When Hermione Fights
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 Who is Afraid of the Man in Black?, chapter 119

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Who is Afraid of the Man in Black?, chapter 119 Empty
BeitragThema: Who is Afraid of the Man in Black?, chapter 119   Who is Afraid of the Man in Black?, chapter 119 EmptySa Dez 14, 2019 9:53 pm

Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy

"Does everyone overlook you this way, Severus?" I asked, amused, which made him step forward and settle himself smoothly opposite to me in the other armchair.

"If I want it, yes. It is often so much more pleasant to merge with the shadows, is it not?" He tilted his head thoughtfully and his quiet baritone filled the room. His gaze seemed to pierce me while he measured me carefully. It was clear to me that he knew it and that the other two also suspected it, but these cat-and-mouse tactics were simply part of our game. We also needed to have some fun.

Now he casually crossed his legs, which were clad in black trousers, and put his hand to his chin.

"Hypothetically... do you think Narcissa has a chance to survive?" he asked very seriously and I, playing my role perfectly, placed one hand on my chest and replied loudly:

"Well, how should I know? You are the one who was with her. I am so curious. What happened?" I showed my astonishment, my curiosity and my interest and something happened that I had never experienced before with Severus: he laughed openly. Very dryly, but he laughed. He seemed to like my acting, I realised wide-eyed.

"What...? You can't be serious, Severus, that it amuses you that Narcissa is in hospital,” I blamed him now and he still shook his head grinning. I had never seen him so amused.

"So you want to know what happened... mhmh?" he asked with a soft smile and I nodded in confirmation. "Well, we walked down Diagon Alley - I already described that to Lucius and Draco - when Narcissa was attacked by an ugly elderly witch. Since I was a bit further along, it was not until Narcissa's exclamation that I was made aware that something was happening. When I reached her, she had just gone down. The attacker fled into Knockturn Alley. Some Aurors, who were supervising the district, had, like me, become aware of the events and followed the witch into Knockturn Alley...

"I got help because Narcissa seemed to be getting worse. She had a nasty, badly swollen scratch on her face," he dragged his finger from his cheek to the base of his neck to make a visual impression and I watched him with curiosity. I really was curious, because I wanted to know how it had continued. "She got a rash and she got sick. One can definitely conclude that she was poisoned. There was almost a riot when we were recognized. I noticed it only marginally, but it seemed to me as if Miss Skeeter had also paid her respects! The Aurors blocked us off..."

Here I interrupted his explanation, as I rose and fetched water for both of us and passed a glass to him which he gratefully took. Then, I sat down again and asked:

"Did you help her?"

"What do you mean, helped? I gave her one or two potions, which I had ready to hand, because she was screeching loudly and writhing on the floor in pain. When one of the Aurors finally arrived with a Portkey that took us to St. Mungos, she had at least received a pain potion from me.

"Such dilettantes, Hermione. Never place yourself voluntarily in the hands of these berserkers; no sensitivity, no brain," he complained. It didn't seem as if he was taken with the healers, I thought with amusement. "... they took her off my hands just as she threw up, but until I left they did not know what she had been poisoned with. I do not know either yet, because the bezoar they gave her did not work... And now my sordid question, as your esteemed professor... what would you use to poison someone," he asked predatorily, but also with a hint of black humour. His black obsidians sparkled at me.

Thoughtfully, I pulled my lower lip through my teeth. Now the second reason why I had chosen this toxin would come up.

"A good question, Professor Snape, to think about," I joined the game and sat with my legs folded under me, "... what would I take? Hypothetically, of course. Mhmh." I tilted my head and knocked with my index finger on the back of my chair. I saw how the otherwise so smooth mask of Severus got slight cracks when I thought so hard and it showed a smile. "Yes, now I know... I would rule out from the outset that something as obvious as a bezoar would work, because that would be counterproductive, wouldn't it? Which toxin has such an effect? Exactly... The bezoar only works against all herbal poisons as a remedy, because it absorbs these harmful substances.

"However, we must not lose sight of the fact that St. Mungos and such talented Potions Masters, like you, my dear Professor Snape, also have a certain repertoire of antidotes in their storage cupboards, for example against common snake venoms and the like. So that leads us to consider: What are they not prepared for? And there is a little creature, which occurs to me suddenly -" I truly had to fight to avoid breaking out into loud laughter. Thus, I observed him from below my lowered eyelids and he interrupted me.

"Miss Granger, finally get to the point. Always so excessive, just like in your incredibly long essays, which are full of cross-references," he teased me and I pouted, offended. I liked my cross-references.

