When Hermione Fights
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 A Reward, chapter 93

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Chapter beta: Livy
Chapter translator: Nik (& Aivy)

Draco’s POV

In a possessive gesture, I wrapped her heavy cloak around her and conscientiously closed the buckle. I pulled the hood deep into her face, but not before I kissed her tenderly on her forehead. My courageous little Mudblood.

I grabbed her hand and we said goodbye to Severus. It was time, it had become rather late again.

I pulled her slightly behind me, out of his quarters, and headed purposefully for the Slytherin dungeons. I noticed that she was confused as to why I suddenly had set such a pace but I wanted to get back to my rooms as quickly as possible. When I had learned that she had gone to the Ministry alone, without telling me anything - with Potter, of all people - I had been really angry at her and worried too.

I hadn’t been worried because of my father or Bellatrix as they couldn't touch her anyway. However, there were enough other Death Eaters to worry about. Like last time, feelings of anger and worry had alternated within me but when Father told me what had happened, I had been incredibly relieved and proud of my Hermione. She really befitted us. I had chosen well and made a brilliant decision when I took her into our family. That she had more or less saved Father in the Department of Mysteries proved me right.

My rather self-congratulating thoughts made me grin a little. We entered the Slytherins' common room where a lot of activity was still going on despite the hour and many still had to pack.

I didn't pay any attention to any of them, heading for my rooms. Hermione had managed to catch up and kept pace beside me. My display of entering and walking through the room with her with an air of purpose, showing that I had freed my little Untouchable from Severus' claws, would provide plenty of material for the perpetual rumour mill but that meant little to me.

I opened the door to my quarters and let her in. As soon as I had closed the door behind her, I stepped up to her to take off her shrouding cloak.  As I pulled her into my arms, she asked:

“I take it you’re not happy how it went in the Ministry?” and looked at me uneasily.

“No, but I understand how it came about and I know that I can't always keep you away from everything. That doesn’t mean I like it, although, in the end, I'm just happy that you're standing in front of me in one piece,” I explained to her. I barely managed to hold on when she threw herself enthusiastically into my arms. She had probably been worried that I was angry with her again and that she might even have to expect a punishment. Not today; not by my hands.

If anything, her behaviour towards Father in the Ministry commanded me to reward her. My gratitude for her deed outweighed my anger at her renewed rule-breaking. That she always had to be so daring! She had already learned that people in our family had to obey and were punished for disobedience. Now she was to learn that people were also rewarded if they followed orders, nevermind adhering to them as faithfully as she had done today. Family comes first, something she had obviously internalised by now.

“How do you think I felt when you told me in Snape's quarters that you stormed Azkaban with Lucius? I thought I couldn't breathe. Goddess be thanked, I didn't even have a clue what you were planning, otherwise I would have gotten grey hair in those hours,” she interjected. I understood how she must have felt; her concern for me caused a deep feeling of happiness to rise in me.

I smiled and couldn't stop kissing her fiercely and passionately. This kiss did me well. I felt as if the evils of the day were falling away from me because I knew she understood me. We had experienced something similar today and even though I was unscrupulous and strong in the fight and did what had to be done, it didn't mean that I could simply forget it and pretend it hadn’t happened.

We had both taken a step today from which there was no turning back. Even if I didn't want to admit it, it had changed something inside me. I pulled her even closer to me and deepened the kiss, slid my tongue demandingly into her mouth and started a fierce duel with her own. I could hardly wait to feel her soft, silky skin under my hands and to possess her beautifully toned body which displayed nonetheless such incredibly attractive feminine curves.

Impatiently, I began to open her blouse and slipped it off over her shoulders while I continued to kiss her. It felt as if vitality was returning to me when I finally felt her skin and her own wonderful scent rose exquisitely into my nose. I felt that this was still as real and felt as good as it did before the harrowing events we had endured. The chill that had spread inside me shortly after casting the Killing Curse had completely disappeared, making me lose any doubts about my actions and letting me simply enjoy her wonderful body. I swore to give her an unforgettable night. She deserved no less, just as I deserved to forget.

