When Hermione Fights
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 Draco’s Revenge, chapter 117

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BeitragThema: Draco’s Revenge, chapter 117   Draco’s Revenge, chapter 117 EmptyMi Dez 04, 2019 6:00 am

Chapter beta: Dani
Chapter translator: Aivy

Shortly before we entered the salon, Draco stopped and fervently looked me in the eye.

"Play along with me, will you? I need that today. The two must see who is in control here and who is not," he said with his typical arrogance and held his chin up proudly.

I scrutinized him briefly and thoughtfully. Probably, he wanted to continue our game from a moment ago and so I ultimately agreed, nodding, because a little fun hadn't hurt anyone yet and even more after my near-death experience.

"Okay, I trust you. Hopefully, I'll have fun, too," I said with a salacious laugh.

"Oh yes, you will, my darling, for sure," he promised me in a whisper. He quickly bent down to me and breathed a kiss on my forehead.

"Let's go to battle!" Then he added loudly and icily clanking: "This is my small, but sweet revenge, Father!

While he took my hand, he was already turning around. Seconds later we entered the hall together. I was aware that my cheeks were still glowing from our little foreplay because they felt suspiciously hot. I also felt that my nipples were still aroused and hardened as they were clearly visible through the dress.

Only Lucius and Severus were sitting at the table and as they looked over at us, their conversation stalled. I noticed both, otherwise controlled men getting wide-eyed for a very short time, but then they quickly caught themselves and their impenetrable masks fit perfectly again.

"Nice to have you here already," Lucius purred, lasciviously emphasizing the words. He looked good in the grey brocade waistcoat and the narrowly cut frock coat accentuating his male figure.

He almost seemed to undress me with his admiring looks as he looked at me and realized that I wasn't wearing a bra and what he saw seemed to please him as the corners of his mouth rose appreciatively.

"Good morning," I greeted them courteously, for I had said nothing to them earlier.

Technically, I should have felt uncomfortable under Lucius and Severus' penetrating gaze, but I enjoyed the game. I tried to savour the living, tingling sensation that ran through my body to the very last and wondered what Draco would do, because it was clearly not enough to be his revenge.

Hey, I mean, I was used to much tougher stuff by now. What is the saying? You get used to everything, I thought sarcastically.

I now turned my gaze to Severus, who seemed calm and controlled.

"I am glad that you are doing so well again, Hermione," he said. For once, he didn't sound spiteful or cynical, but sincere, and so I nodded at him with thanks and smiled while I sat down smoothly on the chair, which Draco politely adjusted for me.

I was now sitting right next to Lucius. How unusual, because normally this was Draco's place, but he sat on my other side. Lucius looked at me favourably, but then glanced questioningly at Draco.

"I thought you might want her by your side if she is to impose the punishment on Mother in a moment. Besides... Don't you like her dress today?" Draco asked provocatively, "I thought to myself, as a thank you, you should enjoy the exquisite sight up close. I think it looks really good on you, darling. My little lady. Don't you agree, Father?"

I had turned to Draco because he had spoken to me in such an unfamiliar way and was surprised when he grabbed my hand to breathe a tender, very charming kiss on the back of my hand while he looked deeply and seductively into my eyes.

They had watched us closely and I hadn't missed that Severus' and Lucius' masks had slipped a fraction. Hardly visible to outsiders, but I knew them too well by now. Oh, this game was getting more exciting by the minute and now Lucius actively drew my attention.

"Yes, Hermione, my son is absolutely right. You look lovely in that dress, dear. It is a real pleasure to see you like this," said the aristocrat very charmingly. " Especially after yesterday, seeing you so healthy is all the more enjoyable," he continued in a deliberately friendly manner.

I felt flattered and slightly bowed my head. Then he briefly laid his hand on mine, which was on the table, and caressed it. This touch sent small, pleasurable shivers through me and I had to swallow hard once.

"I might well enjoy always having such an enchanting sight next to me at breakfast," he flattered me further. Oh this charmer! His words were accompanied by a truly seductive smile.