"Well, then tell me, Professor," I meant gloatingly. I saw him clenching his lips tightly, annoyed, and so I sighed compassionately. "... All right. I'll put it this way: I can only think of the scorpion," I announced my knowledge, which led to Severus frowning reluctantly.

"But that can not be right," he commented deliberately.

"And why not?" I wanted to know.

"Maybe most people do not know, but there is a reason why almost nobody has anything other than an antidote for snake or spider venom, because scorpions are not deadly, especially for adults," he snorted contemptuously at me and I giggled.

"Severus, do you trust the knowledge of your pupil so little? ... tsk tsk tsk... Honestly. There are actually twenty-five species that are deadly... Tell me, could Narcissa still speak or did she already have slurred speech when you left?" I asked knowingly.

"You are serious about that, are you not? You bitch! You... The attacker thought of everything. There truly is no quick antivenom, is there?" he enquired in a calm manner.

"On the basis of your stories this is my expert assessment, my dear," I proclaimed, smiling slightly.

"How do you know so much about this animal?"

"I found it fascinating. They are so efficient and, unlike snakes, so underestimated in the professional world for their toxin. But you see, Narcissa seems to have had the good fortune to get another expert like me," I said cynically.

"Oh, I could be wrong; I am happy to be taught otherwise! How will it progress?" He put his fingertips together as if in prayer and kept his eyes on me, assessing me.

"So, when vision and speech are affected, it goes quickly. Next come sudden muscle cramps, increased blood pressure, a fast heart rate, consequently circulatory collapse, BOOOMM," I clapped my hands together. "Exitus," was my professional statement. I leaned back into the upholstery again and showed myself very unimpressed by my actions.

"Impressive! Highly dosed? The toxin should... Latency... minimally... What? Maybe ten hours, maximum... twenty?" he tried to reconcile the symptoms with the venom and the species and I alternated between shaking my head and nodding while he tilted his head back and forth in contemplation.

"Depending on the person, but in high doses, at least five hours, maximum twenty," I provided him with the information and he stared at me in astonishment.

"Why?" He asked me just this one word, observing me carefully.

"I don't know what you mean," I hissed softly.

"Oh, please Hermione. If it is so important to you, I swear that I will not say anything," he put his hand with the long, slender fingers on the right side of his chest and held it to his heart. "But I would like to know the reasons. Okay, except for the fact that she made two failed attempts to wipe you off the surface of the Earth. To be honest, the first one went to you. Well, the second one was devious and could have ended badly. But what else? I think I can see that something else is driving you on. Please satisfy my curiosity," he asked fervently, so that it sounded very suggestive; as if elsewhere I did not satisfy him but rather irritate him. I was even able to subscribe to that after the scene at the table this morning.

Hence, I shrugged my shoulders and gave in to his request. After all, I could only agree with the fact that we had taken it to extremes this morning. I understood very well the ambiguity behind his words.

But it had still aroused me and I had enjoyed it. What kind of person did that make me, I dared to ask myself anxiously. I was less concerned that I would soon have one more dead person on my tally sheet. Gee, at the moment, I was really not a nice girl... How did Severus always say? A bitch! He was probably right there. Just then, I spotted his expression, which was showing some slight impatience and so I started.

"Well, you will not like this, Severus! Sirius... She was the one who had instructed Kreacher to lie. That already put me on the trail at that time that we still have an outstanding balance, which is now finally settled! She took his godfather from Harry!" I hadn't even finished speaking when he was already next to me, kneeling in front of the armchair and keeping eye contact with me.

I looked into the black eyes, which could so rarely be read, and which were now almost too readable for my taste, because he was glaring angrily at me, laying his hands on the backrest to the right and left of me, and thus he towered threateningly over me. With his robe spread wide, it seemed as if he would open his wings and so I leaned back further, deep into the armchair, to get some distance between us.

"What was that between you and the mutt?" he snarled.

"What? Good question! Especially that you keep asking that, Severus. But well, nothing of importance, at least for me, as you know! I also wanted my revenge for Harry, because Narcissa took his godfather from him. Imagine, Severus, I don't always think about myself and my sensitivities," I explained to him and looked into his fiery eyes intrepidly.

"Hard to believe," he whispered hoarsely. I felt a tingling sensation build up in my stomach as his smoky, dark baritone filled the room. "...that you do not only think of yourself. Very hard," he almost growled now.

