When Hermione Fights
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 No rest with Draco and the Twins, chapter 62

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No rest with Draco and the Twins, chapter 62 Empty
BeitragThema: No rest with Draco and the Twins, chapter 62   No rest with Draco and the Twins, chapter 62 EmptyDo Apr 12, 2018 8:05 am

Chapter beta: Dani, my treasure
Chapter translator: Aivy, (Sophie)

Amazingly, everyone was already up when I ran down the stairs and heard them pottering around noisily in the kitchen. What were they cooking up? I hadn’t thought Draco could and would get used to the Twins that fast, but I would say he liked them.

Terrifying knowledge! But I even thought that they had the same jarring, weird humor, and that united them.

When I was doing my laps again as usual, I shook my head morosely, because I did not understand that they all left me here as if it would not be good for them to run a bit, too.

I was curious about what we would do today and so I climbed into the shower chilled through and enjoyed the warm water running down my body and warming me from the outside, the hot steam spreading throughout the room.

Completely unexpected, since all sounds were whitewashed by the noise of the water, I felt strong arms sneaking around me from behind and hands firmly embracing my breasts, beginning to gently knead them, massage them, and suddenly a naked male body pressed close to mine so that I could feel his impressive arousal above my butt. An exhilarating shiver ran through me and my head sank back until it rested against his chest. I gave myself to the pleasure brought down on me by those hands and sighed happily.

“Oh, George, that's good ... go on!” I moaned. The until now tenderly caressing hands suddenly pinched me painfully into my steeply erect nipples and I hissed loudly in indignation.

“Don’t ... my Mudblood, don’t try to annoy me!” he begged breathlessly, nibbling on my ear now and biting my earlobe playfully from time to time.

“Oh, it's you, Draco, sorry …” I giggled jauntily, interrupted by a slight moan.

“Three pranksters you are,” he whispered hoarsely, nuzzling my neck with an arousing play of his tongue and teeth, his resourceful, agile fingers wandering and stroking my entire body until they came to where I was needing them the most.

When he arrived at the little mound which gave me the greatest pleasure, zipping and rubbing the nub with his fingers, I could no longer suppress a groan.

“Ahrrr, Draco, faster ...!” I ordered, since I really wanted it fast. "Come to me now…"

“So impatient, darling!” he teased, nibbling lightly on my shoulder. "But well, we have a lot to do today!" he generously agreed with my request, stroking his hands back over my hips. I immediately supported myself on the tiled wall with my hands and could feel him lifting my buttocks, pulling them apart and positioning himself behind me.

I stretched out to meet him expectantly already ready for him in the fullest, I wanted to feel him again. The quick foreplay had been enough to stoke my desire because of that I was terribly aroused. I loved being taken by him, he was a good lover, very tender, but also so passionate, a good mix.

He pushed into me and I cried out softly. He, too, groaned slightly. When he had sunk into me to the hilt, he paused for a moment while the warm water splashed down on us.

“You feel so good, Hermione,” he kissed my neck again. I could feel the water running over my sensitive body, which fueled my arousal even more and caused me to tremble impatiently, as I could hardly wait for him to move and so I whimpered in frustration.

Eventually, he grabbed my hips tightly, and then finally we started to move in a fast, rigorous rhythm. Feeling him so big and firm inside me, was exactly what I wanted. I had to brace myself against the wall to resist him and withstand his strong, determined thrusts. The slapping sound of our bare, wet bodies echoed in the small bathroom, as did our mutual breathless gasps and moans as we approached our climax.

“Damn, Draco, harder …” I growled now, close to my release and he obeyed, digging his fingers even more tightly into my slippery skin, which I could feel painfully, and drilling himself mercilessly deep inside me until I was left senseless.

“Ahhh yeessss …” I yelled, my muscles contracting convulsively when I came powerfully, throwing my head back in blissful release, and he too followed me, driven over the edge by the even greater tightness of my sex. He moaned in satisfaction, moving more and more slowly, until he pressed close to me and started to caress my whole body.