Following Draco's example, he slowly lifted my hand and breathed a sensual kiss on the back of my hand, but his eyes not only caught my own, no, they flitted down to my breasts for brief moments time and time again. Slowly, he let go of my hand. He pretended to be so controlled, but just then he let himself be distracted quite obviously, at least for me. I liked the effect I had on Lucius very much.

While Lucius gave me an extraordinary amount of compliments and his eyes were wandering treacherously over my beautifully wrapped body - he just couldn't keep eye contact - I saw from the corner of my eye how Severus folded his arms in front of his chest in displeasure and raised a black eyebrow in contempt. Apparently, he didn't like Lucius' flattery and Draco also seemed to have noticed.

"You don't see it that way, do you, Uncle? I see the displeasure in your face. What do you dislike?" Draco asked spitefully, as if he knew that Severus had also beset me in our bed. Fortunately, I didn't have to confess, it would have been unpleasant for me. But the way Draco behaved, maybe he suspected something?

"What is this, Draco?" Severus grumbled in a bad mood. He seemed as always very dismissive and waved to me and my place. It seemed to bother him where I was sitting. Oh yes, especially Severus could so pedantically insist on rules.

"I really don't know what you dislike, Severus. Our lovely Hermione here has made herself really beautiful for our illustrious round, you have to appreciate that and since she was allowed to punish Mother, her position is quite clear at the moment... isn't it? She belongs where she sits now and I yield the place to her very gladly and without any envy, even if only until this matter is settled..."

I was briefly amazed at how skilfully he now played off both men, who were otherwise so united, against each other; took it one step further and not only put them in their place, but also provoked them. Severus, who wanted the normal order to be maintained, while Lucius seemed so spellbound, so distracted that he was probably very disinterested in it.

"Of course, Draco, I see it in a similar way. Today, Hermione truly deserves this place at my side, because she will have the last word on what exactly happens to Narcissa. Then we will see what place she will have in our family, although only you are entitled to the place on my right side, no matter what rights she gets in the future," he said calmly and deliberately and now raised his cup and drank a sip.

"Coffee, as usual, dear?" he kindly remarked afterwards, which Severus commented with a snort.

I nodded. Severus' displeasure was still written in his face. However, he had apparently decided to say nothing more, compressing his lips into a thin, firm line.

"Can I do something for you, darling?" Draco said velvety. His light eyebrows went up questioningly for a moment and I suspected that his game would continue now, so I smiled at him invitingly.

"Of course. Would you pass me some fruit?" I winked at him and the next moment I felt his long, elegant fingers on my bare knee and finally the whole demanding hand, which made me breathe in with a hiss.

Yet, I quickly caught myself and slowly moved back a little with the chair, pretending to just lean back because I wasn't really hungry or wanting something to eat, while Draco put a small bowl of strawberries in front of me with his other hand.

I noticed that Lucius' eyes moved to Draco's hand on my leg and Draco also recognized this. He had gained the attention he wanted and so his game really started and that made me swallow nervously. It was a dangerous game, but yesterday had shown me spectacularly once again how much I had to enjoy life because it could be over just too quickly.

His long, slender fingers playfully danced on my skin as he slowly pushed his hand higher and higher until he reached the hem of my innocent white dress. Meanwhile, I put on a brave face and calmly grabbed one of the berries, opened my lips with relish, put them around the big, deep-red strawberry and bit into it. I was well aware that a few drops of the juice were gathering in the corner of my mouth. Smiling, I turned to Lucius after the first bite.

"The strawberries are exquisite. Is it a special variety? They are so sweet and so refreshingly juicy," I praised earnestly.

I noticed that his gaze seemed to be drawn to the small drop of juice clinging to the corner of my mouth. At the same time, he repeatedly let his eyes stray treacherously to my leg, where Draco was pushing the cloth up in slow motion. There wasn't much time left for my eyes.

"Oh, they come from our gardens. They are especially sweet. Take another one, Hermione!"

