When Hermione Fights
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 Room of Requirement, Chapter 49 by Conny

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Room of Requirement, Chapter 49 by Conny Empty
BeitragThema: Room of Requirement, Chapter 49 by Conny   Room of Requirement, Chapter 49 by Conny EmptyDo Dez 28, 2017 1:24 am

Room of Requirement

Sitting by myself once again at breakfast the next day, drinking my hot cup of coffee, my good mood was untouchable. I had had looked at myself in the mirror some time ago, while changing clothes after my run, and I had seen that I seemed to glow today. Even my normally brown eyes had a slight golden glint, which gave them an elegant touch. I was quite glad to have found a friend who understood me so well in Draco. When he entered the Great Hall with his clique right after me, one could see the aftereffects of the relaxed, enjoyed night together on him as well. He seemed both satisfied and as though he felt really good today.

Yes, that night had been good for the pair of us.

While we communicated with each other across the tables without arousing suspicion, I felt the weight of two hands on my shoulders and saw dark brown hair move into my field of view. A mouth got close to my ear and warm breath was tickling my skin. I could see how Draco’s mood fell, courtesy of Harry’s intimate action and how his lips, his so very soft, warm lips narrowed into a dangerously thin line. He didn’t like this at all. Did I mention how very possessive Malfoys were, but never jealous?

“Good morning, Hermione. Are you better today?” Harry said into my ear, clearly worried.

“Yes, thank you Harry. A good morning to you too. What’s up?” I whispered back.

“Good news,” he replied. “Last night I was up very late, and so I saw Dobby when he came to clean our Common Room. I told him about my, well our, problem concerning the practice room and he mentioned something interesting. He told me about a place called the Room of Requirement, which is supposedly on the seventh floor opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy. One has to walk up and down the corridor three times, thinking about what the room should look like. I wanted to ask you when we ought to go and take a look?” Harry explained in a conspiratorial whisper.

“Where is Ron?” I asked curiously, looking around.

“He’s still asleep, I couldn’t get him to wake up. The twins gave us a bit too much of their butterbeer yesterday. Probably spiked? They were very generous to Ron, Neville and myself. Was that your doing?” he asked, looking at me questioningly. Again he was seeing more than I had expected.

“Why do you think that?” I said innocently, as he sat down next to me and took a sandwich.

“Mh-hm… I’m sure you told them about Neville yesterday in front of the Great Hall, right?” he stated with a grin. Puh, lucky me. This wasn’t nearly the whole truth, but his assumption wasn’t entirely wrong either. He was still thinking the best of me and not the worst, I was lucky indeed.

“Yes, I did do that. Wasn’t it nice of them?” I said, deflecting his line of questions by changing the subject quickly to something more harmless. “And I think we should have a look at the room before dinner, together with Ron of course!”

We spent the rest of our day hoping the boring lessons would pass quickly so that we could finally go and visit the room. It was very exciting, and extremely fascinating, discovering hidden secrets of the school! Once the bell signalling dinner finally rang, the three of us couldn’t run fast enough up to the seventh floor, where we stopped at the tapestry in question, attentively looking at the bare stone wall opposite it.

“And you really think, Harry, that Dobby knows what he is talking about?” Ron asked quizzically, scratching his arm. He was giving the wall a dubious look. I was starting to question the theory as well and turned to Harry.

“Well then, walk up and down the corridor. You were the one to talk to Dobby!” I ordered and watched as Harry did what I asked. After looking up and down the corridor once more to make absolutely sure we were alone, he started walking. Luckily, all the other students were down in the Great Hall, like a starving horde, eating their dinner happily, without any knowledge of what we were up to. After his third pass in front of the wall, an inconspicuous wooden door appeared directly across from the tapestry, as if by magic, and well, I forgot that of course it was magic. We looked at each other, positively surprised.

“Cool,” Ron said, acting nonchalant about this.

“Well, look at all the secrets worth discovering in the castle. There was nothing about this in Hogwarts: A History!” I said in thought. The boys rolled their eyes, but I could not change who I was.

“Come on, let’s have a look behind the door!” Harry stated, excited. Once it was completely open, there was revealed to us a huge practise room, more like the Great Hall in size, with mats and other equipment. Big silk pillows for sitting were generously distributed across the floor.