I had to calm myself so as not to jump on her right away but I always did. I kept myself tightly in control because I knew that even if my body was demanding her closeness just as much as my maltreated soul did, going slowly would feel just as good, if not better. I wanted to savour her and explore every inch of her body, experience her anew. While I continued to kiss her demandingly, making my tongue dance with hers playfully, the tips teasingly nudging each other over and over, I skilfully opened her bra and took it off. All mine, I thought satisfied as I gazed at her in front of me.

My hands began to wander from her neck slowly down over her shoulders, her breasts and I let them settle gently on her waist. I paused for a moment, for the urge to grab her and simply take her became very strong. It was always so self-evident that I would normally get everything I wanted or desired on the spot, that I had to outright force myself to exercise restraint.

After having done so much despicable evil today, I desired to be gentle in a way I had never been before.

I began to let my lips follow my hands, giving little kisses everywhere, feeling her tremble beneath me. We were still standing in the room and I had no intention of changing that, even though I would eventually end up on my knees in front of her; it was exactly what she deserved, me kneeling before her to show her how admirable her behaviour had been. I admired that she had even stood against her allies and friends for us and had not shied away from attacking one of her comrades-in-arms to ensure my father's escape and freedom.

Her strength, presence of mind and devotion to the family were admirable. I wouldn't say that openly, but those were my thoughts. I was proud of my Mudblood. My tongue danced tenderly, caressing her collarbone and I inhaled her scent which drove me wild. Meanwhile, I placed one of my hands between her shoulder blades to provide her with support so that she could lean back a bit as she was already trembling precariously. She accepted my gesture immediately and fell back against my hand, thereby presenting her beautiful, well-formed, and firm breasts to me.

I loved to watch her lose control, which happened so rarely, yet only in my arms. I could feel her small, hard nubs rubbing against my chest through the fabric of my shirt. It excited me a lot, but I wouldn't let it make me lose control because if I prided myself on one thing, it was my self-control. That would now benefit her, so I instead let my kisses continue to wander until I reached these oh so stimulating, reddened peaks of pleasure. I kissed them extensively, sucked them tightly and bit them lightly, which rewarded me with soft moans. She leaned even more into my arm and I basked in the sensation of feeling her so malleable.

Again and again, I couldn’t help sneaking a look at her face. She smiled blissfully, obviously enjoying being pampered so much since we seldom took the time to savour it this way. Usually, we only gave ourselves to our animalistic lust and passionate desire, though not today. Slowly, I moved on from her hardened nubs, drawing a wet line with my tongue at the bottom of her breasts which made her shudder a little, seemingly tickling her. I smiled contentedly; apparently, her skin was already sensitised by my ministrations. I would drive her mad today.

Her breasts were beautiful and enticing. Eventually, I replaced my lips with my hand, kneading one of them gently. From time to time I pinched her excited nipples, which interrupted her panting with a loud gasp. My lips wandered down to her navel, bestowing kisses on her skin. I sank the tip of my tongue into her belly button, which made her moan again.

Her hands, which until now had been resting on my back, or with which she had briefly held onto my shoulders, were now sliding into my hair and I felt that she was trying to tug me further down. She probably wanted it faster, as she often did, rolling her eyes slightly; she couldn't endure it any longer, which made me grin contentedly. Hermione always wanted to stay in control just a little bit.

I stood upright again and directed her slowly towards the bed. When she stood directly in front of it with her back I forbade her to lie down. While I pushed her to where I wanted her, I grabbed her neck and initiated another demanding kiss. I got rid of my shirt with one hand while I kept kissing her fervently, when I felt her hands becoming independent and starting to pull at my trousers impatiently and roughly, so I whispering against her lips:

“Let yourself be seduced, just wait and see. Be patient!”

She sighed in pleasure and devotion and I noticed she mentally let go again and left the guidance to me, releasing her grip from my trousers. Good girl.

I enjoyed it when she was so soft, yielding and trusting in bed, everything she would never be in any other situation.

