When Hermione Fights
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 Malfoy Manor, chapter 100

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Chapter beta: Dani & Livy
Chapter translator: Nik (& Aivy)

Special thanks to Nik for translating most of this and all the last few chapters.

My whole team is wonderful und stood by me in the last few months.

I am sorry to have left you hanging for half a year.

While I am better now, I had a rough time at the start of the year and have been in a psychatric hospital from the start of February until mid April. Diagnosis: severe depression.

The last few months, I have used to try and reorder my life a bit. On the surface, not much has changed but my maritial life is greatly improved, I can go to work for a full week without being tempted to call in sick and I'm slowly increasing my social life and therefore safety net. Now I just have to make sure not to fall back into old patterns.

I won't promise any update schedule. Updates will come when they are ready and I have the time and energy.

Snape’s POV

As we stood under the sprawling old oak tree, Hermione looked pensively at the romantic little cottage she owned. I understood why she didn’t jump at the chance to move to the Manor but she had known what she was getting herself into. She remained composed as expected, her face betraying nothing. Illegible and emotionless - she was talented!

Today she had taken me quite a bit by surprise with her looks. Her dress flattered her slender figure very favourably, and it was only thanks to my ability to always stay calm, that I managed to master the challenge she posed. She looked, and smelled, fantastic today. I recalled seeing her in a ball gown in a memory I viewed while checking her Occlumency level, and I can honestly say that she was as gorgeous now as she was then.

Her skin had a delicate golden sheen. She would look downright edible from Lucius' point of view, I thought quite sarcastically. Feeling her hand lying softly on my arm again, I looked at her. I waited until her dark brown eyes focused on me, and apparated us away.

Soon, we stood on the broad path leading to the Manor, surrounded on both sides by a mighty, well-kept magical yew hedge. She paused, looking around in amazement.

I tried to understand what she saw in it. Knowing the Manor since my childhood, it was un-spectacularly normal for me. I looked at the large, massive, wrought-iron double gate, which carried the same sign in the centre as she did on her abdomen: the intricate and ornate ‘M’ of the Malfoys!

I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she simply accepted that she now belonged to my family and endured this with such patience and with so much pride in her stance. For she clearly knew that this was not a nice, normal family - she was not naive.

We may look out for each other, but we enjoyed playing games with each other too much to not always try to throw each other under the bus. We played rough behind these aristocratic walls. But if I had learned one thing this past year, it was that if anyone could play alongside us, it would be Hermione. The danger was always present, and I was well aware of it, that if we weren't cautious, she'd one day set the rules of the game for this family. She was a cunning, crafty bitch.

I wouldn't make the mistake of underestimating her. Well, not anymore, I admitted to myself grudgingly.

Behind the gate, one could discern the vast size of the park-like complex. On the wide gravel path, in front of the large building, a showy white fountain, splashing incessantly, inevitably caught the eye of every visitor. And Lucius' terribly annoying, horribly conceited white peacocks strutted royally across the court as if the world belonged to them.

The proud creatures were spread all over the property and got on my nerves with their strange cries. When I had grilled one of the annoying beasts that one time, the Master of the Manor threw such a fit that I almost longed to have the bloody beast back again. Lucius and his stupid white peacocks. Yes, coloured ones were not welcome. It was like a form of symbiosis – one that drives you insane, at that! But with their lofty strutting, they resembled Lucius quite well indeed.

The estate, which seemed to stretch into the sky, had both an incredibly feudal and dark presence. It was ancient and could keep up with Hogwarts, but had undergone constant structural changes. The last external changes had taken place during the Elizabethan period, and the façade had been preserved since. It was a two-storey building, on top of which were many towers, essentially forming the third floor, even if they only ever contained one large room. The golden-yellow sandstone used for the building, a noble building material also used for churches and cathedrals, reinforced the stately impression. Shiny black shingles covered the roof of the pointed towers.

There were a plethora of giant lattice windows, giving the whole structure an eerie touch by reflecting the light ominously but also providing the building with precisely the elegant look it was intended to have.

The gate had magically swung open for me and we walked towards the main entrance which was under a canopy, flanked by several straight columns.

“Where are we, sir?” she asked. I had to stifle a smirk due to her insecure tone, no longer self-confidently calling me ‘Severus’. The minx didn't seem to dare to speak to me with such intimacy anymore; I had to remember that.

“Wiltshire,” I replied courteously. Abruptly, she stopped and I turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow.

“But... but my cottage is in Wiltshire, too,” she said in a perplexed manner, and her disbelief made me smirk slightly.

“Who said that we were going far away? As you may know, Stonehenge is very close by, so it is no wonder that a Malfoy has settled in the immediate vicinity,” I replied crisply. Then she surprised me, for she gave me a devilish, agreeing grin and nodded her head.

“You're right about that!” she intoned knowingly. How surprising. She was usually able to judge things very well and did not give heed to illusions.

I strode off, and we approached the massive, magnificent double-door entrance. It swung open silently when I arrived. I was not the type of person who dragged topics on uselessly for no reason.

The entrance hall was large and austere. Its straightforward charm was reminiscent of medieval times; without too many decorations, instead proudly displaying the creamy white stone. The snobbish paintings of ancestors, disseminated all over the house, told a story of more than a thousand years. Here in the entrance area hung the ancient founder portraits of the family. The men of the family were always as platinum blond as Lucius and Draco were, just as the members of the Prince family were only ever allowed to call a pitch-black mat of hair their own.

A thick, valuable carpet absorbed our footsteps. I strove to the large, pale stone staircase, which split in two after five steps, leading into the various wings.

I grabbed her arm again and maintained a firm grip on it as I assertively led her to the right. The Malfoy men resided in the right half of the manor house; a fact of which I enlightened her. Lucius had his chambers on the first floor and Draco on the second, and that's exactly where I was bringing her. I also informed her that Narcissa resided on the first floor of the left wing and that she would do well to always avoid it.

When we reached the second floor, we passed several personal parlours and other rooms for representational purposes that were situated in the front, facing the entrance portal. The private rooms of the upper floors were in the back, overlooking the impressive park and the magical forest behind.

The stables were also visible at the very end of the park, where Abraxas' pride and joy resided. He had loved the white, winged horses, which were perfect coach horses and riding animals. His father had started breeding the Abraxans and named his son after these proud, stubborn and difficult to breed horses; even today Lucius had a knack for breeding and caring for the horses.

