When Hermione Fights
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 Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus or never tickle a sleeping dragon, Chapter 44 by Conny

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Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus or never tickle a sleeping dragon, Chapter 44 by Conny Empty
BeitragThema: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus or never tickle a sleeping dragon, Chapter 44 by Conny   Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus or never tickle a sleeping dragon, Chapter 44 by Conny EmptySa Nov 18, 2017 12:27 am

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus or never tickle a sleeping dragon

Snape’s POV

It’s been awhile since I made an appearance in my house, and so I decided it was time for one. I ran the house of snakes with discipline and severity, not like the other head teachers who don’t know how to teach decent nurture and I certainly knew what the result was, just look at Potter and Weasley. How spiteful of me. The Slytherins could, in principle, do whatever they wanted to, as long as they didn’t destroy the fixtures, presented themselves as a united front and as long as their grades were satisfactory, but nonetheless, I always checked up on them. It was the only way to bear dealing with these little fools. And my bad mood as well, courtesy of Granger and whatever her intentions towards Draco, was reason to come here today. I wanted to warn Draco to keep his hands off this quite attractive and stupidity inducing tart Granger, because whoever sinks so low as dating a simpleton like Black, is beyond help, I thought derisively and twisted my lips into a grim expression. My mood worsened thanks to this thought.

Oh boy, the explicit pictures of her and Black were back, think of something else, I ordered myself brusquely! And just like that I stood in the crowded and loud common room of my house and watched as even more people joined, because I insisted on a full attendance for a house meeting.

“Where is Mr. Malfoy?” I asked in a patronizing manner and no one in particular, because he was Slytherin’s leader after all and had to answer to me.

“Er, in his room, sir!” An uncertain appearing Blaise Zabini stepped forward and answered my question warily.

“Then get him!” I ordered gruffly. I could see that the boy wasn’t happy with the order, but that he resigned himself to his fate and now, fulfilling his task, he halfheartedly went to the boys dormitory. It was as if he already knew that Draco wasn’t going to like being disturbed. I lifted my dark eyebrows in thought. Zabini usually was a lot more lively, open-minded and not passive and defensive like this…

My quite endless and well tempered patience was put to the test and my calculating eyes wandered over the otherwise immaculate room, with the restless mass of students right in front of me. What was taking so long? I hated to wait, and irritated like that, I started walking up and down in front of the fireplace. I was the professor here! Where was Draco, who did he think he was? I saw Zabini cautiously leave the dorms five minutes ago. He seemed like a dog with his tail between his legs and hid in a dark corner, as I witnessed to my surprise. Today, my house and its students appeared to be very strange, ill at ease and uncertain, which was very untypical for Slytherins! What happened tonight to make everyone sneak about as if they were walking on glass?

I could only mistrust the situation and I was used to listen to my instinct, therefore I dared to cautiously look forward to my talk to Draco.

Draco had to answer to some questions. Where was this useless and spoiled brat? Didn’t I raise him so that being on time was a sign of politeness for myself? My mood reached a low and looking into the dumbfounded faces of the Slytherins, it didn’t get better at all, because it showed me with what deficient fools I had to deal with. I shouldn’t look at them!

Ah, finally, I watched as Draco strode towards me in a Lucius like fashion. His movements were slow and smooth, just don’t get in a hurry. Yes, Malfoys were ignorant like that, unbelievably narcissistic, sometimes unbearable! And the boy started to resemble his father more and more! I grimaced in silent suffering, that was certainly a bitter pill. Although, actually, he had the potential to outperform his father, because he still had something like feelings. In a few years Draco could be a better politician and tactician and a strong, not to be underestimated warrior on top. And the boy knew that, you could see that from a hundred miles away, his self-satisfied facial expression told you as much! Malfoys and their ego, an endless, unbearable story. Is there something else to add? It’s certainly because of all that too pure blood, I thought disdainfully. But damn, we had trained him too well. He was too self-certain. But that wasn’t something I could change anymore and therefore I gave myself a mental, resigned shrug. But that was still no reason to leave Severus Tobias Snape waiting!