The Room was amazing. Oh, what made me especially happy were the books, whole shelves of them covering many aspects of magical defence, and other magical equipment like Dark Detectors, which were items specifically designed for detecting threats, secrets and deceptions of any kind. There were many of these also in the room, and among them were Sneakoscopes with different levels of sensitivities. This kind of magical item had been invented by Edgar Stroulger back in the 18th century. They functioned like a kind of magical alarm system, looking like a gyroscope on a mount and would sound a loud piercing tone if untrustworthy people were around. Then there were Secrecy Sensors, which could detect magically hidden security flaws, like faked identities, dark devices or simple lies. The gadget looked like a baroque, golden antenna. It hummed quietly and vibrated in the case of discovery.

Finally, I found a Foe-Glas. It looked like a mirror, but didn’t show a reflection. It only showed something if someone with bad intentions got close to the looker. I knew about all of these devices from books in the library, but to have them in one place and be able to study them hands on made me really happy. I was turning here and there, marvelling at the devices, grinning happily.

“It looks like Dumbledore’s office!” Harry said, impressed.

“What do you mean?” Ron asked curiously, and I turned to listen, interested as well.

“Well, these things here, Dumbledore has some in his office!” he informed us as he walked towards the magical devices.

“Wow, that’s cool! We have never been to his office. Whatever does he need them for, you think?” Ron asked all at once. I had lost interest in the conversation as it changed away from Dumbledore in favour of walking up to the shelves overloaded with books. I pulled out a copy of ‘Jinxes for the Jinxed’, ‘Self-Defensive Spellwork’, ‘The Dark Arts Outsmarted’ and finally, ‘A Compendium of Common Curses and their Counter-Actions’, and sank down onto one of the silk pillows.

Opening ‘Jinxes for the Jinxed’, I started to read, intrigued at the content. It was perfect; the perfect scenario for our needs. I loved this room. What else could I have wished for that it would create? I already knew how I would spend the next few nights. A wild, crazy-looking smile crept its way onto my face.

“...Hermione, are you listening at all?”

“Hello… Hermione… Miooooneee!”

I was shaken rather roughly and saw red hair too close to my eyes.

“What…?” I snapped, irritated and blinking in surprise.

“She didn’t hear you, mate!” Ron said in a capitulating tone.

“What?” I asked again, still unsure about what he was on about..

“We asked you what you thought about the room and what to do next?” Harry explained with a smirk. Oh, I hadn’t heard that. I mean, wasn’t that obvious?

“Sorry, I was distracted, but this room is incredible. It’s exactly what we need!” I exclaimed, and we were smiling at each other in understanding.

“I think we should try to tell one person of each house that they should all be here at half past eight at the latest, in front of the tapestry and then we will guide them in,” I suggested.

“Mhm… isn’t it a bit noticeable if there are like thirty people in one place?” Ron asked.

I was already shaking my head in response. “Only Harry will wait outside, everyone else will come into the room immediately!” I suggested.

“Oh, yeah, sure, you are right!” Ron agreed at once.

“And why do I have to wait outside?” Harry complained grumpily.

“I for one don’t care if Ron stays outside as well,” I pondered aloud.

“And why not you, Hermione?” Harry countered, his smile looking downright nasty. How could one person be this mean, I asked myself in that moment.

“Very funny, Harry!” I snapped, slightly irritated.

“Harry, stop making her angry and let her go to her books, otherwise there will only be trouble,” Ron said, trying to mediate because he knew me and had already given up on the attempts to keep me away from my interests. It seemed as if the discussion between us at Grimmauld Place had been successful after all.

“Yes, but isn’t riling her up still allowed?” Harry was grinning like a rascal.

“Er... boys, is it alright if I stay here, I’m not that hungry and I have an idea how we… well, could inform the group about upcoming trainings, but for that I would have to prepare a lot…,” I was begging slightly, acting naive. I was looking up at them, surrounded by books, some even on my lap.

“Sure, stay here, we can manage getting all the others!” they said, understanding passing between them. They were feeling sorry for themselves for having a bookworm as a friend. And like that, they happily went to the Great Hall to speak to at least one person each from the other houses. This was great for me, and after Ron and Harry had left the room, I started to experiment with the room to see what it could do.

I wished for a room which could teach me more about the Dark Arts and look, although Hogwarts was supposedly against this sort of magic, everything and more appeared in front of me. And then a thought came to me. It wasn’t Hogwarts which was against this kind of magic! Because Salazar Slytherin was using and teaching it here, which I knew from books. And that was with the knowledge and agreement from the other founders. Maybe I could find more documents on the topic here, because everything I had found until now was rather sparse.