He still couldn't avert his piercing gaze. I think I could enjoy having such an effect and found that I really liked to cause such feelings in the distinguished men. At that moment, I felt very alive, almost exuberant.

With pleasure, I enveloped the rest of the strawberry with my lips and sucked the small piece of sweet fruit from the small stem with the leaves that adorned the strawberry. I devoutly enjoyed this second piece whilst examining Lucius, who obviously could not or did not want to turn away.

Oh, that was really fun, but now it was Severus's turn. I turned my look innocently to him and slowly let the tip of my tongue pass over my juice-wet lips, collecting the small drop of juice in the corner of my mouth. All the while, I was sparkling at him, but unfortunately Severus still only showed his displeasure. He didn't have this promising view that Lucius was allowed to enjoy, so I had to step up my game. We would crack Severus, too, and knock him out of his supposedly unshakable control. I could do that, I was sure, I knew how much he wanted to have me again.

I turned to Draco, knowing that my cheeks were still or once again slightly reddened. They would soon glow again if he continued.

"Oh, but not here, Draco, please," I whispered quietly, sounding slightly begging. Oh yes, I've always been very persuasive, and with that, I had drawn everyone's attention more or less to what was happening under the table.

A very short, satisfied flash in his eyes, obviously I played along perfectly, because the action with the strawberry had certainly spurred Lucius on even more and Draco obviously liked that. Yes, he would get his revenge, certainly where Lucius was concerned, because after our little game he would be only too clearly aware of what he could not have, at least not with my consent.

Even though I was grateful to him for my rescue, I still had those shreds of memory that had shown me that he had fought with himself despite my bad state of health, that he had still wanted me. Still, I wanted to be the one to make the decision what I did and didn't do. I wanted to convey this point of view, especially considering that he had spanked me with a passionate vehemence the day before. He could suffer a little for that.

I was once again playing with fire. It was a tightrope walk over the abyss because irritating Lucius so deliberately could also backfire badly. But then, we all enjoyed playing with fire and it felt just so good right now.

"Don't worry, darling. We are among ourselves here," Draco whispered gently. Meanwhile, we had the full attention of Severus and Lucius.

I didn't have to pretend anything, feeling my cheeks getting really hot under Draco's longing gaze. In addition, I was not wearing knickers anymore and getting wet under the dissecting eyes of the three men. Who could blame me for displaying at least a bit of shame?

Gradually, his fingers travelled upwards over my soft skin on the inside of my thigh. He had slowly pushed the fabric of the dress up to the middle of my thigh and now began to slide his long fingers tenderly under the fabric, tickling my soft, sensitive skin.

Innocently, I peered at Lucius, trying an apologetic smile at his son's youthful impetuosity. I noticed how Lucius' eyes were fixed on my lap, which had begun to tingle dangerously, for this was all very exciting for me because of its explosive potential. Even though he visibly tried to gain control over himself and tear himself away from it, he clearly did not succeed.

When Draco started to let his hand disappear under the thin white lace fabric, grabbing it to push it up lasciviously slowly, I watched the elder Malfoys pupils dilate for a moment and he again let us glimpse something behind his emotionless mask. The desire I had seen beforehand in Draco's eyes now shone just as intensely and longingly in Lucius' grey eyes as well.

A glance at Severus told me that he still didn't approve of what happened here, but was obviously curious about what Draco and I might have just meant. He didn't abandon his reclining, rejective posture with his arms crossed, but his persistent gaze followed Draco's arm, which disappeared under the table. As time went by he seemed to have a clue as to what an outrageous act Draco was performing, for when he realized it, I briefly saw surprise flicker in his gaze, but he very quickly regained his composure, presented himself devoid of emotion and showed absolutely nothing more.

For a short moment, I looked over at Draco, who just now, as if everything was normal, calmly drank a sip of coffee and then turned to Lucius.

"When does Mother intend to join us? Didn't you also call her in for ten o'clock?" he asked coolly.

During his speech, I felt that Draco's hand, which was clearly visible under the fabric of the dress, had arrived at my inner thighs. I had unconsciously grabbed my cloth napkin, which was still lying on the table, and crumpled it in my hand, trying to keep my composure.