“Professor Snape, welcome. As you can see, everyone should be present by now,” the leader of the house welcomed me confidently. Yes, we Slytherins had different rules compared to the other houses, better ones in my book.

“What took you so long, Mr. Malfoy?” My tone wasn’t friendly.

“I was in my room, sir!” He stated quickly, as I hesitated, what was that behind him? I tried to look around him, but he didn’t let me look, he took on a curiously wide stand, which made me raise my dark eyebrow. What game did he think he was playing? My instincts reacted immediately. What did little Draco want to hide from me, his godfather?

“Is there something worth telling?” I asked all Slytherins, whose very guarded behaviour I only really noticed now, because I averted my attention from Draco and what I saw, I didn’t like. I saw how they avoided a pretty girl, with long, white-silver hair as if she had the plague! I frowned and raised my eyebrows because that behaviour was very atypical for my snakes. When I, their professor, was here to check up on them, they usually presented a united front. I saw as she started to move and sat down next to Zabini, Nott, Parkinson, on the back rest of their couch. She seemed without a care in the world.

At once, I got suspicious, because I noticed how Zabini’s group tensed up. You could also nearly cut the nameless, atmospheric, tense mood in the common room. What was happening? I might be a teacher, but that didn’t mean that I was stupid or as senile as Minerva and Albus, well, for that I was a few years too young!

Hold on for a second, did I know this girl at all? Not that I really looked at the rest of the students, it wasn’t of interest to me, but I certainly knew the students of my own house! But still I noticed other faces as well and this face was clearly unfamiliar, except that she obviously had Malfoy blood in her veins, but that was impossible! What were they playing at? My raging thoughts were interrupted, because Draco started to speak.

“Professor, there is nothing of interest to tell. Is there something else I can do for you, sir?” Draco asked too courteously, I might puke!

“Mr. Malfoy, what is happening here? The Slytherins are behaving very strangely, if not atypically, to say the least?” I let loose sarcastically, sending a contemptuous look to the intimidated crowd, which only cowed them even more. I could see and hear, as an excited whisper started to spread, a direct reaction to my question. Okay, what was happening here? Something was going on and it was obvious.

“Nothing more than usual, sir!” Draco said succinctly. My sly godson looked at me with his grey eyes, donning a trusting expression and trying to seem as if he was the most innocent person there was. Oh Draco, whatever are you hiding? I have known you for too long and you are not good enough to fool me yet. I sent him a calculating look.

“Mr. Malfoy, I think that I can evaluate this situation better than you. You obviously don’t know what is going on in your house,” I chided him spitefully, and I could see the storm brewing in his grey eyes. I challenged him in front of his house, Malfoys didn’t like that, but I didn’t like to be made a fool of either!

“Professor, I have to negate that, I rule the house.” His tone was icy and I could see how irritated he was by my accusation although his behaviour didn’t let it show. The Slytherins became even more cowed, if that was even possible. How atypical, because this was usually a vain, proud and brisk crowd. They always had their heads held high. Draco could be proud of his composure and so was I, it was good to see that not everything had been a waste of my effort. He stood there like a leader with a straight posture and he didn’t seem to be the least bit insecure.

I could feel the brush of air on my back. I turned around abruptly and saw the white-blonde girl sneaking up the stairs, heading straight for the exit. I watched as she was turning her head, looking straight into my eyes, with a taunting smile on her lips and a bold expression in her expressive, grey eyes. It was certain that that was no Slytherin, I was very sure of that, because I knew them a bit more than the other dunderheads who lived in this school and graced me with their unbearable presence.