I turned my head and so our lips found each other for a slow kiss to end our morning lovemaking with relish. Then, I turned in his arms to kiss him properly and could feel how he slipped out of me for good.

“Successful morning surprise, my darling?” he whispered with a sated grin against my lips, stroking some wet strands out of my face, which made me smile.

“Certainly ... what are you going to do today?” I asked, stepping out of the shower with him and drying off quickly.

“They want us to teach them the Patronus and we wanted to do the Galleons too …” he listed, meanwhile spelling his hair dry.

“Wow, you've talked a lot already, amazing!”

“Yes, we are indeed amazing, aren’t we? But after yesterday it is going quite well. Um, one question, how did we all get into bed? Oh, and if you're wondering, this time I’ve picked your pocket and snitched three vials of Sober Up potion. Believe me, that was badly needed, but I did not want to wake you!” he explained, while patting me gently on my bare bottom. “Do you know that you look too cute when you sleep?”

“You flatterer, you. And no, that's what the potions are for, take them if you need them. Go ahead. I’ll come downstairs in a moment. I need longer with my hair than you with your spaghetti hair,” I said pointedly, pointing to my unruly curly mane.

“Ey, no need to get offensive, not everyone can have such beautiful, silky soft hair like mine. You are simply jealous!” He laughed with unusually honesty and openness and then left the bathroom in a good mood and clearly satisfied.

When I entered the kitchen with a very even-tempered, not to say mild smile, I found myself once again alone. Interesting! Where did they always vanish to when I came down?

Then I saw white, silvery fog zip past the window. With a steaming cup in my hand, I left the house through the back door and stepped out into the garden, where I could see how Draco and the Twins practiced to master the Patronus.

“Devils, if I’ve managed to find and keep a happy feeling, then you have to be able to do that as well !” Draco got really agitated. He seemed to be an impatient teacher and so for the first time I was allowed to see his viper meandering around the area, showing her split tongue and hissing while drawing circles around the garden.

“Woah, how cool is that? What a beast,” Fred shouted, going crazy with excitement, the way he gestured frantically. Upon that display, I drew my wand and sent my magpie, which my boyfriend hadn’t seen until now, to Draco’s viper.

This brought me all their attention.

“Hermione, good morning! We have slept it off! Thank you for putting us to bed!” the other twin yelled, beaming at me like a dog with two tails.

“Always, glad I could help.”

“That's how I imagined her, she suits you!” Draco said remaining on topic and watching the magpie fondly, who tried to peck his Viper.

“And you two, I think you are thinking about the wrong kind of happiness! What I would advise you to do: think about your first time together, or your first kiss, something like that ... Come on, some thought like that must be strong enough,” he tried to bring it home to them with a desperate undertone.

“I, I have something …”, it came eagerly and a twin clamped his tongue between his lips.

“Me too, let's do it at the same time!” his brother insisted also very excited about what was to come.

"Well, then on the count of three, I count: One, two, three ..." Draco shouted, and both aimed and incanted at the same time with identical grim and very determined expressions:

“Expecto Patronum!” And wonder, oh wonder, two animals formed out of the silver grey mist, gaining more and more substance until they had both reached their complete and final form.

I do not know why, but since they'd arrived here, I have had one laughing fit after another and even Draco's mask of indifference slipped at this revelation. He, too, laughed so badly that tears ran down his cheeks. Meanwhile, I spilled my hot coffee and held my side laughing.

The Twins stood there, rooted to the spot, with such unfamiliar, stunned expressions on their faces that lay somewhere between shock, disbelief, and incomprehension, it was almost sad to look at.

“What's that?” Fred said indignantly with an icy contemptuous tone and with disgust he pointed at his poor little creature with his index finger.

“Yeah, I'm a little bit surprised as well. What the heck, Hermione? Draco? Something must have gone terribly wrong!” it came appalled from George, who stared unhappily at their Patroni.