The house was huge. The word ‘house’ didn't do it justice - it was a magnificent building. We finally reached the door to Draco's rooms, and I opened it gallantly, giving her the right of way. I might not be the most companionable man but I had enjoyed a proper upbringing due to my grandmother Honoria. And thanks to Draco, Hermione was a lady of the house which entitled her to be treated with due respect, I noted sourly. Why always me?

Much rather, I would like to push her around. I smirked as I formed a vivid image in my head of her taking a tumble.

She paused to look at Draco's spacious suite. Even I found the room to be a work of art. Dark brown wood panelling was affixed to the lower parts of the walls, a silk wallpaper adorning the remaining surface above it. The ornaments had been chosen in colours of silver and dark green, complementing each other well, as were the wide, brocade upholstered armchairs. They exuded an oasis of calm in front of the large, elaborately designed, black-brown speckled marble fireplace, which was in the centre on the left. The room was flooded with light through the very high lattice windows framed by heavy brocade curtains.

A look upwards showed a ceiling decorated with elaborate stucco. The dark brown door on the right led into the boudoir, which had the same colouring. The living room had a bookshelf with Draco's favourite reading materials, and a giant globe with a well-equipped mini-bar inside. I had given it to him in an unexpected moment of generosity when he had perfectly brewed his first Draught of the Living Dead.

Hermione had stepped into the middle of the room, where she now stood on top of the precious silk carpet and turned around in a circle. She was a perfect fit for this environment; even her dress looked as if it had been colour coordinated.

“I will now leave you,” I announced curtly. She fixed her eyes on me, her brow raised. “Draco is busy distracting Lucius in the small parlour. Wait here, and don't leave the room!” I warned her urgently.

“Do I look like as if I'm tired of living?” she asked sardonically over her shoulder, walking towards the windows to look at the surroundings.

I slowly moved towards her, looked over her shoulder at the magnificent view, and whispered:

“Are you worried about Lucius?”

“A little,” she mumbled quietly. I was now very close to her back; her unmistakable fragrance rose to my nose, and I couldn't deny that I enjoyed what I smelled.

Very gently and slowly, I laid my fingers on her uncovered shoulder and slid it down her arm. She did not flinch at my touch but leaned trustingly against my chest. I enjoyed this unexpected reaction thoroughly.

“You don't have to, he won't hurt you,” I breathed reassuringly.

“I know that, but he could order me into his bed,” came her reply. It sounded resigned and grim. My fingers found their way up again and stroked her soft and tender skin. I could only admire her very pragmatic view, devoid of any illusions.

“What if he does? That should not be a problem for you,” I hissed nastily and somewhat spitefully when the anger surged back up inside me.

I felt her stiffen slightly, straightening her posture, distancing herself from me, but still allowing her gaze to wander across the landscape.

“It shouldn't, but I don't want to and it would hurt Draco,” she explained in a measured voice and chose to ignore my provocation.

“If you say so. I will now inform him of your arrival.” I removed my hand from her shoulder and turned around resolutely. Glancing back, I noticed how she had put her hand on the spot where mine had been until a second ago. It seemed to have given her a sense of security. I had to pull myself together so as not to show her that Lucius was not the only one who wanted to get her into his bed.

But her answer, spoken so neutrally, had upset me. It seemed to me that she would really and truly go through with and would accept sharing a bed with Lucius. She was truly unscrupulous. But there was still hope since she said she didn't want to and as I knew her, she would do everything to thwart him.

Meanwhile, I had reached the door and hurried back the lengthy journey to the parlour, which was located near the entrance hall.

I arrived back on the ground floor and walked through the small door to the ‘small parlour’. Indeed, there were small, smaller, large, and larger parlours. Confusing, I know, but this centrally located parlour was Lucius' favourite parlour. Why was this, you might ask?

The devil only knows. I didn’t.

The parlour, although it was the ‘small’ one, had a large stone fireplace set into the wall. It was rather unadorned and dominated everything. This part of the house dated from the deepest Middle Ages; you could have fit a whole cow into the fireplace. Despite the summer temperatures outside, a big fire was currently crackling away. The floor was covered with black wooden planks, on which lay one of the extremely expensive carpets that Lucius favoured.

He was so self-loving that a gigantic painting depicting Malfoy Manor in all its glory took up nearly a whole wall.

Lucius sat in his tall, black, leather wing chair and held his cognac, swivelling it casually in his aristocratic hand, while he thoughtfully looked at the golden liquid and thoughtlessly played with his walking stick in his other hand. I hated that snobbish stick he always waved around. The room also housed many valuable furnishings, such as a beautiful bureau, many massive chests and small tables on which all sorts of frippery piled up.

He wore a thin Victorian style coat. The base colour was green with brown patterns. Today he had buttoned it up; on his wrists and neck you could see flashes of the pristine white shirt he wore underneath. His silky, pale hair was falling openly over his shoulders. Lucius was looking around with an air of boredom, flanked on each side by his two huge wolfhounds. As a little boy, he had already desired to own this kind of dog with an intensity that had been unbearable after he had once read in a book that William the Conqueror had loved that dog breed. That said everything you need to know about Lucius' way of seeing himself. And their names only highlighted that even more. To this day I refuse to use the names of the two mutts: Duke and Duchess. Please, I will never address a dog that way! It was out of the question. It would never happen.

“Ah... our dark, ever-bad-tempered shadow is back! Found the way out of the dark dungeons, have you?” he greeted me smugly. “What have you been up to, Severus?”

“Nothing that should interest you or would interest you at all, Lucius, my friend. Draco, will you keep us company?” I looked with interest at Draco who was currently sitting on the windowsill, wearing only dark grey trousers, a plain white shirt and an open, short, matching, dark jacket. Very casual.

“No, I'll retire to my chambers. Father, Severus,” he politely bid farewell and made haste to get to Grang... um, to get to her!

“Draco, wait... why is he in such a hurry all of a sudden?” asked Lucius indignantly and pulled his elegant, beautifully curved, pale eye-brow up in irritation.

“How should I know? Today's youth,” I grumbled as I do, and slid smoothly into the armchair.

“How are your ever extensive tasks going, Severus?” he asked very blasé.

“Why always so nosy, Lucius?” I bared my teeth, annoyed.

“Do you know where I can find that little Mudblood?”, Lucius asked casually, trying to pretend to be indifferent while fishing for information. As he looked me in the eye with disinterest, I couldn't help but groan. Whenever he was bored, he only came up with stupid ideas.

“Does she occupy your mind so much? ... How should I know? But then again, maybe I don't want to tell you,” I teased with a very cynical grin. Lucius threw back his long strands of hair in annoyance.

