When Hermione Fights
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 Lucius and Severus, chapter 103

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BeitragThema: Lucius and Severus, chapter 103   Lucius and Severus, chapter 103 EmptyDi Aug 06, 2019 7:36 am

Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy

Severus’ POV

That annoying, long-haired idiot! What did he want from me?

Stupid question, I knew that. Why did he pressure me so insistently? Why always me?

Oh, I knew that too, if I was honest with myself. He had found someone that enthralled him! Someone that appealed to him, appealed to him very much. She was an enormous challenge and what a challenge she was. She was a league of her own because she was brutally stubborn.

Lucius knew only a fraction of what Hermione, alias the bitch, was capable of!

I doubted that even I knew a fraction of what she was capable of. But why should I play his informant and serve him any information on a silver tray?

That would be the day! No, never ever, I swore to myself!

I felt sorry for myself when I had to look at this ever more fanatical lunatic, whose greed for possessing her almost jumped out of his cold, grey eyes. Actually, I should feel sorry for her since she would be permanently exposed to his latent advances from now on and that had to be gruelling.

It is a good thing that her handsome skull was almost as thick and stubborn as his. In fact, the two had earned each other. Let Lucius get obsessed; in her he might find his master, I had no doubt. She had acquired my respect a long time ago to my regret, although I would never admit it. The part of me that had surrendered to that realization had been locked deep inside of me, very deep.

Even I could not understand her. That was a good thing!

Although I had been able to make myself invisible successfully so far, my luck had now run out. Tonight, he had ordered me to come here, as a demand coming from the Dark Lord's right hand. Well, how could I resist this order?

It was a matter of despair!

Whether you believe it or not, his haughty lordship had been working me for hours, endless hours, in his energetic relentlessness. Can you fathom that?

This man had an amount of stamina that was not endurable. He talked and talked, no silence whatsoever during his lengthy monologue. I rolled my eyes in annoyance!

So far I had managed to escape him all Monday and almost all Tuesday, but in the evening, as I said, he had pulled out all the stops. I did not know him to be so impatient, so overzealous. I had calculated that I would be able to hide a week until he would resort to the last means to get hold of me, but I had thought wrong. Lucius seemed to be very bothered by all this.

Now I had sat here for over two hours already and he whined, lamented and nagged incessantly because I should finally tell him about my history with her. The bitch really brought nothing but trouble and I resented her for it.

He continued to whinge until he had pushed me far enough that my glass flew towards him again. Lucius dodged with the natural agility he possessed and the glass smashed to pieces on the wall behind him. Then a much too satisfied grin appeared on his aristocratic face, for he knew he had annoyed me for so long that I would soon give up. How could a single person be such a nuisance?

"Severus, I have the right to know if you have landed in bed with the new member of the family," he continued happily, being much too pushy. "Now you have even assaulted me again. I just want to know what happened! Tell me!"

I could feel the headache behind my temples, so I closed my eyes in anguish.

"Severus, must I remind you that I have always done everything for you, starting in your youth? I've always taken good care of you, so it is probably not too much to ask you to tell me this little intimacy, among friends and old companions!

Even after he drew this last trump card, my face still remained pinched. Sometimes the man was just too annoying. Nobody could be that sensational!

"Did you know that she was involved with this Sirius Black? Aha, I saw a flash in your black eyes, so you knew. Why?" he gloated that he had finally gotten even more reactions from me than a projectile flying towards him. As a result, I just snarled irritatedly.

This man was a walking catastrophe, clearly, and he would be the death of me. I would have loved to hit my head against the cold stone wall in violent repetition with the constantly increasing, throbbing pain plaguing me. Perhaps then I would have gotten my peace from the toddler harassing me.

"Severus, I know you too well. It is not normal for you to be so obstinate. Well, I mean, you're never particularly talkative when I want to know something, but so taciturn..." he announced velvety, shaking his white-blond head and smiling maliciously, rejoicingly, because he knew exactly that he would crack me eventually.

I hated myself for knowing that he knew he would get his way.

"I have to say, if you bite your teeth any harder, you will have to be careful that you still have any left after our conversation," he said. It really amused him and it annoyed me more and more. I heard the dreadful grinding of my teeth as I bit them even harder together. "Severus, give up, you know I will get it out of you! Now come on!"