“I do not accept that, I'm not a squirrel!” Fred spat with detest. “Do you see that bushy tail, George? And how small it is. I am a proud, impressive animal! Above everything: dangerous! But no ... no small, puny rodent!” He crossed his arms in disapproval.

“Well, I think it's sweet. They look totally cute. I don't know what your problem is," Draco mocked, snorting and getting a bright red head but I wasn’t faring any better.

“I’ve never seen anything as endearing as that," I chuckled breathlessly, receiving a frosty glare from two identical pairs of eyes fit to murder someone on the spot, they looked that homicidal about our amusement. “Be glad that it finally worked!”

“I wanted something as proud and impressively dangerous as Draco has! But not some nut-eating, shrunken rodent! Charlie has an iguana, Bill a wolf and Percy an owl and we have ... squirrels!” George stated with frustration, his voice cracking. Over all his misfortune, he was rubbing his eyes in disbelief, fervently hoping that the animals would’ve become bigger afterwards.

“Stop that stupid giggle,” Fred snapped venomously at me.

Draco continued to cough after the recital, or rather tried to hide his laugh by coughing.

“Why do we have identical ones?” Fred said sulkily, his red hair bristling madly.

“Because you're twins and share even more than a simple relation. Make friends with the sweet little pompoms!” I suggested with astonishing forbearance, still chuckling and nibbling on my lower lip.

“I need the second wand, otherwise I will go mad, now,” an incredibly mature Fred declared while stomping his foot.

“Second wand?” Draco asked, wheezing and wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.

“We made a deal in Hogwarts that we’ll visit Knockturn Alley,” I explained to Draco who stepped up to me.

“Good idea. When will we go?” he agreed readily.

“I would recommend tomorrow!” I said.

"Okay, let's do it that way," he confirmed, gripping my hips and pulling me abruptly towards himself. We looked over at the Twins, who argued fiercely about how unfair and mean the world was.

“Devils, I mean, by itself they suit you quite well. They are nimble, almost never get caught… In school nobody ever catches you pranking and… “ Draco thought hard, trying to get them to open up to their animals. “And we can call you ‘red squirrels’ now, I think ‘Devils’ no longer applies …” And now he was laughing again, downright shaking. It was just to hilarious. This way it would never happen, I thought, though I had to smile to myself. The Twins looked very offended to be called 'red squirrels'; they seemed to be speechless because of the insult.

“Even the gathering of nuts is similar… Fred, George, you are squirreling away yourselves, otherwise you wouldn’t be that far with your plans for the shop and the money… Mh, yes!” Draco continued, gasping for air, before breaking off. I was thinking as well, looking serious to reassure them, and said:

“We can call you the ‘devilish red squirrels’...” I offered diplomatically. To be honest, I think I was making it worse with every word and Draco appeared to be getting no air at all anymore.

Thus, Draco and I preferred to get back inside. It was quite cold l, however, the two red hotheads couldn’t get over their Patroni and were trying to get other results by experimenting with different happy memories. It didn’t work, obviously. Had we been too mean to them? Just a little bit. Draco and I grinned conspiratorially at each other. Their reactions had been just too cute.

The rest of the day, I worked through some important books and documents to invent new spells and had some useful ideas. Since this was always tedious and time-consuming, I took the time now. Draco and the Twins sat together and discussed business matters. Yes, they too could be serious where money was concerned and in Draco they had found an astoundingly knowledgeable businessman who could help them, because - as he told us - he had been instructed by his father for years as the heir to the widespread Malfoy business empire.

The Twins, of course, immediately took advantage of his knowledge and questioned him eagerly. During the meal, they had pelted Draco incessantly with questions. Amazingly, he had cooked the meal himself after looking at some cookbooks throughout the day. Our jaws had dropped. A Malfoy that cooked successfully?! Even though he declared that it reminded him of the brewing of potions. I couldn’t resist and called him the ‘Jamie Oliver of the wizarding world’ and remarked that he could surely make money with cooking books. I would’ve better kept my cheeky gab shut, that’s for sure.

