When Hermione Fights
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 Confrontation, Chapter 53 by Me.

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Confrontation, Chapter 53 by Me.  Empty
BeitragThema: Confrontation, Chapter 53 by Me.    Confrontation, Chapter 53 by Me.  EmptyMi Jan 24, 2018 11:16 pm


Thus I stepped into the street, my head held up high proudly and spotted Draco, casually leaning against the opposite wall. He'd pulled up a leg to brace himself upright and crossed his arms over his chest, so he seemed very casual and relaxed. His head was tilted slightly and his hair, appearing even whiter through the snow, was being blown gently into his face by the wind!

He displayed a face that was rarely seen in the many masks of a Malfoy: A terrible, dirty smile twitching on the corners of his mouth, while his eyes sparkled with amusement when he saw me in person! His smile became a broad grin, and his body shuddered with suppressed giggles. The amusement Draco offered made me unbelievably mad. Where was the pity, or something? I was outraged. The guy had dared to secretly watch me having sex, which was absolutely unacceptable! I walked towards him like a fury, which seemed to amuse him. Haha, hilarious, ferret!

"Hello, are you alright?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Very funny, Draco. Did you like the show?" I glared at him as I approached, my arms crossed angrily.

"Well, well, so grumpy? The way you... you two did it, the satisfaction should make you purr like a kitten!" he snapped playfully.

"Funny. Nice to know that you liked it so much that I had the professor between my legs!" Man, was I in a bad mood! I was sore, it was cold and this wasn’t funny at all. I had gone shopping here unsuspecting of anything and then had been taken by a raging professor and once again had a full purse in my pocket, bah...

"What's wrong? It wasn't that bad." He looked now seriously curious. "I ... it looked like you had your fun, really!"

"Not bad? Not bad?! In what world do you live, Malfoy? I go shopping, then I get roughly tackled, taken to a room and have to fuck, whether I like it or not. I was dry! Okay? I'm sore, he's not tender with... he's not nice to hookers!" I hissed furiously at him and looked ashamed aside, thinking of the kiss between Snape and I, and I thought I was almost sure that he would be different to Hermione than to Minna. Not that I thought he'd be tender then! No, of course not, for as I said, Snape was never a nice man, but he would make sure that I, too, would find my pleasure, I firmly believed that.

"And then, to top the whole thing off, you are playing voyeur and laugh your ass of," I said beaten, throwing my hands up. "Did it really cheer you up this much?" I didn't see him pushing off the wall and was taken by surprise when he pulled me into a possessive, capturing gesture, hugging me tightly. I let it all happen to me, perplexed.

"Shh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, please believe me! Only seeing Severus like that, how he pulled you behind him, so driven and not even knowing who you are, that was a picture for the gods! I think he doesn't want to realise that you're Hermione. Because then he would be seized by his morality and he would have to let go of you, so he plays blind deliberately, I know him too well. But all the more exhilarating was the act of how he took you! This is so unusual for him, the only other person that makes him lose his composure like that is Father! You must have provoked him very badly on Monday, that he lets himself be so overwhelmed, not even I see that often! And it is impressive how you see it through this! Forgive me laughing at you, darling!" he breathed apologetic kisses on my short, blond hair.

"Why have you been watching me? My heart almost stopped!" I now said, my tone sad and reproachful.

"I can't think what came over me. I wanted to see it, sorry, even though I have to say, it was a memorable show! I'd like to just grab you and take you, because it has really aroused me! But I can wait, I have the control for it. It should be the right time!" he whispered passionately into my ear and I put my cheek to his chest.

"You really don't mind? I can't believe it, seeing me with him like that!" I whispered in disbelief.

"Well, what do you want to hear? I'm not like the others! I know when you can't change some of the situations you're in and with Severus... oh, let's face it, it's just sex! I have to tell you, if it was Hermione I would mind much more, because there would be more behind it... but like this, as being this person, whom I hardly know myself, it only bothers me a little. I'm a Malfoy and I would've liked to join in. And I told you, I'm not nice!" he chuckled again into my short hair and I experienced his wicked side, which was probably not unlike mine.