I stared at the selection of books and magical devices, overwhelmed. The equipment was the opposite of the devices for defense. They were used to fool them. It was fascinating, the room I had wished for even contained a hospital wing in the back. Not because I had wished for one, no, it seemed like the room thought that practising this kind of magic would certainly cause injuries.

My decision stood. Here I could continue to learn and practice. It had been awhile since I could practice, because I had not found an opportunity to give in to my interests without being interrupted, like it had been possible back in the Black library. But here, this was a unique opportunity to learn much more on a far broader scale than I could have dreamed of. I was in heaven. I was really happy. It was incredible, but true, I was very very happy. Next I wished for a room for making potions and look - I was thoroughly awed - a potions lab appeared which would have brought tears to Snape’s eyes. I couldn’t control myself any longer and clapped. There was more than just a bit of reading material on the shelves here as well. The books were ones I didn’t know and the selection of cauldrons in different sizes, different forms and made of different materials was exciting. Even the ingredients on the shelves or hanging from the ceiling were versatile. Well, I couldn’t find unicorn blood, but at first glance I saw many ingredients you needed to brew the most common of potions. After that I tried a bedroom, which appeared without much surprise, but just wow! Why couldn’t we have found this oasis sooner?

Unfortunately, I had to discipline myself and so I ended my continual changing of the room. I tried to control my excitement, even my nipples got hard. I was aroused because of the possibilities this room brought. But I didn’t have time for that now and so I called for reason. I finally dealt with the galleons and wished for the defense room once again. I pulled out the bag in which my fake galleons were. I had created them during the last few days by transforming small stones to look like golden galleons.

Of course, the twins’ coins, my own and Draco’s were real, but the rest of the group didn’t need that. Did I have too much money...? The answer to that question was no. I meticulously charmed thirty coins with the Protean Charm. The fake coins looked exactly like the real ones. I did well with the transfiguration. In class it would have gotten me an Outstanding. It took time and effort, because it was high level of magic and in this form it was only taught in the seventh year at Hogwarts. The Protean Charm I had used last night with Draco was slightly dark, well, okay, it was really dark magic!

Because I got the idea for communication from the Dark Mark and that wasn’t light magic either. The magic was in the tattoo, directly inside the skin of the person in question. Everything dealing with blood, rituals or similar things belonged to the forbidden parts of magic. What complete idiocy! As long as the blood was shed voluntarily, in my opinion… but I have never been normal when it came to blood. I had already liked it as a small child, when I had to see the doctors to get my blood samples taken.

The people there were always like: “Don’t be afraid! It will be quick, it won’t hurt and look away?” What I didn’t do obviously. I loved to see the bright red lifeblood flow out of me.

It had fascinated me to see how it had flowed directly into the small tube and the more blood there was the darker it became. It was captivating and fascinating! Which had me watching attentively and had the nurses and doctors look at me strangely, but hey, it was my blood. I liked it! Why should I be afraid of one of the most important things inside my body? I thought it was beautiful and since learning about magic I also knew about its importance. Its strength and power, and that knowledge was intriguing. And like that I had only just finished as soon as the door opened and the twins together with Ginny and the other Gryffindors came inside. They were looking around the huge hall, marvelling as they came closer to my seat.

“Hey! You are here already?” I said, beaming at them. “Where is Ron?”

“Still outside, with Harry! Here, I should give that to you from them,” Ginny stated and handed me a sandwich and a small bottle of water. Oh, how sweet, my boys had thought of me. And the water, that had to have been Harry, because he knew I despised that sweet, sticky pumpkin juice he, Ron and all the other children liked to drink.

“That’s nice, thank you Ginny!” I accepted it from her and took a bite hungrily.

“Wow, that’s great. What room is this?” Fred and George asked at the same time. “It’s overwhelming!”

“Harry will tell you that once everyone is here. Sit down,” I tapped onto the pillow next to me in invitation. Once they sat, I leaned towards them and whispered: “Stay after the meeting, I will need our coins again…” They all raised a bright red eyebrow each, but nodded well-behaved. Suddenly the students from other houses entered and Ron and Harry appeared at the rear. I stood up and walked over to them. I managed to talk to Harry for a short while because most of the others were still distracted by the unusual room.