“Professor… Sir?” I heard Draco, who wanted my attention and I noticed the absolute, haunting silence in the room, despite all of the students crowding it. That was not normal. It was quiet before, but now it was as if the Slytherins held their breath. What was going on? Everyone was looking at the entrance, staring at the girl as if she was a living Fata Morgana. And suddenly it clicked. Should I feel ashamed for being this foggy-brained and blind? Because it was only now that I understood. The only one that didn’t belong here, but wouldn’t listen, could only be one single impertinent person.


The girl trying to flee was Granger! Definitely. Granger, who was comfortable being in Draco’s room with my godson. This slut, it flared up inside of me. What did she think, just ignoring my request? Even if she didn’t look like herself, she was the only one daring enough to walk into enemy territory. And the snakes knew that there was someone who didn’t belong, according to their behaviour. What happened here? What games were being played? How come she just ignored my orders? My well suppressed emotions threatened to spill over. I told her quite explicitly that she was to stay away from Draco, that she wasn’t good for him and what did she decide to do? Oh, I should have rammed the knife even deeper into her body, instead of healing her.

I think Draco could read in my eyes that her cover was blown and that I was planning her death to be very creative, especially painful and lengthy. I couldn’t let her escape…

“Stay still! What do you think you are doing? Didn’t I forbid you from getting close to him?” I angrily threw at the girl, who dared to turn around, gave me a wicked smile, raised her hand and gave me a wave.

A wave!

“Miss…,” I spat enraged. I wanted to start running to get her, she wasn’t going to escape me and my anger, but Draco intervened.

“Severus!” Draco exclaimed certainly, jumped forward, seized my upper arm and held onto me. His strong fingers drilled themselves through my clothes into my flesh. We were staring at each other. It seemed I previously overlooked that he was already an adult. Draco was no child any longer.

“Mr. Malfoy, what do you think you are doing? Let me go at once!” I ordered icily.

“Of course, in a moment, professor, sir!”, he said with an audibly apologetic tone, but he still held my arm in a vice-like grip. He turned his head to Granger, who was standing there in a calm and motionless manner, waiting with a perfect mask, although she was in enemy territory surrounded by snakes, who looked at her in open hostility. Snakes, who obviously didn’t recognize her and were wondering about their professor managing just that. Astonishing, that girl. Was it her crackbrained Gryffindor courage or simple stupidity that kept her from running from me?

“Leave… I will clear this up. See you, honey,” Draco said over his shoulder. I was stunned, especially this endearment made me want to puke.

“What are you playing at, Draco?” I whispered privately, because I was using his first name, something I wouldn’t do in most situations. “And you, you stay where you are, Miss…,” I didn’t want to blow her cover, and couldn’t in front of the other Slytherins, so I stifled her name. She didn’t earn the right, the minx.

“Just leave! Don’t listen to him!” Draco cut in. He dared? But I could see how Granger raised her hand to her breast and that she bowed her head slightly. What was she playing at? She followed his instruction with a pureblood way of paying respect… this, this minx, just wait until I get my hands on her, I will twist her neck with pleasure, slowly, very slowly and yes, it would satisfy me. Oh, how it would!

“As you wish, Draco. See you, professor, sir!” she replied politely but obviously amused and left the room quickly. When she was gone, I freed myself abruptly from Draco and he let me. I was enraged. I had the pleasure to see the cowed and disbelieving crowd of Slytherins, who didn’t know what to do with the situation. That they were puzzled I believed, because an argument like that hadn’t happened before. Both of the leaders of house Slytherin, the head of house and the student leader had a disagreement, a battle for power. They stared at us, a bit scared and timid, but I didn’t care at the moment! Now it was Draco’s turn and so I stood with my darkly clothed appearance in front of him and looked at him disdainfully and icily.

“What do you want from her? You don’t know her! She is without scruple, a manipulative bitch! You can’t trust her,” I stated silkily and emphasized every word, every syllable.

“Uncle Severus, please… You recognized her! My compliments, didn’t she do a great job? It only took her minutes for this transformation!” he informed my proudly, grinning cheekily and didn’t answer my own statement at all.

