opinion of your house, should your housemates get mad at you. Thus, this isn't a punishment either," he took a deep breath and continued to speak almost devotedly.

"I could punish Potter and Weasel because of you, but most likely you wouldn't even feel sorry for them, thinking that the two idiots should learn more anyway. So you would approve rather than see it as a punishment. It's hard to stop you from disappearing, thanks to your spell, and I can't keep you away from Draco because he doesn't allow it. So tell me, Miss Granger, how can I punish you?" he asked pragmatically, taking a sip of wine, seeming totally relaxed.

Wow. I sat there, flabbergasted, and took another sip of wine too; his words had to sink in first. He was right, with everything he said, that man was really good. He couldn't hurt me with any of these actions, nor hit me in any way. He had seen completely through me in regards to this, I realized in astonishment.

"You're right, sir!" I was shocked by this sudden revelation and realization. He just looked at me with his head tilted.

"I know!" he sighed uncharacteristically heavily. Oh, now I felt guilty because he didn't have the opportunity to punish me anymore. Hello, Hermione, be happy. Yes, but I had really annoyed him in the snakes’ common room. And he was my lifesaver who had helped me many times. I was indebted to him and I was sorry to see him sitting there so stubborn and even though he didn't show it, he was unhappy that I always slipped away between his fingers.

"Shall I show you another spell?" I suddenly offered in consolation and shrugged, because I had a real crisis of conscience. Then it tore him out of his thoughts and his eyes opened in surprise, threatening to pierce me.

"What do you mean, Miss Granger?" he asked indignantly, as I slowly got up to go to him, sinking down on the carpet in front of him and kneeling at his feet, leaning against the bottom of his chair. He leaned forward, slightly surprised, so that his chin-length, smooth, and dark hair hung into his face as he looked down at me.

"Miss Granger?" He asked perplexed and wanted to touch me with his hand, but stopped halfway.

"Please listen, Professor, and please don't interrupt me. It's one of my well-kept secrets that I want to reveal to you here! The spell I put on you is a joke against that one! I have been working on this spell for two years. It has been completed in the summer holidays. It works and is fully operational. I had a guinea pig. Stop, that's not right, rather a test beetle," I giggled nastily for a brief moment and he gave me an unreadable look, but remained silent.

"For this you need - different to the Credere Tacientiae that you know - well you need no consent for this to hex someone, the only thing you need is... blood!" I confessed in a whisper. This made him take a breath with a hissing sound, since it was obvious now that I was actively practicing dark magic, which he had probably only suspected so far, but hadn't really been able to prove. And now I had frankly admitted it.

"The blood of both and no, it doesn't have to be given voluntarily...," I licked my lips nervously, because I was only too aware of the intense gaze of these deep lakes.

"You cut yourself and your opposite, for example in your hand and then you hold the others hand tightly together to allow the blood to connect, meanwhile aiming your want on your hands and reciting Impetus Impedive, which means 'preventing an attack and securing loyalty'! That's the correct movement," I said industriously and showing him the movement.

"I invented the curse so that the bewitched person can't harm me in any way, nor attack me directly. The spell would respond immediately and sent the cursed person into a coma from which the person can no longer be awakened. Unless I would take the person from that coma," I went on, biting my lip in uncertainty, wondering what he would think about it, but continued, drawing small circles on my arm-rest with my fingers, so that I wouldn't need to look at him. "Understand, sir, this is an inseparable bond, like an Unbreakable Oath! Just a little modified, you can see that it has worked, because white smoke appears around the hands, so the ritual is completed and sealed!" I ended my explanation.

I was finished and kept my head down, not daring to lift it because I didn't want to see his reaction. It was deathly silent; no one would've guessed that two human beings were in this room, with this absolute silence. Suddenly I could hear a faint rustling and soon felt a finger, which touched my chin gingerly and lifted it gently but surely, so that I had to lift my gaze and look at him for better or worse and saw his usual emotionless facial expression, this mask of indifference, but there was a definite sparkle in the obsidians that stood out strongly.

"Miss Granger, that's an impressive achievement. Two years you say? Then you started in your third year with such studies?" it came from him appraisingly. He shook his head slightly. "Unusual for a little girl, since this is the very dark, forbidden and dangerous kind of magic. I don't have to tell you that, right?" he whispered softly but very velvety, still holding my chin almost gently, thus I stared fixedly at him and didn't move a muscle. I could see him take a deep breath and his chest lifting under his frock-coat. "You are a very weird child..." Which made my lips twist into a thin line, I had outgrown that name, my dear, dear Professor, when he realised himself that this was very wrong, because he started again.

"No, that's not true, a strange and fascinating young woman! That fits better! This spell is ingenious, though what made you want to do it in your third year, based on what intention?" he asked, intuitively correct, tilting his head to the right and looking at me kneeling in front of him in intense contemplentation. In spite of his long, slender finger, which was still under my chin, I began to speak, feeling encouraged.

"I've always been interested in developing and exploring. From there it's just a small step to creating one's own spells!" I explained coldly.

"Truthfully, Miss Granger: Who did you try this nasty little spell on?" he asked now, slightly predatorily, but also with real, wicked, glittering interest in his eyes.

"I can't tell you that, sir. However, I can reassure you that the person isn't at Hogwarts and is an adult, so that person knows exactly how to behave to not fall prey to the curse," I conceded and could see something almost like amusement shining in his eyes.