Slowly, almost against my will, I gave in to Draco's demanding hand and moved my legs slightly, opening them a little, as I had held them chastely closed until now. My chest lifted and lowered a little faster because I needed a lot of oxygen. It was a very, very hot game Draco was playing here, so I licked my dry lips. I eased the way for Draco to proceed and thereby made it possible in the first place. I felt so hot that I would have done almost anything, as I realized, slightly shocked by myself.

Lucius' barely concealed lust was written in his face. He was following the events closely and because he answered quite belatedly, we could infer even more about his current state of mind.

"Yes, she should be here by now," he sounded slightly distracted, but managed to meet Draco's eyes for a moment, who then turned back to me.

"Very good, my Mudblood," he whispered so loudly that Lucius and Severus had to hear it, alluding to my spread legs. The situation didn't leave him cold either. But then, it would have been a miracle, I thought very cynically.

Severus' eyebrows shot up questioningly as he heard Draco's praise, which he had uttered gently, in a low voice. It seemed to annoy him more and more that he didn't really know what was going on, couldn't take a direct look at it.

"What is being played here? Lucius can hardly keep his eyes off Hermione and your hand is inappropriately far beneath the table! You are not doing what I think you are doing, are you?" he growled scornfully with his brow raised. His attention was on my clenched hand which was strangling the napkin. "That would be outrageous!"

"If you think that I have my hand on the naked, tender skin of my girlfriend's thigh and I'm just thinking whether I should move it even higher, then yes, then I am doing what you think I'm doing," it came very calmly from Draco with quiet nobility.

I bit my lips because I really had to suppress a sigh when I felt Draco's fingers dancing on my skin after those words.

Yes, he succeeded, because now Severus' mask also slipped and his angry look went to me, but I could only shyly smile at him from below, which made him press his lips even more tightly together. He glared angrily at us from his dark eyes. Lucius, however, seemed to have recovered his senses for a moment due to Draco's statement.

"No quarrel at the dining table, not now! Narcissa is going to get her punishment soon, we should concentrate on that!" he reminded us with a raised hand.

He seemed to be putting his attention back to the group as a whole, but his eyes kept flicking back to my lap. However, he hadn't reprimanded Draco for his oh-so-lewd, wicked actions. Most likely he was enjoying it way too much himself; the two Malfoys just liked playing vicious games way too much.

"Yes, Father, you're right!" Draco replied but he left his hand where it was and I felt that he was now finally striving for the upper end of my thighs, which I made easier for him by giving in to my inner bitch again and spreading my legs a little wider, so that the dress slipped up a bit more. This led Lucius to not only look at me from the corner of his eye anymore, but outright focus his attention on me again.

What did Draco do with me? If he continued like this, I would give myself to a finger fuck from him right here, I thought a little panicked, but also aroused by the idea! Goddess, I was horny! I breathed a little faster now, hearing the blood rushing precariously in my ears, and was reminded of the time when he had also touched me indecently during the Prefects’ meeting.

Draco did not let himself be deterred, now advancing slowly, but purposefully towards my bared centre. He would touch me right there where his fingers had already been today. Oh, what a cold-blooded manipulator he could be.

Severus had sat back again and was watching us all closely. He seemed extremely unwilling, while Lucius' indifferent mask slipped more and more and he could hardly hide his lustful desire. But one thing had to be said about Lucius, everyone else would surely have turned red in the face or would have started drooling, but he had himself so far under control that only his eyes showed his pure desire and greed.

Yet this could only be seen by those who knew him, for everyone else it would seem as if he was indifferent to what was happening. I smirked inside at the thought of what he might be looking like under the table. Was sitting slowly becoming uncomfortable?

I bit my lips again so as not to pant, when Draco actually reached my pubic area with his hand now, which made Severus look me in the eye calculatively. It seemed Draco hadn't gone far enough yet, because I felt his thumb find my clit and rub in circles for a bit.

