When Hermione Fights
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 Today is not my Day, Chapter 47, by Conny

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Cate Snape
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Today is not my Day, Chapter 47, by Conny Empty
BeitragThema: Today is not my Day, Chapter 47, by Conny   Today is not my Day, Chapter 47, by Conny EmptyDo Dez 07, 2017 12:39 am

Today is not my Day

The next week went by relatively fast and I even escaped detention on Monday. All because He had called Snape to him. It was incredible, even I can be fortunate! I was very pleased.

Shortly before I wanted to leave the tower to receive my punishment and to see what Professor Snape’s sick and alarmingly imaginative brain came up with for me now, an owl tapped on the window. The brown owl flew right to me and the letter said, short in its wording, to not appear today! That my detention was only postponed and not cancelled, that was quite clear! It didn’t give much room for hope that his mood had lightened up, which I became aware of. But I knew that this man was vengeful.

Today, on Wednesday, I knew now what kept Snape on his toes. Harry had had another painful attack Tuesday night and he told us that the Dark Lord had felt great, nearly hysterical joy and immeasurable pleasure. And why? That was where the Daily Prophet came in, telling me about it in detail.

I wasn’t hungry anymore. Ugh, comprehensible or incomprehensible! Ten Death Eaters managed to break out of Azkaban successfully. And the unflattering pictures showing the escaped criminals, which had also shown Sirius in an unflattering light back then, gave no real hope either that nothing bad would happen. Crazy and manic these evil creatures seemed to be, it gave me a very nightmarish feeling. The article was simply painful because it claimed that the Ministry assumed that Sirius Black, who had been on the run for two years, had helped the prisoners escape. Had I mentioned before that I found Fudge to be incompetent? No, or did I? Now I made up for it: he was incompetent, stupid and the worst choice for his post!

Exasperated, I lifted my head and looked straight at Draco! I knew who got free and I saw that the expression in his grey eyes was a bit shocked as well. But like always, he controlled himself well and didn’t let anything else show. Smooth like a Malfoy and slippery in all circumstances. His gaze told me that we should talk. I thought the same and therefore the date was set. I gave the paper wordlessly to the two boys and they read it equally silent and shocked and looked at me with uncertainty.

“It’s starting again, isn’t it, Harry?” whispered Ron anxiously and Harry only nodded gloomily.

“Yes, now it’s really starting. It’s not wonder that the Dementors are choosing his side, that’s where they belong!” Harry stated resignedly and ran his fingers through his black, scrubby hair.

“You are right, Harry,” I replied, agreeing completely.

“They are looking pretty dark and mad, these guys,” Ron’s face distorted in agony as he watched the moving pictures guardedly.

“These three, they’re the Lestranges! The others are not as important…,” I whispered quietly and pointed to the first three people. It was a seemingly crazy, black haired woman and two grim-looking men. “We should pay attention to Neville!” I whispered and looked around apprehensively to see if he was already there.

“Why?” Ron and Harry asked at the same time and in moments like these I was more than glad to have Rita’s book.

“These three tortured his parents to insanity with the Cruciatus. They have been in St. Mungos for fifteen years,” I reported quickly and pointed to Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange. “And before you ask, I have the information from old newspaper articles in the library,” I didn’t have any trouble lying.

“Wow, that’s heavy! You and your knowledge from books! Why did he never mention anything?” they both wanted to know curiously and without a clue.

“Do you ever do that, Harry?” I asked perceptively, while he was sitting rigidly and was looking around without any aim, after this sad news and the realization that he too was not one to tell about his life.

“That is… ugh… poor Neville for having such a fate… and Fudge actually put the blame on Sirius! I don’t believe it. The idiot!” Harry said brusquely and as he saw that Neville was in the process of entering the Great Hall, he got up quickly and headed to him, the Prophet in his hand. Ron wanted to go at first too, but I put my hand on his arm and held him back with a shake of my head.

“No, Ron. Let the both of them be alone, we don’t have the same circumstances!” I emphasized and watched anxiously as Harry and Neville left the hall together after a short discussion.

“Mh-hm, you are right!” He was watching them as well, but then he turned around, shrugging and talked to Seamus, about, yeah, what else? Quidditch!

Suddenly my talisman started to burn. Okay, a quick look around the hall! The twins sat further down the table and looked up as well, because their coins were burning now too. As we looked at each other in question, we knew that it had to have been Draco. Therefore, I quickly left to go to the washroom and took the galleon from my blouse and I could see that he put a ten for the numbers, today 10pm, and CR for the letters, ‘common room’. Which means that we would have to move our Saturday meeting to today. It was the first time since the incident with Snape that I would visit the Slytherins. That would be fun. How would they react?