"You're impossible Draco!" I declared, hitting him on the chest. He caught my fist and kissed it affectionately. "I... we argued during detention and then I kissed him, for real, to shut him up," I confessed softly, licking my dry lips and peering at him from under my thick long appraising eyelashes, not knowing how he would react to my confession.

"I know, he told me the next day, to make me realize what a bitch you are...," Draco confessed very relaxed and I flinched back a little shocked over these sneaky snakes. First Snape, who played both ends against the middle, and then Draco's emotional coldness, it was enlightening.

"What? Oh that viper!" I hissed angrily. He just ran to Draco to tell him that I - that we got close to each other and rubbed it under Draco's nose. I couldn't believe it! If I hadn't intended to confess it to Draco, he might have taken it as an abuse of trust. But not with me, dear professor, I could play those games about honesty as well. Draco laughed loudly again.

"You’ll still have to practice that. A viper, he'd be happy to hear that. Well, we are snakes, don't forget that," he mocked me, but then he pulled my hood over my face, wrapped his arm around my shoulder, told me: “Come along,” and walked leisurely towards the castle.

"I wish he would kiss me while we were... well, you know!? He's a good kisser!" I told him pleasantly. If he could laugh about me like that, he had to go through that now, too. Besides, this was my less than subtle revenge about him having the nerve to enjoy himself so much over my troubles.

"Hey! What are you telling me with this? I can kiss a lot better and anything he did there, I can do as well and, believe me, much better!" he said cockily. I would’ve liked to contradict him now.

"Yeah, well, Draco, about you kissing better... uhm, I can't say anything about that. Maybe you should kiss Snape too and then form your own opinion. His kisses are very different to yours, but whether yours are really better, I can't answer that!" I shrugged coldly. You needed to take him down a peg too, once in a while. "And to your quality of performance in bed I truly can't contribute anything. Maybe we should ask Pansy?"

"Are you trying to challenge me?" he growled, pulling me closer, but he didn't really seem upset with me.

"Never, Draco!" I said not quite seriously, the corners of my mouth were twitching. He could be really funny in his Malfoy-pride.

"That's better!" He pulled me even closer to his side and breathed a kiss on the top of my hair, which was still blond.

"Hey, Draco! Wait for us!" We heard the demand voiced behind us all of a sudden. He didn't let go of me, but still held me close to his body, turned his head, though then he quickly looked at me and whispered: "Even if it hurts, become Abraxina again!"

"Uh, who?" I said, perplexed at his request.

"Well, the one you turned into once before in the common room!" I understood and started to change quickly. The others were still a bit away. The pain was intense again. However, it was a good exercise, so I didn't want to complain and when I finished I asked him:

"Abraxina? How did you come up with this name?" He then flipped my hood back to study my transformation and yes, to admire her too, as his grey eyes told me.

"My grandfather's name was Abraxas! If I ever get a daughter, I would give her this name and you look exactly like a Malfoy," he explained. Wow, Draco was able to surprise.

"Thank you for making up names for my disguises! Was your grandfather named after the Abraxas horses?" I asked curiously. The Slytherins Zabini, Nott, Crabbe and Goyle had reached us, but Draco deigned to ignore them for the moment, which they accepted wordlessly and kept a certain polite distance.

"As always correct. Yes, his father started our Abraxas stud farm. He loved these animals, so he named his firstborn after them," Draco explained snobbishly, and that could really only be done by Malfoys. "How do you like the name?" he smirked mischievously.

"Pretty. The name is suited for a Malfoy."

"I knew that you’d have the right attitude," he grinned, pleased now, and pressed his lips firmly on mine and that in front of the others who were close to us and watched us. He became more demanding, he devoured my lips more and more eagerly, which elicited a soft groan from my mouth. Above all, it seemed to me as if he wanted to do right what Snape had done wrong and refute my assumption after my statement earlier. Our hot kiss, as we could hear, made the Slytherin boys laugh dumbly, but we didn't care and we ignored it. We all suddenly turned around when we heard and perceived something different.