"You shouldn't be underestimated, Miss Granger! With what did I earn your trust for you to provide me with the specifics to this ingenious invention?" He continued to dig for information. I wriggled away from his finger, jerking my head to the right, causing his finger to land in my open hair and, to my surprise, he took a strand of it and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger. A gesture that made me swallow!

"Sir, I owe you a lot and you do a lot for me, I'm grateful to you. I'm not an ungrateful bitch, no, certainly not. Your words earlier, they are all correct! I felt obliged to give you something, even though it is difficult for me and I feel uncomfortable...," I laughed hoarsely.

"That's my way of asking you for forgiveness for what happened in the common room of both houses and that it was too late to keep me away from Draco!" I confessed apologetically and again didn't look at him.

"I understand!" It came coldly from him.

"No, you don't understand. I'm sorry!" I exclaimed a little outraged that this guy always had to be so stubborn.

"No, I understand, you think you're in my debt! But you're not, Miss Granger," he said dismissively. This man was hopeless, you wanted to do him a favor and what did he? He picked it apart until every petal was off and it looked so different to what it should. I was about to scream. He managed so well to make me crazy. I didn't know what to do to get through this shield of ice, and then it happened so fast that I didn't know how I managed to move so quickly. I straightened my back while still kneeling in front of him, putting my hands forward, grabbing his head and pulling it towards me while approaching him at the same time, putting my lips onto his. I resolutely closed this venomous, sarcastic mouth with mine. I could see his wide-eyed, shocked eyes. I'd never before experienced that emotion in Snape, but I liked doing something that shocked him and threw him off track, doing something that could break that shield of ice.

I began to caress this hard, unyielding mouth, but looked him in the eyes unflinchingly. In them I could see a restless flickering and as the tip of my tongue playfully stroked his unexpectedly soft lips, he unconsciously - as it seemed to me - opened his mouth, which was enough invitation for me to conquer his mouth and slip my tongue into it. My eyelids closed slowly but surely, as I enjoyed tasting him and I gave myself completely to the kiss. I didn't release his head, but now I could feel his hands searching for their place. He put one firmly on my back and pulled my whole body closer to him and his other hand firmly gripped my neck and held me tightly, which made him tore the lead from me, becoming the superior in our hot duel of tongues. Now he plundered my mouth ruthlessly, which made me elicit hoarse, tiny sounds of enjoyment. My hands fell away from his head and I clung to his frock coat. He was demanding and unyielding. I moaned lustfully, which made him pull me even closer to him, so that now you really couldn't fit a leaf between us. I gave myself to him and turned off my oh-so-intelligent mind, only the regret remained that he would never kiss Minna so enticingly.

Why did I kiss him, after the sensual kiss with Draco? I didn't know, really! The only thing I knew was that it was very different from Draco, not to compare, and that I didn't feel sorry in doing so. When I could feel his teeth biting hard in my lower lip I was torn from my trance, and I opened my eyes and yelped in unexpected pain! He had bitten really hard! I pushed myself away from him and landed hard on my arse on his carpet. I looked up at him, still lying stretched out, breathing heavily. It seemed he had come to his senses. So I straightened up on my forearms. Even my school skirt had slipped up dangerously far up my thighs through this action. I must have given a very inviting picture as I was lying in front of him and he sat in his chair and stared down at me with clearly accelerated breathing, because the events hadn't passed him by without a trace.

I too was breathing heavily. What had I done here? I had kissed Snape for the first time on my own initiative, or rather for the first time approached him of my own volition. Why? I mean, I had Draco, but like he had said very nicely, that was family! And at that moment, it had felt right and damn good. I licked with the tip of my tongue slowly over the slightly bleeding bite at my lower lip and licked up the blood lasciviously, which he'd left on me. I could see his eyes following this movement almost compulsively and I could see the lust in them was clear as day, desire and arousing excitement. But honestly, did I really want to go through with this? Here I was his pupil, his ward, not a whore, and getting intimate with my teacher as Hermione, could I do that? What would Draco do?

The same thoughts seemed to wander through his mind, even though his lustful gaze wandered greedily over my body and I didn't let him out of my sight. I could see how he was fighting, too. He summoned all his self-restraint and discipline to stay strong.

"I think I should go, sir?" I breathed questioningly. I had made it sound like a question and swallowed down my own feelings and looked at him. He pulled himself together, casually crossed his legs and leaned back in a decidedly succinct manner.

"I think so too, Miss Granger!" It came coldly out of this positively hot mouth. Should I be angry that he had bitten me? No, that had been necessary to bring me back to my senses and probably him too. Though the professor was never gentle, very different from Draco. I pulled myself up and smoothed down my skirt, reached for the glass and drank it on empty on ex, I needed that now, and then a nasty idea came to me of how I could irritate him and I smiled wickedly into my glass. Because let's be honest, the game was far from over.

"Oh, Professor, I hope you don't think I've done that out of pity. You kiss too good, that was pure selfishness!" I said very cheekily, which gave me a quick turn of his head and he raised his eyebrow calculatingly.

"Don't forget about your detention next Monday, Miss Granger!" he said sardonically. But he had taken them unexpectedly equanimous, the words I had said ambiguously.

"Of course, sir!" I gave him a wicked look and walked slowly and leisurely through the rooms, until I stood in the corridor of the dungeon and couldn't suppress my chuckles anymore. It hummed inside me. Thanks to the wine? Thanks to Snape? Thanks to his kisses? Who knew that?
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Slytherin Chiefs, Chapter 51 by me. :P
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