“Draco, keep your hands off her! She is a dangerous, not to be underestimated minx,” I insisted on my statement, because Granger seemed fishy since Grimmauld Place.

“What, but you are allowed to dirty your hands with her?” Draco hissed nastily. I could hear how some snakes took a deep breath, concerning this suggestion, this allegation. What insolence to even insinuate something like that! But to my displeasure not untrue, I did get too close once.

“What do you want to suggest with that, Draco? I warn you!” I made myself even bigger, my deep and quiet voice echoed through the room.

“Please, uncle Severus, I warn you… I know everything and then some…,” he replied in warning and stood proudly, superior, he didn’t move an inch despite my threatening figure. “I won’t let you prevent her from coming to me, forget it!” he spat viciously and stubbornly. He raised his chin aggressively. Oh, he started to block. Like how Lucius usually did, whenever it got impossible to use rational arguments with him any longer.

Wonderful, how wonderful, why ever do I have to put up with these narcissistic Malfoys?

He moved towards the fireplace and leant against it, casually and in an autocratic fashion. “I always did what father and you wanted from me, but with her I won’t let you say a thing! I don’t care what you do with her privately! Argue as much as you want, if you need that, but don’t try to keep her away from me, because that is unacceptable!” he said arrogantly and I was very surprised that he stood up for her. What did he see in her?

“Draco, how dare you use that tone with me!” I hissed, standing proud and motionless in the room, emanating my dark magic which surrounded me like a powerful coat. The other snakes moved back and to the sides as far as they could. They knew how close our families were and that this was the only reason why our talk was still rather friendly. They were used to fights for power like this, purebloods and halfbloods that they were. We snakes needed our fights for power from time to time, but usually, we didn’t do them out in the open, we used the shadows. But now there was no time for that.

“Yes, I dare! Lucius and you, you trained me too well and you know how good I have become. And I tell you the same thing that I told the Slytherins. She is and always will be welcome in this house! Here she has every right and should someone attack her, they attack me and the house Malfoy!” he presented the unapologetic facts and looked into my eyes in a serious manner and I was speechless for a second. What did this excruciating minx do to Draco that he was that infatuated with her?

“Are you serious, are you nuts, are you out of your mind? Because of her? Does everyone have to go berserk because of her?” I asked contemptuously and deprecatingly. It wouldn’t be long before I would be completely desperate. It was excruciating. How did she get men to give such excessive reactions? To my chagrin, I counted myself as well and queued myself disdainfully behind all the other pitiful men.

“I am glad that you obviously count yourself too, or how else do I have to understand that you threw a glass at her just yesterday?” he asked lasciviously and dared to grin at me crookedly. A strand of his bright hair fell boldly into his face.

“She told you,” it came stiff and surprised from me.

“I know many things…,” he stated, smiling at me softly. “Don’t underestimate me, I wouldn’t dare to do the same to you, because I know what you are capable of and I have huge respect for you! But I don’t underestimate her either and neither should you. You can’t separate us anymore,” he spoke with a definite tone and folded his arms as if to punctuate his statement visually. I pressed my lips together dangerously, my teeth gnashed in anger. She managed to do it again and twisted yet another man around her delicate finger. It would really be of interest to me what the mutt would say to this. I laughed spitefully.

“I don’t think that you know everything… she dated… someone thoroughly disagreeable…,” I gave silkily from me and with disdain. Draco was still leaning nonchalantly next to the fireplace, dominating the others through his aura of maliciousness and superiority, just like everyone would tremble because of my dark, secretive nature. I could smell the fear and anxiety of the other Slytherins in front of us. I was sure that we both presented a really menacing performance. He laughed heartily and seemed so much colder because of it. “You mean the mutt? He is already history! Did you see him these days? Look into his face and then think of her and you will know where he got it from,” Draco hissed derisively as I lifted my eyebrow in surprise.
That was right, during the last meeting I saw a Black next to me who looked worse for wear. His face was thoroughly battered: a blue eye, a swollen cheek and a jaw which was no less colourful. He was pestered by a lot of people, wanting to know where he got it from and who it was. Because he was still under house arrest, it had to be someone from the order, but he refused to give any statement. That was her! Interesting, what happened to make her beat him?