“What an idea! You could make money with that, actually wizards don’t have something like it, only books with potions recipes, but you can’t eat them and people without house-elves, like us… have to cook the same few meals, like Mum. Honestly, Hermione, Muggle have books about what you should eat or cook?” George asked with excitement and I was shaking my head resignedly about the ignorance of the Pureblood society in the wizarding world. Draco had reacted similarly when he had spotted the books in the kitchen before scavenging the shelf.

“Yes, boys. Many, many books with a lot of ideas from different countries. Go into the kitchen and take a look…” I sent them off.

We were sitting and working peacefully when they suddenly returned and assembled around me.

“What?” I put my pen down carefully atop of the sheet of paper and looked up slowly. The way they towered over me I was suspecting something terrible.

“Draco just told us that you haven’t claimed your Christmas present yet!” Fred enlightened me.

“Pardon?” I was confused. What did they want from me? I definitely didn’t get it.

“Draco, sit down on the chair. And you, Hermione, stand up!” George took control and ordered us around. Draco was grinning devilishly and I had absolutely no idea what was happening.

But we did as ordered.

“You, Hermione, will put your ‘H’ on darling Draco here, understood?” George enquired and I recoiled. Was that what all this was about? Draco told them, or did he? I looked at him, shocked and dumbfounded and he gave me a broad but affirmative grin.

“Draco, what did you do?” I wanted to know, nonplussed.

“I told them about it. They are safe because of your spell -” he replied obligingly when I interrupted him harshly with a brusque gesture.

“And you are fine with it?” I turned quickly to face the Twins and stared at them piercingly.

“Mh-hm, maybe the way he did it was a little bit unfortunate… But after the story in the Ministry… which you still have to tell us about by the way ... we understand why. To be protected by the Malfoy family means a lot in this world, really! Therefore we like his idea. That’s why you need to get here and return the favour!” The twins explained themselves and I was looked at conspiratorially.

Okay, if he truly wanted me to, I would do it. It was simply symbolic anyway, as I had no family to offer, though the way he stood before me he was keen to experience it himself. That suited me, as I was quite vengeful.

As soon as I had decided a kitchen knife was pressed into my hand, cutting it open in one fell swoop and immediately my red blood welled freely.

“I love it when she does something like that, not moving any muscle..” the two goofs giggled and even Draco smiled at me softly.

“Where?” I asked neutrally and he immediately lowered his head, stroking his hair forward over his shoulders and revealing his milky white, untouched and flawless neck. “Are you sure?” I could imagine that it would hurt a lot when I branded him with my ‘H’ there.

As he didn’t show any other reaction to my question, I took it as an answer and spread my blood over his neck, aimed my wand and cast the spell. At the same moment we could witness the developing, entwining lines of the curved ‘H’ glowing red on the pale skin. Draco stayed strong and didn’t make a sound, just breathed more heavily, sucking in the air, apart from that he showed no reaction. It appeared like he was actually accustomed to tougher stuff, but I would bet that his lips didn’t look any better than mine had back then when he had marked me in the bedroom.

We had finished and the twins gazed at my work, the black ‘H’ such a stark contrast against his skin. I too beheld at it in awe, stroking with my finger carefully and reverently along the lines.

Draco straightened up and presented us with a determined smile, throwing his hair back laughing.

“And, how does it look like?” He asked into the room and reached for his neck curiously. “Now I belong to you, my darling, visible to everybody. Are you still mad at me?” he enquired and I looked at him calculatingly.

“Draco, thank you, for giving me this gift. I am not mad at you any longer, I’ve forgiven you, but take this as a lesson and learn from your mistakes. Next time ask me when you’re planning to do something like this!” I explained very seriously nonetheless and he nodded decisively.

“Well, I think it looks cool, I’d like to have one myself!” Fred declared eagerly and I rolled my eyes.

