When Hermione Fights
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 The Twins, Chapter 15

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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The Twins, Chapter 15 Empty
BeitragThema: The Twins, Chapter 15   The Twins, Chapter 15 EmptyFr März 17, 2017 1:27 am

The Twins

Already the spirited little bundle grabbed me by my hand and pulled me to the second floor of the house to our room, which was quite homely with two beds. On the walls hung faded green wallpapers; it looked gloomy but not repulsive.

"Nice, and which is mine?" I asked, and Ginny threw herself on the bed by the window.

"Oh, good, and how is it at the headquarters?" I asked, looking at her casually. I didn't want to show my interest in a house full of dark magic too openly.

"Dull, you won't believe it, Hermione. All the time just cleaning. Mother scares us through the area, and when it's exciting, because the Order has a meeting, she sends us to our rooms. It really sucks, and Fred and George are so weird, they just hang around and I'm just with Ron," Ginny complained, raising her long, handsome, red hair to air her neck.

The door opened and Ron entered. He had grown in the past weeks, I too had changed a lot because of my training, which I immediately tried to conceal through a wide-cut, wide-blown, lilac blouse.

"Hello again, how do you like it here?", He asked curiously. "Really scary, right? Have you seen and heard the picture with the old Black?" Ron said with disgust in his voice. In the meantime, I packed out the things I would need here. The other stuff I left in my suitcase.

"I like it, Ron, uncanny - not really and no, which picture? And actually I wanted to stay at home," I went back to the drawer. I didn't know why I spoke so openly, but it annoyed me that I now had to act so restricted and this mood I let out on the two siblings. His face changed disapprovingly.

"Then you don't want to be with us?" He asked reproachfully. He always snapped so quickly. Now I really would've liked to have my eyes twisted, but held myself back.

"No, of course not, Ron," I once wanted to be honest, but then quickly remembered for better when I looked into two sad faces.

"Of course I'd like that. I'm glad to see you, but I just wanted to tell you that I will have little time, and I remember, I have to ask the professor something!" And was already running out of the room. I never liked to give accountability. Quickly I opened the door to the kitchen and saw three adults sitting at the table while discussing, but because of my abrupt appearance, they interrupted their conversation.

"Sorry ... I didn't want to attack you like this!" I began politely, but was interrupted in my apology, as Ron and Ginny followed, as expected.

"... but I would have to clarify one or two things with you, Professor," I added, urgently, rolling my eyes in my mind.

All eyes were now on me, surprised or curiously interested.

"Um, it's because, I have an appointment from Monday to Saturday, from 2 to 8 o'clock, which I must go to and can't cancel!", I quickly spoke my first concern. I had given myself an hour extra for at the beginning and at the end of the event, because you never knew what it would be good for.

"And what would that be?" I could hear Mrs. Weasley questioning.

I pinched my lips briefly, because that wasn't anyones business, and I also had approached Professor Dumbledore. I was only too aware of everyone's eyes on me. Sirius watched me with his arms crossed and his eyes twitching.

"Nothing exciting, I only have these hours since the beginning of the holiday, with permission from my parents and wish them to continue, since my parents have also financed it. Where I have to go ... it's not far from here," I waved to the explanation with my hand through the air. The professor had still not said anything, but watched me attentively. I avoided his gaze, at that time I sat down on a chair and poured myself a glass of water. Fortunately, I had not thought of summoning one. I had to be careful not to use my wand, because that would be fatal in this group.

"What are you doing there, Miss Granger?" Dumbledore asked his first question calmly. I played myself a bit coy, as if I were embarrassed.

"Do I have to say that, Professor? Is it not enough if I tell you that it's not dangerous, otherwise my parents wouldn't have let me go!" I insisted and shifted restlessly on my chair.

"I'm sorry, Miss Granger, but in those times, we must be careful," he said grandfatherly, his eyes behind the glasses flashing amused at my malaise. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I began hesitantly: "... well, I have two lessons of ballet and three hours of standard dances a day, as a distraction, you understand, and for the return trip I suggest an hour!" I exclaimed embarrassed.

Inside I was torn by laughter, when I saw the faces of the people present, because it was really too funny! If you needed a camera, none was at hand, a pity.

Wonderful! Ron stared with an incredulously open mouth, and Ginny suddenly looked Ron, surprisingly similar. Sirius had the gruffest grin on his face, which I had seen from him so far, and I guess he didn't believe me, but he said nothing and laid his hand over his beard. And Professor Dumbledore had a good-natured smile on his face, so he was in good spirits.

"Well, if this is right, Miss Granger, I think this shouldn't be a problem, as you said you had done it in the knowledge of your parents, which shouldn't be noticed here either. Is it fun?" He continued with a wink and looked enormously childish.

I got red cheeks. "Yes Professor, very. Thank you for asking," I muttered, looking straight at the table.