I looked into the face, familiar to me for many years, which was so rich in contrast because of the dark hair surrounding it. I was tempted to brush back the curtain with my hand, which of course I forbade myself to do, but my eyes scurried there when I licked my dry lips slightly anxiously.

"And Hermione, injured again somewhere? Because when the chaos broke out and the Aurors took up the pursuit of the fleeing witch, a violent, gruesome fight ensued, according to my information, in which there were many victims on both sides and also very many injured. Shocking, is it not?" he almost whispered.

"I am absolutely horrified, Severus," I put my hand on my heart and looked at him with big, round eyes. That was fun.

"Should I really believe you or maybe examine you, nevertheless? I know that you like to withhold information," he said predatorily.

"I beg you, I would never lie," I pretended to be insulted.

"Do you think Lucius finds it amusing that his wife... perished so publicly?" he asked now. He had embraced my upper arms with his hands and now held me prisoner. But I only showed him a radiant grin and nodded.

"Oh, yes. What could have happened worse to the poor widower Lucius Malfoy than that his so dearly beloved wife was poisoned so publicly in Diagon Alley, in front of all eyes by an attacker? The healers in St. Mungos can all confirm that the good, dear Mrs. Malfoy passed away as pure as a baby, without a Dark Mark disfiguring her. Now the grieving widower, Mr. Malfoy, has a problem. Who but the Death Eaters could have wanted his wife's death, since he is so committed to the Ministry and Fudge? He has now paid for this with the death of his beloved wife! Poor, pitiful Lucius Malfoy, an upright member of our society.

"This will strengthen his position, as some are wondering where he stands and even the Dark Lord will be pleased, despite Bella's screeching, as his right hand can now take such a forthright public position through this tragic, overshadowing death of Narcissa. Shocking, isn't it, when you play it through. Lucius should be grateful to m... the assailant as this manoeuvre not only gives him freedom, but will also bring him great prestige," I said, showing a deeply contented expression.

I could read some emotions in his eyes, which he held fixed to my face while he tilted his head contemplatively.

"You, as always, left nothing to chance, do I see that right? Lucius might even have to thank you at the end of the day," he realized with clarity, "alas, what was that about at the table today? That is dangerous and I am not only talking about Lucius now; I am just a man, too! I respect Draco very much and know that he is no longer someone to be taken lightly, but what do you suppose we were thinking when we had to hear you! Even Lucius had a hard time and that is to say something!"

I blinked at the abrupt change of subject and looked at him like the born little innocent I was not. "I don't know what you mean, Severus, you are such controlled men," I said, shooting him a bashful look from below, fluttering my eyelashes coquettishly.

Severus gave me a pejorative stare and pushed himself off the armchair’s backrest, running a hand through his chin-length hair in indignation. It seemed as if I was driving him mad, stretching his control to the limit. He turned his back on me and snapped angrily:

"My God, Hermione, do not play the innocent here. You know exactly what I mean. What were you thinking, what were both of you thinking by provoking us with him fucking you in the room next door? Besides, what about your announcement that you are not doing more with Draco in front of me than a forehead kiss? Have you forgotten that? You did not want to rub your relationship in my face," he ranted. Then he turned around, facing me again, and after I had just accomplished to straighten up a little, I now had to retreat once more as he resumed supporting himself on the backrest and thus came very close, bending over me. I seemed to annoy him a lot right now.

Okay, he was right about that. Damn, I had forgotten that. I had promised him not to provoke him with my relationship. But hey, what did he expect? That I would ignore Draco forever? I had wanted to live, to feel Draco. How dare he! I got angry over this thought and a tad hotheaded, letting myself get carried away by this mood.

"I wanted to feel life. Nobody can blame me for that after this near-death experience, right?" I challenged him, whereupon he only snorted disparagingly. I continued: "Are you angry because I changed my mind? Or isn't that rather pent-up lust speaking and the frustration that you can't have me?"

"You little bitch," he hissed viciously and leaned further forward. Oohhh, that was interesting that he got so wound up by it.

I continued grinning nastily. I just enjoyed teasing him, even if it was dangerous.

"Oh, didn't you like hearing how I had my fun? That he managed to give me an insane orgasm? You wouldn't believe how satisfying that was after what he did to me at the table."

He moved even closer to me and grumbled angrily: "No, I did not like it at all. I would have loved to drag you right back into the breakfast parlour and show you that I can keep up with Draco easily. You do not like men of your age anyway, do you? Otherwise you probably would not have let this lousy mutt fuck you through his library..." His eyes glittered dangerously and aggressively.

