When Hermione Fights
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 Life at Grimmauld Place, Chapter 17

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Cate Snape
Cate Snape

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Life at Grimmauld Place, Chapter 17 Empty
BeitragThema: Life at Grimmauld Place, Chapter 17   Life at Grimmauld Place, Chapter 17 EmptySo März 19, 2017 12:45 am

Life at Grimmauld Place

The good thing about me was: I could adapt to most situations. So for some time now I was waking up on my own without the use of my alarm after only five hours of sleep. So today, I opened my eyes and was awake instantly, without being grumpy. I had practiced this too, but not enough, because I was awake, but I was not ready yet. Before going to bed, I had quickly laid a silentium over Ginny. It was almost like the Silencio, but it didn't mute, but protected a person from external noises.

So I could relax while I prepare for my jog without worrying about waking up Ginny. All I had to do was go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When this was done, I went merrily downstairs. It was just before six. I didn't expect to meet anyone this early, because yesterday their meeting had been late ending around midnight. So, I assumed no one would be awake, except maybe Molly and Arthur, but they would be in the kitchen and wouldn't notice me sneaking out. It was satisfying to see that I was getting faster, but also that I was able to run more and more laps, this motivated me to push harder, get faster and farther. After an hour of practice I ran into the house and quickly went to the bathroom. When I entered my room dressed in a bathrobe, I checked if Ginny was already awake at half past eight or if she was still sleeping.

She raised her head and blinked her sleepy brown eyes at me.

"Morning," I whispered softly to her and rummaged through my things. I was looking for an outfit that was light and loose and would show a bit more of my body than yesterday. Ginny yawned heartily, stretching herself. I stood there dressed and brushed my long brown hair, which I wanted to leave down. Something was attracting me to not be seen as a gray mouse.

"Morning, Hermione! Where were you yesterday? We’ve been waiting for you. What did you do? Why are you ... ," she squinted at the alarm clock ," ... already dressed so early? Man, we have holidays, Hermione!," The lecture begins and the girl hasn't even been awake that long, frightening. Blablabla, I would have loved to let out a frustrated scream. Hello? She had just woken up and I was getting nothing but questions and insulting insinuations, with such friends no enemies were needed, that was my firm belief.

"Ginny, good morning!. You should know from Hogwarts and from past holidays at yours, that I have always been an early bird. I don't need much sleep and just like to get up early. Excuse me, if I disturbed you," I said slightly sour. "Besides you were already asleep last night when I came in, I didn't want to wake you up! Where is Pig actually? I was hoping I could borrow him to send some letters I wrote last night," I asked, now bustling around the room. I shot her a glance to see if she heard by and she heard the disapproval in my voice and found her looking owlish and irritated.

"Man, what's the matter with you? You're so grumpy. I just wanted to know what you were doing, and so what could have taken you so long? Ron didn't leave until after 11 pm. I mean, you can't have written big novels, did you?" She asked, much more curious.

"Nothing, Ginny, I just read a bit!" I said defensively. "And I'm not grumpy, I'm just annoyed that I have to constantly justify myself to you!," I honestly told her then. She stood up and looked funny in her pink short nightshirt. It was a gift from Ron for her birthday. He was either really color blind or he wanted to take revenge on Ginny with that hideous shirt.

"Do I and Ron annoy you that much?" She asked sniffing, looking saddly up at me with a cow's big brown eyes.

"Honestly, yes you do, a bit. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm reading, there's nothing wrong with it, why all these questions then?" I asked frustrated, waving my hand in the air. Then I dropped myself on my bed.

"Sorry. I wasn't aware I was that bad. I think it’s just because we can't quite understand, but we should really respect your wishes, sorry again! But you have to understand we hear you're dancing all at once and you haven't told us about your holidays since you got here. And then you sit down, next to Snape," said Ginny with great disdain.
I slightly rolled my eyes, ‘Because it was just more interesting with him than with you guys,’ I thought to myself. "Hm, it's alright, I understand, and today I'll spend my time with you, promise, right now at breakfast, before we all start to work, ok? But yesterday, I didn't sit down next to Professor Snape, but next to Sirius," I said sharply, quickly clarifying the situation.

"I'm gonna go down, okay, Ginny?" I said then, signalling that I was done arguing with her. I took my two letters with me and left the room.

"Sure, I'll hurry up. I'll wake up Ron, so he'll come down too, and I'll bring Pig with me!" She offered.

"Yeah, thank you, do that. See you soon" I muttered, but I needed coffee, Now, Finish, Amen. Now, just before eight, Sirius, Lupin I mean, Remus and Mrs. Weasley were in the kitchen. Molly worked at the stove and let all kinds of kitchen utensils float around her. Remus and Sirius were sitting in their seats, their heads stuck together, as they whispered to each other.

"Good morning, everyone!" I said politely, and sat down in, what seemed to be, my usual seat.

"Good morning," came from all three of them.

"Did you have nice dreams?" Sirius whispered almost silently to me.