Can you believe that? It was like kindergarten. Disgruntled, I pressed my lips together; they were now only a thin, disapproving line.

"What have you done with her? I mean, you are so controlled otherwise!" Now his pitch changed. Now he sounded worried, but he continued to press for information anyway.

Shouldn’t his monologue get boring after a while, even for himself? That, I asked myself sorrowfully. I wanted to scream in frustration. It was unbearable. I still strictly refused to say even one word.

"Well, I think I have the right to know and I ask you once again nicely to start talking," he insisted querulously. How could a single person possibly go on and on like that? I felt more than unspeakably sorry for myself. Why should I have to tell him something I was not particularly proud of?

Not only because I had forgotten myself and lost my temper, but also because I had been so stupidly blind and did not want to see who she really was! This had not been one of the more glorious moments of my life.

"All right, then tell me what you know about Black. I learned that she spread her legs for him! What had gotten in her to do that is truly a mystery to me," Lucius noted disparagingly and grimaced with disgust, distorting his pretty face.

"You are the worst child I know, Lucius," I raised my voice for the first time, which sounded very rough and hoarse.

I did not like to think of the time when she still shared the bed with Black or the pleasures of the flesh, however you wanted to phrase it. I had chalked it up to a brief loss of taste on her part. In my mind's eye, the scene in the library appeared which I had observed. Yes, I also would like to know what had gotten into her to bed that flea-bitten mutt.

"Oh no, that is not true; you're just annoyed. But that does not matter. Now tell me!" he continued to press demandingly. He knew he almost had me and I did not like that at all.

Deeply annoyed, I rolled my eyes. No, I did not want to. Why could not he accept something like that?

"Severus, then I will have to approach you differently: I am the oldest of our family and your next-of-kin and now I order you to start speaking or you will get to know me," he threatened me now decidedly with a determined face. He had straightened up like the cockalorum he was in his armchair and stared me down provocatively. Fighting cock would be more appropriate, I thought cynically.

Why did he know... - no, not like that. Why did he always use everything he found to get more information?

He was like a bloodhound. Once on a trail, he would not let go and so I closed my eyes in surrender. Family always came first and it was indisputable that he was the head in this respect. But damn it. Sometimes, albeit very rarely, I hated being a part of Lucius' family.

"She pretended to be a whore," I growled so stubbornly quietly that Lucius had certainly not understood everything and his accentuated question confirmed this to me.

" What? Did I hear you right? Why should she pretend to be a whore?" he sounded clearly dismayed and continued to press relentlessly.

He had leaned over towards me and his long, silky hair fell into his face in a picturesque way. In the light of the candles, his eyes sparkled excitedly. He seemed to be very satisfied with his achievement, to have driven me successfully into madness and now to have me so far that I gave in and began to talk.

End of Severus’ POV

Lucius’ POV

What was that? Had I understood that correctly? Why would she do that? My curiosity to get to the bottom of all this had piqued! That was incredible news. A whore? A prostitute? What had happened there? That was exciting and interesting, but also worrying. Had she done this with several, or only with Severus? Many still unanswered questions!

I noticed that Severus shut himself off again, withdrew back into his snail shell and regained absolute control over himself. And now he would keep silent again because he did not want to talk, but I could not let that happen. I wanted answers and I would certainly not give up now. Calmly but firmly, I asked:

"Why, Severus? What happened that she played the whore for you? Is she purchasable just for you or for everyone? Are you finally telling me why Hermione can be bought by you?"

My counterpart did not want to share his knowledge with me but I had noticed before that Black seemed to be a sore spot, so I would relentlessly continue to push his buttons.

Severus had demonstratively crossed his arms in front of his chest to underline his disapproval and stared at me expressionlessly. I watched him press his lips together in rage so they turned white. But I would crack him, no doubt about it.

"Pose that question to your new toy. You seem very taken with her..." he hissed angrily.

I sighed, resignedly and affectedly, while I looked at him reproachfully.

"At the moment she is probably more your toy and unfortunately that of my son. Truly regrettable." My lament sounded sincere.

Now I leaned forward again, fixed Severus firmly with my gaze which made his dark eyebrow shoot up in suspicion.