His gaze seemed to X-ray me, to undress me, making me feel quite warm, not to say hot, in part because I had to remember that Severus had been watching us, Sirius and me, on that very satisfactory evening.

"Oh, so you've been watching us after all, interesting. And did you like what you saw, did it excite you, my dear? If Sirius could do anything, it was to satisfy me!" I continued to play with him, and that seemed to infuriate Severus all the more.

"You want to know what I saw, yes, and whether I liked it?" he hissed, agitated. "Fine, I will show you what I saw!" The words rumbled, coming from deep inside his chest and the way he looked now, I did not know if I had pushed it too far. He seemed very savage and determined.

He grabbed me firmly and roughly by my upper arms and I hissed painfully as he brutally pulled me up from the chair, only to turn me around in a lightning-fast movement and push me on my knees. He downright tossed me, now backwards, onto the seat of the armchair. I was still standing slightly beside myself when I now crouched on the seat on my knees and instantly, I felt Severus shoving one knee onto the armchair behind me, then lifting the other one onto the seat and now he was kneeling directly behind me.

Abruptly and ruthlessly, he grabbed my hip and pulled me mercilessly towards him, then his hands went back to my upper arms and gripped them roughly. He pulled my upper body upwards relentlessly and pushed me further up and into the armchair, almost pushing me against the backrest. His rough, sudden attack had hit me so unprepared that I had been left breathless for a moment while he had flipped me around violently, but now I slowly found my way back to myself.

He was now behind me, like Sirius had been at that time, and had a really firm grip on me. I felt his fingers through the thin, white lace dress, which dug into my flesh. Then he let go, running his hands forward and growled deeply and threateningly as he grabbed my breasts briefly and firmly, which frightened me, but then he let them go again and put his hands back on my hips possessively.

"You only want to feel my cock here again!" he said, growling deeply. Meanwhile, he had put a hand on my middle in a demanding gesture. He hadn't even slipped between my legs with his hand, but had simply grabbed me firmly there and thereby pressed my ass mercilessly against his erection.

Okay, he had managed to scare me. He had already taken me once in the most brutal way. Why did I always challenge this oh-so-dangerous man until he saw red? My remorse came a little late, as I admitted to myself in my brutal honesty towards myself. I broke out in cold sweat at the thought of what he could do. I felt petrified.

He noticed me stiffening with fear as he continued to press his aroused lower body greedily against me, rubbing himself against my backside. I wasn't at all taken with his brusque, aggressive manner and I whimpered.

"No, Severus, please not... like this," I whispered anxiously.

I felt him freeze and stop his hectic movements, release his hand from my pubic area and lay it gently on my back. I felt him gently and tenderly, slowly brushing my hair forward over my shoulders, then I felt his hot breath on my neck.

For what happened next, I was really not prepared, because now he kissed me in this spot he had exposed, biting my neck lightly with a deep rumble, and I felt his teeth digging into my skin and holding it, and had to confess to my abysmal shame that I was now getting wet for him immediately. It embarrassed me, but he had hit just the right spot. I prayed that he would refrain from checking, but I was really extremely sensitive at this point, damn it! I whimpered again and, shocked about myself, I bit my fist that I stuffed into my mouth and tried to smother all sounds. Desperate, I closed my eyes tightly.

I couldn't believe how receptive I was to these three snakes. I liked the way he caressed my neck, my back and my shoulders. But most of all he disconcerted me, because by being so gentle, rather tender, he took me completely by surprise. He began to speak and I froze again as soon as I heard his deep, dark voice, which had already gone right through me earlier.

"I watched you back then. I could see how he unpacked your breasts and took you hard from behind and, oh yes, you liked the way that rabid dog ravaged you," he breathed huskily into my ear, into which he now bit a little harder, which made me whimper into my fist. I felt him brushing his hands over my sides with a feather-light touch and down to my bottom and thighs and then up again. "And do you know what else, you deceitful, cunning minx? This morning, I would have loved to have rushed to you and Draco and pulled him off you and then I would have shown you what it would be like if I fucked you through the sun and moon." He underlined his words by rubbing his hard, luckily still well wrapped, bulging cock against my butt and biting my neck again lustfully, which caused me to hectically inhale and exhale.

"Please, Severus, don't do that... Please, you promised not to do that," I begged him desperately. I was torn inside. I could not and did not want to have sex with him, no really not. Or did I? No, I didn't, but I could if I wanted to. My lap was throbbing painfully. Great, I was all hot and bothered and Draco was not there, fantastic. I was no slut and I didn't want to be one either.