"But that's disgusting, Malfoy. Are you into incest now? She looks just like you!" Ron’s voice carried obvious disdain and much disgust. He approached us together with Harry, Neville, Dean and Seamus.

"Do we even know her?" Dean said contemptuously and now the snakes came up close to me and Draco, flanking us protectively. It was unfamiliar to be on the other side of this hostility and to experience what it was like when Harry and the Gryffindors stared at the Slytherins in such a nasty way. But Ron, don't talk that big. If you pursue this topic you might burn yourself, I thought grimly thinking about the twins, but I remained silent. Draco still held me tightly in his arms, glaring at the five Gryffindors.

"Oy Weasel, you're just jealous that I am able to hold such a girl in my arms and you’re not! Who even wants you? Believe me, no one!" Draco spat arrogantly and earned malicious laughter from his boys for it, which made Ron red with anger.

"Don't be smug, Malfoy, I don't need that kind of hooker you have in your pit!" the Gryffindor hissed. All right, I stiffened at these words as they brought the previous happenings only too clearly back to me, which was unpleasant to me and the bag of gold weighed only heavier in my pocket. Draco, of course, felt that I stood motionlessly in his arms, and lowered the corners of his mouths. He was angry. I think Ron aggravated him again, because he had distracted me so effectively from the experience in the Hogs Head Inn before.

"Where is your Mudblood?" he hissed and I jerked slightly when he mentioned me, which made him turn to my face and he quickly gave me a brief kiss on my mouth, whereupon some surprised faces appeared on both sides. Nobody had thought of me until he had deliberately brought me into the game. Then he glanced again at the group of lions and now really started, because the Gryffindors looked confused, of what I had to do with the matter.

"And should you have the hope of holding her in your arms, I unfortunately have to teach you better, Mudbloods don't like red!" It came wickedly from Draco and it shocked me. What was that? He wasn't supposed to say that, he was going to reveal us! What was going on with him, where was his fucking jealousy when it came to Snape? With Snape he would be dying of laughter. But with Ron and Harry he went crazy and became a time bomb.

The people addressed were so speechless after his words and how he still provocatively caressed me before their eyes, that they hadn’t yet responded to his insolence.

"You like that, don't you?" I whispered, asking. Only the snakes around us understood my words. I thought Draco always found the point that hurt, and then he used it mercilessly with no ifs or buts. He was not nice!

"It's too funny, isn't it? Look at their dumbfounded faces, they don’t show any intelligence!" he said softly. Harry seemed to have caught himself and now knew how to use his voice again.

"Don't call Hermione that, you ferret!" Harry exclaimed very angrily. "And what do you even assume to know? You know nothing!" Harry raged.

"Why? I don't know, she just doesn’t seem to mind when I call her that. And I know more than you!" he hinted to what we always called each other.

Oh, heaven! Draco could be so impossible, but his manner made me laugh mockingly. He was right, it had always meant less to me than to Harry and Ron, who had always obsessed badly about the insult.

"You think that's funny, right? When this pompous, arrogant creature discriminates and insults other people!" Harry got fed up with my amusement and looked at me angrily. His eyes flashed ominously behind his metal-rimmed round glasses. Oh, Harry, when will you finally learn that Hermione doesn’t need any help? But it was also very informative to experience the situation from this perspective, because I had to realize to my displeasure that it wasn't the Slytherins who had sought this confrontation, but us, the good Gryffindors and only because Draco and I had kissed each other. So far, none of the Slytherins had said anything except for Draco. And unfortunately, I also had to realize that we were in no way inferior in terms of toxicity and malignancy. Let's face it, we didn't care.

"Don't talk to him darling, he's unworthy of you!" it came sternly and absolutely blasé from Draco and the way his stormy grey eyes looked at me as well he had meant it ambiguously. He still didn't like it when Harry came close to me! I just didn't understand him, when his godfather fucked my brains out, he got a laugh attack, but when Harry whispered something into my ear, he saw red. Malfoy should be your name! The worst part was that I could live with that. I had changed so much in the last months that I could live with it, if I was completely honest. My morale allowed that, I could even live very well with it, what did that make me? But the young men wanted my attention again and so I turned back to the action.