But first I had to get the rest of the day over with and I ran into some surprises after arriving at the greenhouse for Sprout’s lesson. Let me tell you, my mood was bad, ugh, what was I saying, it was horrible because while I knew a lot about plants, I was born without the famous green thumb and it was like I gave constant euthanasia to the plants I was responsible for! There was this thing with theory and practice, because being good at one did not mean being good at the other one at all. Therefore Neville was my partner in herbology, for tactical reasons. But after the information Harry gave him this morning, he went back to the tower and wouldn’t come to class. That the sadistic torturers of his parents were on the loose was hard on him.

It was understandable, but thanks to his retreat I murdered today’s project without further ado and I was more sorry for the plant than for Bole! I can tell you that much. Great, me, the perfect Hermione destroyed the work of weeks, thanks to my incredible talent to send plants to their early grave! Thus my mood was really bad and our grade as well.

That’s when I saw it…

“Harry, Ron, look there, there is light in Hagrid’s hut, he is back again!” I was excited, because I was interested what he did when he was at the giants’. Had they chosen the other side like the Dementors had? Too many questions.

“He is back again, thank God! Do you want to visit after lunch?” Harry asked hopefully at once.

“Yes, but we should be careful not to get caught by Umbridge,” I pitched in warily.

“Yes, that wouldn’t be good…,” Harry said haltingly and so we left quickly for lunch. When we wanted to step into the Great Hall, the twins decidedly held me back.

“Er, Hermione… could you quickly explain a charm for us… please?” Fred was scratching his head, he couldn’t come up with a better idea, but it sufficed because I was known for being a walking library.

“Sure, Fred, it would be my pleasure! Boys, why don’t you move ahead, I’m not that hungry anyway,” I explained and turned to the twins.

“Yes, sure, go ahead…,” the agreement came from Harry and he seized Ron roughly by the arm, dragging him to the table. “Come on, Harry… I’m hungry!” was the last thing to hear, which got the twins to groan loudly and me to roll my eyes.

“Do you think he has a tapeworm?” I asked seriously worried, which gave Fred a fit of laughter.

“It would be a possibility! I don’t know either where he puts all of that…,” George shook his head and pounded on Fred’s back to help him stop laughing.

“Worm… tapeworm… I just got an idea for our products…,” Fred chuckled in delight.

“Memorize it… Just tell me what you really want…,” I wanted to know in an urgent tone what they wanted from me, because my patience was running thin today.

“Of course, my Lady! With that tone you know at once that she is not in a joking mood. What happened?” a twin wanted to know.

“I killed my plants!” I hissed acerbically.

“So long as it is only flowers, isn’t that justifiable?” Fred chuckled because he was in too good a mood today.

“But my grade isn’t. I hate things like that. Why do these bloody things have to break that easily? They can’t withstand anything, these Fanged Geraniums!” I snapped venomously and killed them again in my thoughts. Chuckles and loud snorts were my answer, which they tried to suppress with trouble, but they failed miserably and held each other by their arms.

“Man, you really managed to send those small, nasty biters to the afterworld? You have to put effort into that, not even we managed to do so! They are relatively sturdy and stubborn, they like to bite!” Wasn’t it nice to be the source of laughter once in awhile? The corners of my mouth dropped angrily. I asked myself how I had managed to do so, it wasn’t easy. However, the result was the same, even professor Sprout was very surprised about that deed.

“I know that by myself and it isn’t funny!” I grumbled now and folded my arms angrily, then I started to smile. “Killing seems to be in my blood,” I stated in a wicked tone and twisted my mouth into a dangerous grin.

“Oh oh oh... Now you are scaring us… Though you have Neville so that your plants don’t die a miserable death and especially before their time,” he pitched in.

“Yes, he isn’t well today. Did you read the paper?” I wanted to know, becoming serious again.

“Yes, sure! The Death Eaters’ escape, very interesting! They just escaped from Azkaban!” both stated alternatingly, bewildering their audience easily. “But what does that have to do with Neville?” There was a lack of understanding in their brown eyes.

“The Lestranges tortured his parents back then and destroyed their minds in the process. They have been in St. Mungos ever since,” I explained shortly about the past event and sighed.