“Oh... don't act like that. Do you think Draco knows anything? He is always so tight-lipped when she is the topic of conversation,” he said slowly and drawn out. Lucius was good, had always been good at recognising and perceiving even the smallest nuances of change. He was becoming suspicious. I grew the slightest bit tense. “Speaking of which. What did you get Draco to make him take off so fast?” He crooked his pretty head provokingly slowly and focused me hard with a piercing look.

“What makes you think that?” I asked calmly.

“Oh, are you trying to fool me? You'll have to do better than that!” Lucius proclaimed, slyly, before he laughed dryly and took a taste of his drink.

“Lucius, what do you want to know?” I enquired directly. He still shook his head lightly over our attempt to trick him.

“That which you hide. Are you going to tell me or not?” Lucius replied to my question with a provocative counter-question, which I didn't like at all, but it was amusing in a way.

“Why should I make something up? I think you should ask Draco. Why don't you call for him,” I generously offered. It was very amusing how we circled and measured each other.

Resolutely, Lucius placed his glass on the intricate table and rose smoothly from his armchair.

“No, I don't think so. I'll pay Draco a visit instead,” he decided. Damned Lucius. He always had had senses like a truffle pig.

“Lucius...!”, I tried to slow him down but it didn't make any difference anymore. He took off like a racing broom. Now that the match had begun, nothing could stop him.

It was not for nothing that he was the Dark Lord's right-hand man.

I rose quickly and hurried after Lucius to stop him from committing any atrocities. I had no idea what a compromising situation Lucius might find the both of them in.

“Lucius!” I caught up to him at the door to Draco's chambers; he briefly sent me an impatient look over his shoulder.

“What, Severus?!” It didn’t stop him from opening the door and entering the vacated living room.

We suddenly heard laughter from the bedroom; the two of them seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. I rolled my eyes to the theatrical surreality of the moment. Only the Malfoys could achieve that.

Lucius turned his upper body towards me and gazed at me with intrigue.

“You brought a visitor? Why wasn't I introduced?” he asked snobbishly, throwing his long hair dramatically over his shoulder. I rolled my eyes once more. Lucius and his stage worthy performances. I felt sorry for myself.

Already, he had reached the bedroom door and tore it open quickly. Fanfare should have accompanied the memorable moment when she was revealed.

We saw Draco leaning his back against one of the massive, twisted legs of the four-poster bed. His arms were wrapped around someone small and meddlesome, kissing her passionately.

When Lucius stormed the room like a vengeful blonde angel, she tore herself away from Draco in shock and turned to us in bewilderment. The strap on her right had slipped down and, in conjunction with her reddened lips and now messy, dishevelled hair, made for a wicked, forbidden, sinful appearance.

I noticed on Lucius' very straight back how he stiffened even more when he registered the identity of the woman who was having fun with his son. And I must say she offered a breathtaking picture as the last rays of sunshine shone into the room, her skin glistening in a golden hue. It was a seductive picture she presented. Lucky Draco!

What brought me out of my thoughts was the look on my esteemed godson. It made me cautious and alert. A cunning expression was present in turbulent, storm-grey eyes despite having been so crassly interrupted.

He wrapped his right arm around her hip from behind and pulling her to his chest with a possessive jerk, which made her gasp in surprise. Draco's left hand now embraced her from behind between her breasts, pressing her upper body tightly against himself, holding her captive. I saw him give us a diabolical grin while she just seemed taken by surprise.

I could see her visibly tensing as Draco suddenly raised the hem of her dress with his right hand, quite vulgarly. I could not prevent my eyes from widening. He would not dare, would he?

Was he serious? He would not snub Lucius so provocatively, would he?

An evaluating peek into Draco's vicious grey eyes though convinced me that I should lose such hopes quickly. I saw how she figured out the situation after the first moment of shock, and now began to struggle against Draco's firm grip. It was very humiliating for her as a woman how he so lasciviously and lazily grabbed her dress and slowly but inevitably exposed her to us. But he only strengthened the grip around her chest, and she desperately tried to get herself free.

“Draco... What is she doing here?” we could hear Lucius' clear, cool baritone voice wafting through the room who had so far mutely followed the spectacle.

“Patience, Father, patience,” Draco said mysteriously, revealing her panties. She finally shut her eyes in anguish, turning her head to the side, which was an exceptionally erotic, submissive gesture.

However reluctantly I admitted it to myself, this woman had an incredibly captivating attraction to not only me but also to Lucius, as I could hear from his faltering breath. Oh yes, the Mudblood did not leave any of us indifferent, to my never-ending chagrin.

“What...?” Lucius hissed dangerously as we were shown more and more of her silk lace panties.

“Draco... no,” she begged quietly, her head still turned.

“Shush, relax,” he breathed conspiratorially into her ear. We could all observe the goosebumps running over her body that was exposed to our gaze.

“What is going on here?” Lucius tried to boom but he sounded somewhat distracted.

Draco did not allow himself to be disturbed, however, as he continued to carefully pull the fabric aside, slowly revealing more and more skin. I now stepped out of Lucius' shadow alongside him, possibly to intervene if the powdered keg that the situation represented should ignite. Soon I heard Lucius draw in the air sharply. After a sideways glance at him, I realised that he had turned slightly pale, an unusual reaction from the otherwise controlled head of the family.

“Do you see that, Father? I caught her before you did. I marked her, she belongs to me... She belongs to us,” Draco whispered shamelessly. We could observe how he stroked lasciviously, tenderly over the contours of the black tattoo and how she trembled slightly under his fingers.

“When? How? How dare you?!” hissed Lucius when he managed to collect his thoughts. The room became cool as his anger flared up.

“Oh please, Father, you are only offended because I was faster than you! You ask when? On the evening of the Christmas Ball, I marked her and made the bond. You are too late; it was me who took her in,” Draco arrogantly decreed to his father in Malfoy fashion. Said father had embraced his walking stick so tightly that his knuckles ran white at this openly expressed provocation.

“You can't just take her into the family! Have you gone mad? She is a Mudblood!” shouted the otherwise so controlled, snobbish aristocrat in unfamiliar agitation, staring down his son contemptuously.

“Father, Father... Hermione is more than a mudblood. The day will come when you will thank me on your knees for taking this step that you would never have taken. Hermione is so much more.” Draco's reverence for this woman came through very clearly, and that made me raise my eyebrows judiciously in suspicion.

Draco was hers completely. He had lost himself to her!

“Draco, where is your mind? Mudbloods are only good for fucking, nothing else,” Lucius declared in a derogatory, vulgar and angry way. An unusually involved reaction, unlike Lucius' usually hypothermic way of dealing with unexpected situations. Was he actually so upset that his son had preempted him?