"Isn't it a bit exaggerated, six hours, six days a week?" Mrs. Weasley said loudly.

"Well, I don't think this is any of our business, Molly!" Sirius said to my surprise.

I raised my head and smiled gratefully at him.

"Thanks again! I'll go then!", I rose and went into the hallway.

Phew, done. Man, that had been almost too easy. Dance, yes, that they believed my nonsense, I shrugged, not my problem. Now I would explore the house a bit, because the two siblings hadn't immediately attached themselves to my heels, I strongly assumed, that it would still be discussed about my "dancing hours" in the kitchen.

At first I made acquaintance with Mrs. Black's insulting painting, which I quickly left behind, as I also had the honor of meeting the stupid house-elf, who tried to calm the excited former "house lady" and pulled the curtains before the painting. At the same time he muttered wild insults to himself and looked very old, down and dirty, so I rushed up the steps.

I had found my favorite room at the Black House very quickly. First floor, left door. Here I would spend most of my time, after all I had only four weeks to go through these wonderful books. The biggest part was about dark magic, the more exciting, but it was not really surprising in this house. The good news was that I didn't know most of the works, as this library had many copies that weren't represented in the Restricted Section. Here I would be able to deepen my knowledge of Dark Magic and find new ideas and incentives to create new curses. Considering how effective this had been with Miss Skeeter, these were hidden treasures.

Lovingly I stroked the titles of the folios and choose two books that I pulled out. I carried them to the seating corner in front of the fireplace and made myself comfortable in one of the green leather armchairs. Within a very short time, the books were so good that I completely sank into them.

"Here you are. Come, lunch! It's already late, since Dumbledore only just left!" I was upset when Ron told me this excitedly. I slowly turned my gaze from my book and looked at him slightly questioningly.

"Aha, thank you Ron, but I'm not hungry, please excuse me, I'd like to stay here!" I replied distractedly, and immediately lowered my eyes to the book pages. Not everyone can be such a big eater as you, Ronald, I thought harshly.

"You're not serious about that, Hermione, we're on vacation and you're crouching here like in the Hogwarts library!" He shouted, frustrated and angry.

Hello!? Had he landed on another planet at the end of our school year, we were facing a bloody war, and what did he want? Eat!? I was about to loose my control because I had to be prepared and the knowledge of these books helped me, so I would read them now, no discussion!

I looked at Ron. "Ronald, I'm not hungry and yes, I'll read in my spare time, you may like to sit with me," I offered. "Otherwise, please don't disturb me any further," I determined and looked demonstratively at my book.

I only heard the door closing almost loud as Ron pulled off insulted. Annoyed, I gave a deep sigh and let my head fall into my neck. At the moment, I wanted to go back to our house in Chelsea, and if Ron went on like this, I'd kill him someday. I found him quite nice and valued him as a superficial friend, but I had accepted him for years only for Harry's sake, as I knew he needed the ease and kindness of someone like Ron. But how he had behaved in the tournament, I hadn’t forgiven him, unlike Harry.

Harry was just too good to be true.

Well, on Ron's sensibilities I could and would not take any consideration, I had to concentrate on the contents of the book. After a while I heard the door open, but this time it was quietly closed again. I did not look up, I was still annoyed about Ron, but then I heard whispers, and that sounded like a disturbance, which I welcomed.

Without looking up, I asked, "Well, you two, were you looking for me or are you just happening to be here?" I asked smugly.

"Well, well, you wanted to question us!", Both were laughing and rumbling, sitting down the green leather couch opposite of me, looking at me. They lay more on top of each other than anything else, a really funny view.

"I never question, Fred," I replied indignantly, looking giggly at their intricate bodies.

"How do you always do that? Nobody can tell us apart, it's sooo frustrating!" He said seriously desperate.

"In your dreams, I won't tell you, as you sung so beautiful before, secret, secret!" I giggled. I could have anticipated their reaction, but it still let me roll my eyes. During this time, I pulled out my wand and spoke some defenses and locks on the library, because I knew that if I someone else and not me would be witness to the scene I was facing, the Weasley family would be more than just shaken. It would tear them apart, but the little drama about Percy was ridiculous.

"Fred, George you share a room, why do you always have to show me how much you love each other?" I asked, sugary, and at least they ended their passionate snogging with which I had clearly seen too much tongue and their faces turned towards me, but they were still lying together.

"We like spectators!" Fred grinned like a little evil devil.

"Ha, you can't fool me, you are the biggest secret warriors, but why do I have to watch you putting your tongues into each others throat?" I mocked, drank a sip of my water and sounded tortured.

"Just because we can't let others participate, you have to see it. We want to share our happiness with you!", they explained to me and two red heads nodded in agreement.