“What? That’s wretched. Poor Neville, of course he wants to have his peace today… But tell us, what does Malfoy want? You know, the galleon?” They were visibly sorry for him, but now they presented their original question, because it was not their thing to talk about others behind their backs or to gossip, something I liked very much about them.

“Lestrange is his aunt on his mother’s side, I think that’s what he wants to talk about,” I stated my guess. They wiped at their foreheads in sync, what an exquisite sight!

“That is… bad. To have an aunt like that…?” The information shocked them visibly. What would they say if they learnt about her also being a Black and therefore being related to Sirius?

“He will tell me. But it is good that we are talking right now… I need…”

Fred interrupted me.

“You need us to get away. Sure thing!” he winked conspiratorially.

“And I already have an idea. You go to bed early, you are sick! And you put the geminio in your bed, then… do you know the Disillusionment Charm…?” asked George intrigued and told me about his plan.

“Mhmh, I don’t know if I’m able to vanish from view completely, though,” I shrugged.

“We will give a big show, tonight in the common room! If you don’t vanish completely, it shouldn’t attract attention with all that chaos, it wouldn’t be bad,” the two fiends developed their plan further.

“Very good idea, George. What do you think about it, Hermione?” I stood there, thinking, and nodded slowly.

“Let’s do it like this, then I can take my time with Draco and don’t have to hurry that much,” I shouldn’t have said it like that, because it was a sign for the two fools to start blowing kisses into the air and irritate me. I sighed.

“Oh, man. Aren’t you childish?” I ranted.

“As always, Beautiful!” They waved while they left, acted like fools and were continuing to laugh, which didn’t even attract wry looks from the other students, because everyone knew that the Weasley twins were different and had always been like that. People, if you knew how right you were, I thought wearily. I turned towards the Great Hall again and walked up to Harry and Ron.

“Well, are you done? Can we leave quickly?” I asked, standing there.

“Wha… you… hav’..t ea...n ye’…,” Ron tried to speak with a full mouth. My features twisted in disgust.

“I don’t mind. Can we leave?” I showed a bit of my disgust a bit and a lot of my impatience.

“Yes, sure. I’m done and very curious,” stated Harry and got up enthusiastically, prompting Ron to get up by hitting him on the back, who accepted his fate to end his meal and got up grumpily while greedily taking a cookie. Oh man.

So now we were quickly heading to Hagrid’s. Not long after that we stood before his door and knocked, we could hear rumbling inside his hut.

“Yes?” We heard Hagrid’s deep tenor.

“Hagrid, open up, it’s us!” Harry called, poised, and then the slightly askew wooden door was opened tentatively and we saw a badly bruised Hagrid, who had an awful looking, black eye and generally gave a battered impression.

“What happened to you, was that the giants?” Harry and Ron barged in. Literally, I would like to point out.

“How do you know that?” Hagrid was visibly taken by surprise.

“From Malfoy… Don’t ask,” I waved it aside, which had him looking at me funny. But then he shrugged and put a raw, discoloured piece of dragon meat onto his blackened eye and gave a pleased sigh due to the cold. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting!

“It didn’t go very well… Golgomath, the giants’ chief received Walden Macnair and we had to fight to not get captured by the giants or Death Eaters. It was a complete disaster!” He winced due to the pain as he made a wrong move. He reported in detail how they had tried to contact the giants and digressed widely on occasion. Was I surprised? No, it had already been quite plain. Today was a day to stay in bed. After reading the paper in the morning, I should have gone back to bed, I thought cynically.

“But this doesn’t explain why you look like that, does it?” I asked carefully and looked at Hagrid in thought.

“Mhhh, that’s true. I’ll show you sometime. Okay?” he gave us an insecure, awkward look.

“Yes, that’s okay. But how are you?” And before Hagrid could give an answer to Harry’s question of concern, we heard sharp knocking coming from the front door. During our talk it had gone dark, it always happened very quickly now, because winter was coming and the night was arriving more quickly and that already in the late afternoon.

“Yes?” Hagrid asked haltingly after he had given us a quizzical look from his swollen eyes.

“Chchrrmm. Open the door!” demanded the bothersome Umbridge.

“Shit!” Ron gasped out nervously.

“Watch out with her, a lot has changed here,” I whispered in warning and Hagrid only looked bewildered.

“Come, we will take the invisibility cloak and use the back door. She shouldn’t see us here, not that she blames Hagrid,” Harry reckoned quickly.

“What is up with you three?” Hagrid asked visibly unsettled and called, “A moment please, I’ll be with you in a second.”