"Should I ask you about your dreams, Sirius?" I asked an ambiguous counter-question while I could feel his glancing looks on my décolleté. Apparently, he liked my dress a lot today, it suited me, as I had to admit and since I exercised so excessively my body was starting to show the difference. Remus gave Sirius a punishing look, but then focused on Molly's question of what he wanted to eat.

"Up early again, Hermione? What would you like for breakfast dear?" She turned to me, too.

"Not really, Mrs. Weasley, I'm just an early bird, and really late, a black coffee, please!" I told her kindly hoping to get my coffee quickly, as I needed so urgently. I didn't really know what I had done wrong, but once again I was the focus of attention.

"What?" I asked irritably, pulling my eyebrows up to my hairline. Molly turned away with a disapproving expression and let a cup float in front of me.

"Could it be that you've changed a bit lately?" Remus asked very carefully, bending over to me. I took the coffee with pleasure and looked up, smiling.

"Thank you, Mrs. Weasley!" I thanked dearly and kindly.

"What else would you like, dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked in a disapproving voice, but I still had no clue why.

"Um ... nothing, thank you, Mrs. Weasley!", I still gave her a very friendly smile.

"And Professor ... uh, I mean Remus, everyone is growing up," I finished succinctly and took a deep sip.

"You don't want to eat, that's not good, you have to eat something, dear. I'll make you a plate of eggs and bacon!" Molly decided resolutely. I closed my lips tightly. Did she really believe I would say I don't want anything, to then stuff a plateful of fat and cholesterol into me? The beginning of a headache pounded behind my eyes. I didn't continue the discussion. It was meaningless anyways, certainly she wanted us to take over all her robes!

Stop! I should forbid myself to think about so much wickedness. That wasn't nice! She certainly didn't mean it in a bad way, but it was still annoying.

"Now I want to go back to my bed," I hissed softly through my closed teeth.

"Wouldn't that bore you?" Sirius, who had been listening to the conversation, grinned at me over his cup.

"Who says I want to get into an empty bed, Sirius? It’s definitely not boring if I have some company. Or are you trying to tell me I'm boring?" I whispered so softly that Remus couldn't hear it, who just thanked Molly for his breakfast. Sirius, as a reaction to my provocation, practically choked on his coffee. Tears came into his gray eyes, but at that moment, Ron and Ginny appeared with Pig on her shoulder, and the Twins, and so Sirius couldn't give an adequate response. Perhaps it would be better, too, because he seemed to be easily out of his depth and was now looking at me speechless.

Again a loud "good morning" sounded in the room.

Ginny sat next to me and Ron sat opposite me, next to Remus. My interrogation would begin now, how happy I was.

"Where were you?" Ron asked.

"Wherever you aren’t, Ron!" I replied eloquently.

"I don't understand you, Hermione! You need fun and variety too and what about the nonsense that you are spending six hours a day outside," he declared accusingly. I didn't allow myself to be angry at this little speech by Ron, but I breathed deeply several times, while an overloaded plate landed in front of me. I didn't pay attention to him at all, but clung to my cup like an anchor so I wouldn’t end up whipping it at him.

"My dear Ron, even if you can't imagine it, I like it, I enjoy it. Why do I have to justify myself to you and in front of everyone here just because I like to spend my time with books? Learn to accept it. I also accept you’re flying, or not? And my training is not available to discuss. Do you understand me? You wouldn't even know about it if Professor Dumbledore hadn't insisted on telling him. And now enjoy your meal," since his breakfast also landed before him, I brought my lecture to an end.

Ron stared at me. "What?" I growled now absolutely in a bad mood, after I had refilled my coffee from the can on the table.

"... I ... I, why are you so bitchy, Hermione?" He stuttered to himself, totally confused.

"Ron, I think that's enough, you don't make it any better," Ginny replied quietly and I snorted like a horse in agreement.

"Here, Hermione, here's Pig!" The red-haired girl turned to me trying for peace, handing me the little shuddering owl, who bounced up and down.

"Thank you, Ginny," I smiled at her kindly and gratefully. I took him, fixed the two letters, and whispered, "One goes to Gringotts to Rangok, and the other is unfortunately a long way, but I believe that you can do it, to Victor Krum." Then I let him go. He flew right through the open kitchen window.

To Sirius, I said, whispering, "Toddlers, they are the ones who are boring." I said, making a brief gesture to the siblings who were busy with the food, the twins making so much noise that nobody noticed Sirius and I were talking. After this statement, Sirius laughed loudly, which also made me laugh. The Twins didn't hear the conversation, as they had their heads together and were planning something wildly. But I caught a quick glance and Fred showed me that they wanted to talk to me for a while, so I nodded briefly and inconspicuously to them. Then I listened to the conversations at the table and planned my day. After the third cup of coffee, I pushed my almost untouched plate from me, which earned me a funny look from Ron, Remus and Sirius, but I shrugged.

"Where are you going, dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"I wanted to start working," I replied.

"But it's not even nine o'clock, so you don't have to work so early," she said, looking at me with a good-natured expression.