“Thank you for the food, Harry!” I gave him a kind smile, which he returned wickedly.

“Why do you think it was me and not Ron?” he asked quietly.

“Come on, he would have gotten pumpkin juice!” I answered with a wink. Harry burst out laughing and winked conspiratorially back at me as well. I really liked this boy very much.

“Whatever. You’re right,” he stated boldly, grinning impishly. “I’m excited, do you think I can really do this?” It came from him suddenly. He was insecure.

“Yes, Harry! You can do it. Your speech as a leader in the Hog’s Head was impressive enough already, and if something goes wrong… you’ll still have me!” I laughed and touched his shoulder in confirmation. One or the other female in this room was pulling a face at that again. “I will make them quiet down, just you wait… then you’ll have your big appearance,” I said, winking at him. And so I started to quiet the loud pack down.

“Hello! Nice to have you here. Would you please calm down for Harry, so he can tell you about how… about where and why you are here? Quiet please!” And wonder, oh wonder, my perfect teacher voice had made them silent. “Please, sit down on the pillows and listen!” I asked again and they did as they were told. I stepped back into the shadow, beckoning at Harry to walk to the front but he wanted me to stand next to him and I obeyed his unspoken plea. I stood on his right side and Ron naturally walked up to stand at his left.

“Good, the meeting time worked out and you all made it here! It wasn’t easy but we’ve found the perfect practice room for us to use. It only appears if you call it for practice. No one can enter if someone is already inside and doesn’t want anyone else to enter. This means we are safe from Umbridge and her new decree against new groups and gatherings,” he explained confidently, pausing to emphasize the gravity of the situation.

“I think having solved the problem with the location, we should start Saturday with having the first lesson,” he said, giving them a questioning look. “What do you think?”

“How did you find this here?” someone called suddenly, I think it might have been that Smith boy from Hufflepuff.

“By chance, even we need luck once in awhile! I just want to make clear that you have to stay absolutely silent about this room!” he stated. I would have loved to curse them with my spell but I shouldn’t show off that I was capable of inventing spells. People didn’t like that.

“Saturday is okay.”

“Yeah, I think that as well.”

“Yes, the day is fine, so Saturday,” they eventually agreed.

“Good to find common ground! My suggestion would be from one in the afternoon until we have enough. Is that ok?” Everyone nodded. I stepped forward then.

“One more thing. As we are a group,I think we should elect a leader who’ll make decisions so we don’t start to argue over every matter. That would be unproductive!” I presented.

“Who do you think?”

“I like this idea.”

“Should we choose you?” they asked.

“No, I suggest we elect Harry, and I would ask everyone in favour raise their hand!” My voice drowned them out, and they went quiet. Harry’s head turned to me, a startled look in his eyes with his mouth hanging open.

“What Harry? You should teach us to defend ourselves. I think it’s clear that you should also lead us!” I explained. He continued to look puzzled.

“I think Hermione is right, I’m for it!” the Twins said and raised their hands, which got house Gryffindor to raise their hands at once. Luna and Cho followed and one after another every other hand went into the air. Only Smith was left undecided, but in the end he didn’t want to be the only one not voting in Harry’s favour and so his hand was slowly raised as well. And like that we had an unanimous vote for our leader.

“What are we called?” Luna asked dreamily, looking up from her long, blond hair which she was in the process of braiding. Now suggestion after suggestion was called out until Cho raised her quiet and delicate voice. I couldn’t stand it when girls purred like that, but she talked during a brief pause.

“What do you think about the Defense Association?” she asked shyly, blushing. Oh man, how could Harry like someone like her? Oh well, if it worked for him! I would slap someone that was that shy and delicate after some time. However, here I had to suppress my temper, which I always did anyways, so it wasn’t anything too special. And her suggestion was absolutely fine. I nodded because I liked it, as did some of the others. Ginny raised her voice suddenly though, which was obviously because Ginny couldn’t let Harry’s flame have the best suggestion. Like how she didn’t only have Harry’s attention, but she had everyone else’s as well. Ginny’s tactic was very obvious, unimaginative and predictable! Poor Michael Corner. He was just another stepping stone in my opinion. But everyone should do whatever they liked. I really shouldn’t judge if you took into account everything I did.

“I’m for Dumbledore’s Army!” she said. The suggestion made me grit my teeth. It seemed like Harry had faltered as well for a second because he didn’t know what to make of the old professor and so the suggestion wasn’t well received from us, the heads of the group, but the badgers and the ravens saw it much differently. The twins, who caught our reaction, started to speak instead of us.