This was an open dispute, primarily because Draco had indeed outdone Lucius. The elder was offended and upset as Malfoys didn't handle getting outdone well. The two of them talked about her as if she wasn't there, which didn't suit her at all, as I could see from her disapproving face.

But the other two were too busy sputtering at the other to notice this, and I had learned a long time ago that you should never let the minx out of your sight. Ouch, Draco had it coming.

I heard her snort as if she was an angry mare and I watched her carefully. This would prove to be very suspenseful and entertaining for me.

She still stood disheveled and sinfully forbidden, with the seductively raised hem. Draco's hand now lay possessively splayed on the mark and the strap still hung forgotten from her shoulder.

Abruptly, she tore herself free, whirled around to Draco and slapped him in the face so that his head flew backwards. Since Lucius had sneaked closer and closer to the couple, he stood neatly in her reach. She threw herself around with an angry growl and raked her hand over Lucius's face, with no less momentum than the slap to Draco's face. Lucius was surprised by her brutality, something that had never happened to him before.

I said it all the time! ‘Don't underestimate the minx’, but nobody wants to listen! That they felt her wrath now was their fault!

She didn't stop for a second in her frenzy, stormed to the bathroom door in a single, smooth movement and slammed it shut behind her with a loud bang. What a brilliant exit!

She seemed to have adapted the dramatic potential from the Malfoys perfectly. I paid my respects to her dramatics.

Damn! That had been amazing. Within seconds she had knocked the wind out of the two Malfoy men's sails. They looked very stunned and entirely perplexed by the sudden, brutal attack.

I came closer to Lucius and had to painfully hide a grin from my face because he had three wonderful scratches on his left cheek. She had maltreated him with her fingernails and not merely slapped him as she did with Draco. Lucius’ cheek was already swelling and was bright red. Obviously, she had made good use of her momentum because the blood was dripping down his cheek and I saw the absolute astonishment in his gaze. The man was utterly beside himself; he was not used to such assaults.

“I've always said she's a wildcat, this minx,” I smirked nastily, reaping uniformly murderous looks from both father and son.

“I don't think she liked the way we talked about her,” Draco agreed with me eventually and sheepishly. Her handprint glowed impressively red from his pale alabaster skin.

Excellent, that would provide entertainment for me for the next few months, I thought, reflectively, almost enchanted with the cheerful outlook.

“What just happened?” asked the otherwise so confident Lucius, slightly piqued, but also somehow absentmindedly as he gazed flabbergasted at the blood on his fingertips.

“The minx is what happened, Lucius! You'll get used to it. However, I think we should discuss everything else somewhere else, just in case that she storms out of the bathroom and curses us all,” I replied with wicked amusement and poured out my mockery over the two Malfoy men.

That was fun! After all, she had already given me an ungallantly low blow once, so it was only fair that the two peacocks also suffered under her wrath.

Lucius, who was usually the image of superiorism and self-confidence, was at the moment very confused and put one of his monogrammed handkerchiefs to his bloody cheek. This girl was worth her weight in gold. I had just magnanimously forgiven her for allowing me to experience such a perplexed Lucius. It was priceless!

My mood was superb, as Lucius would say. He loved the stupid word!

Thank you. However, one thing was clear: he would have killed any other person who would have dared to do this on the spot. But here he already seemed to have decided against it, as if unconsciously following an instinct, recognizing the mark immediately. That was good, very good and this realisation was very valuable for the subsequent conversation.

“You knew, Severus!” It was not a question but a statement. A dangerous storm was reflected in his dark grey eyes, as he examined me knowingly and then turned to his son with a haughty expression.

“Yes... You, young man, have a lot to explain,” he declared, turned threateningly and walked out as stately as only he could. I waved for Draco, who dared a despondent look at the closed door, to follow us immediately.

Yes, I wouldn't want to face her later either, but that was his problem. He had humiliated her with his uncovering of her. Draco showed more unease towards her than he had his father earlier, as he had only looked after him with a cheerful smirk when the older man had strutted out of the room like a peacock.

I turned away to follow Lucius. This promised to be exciting; she certainly brought life into our family.

End Snape's POV

Lucius’ POV

What the hell had that been?

Draco had done such… Yes, just what had he done? He had taken a decisive step and extended our family without informing me, the head of this family!

What was the spoiled brat thinking?

I was incensed and healed my wounds during my exit with a swift swish of my wand. That had hurt. This bitch had nails! How dare she? How dare they all?!

After hurrying back to the salon in such indignation, I paused briefly while a wicked smile formed on my lips. I would never admit it, but I was proud of my son; how he stood before me so high-handedly and did not show any deeper feelings. I had educated him wonderfully; he would be a worthy scheming and crafty Malfoy.

Because if one thing was clear to me, even if I was angry and upset that he had beaten me to the Mudblood: I could understand him. She was desirable. When I saw her standing there in the flattering sunlight, she could have been an elf. And I couldn't blame him for the fact that we both had the same exquisite taste. However, she was a Mudblood. He had clearly overshot the mark, even though we Malfoys had always been possessive.

She was something special; I had immediately sensed that with my unmistakable instinct, but unfortunately I didn't know much about her, only what was generally known. That for her common birth, she was an exceptionally gifted witch, who left all the students at Hogwarts in the dust with her skills and was well-read. With my fast-working mind, I also recognised the advantages that such an intimate connection could bring.

The moment I saw her on the ball in that delicate dress, that wisp of nothing, she aroused something deep inside me that I had long thought dead. I knew that I wanted her almost greedily and - here I laughed sarcastically - now I had her!

Though different from what I wanted or intended, she belonged to me now more than I could ever have achieved myself since she now belonged to us totally, thanks to Draco.

Yes, I acknowledged the mark, the mark of our family on her, what else could I do? I knew the old rituals and knew that this decision could not be changed. It had been made, now it was time to make the best of it. Draco had very skilfully confronted me with fait accompli. How cunning of him; actually another reason to be proud of him.

Also, I now understood this previously inexplicable behaviour, when she had stunned this degenerate werewolf and so gallantly allowed me to escape. She had known that she could not in good conscience let me go to prison. Though that she was so willing to go through with it after my entrance in the Hall of Prophecies, surprised me honestly, because it included a good portion of cold-bloodedness, as I openly admitted to myself.

To stab a comrade-in-arms in the back on the battlefield to free me, who didn't even know of her unique status, meant she had guts. It showed me that she could become the jewel of this house, and under my experienced hands, she could mature into something beautiful.