“The woman outside is from the Ministry and calls herself the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts. She monitors and assesses everything, it is better if we leave.” We huddled together and put on the invisibility cloak to get out. Behind us we could hear Hagrid finally letting the toad into his hut. Standing outside, we saw the first, thin layer of snow for this year, giving the landscape a picturesque touch.

“Damn! The bitch will see at once that he had visitors,” it came quietly from Ron, who was thinking for once, which was a pleasant occurrence.

“That’s what magic is for…,” I stated slyly and said the spell to extinguish our footprints. And thus they immediately vanished as we walked. Like that our late-afternoon visit would stay undiscovered, which was good.

“Hermione, you are… It’s nothing I can express. What would we do without you?” Harry flattered me.

“Sometimes I’d like to know the same thing…,” I mumbled quietly into my non-existent beard. After we had snuck back into the castle, we pulled off the cloak in an unobserved moment. It was late enough that we could go eat again already. Somehow these people here didn’t do anything else. Did anyone else notice that, or was that just me? I tucked into dinner, because the evening with Draco would be an exciting one. Until now it had always been trying in one way or another.

Later in Gryffindor, the twins and I followed our plan as agreed upon and therefore I was standing in front of the bathroom door and was looking at myself in the mirror doubtfully. I saw an attractive, young woman, who was wearing her tight blue jeans and a tight, black turtleneck sweater. All this was being completed by a wavy, black cloak and now I had to cast the Disillusionment Charm for the first time. Here goes!

I couldn’t stand it when something did go as I expected! What the heck? I wasn’t invisible, I was blurry! Clearly not the result I was hoping for, it was more like a failed attempt! I was on the verge of screaming, I was furious about my failure. I should go to bed after this successful day and pull my blanket up over my face. I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself. Don’t be upset, Hermione! I was telling myself. You are not superwoman, you are a human! No, wrong, a witch, a human witch! Calm down. It can happen that something doesn’t work at the first try. That is normal. You have to practice and study… Oh, I was so angry! Today nothing worked out as it should. First these stupid, dead, magical geraniums. I mean, I don’t even like the muggles’ common Geraniums! And then a spell which was hard for me. That wasn’t the best for my ego, even if it had only a slight effect on it. Yes, I admitted, I was in a huff.

Despite that I tried it again. Mh-hm… better yes, but not good enough. I could puke. Although all the other pupils of this school wouldn’t have accomplished anything, with this difficult spell, and now my ambition wouldn’t let me off. I would master this spell and if it was the last thing that I would do in my life, but unfortunately not now! Because time was running out. Well, my genius brain, make another plan…! And, and...? Where were the bloody brilliant ideas when I needed them? Yes, I laughed at my mirror image, exactly, you are too smart… I tapped my wand on my head, said the spell, and the feeling of breaking a raw egg on it was spreading. Uncomfortable! And the dripping feeling of cold, slick wetness, running from my head over my body was strange and I shivered. But look, it was perfect!

It would work like that. It wasn’t the same as being completely invisible but for today with the twins’ diversion it would be enough and soon I would be able to execute that invisibility spell, come hell or high water, I swore to myself. I had used the Disillusionment Charm, which was useful as camouflage as well, but easier, much easier than becoming truly invisible, because here you were only matched to your surrounding so that if you were in front of a cupboard, you would adopt its wooden look, or if you stood in front of a stone wall, you would look like that stone wall.

Unfortunately you would still attract attention in a deserted environment in spite of that, but as mentioned, it had to be enough for today. And in the common room there would be so much fuss due to one of the now-famous selling events courtesy of the twins, which would attract a lot of people because everyone wanted to get one over on the bitch. Fred and George should have earned a fortune by now. I wouldn’t attract attention at all in that chaos.

I could see Harry, Ron and Neville in front of the fireplace, where they were trying to better the latter’s mood by distracting him by telling him stories. Maybe how I killed the Geraniums, which had been a laugh in the greenhouse, although it would probably make Neville even sadder, him being sensitive and genuinely liking those little, appalling, biting tossers. I managed to arrive unseen in the dungeons thanks to my disillusionment. And because I loved the confrontations with the Slytherins, I ended the spell, tapping my wand on my head again, and this time it worked the other way round. Now I felt warmth and how that warm wetness flew up my body and finally over my head. The spell dispersed. My whole body was tingling.

Wow, awesome! That they didn’t teach us stuff like that in class was a bummer. I should be in charge of the curriculum...
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Today is not my Day, Chapter 47, by Conny
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