"But tell me, Severus, how could you fall for her? Especially you? Surely she would not have presented herself to you as Hermione, would she?" I investigated conspiratorially, raising an eyebrow of my own.

He just growled disgruntledly but did not answer at first. He seemed to struggle hard with himself until he groaned heavily.

"Ask her why she did that," he snarled viciously and somehow reproachfully, and I could see that my old friend's pride was more than slightly cracked.

Oh, he kept trying not to reveal anything, but I already knew that from our taciturn Severus, so I hung on.

"And for Black, did she also give the whore for him?" I whispered provocatively.

Because the way Draco had reacted today and from their amusing argument at breakfast I just knew that there had been more, otherwise he probably would not have included her in his will. But Severus knew nothing about that yet.

"No," he growled angrily from between his teeth and I saw I had to provoke him even more.

"So she let Black fuck her voluntarily and she liked it? And by you?" I taunted maliciously. I smiled contentedly as I registered how our grumpy Severus, usually so controlled, let his mask slip so I continued to torment him.

"But I am sure she prefers to spread her legs for Draco. She does surely enjoy it if he is half as good as me," I goaded him excessively. I saw my success even before he spoke. Now I had him! I suppressed the satisfied feeling that wanted to rise inside me.

The displeasure that now appeared on his face was all too clear and also that he briefly grimaced in disgust. Did our dear Severus develop feelings for his student in the end? The Mudblood became more and more fascinating and irresistible. To manage to get under Severus' layers of ice was a serious achievement. He hissed as he rose abruptly and paced restlessly across the room.

"Yes, damn it, she had something with him, completely voluntarily and it disgusts me to think about how he took her in his library on the couch!"

He kept pacing back and forth, angrily, muttering to himself. I did not interrupt him. This new information surprised me, but it could not even begin to satisfy my curiosity.

"She really let that dog have a go at her. Voluntarily! And obviously she had her fun, too!" Great astonishment spoke from his voice. In the next moment his new glass also impacted on the wall. I had really hit a sensitive nerve and knew he would talk now, so I asked impatiently:

"And what about you? Did you have her only as a whore? Why?" I did not even mention his outburst of rage.

Now he turned around, incensed, and glared dangerously at me. His black, chin-length hair swayed around his pale face, while I remained calm.

"Yes, damn it, that bitch set me up. Me! I picked her up in a pub, at the Hog's Head. I was so stupid to think she was a whore! Pfff... She had transfigured herself. And that is when I picked her up. I should have been suspicious right away because her behaviour was weird. She was not looking for a suitor and then she seemed to actually have fun when I fucked her in the alley and she even climaxed..." He went unexpectedly deep into detail.

I was still blinking in a piqued manner when he continued.

"Whores do not do that to in the presence of their suitors! How could I be so stupid?" The deep contempt for himself was discernible in every one of his words and that was probably the crux of the matter: He did not forgive himself for falling for her.

I had never experienced him in such a rage before!

These incidents seemed to be really eating at his ego and there must have been more incidents, otherwise he would not react so upset. But this did my ego a world of good. She had not really slept with Severus voluntarily, so, in a way, it did not count.

If I paid her, I could have her too! But then I could have them all. However, I did not want her that way. I also did not believe that she would accept my money; she probably did not need it. Although, in theory, I could force myself on her, I did not want that either and Draco had asked me not to do it and I could respect that, though reluctantly!

Hence, I had to woo her. Nevertheless, the information that she had spread her legs for Severus in an alleyway in Hogsmeade, I found very bemusing.

I, on the other hand, wanted her to just want me and have fun doing it. I did not want her to develop feelings for me like she obviously had for Draco. That in itself would only hinder the fun I was looking for!

When it was time, she would voluntarily come to my bed and willingly give herself to me, even if I had to persuade her to do so with my very own methods.

This little minx really fascinated me immensely.

I pushed further into the wound that Severus had so unexpectedly exposed. Because if I did, then I really wanted to know everything.

"And then, how often did you have her? Was she after the money then? Can anyone have her?" I shot out my questions sharply and he seemed to think about it.