Respect, I would have loved to see that. It distracted me effectively from my anger, because I really felt happy seeing Black blemished like that. It was a very good feeling to see him thoroughly beaten and to know that he didn’t have ointments and potions in his possession to ease his suffering. And I had her to thank for that! I didn’t like that thought. But, wait just a second, she looked the same and I couldn’t imagine Black holding still and presenting himself voluntarily as a sandbag, without defending himself. But I couldn’t forget she knew about healing and potions by now… well… and then I got a thought about something I had forgotten until now.

The detention! She had to brew the stolen potions! It was then that I could confront her. I might not be able to forbid her from meeting Draco, but I could make her suffer to have gone against my orders, and there was vicious anticipation brewing in me. Because I knew when a Malfoy wanted something, I could save my precious breath. There are no more stubborn and no more wilful people than those two. I didn’t know who was worse in getting his will against all odds. Lucius or Draco? I did the only right thing, because it was the clever person that gives in and I let it be. I would only get grey hair and I were not in the mood for that. And what more beautiful than revenge and a suffering Granger?

I stood there, in the middle of the common room and suddenly there was a dangerous, sadistic smile on my usually expressionless face, what, as I saw, cowed the students of my house even more than the loud argument with Draco had managed to do!

But I could see Draco watching me very attentively and as if he could read my mind, which he couldn’t, but despite that, an equally devilish smile transformed his features.

“Whatever you plan to do to her, as long as you don’t try to keep her from me, have fun!” he said succinctly. This boy had surprised me since the holidays, in which he changed so much, from time to time more. It was alright with me. “Don’t forget, we are a family, we should always stick together, Severus!”

Had we trained him too hard for the last two years? He had gone through rough times since birth. Now he wasn’t the spoilt, stupid and cowardly boy from the past any longer. Oh no, we made a warrior and a leader out of him, something I had been experiencing just now, to my chagrin. When was it, that I used the first Unforgivable Curse? I tried to remember, hm-mh, it was on Christmas in my last year of school and outside Hogwarts, in the service of the Dark Lord! Well, Draco still had two years until then and he had learnt how to torture with the Cruciatus this summer. Apparently everything happened sooner for today’s youth and that meant I, his godfather, had to accept that Draco was the leader we had raised, that he was ready to take on his role and I could accept his request, because that was what I saw it as.

He could have Granger.

“Well, then we should leave it at that! We, Lucius and I, are proud of you, Draco! Continue as is and you will make your way!” My voice was like velvet. I nodded from above and left the house of snakes with swooshing, flowing robes, leaving the Slytherins at quite a loss. But also a very satisfied looking Draco. It should really be him who was going to instill the missing peace again, I thought gleefully. I hurried to my rooms and drained my first drink and it wasn’t going to stay at one drink this night. If it continued like this it would be Granger’s fault, should I get an alcohol problem; the cynical thought came to my mind. I thoughtfully rotated the heavy glass in my hands, watching the reflected fire, its flashing play of colors.

I would have never thought that she was adventurous, ruthless and unethical in such a way that she would show herself openly to myself. She must have known that I would recognize her despite her transformation but she accepted it willingly and uncaringly. And how impertinent to laugh. What was going on in her brain? Would I ever manage to make sense of these intricate turns? I mean, this minx is making my head hurt. But I also would get my revenge and oh, how she would wish to not have challenged myself and detention would just be the first step. Oh yes, Miss Granger, you will wish to not have tried to play me against my family, against my godson.

End of Snape’s POV

Hermione’s POV

Oh, that was funny. The whole situation was my kind of humour. Since walking into the common room I had to hold back a fit of laughter. Hysterical?