Oh, this devil, not even I could stay calm when he did that. I didn't want it either, because that's exactly what he wanted from me: a reaction that the others could witness. Would he really dare and go that far with me, in front of his father and his godfather, I dared to ask myself with uncertainty .

What a stupid question, he already did! He was getting close to satisfying me right here at the table! That went a long way. I could not believe it. Was the game out of control? Had it been meant to go that far?

It was clear to me that my cheeks had to be red by now. My highly excited nipples rubbed over the now much too rough material and I was afraid to leak if I didn't find relief soon. Severus was still keeping me fixed with his gaze, but the sight I made must have changed, because he had leaned forward slightly now and was staring at me captivated and sparkling. My arousal had to shine from my eyes and it apparently fascinated him.

Draco's stimulations became more intense and I could no longer suppress a quiet groan, which, as I noted only from the corner of my eye, let Lucius' facial features derail and caused him to gasp for breath quietly but suddenly.

Yes, he could no longer control himself, really, Malfoys did not show so many emotions. I closed my eyes, letting my head fall back slightly. I felt tortured and at the same time I enjoyed it somehow. Then I realized that as soon as I closed my eyes I could forget that we were not alone and was able to simply feel Draco striving to satisfy me. Mentally isolated like that, I couldn't prevent myself from moaning again and this time significantly louder.

I had to offer the men at the table a uniquely good show, as free as I gave myself to my own lust. The fact that they said nothing to Draco to rebuke him only showed how inattentive and distracted they had become. Draco spoke to me now, after my second moan had faded away, and my eyelids opened again, my head snapped up, and I turned to him with heated cheeks.

"Such a naughty girl here at the table. Well, well, well," he reprimanded me provocatively.

Coming back down to earth with a jolt, I remembered that we weren't alone after all and when I felt three very greedy pairs of eyes staring at me, I swallowed uneasily.

Slowly, Draco shook his head in pretend reproach, not letting me out of his sight, which I reciprocated, as he caressed my slit with his fingers once more. Lucius was now not even trying to hide that his eyes were glued to my lower body and he paid no attention to Severus.

To my immense shock, I now felt how Draco dared to slide a finger into me, only to quickly pull it out again. Then he slowly but persistently withdrew his hand and I could not suppress a short sigh that escaped my slightly opened lips, as this meant I would not get my satisfaction here. Perhaps it was better that way.

Lucius obviously followed Draco's hand with his gaze and got big eyes when the younger had raised his hand so much that he could see the moisture on his fingers glistening clearly. Severus' mask now also fell completely. Unbelieving, horrified, he looked at Draco, who suddenly reached into his robes with his other hand, pulled out my very skimpy lace slip and, without showing any emotion, handed it over to me hanging over his index finger, so that Lucius and Severus could clearly see what it was.

"I think you should wear it, darling. You can't run around like that!"

My cheeks were blazing hot in a rich red. Draco, the devil! He couldn't tell them that I was naked, just like that! I mean, like...

He had had his finger inside me at the table. I was speechless; it was probably better that way, my mind was still a little hazy.

Gallantly, he let it slide from his finger into my lap, then he grabbed one of the berries with the hand that carried the traces of my lust, and guided it ostentatiously to my lips. Still too perplexed, I opened them willingly. I closed my lips around his fingers and could thus taste me as well as the juice of the berry.

Not a single noise could be heard in the room while I took a bite as erotically as possible. Afterwards, Draco pulled his hand back, took his napkin and removed the traces of my lust from his fingers to then concentrate on his breakfast as if nothing had happened.

Lucius and Severus, on the other hand, released the breath they had held at the sight, combined with the fact that Draco had revealed so calmly and indifferently that I was neither wearing knickers nor, as they had seen, a bra. So now they knew that I was naked under the thin dress. I put a bashful expression on my face and looked at the two men under lowered eyelids. They had not yet managed to regain their composure. Simply wonderful! It had to be dreadfully tight in their pants if they gave us such a deep insight.

"Is something wrong? You two have been very quiet for a few minutes. I only know you this silent during breakfast when you are reading the newspaper..." Draco remarked without showing any emotion.