"Three times, no more! ... Then... then I discovered that mark! And no, she does not need money, her family has money! Oh and no, she is picky. Krum is the only one I can think of with whom she could have gotten involved, otherwise she will not let anyone get close to her. Only Black, me and Draco had the honor," the words sounded bitter and unusually emotional from my otherwise so unfeeling friend.

What, not for the money? But what else drove her to hang out in alleys in the evening and yet apparently be so picky? Even if I turned up my nose at Black, all her chosen ones had been from an esteemed, highly respected, pure-blooded family and four men were not the world either.

"Potter and Weasley?" I asked matter-of-factly and sipped my drink. Immediately, Severus' head shot up and he clicked his tongue.

"I'd be surprised if the two slobs even knew they had something down there," he spat with his usual hatred and I rebuked him with a wagging walking stick.


"What? I am right! No, I do not think their relationship is or ever was intimate. In this regard, the two children would bore her," he explained soberly and I trusted his assessment and nodded in acquiescence.

However, my curiosity was far from satisfied. I wanted details, dirty details and so I did not let up.

"She was good, was she not? What did you do when you discovered the mark? Merlin, Severus, do not let me drag everything out of you," I demanded impatiently.

Whereupon he looked at me angrily, shook his head defensively and I could witness how he finally gave up as his shoulders slumped down. Now he would tell me everything, really everything. I triumphed and continued to ask:

"You never fucked her as Hermione?" I asked, a devilish smile adorning my face.

And now I noticed something I never thought possible, Severus really let his shoulders hang and gave up completely. Not only did he let his shoulders drop briefly, but he remained in this posture. I would not have thought that I had hit him so deeply, especially not that something was so close to him that he could have something as improbable as feelings. So what had he done? What had this minx done to him? What had she driven him to? I waited tensely for his answer.

"I took her... quite brutally..." he whispered so quietly and resignedly that I almost did not understand him.

I froze at this tremendous revelation, for I had not expected it. That the cold, controlled Severus could have lost the control over himself like that would never have occurred to me. Or had he done it deliberately and calculatedly in full consciousness?

These were the first thoughts that came to my mind after this incredible opening and I jumped up.

"You did what? How did you come to rape one of your students? A member of my family?" The words dripped coldly from my mouth because she had been at that time!

I was piqued, hell, I was pissed. I did not like too much coercion during sex. Usually, Severus thought the same as I did.

We regularly avoided the abnormal celebrations of the lower Death Eaters. This was under my - and so far also our - dignity. Of course, I sometimes coerced women into my bed in multiple-faceted ways. However, when they eventually lay inside, I gave them no reason to regret it.

Well, we had both committed one or two missteps in our youth, in the first war, but that was years, almost decades ago. And of course, I admit it, it would not have irritated or angered me so much if she had not been a member of my family.

But she was a Malfoy from now on!

"Do you think I am proud of it? It just happened. At that moment, I was not myself, I was the Death Eater through and through! Hermione, she... Only afterwards, did I really understand what I had done and believe me, the bitch even wanted me to have another go just to provoke me. I had unmasked her, transformed her back into herself. She knew her cover had been blown and yet she continued, although I visibly hurt her. She did not even try to resist," he told me very emotionally, in detail and then sank down.

Cooly, I looked at the otherwise so proud figure of Severus. I was not angry because he had forced his will on a woman. No, I would never lord over in such a moral way, I had not been entitled to do that for a long time. No, I was horrified because he had lost control, worse he had lost control in her presence!

Severus never lost control of himself. Somehow fatigued, I let myself sink into the armchair.

"But she is Draco's girlfriend. How could you?" I whispered harshly, shocked that this had really happened and that they all managed to cover it up so nonchalantly.

He spat out his answer dripping with scorn.

"And what about you? You bit her and you want to fuck her too! I can see how you look at her. Do not talk about morals with me," he hissed viciously.

I laughed out loud. That was too good! Was he jealous? I leaned back in my armchair, crossed my legs casually, allowed myself a big sip of my whiskey and then responded thoughtfully.

"Now, I would never force her on the last point. If she wants me, then that is the way it is, even Draco will not be able do anything about it. You know, you did not have the right to take her like that. In this respect, you are only the third in the line, you know that! Draco marked her, theoretically she belongs to him, although I still have a claim and only then do you come, if she wants you," I stated authoritatively, relegating him to his place.