My hands slid purposefully down to her hips and my mouth followed them again. I went down to my knees in front of her. As I kissed my way down her belly to the hem of her trousers, I began to open her jeans and take them off. Then, my lips trailed deeper until they reached the waistband of her delicate silk knickers. Deliberately slowly, I pulled them down, making her growl in frustration. My lips and tongue followed my fingers. I wouldn’t let myself be rushed and so I chuckled lightly.

I kissed her tender, warm skin with pleasure, which made her whimper and pant quietly, full of delight. Oh yes, my girl, show me how much you like it. You'll get much more soon.

“In a moment, you will scream with pleasure.” I breathed and felt her tremble as my lips slid over her pelvic bone. The whole passionate and erotic play didn’t fail to affect me either and I could feel my aroused member pounding strongly. The tightness in my pants became painful but I forbade myself from giving myself relief - I had time.

With an energetic jerk, I quickly snatched the knickers from her which had already almost been lying on the floor and I discarded them without care when my instincts overwhelmed me for a moment. My own impatience took over as her ever stronger, more intense smell and the sight of her form almost made me lose my mind. But then I called myself rigorously to order and returned to slowness and savouring of the moment.

Devoutly and gently, I kissed her mons with relish, making her tremble, and I felt her hands resting firmly on my shoulders, her fingernails clawing painfully into my skin, but I liked it. She couldn't wait for me to go further down.

Smiling, I looked up at her as she stood above me, her eyes closed, biting her lips as she desperately wanted me to move on. However, I didn't want to be rushed, my love, and so my hand slowly slipped tormentingly, sensually and slowly between her legs, making her spread them slightly so her stance was a little broader. I buried my tongue slowly in her cleft for which I was rewarded with a loud groan from her, and when she moaned my name, I finally allowed her to drop onto the bed.

With a slight push, she fell backwards. Half of her now lay on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge. What a voluptuous sight she offered me; I was about to throw myself at her and take her brutally. Then I looked at her face and rejected these surging animalistic feelings and dedicated myself again to her and her pleasure.

Continuing to kneel in front of her, I now spread her legs properly with determination and purpose, slipped my arms under her thighs, and rested my hands on her stomach, holding her down while I leaned forward and let my tongue slide over her flushed labia. She moaned pleasantly and when I finally let the tip of my tongue flip over her clitoris, surrounding it with my lips to suck it tenderly, her moans became louder and she panted: “Yes!”

Repeatedly, I let my tongue move over her pleasure center, licking it extensively and with feeling. I wanted her to enjoy it so completely that she would come. I focussed all of my concentration on her. I delighted in how she lay in front of me, hot and gradually wetter and wetter. Hearing her moan and her muffled screams when I hit exactly the right spot, and her increasingly restless movements guided me and incited me to become more and more passionate.

Oh heavens, I wanted to do nothing more than finally enter her. She had buried her hands in the sheets next to her, clenching them tightly. Groaning, she arched her back so that I could see her still hard and erect nubs as I let my gaze sweep over her for a moment. She was a beautiful sight, so aroused, and I could only barely restrain myself with all my discipline from not taking her right then and there. She had not yet come and before then I refused to stop. Yes, I admit, we Malfoys are quite stubborn.

I intensified my efforts and felt that I was on the right track when she became even more restless, moaning loudly now, time and again interrupted by a panted “Draco”.

My hands lay firmly on her pelvis so that I could hold her in position as her movements became more and more uncontrolled. Once more, I deliberately stimulated her and then I felt and heard her coming. Her body twitched and tensed and she screamed out her lust.

“Yeah, yeah, right there, ahhh...”

To have her before me like this, at my mercy, and at the same time being so devoted to her, was exactly what I needed right now. Not only did it arouse me insanely, it also showed me that I was the same person I had been before the events of the last days. I could love her, I could give, and at the same time enjoy having power over her in some way.

I watched benevolently as she succumbed to the aftereffects of her orgasm, a blissful smile around her lips. Exhausted, she put an arm over her eyes. Her breathing was heavy and deep and she seemed very relaxed. Her deep satisfaction brought a very contented smile to my lips and I rose, lay down beside her on the bed and bedded my hand on her chest, wanting to feel her accelerated and strong heartbeat.