I was pragmatic in that respect, but I didn't have to admit that to Draco or Severus. They should tremble in fear of my righteous anger after lying to me so much, betraying me so. I was more than outraged. However, I wouldn't get upset about something that couldn't be changed.

Throwing my long, silky hair over my shoulder, I sat down in my armchair and waited calmly for the delinquents.

End of Lucius' POV

Draco’s POV

Torn inside, I looked after my father rushing away and yet expecting me to follow him obediently.

And of course I did. I followed him with an uneasy feeling, not because I had doubts about the conversation with him, but because I was very apprehensive about the time when I would have to face Hermione afterwards. She could be imperious, bitchy and scary; I knew that only too well, and even if I would never admit it out loud, she was a dangerous woman. It was always the same; we were all afraid of the women when it came to it. Not even the three of us, Father, Severus and I were exempt from that, although the woman who taught us fear had to be of a unique calibre; just like my little, extraordinary Mudblood.

I had noticed that Severus also seemed to be on his guard around her. It was amusing how he repeatedly emphasised that she was a minx or a bitch. It was terrific and I had to stifle a laugh every time. Father wouldn't have let anyone get away with what she had done to him earlier. Everyone else would have been immediately struck by a dangerous, if not an outright deadly curse, yet he seemed to be inhibiting by something when it came to her.

She triggered something in him that was not normal, I suspected. I had seen it shine in his eyes when I exposed Hermione in front of him and I had also noticed that he seemed to accept that I had taken her into the family. However, I expected that he would question me anyway. I would have to pull myself together in a bit because it was indeed not good to show Father too clearly my pride and joy at the small triumph over him.

Looking back on my acting earlier, I was quite satisfied.

The conversation with my father would perhaps become unpleasant in parts, but I would be able to handle him, I thought hopefully, as I walked through the two-winged door into the small parlour. My father was already enthroned in his leather armchair with his legs crossed and looked at us with an unreadable, very stoic expression. Severus had followed me silently, entering the salon behind me and closing the doors quietly.

The clicking seemed like a judgment to me.

“Ah, how nice, my son, that you deigned to join me! Well, answer me - and you know I want to know everything! What drove you to take this Mudblood into our pure-blooded, old and aristocratic family?” he demanded vehemently, his pitch never wavering though. All the while, Father stared at me coldly.

I settled down in the other large leather armchair opposite him, also crossed my legs comfortably and leaned back relaxed before I began to answer him.

“As you have realised, Father, she has an extraordinary talent, is a conspicuously gifted witch, and you have to admit that her appearance leaves nothing to be desired either. She is a fighter, a warrior! She is an asset to our family.” I was calm and relaxed. Only pride spoke from my words because she belonged to me. Even though technically she belonged to the family, I had marked her and thus claimed her for me. Besides, her heart belonged to me and mine belonged to her, but that didn't matter here.

Father took in my words just as prudently as I had spoken them. In the Malfoy family, it was frowned upon to be loud or crass. When a dispute existed, it was settled civilly, on a verbal level. Well, as long as we could keep ourselves under control, if not it could also get ugly, but we were not there yet.

“I understand your views. Nonetheless, you acted a bit hastily! What have you got me into again? Alas, she knows where she belongs, otherwise, she wouldn't have made my escape in the Department of Mysteries possible the way she did. At least she recognises me as her superior!” he summed up. I couldn't entirely judge yet whether he had come to terms with the fact that she now belonged to the family or was still thinking about the consequences, but at the moment he was in control.

Suddenly, a devilish grin spread across his face. That did not bode well. I knew that from many years of experience. What was going on in his sly head again? Well, I would certainly learn it in a moment. There was still this malicious smirk on his face, and he asked, obviously pleased with himself:

“Tell me how you did it, Draco. How did you get this little minx...” His hand pointed to his cheek, which she had so gallantly scratched and still showed the slightly reddened traces where he had already closed the scratches with a spell, “... how did you get her to let you do this to her? That she kept still long enough for that? She is very capable at self-defense, as we were both allowed to experience and even though I have never performed the ritual before, it is still described as painful, and it takes some time to burn the mark in, so that would really interest me!”.

And there it was, the uncomfortable question. Because I knew Father wouldn't be satisfied with hints. I could try though, so I grinned lewdly.

“Let's put it this way; she was distracted...” I would never tell my father and Severus how intimate the situation had been, and by that, I didn't mean that I had had sex with her, but that I had asked her before if she trusted me and how important her answer had been to me.

I wouldn't have done it if she had hesitated or said no, and if I was honest with myself, it was essential to me that she trusted me. This trust and the intimacy that created this affection between us that no one else shared with her belonged only to her and me, and besides, people didn't talk about such things in my family.

That she had also given her body to Severus meant nothing to me.

My father did not give in, just as I had expected, and now he seemed to want to know even more how it had gone.

“Don't make me pry everything out of you like that, Draco. All three of us know that you had her in bed, you don't have to insinuate that, so I want to hear details,” he impatiently demanded to be told.

I was about to start when Severus interrupted us.

“Now really, Lucius, I don't feel like listening to the juvenile bedtime stories of your adolescent son... I can imagine better use of my time than stories about vanilla sex with the little Mudblood,” Severus drawled caustically as usual.

I stared at Severus motionlessly. I was confused; what did he intend by helping me out of my predicament before my father?

Or was he more deeply involved emotionally than he wanted to admit? Did he not want to hear how she gave herself to me voluntarily and openly, while he only got her when he paid or took her against her will? I asked myself this calculatingly. I would keep an eye on my good godfather. I knew that he wanted Hermione and felt more, even if he didn’t admit it to himself. My father now laughed dryly and scornfully.

“Pah... her and boring sex, none of us believe that. The minx likes it rough, doesn't she, Draco? But, if you don't want to tell me how the little one is in bed, I'll have to find out for myself.” His eyes glittered expectantly with this clear threat.

Not unexpectedly, my father wouldn’t give up so quickly. That had been my last remaining fear: that Father would accept that he could no longer harm her, but that he nevertheless wouldn’t give up his hunt and still want to possess her, regardless of the cost. That didn't suit me at all.

She was mine, and I had to make that clear! I would have to remind my father of my rights, I decided bravely.

“I marked her. You know what that means, Father. Even if you are the head of the family, I’m in charge of her, and I ask you to respect this. Do whatever you want with her, turn her on or flirt with her, I don't care, feel her up if you need to, but I'm the only one who can fuck her,” I demanded resolutely and unsmilingly.