“Fred, you have no idea what you are talking. Only because Draco didn’t make a sound doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt! It is very painful and I remind you of your performance with the Galleons! And you have to go through it again, now. Well, we have a knife here, we can do it right now,” I decided abruptly, Draco nodding in agreement and the two red heads looked slightly sorrow-stricken upon our unanimity.

Now, what should I tell you? The tragedy commenced and Draco had to flee to the kitchen in the end to not lose his countenance completely and hurt the Twins’ feelings too much. The last we saw of him were his eyes shimmering with tears over the terrible suffering of Fred and George as they were giving their blood. Oh goddess, and they wanted a tattoo burned into their flesh, fat chance of that happening

After experiencing all these ups and downs I had to go shopping and Draco wanted to accompany me. He said, his father could show up or he had to protect me from the Muggles. What a dull excuse. In reality he was burning with curiosity and wanted to see a non-magical shop from the inside. For him it was like an adventure holiday.

Draco and shopping was a peculiar thing. I mean, he really liked it, this man likes to shop, but unfortunately he didn't know when to end! He wanted to taste and try everything, being incredibly open-minded towards Muggles’ products he was unfamiliar with. We lost a fortune because he said my whiskey was good; however, he could only form an opinion if he tried all of them out. I was about to throw my hands over my head and rubbed my aching temples. How should we get it all home? I mean, I wanted to shop groceries, not equip a bar in a disco. But thanks to a back alley and magic, we were able to handle it and carried our, or rather Draco's loot into the cottage.

When we opened the door, I heard distinctive sounds coming from the living room, which, if I had been prudish, would have made me blush. Draco turned his head abruptly and grinned diabolically, creeping along the hallway quietly while I closed the door. They had a room, why did not they use it? I ventured to ask myself. Draco had stopped at the door frame, staring intently at the spectacle that was presented to him, and I looked skeptically at what was captivating him. Oh man, I would never be able to consider the large dining room table in the right corner as innocently as before, and most of all, I was blind.

George stood there as naked as the day he was born, leaning against the table, and Fred was kneeling on the floor, naked as well, blowing his cock with a fervor if the loud groaning sounds coming from George's open mouth were anything to go by.

Although we had not made a sound, it was as if George had felt our presence, because his eyes opened and when his brain got the message that we were back, he gave us a beaming smile and I shook my head over their self-confidence.

"Draco, look away, otherwise you'll go blind. And you two have a room in this house!" I said calmly and took Draco's hand. Fred had heard me, but happily continued to suck on George as if this stiff member was a lollipop. Why did I always have to catch them in the act?

"I don’t think so ... I watched you too ..." Draco shocked me with his statement and I looked at him indignantly, but he was still staring at what was happening in front of us, not moving a millimeter, not even when I tugged at his hand.

"Draco, they like that! You're doing them a favour when you're watching, really, you're doing them a huge favour," I told him quickly, as the sounds changed and became more passionate, and I watched Fred let the thick, red and wet member of his brother escape from his mouth, then he rose completely naked as well and sat down on the table, looking at George expectantly and leaning back. Oh God, now it got to the point... Help, not again!

"Do you see that? They're really identical," he whispered to me with intrigue, studying them closely.

I was about to close my eyes when Fred offered breathlessly:

"You're welcome to join in, if it makes you horny to watch us ... Rrhrhrhrhh," his sentence was interrupted by his loud outcry, as George had sunk into him and Fred's legs dangled uselessly somewhere in the air. Now I could watch George's butt moving back and forth while he drilled into Fred enthusiastically.

Did I want to see it all so clearly? Hell, no!

"They're putting up a good show!" Draco said, watching the action, "Redhot Squirrels!" he whispered into my ear.

"Then enjoy your time peeping. I’ll put away the food!" I said in amusement, patting Draco on the shoulder, and turned away resolutely. “Oh, and don’t you dare to watch us ... " I threatened, but I was not sure if I was heard.

The next morning everyone was ready to go to Diagon Alley. We had forgone any elaborate disguise and simply pulled our hoods deep into our faces. Thus we apparated into Knockturn Alley, which was much too dark even in the morning. I accompanied them to the "Dark and Hell Wand" store, which had not really changed since my last visit..