Neither of them responded to his provocation, for they were still staring at me. I turned to my breakfast, skilfully ignoring the lace slip that was still lying in my lap, and continued to eat my strawberries.

Finally, after a few minutes of silence in which Draco had enjoyed breakfast, while Lucius and Severus had gradually regained control, their masks back in place, Draco struck again, initiating the next phase.

In the meantime, I was wondering why Severus and Lucius accepted this so wordlessly.

I was startled when Draco placed his cup on the saucer with a pronounced clang, which made Lucius and Severus look over at him in astonishment. My first thought was that maybe it didn't suit him either that they didn't say anything and let us do that without any distinct reaction. That he didn't like that they were willing to ignore our game so deliberately and just wanted to go back to business as usual. Maybe?

"Why is the slip still lying in your sweet lap? You should put it on and not sit around here like that. It's not fitting for a Malfoy to be so naked," my boyfriend said. Clear displeasure was visible in his storm-grey eyes. Cold and arrogant, he now snapped at me and I froze.

His cold voice was like a slap in the face for me, after where he had had his hand recently. His gaze was threatening and hard and I had to suck in a breath. Even though I knew he was only acting, I was still quite surprised by his tone and command. What was he up to now? I asked myself that with a very queasy feeling. Hadn't it already been enough that he had teased before their eyes and I was now sitting there wet, with no prospect of satisfaction? And that Severus and Lucius knew this all too well?

"How, here, now?" I asked breathlessly.

"Of course now! When else? If I wanted you to run around without knickers, I would hardly have given them back to you, so put them on and be quick," he said uncompromisingly.

Stunned, I stared at him. He couldn't mean that seriously, because to put on the slip I would have to practically expose myself. I really didn't want that and so I was tempted to shake my head.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed that Severus and Lucius were watching us once again with great excitement, their looks going back and forth between us, but they said nothing to the contrary. I didn't seem to react fast enough for Draco, who now got up, purposefully reached into my lap and took the knickers.

"Get up, Hermione. You don't want to listen to me? Most likely, you just want to keep teasing me. Come with me... You can have whatever you want from me, here and now," he declared suggestively and I got big eyes. What was he up to?

He held out his hand to me demandingly, which I grabbed trustingly despite everything. His face was determined, but otherwise expressionless. Not even in his eyes could I read anything. The situation annoyed me because I could not yet see what he was up to. That he wanted to irritate Lucius and Severus again was obvious to me, but not how.

He pulled me up and then dragged me ruthlessly along. I could literally feel the questioning and confused looks of the two men left behind at the table on my back. While we were walking past the door through which we had entered the salon, Draco turned around halfway without stopping.

"You will excuse us briefly," he called back over his shoulder. It sounded like a question, but its pitch showed that it was not meant as a question.

"But Draco-" I wanted to protest.

"Not now," he ordered coolly, interrupting me domineeringly.

"What do you think you are doing, Draco?" Lucius shouted after us, with clear authority in his voice.

He didn't sound pleased or curious, but displeased and commanding, and if Draco hadn't dragged me so vehemently behind him, I would have stopped and turned around.

"Draco! I demand an explanation," Severus now insisted harshly as well. Nonetheless, Draco did not react this time either.

He continued to head purposefully towards a small door at the other end of the hall, opening it as soon as we reached it and pulled me into a small drawing room. He closed the door behind us and pulled me, although I was still resisting lightly, unyieldingly further to a round, somewhat larger table in the middle.

A step away from the table he stopped, positioned me in front of him and then forced me backwards towards the table while he engaged me in a passionate kiss. I started protesting again, trying to push him away, because I was beginning to get a frightening idea of what he might be up to. But no, not even he would do that!

He broke away from the kiss. I looked at him insistently, so that I noticed his determination as he pushed me further backwards onto the table and now began to lift my dress, roughly shoving it over my hips.

"Draco, what...," I tried again, but he shook his head vigorously. "You can't be serious!