“Well, the two suggestions from Cho and our little sister were received the best. What do you think about only taking the first letters? It’s the same for both, the D.A.!” Fred suggested with a grin. Didn’t I always say that the twins were great?

“The group will be called the Defense Association, or the D.A. for short, so that no one knows what we are talking about!” George said. “And everyone who likes Ginny’s suggestion better could read the D.A. as… yes, as Dumbledore’s Army!?” said George confidently. I clapped and everyone else joined in.

“Well then, to the D.A.!” called Harry and he beamed happily, relieved. Once some people began to stand up to leave, I started speaking again.

“Just a moment, please wait, I have something for you!” I said, which got many of them to look at me in surprise, maybe they were afraid of having to sign something again.

“So that Harry can inform you whenever there is a meeting, as there is no fixed date, I have thought of a possibility to communicate!” My grin was wide and the group was curious. Harry looked at me. I seemed to have thrown him off his guard because I had kept quiet about it until now.

“Here are your coins, they’re not real ones, I transfigured them!” I explained, opening the bag and taking one out. “Look, they look like galleons,” I added, giving one to Harry. “See, here you can change the numbers to give them a date and a time and then you can also change the letters but we don’t need it because we will always meet in this room!” I explained and showed him. “Every other coin then changes as well and they will get hot…” I saw complete surprise and astonishment all around. I was looking around a bit uncertain.

“What, what is it?”, I asked, wanting to know.

“You, Hermione, are a genius!” Harry happily stated, grabbed me by my hips and spinned me around in a circle. I was surprised by how strong he had gotten since we first met. I laughed, relieved, and I liked that Harry was so happy. Once he let me down, most of the others were looking at us with smiles, except for Smith, Chang and Ginny. They looked a bit sour.

“Excuse me, but is that the principle of the Protean Charm?” Terry Boot, a Ravenclaw, asked in disbelief.

“Yes, you are right, Terry. That is the Protean!” I agreed.

“Wow, that’s heavy stuff! This is seventh year material! It’s is extremely difficult. How did you manage it, did someone help you? You’re only a fifth year,” he said in excitement.

“No, I didn’t have any help and it isn’t too hard...” I disagreed and tried to seem modest. Many looked at me in surprise. They didn’t think I could do it. I, the teacher’s pet, who could only quote books which I had memorized word for word. But that wasn’t true, I only had an eidetic memory. It wasn’t my fault that the books got imprinted in my brain nearly identical to their originals.

“Hermione, you are handling things admirably. Without you or your ideas we wouldn’t be here!”

“Great, we will see each other on Saturday at one p.m. Should the time change, the coins will react. Please leave in small groups of two people, try to be inconspicuous and everyone take a coin from the bag!” Harry stated matter-of-factly as I gave everyone a coin before they left, until only the Weasleys and us remained.

“Er, Hermione, could you please explain the charm you put on the coins to us? We’ve just had a brilliant idea. If you could teach us that spell, because we would only learn it around Easter according to the syllabus…,” George said smartly, gazing at me with puppy dog eyes..

“Sure. But that might take a while!” I said, looking to Harry and Ron.

“Please, please, please…,” Fred begged, sinking to his knees dramatically, and crawled towards me which got the others to laugh.

“Come on, let’s leave and let the three of them alone…,” it seemed as if they all wanted to have their fun.

“I could also teach you!” I suggested to the boys and Ginny.

“No, no, thank you, but no. It’ll be enough for me if I learn it as a seventh year!” Ron made a defensive gesture with his hands.

“Come on, mate, I’ll play a round of wizard’s chess with you. What about you, Ginny?” Harry said as he walked up to the door, waving back at us. “Have fun and don’t stay too long!” Sometimes I didn’t know what Harry thought or if he completely believed everything that we told him. I just didn’t know! Because now appeared to me as if he figured that we were planning something else. Yes, Harry was underestimated by many, but he wasn’t stupid and he was growing up.

Once the door had shut we were alone and I could feel as George got closer to me and started to talk in a more serious manner, like only Fred and I knew him, when he wasn’t up to nonsense.

“This room is perfect. What is it able to do, Hermione? You wanted to show us something, among other things, right?” I turned to face him and thought how nice it was to not have to explain every detail to the twins.