The place was just as dirty as the last time, and the same old man who had helped me to my wand sat behind the counter. Draco knew him and said that his name was Mr. Stock.

"What can I do for you, gentlemen?" he asked submissively, anxiously, and his sandy long hair fell into his wrinkled face. I could imagine that he was scared stiff, I would be too if, in a dangerous time like this, four persons wrapped in long dark cloaks entered my store with their faces well concealed.

Draco immediately slipped into the role of the maker which seemed to be made just for him.

“Mr. Stock, we would like a spare wand for each one of these two gentlemen here!” he snarled in his typically arrogant voice.

"Oh, of course, as you wish ... Mr ...?" The wand-trader hunched obnoxiously.

"That does not matter, Mr. Stock," Draco said icily as he pulled out his blood purse from Gringotts and greed instantly entered the wizard's eyes, which made him forget any scruples.

"Um ... well, as you wish Mr ...! Please step both forward and let me measure your hands," he urged Fred and George, who now opened their coats and uncovered their right side, but kept the privacy of their faces.

"Pureblood," I whispered to Draco. We stood a little apart and watched the proceedings without comment. "I'll go to Diagon Alley quickly, I'll be right back. You’ll advance the money? I will pay you back later!" I asked. He only nodded slightly and I scurried quickly out of the shop.

I wanted to go to Eeylops Owl Emporium to get treats for Orange, as she had been so sweet the last few days. The Twins had fallen in love with the little creature as well, totally besotted with its small size. Their attitude towards their Patroni, on the other hand, had improved only slightly even after a rather tedious discussion regarding the necessity of their acceptance of their tiny rodent Patroni and that they would, should the need arise, defend them against dementors. Quiet vocally, they had made sure that their doubts were known regarding them being an adequate protection. Draco had had enough after a while and declared that they could be happy they hadn’t turned out to be hamsters or guinea pigs and thereby ending the discussion.

I arrived and entered the noisy and fantastical pet shop that had nothing in common with a Muggle pet shop. In here, owls of every size and type hung closely spaced in cages or sat on bird-sticks, colorful feathers sailed through the air, it was overwhelmingly loud with the clatter of beaks, while the spinning heads and round eyes of the birds made you feel watched at every moment. It was certainly out of the ordinary.

"Can I do something for you, Miss ...?" A young woman in her twenties asked me with honey-blond long hair and I quickly pulled the hood off my head to reveal my face to her.

"Yes, please, I need owl biscuits," I placed my order.

"Of course, which brand would you like to have?" she asked politely, serving me quickly.

When I had stashed the treats into my coat the nice saleswoman had shrunk for me, I went back to Diagon Alley, which was already well frequented. I was about to make my way back to the others when I walked through the narrow passageway of Twillfitt and Tattings, a clothing store that lay between houses, and was suddenly stopped.

A long, dark cane topped by a silver serpent head shot out of the darkness and was held in front of my chest like a barrier. The teeth of the silver snake bored into my right upper arm, pulling me skillfully and with a quick turn into the passage. I had to say, I was a little surprised, but also astonishingly calm. Either thanks to the knowledge of Draco's mark, or because I knew, this time I would rather fight Malfoy in a battle for life and death than to let him bite me again or allow anything else that would allow him to get close to me.

I did not know exactly what made me feel so controlled, and so I faced the white-blonde, sublime, sophisticated man in the narrow passage, while the shopping wizards and witches rushed past us and ignored us in the dimly lit alley.

I stared at his deep, dark grey eyes, raising my left eyebrow like one of the Slytherins.

"Mr. Malfoy, nice to see you, how are you?" I asked very calmly and politely. I went on the offensive, which in turn made him raise his pale eyebrows in astonishment.

“Miss Granger. So happy? You departed so quickly from the ball…” he purred silkily, tracing once again my facial contours with his snake head.