I felt it beating boldly and firmly against her ribcage which rose and fell due to her deep breaths. Slowly, she calmed down, visibly relaxed now. I was really satisfied with my performance; it was rare that she let herself go like this. Visibly drained, she removed her arm from her eyes and opened them. Her beautiful, fawn-brown eyes sparkled at me with happiness and satisfaction. Yes, she had truly enjoyed it; I had done well. However, now it was my turn and she would give me everything she had because I was claiming everything.

Slowly, she turned onto her side, looked at me and lay there just as I did. She supported her head slightly on her hand and looked into my eyes for seconds before moving towards me and then kissed me tenderly. However, this tender kiss quickly became a passionate and demanding kiss on my part. While I pulled her with me so that the entirety of our bodies came to rest on the bed, I continued to kiss her and let my hands glide almost roughly over her body, enjoying the warmth of her soft skin. I only interrupted our kiss briefly to get rid of my last remaining garments.

Unable to wait any longer, I positioned myself above her. I wanted to claim her now and I didn't want to restrain myself anymore. I was rock hard. My lips found hers again as if of their own accord and I kissed her tenderly while I completely burrowed myself inside her in one swift motion. The sudden tightness and warmth made me moan into our kiss, doubly so since I had waited so long for this fulfilment of my desire.

Although I could hardly contain myself anymore, I wanted to enjoy it, wanted to make this feeling last a long time. I knew that I would be deprived of her company for the next few days. Steadily but gently, I moved within her and she seemed to enjoy that rhythm, adapting completely to it. Her hands purposefully found their way to my butt and pulled me closer while she spread her legs even further, taking me deeper into herself.

An animalistic growl came over my lips as I sank into her so deeply. She showed me that I should increase the pace by burying her hands firmly in my muscular bottom. Little by little, I gave in to her urging which she answered with groaning. My gaze lay spellbound on her face, reddened with lust and exertion but she kept her eyes shut. I wanted to see her lust reflected in her eyes, so I bent down to her and gasped:

“Open your eyes.” She did as I told her and, immediately, I could see their glow. I watched her eyes roll back into her head when she gave into the pleasure as I increased our pace and moved in a way so that we both would come in no time.

I didn't want to hold myself back anymore, wanted to reach climax now, so I kept increasing my effort, thrusting hard and deep into her. I pressed my lips firmly to hers, kissed her demandingly, wanting to feel this boundless feeling of being alive. My orgasm came over me violently and with a deep growl I vented my feelings. I experienced it to its fullest, coming deep inside her. Still moving slowly inside her to enjoy the afterglow of my orgasm, I felt that she too was coming, clawing her fingers into my skin and crying out loud as she tightened around me.

Tenderly, I locked my lips with hers, one hand lovingly brushing across her face and through her hair as I slowly started teasing her tongue with mine. My kiss was gentle this time around and she too returned it likewise. I was still on top of her. It had been beautiful and I felt exhausted, yet also filled with happiness and satisfaction. The most surprising thing was that with Hermione, I could experience such raw, real and deep feelings and I took advantage of that and indulged in them with her.

I slowly moved off of her, lay down next to her and pulled her possessively into my arms, settling the duvet on top of us both. Satisfied, I noticed how she nestled up to me and sighed with contentment. I lovingly kissed her shoulders and neck.

“What did I do to deserve that,” she murmured quietly. I could not resist a smirk while I was kissing her.

“You have to learn that you can be rewarded in my family for doing the right thing,” I whispered to her breathlessly. I noticed that she wanted to turn around in my arms, but I wouldn't let her do that, instead pulled her even closer to me: “Don't. Just lie here.”

“But I thought I would be punished for running away again,” she asked, confused.

I kept smirking. Yes, she should think so. However, today not only had she needed this reward, but so had I. I just had to know that I was still alive, that I could still feel and love, and that I could forget the pictures of those who had died today by my hand.