Right now, I was very determined, although I didn’t lose my respect for my father, which he acknowledged, because he remained calm and just seemed a little disappointed. He knew that the family's customs were on my side and I was right that she belonged to me, technically at least.

Father could still intervene. However, I suspected and hoped that out of respect for me he wouldn’t. I also hoped that one day she would not irritate him enough that he threw all principles overboard. I didn't know why I didn't care more about Severus; perhaps because Lucius was my father?

Perhaps I felt a greater threat because my father was so similar to me on the outside as well? Of course, I wouldn’t allow either of them to force themselves on her. They were both men who usually took what they wanted or desired, even without consideration for others. If he managed to seduce her though, I could do nothing about it even if it would bother me a lot.

I knew she wanted to be with me, but father was more like me than Severus, the danger was greater, and she had proved that she liked older men. As long as it was just about sex, I could deal with it somehow, it was okay in our twisted world, but with him, I saw the danger that she could develop deeper feelings for him. Even though I knew how familiar she was with Severus, I didn't see him as much as a threat. I could only hope that my father would give in to my request.

I knew, unfortunately, that my father could be as charming as I was, something that Severus would never be and I hoped that his charm wouldn’t seem as appealing to her as mine.

Unfortunately, he didn't answer. Instead, seconds later a diabolical grin appeared on his aristocratic features, which again didn't bode well. This time, however, he turned to Severus and challenged him.

“So, my dear friend, now it's your turn. How did you know? Did my son confess to you or did you by any chance lay hands on a student?” Lucius hit the mark spot on. Father always had had such an unerring instinct to uncover all secrets.

I watched Severus' pupils narrow slightly,. Any other observer would have missed it, but neither Father nor I could have missed such a thing. At that moment, I heard how the salon door behind us was quietly opened. I didn't have to turn around to know that Hermione was entering the salon.

Well, Severus had been lucky again. However, I was sure Father wouldn't let him escape so easily. But Severus was also very good at disappearing without a trace, and I believe he would become hard to find soon. It would be amusing.

End of Draco’s POV

Hermione’s POV

I stood angrily in the middle of the luxurious bathroom tiled in a high-gloss, rich, dark brown with ostentatious bronze and gold accents. The fittings shone in pure gold, but I had no eye for their beauty as I was struggling against bursting with rage.

What did those pompous Malfoy peacocks think to put on such a show? To treat me like that? Did they lose their minds?! They had talked about me as if I wasn't present and treated me like... like an object!

Dear goddess, my heart had skipped a beat when the door suddenly opened and someone rushed in. I had been frightened and whirled around and seen Lucius in his regal splendour and behind him the dark shadow that Snape symbolised.

This unexpected confrontation had paralysed me!

Lucius' face had been delightful when he recognised and identified me, but his sudden appearance had given me a real shock. After the recognition shone in his grey eyes, I had suddenly felt Draco pulling me to him with a confident jerk and mercilessly pressing me to himself.

I had been too taken by surprise at first, as I had remembered how Lucius' teeth had pierced my skin so provocatively and painfully as he had bitten me without mercy, that I hadn't immediately realised what Draco was up to.

Therefore, it had frightened me all the more when he began to lift my dress and expose me so provocatively and teasingly in front of the two other men. I had tried to fight against him, but physically Draco was superior to me. When he just continued after my request not to do it, I had accepted my fate because Lucius had to learn it one way or the other.

I had closed my eyes, locked out my surroundings and accepted my fate to now have to experience this humiliating, shameful spectacle. I had also known that this was probably Draco's way of playing the game, this was between Lucius and Draco, that I was the ball in the game between them. It was just my bad luck.

I had put my head aside, just wanted to get away when I had felt Draco's finger on my mark as he lasciviously traced it, and it had felt like ice ran down my back. I had heard Lucius' loud breathing before he gasped after he registered what his son had done.

When they had started talking about me as if I wasn't present, I had thought it surreal. The ignorance and arrogance of these two blonde beauties were indescribable.

Who had they thought I was? Not with me, gentlemen. They had to be shown right away that I wouldn't play along like that.

What had Draco been thinking, degrading me so and Lucius in insulting me so? That had been the straw that broke the camel's back, and I had lost it. First, I had slapped Draco, and since Lucius had ventured closer and closer, I had taken the chance and retaliated for his bite assault. I had scratched him with my fingernails through his face. It had felt damn good and I had had to urgently bring some distance between us so I wouldn’t do something very unladylike.

Only here, in the bathroom, could I breathe freely again. I didn't know what I had expected, but certainly not that my ‘exposure’ would be so humiliating!

Everything had started so beautifully when Draco had hurried towards me with a real, open smile. His otherwise cool eyes had flashed with joy and he had pulled me into an honest hug, gently kissed me on the forehead and just held me. No words were necessary. He knew that the last days had not been easy for me and had offered merely me his comfort. He could be so empathetic towards me, only to be such a pretentious asshole as soon as his father confronted us.

I undressed, wanted to get out of the dress that suddenly seemed too revealing to me and went to the other door that was still here. I couldn't believe my eyes when opening it revealed a vast, walk-in wardrobe closet. I had only been looking for a bathrobe, but what I saw here was impressive. The most shocking thing was that I also saw women's garments that looked like they were meant for me.

Shocked and overwhelmed, I walked up to them and got one out. Pretty! Draco had prepared himself in many ways for my arrival.

I was determined; I wouldn't wait for the men to determine my fate. Oh no, that had yet to happen, and Draco seemed to have wisely obtained an appropriate wardrobe for me in the last days so that Lucius wouldn't be ashamed of me, the Mudblood, when I strode through his manor.

After the show earlier, I wanted something that would both cover and flatter me. I had no idea how Draco had done it, but the selection was huge, and he had amassed it within a very short time. One of them caught my eye immediately.

It was a shiny, grey-silver dress, made from raw silk, long and cut narrowly. I found it very stylish and elegant because of its simplicity. The most conspicuous detail was the way was gathered elaborately in softly flowing lines in the front-right part, where it seemed to almost to be knotted at the hip. When I turned it, I noticed that it was also gathered in the middle of the back, a bit above where my bottom would be, so that it would certainly emphasise my back very nicely. It had a simple submarine neckline and small wing sleeves rounded off the elegant yet very discreet ensemble.

I walked out of the dressing chamber - because it couldn’t be called a mere room - through the door that led directly into the pompous bedroom. Very intelligent to have two entrances to this room, someone had been thinking, I thought amused. I looked at myself in a floor-to-ceiling, baroque-decorated standing mirror that stood decoratively in the middle of the room and felt very beautiful. Dressed this way, I could face them and forget the past humiliation to some extent.