No, not that much, it’s more of a honest laugh because the situation was just too comical. The Slytherins were very amusing, looking at me in that baffled manner after walking determined to the couch in front of the fireplace. Not one of them had any idea that I, Hermione Granger, had infiltrated their holy common room. It would be of interest to me what they thought and thought they knew, because one thing was clear, no one in Hogwarts knew this student.

Everyone surely knew that I was a student, but which house and who, that would certainly keep them busy! Draco’s clique, whom I sat with, positively froze as I sat down with a friendly smile. The rigid faces of my peers were too funny, if one thought about not being able to read in the faces of these people under normal circumstances. The occurrence astonished and surprised them at that moment. Snape’s and Draco’s threatening face-off was way too extraordinary as well. They both were two truly formidable personalities and Draco didn’t have to compromise much, although the professor was older and even more impressive. Draco felt confident and it showed in his stance.

There was one thing, however, that I could say and confirm: the Slytherins, they took Draco’s warning seriously. They retreated from me like they would from the plague, to not get close to me. When I wanted to leave, it was so typical of my dear professor to notice my tactical retreat and that he tried to stop me. When I looked at him with a smile, it seemed he finally understood, because there was a tiny spark of recognition in his deep black eyes. As well as the unhidden anger at my impertinence to not heed his request,... order,... threat.

I could see that he was just about to pounce on me. Should I be afraid of his revenge, which was certainly coming my way, regardless of what Draco said? Besides I thought that Draco would never come in between a dispute of Snape and myself. He only wanted that Snape didn’t come between us, he wasn’t bothered with the rest, I thought. How the relationship between myself and Snape went, that was only of little interest to him. Would it be any different, he wouldn’t be above everything concerning myself and Snape, because ultimately, Draco knew about Minna, which was okay with me. I didn’t need Draco to hide behind, because I could watch out for myself.

And then, when Snape wanted to chase after me… Draco didn’t let him come to me, he held him back! Simply glorious, I would dream about that tonight! I cast Tempus and knew that we didn’t talk all that long, pity. It was shortly after eleven, that meant it was very early and I tiptoed into the secret passage that Draco showed me and took the transformation from me again.

Ouch, that hurt! Transforming that much, not having anything in common with one’s own appearance, it hurt very much transforming back again! The bones, sinews, veins, fat and skin layers were moving magically, shifting, stretching and pulling, and I whimpered quietly. That was the reason why I preferred the transformation into Minna, because I kept the same facial features but for now it would have been counterproductive and unfortunately not everyone could be a metamorphmagus like dear Tonks. I changed my attire, exhausted as I was thanks to the strong magic that I had to use for the transformation, took off my cloak, put on my student’s cloak and headed for Gryffindor. It took a lot of concentration to stay transformed, otherwise it could happen that I loose the appearance after a while and that needed energy. That was the reason why most wizards preferred the Polyjuice potion, you didn’t need to make the same effort using it. I wasn’t going to do it again for a while, my face felt as if it was rubber, how uncomfortable.

“Where have you been for that long? The curfew has already started!” Ron exclaimed as soon as I climbed through the hole. Ron was playing chess with Harry next to the window.

“Ron, I am sorry to tell you, but we are prefects and it is our task to make rounds after the curfew as well!” I reminded him gently.

“Oh, yes, that is true, damn! I forgot that, actually, when will it be my turn again?” came a startled response. He was looking at me like a deer in the headlights, with big eyes.

“Tomorrow,” I simply answered.

“Oh, good, what would I do without you!” he moaned relieved and smiled a slightly dopey smile, rubbing his neck.

“You would loose your head, brother dearest!” We were interrupted by a loud voice. Fred held Ron’s head in a tight grip with his arm, stroking his hair not very gently.

“Hey, you idiots, let me be,” said Ron, attempting to get free, while Ginny and Harry were very amused. They were laughing. I noticed Harry’s hand as he put it in front of his mouth, trying to keep the laugh in and I didn’t think I was seeing right. I let out an indignant sound and fished his hand out of the air. I looked at it closely, holding it prisoner in my own hands.