"Pah, we have to be more careful that she does not let us all dance to her tune, Lucius. You misjudge her! She is dangerous! She has already taken over the whole of Draco. He does not notice it yet, does not want to admit it, but she holds the reins in her hand and he does what she wants. And that is not all. She is not only interesting, she is underhanded, cunning and really dangerous. She is still young, but if she continues to develop so rapidly, she can easily keep up with us, Lucius. I have seen how powerful she is. That goes far beyond what she should be able to do now. She is unimaginably intelligent and terribly clever, but she can do much more. She is unique," Severus told me amazingly involved and insistent. That only made her more attractive, more interesting. Severus almost raved about her, if it had not been for his malicious tone that accompanied his description.

She belonged to my family. Slowly, I began to understand what Draco had seen in her: power and strength that we could use well.

I laughed dryly, contemptuously and raised my glass to her imaginarily.

"Severus, you do not want to tell me that we, seasoned, experienced and battle-hardened men, cannot compete with this little wildcat, do you? She is still a schoolgirl. A stupid thing in principle, desirable and pretty. We are Death Eaters! The most important of all, the Right and Left Hand of the Dark Lord," I succinctly dismissed his words. "If she can beguile Draco, yes, he is still much too susceptible and young and inexperienced, but not us. You must not let yourself be caught in your feelings like that, Severus. Normally, there is no need for me to tell you that because you are never involved with feelings.

"She is a nice toy and once I have had her in bed, I will see, maybe I will not be interested in her anymore, in that respect. Then, Draco can have her all to himself again," I explained to him nonchalantly. Severus gave me a cynical snarl because of my assessment.

I did not understand his attitude. Although I clearly felt that she was powerful, I was convinced that she would not be able to keep up with us now. Severus exaggerated shamelessly.

I saw that Severus only shook his head in disbelief.

"Lucius, she is the second instance in Slytherin after Draco! She rules the House when he is not there and even when he is, she controls him. Maybe he also controls her, because you underestimate Draco too, you can never be sure about both of them. Just do not misjudge the two of them. Through him, she holds the strings in her hand and she is not even a Slytherin. She has long since taken over the position that Zabini previously held as Draco's Right Hand," he warned me urgently.

Now, I was truly surprised. That could not be possible! The Slytherins would never let a Gryffindor tell them anything. There had to be a lot about this woman and I was willing to find out what it was.

"When she says something, Slytherin listens," Severus reluctantly summed up.

"But how?" I asked with consternation. Severus grinned diabolically.

"Well, she is excellent at transfiguration and your son has brought her into the snake pit in her disguise and declared her Untouchable. He told the Slytherins that she belonged to the Malfoy family and that they had to respect her. Only Blaise Zabini dares to address her. She had their respect before, through Draco, but now the Slytherins are genuinely afraid. They tremble before her, before Abraxina," he spat out the name contemptuously. "It is pathetic"

"Abraxina?" I echoed in disbelief, he had caught me on the hop again. What had she done to gain respect among the cold, hard-to-steer Slytherins? Spreading fear was not easily done. Whereby the naming shocked me more.

"Unbelievable, is it not? But Draco still seems to mourn his rarely seen, deceased grandfather Abraxas, by commemorating him," Severus buzzed spitefully but I only waved off indifferently because something else interested me much more. Especially since, technically, Draco was unaware that Abraxas had died; nobody had told him. Severus grinned smugly and completely changed the subject.

"She practiced a Cruciatus on Parkinson and I think it was quite effective," Severus sounded very gloating, visibly reminiscing.

He smiled nastily and she became more and more interesting. The more I learned about her incredible accomplishments, the more irresistible she became. This woman was really a mystery. It shocked me that she had so much power and strength when she was just a simple, ordinary mudblood.

In addition, my son had now given her even more power and taken her into my family. How had he come up with this idea? Had he only seen her power? What had driven Draco to do it? Malfoys never did anything selflessly, there were always reasons and the fact that we simply always accumulated more power was certainly not enough of a reason.

Severus raised his voice again and I did not need to look at him, my gaze was fixed on the fire because I was thinking. I pondered intensely, but I heard how incredulously amused he was just now.