At the last minute I decided to magically put up my hair in a loose up-do that matched the dress much better than the open hair. I was naked under the dress because under this softly flowing silk you couldn't wear anything as this would have been immediately apparent, but I felt prepared!

The sun went down rapidly and bathed the inside of the manor in scattered light. On my way, the torches and candles on the walls lit themselves and illuminated my walk through the dark corridors, mostly carved from raw stone, as there were no windows here either. From the inside, the masonry seemed much older than the outer façade first showed. The Manor was ancient, like Hogwarts. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or oppressed, no, the castle in which I had lived for five years had shaped me well. Only perhaps a little lonely, but otherwise I enjoyed the gorgeous manor house. Many whispering portraits accompanied me on my way through the house.

I repeated Snape's advice internally: I should avoid the left side of the upper floors since Narcissa was probably in one of these. So where should I start?

Following an instinct, I returned to the entrance area. I had been deeply impressed when I had first seen this palatial complex Draco called home, hence the snobbish nature of the family. When you were born here, you imbibe the snobbishness from your infancy, I mused slightly mockingly.

Eventually, I arrived back at the large entrance hall, which was empty, save for the portraits. When I paused and examined the area, unsure how to proceed, a silvery-blond man waved at me from his painting and pointed with his finger at a smaller door at the outer edge of the hall where many doors branched off. Everything was so grandiose that I would have had to search until my hair turned grey, so I smiled gratefully and curtsied coyly. He gave me a sly smile and winked with one eye. What a charmer!

Purposefully, I walked towards the thick old wooden door, opened it without hesitation and entered. Immediately, the conversation fell silent. I was faced with three pairs of piercing eyes. Had that been a good idea of mine to deliver myself to the three of them all by myself?

Lucius sat facing me in a massive armchair. While Draco sat with his back to me he had turned his head to me at once upon my entry, and Snape sat between the two directly facing the fireplace, but now also looked at me from his deep, dark canyons. I swallowed hard as I closed the door in my back, although I refused to lose my proud posture, stepping into the room with a stoic calmness. I looked at the three different men who had so far only eyed me silently, making me feel very naked despite my new attire.

The incredible thing was that the atmosphere hadn't been as tense as I expected; only when I arrived there had been a change in the room. The continuing silence was emphasised by the crackling of the fire which seemed all the louder.

As I walked into the room, I could feel the men examine my new dress but couldn't read anything in their eyes; they were real masters at hiding their thoughts and emotions. Anyone else would have blushed under the scorching gazes of these snakes. I, however, forbade myself that rigorously, raising my chin instead.

I had just stopped next to Draco's seat when Lucius raised his hand and beckoned me over meaningfully.

“Come, Hermione,” his said in that quiet, thoughtful tone that almost gave me goosebumps. My name from his mouth made me swallow hard; no more ‘Miss Granger’!

I knew I didn't have to look at Draco or expect help from his side in this situation, thus I glided carefully towards Lucius who was enthroned majestically yet casually in his armchair.

I approached, then stopped and looked carefully at the man in front of me who seemed so aristocratic and looked at me like a sovereign. Although I refused to take my eyes from him, I was quite aware of the gazes of Snape and Draco.

When Lucius, like a snake, suddenly lunged at me and grabbed my left hand, I was shocked by his unexpected attack but could keep up my mask of indifference thanks to long practice. Nonetheless, inside my heart hammered in a quick staccato.

He now held my limp hand in his right hand, sitting straight-backed, and caressed the back of it lasciviously with his thumb. Apparently, the two men behind us had also not let Lucius' action chase them into the action, as they were still sitting there motionlessly. Malfoy's slender, white, yet amazingly masculine hand almost caused me an electric shock when I felt him skin to skin.

“So, I shall have to express my thanks to the new member of the Malfoy family for her energetic support in my escape, my dear lady,” he flattered very haughtily and arrogantly but looked at me intensely from serious, silvery eyes.

“Sir,” was the only thing I could bring myself to say, sinking, as described in Draco's bloody book, once again into the stupid curtsey and lowered my head. I hated it. Nevertheless, I also knew what this man was into.

If he was predictable in one aspect, then I had to use this to my advantage.

“Draco, what have you done with her? She's perfect,” he exclaimed once again over my head, and I gritted my teeth. I could now feel him raising my hand more and more to bring it up to his mouth and he breathed a kiss onto my hand. My breath stopped for a moment during this provocation. I felt his dissecting gaze on my submissive figure.

“Thank you, Father, for the compliment. Hermione and I have been in a close relationship since the Hogwarts Express left for Hogwarts last year and I gave her our family code to read right after we went back to school. Since my beloved here absorbs all knowledge like a dry sponge, she has also devoured and internalised these new rules,” I heard the pride from Draco's words, and if this tyrannical, stuck-up prig named Lucius did not soon release me from this painful curtsey, I would scream in frustration.

He still played tenderly with my hand, holding it close to his mouth, and I could or rather had to feel his hot breath sweeping over my skin and struggled to appear completely uninvolved and suppress the trembling.

“Draco, I will try to respect your previous request, although I will keep all options open,” Lucius suddenly proclaimed matter-of-factly, and I frowned slightly, wondering what Draco had asked for.

“Thank you, Father, that is more than I dared to expect,” Draco replied unctuously.

“You can rise”, Lucius instructed me abruptly. I reacted gracefully and immediately stepped back, my fingers slipping from his hand.

“No, wait. Please take a seat,” he ordered politely as usual. An armchair appeared next to Lucius, which I now walked towards and sat down modestly. My new point of view also allowed me to see Snape and Draco.

Everything seemed to be going very well. I was surprised that Lucius hadn't said anything about my assault yet.

On top of that, I found the way he dealt with the shocking reveal that I had been marked by Draco disturbing. He radiated a cold, restrained and very controlled fury, which was much more horrible than if he were to rage as it made him seem the master of the situation; the one who dominated and controlled everything. That made me much more afraid. Additionally, I was unfamiliar with him and therefore unable to judge him easily. While I had known Draco and Snape for more than five years, I didn't know Lucius at all, and so I gave him a side glance under lowered eyelids and looked at his striking face.

Well, it was like everyone was watching each other, waiting for the opportunity to strike.

“How did you imagine this will go over with your mother, Draco? Having a Mudblood in the same house? She will go mad!” Lucius asked with interest without showing any expression on his face.

“Hasn't she long since done that?” Draco replied very dryly and very despisingly. Would Lucius let that slide?