"Are you forbidding your women to talk? Let's see how long they can put up with that? How can you even like someone behaving like this?" it came venomously from Ron, who had adopted an unhealthy shade of red. "Who is the real unworthy one, who crawls on the ground in front of others on all fours?" Harry now said ambiguously in his allusion to Draco's father, when he stood as a Death Eater before the Lord.

"Oh, right, I forgot that your Mudblood can never shut up." He grinned nastily now and I covertly rammed my elbow into his side - Hey, that was mean! - which made him give me a dirty smile from above that made me roll my eyes. I really shouldn't forget I was dealing with a Malfoy here. Unlike my boys, who obsessed over these fights and were very upset, it seemed to amuse Draco and match his humor, which was deeply black. Nobody would believe me, but this man was funny, laughed a lot but always hid it, and was blessed with a very idiosyncratic, dark and dry sense of humor. He had to have it inevitably when Snape was his uncle.

"Who are you anyway? I have never seen you at Hogwarts!" it came boldly from our black-skinned Dean and I could see his scanning eyes, and that he actually really liked what he saw, whatever he wanted to say on the contrary.

"I can easily believe you that you know nothing and see nothing and now fuck off! You aren't welcome here. Go to your beloved Mudblood," Draco said haughtily, waving at them as if chasing away annoying mosquitoes.

"Who do you think you are? You don't own everything Malfoy, we can stay here as long as we want!" Harry pointedly took a few steps towards us.

"That's not true, I already own everything that matters!" he gave me a big compliment and roamed his hand possessively over my neck to seize me there gently. This man was incredible, he loved the big, provocative performances. Even his Slytherins around us held their breaths as he made a statement that wasn't a little thing. It warmed my heart, because of earlier and the snakes knew who I was, after my unforgettable appearance in their common room. Draco once told me that they called me the Untouchable because Draco had made me ‘untouchable’ in his speech in front of his house. The fact that he now admitted this in front of strangers was probably really surprising for the guys behind us.

And for myself too as I still wondered what Draco saw in me, why he had sought me out and had initiated that bond, this relationship with me! But I was glad and I wasn't the type to pick on it, though I found it interesting myself. Blaise, Nott, and Co. had to be careful for their eyes were threatening to fall out, and the Gryffindors looked very pissed off.

"Thanks, Draco, you can be so charming if you want to be! Shall we be on our way? This kindergarten bores me!" I replied snobbishly, worthy of a pure-blood Malfoy. I wanted to get away from the lions, the situation was worsening.

"Who are you? A Malfoy?" Harry’s questions were charged with distrust. He stepped even closer.

"What's it to you, Potter?" Draco asked coldly.

"One always has to be careful with you and your ilk!" Harry hissed furiously.

"Potter, are you slightly paranoid? I'm going back to the castle!" Draco said and made a dramatic gesture.

"With an unauthorized person? Who tells us she's not a Death Eater?" Harry put in suspiciously.

"This is too stupid for me, come on!" Draco ordered and on his command our very silent group set into motion. Harry then pulled out his wand and pointed it at us ostentatiously. I was shocked. Was he always so uncontrolled and aggressive? Poor Slytherins, if they had always been approached by us in this way... Even though they weren't innocent either.

"Tell me Potter, what do you want?" Draco now rolled his eyes, annoyed over so much heroism, while his entourage, just as all the lions, had now drawn their wands, only Draco and I hadn't.

"You won't smuggle anyone else into our school. I won't let that happen!" Harry said firmly. Sometimes Harry can be quite heroic. Even my thoughts were not free of deprecation and I shook my white-haired head slightly, one could almost feel embarrassed for Harry.

"Abraxina, darling, do you see now what I'm always trying to tell you? Potter and Co. are such idiots, it hurts," Draco said soberly, dryly and matter-of-factly, and didn't make it any better with that. He looked desperately at me, which made me press my lips together, because I was on the verge of a hysterical laugh attack.

"There's no one with that name in the school," Neville announced.