“That was an exception. You won't always get away with things. Nevertheless, your performance today in the Ministry saved a family member, the Head of the family even, my father, from Azkaban. That's reason enough for an exception! Sleep a little now, our time is limited,” I admonished. Of course, I assumed that father could have escaped on his own, but she didn't have to know that.

What drove me this night? The next days, certainly the next week, I wouldn't be able to see her and hold her like this. I wanted to enjoy it as long as it lasted. She had hard days ahead of her and that's why she should also make the most of our time together, the calm before the storm.

End of Draco's POV

Hermione's POV

Wow, I never had a night like this with Draco before. He had been so passionate and gentle at the same time, a completely new experience. A reward for helping Lucius!

I chuckled internally. Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, it was probably the last chance for us to be together like this because I would be so busy for the next few days that I would consider myself fortunate to get even a few minutes of sleep. He knew this, though, and so he cuddled me so tightly that it seemed as if he would never let me go again.

But of course, he had to let me go, even though that night had done us much good after all the evil we had committed. Draco's first murders had left their marks on him. He had spent a very restless night trying, again and again, to hide in my embrace as we held each other in our arms, downright clinging to each other.

When we couldn't sleep come dawn, we talked. I had told him everything in detail, from the moment we left Hogwarts with Umbridge. He almost died laughing when he heard how I had incapacitated Harry. Umbridge... the centaurs, Grawp, the thestrals; he listened to it all with interest and kissed my forehead from time to time.

Then I told him about the Department of Mysteries, and he laughed loudly at Lucius' saying that I should come with him and that he had boasted to the others that he had bitten me. Draco was very proud that I had managed to handle the Death Eaters well. He cried tears of laughter at the Crabbe story and was very pleased with the Jugson episode.

He listened to my story of the duel in the atrium with Dumbledore against the Dark Lord and Harry's exorcism at the end with great excitement and intrigue because, as he said, he had never seen the Dark Lord fight before. Everything I told him, he found fascinating, wanting to know every detail. As for the office scene with Dumbledore, I kept the contents of the prophecy secret and told Draco that it was up to Harry to tell which he accepted with a cynical laugh.

“Yes, exactly, because Potter would definitely want to reveal it to me!” he said. Then I summarised to him our following night in the Room of Requirement, which he found interesting in so far as Harry was still standing by me, but he also said he was surprised by Harry's powers of observation. Mockingly, he commented: “I'm not sure... Are you trying to tell me he isn’t a total fool?” And when I finally told him about Daphne and my plan and where the two were spending the night, he said the same thing as Blaise had: “Oh, is Potter finally making a move?

Well, what else could I say about his dry, sarcastic, commentative nature?

Draco began to tell me how an annoying owl had interrupted his sleep shortly after midnight and he had immediately set off for the Manor where his father had angrily told him about what had gone wrong. Lucius also informed Draco about Sirius' death. I noticed Draco's hard, mean gaze which confirmed my suspicion that he wasn’t upset about his cousin’s death. I knew he was still holding the kitchen scene at Grimmauld Place against Sirius and I could only roll my eyes - how vindictive! Hold on, I shouldn't say that, I too had proved many times that I never forgot my revenge, even if it took me a long time to get it. We had sought and found each other.

He told us that Bellatrix, looking quite dishevelled, had rushed into their Manor, looking even worse than usual, he added hatefully. He confessed that he could not stand any of the Black family, Narcissa just as much as Bellatrix and Sirius! Oh yeah, Draco truly didn't like the Black family that he was half a part of himself of himself thanks to his mother. He didn't let it count because he was a Malfoy, end of the story! Did I ever say that Malfoys could be terribly stubborn and arrogant?

Hence, I prefered to keep my mouth shut if he was so sensitive about that topic.

Then, he told me of Bellatrix's view on things and how the Dark Lord had taken her with him in his great kindness and generosity, and how he was now raging in his Dark Manor because the prophecy was lost to him. He was raging on them all and they thus now had to hurry to figure out a way to make up for this failure.