"You should have seen how she rushed into the Slytherin's common room in her disguise and imperiously snapped not only at the Slytherin's, Zabini included, but me as well. Me! Can you imagine that? She told me to wait, in front of everyone, and I could not do anything about it...

"Sometimes I could wring your son's neck for taking her in. When he was just fucking her and she was nothing more than his girlfriend at best, I could at least punish her, though that did not even bother her. She always endures everything with her head held high. If it were not so absolutely annoying, I could admire her for it. Just keep in mind that she is never as harmless as she looks and everything she does is calculated. She is an ice-cold bitch. I think her only weakness is Potter... Maybe Draco, too," he shrugged his shoulders in a pejorative way during his assessment, grimacing as if he had bitten into an extremely sour lemon.

"What about her parents?" I asked suddenly, frowning. What about those Muggles? I had forgotten them so far, but she had to have parents. I thought I could even remember seeing her with the Weasleys and their parents in Diagon Alley a long time ago.

"I do not know. I do not think they matter," Severus said coldly. With his defensive attitude, he gave the impression that I was biting granite again. It would be getting too late by the time I got him back to speak openly again. No, it was enough for today. I would find out later why her parents were apparently out of the picture.

That was more news for one evening than I had hoped and more serious news than I had guessed. If I would allow myself to be, I would probably have been shocked. What had driven her to become like that?

Maybe Severus was right. I would definitely keep an eye on her and I already had a plan how to get her even more on my side; how I would convince her of me, ensnare her so that she could not resist me anymore.

The way Draco had reacted at breakfast, he certainly had not been unaffected when he heard about Severus' deed. I could use that for myself. I recognized a chance when it lay in front of me. I had heard enough for today, everything else I would have to ask the little Mudblood myself. She would answer to me, I would take care of that.

With a slight wave of my hand while I was still staring into the fireplace and a short "You can go, Severus, that would be it for today. You are going to stay; I will see you at breakfast tomorrow," I dismissed Severus casually, who then actually left the room. This made me look up in astonishment for a moment as this was not his usual way. He could not stand it when I treated him like that, but Hermione really seemed to occupy Severus. Well, not just him, but me too.

End of Lucius’ POV

Severus’ POV

I could not do much more than warn Lucius about this devious minx, even though I had clearly seen that Lucius did not take it seriously.

He did not give this warning the importance it deserved. One thing I had already seen through a long time ago: I did not know what kind of plans the minx was pursuing, but she was pursuing them. A man like Lucius, who continued to slip into her trap, threatening to succumb to her more and more, that was dangerous. He could not even begin to grasp her and her attraction and the incredible repertoire she had and with which she could impress.

Exactly, only once did he want her in his bed and then he would have enough and generously hand her over to Draco again since he had no feelings for her. Do not make me laugh! Here a sarcastic snort escaped me on the way to my rooms in Malfoy Manor. This man could be so farsighted and here he was as blind as I had been in the beginning.

However, I knew that if she were to get involved with him, it would not be a one-off thing. Oh no, Hermione had something that just captivated us. She offered everything we wanted to enjoy, admire and own. As I knew her, she would do anything to escape him. Good Lucius would lose his mind while she would keep her legs closed for him, as if wearing a chastity belt. That was the best way to control Lucius and the minx probably had known that for a long time and she would enjoy the game Lucius was ready to play.

Nevertheless, I could not say and warn him any more than I had, as the wretched spell she had invented would not allow it. Lucius, who always knew everything better would have to look out for himself.

Yes, unbelievably, I still could not get over the fact that she invented such complex spells. She, a person who had only learned of the existence of this world when she was eleven years old and already left most pure-blooded wizards far behind in terms of skill. Very few witches and wizards developed a spell in their lives, let alone such a spell. It was not the only one, I knew that as sure as I knew that the Dark Lord had been resurrected.

One thing I knew only too well when I closed the door of my room, I had a headache thanks to her. It would not be the last one either, once again, thanks to her!

Great, I was looking forward to tomorrow. Terrific. From Thursday on, I was allowed to train her again. I did not like Lucius' devilish grin, so on top of that, I would have to watch out for her too. Great indeed...

End of Severus’ POV
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Lucius and Severus, chapter 103
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