"That's very nice of you Mrs. Weasley, but I've worked out a tight schedule and I want to stick to that. Since unfortunately we can't use magic, it takes longer. It doesn't bother me. Oh, before I forget it, I don't need lunch I’m going to buy something small at the bakery on the way to the center. If you'd excuse me now. " And so I turned my back on an amazingly quiet kitchen. I had successfully escaped to the library and after I had worked through the two books yesterday, I was looking for the first hour for all books on occlumency. There were only three, but I would work through them now. I could hear people walking up and down the stairs and other noises that the others produced when they were together, to clean every room, one after the other. The fact that this had to go on in such loud shouting and screaming began to drag on my nerves, so I spoke a silentium to the room to have peace and quiet.

The impression that I had made with my statement that I didn't need any lunch, was so indifferent to me. Since silence reigned I have progressed wonderfully. I had reason to hope that by means of the newly gained information the occlumency would be more or less done by the end of the holidays, and then I would be able to venture to the practical part after the holidays. I was so deeply absorbed in the reading, when the door opened and two identical heads looked inside.

"Do we get the permission to enter, my lady, or do you wish to not be disturbed, oh beautiful maid?" The twins asked mockingly but I waved them in wordlessly.

"You almost never annoy me, so what did you want to tell me?" I asked curiously and leaned forward with my book on my lap.

"First, my dearest, didn't you swear that you wouldn’t read evil, dangerous, dark-magical books?" Fred grinned at me evil and wobbled provocatively with his pointing finger in front of my eyes.

"Haha, very funny," I replied rolling my eyes.

"It was clear to us that you didn't tell Mum the truth, but we always love your attempts to lie. We're always trying to do it, but just like you ... you're our master," George bowed to me jokingly.

"You can be such children!" I told them, shaking my head.

"But just for your amusement. What is more important, your tip yesterday with dung was worth gold, that was the man yesterday next to us, with the bloodshot eyes and the unwashed, reddish-brown hair. We caught him shortly after the end of the meeting and were able to negotiate with him very well. He will deliver in two weeks!" They said joyfully and with radiant expressions.

"That was Fletcher, ... well, well, but you will pay for it only after receiving the goods right?. What did you actually order?" I looked at both of them questioningly.

"Do you think we're stupid? Of course he only gets his money when he delivers. It only takes so long as he has to get it on the black market. We need poisonous tentacles and tarlocks," Fred said casually leaning against the couch and I nodded when the order seemed to me to be relatively harmless, but in the hands of this pair nothing was harmless.

"I'm glad and what are you doing now? Don't you have to help cleaning?" I asked.

"Uh, we got better things to do, what about Ginny and Ron? Are you having trouble with them?" Fred asked.

"Yes, unfortunately. Since Harry isn't here, they stick at me like gum on a shoe, really, and that's something I can't really cope with at the moment," I explained, rubbing my hand over my face.

"Why not? You just have to practice turning your pirouettes to the right beat," George joked. My gaze could've killed. I pulled my lips back and showed my teeth.

"You two are going to be the death of me. You know I won't learn to dance," I hissed, frustrated.

"Sure thing, that was already clear to us. So what are you really doing?" Both curiously eyed me.

"I’m learning to fight, don't look at me like that, yes, fight really. I could throw you over my shoulder with no problems," I said with a beaten sigh of mine and managed to do what was almost impossible. I had rendered the twins speechless, but it only took a few seconds before they caught themselves and started.

"Oh, cool, you and your ideas. I can't imagine you and fighting, but you can count on us, you know, we'll help you and keep the others away from you as good as we can," Fred said, nodding approvingly.

I grinned conspicuously at them. "What would I do without you? That would be really nice! "

"Always! See you later! We must go, before Mum seeks us," they gave me affectionate air-kissed and waved me goodbye. One could need the good mood of them two. After I was alone again, I thought about how I could knock out the siblings in the evening and I had an idea, but for later when I was on the road. I didn't realize how time had passed when my Tempus warned me that I had to leave in half an hour, it would be 2 pm soon.

So I went to my room. I didn't see anyone on my way to the room, obviously everyone was still in the kitchen having lunch. I grabbed my sport’s bag and went downstairs, I didn't tell anybody that I was leaving now, and I didn't see a reason to do so. Everyone knew that I was out dancing ... Ehw! Out of the house I flitted quickly into a small, inconspicuous side street into a difficult-to-see rear entrance and apparated soon as I was certain there was no one around. First of all, I went to my room at our home, after all, my potions weren't brewing themselves and I had still almost an hour before I had to go to the Sensei.

I filled the last vial of the blood-forming potion and cleaned the dirty kettle with a fast Evanesco. Time was now too short to start a new medium strong healing potion, I'd do it tomorrow, but I could already prepare a part of the ingredients. One look at the polyjuice-potion, which stood in the bathtub. This would be finished tomorrow and could then be bottled, wonderful. When the brewing went to plan like this, it had something very calming about it.
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Life at Grimmauld Place, Chapter 17
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