“Yes, you are going to like this!” and I wished for the potions lab and immediately after that for the practice room for dark magic.

“Wow, we are speechless!” they said, turning around in a circle to see everything. It reminded me of my own reaction.

“What a pity, after seven years of school and only now we’ve found this wonder…!” Their eyes had a devilish tint.

“I will be here from now on every day, because what is the library compared to this here? Harry and Ron didn’t understand at all what this room is able to do. And the other members of the D.A. won’t dare to show up here outside of meetings. I wanted to ask you both how well trained you are within the Dark Arts?” I explained and looked them up and down.

“Not as good as you are, although the restricted section knows us quite well!” Fred said, grinning like a little devil.

“I think you should train a bit here, as many of the books even I don’t know,” I stated happily.

“Sure, we’ll do that. An hour from now on, every day, at the least!” Fred said enthusiastically.

“Don’t promise me things you won’t do,” I reprimanded them with a smile.

“Er, she’s offending us, Fred!” George said.

“Well, she knows us though, doesn’t she? But Hermione, the room is so awesome, I swear I will come here for an hour every day, too! Huh, that sounded pretty suggestive, didn’t it?” he laughed loudly and George looked at him in slight despair.

“Why the potions lab?” he asked at once.

“I will brew here and thought that as some of your products need potions as a base, you could practise here and experiment and…,” I gesticulated.

“That’s genius… I already love this room. You know what? I’ll move in here!” Fred said confidently.

“Yes, I also don’t want to leave here ever again. Couldn’t you have your dates here?” I said with a deep sigh, which got them to glance at each other with eyes full of love. I shook my head to get back to the original topic. “Give me your coins!” I ordered and pulled out mine as well.

“Here you go… but why exactly? Don’t they also react to Harry’s call?” they asked, slightly irritated. “Why? I want to personalize them, I did the same to Draco’s and yes, they will receive Harry’s call as well. But if I write the message, only you and Draco can see that and the other way around. You should think about letting him do the same…!” I explained and touched my thigh, removing the horus knife from under my skirt.

“Wow, you’re wearing weapons inside Hogwarts?” they said, looking at the weapon in my hand.

“Sure, always. I don’t go anywhere without weapons, but they’re invisible,” I explained to them happily.

“Great, awesome knife!” Fred stated less shocked. I cut my finger on the blade and let one drop each fall onto the twins’ two coins which they watched, intrigued. Then I cast an Episkey on myself and gesticulated for the twins to come closer. Fred walked up confidently and gave me his finger, which I grabbed, cutting it with the knife quickly. A slight sound of pain escaped him.

“Shit, ouch! This hurts… ouch!” I guided his finger so that his blood dropped onto our three coins. “Why didn’t you say anything, this hurts a lot!” he complained and sniffed. Which got me to chuckle evilly. I healed his oh so deep cut as well. Oh well, it was a scratch, nothing more. He always had to exaggerate.

“I’m used to pain like this, and you are oversensitive. That’s nothing, really now!” I said disparagingly. His act was way over the top. “George, are you a man or the same softy your beloved brother is?” My provocation got George to take a step forward and confidently present me his finger. His scream was even louder than Fred’s, as if I was killing him, those scaredy cats! Really, pain wasn’t something they could handle and I couldn’t hold back my dirty laugh, which got me an uncommonly evil eye.

“Not everyone has to like being cut regularly…!” Their tone was condescending.

I was still chuckling: “Of course, me neither. But this? You are acting as if I were killing you!”

“Well, for just a few drops you don’t need such a huge butcher’s knife, a needle would have done the job!” they explained to me, offended.

“Why look for another way, if it can be done fast this way?” I replied simply, putting my weapon back.

“You’re insensitive!” Fred stated as we all put our necklaces with the coins back on.

“It’s better that way!” I answered impassively. “Oh, if it’s of interest to you, Draco was more like me, we can deal with pain very well! We could work on your sensibilities too, the room is perfect... You might even like it!”

“Are you crazy, why should I like being in pain…?” one of the twins gasped, thoroughly shocked.

“It was only a thought, don’t get all huffy, I was only thinking out loud!” I grinned. “And now let’s have fun, we still have time. Today, nothing will get me out of here before one p.m.! Let’s see what we can do with dark magic!” And so we split up and started to look through the room in interest.
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Room of Requirement, Chapter 49 by Conny
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