"Send Zabini and the others away, let them go on. I don't want that when we're gone the Gryffindors grab them and question them about us or me!" I whispered quickly. I had a plan, I wanted to disapparate us and get back to Hogwarts via the secret passage to avoid this nonsense.

"Command them, they'll follow any of your orders," he said generously as Harry and Ron excitedly discussed how to stop us. I turned to our bodyguards.

"You, go to the castle quickly, we don't want them to get their hands on you, they outnumber us..." Zabini interrupted worriedly.

"But what about you?"

"Don't worry, Draco and I will disapparate as soon as you're gone," I showed him a typical Malfoy-smile. "Go now!" I ordered quietly but strictly and they nodded obediently and started to turn away.

"Do you know that it makes me totally hot, when you're like that!" he whispered so close to me that his breath grazed my skin and gave me goosebumps. The Slytherins retreated slowly and unobtrusively.

"Hey, the poisonous snakes want to get away!" Seamus exclaimed already and excitedly pointed at us.

"Oh, your oh-so-faithful snakes are leaving you, what a bunch of chickens!" Ron said spitefully to us, which made Draco snort in disdain.

"Since you're outwanded now, talk, what are you planning?" Harry demanded, looming threateningly in front of us.

"Potter, you never learn. Not everything is always as it seems!" Draco said ambiguously. We should talk about bad and good luck again, because Zabini and Co. were still within eyeshot in the background when a figure with flowing robes quickly walked toward us. And believe me, I really didn't want this person near me right now, but, as I said regularly, I was blessed with fortune. I wanted to burst into tears or cackle aloud. Wasn't it enough to be confronted by Harry and my house mates? No, Snape did have to rush to our rescue. My head slumped forward and Draco pulled me protectively into his arms, but thanks to this closeness, I could feel that he enjoyed it all and he was laughing again, as his chest was vibrating. A jester like him wasn't easy to bear. Well, I too had to admit that all this was a bit ironic.

Zabini, Nott and the two fatties also halted their retreat and came back to us and we could see that Snape wasn’t alone. Parkinson and Bulstrode came running after him.

"We've seen that the idiots threatened you and brought the professor," said Parkinson eagerly. Should we be thankful for that? I guess so. Only I was more in the mood to trash her, when I saw him again, only this time recognizable for him and thus I had to deal with him as Hermione.

"What's going on, Mr. Potter?" he thundered already.

"You should ask Malfoy and Co. They want to smuggle a stranger into Hogwarts and we stopped them!" Harry said so stupidly smugly that my stomach turned and his boys nodded excitedly and approvingly. Snape turned his attention to the Slytherins and found me in the arms of Draco, who released me so that Snape could inspect me. And of course disapproving recognition immediately reached his eyes. I could read an amused glint in his eyes, the humor of the situation didn't escape him, just as it did with Draco, who was now beaming at Snape. It was too funny, I, Hermione Granger, had triggered this chaos and stood on the wrong, the ‘evil’ side.

"Glad you're here, Professor Snape. These Gryffindor idiots don't recognize Abraxina and threaten us. Please help us, sir!" Draco said incredibly slimy. I should register myself and everybody here in a theatre class, we all belonged on a stage, I decided silently. Snape's dark eyebrows almost reached his hairline when he heard the name Draco had forced upon me. He had to know what it meant as close as he was to the Malfoys.

"Well, Potter, you and your friends are utter imbeciles. How dare you threaten these Slytherins. Abraxina, come here!" he suddenly ordered and I looked at Draco in shock. I didn't want to end up in Snape's arms yet again, and Draco knew that, as he had sensed very well that I had enough of Snape today, and thus his hand moved reassuringly to mine, holding it tightly, and he joined me next to the Professor.

"What do you wish, sir?" I breathed.

"Would you explain to these students why they don't know you?" he snarled and seemed to enjoy the situation more than just a little. This man was a sadist.