"I only want to hear moans and cries of pleasure from this sweet little mouth in the next few minutes, nothing more! Do you understand?"

Meanwhile he raised one hand and brushed his thumb over my lips. Oh, yes, he would do exactly what I feared. I couldn't believe it. He wanted to fuck me while his father and Severus sat next door and only the thin door was between us and they knew exactly what was happening here. I mean, he wasn't serious, was he?

What should I do? Revolt and destroy Draco's revenge? Deprive myself of the satisfaction I desperately needed after the hot show?

Eventually, I nodded in surrender. I couldn't do anything against him anyway and besides, the prospect of sex after my near-death experience was also somewhat invigorating and momentarily my biggest personal problem. I hit the table, whereupon he immediately lifted me up at the waist, so that a few seconds later I came into contact with the cold, polished wood with my naked buttocks, which made me exhale in a hiss.

Without pausing, his hands glided purposefully to my shoulders and quickly slipped off the straps of my dress. A short time later, he uncovered my breasts with their still hardened nipples, which he dedicated himself to briefly with his hands, then he bent down and embraced my hard nubs one after the other with his lips, going for a quick bite.

"Oh yes, I had to think about that all the way," he moaned hoarsely.

I couldn't suppress a husky whimper. He detached his lips from my nipple and a firm hand descended on my chest, between my breasts. He pushed me back onto the table so that I had to lie down while his other hand went to his pants, which he skilfully opened. Now I saw his big, hard arousal towering up between my legs. Oh yes, his game hadn't left him cold at all.

A cheerful grin adorned his lips as he sure-handedly reached under my knees to prop my legs against his upper body. Then he grabbed my hips with his hands to pull me to the edge of the table while he was already holding me like a vice.

"You'll enjoy it and you know you'll get your climax, so be a good girl! I always make sure you have your fun, don't I, my little lady?" he whispered roughly.

I could only nod, eager in anticipation. I fulfilled his wishes all by myself as I moaned in pleasure when he plunged himself quickly and fiercely into me. He entered me with his whole length without warning, up to the base and filled me completely. Oh yes, that felt so good and I was so ready to feel him hard and fast. That he groaned deeply when he penetrated me, spurred me on even further and let everything become indifferent to me. Well, at least for a moment...

On the edge of my awareness, I still knew too well that the men in the next room would be able to hear us very clearly. During his next, very stimulating and deep thrusts I bit my lip to stop moaning or screaming. I thought it was enough that they knew what we were doing. Did they need to hear more? They knew that Draco was taking me here and they surely suspected that he had his cock stuck deep inside me. How embarrassing and exciting this thought was... I was caught in a dilemma between shame and lust.

Just then, I noticed something indefinite in his eyes when he noticed that I was biting my lips, forbidding me any sound, while he pushed himself into me with such vehemence that it almost hurt. Indignantly, he increased his tempo, now thrusting into me really hard, strong and fast, which I liked very much considering that I had been teased by him all morning, but I could not and did not want to show this out loud.

He now shook his head sharply and I kept my eyes on him, just like he did on me. So I only felt, how a hand released my hip and a little later his thumb came to rest on my centre of lust and he began to stimulate it determinedly and demandingly, which led to me not being able to be quiet in that first moment, the feelings were all of a sudden too intense. I groaned in pleasure and excitement which brought a contented, very diabolical grin to his face, but only until I forbade myself to make any sound again.

However, I could not prevent my hands from reaching for my breasts and massaging my very excited nipples.

Draco didn't seem to like my behaviour at all. He interrupted his fast, almost ruthless rhythm and his own wanton moaning stopped briefly. I felt him unfastening his hands from my hips and they rudely grabbed my breasts instead. Anger flared up in his eyes next to the eager desire and he quickly bent down to me.

"I told you what to do! I know you are enjoying it, so show it too. I would be really sorry if I had to force you. If you can't obey, then I must fuck you in front of their eyes after all! You belong to me, they must not forget that," he said very forcefully and I was stunned. In front of them?!