That bitch!

I didn’t say anything, only looked inquiringly into his eyes. He couldn’t withstand my gaze, but I found the confirmation I was looking for and reached quickly into my student’s cloak, which I had put on in the secret passage again. I grabbed a self-made ointment from my inside pocket, murtlap essence, and lubricated the ugly, ignited and swollen wound with the greasy and thick cream.

“Did Umbridge do that?” I was whispering quietly.

“Wow, this is pleasant, it’s cooling… Yes, she makes me write lines with a quill every night,” he admitted quietly, his shoulders tensing. His eyes were glaring fiercely from behind his glasses.

“Mmm, blood quill…,” I mumbled,. That excruciating bitch, she was torturing Harry, oh this appalling bitch! Apparently she wanted me as an enemy! To torture Harry demanded revenge and I would present her with it at a later point in time, this was without question. I pressed my lips together firmly and developed a sullen expression. Wow, I was angry!

“Where do you know that from?” Harry asked stunned.

“I thought so because it is not that easy to get a scar one can read,” the words escaped from me quite cynically.

“Where did you get the ointment?” he wanted to know as well and his green eyes were sparkling curiously, but also thankfully.

“Ooh, I like being prepared. Please stop challenging her openly. It doesn’t do anything for you, you only get scars. But I have an idea, how you could stand up to her in another way and how you could inflict more damage and it would anger her much more!” I baited him and found it a good opportunity to make my plan palatable to him.

“What do you mean, Hermione?” he asked calmly, cocking his head, while I was still holding his hand in mine.

“Come with me in front of the fireplace and I will tell you!” I proposed and pulled him with me. I didn’t let go of his hand, but interlaced our fingers together. And like that I told him about my plan in detail, that he should teach us defence! He wasn’t convinced at first, but I could implant the seed, that was the most important thing and the twins were winking at me in understanding. After Harry retired to think, I approached the twins.

“And how was it in the dungeons? Dark, wet and cold?” Fred was chuckling evilly.

“Pleasant, you nutter!” I reciprocated, rolling my eyes.

“Details, details… Beautiful. What did your snake do?” The red eyebrows were wobbling up and down wickedly.

“Viper, please!” I joined the game.

“Er?” they both exclaimed in unison.

“His patronus is a viper,” I explained my declaration.

“What, how cool… that fits so well. But is it only me, or is everyone able to do the charm except us?” Fred stated sourly and distorted his face into an angry expression.

“Don’t worry so much. I’m currently working on something to get you the opportunity to learn,” I calmed him down.

“What is your plan? The curiosity is just too much!” George begged theatrically and gave me puppy-dog eyes.

“I want Harry to teach us in Defence against the Dark Arts. See to it that there will be interested, reliable students on Sunday, coming to a meeting, the more, the merrier,” I explained and instructed them to help me as well.

“Cool, Hermione! Your ideas are always special. Harry shall teach us what the bitch is denying us, that is good! We will do it.” The anticipation was obvious in their voice. They gave me a sly smile.

“Hey, just a moment, I’m interested what your… viper..,” followed by an exaggerated and excessive wink, “said about us pretty boys?” He was gesticulating to George as well which got him to nod like an excited wobble-head.

“He wants to meet you, what else should he say? I will think of a solution where that is possible, don’t worry,” I explained, already thinking.

“Never with you, Beautiful. We have to leave now! Lee seems to have a coronary,” they stood up quickly and started sprinting. I could see how some Gryffindors were puking to their heart’s content and couldn’t stop. That had to be a trial that failed spectacularly. Lee was trying to get through all the puke in a very hectic manner, he was completely swamped. How disgusting! And those choking sounds and the smell… I fled to the dormitories, despite the early hour.
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Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus or never tickle a sleeping dragon, Chapter 44 by Conny
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