"Something else comes into my mind, how did you get rid of Angelina and Alicia?" I wanted to annoy them, mean as I was. Fred suddenly broke off from George, sat up, sighing, and stroked his red hair.

"It wasn't so easy, really. Women, they were so annoying!", the twin exclaimed annoyed.

"Why, I thought she was very nice," George said, looking at Fred with a smile.

"George, don't annoy your brother like that, you know how jealous he is!" I said encouraging the drama of the jealousy before my eyes.

How long they've had a relationship for? In my opinion, always, but from a sexual point of view, I knew about it since the fourth school year. I had caught them one night in the greenhouses in flagranti, how and in what manner I leave to your imagination. Since then, I've been supporting them in their relationship and helped them where I could, because they were aware that they had to keep their feelings secret because society and their family would react with shock and disgust.

I tolerated their connection, so that I didn't want to rise to be their judge, that would go too far for me. They knew that they did forbidden things, and I overlooked it generously, but I didn't pretend to judge about their morality.

We trusted each other because they knew something about me and they helped me and I would keep their secret. How did I feel about their love? I didn't think it was really bad. They were gay, I had nothing against gays, please, everyone shall do what they want. It was only the special case that they were brothers, but same-sex, so I found it now necessary to get used to, but since no incestuous children could emerge, please, if they wanted it.

And when we were honest with each other, who could ever imagine Fred or George with someone else? These two belonged together, there was no place for other partners, just like these two interacted. So they had my blessing and they knew that, so I could always witness again as they kissed.

"C'mon tell me, what are you going to do with the money?" I asked curiously.

"Well, we want to lay the first stone for our own store," George said, cowering into the couch.

"Exactly, we are inventing quite a few new jokes. We want to sell them in the school and now we're creating plans for our own store at Diagon Alley!" Fred explained enthusiastically.

"What about the Ministry?" I asked.

"Oh, what Mum imagines is completely irrelevant to me, I won't be a Percy!" Fred said angrily, waving his hands in the air excitedly.

"Exactly, that has always been our dream and with the money we can tackle it now, we've been saving it for years," George told me quieter, but no less of anticipation.

"Good idea, have never seen you behind an office table. You have my support, should you need more money, or one moment, how much did you get from Harry?" I asked thoughtfully, biting my lower lip.

"1,000 galleons!" They both said brightly.

"Well, I'm buying into your business, I will instruct Rangok to give you 2,000 galleons, or do you have your own vault?" I smiled, leaning into my chair and pulling my legs under me.

"Wha ... what ... what, Hermione ... that ... how?" They stuttered at me.

"Calm down, boys, rejoice, I believe in you and would like to support you and if I didn't have the money, I wouldn't give it to you. Please take it!" I held out my hands. Now, two twins were sitting opposite me, as they were rarely seen, speechless and open-mouthed, a little pale in their faces and with round eyes.

"Thank you," George said, "Yes, thank you Hermione, you're the best!", said Fred joyfully excited.

"No, you're the best thing that could happen to us, we love you," George said firmly, tilting his head slightly. "Oh, we've opened an account with Gringotts, so much money belongs to the bank, we trust the goblins," Fred explained.

"You're a flatter George, but gladly. I want you to be happy. And I'll instruct Gringotts to credit the money to your dungeon," I looked intensely at them. They took each other's hand and smiled shyly at each other.

"Hopefully Harry and Ron know how to appreciate you," Fred replied suddenly, but then nobody said anything, for I was not sure about it, and the other two probably neither, but then I remembered something.

"Tell me, do you actually get everything you need for your new ideas and products?" I asked doubtfully.

"You're too smart, Hermione. No, unfortunately not. Some is on the Black List or is equally forbidden. Unfortunately, we still don't know how to get all this at affordable prices," he sounded slightly sad. I thought hard.

"Tell me, are the members of the Order the same members that were already in the first war?", I asked then, because I had an idea thanks to Rita's book.

"Mhm, as much as we can tell, yes, who were you thinking about?" Fred asked sardonically, and then one could see the twisted fate of the Twins.

"Mundungus Fletcher!" I told them.

"You mean Dung, weird guy!" Fred made a disgusted face.

Yes, I had imagined him like that with the description of Miss Skeeter.

"Then you have the solution for your problem. Ask him to get you the things, judging from your reaction, he has the best contacts to Knockturn Alley, and if he is as fucked as I think, you can do well," I nodded with my head and was allowed to witness their reaction.

"Man, most beautiful. You're awesome, we'll have to discuss this, George, so we can use him," he said, quite agitated and fidgeting on the couch like a toddler.

"You are truly incredible, thank you for everything and see you later. We have to plan a lot now," George suddenly seemed quite frantic. And I already could hear a bang. My crazy boys! They really should practice their apparating, in contrast to them I was as quiet as a bee.

"See you later," I murmured to myself, while they were already gone.
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The Twins, Chapter 15
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