“Draco, please, not in that tone,” he retorted sharply, clearly not letting it slide.

“I'm sorry, Father, but Narcissa is... I don't think I'm willing to deal with her tender sensitivities,” Draco defended himself affably, but definitely, and then the lord of the manor surprised me when he bowed his head majestically in acknowledgement.

“Well said, she will have to accept what we decide. However, Hermione should avoid the left half of the estate. You have my permission to move freely otherwise. Narcissa is almost always in her rooms besides visiting her friends briefly, only in the afternoon does she like to spend time in the park. Avoid the park around these times so she doesn't see you right away,” Lucius explained the rules to me; he probably wanted to avoid trouble. I smirked inwardly. Obviously, Narcissa was not an agreeable person.

I just nodded. It didn't seem to me that he needed a verbal answer from me.

“Leave us alone,” he ordered suddenly. A tense silence followed the unyielding demand but after a brief reflection, Snape and Draco decided to obey and rose quietly, looking up emotionlessly and disappearing from the room without further ado. I swallowed hard. What was going to happen now? Lucius had such an uncomfortable way of fixing his gaze on me.

When the door fell into the lock behind Snape, it echoed in my ears like the final closure of a prison cell, and my heart stopped for a moment while I was just sitting there trying to display a relaxed expression. I couldn't judge the blonde man next to me. Until we were alone, he had sipped on his glass again and again, but now put it aside.

He placed his cane, which had already come very close to me twice, on the table, too, and, after that, rose ostentatiously slowly. His steps on the wooden planks creaked slightly as he walked to the window and looked into the beginning night. He had his arms crossed behind his back and was standing very straight; I didn’t dare to do anything.

“You share the bed of my son...?” his low male voice asked and continued. “Do you share Severus’ bed as well?”

I swallowed. What else did this man manage to see? What was I supposed to answer now?

“... Umm... Shouldn't you instead ask Professor Snape?” I was a little uncertain, even if I didn't want to admit it.

“I asked you, so answer me and don't come up with the idea of lying to me,” he rumbled threateningly, and I realised that he wouldn't tolerate any back-talk.

I remembered the time when I had lied to Snape with a shiver. While the shelf hadn't hurt too much, his thick tomes had.

Oh, I could imagine he wouldn't push me into a shelf like Snape; I didn't want to find out where he would throw me!

It was quiet for a long time until I found the courage to answer.

“Through very unfortunate circumstances ... it happened that ...” I tried to skate around the chaos.

He threw his head back, still standing at the window, and laughed loudly.

“Severus really went to bed with a student! I had always thought it went against his morals... Very amusing! I want to know more...” he demanded now, amused and curious, but also very impatient.

“No, I... Please, it is complicated! Not as a student; only once as Hermione... Please, ask him,” I stuttered now, sincerely asking him not to force me to tell him; I wouldn't, I could not talk about it!

“That bad? Did he play the Death Eater? And simply take what he desired? Unusual,” he spoke as if to himself, becoming quieter and quieter. All the while, he had his back to me.

“Please, sir!” I tried politely and somewhat submissively.

“What does ‘only once as Hermione’ mean? As who else did you sleep with him?” He had now turned towards me, staring into my eyes and seeming to try to look deep into my soul. I wanted to but could not avert my gaze as I slowly rose and hurried towards the door. I was fleeing, I admitted in shame. My long dress hit my ankles.

“May I go, sir?” I asked carefully and also very pleadingly. He was already approaching me rapidly. When he reached me at the door, he provocatively braced himself against it and refused me the chance to escape.

“I will ask him. But now to something else: you dared to attack me. Me! Should I accept that so simply?” he breathed silkily and the threat was almost palpable. I arrived at the tiresome realisation that this man never forgot anything and just gladly waited to start on his revenge. Additionally, I could read in his beautiful face his unspoken displeasure that I had slept with Draco and Snape, but not with him!

However, I thought he found that very exciting. He would enjoy chasing me and not take me down right away. He turned and leaned his back against the door, looking at me appraisingly.

While he waited for me to answer, he purposefully laid his hand on my flat stomach in an indecent gesture, causing my abdominal muscles to tense up. He had placed it right on top of the mark. I centred myself with deep breaths as he was now leaning casually against the door and touching me so intimately as if it were the most normal thing in the world. I didn’t react, instead turning into a pillar of salt.

“You must learn that thanks to this, you belong to me! Be good, I will forgive you your faux pas this one time. However, I would not rely on my kindness in the future,” he whispered forcefully. My skin burned like fire.

Lucius leaned over me now, and his open, long hair tickled my cheek as he gave me a - Okay, that threw me for a loop. I would have expected him to approach me physically aggressively like Snape. But no, he, he pursed his soft lips and gave me a seductive, gentle kiss on the cheek that made me gasp. His tangy masculine smell surrounded me.

“Call me Lucius,” he whispered dangerously charmingly. It was like an absolution.

I pulled myself out of my trance because I had unconsciously closed my eyes, feeling his hand on my belly and his lips on my cheek. My eyes opened wide in horror when he offered me to address him so intimately. I noticed the amused sparkle in his grey eyes as soon as he registered that I only slowly found my way back mentally. Eventually, I nodded brusquely, but that wasn’t enough for him, and so he demanded in a lascivious whisper:

“Say it, Hermione! “

I swallowed hard because he was much too close to me still and I could feel his warm breath sweeping over my face. Why did I have to be crushed between three strong personalities? Because as sorry I was to admit it, Lucius didn't leave me cold.

He was a temptation of a special kind, such a sly, but also a charming spirit. Where Sev... Snape was an uncomfortable, sinister and violent man, Lucius liked to flatter to lull you into a false sense of security. For he could not be any less aggressive than Snape, but he usually preserved the infallible aristocratic facade that he wouldn’t dirty his hands with violence.

I would never forget how he had bitten me so brutally. Oh no, this man might try to seduce me now! If I hadn't gotten this protection from Draco, Lucius would have no qualms about hurting me very much; but I had, so he only showed me his provocative, seductive and sensual way of playing with me and how he enjoyed pushing me into a corner. He was a dangerous man.

“Lucius,” I whispered harshly, as he wished, and saw a satisfied grin spread across his face before he pushed himself off the door and walked towards his chair again.

“There we go! I wish you a relaxing night. Greet Draco from me,” he said nonchalantly.

I didn't look back but instead saw to it that I got away quickly and rushed through the corridors that felt cold despite the summery temperatures outside. I reached Draco's suite with a thumping heart, leaving this dangerous man hurriedly behind me.
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