"Well, Mr. Malfoy, thanks to you I was a bit dishevelled and it was already late, I wanted to go to bed… !" I wanted to annoy him and talked quite openly, while I fought hard against the goose bumps the touch of his silver snake had triggered in me.

"You ... you underestimate me and overestimate yourself …," he hissed horribly blasé and snobbishly from above. Yes, but I know something that you don’t, it went spitefully through my head and I couldn’t stifle a slightly derogatory smile, which seemed to drive him, this conceited, arrogant aristocrat, nuts.

I mean, Lucius Malfoy was dangerous, sure! But that's where my pride and my fighting nature came to light. I would never ever show the white feathers and give in, that did not suit my personality.

"Miss Granger ...," he breathed, approaching menacingly, and grabbed my unprotected neck with one hand. Oh, very wrong move, my dear, quite wrong, I was very sensitive regarding my neck. Already, I wanted to swing a quick hook against his short lower ribs when he paused, which in turn stopped me short.

"Lucius, what are you doing here, I thought you were waiting ... Miss Granger!" Our interlude was interrupted by a dark, rasping voice and I was suddenly let go.

"Severus, you're never that fast in the pharmacy!" Lucius said jovially, although one could clearly feel his anger over the disturbance.

"Miss Granger, would you be kind enough to tell me what you are doing here?" my professor asked, ignoring Lucius Malfoy himself incredibly arrogantly, and he as a snake was also incredibly cold when he came into my sight, immediately merging with the environment.

His dark eyes glittered like deep-dark gems from his grave face when he looked at me grimly!

"Professor Snape, I was just buying some owl biscuits when Mr. Malfoy asked me so nicely for a chat," I was downright polite, and when he looked at me so intensely and forcefully, I knew he was going to partly guess what was really going on, or had happened here, and that didn’t seem to suit him.

"You should not walk around here alone, we live in dangerous times," he informed me shortly and it sounded all the more threatening. Then, he raised his forehead and looked now demandingly at Lucius Malfoy.

"I thought you wanted to move on quickly? Come on, Lucius, these kids are already annoying enough at school, so I do not need them during the holidays!” it dripped despicably from Snape's vicious mouth.

"I was just distracting myself until you were finished rummaging through all these disgusting creatures," he got the cool and derogatory retort from Lucius, who wagged his cane lackadaisically through the air.

"You've never understood the intricacies of the art of brewing and now come on …," Snape said, annoyed. If it had not been so threatening I would have thought it funny how the two of them acted around each other.

"I have other qualities!", Lucius said very snobbily and ambiguously showed me his white teeth. "Miss Granger, always a pleasure to meet you. Until next time, my love, and take care of yourself," he threatened me blatantly and Snape visibly pricked his ears at this statement.

"Mr. Malfoy, Professor Snape, nice to have seen you until next time,” I replied coldly and firmly as well, I would not be intimidated.

And Snape's robes billowed impressively as he turned away.

Seeing these two men so close together was easily disturbing and overwhelming, one so bright, the other so dark, both imposing in their power, both attractive in their own way and both outright dangerous. I could not suppress a slight tingling in my core, because they were a challenge.

When the two had disappeared from my sight, I pulled my hood back over my head and sought protection, it was hard to believe, in Knockturn Alley. Funny how life went, but the alley with its anonymity offered me the best cover at the time. I arrived at the right moment as the three hooded men were just stepping out of the wand shop.

"There you are, what’s ...?" I was asked.

"Quick ... let's disappear. I ran into Malfoy and Snape! I think Snape suspects something about Malfoy's intentions," I informed them quickly.

"Fuck!", "Not good!", "That's bad!", "Damn!"

"We should go, come on!" I said. Only Draco had not said anything yet, I touched his arm just before we apparated.

"What ...?" I asked carefully.

"We have a problem!" he stated short and simple and apparated. Okay, well, I could definitely see what he meant.

End of Hermione’s POV
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No rest with Draco and the Twins, chapter 62
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