Well, then my little blond devil here had the glorious idea to go invade Azkaban.

He described it to me in very vivid colours, even if he was limited to black and grey when he skillfully drew a picture of an island in the North Sea that reminded me of Alcatraz. It was a lonely stone island against which the waves roared loudly, the whipping, cold sea clashing with merciless force against the sharp, inaccessible, slate-grey cliffs. In short, a place hostile to life.

He described it as cold, surreal and rough, the grey-black prison rising out of the rock as if it had grown from it. It was supposed to look like an impregnable fortress.

There were seven of them on this suicide mission: He himself, Lucius, Bellatrix, Greyback - yes, they had brought the werewolf as reinforcement -  the two possessed Carrow siblings Alecto and Amycus, and Travers brought up the rear.

They were, as Draco explained to me, the most powerful, but also the most vicious and fanatical group they could put together in a hurry, as this could have been an ugly thing for them. Thanks to the liberation the Death Eaters through the Dark Lord last year, they now knew the hidden, unplottable location of Azkaban.

When they arrived, he could immediately feel the oppressive cold of the dementors, which made the blackness of the night even darker. But the dementors liked the Death Eaters and the Dark Lord and kept out of the now emerging battle and watched, floating calmly, as the Aurors threw themselves into battle.

As had been said, it wasn’t pretty, and Draco saw himself forced to kill for the first time in his life. And so he did, as naturally and self-evidently as Lucius and Severus had been instructing him for years: fast, precise and without remorse.

He told me how much it repelled him that the others had to make the killing such a personal thing. He told me of the atrocities of Greyback, how he brutally slaughtered the Aurors; of Bellatrix, who laughed maniacally and threw herself into the turmoil of battle and murdered mercilessly, and then also of the Carrows, who could indulge themselves and their corrupt dark side to the fullest and did so uninhibited. Furthermore, how Lucius always held back with an attitude of distinguished restraint, seeking out the dementors and finding himself successful in negotiating an agreement with these creatures to his contentment.

Draco confessed to me that he was amazed at how little trouble the Killing Curse had been for him, and I confirmed to him that I had found the same thing for myself. This made him laugh sarcastically as he said: “We make quite the couple!

“Did Severus actually hurt you very much when you made your acquaintance with the shelf, as you so beautifully put it?” he asked curiously but also with a touch of concern.

“No, I'm fine, just some bruises and a slight laceration on the head which I healed immediately!”

“Hermione, in the future, don't lie to Severus and Father if they ask you something directly. That’s never a good idea. They are and have never been gentle; it’s not in their nature. With them, it's mostly verbal and very hurtful attacks, but when they get really upset, they will resort to physical punishments. You should know they didn't become Death Eaters for nothing! They wouldn’t be if they were nice men,” he warned me urgently.

“Thank you for your concern, Draco, it’s very sweet of you... I understood that already. It just wasn't easy for me to admit to Snape that I sent Umbridge to kingdom come,” I admitted calmly.

“Hermione, he will always protect you, not harm you. If anything he will help you, as you now belong to the family. Didn’t you notice that he is less formal with you now? It is a great honour and shows that he has completely come to terms with your position in my... in our family, which is good, very good!” He looked at me beseechingly, precisely explaining this circumstance to me.

“That sounds good and I will get used to it, just give me a bit of time. It’s so weird... Him being so informal with me has really thrown me for a loop,” I confessed uneasily.

“I am sure that he will take the next step, that you’ll soon be expected to call him by his first name,” it suddenly burst out of Draco.

“What? I can't do that!” I exclaimed slightly shocked and downright panicked.

“You can, but you aren’t allowed to do it until he offers it to you. However, if he does so and then you don't use it, it's an insult, so don't make that mistake,” he warned me urgently and as always I took Draco very seriously.

Wow, a visit to the snake pit always opened up such completely new perspectives. The next morning, as I washed and dressed in the Tower, I realised that today was our last day at Hogwarts. I hurried, very excited to hear what Harry had to tell me about his night.
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A Reward, chapter 93
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