Something worrying that I could not yet understand drove Draco relentlessly. I knew that Draco was no stranger to having sex in front of other people, not even in front of Lucius or Severus, but he never did it voluntarily. Nevertheless, this threat worked wonders for me, because no matter what I had done so far, it did not belong to what I wanted to experience and damn it, it should remain so. The game here was stretching the limits for me and already went beyond what I was comfortable with.

Anger blazed in his eyes, but I could also see that he would really be sorry. I couldn't really judge him and his threat right now, only that he really didn't want to do it and neither did I, no, not at all.

I nodded submissively and surrendered to my fate. Well, so they would hear how much he pushed and aroused me. When he recognized that I was giving in, he presented me with a very beautiful and contented smile, then kissed me briefly and tenderly on the mouth. Alas, this softness lasted only a moment. Before he removed his hands from my breasts, he pinched less than gently into my sensitive, erect nubs, which made me cry out in pain and shock. Immediately, his smile turned into a broad grin.

Again, his hands found my hips, which he clasped very tightly. His fingers dug almost painfully into my flesh. His lips briefly found my bruised, erect nubs and lovingly wrapped around them, but he quickly let go of them again, straightening up, only to then fall back seamlessly into his hard, pounding rhythm.

I now gave free rein to my feelings, moaned and even screamed quietly while he continued to take me ferociously, giving voice to his lust just as loudly. That was most untypical for him, but I enjoyed experiencing him so unrestrained for once.

I felt clearly that at this speed and with his skilful movements, I would come very quickly and so would he.

After only a few more violent and deep thrusts, the wave of my orgasm began to crash over me. Had I previously had to think distantly of the men in the room next door, I now lost sight of this for good, gave myself over to my satisfaction and did not hold back when I cried out my lust.

"Oh, yesss, Draco!"

I simply enjoyed the waves of my lust that kept spilling over me again and again, as my body trembled and the muscles of my abdomen rhythmically contracted and I closed my eyes under the onslaught of pleasure. Hence, I only heard and felt that my climax made Draco go off the cliff. He came deep inside me with a loud, deep grunt and after a few last, violent thrusts, he spilled his hot seed deep inside me.

Keeping my eyes closed, I indulged for a few more seconds in the fantasy that we had done it out of pure passion and that this wasn't a game and that we wouldn't have to face Lucius' and Severus' knowing eyes in a minute, where he would finish his play. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay here forever, for that it wasn't comfortable enough.

Slowly, he separated from me, pulling out while my legs lowered without haste. His breath was going noticeably faster and then I sensed his hands, which were now soft and tender, on my legs, felt that he was slipping on my underwear. I opened my eyes and saw his warm smile aimed at me.

He had already pushed the slip up as far as it was possible with the position I was in, had re-dressed himself and was now holding out both hands to me in invitation, which I grabbed.

With a small hop, I jumped off the table and landed in front of him. He unclasped our hands and finished pulling up my knickers, looking deep into my eyes all the while. He tugged on it lovingly until it was in the right place, pulled my dress down again and smoothed it out. Then he let his hands glide gently over my hips, waist and my still naked breasts, touching them gently and tenderly.

Smiling contentedly, he neatly straightened the top of my dress as well, thereby completing his redressing of me. The last thing he did was putting his hand on my neck and pulling me towards himself firmly but lovingly while he leaned down slightly and then kissing me extensively.

"Thank you," I whispered fervently when the kiss was over.

I knew it meant a lot to him that I had participated. He didn't want to hurt me or humiliate me, but he had to make his position and claim clear to the others. Only he had a right to me, they had to respect that under any circumstances and he wanted to make that clear to them. It would also be easier for me in this family if they accepted and respected my position at Draco's side. But I didn't think they would take that into account if it overcame them and Draco didn't either. And I thought he wanted to show them that he was a man they had to take into account in every situation.

He drew his wand and made our appearances presentable again. As soon as he seemed satisfied with everything, he put the magic wand away, grabbed my hand and turned to go back to the salon where Lucius and Severus were sitting.

"On to the last round. The victory belongs to us," he said in a good mood and visibly calmer.

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