"Of course, sir. I'm not going to this school, I attend Durmstrang, where the Christmas holidays start earlier. I am currently visiting Draco, thanks to your generous permission, sir," I made something up from thin air. This was the first thing that came to my mind, though I certainly knew that their holidays started sooner than ours, thanks to Viktor. I also knew why the professor had left the explanation to me, since he had no idea what Draco and I had told everyone else and he didn't want to destroy our lies with rash inventions of his own, he was really very clever. But we were too. Because of that statement, Harry and Ron looked quite uncertain. Their faces were now pale.

"But... but..." Ron stuttered nervously.

"Yes, I'm all ears, Weasley. What do you want to say? Do you really think the castle is so unprotected that you have to take care of it?" Snape sneered wickedly and humiliated the boys.

"But Malfoy behaved suspiciously," came their baseless defense.

"Gentlemen, no one else is to blame for your excessive paranoia. You will have to spend the next few days until the holidays in detention with Filch, starting at eight o'clock, for drawing your wands here in Hogsmeade, and now leave, just get out of my sight! Understood?" he hissed through his teeth, annoyed.

"Thanks, Severus," Draco whispered as the beaten lions returned to Hogsmeade with their heads down. After the shock they certainly needed a butterbeer.

"Abraxina? Are you crazy Draco?" Draco was now reprimanded by Snape as well.

"Why? I like the name," he protested.

"But you can't just give her that name!" waving his hand in front of my face.

"Why not?"

"What are you doing here with Draco...?" Snape whispered, so that the snakes wouldn't hear.

"Draco and I wanted to have a nice day in Hogsmeade as well," I offered, which was a wonderful alibi for Minna as well. Man, I almost had to be careful that I didn't get confused.

"Mhmh, both of you should be more careful when you dare to leave the castle!" He straightened resolutely.

"Mr Zabini, oh, all of you, get yourself back to the castle," he now shooed us out of the village and went back to resume his supervision. Nott, Zabini, Crabbe, Goyle and the girls started to laugh.

"Have you seen Potter and the weasel? The professor is hilarious!" they all said nastily.

"We saw that they stopped you and then we saw the professor and asked for help. I hope it was okay Draco?" The cautious question came from Pansy, who walked behind us and thanks to our coats Draco and I seemed like one single person.

"I think to know that Abraxina would've preferred her method, however I found this solution better and more entertaining. Well done, Pansy," Draco praised. I could hear Bulstrode whispering something:

"Lucky you, apparently he's in a good mood!" The chubby girl sounded very relieved. What were they all thinking about me and Draco? Then I heard whispers behind us again, as the boys brought the girls into the loop and told them everything in detail.

"Was it bad?" Draco asked caringly.

"No, otherwise I wouldn't be able to attend classes at all. It was not bad, so soon afterwards, just unpleasant, that's all!" I admitted honestly.

"Sorry if I offend you, but how can you bear the weasel and his cohorts? I'd try to kill myself!" Draco said seriously.

"You seem to have a lot in common with your father!" I laughed mockingly, alluding to Bellatrix and Lucius.

"Haha, just you laugh. We Malfoys just don't like to be surrounded by annoying idiots. Is it our fault that we're so sensitive?"

"Shall I feel sorry for you now?" I said coquettishly.

"Yes, please," he begged, feigning sadness. "Are you coming to see me tonight?"

"I'd love to, but I still have a lot to prepare, next week are the holidays," I made my excuses and pulled away slightly.

"Oh, that reminds me, I can't go to Diagon Alley until the twenty-third."


"Because the night before is the Ministry's Christmas Ball and father wants me to attend," he explained businesslike.

"That shouldn't be a problem. I have to go now, not that I run into McGonagall. She'd certainly react differently than Snape." I pulled him to me and smacked a cocky kiss onto his lips, which made the other two girls almost pass out.

"See you then, darling," he exclaimed, and then I disapparated and ran up the secret passage way to get to the tower. This day was exhausting, I just wanted to lie down now. My bed was calling me loudly. After I undid my transformation, my face hurt immensely because this time I had been ‘Abraxina’ for quite some time. How did Draco come up with ideas like that?

Draco saying that he’d go to the ball had been a surprise.
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Confrontation, Chapter 53 by Me.
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