"Please, Severus, please, Severus..." he mimicked me indignantly. He straightened up abruptly in my back, released my neck from his caressing lips and I felt again his highly promising arousal against my buttocks and then I heard him finally rise with an exasperated snort.

"Hermione, I warn you urgently, I am a man... Bloody well stop playing with fire! If it continues like this, I will not care about my promise. Should that happen, I can no longer guarantee for anything... Then nothing will matter to me anymore and I will continue until you want me as well. You know very well that I am capable of getting you to beg me to be allowed to spread your legs for me," he looked at me incredibly arrogantly as I slowly straightened and pulled myself up. Meanwhile, he stepped behind me and grabbed me by the arm to help me up from my uncomfortable position.

"And I bet if I were to imitate Draco now and reach under your dress, I would find you already wet," he said terribly lasciviously. I wanted to snatch my elbow from him, but he kept holding on to it. Unbelievable that I always seemed so powerless in the vicinity of these three, but sought the bloody battle with the Aurors. Somebody understand that!

I didn't get a word out, but then it wasn't necessary because he kept talking, grinning nastily and arrogantly.

"Do not worry, my little minx, I have no need for such games to know that you are ready for me. Your look just now when I mentioned it was enough to make it obvious to me!"

This impertinence almost made my speechless mouth fall open. Wow, he was really gearing up. He released me and walked slowly towards the door.

"Oh, Hermione, I believe you have no idea how lucky you are right now," he casually commented over his shoulder and I looked at his black back and swallowed heavily. Yes, I agreed with that assessment with all my heart, that for the first time in a long time I was lucky again that he could hold himself together like that if he wanted to. Because as hard and tough as I always might appear, it wasn't always true and being physically so close to Severus excited me a lot, but it also frightened me a lot. Almost as if I had a small block in my brain, thanks to the experience at that time, that turned on anxiously as soon as Severus touched me like that, came so close to me and demanded something like that from me.

My heart still raced, with fear, yes unfortunately, I had to admit this to myself. I was afraid of what would happen if it went further. The only problem was, otherwise I felt very comfortable in his presence, which then always spurred on my urge to play with him. But unfortunately, I was not willing to pay the price should the game get out of hand.

"Think carefully whether you want to play with me, Hermione. I will not put up with that like Lucius does! I am not an inflated Malfoy who sneaks around forever, maneuvers and then strikes. I just take what I want, you know that! Better than anybody else," he warned and threatened me at the same time with his hand on the door handle and I could sense the fast, hard beating of my heart in my chest. It was pounding unpleasantly.

Now he turned back around and focused intensely on me and I tried to resist his sharp, rigid gaze.

"I do not play bloody, infuriating games like the two peacocks." And there I saw, as he spat it out so disdainfully, in the glow of his eyes, that the danger for me was not yet averted and it was not certain that he could really hold himself back until the end.

I saw his hand clenching around the handle, his veins blue-ish under his white skin and his eyes wandering over my white dress and then and there, it got too much for me. I turned around and fled. How cowardly, how humiliating, but I couldn't stand it anymore. I fled from Severus, let him have at least this triumph over me, that he had made me run away from him, because usually nobody managed that, because I always faced all the horrors that crossed my way.

He was still at the door, when I whirled around headlessly and tore open the bedroom door, then slammed it back shut behind me and slipped to the floor braced against the now closed door. Sitting with my back to the hard wood of the door, I had my arms wrapped around my knees. I was angry enough, that I had to suppress my trembling by force. He had harassed me! All right, I had provoked him, but I had just been in such a good mood!

I had successfully poisoned Narcissa, shown him how valuable her death was to the family, and I had successfully withstood a hard fight and escaped undetected. And he, he spoiled my victory and my joy with his urgent, dissatisfied demeanor just because he didn't get his turn? That was unfair! Well, it was also not fair what I did with him, I thought now slightly amused and so a faint smile spread on my lips.

Oh goddess, what had I gotten myself into? That could not go well forever! If Harry and the others knew what was going on here, they would be even more shocked than they already were. I mean, when I recalled all that had happened, it was indeed very deviant and abnormal. I deliberately fucked in hearing range of Draco's closest relatives with my boyfriend and, shame on me, I had liked it. Very much so! It had aroused me and given me an exhilarating feeling of power and with that I once again integrated myself perfectly into my new family. Each of us wanted to exercise power in one way or another.

We were all four little, sadistic freaks who played their dominance games and enjoyed surprising, shocking and irritating each other. Oh yeah, I was totally fitting in here!
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Who is Afraid of the Man in Black?, chapter 119
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